Mason and Ireland HOUR ONE


beat you to the grill. Ladies, I I know, but I never get to beat anyone to the grill. We'll look you're not working with an ego maniac. Mason or even Ireland like I'm a sharer. Yeah. True. Plus, I'm usually like rolling in like one minute before catching my breath as we get to the ground, usually you are beat to the growl Ramona because you're still at the ground floor. Look. I'm hanging up the phone. I gotta go gotta go. Yeah. There's only so long that we're gonna wait for you to do the ceremonial growl Ramona yesterday was I literally was like on the phone with a very high powered agent, and Greg was like ten seconds. Okay. All right. I gotta go depending on the power of the Kim Eski Ramona Shelburne, guys like depending on the power of the age, how long can you go ignoring Greg like as far as like, you know? Second. Okay. But like we if it's somebody really important will you let John or just vamp a little bit. Yes. After the opening grabbed on it. Yes. Important. People forget, you know, how many different hats you wear at ESPN. Yeah. And frankly, how dependent all of us are for information. Because usually when we talked about sources where he's talking about you. I actually find that complementary because it's like people like that story about I'm like, I know I wrote it. I remember Chit I read it, I read it. I read it before Senate in I lived it. I am the story. Dammit. What's interesting too? Well, now, I wouldn't say write all the stories won't twice a lot of them. Just the ones people care about remote. Just the ones you care the ones people here. But I think that wards writes his cute little stories. But you right. The ones that people care about Ramona out far thank you for your flattery. I needed that little boy is having a little fussy fades. Oh up early screaming his head off. Oh, yeah. What's wrong? Yeah. Nothing. What's wrong? What's wrong with your child? Yes. Nothing deal, man. I'm just upset. Oh, no, you, okay. This is actually something. I never told you this because I didn't want to frighten you heading into motherhood. But this was something that I knew would be an adjustment for you. This is something that you cannot control at all the Greg knows this you can't control this. And if I may Ramona. Yeah, I think you like to control things at fos do. Yeah. Yeah. We'll put it this way. Ramona is. Actually, trying to get her baby to walk at three months old. Oh, I gave us six months. Okay. I mean, I give him a little leeway. We got training for it. At three months. Do start talking at two months. I'm pretty sure you're saying mom all the time. That's a tough one too hard hardware. It's part of the Krai the cry. That's a mom. It's close enough. That's close enough. That they're going to do what they want to do when they want to remember. We'll see my daughter was born in two thousand eleven and this is gonna end the Lakers were still hunting for titles. I think they're actually at that point. They were they were trying to go for the three peat and my wife was like if our daughters. First word is Coby, I'm going to murder you. I'm going to absolutely word for kid to say though name. Is she was just like because you know, my whole world was Koby at that point just day in day out. I'm reporting part of the whole Kobe page that we had it. Every day. We had a story like a separate section of the website. That was all Koby everything. The man said everything he did Kobelco because we two thousand nine we launched all of us had to basically pre right are Kobe like all of us had to come up with some take on Koby, and we're gonna come up with some P is we weren't even so much launching ESPN LA as much as we're announcing like Kobe L A dot com. That's right. I think we launched because he was doing the sock puppets commercial business. I think my piece was about that actually do the puppets the Lakers in the news for good reasons. Ramona, the NBA has determined that there was no tampering going on between Magic Johnson and contact that happened on behalf of Ben Simmons. The NBA said in a statement, we have concluded that Magic Johnson statements regarding Ben Simmons do not constitute a tampering violation the seventy Sixers initiated the contact with the Lakers by requesting a meeting between Johnson and Simmons both organizations Alta. Concluded that such a meeting did not make sense at this time. But in that context Johnson's response to immediate inquiry regarding Simmons does not run afoul of the league rules. Can I did you guys pull the sound that I sent you the ELD round? L Manson Elton brand on Ben Simmons. And Magic Johnson talking that one that one that from the Philly radio station, but the two hosts with the long names, I know. All right. I can summarize it which pages it on is it on the daily to which. Okay. Here we go. Rob Lincoln called me. And said, hey, you know, we're hearing been wants to talk to hall of famers championship level players and magic on the list, we need authorization for him to meet up. And I said, no. Okay. So there you know, that that was a little bit edited. But the there's a part where you should somehow magic on involved, and then rob Pelinka called me. And there is not a mention that the somehow magic God involved is because a lower level. Sixers staffer was talking to Ben Simmons is brothers who had this idea for Ben and the lower level. Sixers staffer emailed the Lakers and said, hey, what do you think about this idea and this person did so from what my sources tell me on both sides that Ellen Brad had no idea. This guy was gonna freelance like that that wasn't like a coordinated. Sixers ask that was just like a lower level guys been there. A long time just thought it was good idea shoot that Email off. Wasn't sanctioned. It was to somebody freelanced and try to be hero. You know? We'll hero ball right there. Make some stuff happen. This sort of is this is the equivalent of what may or may not. I mean, he's pretty inscrutable. So it's hard to know what lonzo's thinking. But this may be the quivalent of whatever goes through like lonzo's mind. Everytime. Lavar talks. You're like I didn't sanction. This like lavar said what? Yeah. I mean, that's like Elton brand learned about this request from the Lakers because his the the guy who works for Elton brand. I don't wanna call lower level staffer in a demeaning way. It just means that he's not, you know, Elton brand or one of his top lieutenants or anything that he just trying to get something done. Sent an Email. What do you think is? Just didn't occur to him. Maybe that you should like ask the front office. If that's a good idea. So anyway, this guy sends the Email and the Lakers. And they let's call the six. I hope that was the exact reaction. I think something like that. I don't know. I could see rob Pelinka sang that could you see rumpling that? No. I think it's reaction would be to recite some type of big little verse probably to something that he read recently in the alchemist. It would be his reaction would be much longer than just like it better that was his reaction. Anyway, let's see what get up linking to do that someday. So Robson's an Email or calls Elton and says, hey, so what's this? Ben Simmons thing want to talk to magic and Elton then release this part of the storage the radio host and Fillion like goes kind of for the laugh line, right? Which was like, and I said no this month ago. Now that was because he was doing a local radio station in Philly, and those guys are gonna laugh and think it's great and yada yada, yada. But it got picked up and the way the coca tweeted out and put together made it it really exacerbated the story, right, which is already pretty self inflicted story. Like, there's no reason magic had to share all of that information. But he is a classic over sharer. Which is why there is an award named after him Mason. He is the world's oldest millennials. Yeah. I mean, we in the media love over sharers. Oh, yeah. Those over shares are our favorites. These the people we live for like I remember last year. Who is also an over sharer, Paul George. Yes. Paul George doesn't over share here. He comes through LA. And we're all like, hey, I game against the Lakers. How's that going to go? All the fans are going to be asking you about it. And what did you think of the whole tampering thing? And then he just like discloses this whole thing about Brian Shaw and hell they ended investigate Brian. Like did anyone know the Brian shows George was as open? Yes. Open heading into the last year of his agency as any player I've ever believable. It was pretty remarkable. You know who else is a pretty open about it. Klay Thompson like Klay Thompson. When he talks about it. He's like, yeah. I'm really happy here. I really want to stay here. I don't wanna go anywhere. We'll have to see how it goes. And it's like he just talked about. He doesn't get nervous. He doesn't get upset. And then there's that other guy. Kevin Durant guy. He likes to share. He likes shared when he can't share gets upset, and then has misplaced anger. He likes to share. And then he doesn't like when people react to the sharing. Yeah. Okay. He does not enjoy. And you by the way, you have a piece of that just dropped about Kevin Durant for ESPN the magazine that I definitely want to get into later on the show. But as we said, there's no tampering violation for the Lakers. They're not going to be fine. This is going to be put the bed but coming up. I have some advice for Magic Johnson. I hope he will take moving forward because let me see if I can get that. Let me see if I can get that advice to him because I don't think he's going to like take your call. He will not take my. But I can get the same. Maybe he's listening. We'll talk this through. And then you'll decide whether or not you wanna call me and Kim Naski Ramona Shelburne Mason in Ireland ESPN LA. Mason Ireland Kamensky Ramona Shelburne in for the guys Lakers in Atlanta, looking to take on the hawks close out a road trip at three in three that tip offs at four. Thirty pregame. Coverage begins at three o'clock followed by post game with my brother, Brian. I man if they don't win this game Ramona, that'd be a real bad loss because like three and three road trip would actually be pretty good for this road trip. But they haven't really gained any ground because the clippers and kings aren't cooperating. Yeah. Although I think you can't even worry about anybody else at this point. Like if you're the Lakers, and you look at whatever runway left on this season. It's less than thirty games. This Joe twenty games. We've so. Yeah. Twenty games you gotta win two thirds of them. You have to win two-thirds. Like, it's that's where they are. If you wanna get to forty five to forty seven wins in the season. Probably what it's gonna take to make the playoffs. I think what are they twenty eight twenty eight twenty and twenty. Yeah, they they've you know, they the math does ally. The math doesn't lie and they by the way, really all-star break. Yeah. They could use some decompression time. Maybe some time away from each other yet. Go surfing, go surfing, do something your chil- net. Flicks Netflixing chill. No twitter. Not knowing notorious center. No public comment L Instagram. No insta-. No public Lawrence of any kind as we just let anybody on answer. You need to be drinking coconut drink. All right. Luke, Walton advice. Luca Luca, coconut water guy or coconut. You know, he's always going to Mali and stuff. That's true. Probably coconut take himself along break too. I think he's going on a vacation with some other coaches, and their wives and stuff, and like it's a leave the kids at home vacation one of those yet to take one of those really have yet to take a leave our child at home it's harder because we don't have in town help. Yeah. Neither my parents nor on his family my wife in Los Angeles. So I mean, you've got a major vantage Elia, you other brother Brian's, a little busy. Three kids three four. Yeah. Oh, like he would laugh in my face. If I brought up the idea of you mind, if we kept a little one with you guys for a week or so while we galvanized around. She would probably helped though. When she like help with the cousins, you know, shoot. Right. She's actually it's funny. She's a little bit frightened to try to help with Brian's youngest because she's so little doesn't really remember being around like an infant like Brian's middle child was an infant when she was little. Okay. But she doesn't really remember that she's a little bit scared to be around Brian's daughter like she loves her, but sort of from a distance, right? So she's not going to be of help. Yeah. I know those people who are like afraid of breaking the child afraid to hold them. Yes. They don't break. Well, I don't know. But they don't. So we just learned that the Lakers are not going to be fined for the potential tamper gate between the Lakers and the Sixers magic and Ben Simmons the league investigated concluded nothing untoward happened whatsoever. But my vice moving forward for Magic Johnson would be out in public. You gotta be Irvine. You can't be magic. That's good advice. You've got 'cause he's gonna who's talked about before the urban. And there is magic. He's gotta be urban in this job because magic loves to talk. Yeah. But I don't know. There's a part of me that says you can take Magic Johnson out the game. But you can't take the game out of Johnson. Like, I that's who he is. There's there. I mean, they named an award after him, right? But the Magic Johnson award for the player who best exemplifies having a cooperative relationship with the media. Those great copy. It was great. It was. It was great copy. This is the great soundbite this advice. I'm giving is not from my perspective. I'm concerned keep talking to like keep talking because it's great for us. But for the sake of the Lakers, the part of the reason that the Lakers wanted Magic Johnson this role is that he's a global legend and ambassador of the game. And when you have somebody like that as the face of your franchise, you don't want to muzzle them. You don't want them to pretend that there's something not diminish themselves. You do wanna Muslim if they don't seem to understand the things you can. And can't talk about. I don't know if it's just a reps thing. I mean, do you think it's a rep thing or do you think it's discipline role while I mean? Yeah. Two and a half years. That's that's a lot of Repin also had issues when he was a minority owner there when he had the just a piece of the Lakers, they got fined for that too. I mean, look share your comments he had find for comments. And then like, we we seem to be just going gradually backwards where you go with the most obvious thing, you know, the, wink, wink with Paul. Awards Jimmy Kimmel, which is like dude you obviously can't do that. And then it's like, okay. A little more innocuous Jaanus is great love Janas with find again. Now at this point. You know, he's it seems like he keeps trying to find what he can or can't talk about publicly as opposed to just don't talk. Yeah. I don't think that don't talk is actually the answer because you're losing the value of having Magic Johnson in that role. You just he's got to be able to be magic. He just has to find a level of discipline. And with those types of comments, and you know, I don't know if it's just getting his hands left enough or finding having enough of these having enough of these incidents where he's like, okay. I really really can't talk about guys like lawn tough for a guy like magic. I imagine. Yeah. This job is the first job. He's had maybe since he was a Laker player. Yeah. Where he actually has a boss magic is not had a boss time. Although everything in some ways as Magic Johnson enterprises. Right. Like, I think yeah. I would say he has he has a boss genie buses, his boss, and Adam silver and a lot of ways sauce. I don't know if that's really I don't know if it's so much that he has a boss that he's gonna get in trouble. Like nobody's going to be mad at him. It's just you know, it's it's more reputational. And you're also doing damage to your franchise which is against your stated goal of trying to win. What I would say. Okay. As somebody who has a couple of things in their life that could put people off. Okay. Andy. I don't know if you know that I went to Stanford. Oh, really did. You know that I went to Stanford, Greg. I was went to Cal. Yeah. I I went to stunned full and not just Stanford winning. I went to Cal. I haven't winning. Okay, stunned. So I have always had a recognition in my life. That when oh, let's just let's just play it up Cam just gonna look I was like really popular in high school. To me. I was voted most unforgettable. Were you really? I was voted. I was president of my class every year. Okay. I was like student body president every year. I was like, okay. I wasn't even like a girly girl or like into being that. And like I almost one prom Queen because people liked me so much. Okay. Now when I say it like that poll that you have Ramona. So when I say like that it's very off putting right very off. Putting it's not a good look for me to say that back there just rolling his eyes. Also, brag it is. It's not even humble what was whole. No humble humble. I'm just bragging. Okay. I was really popular people really liked me when I say it like that it's super off pudding, but what makes fun of myself for it. And I say it in a way that is indeed I can find a way to say it when the in a way that's in Deering winning. I went together that's not the endearing. Okay. That ain't it when I make fun of myself for being late when mission makes fun of me for writing to damn long to try to make them not suck next. See see see how I said that there's a way when you're a person who has everything going for you in life. If you have everything going for you in life. You're like just somebody that everyone loves it. So unforgettable the everyone, do you know, how many people wanna take selfish with me Andy it must be so hard for you just to. Oh, yeah. Line of embarrassing. It's ridiculous. Okay. I really can't go anywhere. No. What I say it like that super pudding terrible. I hate that girl. She so airgun what Dame Trumper worst the worst. And look the names you drop her impressive Ramona. It's part of why people wanna hang out with you. I'm very impressive. Yes. When I say that it's super off putting and it makes people want to tear me down at it makes people wanna find things and accused me of tampering. Do you see where I'm going with this? If you're Magic Johnson, and you're the Lakers people already hate you. Yes. You live in Los Angeles. You wear the purple goal. You have sixteen titles. Everybody knows that. You're winning everybody knows. It's awesome in LA. When you have LeBron James everybody knows it. Magic is awesome. That you've got LeBron. You have a winning smile. You can't just walk around and tell people that you're winning. You can't just walk around and tell people we awesome. Okay. We are awesome. Like can't do that. Because it makes everyone else hates you more. Yes. So you got a dial again down down gotta be self effacing a little humble, we shouldn't have to do that. We should let our performance speak for itself. We should let people discover our awesomeness on their own over deliver. As urban got a dial back that you bring you usually magic magic. You could still the magic you just have to find a way to be magic and make people like you. Okay. Now, he's really good at making fans like him. He's really good at making other players like him and other people in the world like him. But he's not good at making other teams. Like, no, he is not. No, he is not he is. He is in a very short amount of time. Magic made a lot of enemies. It's it's impressive. And it's the second. He walked in the door because everyone else wanted that job. Right. Every every other executive in the league every other agent wanna rob Pelinka's job or Magic Johnson shop like that's a highly coveted spot. You're going to be the Lakers GM you're going to be the Lakers president of basketball if not the best job in the league one of. Yeah. So everyone is already jealous of you. Gotta. You gotta find a way to make them like you. It's different way of making them like you than it has been throughout your career as a player, and as it embassador. When yours charismatic as magic, you should be able to find a way to figure it out. You got a piece up about Kevin Durant that when I when I read it, unlike Mason island, I'll actually read these lines I found something really fascinating in it that relates back to I guess indirectly the Lakers. Now kinda does that's always goes with that is coming up next ESPN LA man, you guys are really going to burn me on that. Last segment. I'm gonna have to listen to me listening to drops to that for the rest of my career here. Oh, no, you're screwed. I mean, I certainly hope so. But that's okay. One more. Well, the one the one I think I'm never going to live down is. I'm really impressive. Really? So say it again, I need it cleaner. This time say it one more time in in in three two one. I'm really impressive. That's perfect. We got it. Nothing you. Yeah. That's that's gonna get some life. Oh, yeah. That's gonna get some use so Ramona in Ramona show that I walked right into it. Yes. It's better to see what I'm saying. I have a self awareness about the about the fact that I can come off as really off putting if I phrase it that way. Yes. That can come off as very arrogant, you're leaning into it. I'm leaning in your the fact that I have a self awareness about it kind of makes it endearing doesn't it? I don't know. I think so we'll see it's cute. But I check my Twitter eighty it's cute that you think it's a door. The next step of artist Ramona is actually reading the room read the room read the room read the room like I had that conversation with my cat today. She's like meowing. She's going crazy. The baby's screaming. There's nothing I can do to make the baby happy like I'm trying and the cat's like tugging at me like trying to get fed, and I'm like beans read the room read the room, you see what's going on here. But you want about you'd needed food right now. Little man is issues beans spent a long time in that house as the sole focus of Joe, and she's not happy. She's not she's not happy about the baby. Our cat was shared scared. She's jealous. She's jealous. It's really sad. I feel really bad beans like lost all that weight. Just to get accepted and all that stuff in now cast aside her as a fat cat, but you know, that you know, that beans was looking just to get even more of your loved that you guys could take pride and hurt his new spelt body. And now. Doesn't matter. To get her way by knocking things off the table. And like hounding us now like all those things we found mildly annoying. But most the cute and now we're just like, you know, what go in your room. Speaking of mildly annoying give up about Kevin Durant. Who's been? There's a transition. Well, he's been both mildly annoying to the media and more than Miley annoyed by the media. Interesting has a new piece new TV show in conjunction with ESPN timing of. That's interesting considering how much time he spends complaining about the media. But one of the things that I found really interesting in this piece that you wrote Ramona's really good actually just retweeted at Campbell others is the similarities between Kevin Durant's career path and the one that LeBron blazed for him like it's silly things. Like, they're both guided by a man named rich. But then also like they both felt a lot of pressure to break through and win a championship. Then change teams to do it but faced criticism in the way that they did. Yeah. You know, people can forget now, but LeBron James wore the black hat and ironically at the time remember when LeBron did decision. Everybody was praising the hell out of Durant for just quietly announcing extension on Twitter. Yeah. That's right. You know, he was just the humble guy doing it the right way, you know, they're both free agent. News industries in himself. Like LeBron is also now living the next chapter of his career while he's still an active player, and he's building this wide portfolio which Durant is also doing right now and they're doing it in some of the same areas as well. Like they both have yet production companies. You know, they both have different. Well, okay. We'll even go further. Lebron has blazed pizza. Kevin Durant has pilot. Yes. Okay. Like, and there's a scene in the the boardroom that is the new show. Actually, you should watch the show. I'm not saying this as a ESPN endorser I had to watch it because I was writing the story. So I didn't know it was about and I was like oh to shown. It was pretty good. Sure was kind of interested. There's a really good episode Kaku. When I was talking about shoes and stuff, and like, it was really funny because apparently he only has emerged deal with Nike and rich climate who's Kevin Durant managers like, wait. I gotta merge deal with Nike. Kliman has emerged deal and Jane Williams, who's the host is like weight rich climate has the same Schutte. Oh with Nike. Kyle kouzmanis. What's up people run around wearing climates? No. It's gotta Murcia deal means that you get free merchandise. Okay. Okay. Clearly, you're not at the level. Like, I am not what you're gonna understand. What emerged he'll is. I know I know some Barrasso like hopefully one day, I'll just get a bunch of your leftover merch that you get safes employees the swag that people. But when they're taking so many selfish with me, exactly exactly. I mean, there's just the life that you really stop with this making myself on because people are not going to get it remotely, you're leaning into it much more likable as we speak with every brag, you're becoming more and more. I don't know. I'm feeling I'm feeling like it's gone. You're just becoming more likable. Okay. But in reading all these career commonalities between Durant's path and LeBron path it felt like discovered maybe the source of dissatisfaction. It feels like that Durant is experiencing right now. Because as you point out in this piece, he searching for something that he doesn't seem to be able to find. And I wonder if I discovered what he's looking tie with that coming up next. You got me. Yes. You all miss some very interesting pay while information that Ramona just dropped on me. I can't reveal it may. Well, y'all would find it very very interesting. You really would. Paywall that even surprised me, and he came in Ramona show, you should've got that I know subtle enough. You know, what I guess you're just not on that level? Not obviously, I'm about merge deals about paywall stuff. Yes. I mean, if you had been telling you this information, it would not have been a surprise to somebody like you. Remember, you're talking to me, I'm not on your level. Ramona, clearly not impressive Ramona. You said it anyway, if we're going to have the drop of me saying, I'm very impressive. We absolutely have to drop. Andy saying, I'm not impressive. You name it. Yeah. No, no. I don't I don't need that one. Impressive have on the. One day. I'll reach a level where we actually bothered to a drop of me saying how unimpressive Ramona, it's so impressive. We are actually able to make a drop of her. Whereas Andy, so not impressive. Don't make drop makes sense. Follow that logic. I get it. So Kevin Durant an impressive guy. Yeah. And from the piece that you wrote Ramona of ESPN, the magazine one of the things I noticed in there is how much his career path follows the path of another impressive guy. Lebron James, and whether you're talking about there on court path in the way, they've gone onto championships or the way they're diversifying themselves off the court in the interest that they have production companies. They both have stakes and headphones companies pie pizza pies all that stuff. Kevin durant? Like, you pointed out in this piece is a secret. And it seems like he cannot find what he's looking for in terms of career satisfaction. Maybe even life satisfaction. He seems restless. Yeah. But I think that's kind of his defining quality and last I actually just saw on this. When he first got to Golden State, which was simply like he owned that. He was like, look I'm Twenty-eight still trying to figure things out. I didn't go to college like you all dead and go around on your L passes and discover the world and and. Try to take a new language college. Whatever like, he's finding his way. Like, he he remember Bruce Fraser, who's coach one of the coaches the warriors? He's the guy who always does the shooting routine with Steph curry super razor got to be close with Katie is while he does his pre-game warm-up as well. Tell me about Katie goes. He's really interesting. He's always going out to restaurants in San Francisco by himself because he just wants to try new places. And he goes, you know, he was asking me about about surfing. And apparently, you know because Bruce Steve Kerr and all those all those Arizona guys they love to go surfing, especially in the offseason. Bruce will go down to good onto Mexico for a week. And he'll just take, you know, gone a surf trip and stay at some little place. It feels like say Watson ho thing like end of Shawshank, Redemption. Like, we find a surf shack on the beach need fish tacos and go surfing everyday. It sounds pretty awesome. It's it's like a corona commercial us. It really is. Right. So they go do this in the off season. And he was telling Kevin about this. And Kevin's like I might join you for that. Great. And he's like I got I got. A nineteen sixty-nine VW bus all we should go. And Bruce was like you have a sixty nine VW bus that you wanna go surfing with me in what? And like, you know, even in the story like I asked Kevin Durant. I go what do you want? What do you think you'll be doing when you when you finish playing when you retire to goes, I don't know I might be on a lake near Mont in Montana somewhere might be on the slopes. Who knows what I could be doing? I mean compare that to like Koby whose like well have imagined this tire world like I've studied while dizzy, and I've come up with this whole mythological world. I have twelve stories laid out, and I've already been scripting them. And I've sold half of them ESPN and Disney that I'm going to do a podcast, and I'm gonna I mean, he's starting to Mamba mentality will start kids center kids center. Yeah. Some some. It's like an he's got kids podcast. He's got an academy to to be able to create little mambas all the place. Like, this is somebody who is really thought out what he wants to do. And he has a very. Holid- plan and he had that while he was a player versus Kevin. I was like it could be on a lake in Montana on slopes who knows what I could be doing and that is somewhat defining quality of Durant. Which is that not only does he not know what he wants. But he embraces that idea, and he's kind of always going to be looking for something. And maybe that restless is good thing for him. Or don't think it's a bad thing. I mean, the only thing that I find potentially troubling really for Kevin Durant with this restlessness, it sometimes it feels like he's not allowing himself to find satisfaction in his career that he's really earned might like from the outside looking in. You know, I don't know him as well as you do because I'm not as impressive as you are. But but from the outside of impressive. Oh that was a good job. But from the outset toy that really impressive looking in Durant doesn't seem particularly happy with a lot of what he's accomplished or found happiness from it and reading this piece. I couldn't help feel like he's chasing LeBron lie. Like in in so many different ways. He sees what LeBron has in front of him, including the universal acclaim and approval, and for whatever reason in his mind, I can't get that the way LeBron has it and God Joseph Cambell here. We can go on the hero's journey here. Yes, we are. So if I was, you know, analyzing things from Joseph Cambell hero's journey tape of perspective sort of impressive people. It is. I'm really impressive. So half of LA. That's taken a writing class because everybody who writes screenplays or anything in LA is knows what Joseph Campbell is. That's how you construct a character. That's how you give them motivation. That's how they have to rise above the motivation. They go through the change. This is the fundamentals of great drama, right? But the whole the whole thing for Kevin Durant is I agree with you in the same premise that. Lebron was looking for something LeBron needed validation. He goes to Miami. He tried to play. He was he he embraced that villain role. It really was. Him. He's not that guy who loves playing with chip on a shoulder doesn't like booze. Kobe love that stuff. Michael love that stuff. But most most people don't let your soft most people love having that chip on the show. They love the booth. They get they find inspiration from. That's not LeBron. And that's not Kevin Durant. Lebron though eventually found validation when he went back to Cleveland and brought a title Landis. Okay. That is the career defining moment for LeBron James even as much as I think when we look back on his career in twenty years, or what would the thing we will remember him for? I believe will be the player empowerment issue of he and Wayne Wade, and Chris Bosh decide I don't care about the money. I don't care about your CBA. I don't care about the idea of people having to go win on their own or how how much is gonna hurt the the franchise value of the Cavs. I wanna go play where I wanna play with my friends, and I wanna win and I'm going to move to Miami. They literally change the salary cap and the collective agreement because they were so upset with that. And then he did it again. And again, and again to continue to assert how much players especially star players have power over their franchises and league. So that to me is that the his legacy and the NBA, but in terms of his greatest achievement and accomplishment going back to Cleveland, which was such a popular choice. Wow. Is that popular going back to Cleveland and not only going back at all? But winning and winning that title breaking the big the drought for Cleveland teams that like once he did that. It's like you're good for life. You're set for life. Every he does after that is gravy. That's what Kevin Durant needs. There's the like if if he's on the same hero's journey to find validation or whatever it is. He has got to do something on that level of accomplishment. It's not about winning the titles and Miami or St. it's about bringing a title to the land or. New york. I don't know. I'm just guessing. But something on that level has to Durant has to do something on the level to find the same level of satisfaction and recognition invalidation that LeBron which again again mirrors that path that LeBron was on and and just reading this. I'd never thought about that before even though like if you go point by point with both of its remark it is similar in has been that way for a while. And just in seeing that restlessness with Durant. Like, I just I just all of a sudden thinking about is like you're chasing. What's literally right in front of you. And in a lot of ways just the circumstances of it prevent you from having it like the path that you talked about LeBron blazing as far as empowerment Durant can't do that. So there are a lot of similarities, but there are some fairy very big differences between Kevin Durant. Lebron James pray tell you tell me what those are next ESPN LA.

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