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This episode of sports criminals includes discussions of abuse involving minors that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen on April thirteenth. Two thousand four Mike Danton and the hometowns Saint Louis. Blues battled the formidable San Jose Sharks in game four of the Western Conference Quarterfinals. Already down to two one in the series game four was practically a must win. Although a three to one deficit wasn't insurmountable. Winning three in a row against the sharks would be a tall task but by the middle of the first period the blues. Were already down one zero. It seemed like the home fans in for a bad time however Saint Louis steelhead fight left in them a few minutes later blue center. Mike Cylinder was deep. Sharks territory with the PUCK and looking to dump it out of the corner of his eye. He we saw Mike Danton barreling the ice just before a defenseman clobbered him into the boards cylinders slipped the puck to Mike using his momentum. Tim Mike juked past another shark all he had to do now was get the puck past the goalie. He knew he could snipe it to the corner of the net but makes window issue. Wouldn't be open long. It was now or never. He swung back stick. Mike Danton scored his first playoff goal. It should have been a moment of ecstasy but deep down. My mind was elsewhere as his coaches and teammates. Maid's congratulated him. Mike could only think about one thing did the Hitman. He hired to kill his agent. Go through with with the job welcomed to sports criminals apar- cast original every week. We dive into the dark side of sports history and look at athletes who not only broke the law but broke the rules and covenants of their sport will also uncover how their actions impact the history of the sport they played. I'm Tim Johnson. And I'm Carter Roy. You can find episodes of sports criminals and all other par- cast originals for for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream. Sports criminals for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type sports criminals in the search bar at podcast we are. I'm grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network. Today today we finish our story of Mike. Danton the troubled Canadian hockey player who attempted to hire a Hitman to kill his own agent. David Frost last tweak. We explored the battle between Mike His Family and David Frost and this week. We'll dive into Mike Scheme to try and get his agent mentor killed in two thousand nineteen year old. Mike Danton was drafted in the fifth round by the New Jersey devils after for more than a decade of dedicating his life to hockey. Mike had finally made it to the pros but his relationship with the devils didn't go the way either side had hoped the devils wanted to groom Mike into a star but that meant beginning his career at their affiliate minor team the Albany River Rats. Mike didn't take kindly only to this perceived slight his agent and longtime mentor David. Frost hit convinced him that he was going to be one of the greats and the greats didn't play in the minors with Frost manipulating Mike Behind the scenes. It was only a matter of time before Mike and the devils parted ways in June. Two thousand three three. Mike got what he wanted in was traded to the Saint Louis Blues once he arrived in Saint. Louis it seemed like Mike had turned things around instead of butting cutting heads with a front office distancing himself from his teammates. Mike was becoming part of the team but none of his fellow blues realized that Mike was in the midst midst of a troubling internal battle by the time he got to saint. Louis a decade of hockey had taken a toll on his body in order to manage the pain. He had become addicted to painkillers. Sleeping Pills and alcohol. This mixture combined with the pressure to succeed it toward his mental state. Shortly after his arrival in Saint Louis He became paranoid that someone was out to kill him once. This idea took root in. Mike's thanks head. It didn't let go as the blues. made it to the two thousand four play offs. The thought that a hit had been put on him completely took over. Mike's mind mind. If he was going to stay alive he would have to strike first and he knew just the man for the job in the days leading up to Mike's First NHL playoff game he met with a Strip club. Bouncer named Ronnie Jones. Mike was a frequent customer at the club. Presumably he had seen Ronnie handle his fair share of tough guys but he wanted Rani to do much more than rough someone up in exchange for ten thousand dollars. Mike Wanted Rani to commit murder and the picture he showed. Ronnie of his intended target was another than David Frost but Mike didn't say anything about frost trying to kill him instead. He told Ronnie that he wanted sounded. Frost killed because of a money dispute. He promised it would be a simple job ever since Mike joined the NHL Frost occasionally slept over at his his apartment. In spring. Two Thousand Four Frost was staying with him in Saint. Louis there would be plenty of time for Ronnie to strike before Frost left town but for Ronnie Jones. It didn't matter what the reasoning was or how much Mike was willing to pay him. He may have been tough but he wasn't a killer but no matter how many times Ronnie told him he wasn't interested. Mike wasn't ready to take no for an answer in the meantime however there was still hockey to play on April eighth. Two thousand four Mike. And the St. Louis Blues traveled to San Jose and faced off against the sharks in the opening round of the Western Conference Quarterfinals despite the blues best effort the sharks one in ot one to nothing. The sharks took game two two nights later later three to one. Mike played for less than ten minutes in both games but even if he had gotten more ice time he probably wouldn't have made a difference all Mike Mike could think about was the fact that someone could kill him at any moment he needed Ronnie Jones to complete the hit against frost as soon as possible even without without Mike at his best the blue still felt they were in the series with the next two games in Saint Louis. They had a good chance of evening. It up but while the the rest of his team was focused on the upcoming game. Three Mike was Constantly Pasturing Ronnie. He believed the bouncer would eventually change his tune on the afternoon of April Eleventh Easter Sunday. Mike called Ronnie again after a couple of rings. He heard Ronnie's voicemail male recording in the message he left. Mike desperately asked how he was doing with the hit. He stressed that frost would be a sitting duck. Staying at Mike's Department glued to the television Mike then gave Ronnie his hockey schedule and the addressed his apartment. Eighteen hundred South Brentwood Boulevard hard apartment. Thirteen eighty two. Ronnie never called Mike back the next night. The Blues hosted the sharks for game three read. It was Mike's First Playoff home game. However the coach wasn't going to play Mike just for sentiment's sake on that night he only got a little over five minutes of ice time and it looked like the team didn't need him behind a pair of Mike Cylinder Goals Saint Louis one four two one? The series was now two Huda Won. The Blues still had a chance but Mike didn't share his teammates excitement. It wasn't a lack of playing time. That bothered him the most though it was the fact that when he got Home David Frost was still alive. Going into game four on April Thirteenth Mike was was agitated over the radio. Silence from Ronnie Jones as gametime approached. Mike dressed and ready to play looked at himself in the mirror. What he saw was a man marked for death? Doom Soul Mike's Trance was broken. His coach yelled for him to get to the bench deep breath. Mike put on his helmet and headed the rink. Whose time the play hockey back in Saint Louis David Frost sat in? Mike's Mike's apartment watching the game on TV when the sharks scored six minutes into the game. Frost bitterly swore the Blues Needed to get their act together better and quick when Mike Finally got on the Ice Frost couldn't help but feel a sense of pride for ten years. He made Mike his Special Project. Project invested his time and effort into turning the young man into a hockey star now he was in his first playoff series. It was only a matter of time before both of them were lifting Lord Stanley's Cup over their heads together five minutes later. He watched on the edge of his seat. As Cylinder Willinger pass the Puck to Mike. Frost yelled at the TV from Mike to shoot it. He had the lane. Sure Enough Mike shot and the puck found its way into the net. Frost jumped off the couch and pure joy. Mike had really done it as frost sat back down beer in hand. He had no idea that the kid he was celebrating was trying to have him killed the rest of game. Four was a battle of wills. Despite Mike's hard fought goal the blues ultimately lost four to three. It didn't matter to Mike that he finally scored a playoff goal or that he needed to focus on on the doer. Di Game Five in San Jose. All he cared about was killing David Frost on April fourteenth while in San Jose. Mike left another voicemail Ronnie in his message he told. Ronnie Frost was still alone at the apartment. Mike needed to know if Ronnie was up to the hit. If he wasn't Mike would find someone who was as Mike. Put it in the message. The whole situation was a matter of life and death as the hours passed Mike felt like his death was just around the warmer. It was obvious that Ronnie wasn't taking him seriously. Who has time time to look for someone else to help find his new hitman? My call the girl had been seeing the past few weeks. Nineteen year old Skating Instructor Katie Wolfe Meyer. Katie was head over heels for Mike when she came to watch him play in game four. She wore a shirt that said we want Danton though. It's unclear if Mike felt the same way about her. He apparently trusted her enough to help him find a Hitman when Katie picked up up. Mike told her a Hitman from Canada was on his way down to Saint Louis to kill him. Mike said he needed someone to get to the Hitman. I know oh he needed the man who hired the Hitman killed in Mike's Confused State. Nothing quite added up at one point. Frost was the man who hired the Hitman. The next he was the hitman himself. But if that was the case why would frost stay at Mike's Apartment for a few days and not just kill Guillem right away while these are questions that Katy never bothered to ask the girl who Toronto Sun Reporter. Steve Simmons described as infatuated with Mike jumped at the chance to help him after talking to Mike on April fourteenth. She promised to find someone later that night. A few hours after she talked to Mike. Katie was at a bar when she met nineteen year old Justin Levi Jones after knowing each other for less than an hour. Katie believed that he would be perfect for the job even though he was a police dispatcher. Katy called Mike and told Oldham about Jones inexplicably. Mike wasn't phased by the not. So tiny detail that this perspective hitman worked for the police he told Katie to go ahead and approach Jones about the hit after getting the okay from Mike. Katie revealed Jones that she had a friend who was in need of some help. She was cagey on the details but Jones could tell she was serious. He agreed to talk with Mike but once they got on the phone Mike AAC was vague about what he wanted. He would only say that he needed someone. Taken care of frustrated. Suspicious Jones bluntly asked Mike if he wanted Jones to beat someone up. Mike finally clarified that he wanted his target. Taken care of for Good Jones couldn't believe what he was hearing roughing someone up was one thing. Killing a man was another. This was officially a murder for hire situation breath. He had to take it to his chief. At that Point Jones started recording the conversation. Mike Offered Jones the same payment. He offered Ronnie Ten thousand dollars. The first three thousand would be waiting for Jones and Mike unlocked apartment safe. The rest would follow towards the end of their conversation. Mike once again said the getting rid of frost was a matter of life and death. The same phrase. He'd used in the voicemail for Ronnie Rani a few hours earlier Mike. Desperation was becoming overwhelming. The plan was simple while Mike was in the middle of game. Five Jones. Some Katie would go to Mike's Apartment and kill frost. A wave of relief washed over Mike as he ended the call after months of fearing hearing for his life. Everything would be okay with Frost out of the picture. He could go back to voting his life to the sport he used to love so much much he just needed to wait one more day back in Saint Louis thirty-seven-year-old David Frost sat and Mike. Dan's apartment eagerly waiting to watch Mike play in game five. He had no idea that his client the man he molded into a professional hockey player. You're the man who was like a son to him had just arranged his death coming up. Well Mike plays gained five of the Western Conference Quarterfinals. David Frost makes the startling discovery that he is a marked man. Now back to the story on April fourteenth. Two Thousand Four twenty-three-year-old hockey player. Mike Danton was finally able to hire a man to to kill his agent and mentor David Frost or so he thought strangely. Mike didn't seem to care that nineteen year old Justin and Levi. Jones was a police dispatcher. As long as Jones was willing to keep a secret he would pay him ten thousand dollars to take care of frost but Jones owns never intended to go through the hit on during the phone call. He recorded Mike ordering the murder for hire the following morning. He took the recording to. Who Is Police Chief in Columbia Illinois about fifteen miles from Saint Louis wants? His chief listened to the tapes. They send everything to the FBI. Because Mike ordered the murder in a different state the case fell under the bureau's jurisdiction after talking with the FBI. Jones agreed to participate in a fake hit against frost. While wearing a wire he would make sure to get Mike's Friend nineteen year old. Katie Wolfe Meyer. To implicate ourself Jones would even carry an unloaded gun to make sure Katie. Didn't become suspicious. All they had to do now was wait for nightfall well. Meanwhile Mike anxiously waited for news from Jones. As the start of gained five approached stadium surveillance captured. Mike knew the locker room his head buried against his stick. If someone happened to walk by they could have easily chalked up. My behavior has nerves. Nobody had any idea that he was worried about a murder occurring two thousand miles away around seven thirty pm. The PUCK was finally dropped at center. Ice Game Five was officially underway. Less than two minutes into the game sharks defenseman Brad Stewart. Committed one past. Chris Osgood to give the sharks a one nothing lead. The quick goal was a sign that perhaps the blues were in for a long night but the blues has refused to roll over a little over ten minutes later. Brian Savage scored on Evgeni Nabokov to tie game. They needed to win this their playoff of hopes depended on it even with all that energy around him. Mike couldn't concentrate on the game. In between periods he was on his phone. According according to teammate Ryan Johnson he was texting with Frost. It's possible Mike Was Hoping Frost wouldn't respond indicating the hit went through or making sure that frost still suspected nothing. Regardless going into the second period Mike's head remained in Saint Louis about five minutes into the second period. He was called for tripping and sent to the penalty box for the next two minutes his mind race between whether or not Frost Frost was dead and whether his team would be able to kill his penalty thankfully. At least one of those things happened. The blue stopped the sharks from scoring on the power power-play he hoped Jones could carry out the hit with the same success back in Saint Louis Jones and Katie finally arrived at Mike Apartment Complex but to get to frost. They had to go through a security station. They had no choice but to tell the guard. They were there to see Mike as the guard called up to the apartment Jones cursed under his breath. It seemed like the sting was over before it even started but the guard let let them through. Apparently Frost wanted to talk to them. Frost watch the car. Pull into the parking lot from Mike's Balcony before Jones owns and Katie. Could come up. Frost manager know who they were and what they wanted. Jones said that he and Katie. Were Friends of Mike's and the came to see him but that frost didn't fall for it. You're blind that of Jones really was Mike's Friend. He know that Mike was in San Jose according to Toronto Sun Reporter Steve Simmons Frost claim to be. Mike's Father Steve Confused as to whether or not the man for them was actually. His target. Jones owns realized the operation was going off the rails as panic set in Jones backed the car up and sped off a few blocks away. Jones Park the car the designated meeting point with the FBI Katie Wolfe. Meyer was frantic. Well she had no idea who the man man claiming to be. Mike's dad was she thought he sort of looked like frost but wasn't sure it was him as Katie panicked. Jones told older that he was going to go back to the apartment and finish the job but Katie begged him to stay in the car with her and wait from might call them with further instructions. US Jones sat back and thought about it. Because Katie was so scared staying in the car meant that she could potentially reveal more incriminating manege information but instead Katie suddenly went quiet much to Jones annoyance. He decided he'd wait for one of two things. Mike's call or the F. B. I.'s arrival the F. B. I. came first less than ten minutes after parking the car was surrounded by police and FBI. Katie didn't put up any resistance. She was taken into a squad. Car and charged with conspiracy commit murder Jones was arrested alongside Katie though it was all just for show with the investigation still ongoing it was important not to blow his cover. The FBI went to Mike's Apartment to question frost. They wanted to know if frost was. Actually the contract killer. Mike believed was after him. Frost had no idea what the F. B. I was talking about. Why would a hit man? Come after Mike. It was ludicrous. The FBI Agent Short Short Frost. It wasn't ludicrous fact. Mike had ordered a hit on him as a preemptive strike. Frost laughed but then the agent took him into Mike's Bedroom and showed him the open to save with three thousand dollars. Frost finally realized what he was being. Polled was true. He needed to talk to Mike immediately. Back in San Jose the Saint Louis Blues had just fallen to the sharks three to one and were eliminated from the playoffs. As Mike's Teammates consoled each other he rushed to his phone still no news from Jones or Katie as he made his way to the locker room. MICS phone finally rang. His eyes widened when he saw the caller ID. It was frost. Mike Nervously answered frost. Hold Mike that the F. B. I. had just arrested two people sent to kill him and that he knew Mike was behind it bursting into tears. Mike denied the accusation he began to ramble about how he hadn't been thinking thinking straight and that he even had suicidal thoughts. It's tough to tell whether Mike was lying. The frost bearing his soul or a mixture of bose. Mike's head was swirling a mile a minute. His team season had just ended and his plan to kill frost had failed his world was crashing down around him. He needed to know what Jones knew when he got off the phone with Frost he frantically called the undercover police dispatcher. Mike still had no idea that Jones with in with the FBI. It never occurred to him. How strange it was that Jones on suicide? Theoretically under arrest was still allowed to use his cellphone Mike was distraught. He told Jones that the FBI were at his apartment talking talking with a man who should be dead still completely unaware that Jones was in on the sting. Mike told him to deny that they knew each other. And and after a few minutes of hysterical rambling Mike Abruptly Hung Up. It was the last time they would talk. As April fifteenth turned into the sixteenth the Saint Louis Blues Slowly made their way back to their hotel rooms coming to terms with the fact their season just just ended. It was now back to the drawing board. Perhaps next year would be the year but Mike didn't have time to dwell on hockey realizing leising that the walls had closed on him. He decided to ditch his teammates and fly back to Saint Louis alone what he planned to do when he got there is anyone's I guess. Before he left the hotel he left several messages on Katie. Wolfe Meyer's phone. He told her to deny that he and Jones I had ever met the also wanted her to downplay how many times she and Mike had actually hung out at the end of the last message. He told her to be strong. They would get through this in the early hours of Friday April sixteenth. Mike made his way to the airport. One can only imagine what was going through his head as he waited for his flight. Perhaps he was trying to formulate a plan on how to handle the FBI. Maybe he considered reaching out to frost and squaring things with him or maybe he thought about packing his things and disappearing. Whatever his plans were her? It didn't matter as he prepared to board the plane. Mike was surrounded by several. FBI agents in front of everyone at the airport. The twenty-three-year-old rising hockey star was arrested for conspiracy to commit murder the life and career that he had spent over a decade fighting four was over coming up. Mike faces the consequences of his actions while frost's costs own deep-seated secrets are revealed now back to the story on the morning of April sixteenth. Two thousand four the the FBI arrested twenty three year old hockey player. Mike Danton for conspiracy to commit murder over the course of the past month. Mike had tried ride and failed to get his agent and mentor. David Frost Kill upon his arrest. Mike was sent to the Santa Clara County Department of Correction before being taken back to Saint Louis during his time in Santa Clara. Mike had Multiple Phone calls with Frost. According to Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun over the first twelve days Danton spent in Santa Clara County jail. There were seventy nine phone calls between him and the man he apparently wanted dead the FBI had approximately a thousand minutes of conversation on tape. The nature of these conversations stations varied wildly in almost anything pertaining to why Mike may have wanted. Frost dead was in Code But the way Mike and Frost spoke spoke to one another indicated. The Control Frost had over his protege at the end of each conversation. Frost forced Mike to Proclaim claimed his love for him. But in the recordings Mike sounded as if he was under pressure to comply almost immediately. After the arrest rumors began to swirl that the hit on frost was the result of a lover's co world while some people suspected that they had secretly been sexual partners for years to This Day both Mike and Frost nine any sexual relationship though. Mike does admit that their relationship wasn't into normal. Another theory was that Mike was Trying to get rid of frost over money. As we mentioned earlier Mike did tell runny Jones that he wanted to kill frost because of a financial dispute though we never told Ronnie what the some was according to Toronto Sun. Reporter Steve Simmons. Mike Owed Frost twenty five thousand dollars most likely in agent fees however the jail phone calls debunked the money dispute as has a motive in coded language. Frost repeatedly asked if Mike mentioned that. Twenty five thousand dollar figure to anyone. Mike denied that he told anyone runabout. Owing frost any money of course might could have been lying but he was making five hundred thousand dollars a year on that salary. Twenty five thousand dollars isn't such a large sum that it's worth killing someone over even for Mike Danton. As the calls continued. It became clear you were in clear that frost was still exerting power over Mike. As Mike's Day in court neared frost use that power to convince Mike Mike to perjure himself. Frost encourage Mike to play up his emotional and mental instability to a doctor. That Way Mike could go for an insanity plea however the F. B. I.. Agents listening to their conversations managed to thwart this plan before. Mike got into more trouble than he was already. And as spring turned to summer many hockey fans clung to their newspapers. For any new SORTA details. They hoped that one of the many theories about why Mike had tried to have frost killed would prove to be true however they were left with disappointment on July sixteenth two thousand four three months after he was arrested. Mike pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder United States states versus Michael Sage Danton ended not with a bang but with a whimper in his plea agreement all he did was admitted to the charge. He didn't explain why he did it. Or even who. His target was four months later. Mike was Sentenced to seven and a half years in federal prison while he toiled away behind bars. Frost faced legal issues of his own on August twenty. Second two thousand doesn't six thirty nine year old. David Frost was arrested in Ontario Canada. He was charged with twelve counts of sexual exploitation an and one count of assault against four men and three women. The charges stemmed from when Frost was coaching. The Quincy Hawks in nineteen ninety eighty six. Unfortunately the lead prosecutor was ill equipped to handle such a delicate case when the defense was able to point out. Inconsistencies Vinci's in the women's testimonies prosecution had no response on November Twenty Eighth Two Thousand Eight Frost was acquitted on all charges as calmness. Rosie demand of the Star wrote the judge expressed amazement. The prosecution hadn't called players parents sports psychologists and police investigators or Subpoenaed Cell Phone Records Frost as he had so many times in the past Dodge Justice by the time frost was acquitted. Mike was four years into his sense. However in March two thousand nine Mike was allowed to transfer to a Canadian prison in Kingston Ontario? Six months later Mike went before the parole board to plead his case case for early. Release during the parole hearing on September eleventh. Two thousand nine. The board asked Mike to describe why he had committed his crime. Back in two thousand and four. Nobody involved in the case could come to any reasonable conclusion. They all just knew he was guilty because he admitted he was. Finally Mike elaborated on the crime. He had stayed silent about for so many years but he claimed that the man he wanted dead wasn't David Frost. It was his father. Steve Jefferson Mike went on to recount his story that someone was after after him and that this belief was enhanced by the use of sleeping pills and stimulants. He claimed that an unnamed family member confirmed that Steve was was on his way to kill him. The idea that frost was the intended target was simply a misunderstanding. He told the parole board about his troubled and abusive the use of childhood that Steve would repeatedly beat him if he struggled with hockey and that his mother constantly smelled of marijuana. When frost entered? Mike's life it was only natural for Mike to turn to him as a protector. Why would he want to kill the man who saved him from his parents abuse? Given that Mike never named his target in his original plea agreement. The sudden change didn't really affect the Parole Board's decision by Convin- good prisoner and Dan was seen as low risk and since he planned on going to school and attempting hockey comeback. The board felt that Mike had turned over a new leaf so so mike was granted parole. He was once again a free man. Mike kept his word in January. Two thousand ten then. He began classes at Saint. Mary's University in Halifax Nova Scotia and immediately joined the men's hockey team in his first year. Back on the ice is Mike helped lead the saint. Mary's Huskies to collegiate championship and was named an academic all Canadian. His good grades after two College Seasons Seasons Mike signed a deal with I. F K Woomera in Sweden. It wasn't the NHL but it was still a chance to play professionally again. It wasn't isn't long until Mike was back in the headlines but this time it wasn't for trying to take a life it was for saving one during the third period of a game in September. Two thousand eleven. Mike's Teammate Marcus. Banks and it is head on the ice and began to convulse fearing during that Marcus could choke on his tongue and die. Mike stuck his fingers in the Marcus mouth. He was able to get Marcus Tom out of the way so he could breathe breathe. Normally Marcus was rushed to a hospital and made a full recovery. Saving Marcus's life was the highlight of Mike's ext time in Sweden during the offseason. Mike signed with a team in the Austrian Hockey League for the next six years. He bounced around different European Teams News in two thousand sixteen. He managed to find his way back to Canada where he played with the Rivi Air. DELEU at the end of the season thirty six six year old Mike Danton retired from the sport. Mike now Thirty nine resides in Halifax with his wife. Nancy whom he met through a classmate during during his time at Saint. Mary's they have three. Children is earning a master's at the University of New Brunswick fittingly in sports psychology and he was was recently named the head. Coach of the Pictorial County. Crushers a junior team in Nova Scotia. It seems as if the troubled young star managed to turn his life around and meanwhile as Mike spent the two thousand ten's changing his life and owning up to his crime. David Frost seems to have fallen. Went into relative obscurity after being acquitted in two thousand nine frost eventually moved to Laguna Niguel California. Once there he went under the name Jim McCauley and worked as a health consultant for a gym in two thousand thirteen after numerous complaints by neighbors the gym removed and frost followed. That appears to be the last. We've heard of David Frost for now as for my experience as of two two thousand twelve. They still had no contact with their son. His mother sue sent letters to Mike while he was in prison. He didn't read a single one instead he tore tore them up and sent them back. Mike's Father Steve. Jefferson hates frost for what he did to his family. His biggest regret is allowing defrost to take hold of Mike and for being so blind to the years of manipulation years after his bombshell Parole Roll Board hearing claim Mike has maintained that Steve Jefferson was the real target all along not David Frost in an interview with Canadian Organization Shen Jagged Journey in November two thousand eighteen. Mike still claimed that his upbringing was abusively. Violent specifically coming from Steve and Mike Still refused to name frost as hits intended. Target despite Mike's Denials all the evidence points to Frost Mike hadn't hadn't spoken to his family in years and the Jeffersons lived in a completely different country at the time of the hit on top of that the Strip club bouncer. Ronnie Jones was Adamant that the picture Mike showed him was of frost. There is one theory that seems to explain why Mike would want to kill Hill is mentor. Sue Jefferson told Toronto Sun Reporter. Steve Simmons that she believes it was an attempt to free himself from frosts control troll after being traded to Saint Louis Mike was finally fitting in with the team unlike in New Jersey. Mike seemed to have finally found his home. Tom Unfortunately his tight relationship with Frost made it impossible for Mike to fully embrace this new life. It's possible that he believed but the only way to completely sever ties with Frost plus to kill him but the question still remains. Why did Mike Want want frost dead? Only Mike knows and he refuses to talk and probably never will. Thanks again for listening to sports criminals among the many sources we found. Steve Simmons the loss dream. The the story of Mike Danton David Frost in a broken Canadian family especially helpful in our research. We'll be back next week with another episode. You can find all all episodes of sports criminals and all other podcast originals for free on spotify. Not only to spotify already. have all your favorite music. But now spotify spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals like sports criminals for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream sports criminals aminals on spotify. Just open the APP tap browse and type sports criminals in the search bar. And don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at par cast in twitter at podcast. PODCAST network. We'll see you next time. Sports Criminals was created by Max Cutler production of Cutler Media and as part of the podcast network work it is produced by Maxon Ron Cutler sound design by Andy Weights with production assistance by Ron Shapiro. Paul Moller in Carleen Adan this episode. Sports Criminals was written by Joe Gera and stars. Tim Johnson and Carter Roy.

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