15. VfB Stuttgart is on a roll! Is Bayern in crisis mode?


Hello everyone welcome back to the ninety. Plus time podcasts. It's rob happy Monday. And almost as in the states Adjusted your clocks locks clocks back this weekend so you know today you may either feel a little bit more rested than normal. Nobody did we put our clocks back last weekend again here in Europe and for me it doesn't matter the clocks forward or backwards that first week. Afterwards I always feel Kinda funky even though you know in the fall you get the extra hours sleep leaper. Whatever still always feels kind of weird for that first week but now you know I'm used to it being dark at four o'clock in the afternoon now Things Good Hope. Everybody had a good weekend. I did actually went to a wedding this weekend. Had Lot of fun didn't get to watch too much football this weekend. I did get to see the stupid game though. And that's what I'm going to start with so Last episode talking about how to guard got beat by Hamburg. It was sixty two. They're playing in Hamburg. And that game was last Saturday and Stu Guard had to come right back complete again on Tuesday in the dough chapel so after that embarrassing defeat. I didn't think that they were going to be able to do too much against Hamburg Berg but to my surprise they were able to win on the road to one. endorse The game was really weird. Stu got a penalty in the second minute and then they didn't score again until the game went into extra time. They scored in the hundred and thirteenth minute to win it and let me tell you that lasts slake I mean I guess it was like ten to eleven minutes after they scored was probably the most stressful. I've been You Know Cigar does not. Do I do too well in the DOJ bucolic last three or four years This is the farthest they've progressed in a while They're actually now in the round of sixteen which is good their next opponent that we playing on the road. How do we play against buyer liver Kuzin Hoping that game would be a home game but it didn't work out that that way They'll play that game against them In the first week of February so we got a while until then and they made it to the to the round of sixteen which is crazy but Festival were to the next match. They had on Saturday here in St Guard. They were hosting Dinamo. Zagreb Rib That game I mean scarves playing really well. They had a lot of possession. They seemed like they were constantly moving. Forward the ball They ended up winning three. Two one. one of those goals was an own-goal but you know whatever goals goal I'll take the win and they're pretty happy has just two wins in a row. I mean not in all competitions pocar in the Bundesliga so like I said I will take it after that that embarrassing loss to Hamburg I mean I was. I just didn't think that Get any worse than that Hopefully things just work out a little bit better. Hopefully they can figure out whatever the hell it was that was wrong with them and continue to build on these last two matches. These lasted wins Next game that we play in on Saturday on the road playing against Austin a book We'll see how that goes right. Annouced guarded sitting in third place in the Second Bundesliga. That's that promotion playoffs spot. They're two points behind Hamburg. WHO's in I and two points behind Armenia? Bielfeld who's in second but they're four points clear of as good burger our who's in fourth place with nineteen points so so Sitting pretty good. I'm hoping you know before Christmas that we back in first place We'll see what happens. Take it one game at a time. Just enjoying these last two victories you know. Hopefully they do well on Saturday to but like I always say we'll see what happens. So the big story this weekend here. In Germany was about by Munich. It's probably one of the worst weekends by in his head in a while If you were on twitter Seeing what their fans are writing you would think that they were really close to being relegated but I they had a terrible terrible match. They lost five to one one. There are on the road playing against Eintracht Frankfurt I've already mentioned on this podcast quite a few times that their coach Niko Kovac was on the hot seat now. Prior to this weekend I mean you know keep on Byron won the league last last year And if you add in this match that they just loss granted was five to one and they were playing with ten men for the majority of the match. Drumbeat Tang got early. Red Card thing was in the ninth or tenth minute but up until the end of that game they still had only lost. Two matches watches all season out of ten games. They've only lost to You know they're saying how the German press I saw the paper on on Sunday Saying that you know Byron is just doing tragically I can't really my my translation of the word word up It translates loosely to like greased but it can also mean if something is like going down a plane But like I said in the Bundesliga they lost two matches all season out of ten games. Keep mind that they've won. All of their notable cal matches choose as well as all their Champions League matches but last night there manager Nico. Batch was fired now. I understand Dan here. Buying is expected to be the best team in in Germany. They strive to be the best team in Europe They have only lost. Two Games like mentioned L. season. They're sitting right now in fourth place which nobody's used to seeing especially you know seeing Moon Gladbach still sitting on top of the table which is which is weird but I don't know it just seems like they don't know they just they couldn't deal. I mean granted a five one losses is bad but You know this coming from a guy whose team lost sixty two last weekend but it is bad for Byron. They're playing on the road. They were down to ten men. It's not like it. was you know they got beat. You know straight up five to one But now they're they're managers gone they. You have a match on Wednesday in the Champions League Olympia Coz In Greece so I I don't know we'll see how that goes and then this coming weekend they are playing in what some people call their classic or The German big rivalry like the classical in Spain between Barcelona and Real Madrid but it's Byron Against Busey Dorman it's in Byron I don't know why would you sack your manager right before one of the biggest matches of the season. I don't know that to me that lasts that last loss for them was kind of fluke. Ish Bolton. I mean it was an obvious you know he had to be sent off because of what happened and But then you know that puts your team to a really bad position and the manager ends up paying the price for it so So yeah on on Wednesday they can potentially secure moving into the The knockout stages of the Champions League because right now they haven't lost any matches sit sitting on nine points in the Champions League. They win one more The put them at twelve BA guarantee to make it to the knockout stages. And then three days later you got had a play granted. They're playing at home. which playing Bruce Dorfman right now? WHO's sitting in second place and keep in mind? Byron is only four points out of first place right now. They're only one point behind Dortmund and their their level on points with third-placed are sick and Fribourg Vyborg who's in fifth and then Chalco. WHO's six so I mean right? Now they're hans-peter flick I don't know there's been a lot of names in floating around about who's going to replace Koch Obviously one of the first names because he's constantly lurking around Europe Josie Marino. I personally would not want to see him. Playing in the Bundesliga. I don't like the style of football that he uses Z.. He's a little too defensive. You know he's loves apart the bus You know to me. It seems like he plays for draws was and you know he only attempts to score when you know it's convenient I don't know I just don't like that style. It's not really like a free flowing style of football. But I mean he's been successful with it but I don't think that Byron fans would be satisfied with that type of that style of play. I mean I could be wrong but it I just me personally. I don't WanNa see Josie Marino in the in the Bundesliga But you know he's all over the media was there's joking a couple of weeks ago saying he's been practicing German this before coed got Fired but of course. He's been in the hot seat. There's like names like arson banger. The former arsenal manager. He's been out of a job now. I think this is the second year Yeah I mean he already speaks German. which would be good But I also I don't know I mean I guess he would be a good fit and I'd rather see him much more than Marino but there's a reason why fans in At Arsenal we're saying for the longest time they wanted him to be gone And then there's Allegra who this you know. This is not coaching I don't know if he speaks German or not at honestly. I don't really think that matters too much but I mean he's a good coach but I don't know I'm sure there's some other names that are being thrown around through. Some people are probably talking about. Put Your Tino leaving Tottenham to come to buyer and I'm sure I'm sure there's some other names that are out there. But those are the big three that that I've been reading and seeing and So we'll see binary now they're going to eat something I just read on the news that Lynn dose key is going to have groin surgery but apparently he's not going to miss any games which is weird because like I said. They have a game on Wednesday in the Champions League in Greece So we'll see what happens with that I don't know I still. I predicted that Byron was GonNa win the still think they're gonNA win the league even though right now. They're they're sitting in fourth place. Still a lot of games left to play twenty. Four Games in the Bundesliga Yeah I don't no I just to me seems like they just They just jumped the gun fired him a little too soon. I I don't believe in firing coaches like halfway through the season unless there's some like gross misconduct. That happens to the coach. I think you know managers and you'd be given a little bit more time This was only Quebec. His second year at Byron again he won the league last year But I don't know I mean this is I think the first game they played since Nicholas Soula got hurt. I could be wrong. Maybe they played into the typical but I mentioned on either last podcast. The podcast before about drum Tang and him getting back into the squad after not being selected a lot this season. And what does he do he nine minutes he gets himself thrown out of a game and team gives up a bunch of goals. And the next you know the manager sacked act so but it'll never be the players fault it's always the managers that are that are gone I don't know the the brass it Biron They've been trying to get rid of bullet Tang. Maybe this now will give them even more of a reason to you. Try to sell him in January or to just let them go in the in the summer market. But I don't know we'll see but that's that's what's going on right now With Byron I really. Don't you know not a Byron Fan. I was a steeler fan so I kinda hate talking about Biron but this was the big news that was going on in Germany and I can't lie. Yeah I'll get a little bit of joy out of there. Being a little bit of dysfunction in the team is supposed to be the best team in Germany so I don't know but hopefully they get it together. You know these still like watching them play their team and But it is good for the Poona sleep right now. They're kind of struggling. And maybe somebody else will be able to step up Um Hum so at the end of last season super played in the relegation play-off against a Union Berlin or is the German say Berlin And I'm Stewart over two legs. They they lost to Union Berlin Berlin got promoted and for the first time in the Bundesliga. You know the first one is there. Were two teams from Berlin playing Obviously you're going to have a Berlin Darby got hurt. The Berlin and Union Berlin Hertha Berlin club that was You know when the city was divided played in West Berlin and Union Berlin played in East Berlin so so this is going to be a big deal for the city of Berlin. I know I talked about this like very early on in the first half of the PODCAST And finally We had that game. I know recently the Bundesliga talking about trying to make the game on the on October third. which is German unholiday here? It's the day of German Unity But instead they both clubs couldn't decide or didn't WanNa do that because they thought that you know German. Unity is bigger than than football So instead they decided to have the first one this weekend which is kind of weird because is basically this coming weekend? The ninth of Of November will be the thirtieth anniversary of the fall. All of the Berlin Wall So said of having it you know in the German Unity Day they had actually closer to the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and this game was played lead at Unions Stadium and I would not have predicted the way that it went. You know seemed like it was kind of a boring match than the fans I guess decided to start get crazy start throwing flares. There was a really really long stoppage pigeon. The game eventually resumed players. They went off the field for awhile. Came back on and It was decided by penalty not in the eighty seventh minute and Union won it. The first Berlin Darby in the Bundesliga was one by the underdog who last year was playing in the second Bundesliga And now you know the next game will be played obviously after the New Year probably towards the end of the season. I'm thinking like April Ended April and it'll be played in the Olympic Stadium. Which is hurt the Berlin Stadium Idiom and hopefully won't be as wild for the fans will be a little bit more controlled? I guess we'll see how how it is You know stadiums a little bit bigger thing. It'd be harder for people. Evil throw flares lease them on the pitch depending on where they're at. We'll see how the police deal with the the Union Berlin fans You know the too big of an issue. I think there's more excitement about that game than anything in wanting to represent like you know their side of the city For the first time you know in the top flight of German football but The the game lived up to everything that the expected it to be. I just didn't expect for Union Berlin to win it now. We get to look forward to that. Union Berlin is actually doing better than I expected them to do I know that I said that they were probably GonNa be one of the teams that we're going to get relegated at the end of the season but right now they're sitting in fourteenth place so the two spots out of the relegation zone and you know they got mites expert in Cologne and Paderborn all behind them didn't Spec to see clone there but whatever I I think that union Berlin probably will still be in the Bundesliga at the end of the season. Their only three spots behind the Berlin team But like I said a lot of games seems to play That will be four to that next match between them like I said it'll be probably the end of April or maybe the beginning of April Schedule Skit Aleph are out but yeah the game was was pretty good for the first one. I Berlin Darby. Hopefully first of many So we got the Champions League back this week. After after like a two week break Some pretty decent games Tomorrow see we got Liverpool hosting Jank not believe hosting Salzburg Barcelona hosting Slavia Prague Brusett Dortmund Hosting Inter Milan. Zenit Saint Petersburg a hosting rb. Leipzig should be a decent game. especially you know coming off. What Tim O.? Verner was able to this weekend. He had a hat trick for goals and then he also contributed three assists. I mean the final score was eight. Zero RB Leipzig Against Mites. But you know humming after an impressive performance and I don't think that even though he just signed a long term deal I don't think team over is GONNA end up being in Leipzig next season. I think he's GonNa go to England let's see them Leone hosting Benfica Chelsea hosting I X and Valencia hosting Lille and then for Wednesday day we got PS g hosting club. Brugge Bruges say Real Madrid hosting galatassary Sarai I mentioned earlier Byron Hosting Olympiakos Red Star Belgrade hosting Tottenham Atlanta hosting hosting Manchester City Dinamo. Zagreb hosting charge of Netscape. Lokomotiv Moscow hosting you ventas. And I don't know why but it always seems like Rinaldo goes to Russia when it's cold during the Champions League it always seems like that Hopefully you've been just doesn't arrested. We saw what happened when they attempted to arrest him last week. And then finally we got by Labor Kuzin hosting Athletico Madrid so. There's a decent amount of games and there's some teams that will probably be able to lock up advancing to the knockout stages Like psg they're sitting on top of their groups. They win one more They're they're lock for moving on Same thing with Byron mentioned earlier here Same Thing Manchester City. They've won all three games. They win one more to a point. You'RE GONNA move on Event and Athletico Geico Madrid. They're in the same group. They both have seven points. So it's GONNA they're probably have to play the fifth match day to determine that same thing with group E got not believe with seven Liverpool with six and then southbound with three so it's GonNa take a few more games to determine that group F also. You Got Barcelona sitting on top with seven Inter Milan in second with four points. In also Bruce Dorfman before points points that may not be decided until the last matchday a group G same thing you got. All four teams only separated by three points is with Leipzig on top with six Benfica. In fourth with three and then Zenit Saint Petersburg and Leone both have four points Finally Group H he got Chelsea and exiting on top with six points. Each and then Valencia in third with four in Lille with one point So anything can happen in some of those groups but like I mentioned. PS G Biron Man City they win their next one in there. Definitely moving on and and I don't think anybody expects them to not move on. They're by far the some of the strongest teams in the competition. They got they got some pretty week. Group draws for them Yet I mean man cities with Dinamo Zagreb shocked hardy nets out allowed to and then Biron I I mean they do have Tottenham in there but they absolutely destroyed Tottenham when they played against him and then Red Star Belgrade and Olympia Coz and then PSG see they have Real Madrid there but it's not the Real Madrid of past so and then it got cold brew Gung Tassara so those are some pretty easy draws and I still see I don't actually now. I can't even tell you I think is GonNa win the champions the guy I think it'll be you ventas maybe but I don't know a lot can happen between now now and now in June now in May and I don't know we'll see what happens. Still a lot of players could move during the transfer window which will open in less than two months which is kind of crazy Plus you know yeah. I don't know this. There's crystals so much that could possibly happen between now and the end of the Champions League season two. We'll see keep an eye on it. Parts of this episode is going to be shorter than normal Let's because next week is going to be by far the longest episode that ever courted Because we're going to be a lot going on with that being said the analysts cup final is set It will take place on November tenth. And it'll be the Seattle sounders against Toronto. FC Two teams that nobody expected to make it to the final. I think everybody was kind of hoping that it'd be Elliot C versus NYC AFC They just couldn't couldn't get it done so I mean this is still going to be a great final sounders against Toronto We'll see if I'm GONNA and stay up or get up to watch that Six hour time difference so or no corrections sorry sorry they're playing and thought it was in DC for some strange reason. They're actually playing in Seattle. So that's nine hour time difference than from where I'm at now. So yeah we'll see maybe I might just have to watch the the recording Bul seat but like I said next week's episode is going to be the the longest I've ever recorded Probably the biggest show that I've done UNCOVERING MLS Champions League Europa League the top five five leagues and everything else. That's going on so with that being said I'm going to the show and thank you guys for listening. Thanks thanks for all

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