Datsun Roadster Stories + Audrain Newport Concours


You're listening to castle car cast on podcast one eh well. We've got a great show planned for you today. Hot Dots Talk. Oh Yeah roadster Talk Road Sir Talk Not five ten not Z. Talk surprising roadster talk with a very harrowing story where almost got killed in the roads there I bet online dot. Ag Nfl College now MLB playoff action visit bet online dot h. e. to take advantage of the best bonuses and the business use Promo Code podcast one for fifty percent sign up bonus matchups in week five. We've got Baltimore Pittsburgh and Green Bay Dallas Indeed Casey lots of good games to choose from. We've got a five hundred dollars in rewards to give out each week to five listeners and five thousand season-long charity contest onto join the conversation on twitter at Hashtag sports net challenge and Let's see my lock will be New England at Washington. I predict forty two fourteen so take that one to the bank use the Promo Code podcast one receive a fifty percent sign up bonus today bet online dot. Ag Your online align sportsbook experts in the AC it on got to get it on the church baby mandate get on welcome to carcass macro motivator. He Andrea sorry turn. My voice is a little wanka traveling and talking and talking and traveling yeah. That's my job talking travel travel and talk so thanks for joining us a have car thoughts yeah sure you do as well current projects working on a couple of cars the roadster and the five ten the roadster is I guess a team team car. You're in the Five ten is a privateer car right the roadster. We've been talking about a long time the one you guys have seen there's another roadster right now. This is the second roadster in your collection the beer e. p. brock still send me emails law some stuff they did a sort of blue and white scheme and a red and white scheme and they did the same with their five tans as they did with a roadsters yeah and they had the five ten with the Red Hood. I think forty six forty six yeah that's the one that's in the museum than they had blue hooded want and that's the one I have and they did the same with the roads. Are I have the blue hooded roadster and the red hooded roadster the blue hooded one. It's the one you seen me dry before in the red. Hood one is in a million pieces but I think those are the only two roadsters I think so and the cool 'cause they're cool pieces in a weird way ev everyone loves the five ends but the roadster in in in a in a weird ways are more interesting piece the two thousand not not the sixteen hundred yeah yeah yeah they they came with a five speed which is talking about nineteen sixty eight nine hundred sixty seven sixty nine the car Harvard five-speed Yeah Ali full frame cars yeah Z's disease came with a four speed two years later or some years later. I'm guessing the five tens all had four speeds but the the roadster had a five speed had a two liter four cylinder versus one six or one eight and and like a big racy had and it was not an L. Motor Disease L. to twenty four hundred eighteen and l sixteen or this is a you which is a little a little different configuration so but those cars pull hard and and yes they have a full frame so like a truck frame yeah and they have a straight live rear axle yeah and have drum brakes in the rear which they all had but they haul ass in. They're they're fun to drive and I learned this lesson years ago. The first car I ever bought like the first fun car everbod Abbad was a very used to forty and I just wrenched on it and experimented just had all these memory. You'd have all these goofy plans for your car. Yeah about what you're GONNA do stupid rams stupid pain like super. You're GonNa just kept all I would do is sort of like I I sort of had the same relationship with the Z. Is I had with playboys. which is I would go babysit and I would? I knew the two kids I babysit their dad's had playboys and my dad didn't have playboys my dad's a weird dude like my dad doesn't. I don't think you could find a never had play. Nobody even gave him well. I know he didn't buy one right might you. If you walked walked into my dad's house it any point in his adult life yeah you could not look around his house now. It wouldn't take long to look around his house because this house was always six hundred square feeders shitty low apartment. You could not find a bottle of scotch a bottle of vodka. A bottle of wine can a beer a playboy a tool a cigar the no drugs like yeah you know some refer literally. If you went into my dad's house you search allows and you'd be like desert nine year old just live here alone. There's no isis at all. There's nothing there's nothing I swear to God. He didn't have one vice like a pipe. He spoke of pipe he for eight small for little period of time. I think he smoked a cigar for a small period the time but other than that there was nothing in the house. You couldn't find a steak. You couldn't find a bottle. Ah Scotch you. You can find playboy you can find anything there was nothing but just dancers lived in a house. Maybe other things turn them on. I yeah now maybe a four teenage black. TV Did it for them but I would. I think it was thirteen. I used to go and I would babysit for my these to guys named Rayvey and Ronnie and then my neighbor to Babysit and the dad's had like the playboy like somewhere in the bathroom under the sink or something or Dads can play and I would just be thirteen. I've just stare at this. Playboy Darren's God one the job you're on the jobs on the job while the kids went to bed I have no love boat and fantasy island just be sitting there on the Sofa for watching TV and just staring but I had the same with my Z. Car later it's like just look at it like I want to do something. I don't have any money I don't have any tools yeah and I just like I. I WANNA get turbocharger and I want to build an engine and I had nothing. I like. No no money no tools garage. Your car porn was there. Was There a magazine or a book or a Cadillac or a catalog it. There's like a hot rod magazine or summit racing catalog or jags catalog that you'd flip through probably not much of that. I got the how the hot rod your to forty five ten and whatever the sort of on what is that Book Max Pat How hot ride no it's soft cover but it's thick and it's like how to hot Rod Datsun two forty three. I think it said hot rod wherever in the picture of it is five ten like on the cover and I just sit there and look like triple Weber setups for the triple Weber burs setups for the hot race. You're in your Dotson right August it was maybe a little bit of instructional driving thing to go along with the mods you do the picture is the forty six John Morton car it. What I would assume is attract that is I know they tell me you can tell it's road Atlanta because you can see the clay okay so you see orange clay around around the side of the track or the berm that like Paul Newman hit his five ten and Blah Blah Blah then you'll know it's Rhode Island so I'm assuming it's road Atlanta because of uh-huh orange clay but I don't know and there's John Morton and I was like Oh man I could hot rod my Z? I would just stare at the pictures and maybe showing the the Weber set up and they'll be showing the they'd be showing the parts parts triple Weber set up that was like nine hundred hundred bucks or something so I would just stare at stare at it but I those are racing parts then the that's it. It's all racing parts. There was no like aftermarket. No it wasn't like you're going to buy in coil over programs you the racing you put on racing parts on your street car but it's so at some point my buddy snake bought a roadster Pale yellow they dotson and made a weird Pale yellow two thousand roadster this thing bone stock hubcaps on it like a luggage rack back in the trunk just flat out bone stock two thousand roadster yeah and and I drove my Z. Over to his house in North Hollywood and I was like yeah it's a cute little pea shooter and he's like this car hauls ass and I just like but it's not it's nosy economy. You know Kinda. Look at my car. Get Z. Car and you know it's all racy and everything you've got this little fun little chick car yeah. It's like a little roadsters. It's it just looks kind of my car has like mags on it. In years has five inch steel rims with hubcaps and now we proceeded drag races up and down his street okay and he beat me every time now looking back on it was probably because he had the five speed and I had a four speed possibly possibly but he just beat me every time now the car hauls ass another time he was driving up Laurel and our thanks coming down Laurel and some Gyn at kind of like i Chen Arek seven like pulled up next to him on Arek seven at that point like nineteen eighty four was like a modern supercar versus Zeke Zeke versus the two two thousand roads for the rice or yeah. They raced down downs Laurel SORTA side advice side. How do you do that yeah? I was in the car behind him following him but I caught up he beat him. In two thousand roadster bone stock dark seven ended up over the curb through a rod iron fans and on the apartment a lawn an apartment yeah so I don't know what happened but that guy lost. I lost that one over the curb another. I'm I like the picture on the book is Rhode Atlanta's so says Max package you look at this other shot of these dolphins at road Atlanta. That's the same turn right right. Oh good sneaky good. It's the slough things looping gonNA say thing yeah so so I so I had immense respect for that car like early on yeah. That's no peashooter. That's a cool car and then in the cars I have or B. R. E. Cars that you know Frank Mon East won the West Coast Championship and I can't remember what the other one is. I don't maybe Max Paddock and luck and I think Morton drove him to the scariest time ever had in a car was in a two thousand roads there which was not racing the two thousand roadster at Laguna Seca the scariest scariest time ever had was snake had his roadster once again he had some clutch problem with it and and he took it to the mechanic panic and they replaced the clutch and it was gone for like three weeks remembered you'd get you remember. Do you have to dump your car somewhere and he's gone. Nobody had uber right or a rental car or cell phone or cellphone or like eight dad barley. Your second car like there wasn't any sediment email going. What's the status you dump your car off at the mechanic and the guy be like we don't we don't stock? There's parts like throw out bearing got come from Japan's. Take Awhile whatever and and you just be walking for like two weeks. You'd have to have a car. You dump your car off somewhere. There was no uber we I never took a taxi cab. Taxi cabs are too expensive. Yeah Uber didn't exist. I didn't have credit cards or AAA. You couldn't rent a car for for week and like heavier insurance. There's no insurance. There's no nothing so it's just like for for like two weeks. If you had a buddy who had a motorcycle or something he'd lend it to here for two weeks or someone down and you can like commandeer their car or you'd have somebody like Ross at work the drywall or he'll pick you up on the way way into the giant like a lot of get pick up sued the COENZYME. You picked up some dude. There's a whole life around picking up dudes. It didn't have cars whose cars were broken so he dropped Scott. anyways car was in there for like three weeks and it's sad for two weeks day. I'm sure at some point got it back. You got the new watch he was happy about it and we're going the one that night to party and we're going up Wrightwood which is a street you gotta look up. right would in studio city right would is a street that goes up like makes its way up to Mulholland and it's like aww kind of laurel and Cohen gun whatever yeah we're winding hilly street super wind e in narrow that just goes up the backside on the valley side side of the San Fernando Valley up over it'll get you to you. Can it's like it's like taking a secret back trail to get up to Mulholland like going over the hill MMM we're driving up that we're looking at the picture on it and you know good squiggly line ray. It's like sitting in the front seat so I'm in the boot there. There's no back seat roadster. You have to sit sideways on a package shelf right now. Their seats are all the way back to my likes can't even go you have to literally sit sideways. You'd have to suicide. You're sitting behind the passenger your squish back there and snake is going up the hill and it's there's one part of it gets really bendy and really steep it just gets really steep and he's going in the clutch. Start slipping. You're like as he's getting up. The pills like slipping. It's got me and writes four hundred pounds extra dude it is in the car and it's slipping and snakes past ask. He's like God damn it. I just got this back from the shop and it's basically doing what it was doing more and it's slipping and it's slipping in a certain point where like coming to stop because it's just slipping and he goes get dammit and he throws it in reverse and drops drops the clutch of course immediately. We start going backwards because we're just coast and hard so he didn't mean to get oh he did he did he was pissed. He throws in reverse. I he punches. It drops the clutch now that we're not going up the hill with all the weight and the car now we're all the weight going down hill and now that he's we're moving the clutches kind of engaging now and he's punching it and he's going backwards down right it down. This wind at night like looking over shoulders got damages cussing the whole time like he's just driving angry. I'm sitting in the BOOT in China to block vision. He we go about two hundred feet is just whining like cussing yelling at the transmission enchanted God damn it and it simply just grabs the break in whips around in the cargo on a narrow street like not on a wide partner and he could see when he whipped it around. There's probably a foot and a half of play on each side of the bumper between the curb just whips around now and pops it in first gear and we just go down down. It says nothing else that's it. He's done nothing else later on I I owned a roadster Sir and got like a roll bar welded into it and then bought an old roadster off of my buddy. I'm Gada Abu Zamzam Cam was like hot riding at valley so I had a kind of history with with roadsters yeah and we stopped there. Were cool cool peas. I still think they're like little undervalued. I I don't care about the sixteen hundreds they have like a push rod iron head or something on. I'm like not that interested. Get the two thousand for sure but I don't know where they're at with the bring a trailer but if you look at the scatter adder grandma and bring a trailer a two thousand roadsters the must be creeping up they are little piece and compared to your four Spitfires in your 'em Jeez your triumphs and stuff like that. Those cars are all sort of four banger. Push Rod Kinda four-speed Kinda slugs yeah the roadsters kind a whole yeah yeah yeah and it's it's great on the track to like you're saying it's great in race trim and it's fun to see out there and and scoots well car when I was racing with with Martin and his Alpha Buddies guys you're super experience the drivers on that track. I don't think anyone could argue that. They're driving well prepared Alfa Romeo's no one can argue with a well prepped. GTA OR TV full full race prep car and that roadster hung them just fine yeah and eventually got passed a Maven so that's a good car and looks like the roadsters doubled in the last five years. Maybe ten to twelve grand maybe now in the twenty s and a few up there in the Godwit looks like the fifties or something yeah thirty five thirty five thousand. I was at thirty five hundred sixteen hundred to now. What's what's the dilly out then yeah the highest youth thousand is this candidates thirty four thousand thirty eighty four thousand for a FEU there the sixteen hundred thirty five thousand? There must be some story pretty Nice Pretty Nice but either way they're cool. They're cool pieces. they have kind of a nice kind of euro interior yeah again. They have a five speed which seems seems pretty cool. You can do things to on that got a nice big hood scoop that the hood scoop is not for the intake on the hood scoop. Just has a flap in it that pushes all the air to the radiator right okay. I got ya one of hood scoops. It's like a hood scoop but if you go in in an inch you'll see a flap a metal at all just directs it down to the yeah down to not much not much grill area on the front of that yeah yeah but a but a cool handling again kind of cool cool lines nice interior put some rims on it some mirrors on it and do stuff I do it. It's a good good piece all right. Let me hit Castrol over here. Let's see when a chance to win a trip to go to Vegas to see me and maybe maybe youtube right at your local autozone be entered on manically to win with the purchase of Castro pickup five courts castrol edge get. SDP St Peaks Than Life Oil Filter for just thirty three ninety nine use your artisans autozone rewards that is automatically entered a win three day two night Castro baby in Vegas. Come say hi November right Mex- Patter no purchase necessary to enter win open to residents of the fifty United States District of Columbia Puerto Rico must be eighteen eighteen years or older sweepstakes vaulted timber twenty four October twenty first void where prohibited see your local autozone store for more details all right so you went and drove the new Lincoln can Corsair Yeah. We talked a little bit about it on the show earlier. This week did a did a great drive in the Lincoln Corsair. The summary is is this like first of all they put on a nice event you drive from San Francisco to Monterey. We stayed at Carmel Valley Ranch and just overall just like Lincoln's up their game the luxury level they make a nice vehicle the Lincoln navigator that we've driven several times we'd love the gators the three row mid-size I I don't I know what sales are doing and maybe just me but I walk my dog around my neighborhood and four years ago I saw a lot more Mercedes eighties youths and a lot more Land Rover Range Rover stuff. I'm seeing a lot more Lincoln. Now I feel like I I don't know maybe matthew McConnell Hey and again. I don't know what sales sales are sort of like. I tell people all the time like you can talk about your show. Being popular you can talk about numbers you can talk about overnights demographics and all that if you're shows popular popular when you walk through an airport people stop you and say hi or say things. If you're not popular. No one will say that you can show me all the numbers you one one but I'll tell you if I can go with you and walk through an airport any airport in the country. No one says anything or looks at your does anything then you're shows not popular and you I can talk like car sales all you want but it's when you start seeing more of them on the road more and traffic more parked in the driveways of Nice houses houses and that kind of stuff well the design is good the luxury levels for good. I got to play around with a phone as a key so we drove around. We'd stop. I'd I'd grab out the phone. They gave us all like phone with the APP loaded up so we didn't have to load it on our phones and start the car locked. The doors unlocked the cars. Do whatever you can use. Here's the key you can use the key pad on the door and inside or the phone APP would that car would that have benefited me when Lynette went out of town and Gabe put the key are her tesla on the tire and then I called one and I said where there is the key and she said it's in the couple there yeah and then I smashed over yes although the car ran and then later on blocked my car in the garage right and then when I later on went to go look for the spare key I found the leather pouch but not the FOB bob cars at home and you couldn't drive either one of them and then when I called Yes lynette tasker where the key FOB is. She suggested that the valley may have stolen it at some point. Would this phone APP have benefited me province point problem solved you could've used the key default you could have used the phone APP and if you right over your phone and the key you can walk to the car type in your code. Get it in type in your other code starts right by the way if you left your key fob at home you could still give a code. It'll randomly doubly generate a valet code. The valley could use it and then when he gives you back the car codes gone forever and randomly generates another code now he's saying I can use my phone APP for the Tesla X. That's right yes okay. Why can't they have some version of of of phone as a key as well but I got to play around with it and it was great and it was it was a fun? It was a fun trip. Lincoln is is is nice and even though the smaller Lincoln because the small wheelbase is a bumpy ride they put all sorts of attention into making a comfortable N. and vh noise vibration harshest. They did everything they can to eliminate as much of that as possible. They made a really nice driving smooth thing and of of course it's guy you know because it's Lincoln even though it's the small Lincoln heated and cooled seats and massaging seats and the great sound system and noise cancellation the sound system. It's it's fantastic. They've upped their game. Yeah I was able to use my phone to call Gabe and ask him. They just send me a text. Tell me that the key was on the tire why why not just translate that transmit that little piece of information mation for me when you drop the car off seemed like something you'd want to convey to the person who's going to drive the car. Here's where the key. I've hidden the key somewhere in the car but I'll leave it up to you. Oh I'll leave it up to you to find it instead of send your taxing. It's on the driver's side tire when you use Lincoln course when I called Lynette. She was like it's in the cup. The Cup holder was like every day so Lincoln's Ki as a phone phone and if these two were imagine they were in the military should be bombing themselves. That's can you imagine that they'd be working in the kitchen and by the way this is this is this this this crime scene is what happens when you take two like minded folks and put them together to create a super super neutron bomb Super Tornado NATO because I did call the net and go where is the key and she's like. I I told gay couple okay. I didn't hear that part. You guys were sitting sixteen inches apart to be how how casuals everybody with everything you know what I'm saying okay yeah or get rid of Gate Aright Rick Shod. I hope I'm saying my saying shout my pronouncing his his name correctly Shad Rick Shad is executive director of the Newport Concourse I think I I just got something. Oh I got yeah. I just got an e mail on this Rick to be with you guys. This is exciting good to be with you. I just and and yet so Jay Leno just bought a place out there. Jay Leno is going to be the the smart choice. Jay Leno is going to be the event chair. this is a I so funny so I woke up this morning. I think I got something from gooding and company or suggested this was going on on and I was looking at it and then later on when I was talking to my guys and they said Newport concourse. We have a newport concourse out here ear yeah and I thought that's what we're talking about food. Yeah okay well. We part right a new Rhode Island. Yeah Yeah Right. I was like where did Jay bought a house over there. Why did you buy Newport beach? I did the exact same thing in Newport and Newport concours. Sorry I just ask somebody to if they were going to this event it was like hey you guys go to the Newport concourse like no where's that it's like Newport all right so so our West coasters over here this is this is this is going on now. I mean this weekend right yeah. I it starts on Thursday actually tomorrow tomorrow so we're in the throes of putting a motor week so it's not just it ends with the concord allegations on Sunday so it's a it's a full you know motoring event the first one of the size on the east coast or definitely in the northeast Amelia's a great event and there's some other events events but this is a massive new motor we hear in Newport Rhode Island and and it's very historic place it was the birthplace of auto racing in America Erica nineteen hundred so there's a reason to do it here and Donald Osborne is work is actually the head of the concord on Sunday and Jay Leno is our chairman for the week and I'm here with Justin Bell and with torque show who's doing the TV on this thing. We're doing a live simulcast and a a whole bunch of different. We have a lot of people coming from the West Coast a lot of great cars from coming from the west coast as well as amazing cars from around the world and here in the east so it's a it's a very very significant event with different things happening on each day and we even have John Legend is playing on Friday night. I've got Kenny loggins playing on Saturday at our at our big gala and it's it's a it's a whole big thing going on here. In gooding and company as you mentioned is our auction house and they'll be doing a full auction here next year this year they just have private treaty cars on display here but it's we have all the big the players are here all the big brands and we have the greatest class of judges group of judges for the different classes on Sunday and we'll be awarding the best in show trophy fi at around three o'clock on Sunday and it's the trophy itself is spectacular solid sterling silver twenty five inches tall about fifty pounds and It's something else. We wish you were out here. You're going on a on a cruise. I I am otherwise I would definitely be out there. I was talking to somebody recently about them. Possibly Franchising goodwood now here and bring it to the East Coast and dot I liked it stuffs popping up all over the place to be nice to just fill in the country with these great car vents. I know how many cars come now to your event. Well we in the classes thirteen classes. We have a hundred cars that'll be judged on Sunday but there's literally I mean thousand cars out here. There's riding right now. The new C. Eight corvette just got here with the huge. GM display we have thirteen cars from the Heritage Centre from General the motors we have cars from the Henry Ford Museum. We have what we think is going to be the largest collection of we got he's in US history here at Belcourt Mansion they're all arriving driving today. just watched the corvette Gulf one from the sixties pull in which was amazing They're going to be thousands dozens of cars here. of all types makes years we're even doing an event similar to the quayle which we call the gathering at rough point which is a huge mansion that was Doris Duke's estate the tobacco heiress and it's a very elegant garden party with a newer cars out there and we're doing several unveils with Aston Martin with his Gado twins were doing the Bugatti Sharon Sky Bucar Kona Sega's bringing gene the Jasko and also the car that the come not pronouncing that right but the one that just broke the speed record is here so I mean it's it's endless. There's just people are really excited about having something like this on the east coast they wanted it for a long long time and and we've been working on this project for his started about the idea start about five years ago and then the investment really started into it about two years ago and that's when we kind of lit the fuse on this thing and started planning it and you know anybody who's got the idea of doing a motor week think twice it's it's a lot of work yeah you were saying you just saw the corvette Gulf one Poland. That's the is that the experimental experimental one that looks sort of like an indy cars at the next Gen one. That looks like I think it's not a sixty three. It's the it's an off-white. It's the off white. Gulf wanted the huge race history. It's I mean it's a very very significant car but we have and we have Paul Paul. Newman's Daytona winning car is coming in a row. She's bringing that car. Rash is bringing the the the Mustang that nobody's Mustang so that row she's is bringing in the some newman won his class and Tetyana in a row Mustang that was sponsored by the movie. Nobody's fool by. I believe that's the story so that's one this is quite quite substantial it yeah it's we and we're gonNA enj- as doing a couple of seminars menards which is going to be really amazing. He's doing one with Jay Ward from Pixar who I I know you now and they're talking in with Michael Simcoe from goal from and GM and and I mean just a huge guys talking about the design and how movie cars relate to you know cars and car designers niners and they're going to do a great design symposium and Jay Leno is leading that with Donna Osborne and then Jay is doing another discussion about the journey of of Ford back to winning Lama and they're gonNA have the Gulf GT here I mean not the the the Ford. Gt here You you know that competed in one and Lama in there telling that whole story so which is going to be an amazing talk that we're doing there too and then we have things like America's Cup we you have Roger Penske's team American magic is feeling a discussion about bringing America's Cup back to Newport Rhode Island which is going to be fascinating wreck in search direct connect up for everybody which GT forty his that it's the mark to one you know the the heart mark mark to that was Was it McLaren's car or was it a year after yeah. No no no. I'm sorry it's the newer one to one that one recently in the top twenty twenty four. Gt Forty right no no no no not GT forty. I'm sorry I got I got too many car numbers and names balancing around my mind is is is is scrambled with with all the cars that are coming in here right now. Well I will tell IF PEOPLE WANNA go to the AUDRAIN CONCOURSE DOT COM I sang audran right yeah. AUDRAIN CONCOURSE DOT COM rain and you know they can still get some tickets to come in a lot of things are sold out but the great thing about this event is half of this event is for free so people WANNA come in and go to the different mansions and see the Ba- Gotti display see the McLaren display seaport in North America C. all these great cars and Lamborghini they can go and walk on the lawns of the mansions and see those displays for free and we're really encouraging young people to come in and and that leads me to on Sunday for the first time ever we have a class called the thirty under thirty which we developed for bringing young people into an actual concord competition competition so you you can't be older than thirty years old and you haven't you couldn't spend more than thirty thousand dollars on the restoration of your car and that was encouraged to encourage families to work on a car together and young people to get into the hobby and so we have you know we have like skylines have Honda's we have you know a great selection of young people's People's cars you know for that class and that class is going to be judged by Jay Leno and John Osborne and I think Sandra Button and a bunch of great people are we're going to judge that class and they can actually Levi for best in show trophy on the field which is pretty cool Rick Shad. Thanks for joining us. It sounds like a great event. I hope we'll be able to get out there next year and say heidiwear. Jane Donald who we love so much from Jay Leno's garage when you when you see him and again go to it's a you D. R. A. I N. CONCOURSE DOT COM and check it out and get tickets. Thanks Rik. Thanks we'll see you guys. You're next this year for sure. It's beautiful beautiful country so so weird so Christmas like the Newport concourse and I was like Oh we have a New York. Jay bought the house out. There and I just want to ask the Newport Nice. You've gotTa Weird because I'm pretty sure we talked about recently him buying a car house house like I thought it was Connecticut or something but yeah yeah sort of a castle over there. What is the Gulf? What is the in core VAT Gulf car nineteen sixty three or whatever so what I was when I went I saw the last Jay Leno's garage he was driving the new mid engined corvette and they were showing their experimental corvettes through the years and they had the first mid engine one but it was set up like a indycar or an f one car then they had this really cool piece which was a mid engined corvette which was basically? Gt Forty fighter like it was there to raise in those kinds of race and I I saw them all on display at the c eight unveiling and they hold hold that experiment one e x one but ever to the day. I don't remember what the what the naming was but yeah they had them there and they sort of had them in order and I didn't know a lot of the history behind him but yeah it was interesting to walk on them and kind of didn't choose your photos of what a Gulf nineteen sixty three Gulf corvette race car is is that we can look though some of those pictures from that see eight unveiling is probably up on my social media and I took a few photos or look at car. Look sound good all right. Let me tell you about GEICO. Everybody's got a to do you list. Maybe dropping off some dry clang or picking up some milk. Now you can add save hundreds of dollars on car insurance to that list and you don't have to drop off or pick up anything. Thank you just go to GEICO DOT COM fifteen minutes. You could be saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance so if you want some extra money in your pocket. This is the most rewarding to do you can do today. Just go to GEICO DOT com well now. We're looking at it. It's early sixties that that's Kinda Kinda Golfie but not Super Gulf the Gulf livery nine seventeen but there was early corvette prototypes that that you're also talking about that I saw them at that event and I forgot what they were called but you're right. They had sort of prototype he kind of names like the e x Juan or something along those yeah the first one was basically a indycar but the next one was kind of a sports car that was I kind of was a mid engine that they said Zare dont off drove like at the testing around two hundred and twenty miles an hour or something bring like that I could never figure out why so many of those cars even today or maybe not today but up until recently eh Gulf one that that was called Zia six out I could never figure out what so many cars were open cockpit cars ars for Lama yeah like it was like first off it rains all the time and then secondly for aerodynamic purposes and then thirdly just for protection or whatever like why why did they make show many open cockpit cars and that nearly a weight issue. Maybe yeah I know I know it is a piece of light grade sheet aluminum that goes over your head it. It's not a lot of weight all right you can go to AMC roller dot com for all the live shows that are coming up. There are a bunch of live shows and chick shifting steer available on I tunes and podcast one as well and support the show go to the

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