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We are joined today by ED. Greeny and Rick Vlada you can find them at at grainy and Vlada on twitter and the show will be at Vegas nation and I'm your host. Heidi Fang and I want to also remind everybody here to subscribe wherever you are listening and check out our latest podcast. That are coming up here. With the Review Journal we have a special episode true crime based podcasts called mobbed relieving the history of wet went down in Las Vegas with the Mafia back win. So that is going to be a special edition that you will want to check out for sure. Mobbed up again brought to you by the Review Journal here and all the other great podcasts. Produc- Confined Review Journal dot com slash. Podcast so we have here again as I mentioned before at Grainy and Rick Vlada joining us. And we'RE GOING TO BE BREAKING DOWN. Everything happening right now at a Legion stadium. The future home of the raiders and UNLV first. Let's get into what they're calling the fourth quarter Rick. They held a meeting yesterday for the first time in one hundred twenty six days were about seventy one days out if my math is right to they substantial completion date being July thirty first as of right now with them calling this the fourth quarter. There's still a lot of work that has to be done. Things have carried on here despite the code cases that have happened at the stadium. Unfortunately there have been at least I believe you reported sixteen cases the virus onsite yet. Everyone is carrying on trying to get this done. What at this point needs to happen at the stadium to be sure that they meet that July thirty first date while there's still plenty of things that have to be completed along. This is just the type of stuff you would do on any major construction project. Incidentally this is just incredible that they have been able to keep on schedule with all this corona virus. Our lives have changed so dramatically but yet they're still looking at getting a done by July thirty first. So what's left to do? They've got some sports equipment installation. We're talking about some of the things that you would see around a a regular stadium that's supposed to be done by the twelfth of June Still some seat installation that needs to happen but half of it's already in our or maybe a little bit more than have minutes already in they want complete by June the twenty sixth of the elevators and escalators need to be tested another installed but they need to have county officials come out and do some some testing for they can actually put them into service. And then there's some drywall. Interior finishes that need to be happened in some of the luxury boxes. That's supposed to be done by July. Eight all right so curious also. There was some things that were needing to be worked out with. Unlv as far as scheduling. And they've actually come to an agreement on those dates. Rick can you walk us through what the agreements are right now? IN PLACE WITH UNLV. And how many games? They're going to have their that. Take Place at the stadium and the opponents. Also I believe they're facing Arizona. State there is One of the Games and is Louisiana Tech. I think the other can sorry. Actually the the big the big one is cow. University of California will be here at the end of August and all along the. Unlv tried to get as many games as they can. They were in kind of a conundrum because they went ahead and schedule. A lot of these games A long time ago as as as you know all of this scheduling has to occur many years in advance and so they already made some plans to bring in a cal- Arizona State and Louisiana Tech as their non conference games. Conference Games are safe. There's no problem with that. They have been a scheduled in and they'll be in that at full conference mountain. West conference schedule will be played inside. The question. Marks were the non conference games now because allegiance stadium is brand new. The operators wanted to to you know showcase it different things they wanted to have special events concerts that type of thing and they prohibited unlv from scheduling more than one non conference game well. Obviously that wasn't going to be too good because the the Arizona State Louisiana Tech Games were destined to Sam Boyd Stadium. Which would be kind of a Downer people who've been anticipating this this This opening of allegiance stadium. So they worked with the raiders. They worked with The Stadium Authority in what they came. Up with the They they wanted to put that September Twelfth Arizona State game officially in Allegiance Stadium. That's a pack twelve competitor. That's something that deserves to be that big stadium Louisiana Tech. Well they're not quite as lucky in. That game still will be played and Sam Boyd Stadium but there was something that they had to give up in order to make that happen. There was a concession that that the raiders wanted to have and that occurs at the end of October when the rebels play a Colorado State University. What the what. The raiders wanted to do was move that Saturday game odds a conference game to Friday night instead and the reason why they did that was because that weekend is the only one this hole fall season that both the raiders and the rebels are in town on the same weekend so they wanted to have a little cushion there for moving the the playing surfaces and as as you already know that the rebels are going to be playing on artificial turf that will be On the on the ground level and then the raiders will be playing a natural grass in that a large floating of system that there are gonna be growing the grass outside and then moving on a field train into the stadium gamed as well because the quick turnaround between Saturday and Sunday. They wanted to get a little extra cushion so they asked for the CS. You gave moved to Friday which they do. And how much do you feel like the? Unlv and raiders relationship right. Now they're gonNA run into these issues as they progress down the road with this partnership on the stadium or do you think that it's just something that happened between the two entities playing there because this is the first season and they wanna make sure that they get their spotlight games all set into the right order and it obviously like Rick said the Big Cal. Game is there Is this something that you think you can foresee issues like this happening down the road or do you think it was just kind of organizing things out as this first season starts I don't know if it's GONNA happen down the road but I know who's GonNa win the battle every time I mean and I know. Unlv they wouldn't have got stadium without with alleged review. Nubby wasn't involved but radios are gonNA run that stadium. They were always GonNa win this battle. I know they would like extra time to move the grass in the trays from a car. State game to when Brady's town but this is not be the only time the issue that stadium or the planet Saturday night. So this was the raiders of reminding. Unlv WHO's in charge and they could have easily just given them a game on the twelfth and moved their train and been fine. That's what they're gonNA have to. I assume many times over thirty years But they wanted to let them know once again. We're in charge here and you're going to give something up and obvious seats in easy decision for UNLV they would have given up. Probably two or three things to get the Arizona state game allegiance. Is You have to have that same you you need that game and allegiant. Louisiana Tech in. You can get away even though they're are very good team they've been a much better program than UNLV. It's still Louisiana Tech Arizona State. Put THEM IN SAM BOYD. As a pack twelve would have been horrible extremely so they were going to give up what they had to give up to get it in the legion but make no bones about it. This is the raiders saying. We're in charge here and we're GONNA we're gonNA give you something you're going to give us something back. We'll put you on Friday at give us twenty hours even more to prepare for the Tampa Bay game which be national TV But in the big picture does happen down the road at any point. Unlv is always gonNA adhere to the raiders. The raiders are always doing charge here. But this brings me to another question Based on the events happening there. And it's a fan question coming from Bull Moro Baraza Junior. Be The governor. He wants to know because of the Garth Brooks concert. Is that supposed to still go on? Is that a good sign for fans in the stadium for games or will. Nfl rules be different What do you know about this event? And it's still I guess being slated to take place as of now but of course in the current state of the world. We really don't know how many things will actually happen on schedule. But let's say this Garth Brooks concert right now. It's still stands. I guess is not being canceled. Is that right Ed. Do you know about this. Because I spent a fortune on the tickets for the wife's birthday so didn't mean or what I don't know if Garth Brooks concert I mean sure if you get a Garth Brooks concert in. They let everyone in. There doesn't seem to be many problems. I mean I guess the NFL could look that as kind of a new an example before they decide what they're gonNA do. I'm still going to be surprised. Just for the sake of what's going on. Sixty thousand people are allowed into a garth brooks answered August. I mean I guess that would mean it's trending really really well and things are better than people think. But I'm still waiting for my email telling me Mike concert tickets are done and I have to have a refund I just you know I don't know. Maybe Rick has a different opinion. I I cannot see in August if everyone agrees at the. Nfl football is going to be in front of note. Fans how can anyone believe? Garth Brooks is going to be allowed to put sixty thousand people not stadium during the virus. I mean you know I almost surprise. It hasn't been canceled yet. I know other. You know just because my daughter has Harry Styles Ticks. And he hasn't council get so there are conscious of huge names that haven't been canceled yet with. Sorta surprises me. But I will be on a huge surprise level of sixty thousand people are watching Garth Brooks August. I agree with you on that. Does Not and one of the things that that plays into this though. Is that Garth? Brooks really really really wants to open that stadium. That's one of the things that that has been indicated that he definitely wanted to do the performance. I read the. Who What it's GonNa look like is a completely different story with a happy Attendance in half and yet let half people tickets get in. I don't know how that's very fair. And would they. Would they just cancel it or would they do a postponement? I I think there's a lot of things that are on the table that haven't been realized yet. We'll know a little bit more about this in the next few weeks and I was particularly curious because just to stay on this for a moment here Ohio States Gene Smith. He had recently spoke out about their. There shouldn't be full stands that there should be a model to have about twenty thousand fans games now. obviously the NFL's a much different animal. But if you're looking at the SEC and thinking about okay are they going to have Full fans are. They going to test their players. Will Ohio state have full games or not full games? How this is all going to play out. will this kind of serve as what you think the. Nfl might do with the stadium when it comes to fans Ed. No because I think they're two different entities the NCAA doesn't control college football. The the government. The the governors in the states will be a state by state basis. We already know what they're staying in terms of cal state schools which includes West in San Diego State San Jose State in Fresno State. That's a state by state basis the NFL's GonNa decide. I think much more independently than the NCAA will now again. You still have state regulations with the NFL but I you know the NFL is thirty two teams. They're all GonNa do exactly what the League says it has to be in front of no fans will be colleges. You're going to get into conferences. You're going to give me a lot different the SEC says we're playing on the big ten penn state says were playing on. We don't care how many members are the three teams in California amount less. What about us? I think it's a much bigger mess in college football. You can have half the college football teams plane and half not a windy kids. Come back to school. Many schools are said you're gonNA come back and mid August. You'RE GONNA lead by Thanksgiving okay. Does that mean you still going to football players on campus? When no one's there is a much bigger mess in my opinion than in the NFL. I think the NFL is GonNa go off. I think it'll be in front of no fans to start but that's a much easier transition. College could be a complete mess. All right let's go on that. Now take our quick break and when we come back. We're going to talk more about the budget here at Allegiance Stadium and some of the great things that you can expect to see as a fan depending on how many get let in or if everyone gets lead in we don't know but we're GONNA come right back and discuss all the great things you can see an allegiance stadium right here on the biggest nation. Podcast this episode of Vegas Nation will be right back. They say a healthy gut means a healthy. You FAVOR APPLE CIDER. Vinegar shots bottle this feeling into the convenience. A two ounce shot better digestion stronger immune system and the lowering of blood. Sugar levels are all just some of the benefits to shooting daily favor shot. Their proprietary blends are a raw organic and mixed with other functional ingredients to create a better tasting experience. First Time shooters can go to drink a favor dot com. Welcome back to the Vegas Nation PODCASTS. Your host here Heidi with et greeny and rick the Lotto. We're discussing things with the stadium as it starts to become one. Large big spectacle in the middle of the desert and whether or not there will be fans there. We aren't certain yet as we previously discussed but rick. You had something that you wanted to bring up here that you had recently seen on social media. Can you break down for us with that was now? This was a proposal that was been made by. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick of Texas. That's not the Dan Patrick all sports fans. No that's a different guy but what he wanted to bring up was a plan to get a games played before some fans in stadium so that they're not empty and the what what he has proposed. Is that there be Each venue has a lottery system set up and they. They only fill seats that fulfil the social distancing requirements in other words. Not every row is GONNA be filled not every seat going to be filled groups that usually go together and that who lived together SIP together. But they're going to be Separated by a pretty healthy distance from some of the other fans. That are there one of the things. He's recommended that people who are tickets for some of these things not be allowed to do a whole season but maybe one or two games during the entire season so that everybody has the opportunity to get in and then when it comes to to play off time. Maybe we're to a point where we're seeing different outlook as to how many people can go in nearby some vaccines out there or still quite a ways away but soon time you gotTa Hope Right Absolutely. I mean that's the human race says we hope and we live for those hopes to maybe become a reality. Some of the things that I wanted to get in here also is just about in terms of budget and making the stadium. Reality Raiders Right. Now they had a lot of the financing off of this hotel tax but right now that's based at zero. I know that there's a reserve. We've seen those great articles that you put out and make acres puts out on the Review Journal explaining how they're still able to fund this from that perspective but if unforeseen things happen if there are things that come up like Issue with the escalators or elevators that I heard yesterday during the meeting. That aren't quite to to code yet and aren't quite completed with most of the budget already spent on the stadium. What should happen? If there are unforeseen things that come up would be a big problem. And certainly the big hole that exist there in terms of Funding is Is going to be an issue. That's going to be with the Stadium Authority for probably the next several years because we are going to be behind for awhile. Obviously the months of March were affected April and May are probably going to be close to zero that they'll be some some revenue but not anything significant And then when people do start coming back to the Las Vegas. They're going to have. It's going to be a a couple of different problems one. We're not expecting a lot of people to come back in any large numbers and to once they do come back. People are going to be trying to get into these These resorts at a discounted rate. So that means that the tax on those discounted rates is not gonNA be as high as it probably would have been so this is going to probably go on for quite some time in the way the financing has been set up by the by the Stadium Authority is to have what they call a waterfall financing. And that is that the most important stuff is done. I in other words the bond payments that's going to be paid for I can then if there's something left over waterfalls into another find and then keeps going on down until the very last priority is unfortunately for UNLV that's There towards the bottom of that that waterfall. And what that means is that some of the revenue they were expecting to get for some of the REV originally. They would've gotten from events at Sam Boyd Stadium That's not gonNA happen at least for a while. Three point five million years what they were anticipating to get over a course of several years about ten years. But that's not going to be a finance directly due to the point that you made Heidi the the budget part of it then. Does the budget part of is that. The finances of the improvements to the stadium is also on the lower tier and because it just doesn't have the same priority. We're not expecting to see any big modifications to the stadium when it's new presumably. That's all going to be just fine but going in but the fact is that any improvements that are going to be made are going to have to be put on. Hold for a while because there's not going to be that capital expense budget in place. Either that's one of the lower priorities. So Ed when you think of it in terms of being a UNLV and how rick was explaining that this is going to be a revenue down. I mean what does this do for them? This season as we start to look at the football season coming closer and everything that was supposed to happen but now it's not happening In terms of revenue. What does this mean for UNLV? Well it's never good thing when you're a group of five when revenues being cut or what revenue you're planned on doesn't come to fruition. I mean they barely mountain. West barely has a TV contract to get revenue off of a mean especially compatible fives. It's all relative. I mean their power. Fives is amazing. This is their power fives in this country. Cutting sports right now Based on again how much it costs to run their athletics no schools but for school at. Unlv who doesn't come close to budgets power fives and really can has to save every penny and now making cuts across the board and outlet. It's not good Anytime you know. There's not revenue streams that you counted on the beginning of the year. It hurts a group of five school like Unlv so there's a long way back for them like it will be most of five from this from this pandemic in budget crisis. And you just do your best. You hope that sports don't have to be cut. It's happening a lot around America. Many more Olympic sports cut this week at group of fives. You hope they don't have to get to that point but they're gonNa have to do something. Hard cuts are GonNa have to be made it a school like. Unlv wins the said and done. And I think do everything to sports But nothing was surprised me. This has been a really bad it on a school like unlv and now when you think about playing on a state or the the in front of knows fans. You're losing resin revenue concessions. You're losing revenue everywhere so none of this is good right now for school like unlv. Earth's really any school. Like I said there are power powerful power fives in this country. Losing money and cutting sports so this is not been good for anyone in collegiate athletics and we know that the cove is still something that You know the workers have been fighting off. We've seen the signs all around the stadium and before you even go in the there's banners draped all around the fences outside rick so I just wanted to as I know. The MORTENSEN McCarthy has spoken out a lot about these cases in the measures that they're taking and how the workers are coming in different shifts. But is there any thing that you think would bring this construction at this point to a halt? Should there be more cases that arise at the stadium. I think if there's probably just too much momentum in a very short time line for substantial completion of the project for anything to stop now Governor Cecil lack has made it quite clear that this is an essential business and I. I think that we should all be. You know worried about some of these. These cases the that appear in every every time I see a an update in seeing how many more people have either hot the virus or they have perished from the virus. It makes me very sad and certainly this is something that the Union people have also recognized that they are losing some other colleagues. Oh with this with this pandemic in certainly the numbers are growing. Not just that construction site but all around the state this point in time I. I don't see any reason why this would be shut down. Okay so let's get into some of the things that are positive here. That are going in the stadium. Some things that fans want to know about first of all I think a lot of concern since we've posted some drone video and also some still photos of the top of allegiance stadium. A lot of people thought the roof was going to be transparent. Now look at it from the top looking down. It doesn't appear that way but I have seen pictures inside that. Do show the transparency. So can you reassure? Fans here rick about one thing the roof and how that works and then also. They're wondering about the torch that goes and You know the the Al Davis towards the eternal flame if it will in fact be there I I know that it will be but Just reassure everybody for us. Sure sure from the very start. We've reported that. The roof was a translucent. That's a lot different than transparent. Et the the design is to let the light coming in so that the field can be illuminated cert- so to speak by the sunlight. But you don't want that direct sunlight coming in either so having this is a kind of a shielding there so to speak with her sitting inside the stadium. You're not going to be seeing. Any planes overhead is just not that type of a of a surface but instead light will be able to to come in so people thought it was going to be. Transparent are mistaken. It's going to be translucent. So as far as the torch concern that eighty five foot tall. Torch is a memorial to Al Davis. That's still under construction. There's still some scaffolding around it at this time it's the largest three D. printed object in the world in just through. Could everybody's mind at ease? There's not a real flame that's going to be inside there. It's going to be something that's more of a artificial type of a of a setup But it will be there at the very The North End of the of the stadium. looking out over the Las Vegas Strip when those Those doors are opened You'll be able to see the torch as well as the the the opening in that in that side of the stadium and then the Strip beyond that should be quite an amazing sight especially in some of those Sunday evening games when it starts to get dark It's going to be just stunning for people who are sitting inside the stadium to be able to see that torch going and to see the the lights coming up on the strip behind it all right. We have just a couple more questions from fans when coming from Gabriel Gonzalez. And he wants to know in terms of Ma. Will they host John Jones versus Francis in Ghana or John Jones vers Israel at a Sonya? There is there I M event. I found that an interesting because I never assumed it would be John Jones at all. I think it would be probably the likes to someone. Conor McGregor headlining card but John. Jones is a polarizing character in Ed-. May maybe we see I'm Ed. What are your thoughts on that? Hold on just a second. I'm still writing down translucent. I'M GONNA use that mccollum this week series tiles it translucent in Harry styles styles. It'll be good read. I agree with you. I mean John. Jones is is kind of a dynamic figure. He's been very controversial issues. But when it's almost like garth brooks idea it's I heard names early on for concerts. Garth Brooks I had heard Ed Sheeran Nyla Sheeran but Garth Brooks Garth Brooks I think people like John Jones but conor McGregor Conor McGregor. So my I think my preference if I was in. Mma Fan would be Conor McGregor. I think he's just the biggest name no matter how long he's fought or last time he's fought or whatever. I think he's just a big name. Certain names kind of belong on the top of the Marquee and if I'm choosing between one of 'em may far better night I would choose conor McGregor much like I would choose garth brooks over Ed Sheeran and I like both of them. I mean I think when you're going into this kind of stadium at least early on and you're talking about the first concert of the first commandment you've got to have a high name on that marquee and I would assume like I said you would know. Better Ni- McGregor would be more a light. You know name in the likes named John Jones quickly like to bring our producer. Larry Maher into this. I know he's sitting there on the other line. And if you hearing me Larry. Would you bring in McGregor Jones? I definitely Conor McGregor. I think John Jones should be an institution somewhere awesome. Thank you Larry. So last question is I know. You'll have to get going governors speaking here in about fifteen minutes so we had to get ready for that but the parking situation right now allegiance stadium. Do you have any news for us right now. We're on how the parking or the monorail transportation to the stadium If there's anything new since last time we on this. There's not been anything particularly new. The the satellite parking spaces are still in play from what I understand. Some of those surfaces are being paved so that they have a fresh fresh asphalt there for people to show up and maybe do some tailgating before they go to the game. The plan all along has been to shuttle bus people to the stadium prior to the game as far as the monorails concerned. That's kind of a shutdown at this particular time. The idea of course was to extend that line all the way to Mandalay Bay from the MGM grand but that also has been put on hold Simply because of the finances right now. Okay so that'll do it for us here on this special edition of the Vegas Nation Stadium. Podcast here and we'll hope to do this again. Maybe next month at some point. I don't know Rick are expecting another Stadium Authority meeting coming up soon. When did they decide to reconvene? They're going to reconvene in July. Wouldn't surprise me if he had a special meeting but I just kind of their track record would suggest that the July is GonNa be it so that will be above two weeks prior to the Oakland all right so the next time that they meet. We're going to have to do this again. Just to update everybody on anything new that we hear and what's happening and these life size screens. We didn't even get into that. I wanted to talk about those. Tv screens or supposedly five of them. That you tweeted his biggest cars. Hey Heidi can we ask with? Iraq is Bottom level beer room is open yet. They have not sent specifically to be open. I would I would have to hope that. That's as high on the priority is to get back to you on. We've been waiting friend. We've been waiting years for it. This has stuff I am Carey curious about. We're GONNA have to talk more about this for sure. We'll come back and do that sometime here. On this Vegas Nation podcast brought to you by favorite drink a favor dot com. Add like the Ring Rig. Vlada over coming on as well as at grainy to do this. Special Edition podcast. You can keep up with all of their work that they're doing on Review Journal. Dot Com or on VEGAS NATION DOT COM for anything raiders related as well as following everything on the Vegas nation APP and on your favorite social media platforms at big as nation. Don't forget subscribe wherever you're listening for. Ed Grainy for rig BILOTTA. I'm Heidi Fang. We'll be back soon.

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