Episode 131: RIP Red Sox. RIP Dave Dombrowski.


The palm the three Komo tired at five is the body of these Aaron Boone the leader his first yeah but the first report what's up what's happening. Welcome welcome to another edition of the short porch presented by Barstool Sports. I'm your host hubs along Sammy on the other side of the laptop. My coz My compadres. The vape guy himself glossy cloud. We spoke stops Cappelli. What's going on pretty good pretty good but I'm mad. I'm just mad. This game is on Sunday night. Baseball inquiries red it sucks. I mean they don't know how difficult to make. Our lives like. We're recording. We're starting the bottom of the <unk> the end of the game eight five. He's right now. <hes> you know just knowing it's football. Sunday or digging. All right you know watched ain't game. Maybe as one of the one o'clock four o'clock games on dignity check out donated eight o'clock red. SOx have fucking sixteen games out. There's no reason for this on Sunday night baseball like I get it's Yankees Red Sox but I feel like usually there's one Sunday the Red Sox game here. That's that Sunday night baseball and it was kind of assuming was going to be such a disappointment to see it. It's like us like the thank you again. I I hate sox's like relevance today. Like people still think this is a meaningful game like the red sox out. Nobody cares about you. Just makes our lives is more difficult so that's my rant Gio. Shell is very nice very nice cash and it's good to see that man back on the field sil- will smile with you watching watching in my room right so I- stream like so in my living room I have regular tables or spectrums so bligh but in my room room I just stream the spectrum APP on Xbox so I en- just let's see or shallows even against his eating all nice play by Shaw so about that far behind it just as a warning so it's good doing a nice little poll right now. Where will be what will happen. mookie Betts and it just brings a smile to my face because of that motherfuckers out of Boston makes it that much easier. Every single year is on the plate. They're going to pay him. I don't think so he he wants three hundred million dollars. I don't know if they're gonNA give it to them. They're in a lot of trouble but this is I I will. I don't hate it being on Sunday. I at least the game name like we can do this at eleven twenty four where you know at this one game back and forth one of those all time classic Yankee Red Sox games that would suck doc. Let's not drinking drinks ourselves like forty eight okay. We're Okay S. like that was happening was bobbling ball but we're okay but no it's nice to enjoy a football Sunday. I do remember I realized today. I'm really really bad gambling really I've had I own one bet today. I want one that it was. The first I took Brown's first quarter moneyline. I light it down. Every single I went to my best friend is a browns fan when the packers don't play. I like I go browns by with them and like we just get really fucked up and like you know your brother. Jimmy's the basement turns into a browns bar so we just go there and just pitchers on pitchers a great time. The fans are nuts and like I just enjoy the game whatever brown that I I just kept hitting them thinking they come back every I must have had eight different bets on them that lost that was really bad <hes> yeah it was really bad a gambling. I'm pretty comparable gambler. NFL gambler just one of the worst out there so I'm just telling up my kicks between Friday night late Saturday night and Sunday to ten and one just really bad. I'm not gonNA tell him I not because it's worse it's way worse than that but <hes> <hes> really out of hand today <hes> I had asked for more credit today and the the guy can get back to immediately and I ended up like sending a snarky texture. I'm like it's football Sunday. You can't just edit route like I don't know because I was just really annoyed. So I kind of feel bad gave my book like success obsess. anyways the Yankees are really good still baseball <hes> they have reset their home run record from last year which is just going under the only like seven or eight back of Minnesota for the also doesn't feel the same way since it's not the record well it might be. We'll be worse like seven back. Noble in saying like to sixty isn't record like the twins. Oh right yeah yeah but that could easily I mean we got three weeks of baseball left and we're seven back and we got stand coming back. I feel like you know that that could definitely be in our in our grasp. A glare tour as is not a home run hitter yet. He has thirty five home runs this year and he's only twenty two years old so that's that's just that's happening and Kevin. KFC's continues the Senate. He'll be a bust. I have no idea what he sees. The see that or think that tors is one of the best players in baseball we still saying nobody saying that a couple of months ago. He's not so say a couple of weeks ago. He will like randomly walked by me. He was like watching watching a game. I'll go on the laptop and he was like glacier towards the bust. I'm like what possibly could bring you to that conclusion person. Who doesn't the guy he's bringing? It goes to show you like how good Labor's been quite like. How quietly good he's been like. He's not getting those it was crazy. Headlines like judge got two years ago Gary Guts when he goes on to he's just been so consistently very solid that he's just not owning one's radar but he's I'm a fucking forty home runs. He's he's about to break the Yankees Middle Infielder homerun record. I think Schori on with thirty nine. He's fourth of that. It's September eighth. He's going to get there. It also just shows you. It's scouts no nothing sometimes where they're like. Oh yeah he's not going to have major league power. Just couldn't be more wrong. I mean he hits Bob's. Maybe twenty twenty five home runs when he gets his peak. It's no not even not even my name twenty three and four on it yeah judge guy. He's still pretty good hit. Another homer compared Ammann's doing his thing and they're just rolling again man. I mean even like J. HAP- pitching well right now. That's what he knows. Things are going good. Let me tell tell you this. This stat dropped my jaw left-handed Yankee pitchers back to back games of six innings plus six or more innings. no-one runs two hits. Your fewer is two names on this list. Are J. Hat that I'll say Whitey Ford. I've studied someone among how `Bout Pettit Oh wow no. It's not but it's not bad. I couldn't believe it wasn't padded. It's I could see that being pedic gingery gives you yeah that makes eighty cents because I mean he was he was dominant. He was those electric anybody. Gigiri and HAP HAP is the second cut in this Leslie. Why in the world and typically captain J finally beat the Red Sox good for him. That's what he's brought over here. Do He did his job. You know now that that deals worth earth every penny everything almost almost at the point now where I'm getting a little afraid that if he's pitching so you're gonNA work as lamps off roster. Oh Yeah oh I mean Ruko was like right. They couldn't wait to tweet about it like how he's like here. He comes. He's so let's see. H- APPS last. He's only had two starts in early right something longer than that. Let's see I don't want to get the wrong. He always feels like he's pitching bad to me. Even when he's pitching good makes any sense I I guess we'll count Seattle's good star because it's three hundred and five seven ks this and the Yankees did win the game so last three starts. He's got a one five six going. Seventeen third innings opponents hitting ninety three to pretty good getting three hits his last two starts. I mean I can't see him being no. We're not doing this none. We we can't do this. I was GONNA say. I can't see me number. He can't be the rotation. He can't won't allow. It won't be in the plan for a t shirt but I could see them. Be Like we like is going to play out of the pad or some bullshit like that. I don't like it. I like it one bit I don. I obviously Great Yankees are winning. We're keeping pace with the astros who who are in the football mode and they score twenty. One fucking runs on Sunday. Garrett Cole struck on another fifteen guys what his problem i. I went to check around enough. <unk> owes left the game at <unk> teams around the League today folks on football so the raise one again they I would. I mean what division to knock down other number so the Astros scored twenty one as I just laughed like Jesus Christ. I mean your goal eight inning. I mean he was a perfect game today. If he didn't go you give a home run and then just nothing else fifteen strikeouts. Let Me Review Gary Cole's last four starts six these John Against Great Teams Colorado Detroit Tampa Milwaukee. Okay whatever six innings to runs ten ks no walks seven innings. No runs twelve KS one walk six into third four earned fourteen case one walk six innings one earned fourteen k's days to walks and then today whatever the fuck you went today fifteen strikeouts and I don't know what the full salary here. Here's the full stat line. It's it's <hes> eight innings. One run fifteen ks no walks. I mean what the Fuck I'll just say. I wanted hated through on Eh. I don't care for this guy. I don't want anything to do with him. Not over pets is ridiculous what he's walking. He wanted them striking. Everyone and usually it's only going six innings maximize like I know he went eight on Sunday but like he consistently went seventeen innings. He struck out almost twenty game. It seems like ridiculous. Check use but back to this weekend's obviously great stuff from HAP- Tanaka Liz good start it kind of felt parts. Were not the best start but better than what he's done in the past against the red sox this year. He's been terrible like take out. We were saying we'll give it the RUKO interview you you take out his starts against the red sox. He's like by top ten pitcher in the American league this year so he got back on track today. It's about in the playoffs offs though right so so that's what I'm getting to here yeah when he was eight to forty eight to five now red SOx fans. They flip the pay. Hey you know they got 'em Antonio Brown on their team now. They're they're patriots now. They're undefeated season mode but it's just I did such a good chuckle. The the ten fans lessen the standard channing Yankees suck. I mean we're about to be true for the thirteenth time this year. You know to be thirteen. Five could be fourteen eighteen five win on Monday night. We've taken the division from you. I'm sure you might still be the defending champs right this very second but that won't last much longer <hes> chain Yankee suckers is just pretty much fear. It's just showing how much fear you have right now. You're like well we do and they're checking standings like oh well what other American league team is good because we're going to latch onto their bandwagon corrobos doing with their astros and pray to God they knock out the Yankees because you know the red sox aren't good enough to do it this year so hopefully someone else's and honestly like the Red Sox. Thank US right now. We the Red Sox are terrible baseball team terrible. They're not good. They have four very good hitters top line at the restaurant of stinks their entire starting rotation. It's embarrassing their their bullpen is atrocious <music>. Everything about them is just mediocre to just off pretty much. They're fake. They got in the playoffs. If they snuck in they'd be wasting their fans times CBS. They weren't going to do it. They were going to have that magical. Steve Pearson didn't even fucking in major league baseball anymore so all their magic from last year. I think he was a fluke. I think everything went their way. It's all gone. There's no hope for you. Fuck you. Go Fuck Yourself. Go Watch the Patriots. Watch football team on Sundays and enjoy yourself. We're GONNA going to be here when I go win a world series. I never take the Yankees sucked Chan in a situation like this to heart because it's like I mean there are like the Fan Shane that no. That's that's not the case like they know. The Yankees are ninety four and fifty. They know they're sixteen seventeen games up on their own team so I think it's just to me. It just shows on creative swine. Maybe shows like you can't think of another chance you just go with the most basic yankees suck chant even though you're losing season losing the game you know going to be eliminated from the playoffs. Housing Lakers series so to me. It's just like I hear those. Chances Your pedestal Ed. They okay you. Chain key sucked like it's all right. We know we know Oh. You don't guy it's just like could you imagine I just put I try to put myself in their shoes and the reverse the role. Let's say this game. The Yankee stayed in red. SOX are about to win the thirteenth time and they're on their way to division last year but although the Yankees we're going to make the playoffs so it's a little different but I I would never ever with the people around me. Start chanting red sox suck when you're losing your losing their vision. You got blown out this year in the division yet blown up by the Yankees this year. I mean you had an embarrassing season. You're everyone's like Oh. We're GONNA repeat repeat and you didn't come close. I could never imagine chanting Red Sox. Suck Suck. Just I just can't it's honestly just perplexed. I wanted to talk to one of these people. Be Like what's going through your mind right now so I don't know it's it's just weird and we'll just go on a world series and Saturday. I do some day drinking watching some constable games. I went to an awesome bar. Clinton Hall fucking awesome spiders. It's an ambition he realized that until we got there and like we were just all bet on Clemson so it's kind of fun <hes> <hes> but I found the Yankees on my phone and I see a ball go into right field and JD Martinez. Is You know he had a tough day in the outfield pour four digit. Jd doesn't know how fueled and they're sticking them out there right now because they got nothing else nothing else for him. He's a D. H. is no feeling I've out sending you out there. You have a better chance than him with the sun imbalance on your say was pure eight a plus entertainment but he's going out there and right field and the you know the season's over. He's having a good year. He's a good hitter and he decided to just grab girls boob. You straight up like sexually assault a woman in right field and it's appalling. It's setting a bad example for the kids. I won't stand for it. I won't let this podcast Stanford I mean someone has to put their foot down and be like you just can't in the middle of a baseball game in the middle of a play not even time is out to just disregard the baseball fall and the game and everything going on and just go grab some boop. I'm it's disgusting. The woman was appalled. She couldn't believe it was going on. I hope you call the cops. Jd Martinez should be suspended ended find arrested jailed new name it should happen to JD Martinez. I think if the Red Sox don't release. Jd Martinez has it basically standing up and saying we support sexual harassment basically what it says. They don't like you know. We have this guy this comeback on our team that you just so horny. He's GonNa grab tickets in the middle of the game without consent. They have to say you know what I don't care how good he is in a we're just gonNa put our hand up and say you know what we're releasing. You were released tomorrow. It's I know interesting for this. No I mean we just can't have this in our game. I love you know we have fans of all ages volume on this podcast the twitter everything and a lot of them are in high school. Still maybe even some younger and we just can't set this example for them that we have to be better out there. Jd you need to be better. Hopefully when the Red Sox do release you or you opt out the end of the year you can find yourself in a better better situation than better mindset and learn from this experience because it's troubling to say the least i. It ruined my day seeing a so. That's that's I had to make sure we talked about this today because that was really bothering me all thank you thank thank you. I'm glad someone's going to have to cover it. Someone and I didn't really see you know we. We have this red sox writer but he doesn't care about the season anymore team so you know he he's. He's disregarding turning blind eye and that's that's. That's not my hair crops but this season is taking a toll on him. Unfortunately moving on more Yankee stuff a Mike talk when got hurt today knock great one of those weird non contact injuries although it appears to be his calf and he's going to more test I I have initially thought like Achilles because it was just so weird and like he didn't roll his ankle or turn it but Orlando just being a poll or or some tightness or whatever so he's getting checked out could be a bad time for that to happen though obviously he hasn't been hitting well lately did have the home run <hes> yeah the eight hundred foot home run down the right field line in this Gargantuan of stadium especially in right field. It just goes out eight hundred nine hundred feet sometimes redfield depending where you you're hitting one around. The pesky owns at Fenway Park never know I've never seen one ever but talk unhurt not great not good timing we kind of we debated with. Ruko last show that show by the way goal is must-listen for Yankee. Fan You you probably I think it was the best episode we've ever done and I think a lot of positive comments every but we were debating about maybe and talk men and I kind of hinted like I think it's GonNa itself out and maybe this is that unfortunately yeah. I said he's it important piece of the playoff roster like look. We Love mytalk men. I don't think if if he's not on the plan for external were light being like oh no season's over I mean but I do think is an important piece. I mean we haven't locked in pretty much. Every time we make a plan for us. I think he's going to be a god is great fielder. He's got some speed good. hitter contacted or good is got. Some power is guy. You'd love to have under postseason roster. Have your disposal. We did say day. Luckily we do have a Mabon who knows it happens with cakes. Thinking might not be back for Gigi do have other options so it lessens the blow a little bit but I still would love up as a part of this Plassey. Yeah I think this team like one of those games where everyone's watching at night or whatever and the Yankees are up a million and we have talked to homers whatever I just want to see people on twitter and follow this team. All you'll be like who the fuck is. Mike Judge Gary Labor in the fucking. Mike Talk Men Guy. That's all I want. That's why I really wanted to hear yeah. Okay remains a household name. If you like feel like he you know he's been around how long enough for people to know whether the casual baseball fan but Mike talk when people with his black and they'd be like what the fuck is this guy doing here and you know he's quietly like three for the three with the homer and five RBI's. He's throwing a guy out. That's all I want so hopefully talking to make himself back back here. Gio Shell is back as we're talking about him. <hes> making a nice play before good him back. He came back. He was one of the weird people that actually came back right. They said they would you know. They said it would be a few days. Isn't that when he's eligible. Come on Sunday. He'll be back in here. We are so that's nice. It was nice to actually injury. Go according to plan. It wasn't like like most serious thing. It's said he made that a nice place. In foul or face was fair territory but yeah I mean. Go go it was a guy we definitely want the playoffs because I concede coming up with big hits contact situations high leverage situations making contact so yes. I see him back and I'm trying to figure agrout match. I guess it's pretty much established. You can't get the batting title or is there any chance well. She got to do what honey plate appearances you have. Let's see <hes>. It's pretty simple math. Which is it's nice to figure out you gotta get to. I believe it's what five five Oh to play an appearances. Okay Eh tonight or none tonight and there'd be nine fifty so that together is four hundred fourteen eighteen plate appearances so we'd have to get so he's thirty. He's thirty off pace right now. Yes eighty-six more plate appearances and in eighteen eighty six to eighteen is five not days awesome there. He's going to be so show me like a few thing God damnit. He's GonNA end up with like four ninety something yeah that sucks all right well whatever that would that would have been like the icing on the cake of Gio or Shell won the batting title <hes> by the way who's digital man well. It's close rego's brownies made a good charge Bradley winning it. It is currently Tim Anderson fucked that happened. D- days below three thirty ready for like what I time it feels like forever. I Hate Tim Anderson. That guy stinks. I want nothing to three thirty four. I have no idea Bradley three twenty one. He must be on a terrible thing four hundred for awhile actually now that I wasn't he didn't he start the season off. I will not be stunned on when TIM managing. It's Paul for Steroids. I will not it will one hundred percent happen by the way speaking of Steroids Michael Pineda. PD's about that. I mean Econo- predictable yeah not a cheater with us so never wouldn't you never can't think of one thing no <hes> no nothing no substances no sticky stuff nothing to change the grip on the milk. Nothing I got nothing no is he was clans clancey wissel for us. I'm shocked that he took took this turn for the worst but <hes> yes sixty games stuff. That's good chuck of next year so that's thanks <hes> we're talking about injuries working out his injury not working on his Aaron Hicks. He is quote. Unquote slowed slowed down in his progression and they feel like he doesn't feel quite right and the another his elbow is healthy according to MRI <hes> <hes> but they do feel like he's Kinda running on running out of time to get back here I don. I do not think he will be back here. In my head <hes> <hes> Glare said another spoiler in my head like an orgasm in my head Aaron Hicks is out for the that's the mindset I'm GonNa take and if he's not I'll take it as a pleasant surprise yeah for sure but gardeners. I I think right now. I'd be stunned. Brek aren't wasn't you're starting center fielder on October yeah until swimming Giancarlo of man I I just saw the labor swing and even though I knew I heard your act and I was still like Holy Shit. That's GonNa take me a fly ball nice. Oh Yeah you know drove in runs or but off the bat. I thought that was headed for absolutely another planet some weird going on there. <hes> Garner or Sergeant Carl and last maybe Yeah Giancarlo garnered center and Judge and right. It's a nice outfield now so without Hicks things well yeah without Hicks now sponsor Ford. Maybe four or will maybe let's say talk is in here well then. I think you got a good shot for Ford especially the lefty <hes> very interesting yeah and then one of Incan are see on DVD or or Shell is sitting Yana. Whatever we keep going through this at the end of the day okay we're GONNA have to wait till the end of the season at healthy. We decide how you want to do. It slashed Yankees. I'd have they want to do that. We right I mean we also were breaking this down Thursday and like so much it has happened in a few days pointless. It's so pointless. It'd be want us to break down every week and we're kinda doing it right now but I so what should I be drunk Carlo Savvy. I guess we can talk about seventy next so that's unreal so a guy who actually sees coming back. Wednesday that came into Pepsi fucking nowhere. He's starting on Wednesday. We'll get one more charity inning or something no just fine. I mean who will I. I mean Ruko like body language wise. I feel like he knew something almost like during the interview like he wasn't talking and a positive light and and all of a sudden. I thought he was talking again. We'll definitely see see see again. I don't know I took it as he was pretty optimistic all right well. I guess that's a <hes> get some of the best body language doctor in the world but yeah good for she comes back Wednesday. You hear the doing with him. Though is that this is an effort to Gio Jio is getting a plate appearance right now so there you go in an effort to limit Domingo's innings. He will be relieving the <HES> <hes> coming in around like a fourth third or fourth inning maybe preview of the playoffs now but as commingle coming in as a reliever maybe yeah maybe. I still think he's GonNa Start a game. I think by AH yeah maybe but I was actually just thinking that's so when you first said that I was like. Oh man harder to get a win but actually easier to get a win for tomato because the Yankees get out to an early lead. CICI gets pulled after three or four. He's not eligible for the Wind Domingo's the next guy in then becomes eligible for whoa right well daily that sometimes it's like up to scores like discretion the starter cannot get it if he doesn't go five and if Domingo in for a few innings of the you know by the time he leaves increased winning. He's got that True Yeah Yeah I. I just want twenty. That's all I want just holiday a weird thing before I must have had a dream that I had a clear vision in my head of Damigella her ma of a box score with it saying giving a hormone was eighteen in three and in my head has like what did he get his eighteenth win. I'm going back to the past game because I don't remember when it would have been and then I realized he just is seventeen and four but I think I had a dream that to make Armagh was eighteen so really nothing else to add there but I must have had I had a dream. I never remember my dreams but I woke up from this one. I thought I was real. Oh I was going with K. Marco and fights somewhere and we were hopping subway. What Ziva be yeah yeah we work for parcel but we were hopping subways and it was an aggressive hop like we were just catching trains like as the doors are closing and I remember number having a time I shoot I look up and they were just gone and then all of a sudden the subway in New York City turn into hogwarts and they they were just like it was a Hedwig and there were is Harry Potter all over the place and then K. Marco texting all my God. Did you miss the subway. I was like yeah and he's like. Oh Damn now. This place Claes turns into hogwarts woke. It was really weird. I don't know what was going on with that dream but it's been kinda bother me just as much. Jd Martinez thing that High Ward Stream is just broken. My brain really looking forward to tonight's drove. Maybe continuing that I have a tweet from rocket four minutes ago being league drama behind the scenes at fenway park tonight with Oh got. It doesn't say that's just what he said. Classic rock it move to lead over on hanging that could just be a classic distraction tactic to try to make everyone forget that the red sox are about to lose the fourteenth game of their season to Bianchi's McKee's. What could this be about tax awesome <hes>. What does your tweet mean. I love the Yankees tweeting what you are. He'll be like about it. Oh He's GonNa be showing eyeball. Moses three the worst whatever I said I love the Yankees tweeting and he's doing this on a school night after Labor hitting a double <hes> yeah it's awesome. I love that he responded things up on the deck. The got to see the Yankees tweeted so fucking funny. He's doing school. Great sees back Wednesday Severino so we did if you haven't done with the Barstool bets APP yet do it. It's so much fun. We're getting into the gambling business full full throttle this point Barcelona's fantastic tastic so me and Tommy. We did a livestream Friday night for anyone was short porch. People were tune in for that we appreciate you but there's all these different contests and whatnot so so we did a twitter now. Barcelo stream and during that night during Friday Severino was pitching. That man is back three innings one-run foreheads. It's five strikeouts forty four pitches thirty three strikes that's great and he was just sitting at ninety seven the whole fucking way all those v low issues although the slaughter now his slider back up to where it should be. Severino was common and he's coming with fury and I can't wait. He's got one more start or Wednesday. They say once that goes well. He's back in New York. Let's go talk in the tiny takes the mound for Yankee Stadium. Martin River is gonNA be so satisfying. We've waited a year with the team in a God damn year. We haven't seen a pitch in the major leagues like get me Severino L. Let me see I don't know what do you do what you were taking a panorama of your room in the dark. No is how my phone now. I know the way you were like spitting on your chair and Spinney spinach like you're taking a panoramic picture and I was like this bizarre Columbia. I'm stoked suffering because where I was going with that. Yeah also way back to dimicco to someone brothers supplement this weekend so we're trying to plant the rotation right and what we've come to right now as Paxton Game One Tanaka game two in case Paxton isn't good and game once we need a veteran presence game too but to Mingo pitches much better at home. Does that change anything so I was thinking about this before. I've literally having the same exact conversation. Listen with this myself. Earlier is our saying Paxton is becoming a game on starter. We like Tanaka in game. Two because I mean you have to pitchers into Tanaka in Domingo who are just way better yeah and I think I'm leaving game three. ARE THEY PAXTON GAME ON TO NAFTA GAME two in case they lose like Tanaka at home when the playoffs nails and then just hope to Mingo is O'Kane game three. I I don't know unless you and you think like okay. Well tonight. Goes the more experienced pitcher maybe he needs home-field less than Demingo on at the same time I'd rather have knocking game two and chasing loose game one saw I've seen the thing is like yeah. Democracy Domingo's splits her very the different home and road but I have seen now. I've also been talking to you this but I've also I've seen Domingo. Go on the road in huge spots lots this year and absolutely fucking. Shove Boston probably the game of the year where you were going to look back and say like what games for the turning points and everything not getting swept in a four-game series and domingo shoving his balls down the red sox throat and then Sunday night was massive massive outdueling sale. I believe that night right and then in the dodgers series Yankees one nine hundred fifty in a dodger series he pitched again on Sunday and it's Kershaw too so I seen him. Pitch on the road against very good team will one very good team once shitty team but big moments. It's big so that might play something into it too. I don't know yeah I also like to me. Domingo's stuff is so electric that had when he's on I just feel like it doesn't matter what stating or playing that sort of how I think of it and I know I know. Obstinate has been the case because he's he's got killed on the road a bit but I still going Paxton Tanaka Domingo unless then if severino sounds good. Are you doing the bullpen game right yeah. I don't know and also Yeah Severino what we what are we getting him. Back at. Pitch Count was obviously trying to figure out the roster shit. We're GONNA have to figure out when the season actually yeah and I think I I unless I drive this has four pitches and I believe he threw another twelve or thirteen in in a in the pen afterwards so which gets fifty five sixty sixty so he might get stretched out to ninety by the end of the year he might man. That's a stretch seventy five seventy five. That's four innings for if you do seventy five Ben Hellers here. That's an interesting one. I didn't really expect to come across my radar. Ben Heller worked his way back his last seven games in in <hes> in his rehab nine innings three hits one thirteen strikeouts and is fine also the AAA season ended. <HES> derm took him down but he is last appearance was two shutout innings. No hits one walk five strikeouts. You're it can be a big arm. In this month. I loved when they got. They got it in the military right like I loved when they or now known as he ever pitched for us in the Big League did they. They got into military yeah. He's been in the big leagues before not long now but a decent amount I think let's see I'm trying to pull opener against Tommy. John Okay he's throwing eighteen innings in the big league the last in two thousand seventeen where he was good eleven innings point hit a point a two year in eleven innings actually into seventeen a little coincidence the other day or like last week or so. Scott through my twitter following no one following. Some people like trying to clean up the time line with that. You're fucking nuts with that shit. We gotta need to follow this person. I saw Ben Hiller and he he wasn't following me as someone following me back then it's like all right. I really you've never heard that name in a while like Providence. Keep following him now. He just lighting up the news. I'm just DOT COM. That's actually really funny. Debbie will not be here. I you know he just never really took that. Step this year. It looked like once you got the AAA and he'll he'll be a factor next year for sure. He'll be definitely a big part in the in the weeks but not not in the cards for this October coming up in September stretch runs. That's okay but what is cashman a gamble not getting a starter and relying on Severino and Montgomery to come back here and the chances and Debbie Garcia is this you know there was dangled ever wanted him. He was being demanded by a bunch of teams and we're not even using him. September October. were at the time flash. Go back two months ago and people think Debbie Garcia my make starts in October or like appearances dances October and feeling confident about that so he's not going to be here that just like the gamble that cashman took and it looks like it's going to be okay for now you know. Severino looks like he's cooking and coming back Montgomery same type of deal batanes EST encouraging to just took a big gamble. He's probably big sigh early for cash with me because those guys severing wasn't able to get back here and seeing what Montgomery and Alan and you're not using Debbie. That's a bad look really bad. Luck so it paid off from and we gotTa Win. The world series about what's the latest with him. I thought we were everything was fine. No I fakty the only topping out at ninety four makes me worried they still but that's all they keep saying the villa. Don't worry about that. It's all about movement and look and location these days because it's still <hes> he's still working his way back up in spring training modem he in spring training. He doesn't hit ninety nine like weeks so I think he might be hard. He might be humming around ninety nine. One hundred right for October like right perfectly in time for that and what else do we got here. What's the latest and Giancarlo obviously like I. I watched the Yankees weekend but like I was a little intoxicated with Giancarlo took five at bats in a simulated game game so we're just scientists. He's he's looking good. That's good the promise that were the running out of time to do this in the minors and he's just going to have to have major league at Bats Ebsworth back which is fine like turned down calls stanton pets. They still expect them to be in the outfield. <hes> uh-huh don't really see what he did. In the five. That's OK got through five bats in no recurring injury. That's good. I was pretty good right now. Ninety four hundred fifty thirteen wins against the socks pretty much pretty much eliminate them from playoffs. I feel like this weekend did their job. I mean that's the Yankees did their the job this year. They took care of all the shitty teams that took care of all their divisional opponents. When they played good teams they showed up they had weird you know west coast trip but they salvage that too man when they adversity hit them. They just punched back. They did their job. They kept on truckin. They're afraid she into keeps John. Rolling and the Red Sox didn't do they did a complete opposite that they're cowards and they just put up no fight this year and there they were just content winning world series in two thousand eighteen and you know mookie okay bats. Hopefully they trade him off season but the Yankees they showed up which is last year the big problems where they weren't ready for the Red Sox and they didn't do great taking care of business against worst teams this year they did. They beat up on the red. SOX TOOK CARE business against bad teams and that's the difference between a hundred wins this and coming second and winning. I Dunno whatever they want. Two hundred six games sell winning the division and ever ever Red Sox reply. I mean they think Yankee fans are unoriginal original. I mean every single Red Sox fan replacement. You won't win. I can't wait for the Astros sweep you. This is the reply of every tweet just sounded like the game winning Tweeden. The people said the same thing fucking losers before we go to. DM's wrap this up. I want to talk to you guys about untuckit. I love UNTUCKIT untuckit. Some of the best calling the world to wear makes you just look so good when things actually fit you. It's just there's nothing worse than wearing sending. It makes you look that's long and baggy. aggie special like a button up US look like a slop. No one wants to look like a slop so the reason it looked so baggy long. It's because they were never meant it to be worn that way. UNTUCKIT shirts were were specifically designed to be worn untucked. I love it untucked shirt. It's the way it works you. You look really good and and I prefer untucked my shirts. I'm not a big TUCK in guy. 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I'll hit IT products in a week of each other so yeah pretty pretty stoked sick awesome. It's big stuff jeff all right <hes> this instagram followers. It's all I want. I can't yeah yeah I I'm not even close to that <hes> <hes> John De Gar Garowe ask who is the MLB's equivalent to Antonio Brown Pollen Tony Brownies crazy I mean I don't go through his Tesla. We're a baseball podcast but I I would say we. He's at the level of talent but he's like a weird character. It never never happens in bay unless there's a shining example missing sound stupid where guide just demand is out of the situation happens. We mourn born football than any other sport. I mean I've never seen won a Tony rounded. He hired a fucking social media team to tell him like how to get how instagram and tweet his way off the team. That's insane. How is allowed how you're not suspended possible crazy I. I think there's just no. That's just so stupid they so. I think this might be the only way Tom Brady retired in nineteen. No he wins another Super Super Bowl and Tom Brady's actors literally nothing left for did you see my theory that he's an he's a Trojan horse and this is the NFL's way of breaking up the Patriots and he's just such a cancer. He's GonNa like force braise me like I can't play with this guy. I'm retiring and then patients fucking cuddle. No beheld he'll he'll. He's like a disease. It's already spreading like they can't like he's just going to he's infiltrating the team as we speak and like ruining people's brains you know how the Patriots working he's GonNa end up buying into the future way catching eighteen touchdowns how they're going to be ridiculous. Josh Gordon Look Great Tonight Gronk and come back for week twelve fuck them but in terms of the question we would be the only one that comes with what happened. I want him the dodgers. That would be any Ramirez. Manny Ramirez. He kinda forced his way out of Boston. Remember you like did some crazy shit through the traveling secretary down the flight of stairs. He worked his way out of Boston. Pretty heavily in the season. Where they trade ended up on the dodgers. He was like trying to get out of Boston Austin Iraq Matter Mirrors Dancer who I've forgot who told us this but I'm pretty sure during the before they can't remember who it doesn't matter but during the Oh four run before because they were they were a shitty team doesn't four when winning it all worked out their way but like halfway through the year I'm pretty sure like was he taking shits on hotel beds to like shows. I forget who told us that but he took the rumors that he would take shits on the hotel beds of opposing places to like show his disapproval for being the team interest which is a weird way to get. I don't know how that would result. You're getting traded just like unfortunate for the opposing hotel like the House debate yeah but that I was like yeah apparently man. Yes a man's probably good. It didn't matter mayor's going into jams be like hey. I really want off the team. Just you're not gonNA take chits and every holds combat like all right man like Dick moved with that like like for the sake the humanity. Maybe you WanNa stop doing that but it's fucking cleaning district. I just looked it up on read it. Someone said Chris Sale and his way with the white talks. He literally just caught up jerseys. That was crazy. I still think it's Mattie yeah all right. Well this one on his from at Frank Underscore yourself. You get to go on vacation with any Yankee pastor president. Who Do you choose. It should be noted that is up to the player's discretion regression to buy your trip and treat you tonight's out Tommy thing where this real quick. I just gotta get water real quick just home on me. We go through the obvious answers. Erazo is going to be there just because I mean he's era like who spent time together. They rod is unreal Derek. There'd be a little boring going on vacation. They'll like you just be so reserved. We Nick Swisher Jason Diabe Luke foy anytime. We have a question like this like who's going to be user wing man. WHO's spent threat like I'm trying to think of something a little different but I don't WanNa go on vacation with yeah. I don't know if you WANNA go vacation. McKinley might be crazy for vacation. Got Relaxing its past and present said okay <hes> I'll just stick with Manson for all these and say hey rod. I would love to spend time with just one day Rod. Did you tell the womb wild thing on breaking news. Dave Dombrowski is out as president of the Boston Soon Jeff Basan. That's that's real. That would be the obvious thing. was that big news. Wow I'm shocked. Kinda guy couldn't take in Promo by the Yankees for one year. Oh Seeing Z. U. Davey wow I'm kind of set. Could he's a terrible. GM he ruins farm systems yeah L. kind of want him to stay there. You know he does like is depleted them to nothing and just probably not one another world series. I mean he did it. In other forms absolutely barren yeah I mean that's I mean look great sheep but they are like seventy. Six sixty. Seven world series like kind of a crazy thing to get crazy time to get fire one year from winning. The World Series winning one hundred eight games. Just that's pretty crazy <hes> yeah. I am shocked. I wonder if there's other stuff off behind the scenes has to be. They fired him right. It's it's mutual. It says parting ways but seems to be a fire pretty wild it <unk> material just like thinking this over renting disliked like yeah. Well I mean hey. It's big news you to react. You know sit on it. That's such a bad look for them to like you could have fired him after any other series but against the Yankees. I don't know Seh bad. Look hate to see it all right whilst we got <hes> uh-huh. It's hard to follow that at I love Kemba. Who Do you think is the biggest surprise of the year. What look like who do you think the like the biggest Yankee surprises of the year like play. We've talked with a hundred times but I mean digital may who batting title her mom has seventeen when the O or mic talking and being a thing Jewish Ella. We're being ridiculous. gleyber Torres Thirty thirty five home runs Severino has done nothing and they have ninety four ones. That's probably a big surprise. They're considering everything prize player. I'll say gee or shallow surprise player player for go around the horn. Yeah it has to be Gio is gone for twenty five thousand dollars and the last one Jesse de Martino asks <hes> Aaron Judge in Gleyber Torres. You can only choose one of them theoretically to tag as a Yankee for their career meaning no matter what they cannot get traded or walk as a free agent. That's a fucking good question more time. Sorry said at one time Aaron Judging Labor Torres you can only choose one of them theoretically to tag them as a Yankee for their career so no matter what they can't get traded walk as a free agent excetera excetera. I think I'm taking labor and the main reason is the age difference he's five years younger <hes> <hes> four or five years at four and a half years younger you know like Aaron. Jimmy's already twenty seven big body guard George might have ten years his left for lucky and he's got like ten years of Labor could have twenty years to get fifteen to twenty years left and he's awesome middle infielder with powers so hard to come by Lavar judger now. He's more of like the captain figure as exciting but I think if you're really breaking down taking Labor I think if you go with your heart you take judge you. Go your brain. You took labor like it's just kind of. It's almost like a no brainer especially. Also the contract judge is going to get coming up won't won't be four hundred million for ten years. You know he's going to be something like seven for two ten. Maybe seven for two forty glaciers contract when he's a free agent like twenty twenty five twenty six twenty five twenty six that could be a humongous contract monster that could be like a record setting contract if he's this good now and he just keeps getting better and better. I mean we're talking a middle infielder to hit forty homers. Let's say thirty plus homers a a year drives in over one hundred guys and hitch over three hundred. That guy gets fuck ton of money when he's twenty five twenty six like Manny Machado type deal you know so so I don't WanNa lose also like you want. Clay Roane your team ozzy hard decision and there's no right answer sure there but I I pick labor same all right. That's our show where ninety four and fifty beating the red sox thirteen times and we've got Dave Dombrowski fired on believable freight train keeps on rolling. We back here on Thursday later. Oh this is John Sterling. You've been listening to short porch. <hes> <music> byproduct job barstools for relieves stress. It is really really really base. Older <music>. Go begins here. I'm on the fan.

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