Episode 31: Insiders guide to Tokyo, Japan


But you can't for another Schnitzer. Golden fifteen is my limit on suspicion of any problems. Dial information thank you for calling is going to be very popular whether in your podcast funny too high. Indeed your weekly dose for All Things Travel and leisure. Yeah we're your hosts. Money Don Meyer and my name is Harry Meyer and thank you once again for joining us. Thanks for spending some time with us. Dumb idea got full finding ending uh-huh and there's a reason why I'm speaking a little bit more Japanese today. We're going to hear a lot morning. homegirl today. This episode we are so excited to start talking talking about Tokyo hometown. I know we kind of went backwards. On Japan. Terms of Tokyo is probably one of the destinations across the nation. That people will think about when I think about going to Japan. I'm sure that's it's low. Probably the main port of entry into and out of Japan correct yeah. We started off with Kyushu. which is the southern most island of Japan and on on this podcast but the it is a wonderful place to visit absolutely? And if you're interested in that we invite you to revisit those episodes on MM Kyushu. We break it down in a different prefectures. All the different places we went to in state at. We're going to do similar thing in in this series of podcast S.. In Megan Tokyo is just such a huge huge town too so much so much to see. You can't cram it. I mean we'd be here for days talking around interplay literally we're GonNa do this episode so Really really happy to to bring this subject to you again. This firsthand. Insiders looks and experiences from the natives from the gauging the gray the non native in in bring her family along and just really cool places the visit and see and do so. We're going to get into it all over the next couple of episodes. It's great for solid trip. It's great for family grateful business trips and and just say caters to just about everybody in. Yeah Manga or the enemy fanatic a video. Alex I mean there's Sony Nintendo there's there's all sorts of yeah totally. It's it's just an amazing amazing place in fashion in the food or my just about everyone we speak with the first thing they will tell me about. Tokyo or Japan is third foods so much and it's clean. It's safe and with the Olympics. Coming up all magnets Japan so Japan is getting getting. Tokyo's getting ready. Yeah this summer. Twenty twenty liberal hosts in Japan in Tokyo and in. I believe Hokkaido Hokkaido perfect time. I'm to set your sights on a travel to Japan weather. To your point it is for business for leisure for food for excitement for whatever we're going to bring good. Oh my my goal. We can just do multiple podcast whilst on food right. Let's just do so. Maybe we will do that too. But anyway so some of the basics so Japan or in this case Tokyo. Let's talk about all right so whether when is the best time to go to Tokyo. Well well obviously my most people are gonNA think the spring because that's when Harry Cherry blossom season is in its crisp. And it's clean. It's into March April depending depending on how the what the weather is. Warm it is. The spring is and of course October when the full burn earn you those two months all substrate here to go. The summer is very muggy and also very wet in the month of June and sometime time into halfway through July and so I know that's when you know kids summer break begin so you we we for those of you who planning a family trip. I know those two months a pretty convenient timers last year to go but bear in mind that Tokyo summer. You're is muggy wet and Ooh I sound like I'm discouraging them to know the truth though and I don't want to lie about it but you still going to have a time. Just bring your umbrella but it will rain and bring some fog and stuff to into can be really heavy rain in June so just bear that in mind July. You lied and in a win. The the ring goes away. Then he gets super hot. It gets muggy shops. Do not close no like you know. In Europe. Some parts in in Europe Tokyo shops do not close over the summertime. Summer holiday season or anything like that for Japan one hundred percent correct so anytime you travel shops are gonna be the open. Restaurants are going to be open. It's going to be lively. There's GonNa be tons and tons and tons of stuff to do right so Christmas time. Even Halloween Japanese people are really into Halloween Costume Omega those candy I would argue. They will sell. It's twenty five bucks. Walk a stick again have rich heart but I would argue though that certain places of Tokyo certain districts everyday is Halloween over there. So that's true like we're we're going to talk about. Maybe we'll get into that so there are a lot of places to party. The nightclubs nightlife is heard on total unbelievable. And we're going to talk about Isa Kaya which is a top style jeopardy strong play Damore smaller and then you just order multiple you know various areas dish and so fun. Oh man my mom's watering stop talking to me. Oh my right. Yes and socket anyway so back to weather even in Christmas. I'm the New Year just the biggest holiday of the year so it's an experience if you can be there for new year go to shrine you know and e traditional Japanese New Year's Food Roy cuisine. That's an experience Christmas time I'm the city just light up. It's it's beautiful. It's fun time off. The New Year's is rather quiet but leading onto that the Christmas first time is a very lively so much fun and just the decoration in the lineup and in the mall and in the streets and it's a great time of the Cherry Blossom January February march can be pretty cold it can snow so January. Actually be a very good time on the to go but then you can find probably good deal true airfare wise in a hotel deals wise so you can go to spring and you know there are ways to enjoy that realistically anytime of year is a good time to go to Tokyo. gilt-edges before worn the summertime can be a bit muggy. We've been there. I mean Tokyo's in valley so it it does get warm there in the other. Big Areas Awesome. You will get warm in the summertime and killed his hobby. We're not gonNA talk about killed but anyway so that's enough about whether I think and let's talk about language. Yes still when you go to major hotel chain then from desk ask asking for information. CONCIERGE usually no problem. They speak pretty good English but majority of the time. If you ask for directions on the street it's kind of limited. Don't be surprised. Someone raises their hand and kind of waves at you as if to say. I don't really know what you're saying but had a a good time with that anyway. Sometimes but with this Olympic coming up I think they will be more English signs but then you know transportation. Wise outside of taxi ACCI- taxes is really easy to get anyway trains. How did you find it? You know it's interesting right years and years and years ago when I I was going there it it was hard to find English signs. Outside of you know really popular touristy areas nowadays English is underneath all the Japanese character of the Chinese. Kinda Kinda. You'RE GONNA and it's more visible now than I ever was before so getting around is pretty straightforward. I mean Tokyo uh-huh is huge. Japan is is a very populous country. in fact interesting tidbits. Japan is the second most populous island country country in the world. Population Japan is one hundred. Twenty six point three million as of last year and most of that population eighty percent lives in the Tokyo area area. Nassau or in these these these urban areas if you will so. It's a very congested area. But there's a lot of tourism there. There's a lot of business it gets conducted there. So there's there's there's accommodations to be able to bring you know the the foreigners in have them. You know a little bit more self sufficient eighty percent or I should say ninety. Nine percent of the population is speaking taking Japanese so speaking wise a little bit difficult although they do study English in school practice you'd like to practice especially on on the younger once. Were never come up to Lilly. And they'll they'll they'll say hello you know and then try and carry on a conversation absolutely adorable but the bulk of of Japanese folk. Not The don't WanNa help or anything like that. No no no. Just don't don't understand. Speak Slow speak slowly. be patient and not be overwhelming. Hey y'all worries the government. The Japanese people will just wave politely and Smile Mile in the walk. Unknowing what you're talking about so you know so just a couple of few words probably come in Handy. Restrooms usually very clean. They're everywhere everywhere and train station right and then toy do this. Maybe that's a good one to know. Where's where's the bathroom? Yeah my favorite. One is a beautiful incite. Give me a beer or have a beer please. That's really important for me. It was important. Yes and I'm not a drinker but the beer and good well when when you mix it with the jets. The thing that I always discovered everywhere I've traveled and I've been fortunate I've gone around a lot of different places. I always like to pair the local beer with the local foods. Yeah something something about it. Just compliments really really well so learn. Beat Byu is. It's easy to remember beer beer. rouw whatever they get that in order that with with the Japanese meals because it's oh absolutely heaven if you're a beer fan right and ABC beetle. ebisu Sapporo a the at staples. You can't go wrong ebisu. I like a lot. It's a little bit more. How should I say a little bit more amber? or Ah flavorful if you will a little bit more bitter but the the cuter in the supper of staples you can't go wrong cool so Maybe we should have talked about airports. Getting yeah getting in and out so there are two major ones Narita which is about two two hours away from Tokyo City Center. And there's a Canada which is closer to Tokyo. Yes so but I think they're more options are hunted also caters to a lot of people who travel domestically right right and so there are a lot of flights going out of that to go to Sapporo Hokkaido Kyushu wherever saw soccer. So Oh you probably depending on where you're coming from but Tokyo nowadays you know it's such a popular destination it should. It shouldn't Emme high. Yeah most most flights I would say go into Narita That's probably the the biggest hub in that area Honda's accessible by certain airlines But Narita really has more international flights coming in and out of there so the nice thing about that is again. A lot of flight options a lot of options for travel around Japan pan to different countries and stuff like that too so it's a rather convenient port of entry the challenging part of it. To your point though. It's a good two hours outside of Tokyo so in after a long flight in you got to go find your transportation. So it's a bit of a I know when you're coming from the state dates or it can be a long trip. By the time he arrived at the hotel. You finally go right but so once you get to let's say Narita or Anita Nigga one on the nice things about the local transportation is airport limousines usually like thirty bucks relatively surly inexpensive and kids are cheaper and you just go to this yellow sign. Shoe go out the get out the area and depending on which hotel you're staying at that determines which number around the bus that you're gonNA take and it's super easy and it's just a few just miss it. Usually they run every thirty minutes. Depending pending on time of the day could be once every hour So then if you just missed it then you may have to wait another forty five to fifty thirty minutes which happened to me many times. Yeah but to your point though. I mean when you get out you look for the the Yellow Airport Limousine sign. You Identify your hotel. All the hotels Oh tells lists up there and in its services all the major hotels on find the the route number that services your hotel and if your point if you missed that that bus when you have to wait thirty minutes or so there's restaurants right inside the terminal. There's coffee shops. There's places you can go to Kinda just sit down and wind and there's a mall there's exactly to the Narita Airport so Enjoy Japanese food. -actly souvenir shopping. So the time will fly. You can spend the time wisely. You have to stand there in line looking at a bunch of cars going by but you know it's rather convenient and it's far more convenient than taxi because taxis. Not only you gotta pay a two hours worth of affairs a three hundred bucks to Japan de Crazy after the long flight a few times. We've had to take that road from time to time. The airport limousines easy and the trains. Oh so then. Travelling in January trains can stop. It did happen to me when I was on a business. Ooh to Tokyo then I think I flew into Narita that all the local transportation kinda stopped even the bus depending on how hard it's snowing. Yeah it can shut down the freeway so it was Kinda rare but it did happen so just check the weather and Planning on taking Rita Express which is to train route. You may not be operating on you know if you encounter severe via weather in the thing is if you take the train. Though in you're not in severe weather Morita Express will take you to Tokyo station in from Tokyo station station. That's the biggest hub of the JR line of the Japanese rail. Lines that service the Tokyo metropolitan area from there you can transfer onto a different platform. Get to the train is GonNa take you towards towards your hotel or or wherever you're staying so transportation was really really easy. Don't have to rely upon rental cars or taxis and today we're GONNA comes. uh-huh concentrate on Tokyo but if you get jr also pass Even go outskirts if you go outside of Tokyo. They're like a multi day passes that you can purchase Roy. That's something for you to look into and it's very easy to use but there there are so many tracks depending on which train station like you said Tokyo station. It's huge it is and they're multi-track upstairs downstairs in which right left and different color. And so I m B a bit confusing Ed to that just like at Narita Tokyo station shopping malls within the station itself. There's food courts. There's there's all sorts of stuff to do and see can get rather confusing where you're trying to go and and if you try to get on the train during rush hour you will be squeezed in A. It's quite an in the platform that the gap between the train and the platform formula also that sometimes they have some gaps nowadays. They have those doors right but not every so just be careful. People will push you Tamie hard and yeah. That's something that you experience in a busy busy crowded Machala Eh. Tokyo it's UNCANNY. Am You if you travel there on business and you you do. The business runs via the trains. If you are part rush hour traffic you're you're in it. I mean you were in a sea of humanity. That is pushing. It's no. Nobody's doing anything intentionally harmful to anybody. It's just how they operate that's how they keep the trains running on time. How people get to work on time? It's actually kind of kind of interesting to experience it and I dunno people. I didn't but if you choose to rent a car and try to drive in the city centre it can be pretty rough. The traffic jam gets. Oh it's horrible. It's pretty bad so just you know. It's better to take a train and buses and on the weekends you can you can dry and to that though the tolls that you have to pay going in and out of different parts of city center on the different roads and stuff like that a lot can be very expensive tolls holes parking there's limited places to park also maybe just don't do the car to car rental car but but it's an option for you but I don't recommend but with within Tokyo once you get into the Tokyo Center you've got the subways. Jr the Brown trains. You've got buses Galore. You get taxis. Axes are so many options to be able to get around. You don't even need a car. Yeah yes that's so I would. I would forego vehicles if you're going to be Tokyo. Yes so next currency yes. Japanese currency the yen why. ESPN and what's the currency rain. Right now I usually it fluctuates. It's usually around one hundred ten Japanese into the. US dollar in the conversion is actually pretty easy. When you see the prices prices of goods in Japan you'll see a Wi with two lines on the vertical part of the Y.? And a number next to it if you just take two zeros off that number that's usually about the equivalent of what it is in in. US dollars so it's pretty easy to kind of do the conversion in your head in terms of what things are how much they cost. Oh and taking trains in order to load up Mamani in in the trade train passes in an all. They don't take credit cards new new. So make sure you have plenty of cash on here on you. I mean yes and also restaurants those small ones even shops. They either prefer. They don't take credit cards so it's not a credit card is very widely accepted it certain parts of Tokyo even within a Tokyo. It's such a big city but it's not like a Korea. Hotels tells all at no problem. Yeah they'll take credit cards but once you venture out and you start getting into the local flair places still run pretty heavily cash centric society. So make sure you've got a lot of cash on on you to be able to you know venture out and see some cool things some Rahman play the noodle plays and and those smaller guys the hole in a wall. Excellent some of them only take cash and but the good news is just go. Just find seventy seven. Ah You know close by those. ATM machines they work very well and you can easily get on a food role in this thing. It's nothing nothing like in the states. I'm sorry Jamaica. We've we've gone to the little convenience stores like a seven eleven. Or what's that March for many many motto and they've got all the song losses thank you. They've got a food display hot food cold food Bento Boxes and Oh my God the marry. Hi Colin sanely good. It's not like you're you're mystery meat hotdog. That's rolled around eleven here. It is really good quality quality food and in talking a budget you may think Tokyo might be expensive. It can be sure but they are ways to especially when it comes to food food. Yeah I actually find those deals on nighttime that is all you can eat all you can drink. It's a two hour limit It's like fifty bucks per person or thirty dollars the per person depending on where you go. That actually can be a pretty good deal and outside of that back to your point you can always go to these family mart. Seven eleven type of stores and those portions are you can choose variety of like appetizers to Sushi to you know rice ball noodles and even auden all kinds of like a Japanese food salad ed dressings and drinks ice cream. And it's really really good. Quality Damn made fresh every day every day. And it's not like hotdogs dogs and all that stuff that's all you can expect from like seventy seven now but sometime. They're all looking nothing like that your mystery. I'm quite know what you're consuming and in another place that is really good place to go at nighttime is underground like a baseman. One floor of the major department store meets go she or anywhere else in a major especially especially in Tokyo right. You just go there. The basic fine tone Katsu noodles to Sushi to everything sweet sweet necks during the day. Whatever it's three Oh in? It's good food you can just choose. Just the resign. He's of like okay. You know like a chicken nugget type of thing on Khartoum deep fry breaded and deep fried. It's really could be seafood. It could be meat. Dish rush so many varieties and you can just buy them and and come back to your hotel room in the mix and match their exactly mix and match what everyone creator owned Bento combinations the nation's into your point packed up in a bag. Bring it with you. Go to park considered your hotel. Whatever so many great options for and it's not necessarily expensive either her right so there's just so many different ways to enjoy a really uniquely Japanese? I mean I don't there are we've we've been to different countries where they have markets and stuff like that and it's it's Kinda cool but this is from. My perspective is Kinda unique about Japan where they have that level of of variety and I I don't know if it's economically done stuff like that but it just really really interesting search for thoughtful for even working parents. That's what it is just can come to this basement right floor or even like a regular a grocery stores they have this special hour for pm or closer to dinnertime. They have all this because they I want to get rid of everything right and it's fresh and so they don't WanNa carry over the produce over the next day so okay okay. You know five Ninja in carrots for however many hundred again and they go on sale so you get good bargains. Oregon's you get good like a Bento boxes to and then lunchtime Bento boxes especially if it's during the weekday there's so many like a around train stations even street all these people from the office buildings they come out and they just bide easy easy. No Bento boxes and those Bento boxes are high quality and not expensive. That's another thing too where I grew up. You wouldn't go to a train station to get your food if you train station because you're traveling on the train anyone candy you're going to get crappy you're going to get you know. Nobody cares in Japan Japan. My God some of the best food we've had has been in the train stations. Themselves they got some of the best noodles or uncut zoos. Or whoa what ever it is and Rahman you can get less than ten bucks to her K.. And then there's a standing touchy Menia standing and you eat. There's no chairs but oh my gosh. Also it's all about volume right in and out in and out in and out so line might be long good quality magruder equality. And we're not talking you know each bond instant noodle adds some hot. What is this is fresh made noodles homemade sauces and soups loops? And just a whole hall as you can tell. Food is fantastic and it's interesting because it's a huge part of visiting Japan Japan if you will and then if you have more traditional type of you know like a a setting like a dinner like course meal it's all about our presentation presentation and and you do have to try Sushi or you don't you. Don't try Sushi in Japan. I mean we're throwing us it's an Rahman if you like Raymond in the states or anywhere else in the world you do not have Roman like Japan. The noodles are different. Yeah are different. The has the right. Texture ended the overcook it. They don't under- Cook. It is just perfect and the sauces variety me so or go to work you just base everything. Everything is so good and lots of vegetables and so good for you too. I mean that's that's the other thing you're not eating a bunch of fried crap and stuff that's going to sit there in upset your tummy. Fresh ingredients really well prepared crafted by people that love. What the hell they're doing and really love exactly love to share with you their their passion for their food? It's just such an amazing experience. So you're going to have a great time. We barely even scratched the surface on here. I was just talking about the basics. Right now okay. So let's get into some of the major sites in Tokyo Well I must say one of the the top touristy it doesn't have to be too because the local go there. The two sucks up socks so it's probably it's probably one of the most important distance and that's where the Sensouji which is Essential Temple S. E. N.. So and it's the the the probably the most famous Buddhist temple in all Japan Tokyo. Yeah well well I would say in token revisiting though and all the other places they have some amazing shrines and temples so within Tokyo. Definitely visit Sensouji. And there's a street called knock-on Mesa within our sonnet. That's leading onto the Temple it's their shops on both sides. It's Actually Multiple Streetcar. You're integrated into you have to go through a gate right to go through some some. I'm kind of MOM. Yeah exactly the gate coming out of the gate and at the end of it is the temple right. The sensouji temple so you can recognize it when you get. There is a nice big gate into your point. You walk through in their shops on either side. There's food shop souvenir shops clothing shops. You know you name it just a bunch of stuff that you can get bob around and take a look at so even if you're not big up on Buddhism or temples or stuff is still a whole lot of stuff to take a look at and cruise around. Yeah so this street the long streak on Nagami said you can find traditional Japanese Kimono. Mona you cut the data. The shoes right the wooden right like a slip on shoes are carved items combs toys fabrics bags wallets are you spam uh-huh ice cream lots of like raids juvenile Japanese sweets along this the side right that tons the vendor selling masks and even swore te right right right and it's it's a amazing sight and what a fun place to be in tons of great restaurants around there so you can find tempera. The store you can find Sushi outside of the street is just a you can spend probably a good chunk of the day exploring Nah man she say absolutely. And you know there's there's good culture down there as well Tons of great food socks is Tokyo's the oldest Geisha district as well and they still have according to the article. I'm reading still have forty-five active Geisha working in and around Asaka forty any friend Forty five it is also an interesting area for festivals as well. You'll see that throughout the year and it's it's specific specific times festivals will break out for religious purposes or for cultural reasons and stuff like that whole areas just vibrant in a live in. It's it's just it's it's colored energy. It's a great place to visit. You have to go to if you're visiting Tokyo for the first time Even if it's the you know the next time visiting Tokyo visit US oxy. I'm sure you're going to see things you haven't seen before. That's a number one and one of the cool things that we always do when we go. There is because you grew up in Japan. Obviously you follow the Buddhist traditions. And we'll go in in prey by the temples but also go to the smoke areas and get her finish and red and all that stuff wall of smoke all over your arm legs head it basically protects your right the tip to Hell right and where does that smoke. Come from ash during the burning. So there's talking about their stations in front of the temple where you can grab some incense and I think you've got a couple of put it in and then you go over there and you pull the smoke to your body body so if you're feeling bad like you know you want good heart or something like that you pull it onto your heart. He wanted to brains are smart brains by. You're going to be smarter. Yeah ain't breeze your grades and You can get your fortune over there as well. You pay one hundred yen and you open up a drawer and you get your fortune. Good Fortune You keep it. If it's a bad fortune what do you do. I add the rope. that's there and but but don't worry so much about it right. It's the whole experience thing. Yeah yeah if the lock is not so good. Don't worry about got it if it's good. Believe it good advice but this smoke though like if you in an athlete You don't want to break bones owned your basketball player or you can just pray for all kinds of things exactly and then you get you go to the main temple denise throw mining or whatever you you cheat why are you putting in ten hiring rich girl hundred luck you who knows but anyways tencent's grey five cents. It's okay whatever you whatever you have. You're on hand but make sure you have because there are so many especially if you go to like a kilter you WanNa have coins really handy and then you ring. This bell will rise. Yes and then pray you know exactly and it works so believe it. It does work as you. You probably can attest to anyway so it works. They want and it's just the experience you know to. So just go there and if you if you get lost lost or if you're not sure of what to do just follow the person next to you because it's visited by tourists but locals come there and they still pray and he's still follow the traditions and stuff like that so just watch around and look what people are doing follow. What they're doing? The area itself is actually. It's pretty nice. It's pretty big covers several blocks the lots of really cool things to see. You can see the pagoda. There this right next to the shrine The area around it again more shops I remember we went off and found A. Ah a nice ten Puerto restaurant that was around there too. Yes so don't forget to go outside of this main area right. There are so many street yes just full all of restaurants. Some of them one of the oldest like Tom. Carter the poor atlas or Tempera store. which we we've been to both breath right and a Sushi place and sweets where so many variety different kinds of Japanese sweet? So if if you like ice cream and repping make sure you try. I'm me to meet you. Just tell them whereas I'm gonNA tell you you're right which store to ago and the cool thing about you know everything within Tokyo is It's right next to a station. There isn't a success station. So if you're in any the you know hotel near a train station. Jr Station ear subway station hop on take a look to see where Asaka is it's accessible via the subways Jr.. It'll I'll tell you how much the fare is there. You get your ticket boom and away you go and you can spend all day just Kinda bopping around there. It's really cool and around that area. You can see the Tokyo Tree. If I'm not mistaken can right the sky tree the sky thank you. Oh my God yeah. It's how many meters taw is. That lit up in a night. It's really pretty. It's like what six six hundred meters tall or six hundred thirty four meters. That's a lot and I know and it was built in two thousand twelve. It's talk your Sky Tree Tokyo's country. Yeah and it's it's a big building and it's going to big observation area on top is that you can go cruise around and take a look at offers advantage. Views of all of tokens amazing and underneath. There's a big like a shopping mall and there are three hundred shops. Of course. Of course I Japan be without I nine so anyway. So that's good. Well let's talk about in terms of shopping on my God where to begin there so many Shibuya G. You probably have seen those picture of that intersection of Intersex from every possible direction. Right yeah yeah. Yeah and it's neon signs all over the place and their shops and malls and this that and the other it's it is a sight to behold you have to experience that right and if you shop lover though shop. Her Shopping Shop Love Shop Lover Ship. You love shops or You live shopping shopping shopping rubber. Anyway Yeah Anyway. If you like shopping if you like to shop yeah go there and and there. But that's not the only place you can go to ooh Electron IX Akihabara again. Easy easy hop on a train. Jr J. JR is real. We go to the station. Chehab Ara and that's just what electron ix Mecca. Yeah I mean that's that's where all the the the shops are dedicated towards anything to to do with electronics. Whether that's you know home gadgets whether that's you know not stuff whether that's cameras audio or whatever that whole areas areas just dedicated to anything that has to do with electronics and it's blocks and blocks and blocks of anything you can possibly imagine it is for for a techno Geek like myself it is my. It's my paradise. I love Allen's shops. It is amazing. And if you are into do the premier upmarket shopping district that that's something you want to see go to Ginza. G. I N. Z.. And and Also fashioned. This is more like you know when I was in like Middle School. Hara Juku is another place that it's what what are site it's age A. R. A. J. U. K. U. Hara Juku lot of fashion in a used the trends friends. It's kind of Korean Cape Up Type Play Road and you see you fi- makeup and people with interesting makeup to interesting clothing so like what would that be equivalent of out here. Yeah it's that's a good question it's it's kind of like the yes kind of like a San Francisco Haight Ashbury But just like modern in weird. It's weird but it's weird but whatever is trending find you find it. You'll find who on display in various the hair accessory to makeup to shoes to like bags. But but it's not a high in bags ax. It's a different rate and in all the key. Hello Kitty Oh my God he's things. Just go there. snoopy older yes S. and good ice cream yes right yeah again. The restaurants everywhere in their shops into crowd at home to Juku is like one of those places. It's really good for people watching those what I and you know what also reminds me of you know women. Donna had all this this eighties and all the kids are kind of copying really high school kids. You'll make up the trendy. That's the kind of yes. Good good cool yes. So that's what you're gonNA find so back to gains. I'm sorry so that's a high end like a fashion and boutiques and end restaurants in hotels. You will find that in Ginza. So if you one bit of not necessarily quiet because because nowhere isn't necessarily quieting Tokyo but it's not as obnoxious as she. How'd you is not as jam? Impact as she berea. I think India is a nice Kinda classy. You know we've been good shopping great department Hartman stores. You can find so if you're into that sort of thing like a also nyc nightlife yeah and so- nightlife. I would recommend Roppongi. Yes right and there are a lot of celebrities. Go there. The president of whatever corporations they like to You're wrong hills. You know again talking about nightlife year in restaurants tons of great restaurants. And it's a good place to kind of walk around. Yeah it's a very yeah. I can't think of any place. It's not a good place to walk around in Japan. I mean Uku Roppongi Goodall kabuki-cho just everywhere. It's one of the different district's is kind of cool for like to your point. Restaurants were shopping or people watching electric's things of that nature and they're all really really interesting in the cool thing about it is most of these places are off the central Jr line or the the Green Line that runs around Tokyo. If you will oh so. It's easy to get to on and off just the same train in. If you miss your stop you'll loop back around again eventually. Get back to your stop. But it's super super super convenient again as we were talking about before just to when you were within Tokyo just to hop on and off the trains they go everywhere that you want to and is to the point I was making earlier now. Signs are all English. It's real easy to find your way around God definitely. It's all true another station station that you might WanNa check out is Ikebukuro. Sugamo your Ikebukuro Sunshine. City that J World Tokyo if you I into into anime Oh my whole you can find a lot of anime related Nonju town if he won't Gilda. I think they have accusers. Thank you can find anywhere. It's different in Japan. I mean everything is different in Japan. It's it's better is is I. Guess what I'm trying to say. Oh Gosh I didn't look this up but there's a Roman factor whereas I give them good. Oh no question anyway. So there's the Cup Rahman like faction battery factory so that might be another interesting place to go. I know a friend of mine says all we tasted the copper and there are just so happy. You know it's just so so fun it ain't it's really really cool. Yeah so again. Ikebukuro is there's a sunshine sixty lookout. That's right the the top of the building. There's a nice saw observation. Deck and Ikebukuro has multi multiple big department stores. Right right right. It's great for shopping again by shopping and eating the Russia's some anywhere in Tokyo but a really really really fun place to visit so any fuel with kids you might WanNa try Winnow Zoo. The Ueno Zoo. Yes you E. N.. Aw again hop on the go to win or station so it's really easy right. It's like it's like a track kind of over share a circular. Yeah the way the Jay on line the route that this train just kinda loop around right going circles and all these train stations all on the way so it's very easy to explore so much fun. Great Nightlife go out about how fun absolutely danced the night away. Drink the night away in along those lines you know the the thing about going to Japan on business trips especially as a male cat okay. Yes and Japanese men businessmen especially love there alcohol stressful during the day in a lot of work to do. And you gotta get up early and they got to win it when it's time to call it a day and grabbed the core one. Holy cow do they. They like to drink. And there's like a serious right during the day and then boom Over it's it's playtime already. It can be a lot of fun but I don't think you have to keep up with these guys because these are yes you do. That's part of the experience. These are special drinkers. Man You you may not have the chops to stick with it. I remember the first few times I went to Japan. And we'd go out and we do the Karaoke thing and we'd be out to like two o'clock in the morning trains are all stops. You gotta get cabs. They do stop in these guys going at it and I have to wake up the next morning at five six o'clock in the morning so I can get ready to do present. I sorry I can't I got I don't know how they do it. But if you're traveling on business and you're going out for quote unquote business snus dinner. Don't be surprised you end up at a karaoke bar with a ton of beer cans all over the place twenty eighteen years ago we will go more often often. You definitely caught okay right but then as we age it does slow down a little bit but the the part that the idea of having fun right and have good meal just now have deemed to after a long stressful work. Yeah then when you go on a business in his trip people like to entertain you so the Japanese people so they really really going to take good care. They'll take you out to these great restaurants aunts and you'll have great food and your your your sake. Cup will always be focused. Somebody's paying attention and making sure that your topped off. They do take such good care of. Do you feel like a bloody superstar. You feel like you're the president. Really do they really hospitality and Japan is out of this. Yeah beyond impeccable. It's it's the standard that every country should strive for. It's it's almost thin. Ashi Kospi Talapity. That is Japan. It's NS special Olympic. Oh my gosh on display this summer thin she's so important nitty out of our culture. So you're going to have a great time. He's going to be treated Queen King and even if you're not out there on business if you're out there just as a tourist in your your visiting places again. The hospitality is not just reserved for you know business tycoons everywhere. It's people light in just clean. Oh my gosh axes of super clean. It's it's got the white cloth you'll end. The drivers have gloves and yes. Their clothes are impeccably uniforms. I mean it's not some Schlub in a baiter ladies home. I don't remember what you say. I know you press the buttons for you. Go don't try. Don't try and press a button when that girls should chop your arms off man but the impeccable the service the attention to detail every inch into Doucet. It's unbelievable it is truly a very unique experience. You will not be disappointed. North shore right so so we talked about some major sites now moving onto a couple of accommodations. We be because we have families We don't necessarily but I but I've been there many times on business to soda you you so have you and the one that I tend to stay and I have a great experience. It's an Ebisu And it's a a western Tokyo. Everything is like a mobile right all the pillars shares. And it's. It's a beautiful looking not not so much from outside of and you look at it but it's just I love the location. It's an Ebisu near the station. It's a little bit of a walk but I actually don't mind a walk doc because I guess some exercise that way. Oh you do get exercising Japan. Don't you just. You're walking a car. unstuffy yeah yeah. And they're just a tons of restaurants shops and department stores in talking about food. Go downstairs to the basement one. It's it's a really easy in and out you'll get to the office and you know a nighttime. How Fun go shopping go out have a good time so western? Tokyo has always been one of my favorite. And we've stayed there a couple of times to together and another one because I might. SPG Fan at the SPG separately but once they emerged with Marriott. Tokyo Marya hotel talking about walk from a station but that's another one That is decent Right there's intercontinental there. There's so many choices. Yeah shirt and Bianco Walk. It's a bit of a walk from Ebisu. It's closer to Chicago station it's again. It's right off that central beltway if you will so it's it's accessible via jr Ori hop on the subway transfer up to the NBC station. The hotels are really really good. Really Clean sometimes you can get him with with food options and stuff like that to their small rooms though. That's that's one thing with few exceptions If you're downtown Tokyo the hotels tend to be small Mary small because again space is a premium when you have so many people crammed into a such a small area. So don't be looking for you. Know these these broad sweeping verandas and stuff. Yeah you you have those. But they're very very expensive and they're very limited with until Q.. Itself once you get outside of Tokyo it's different and you know one of the last time we took the kids there. We stay outside of Tokyo just so that we can have a room that could accommodate five people to a particular particular Room actually turned out to be pretty pretty accommodating. The hotel was great witch hunt out the one by Tokyo Disneyland. Oh that was oh my God. They put like a three beds. I know next to the main. There was a shirt and to. If I'm not mistaken Sheraton Grande Day. Tokyo Bay Hotel. I don't know if they changed name. Another good ones are I've had meetings and dinners and stuff like that Park Hyatt. Oh Yeah it's pretty peninsula insular Tokyo if you are more onto like you know. Upper scale Another one all okay. You Are you're a prestige tower. I've stayed there It's it's pretty nice and so you can just fine in hotels on any budget. I think there's just so many varieties and there's Conrad Ritz. It's there's I H G property. Probably all the major hotels are service seasons there. Yeah so but but then the room's I tend to be a lot smaller so just remind if you're traveling with family you will most likely depend on. How many kids you have you have to get to zooms? uh-huh it's kind of like Europe to another thing with a lot of the hotels are high rises. You'RE GONNA be up. A couple of floors and Japan is right as we talked about in. When we're talking about the Kyushu Island Japan is amongst several faultlines? Earthquakes are very frequent and Dan regular phenomenon that occur throughout Japan and don't be surprised if in the middle of the night. Your bed starts rocking and rolling. Don't be alarmed They're earthquakes equates. Having a lot and some may seem severe but the seismic activity in Japan is well prepared for building codes are phenomenally up to snuff. uh-huh and things rocking and rolling is a good thing for for Japan that means pressures being released by all the fault lines. And everything's good to go so just don't be alarmed and what's fun about that. Is You could be sitting down eating dinner around a bunch Japanese folk in and boom shake and you'll feel things moving around and the old guys will sit there for a second ago you three point four three point seven four point and they'll start making bets on earth quake. Yeah well that's how he used to it as a wha-wha-what. WHOA that's how frequent those things has grandma Salah another one three point and keep watching TV exactly so don't don't do? There's nothing to see here moving on moving on. Oh my God so anyway there are what else. So then. We talked a little a bit about the accommodations and so maybe restaurants. If you the ones that I've tried and I really liked Roppongi Anji in Roppongi There is Inaki up. He or she hopes Amina Doku. And it's Inaki. I I N. A. K. A. Y.. It's a experience they have to people Sitting like on their knees. That's right and with a big paddle tournament it's You know those he bochy. Yeah Yeah Oh yeah real A An in front of you is just a Ra of like whatever. The fresh produce of the season fish meat. Yes you know while you stake to. SCALLOPS DO SALMON to Sushi in an all the vegetables whether whether it's a mushroom season or whatever the season of the year right any just point and they will use the paddle to move get the food and kind of do whatever the seasoning thing and they put it on the grill right in front of you and it's one of the top brand like a sock again and drinks on the wall just point and they will they just going to serve and as you enter into the restaurant. Yeah yeah welcome right. That's it and it's just a great experience so that's one of them com patchy I think that's that's the restaurant that George Bush will win when he was president of the United States he visited an and and that's what it was you know became famous for. Oh as well and that I I visited there I thought I with you right. You and I went there and remember. Who was there when we were there? Who Bano in the edge came in and sat right behind? Obviously they saw us going in. I thought well if the Myers wires are going in and this is going to be a good place just kidding but you know you don't know who you're going to potentially see you bump into place we. We were in the restaurant. We're having a great time and also we hear this buzz behind us. Turn around and look. There's Bano from Youtube and the edge Tarpley pointing so you a pretty. It was pretty impressive to see that and again a everyone's super respectful. They're sitting down to eat and nobody's bothering authoring than it was just nobody mazing just to see them. Come in like normal people obviously again. They saw us there so they knew it was gonna be good. They went and had dinner so in the US now. We are guiding now. Obviously Japanese chick. This restaurant is. It's not inexpensive but it is inexperienced. It's definitely experience that you should should try out at least once I wouldn't recommend breakfast is lunch and dinner there. You're probably go broke but it was definitely a phenomenal experience. And that's really what you what you hope for food. Quality was amazing the service I was impeccable. The restaurant itself is a really really interesting building. And it's where was that again. was that out of Shinjuku or I've come party off. Yeah I'm just trying to look up but I forgot was somewhere off the main main Tokyo line so check it out really really really cool place and in another one that I also wanted. Dementia was a Tokyo station Tokyo. Rahman's Robin Street good science ramen Noodles Street. And they're like mounds of Roman stores just piled up right right just boom London the whole whole pile of of Rahman stores just right there all sorts of different types flavors noodle kinds blah blah blah blah blah into. Go in you get a vending machine ticket right. Yep Yep so you gotta go figure out what you want ordered on vending machine you get a little take it out and then they'll call your number when it's ready to go. These places get crowded in their small. There's you know seating available for it but you may have to wait for someone to finish up their food in off you go and there might be some way all evidently some of them. I like going way remember. Oh Yeah Ah but for good reason. They're delicious and it's right in Tokyo stationed on the Tokyo. Jr Station so it's super super convenient. And like San I and most of the time these bigger stations. You don't even need to leave him. I mean he can walk around the stations. There's malls restaurants there's theaters and some stations as well L. stuff to see maybe a museum and it's just really really convenient. Indeed I found. I'm sorry I was just looking for wrong. Botchy President George Bush and that is wait fighting dating scene from kill buildup. They're all that wrong. That is right. That's the same reason it is. That's the same restroom from kill Bill Volume. I'm one Guy Thurman uses for Taty Hanzal Sword in goes against the crazy eighty eight or shirow my God is even two G N C. Hi Nishioka it's it's in Nishi House over there and I say as a Z.. A. B. U.. Where's that in relation the report? Okay perfect perfect among area Tokyo. Okay she has over there. Yeah I think I would just take the cab. The food who'd was pretty good the whole atmosphere. It's the open space. Yeah right in the Middle Man. Yeah yeah so it's really really fun. And then just a loud and live and and I live atmosphere green just an experience. Yeah Yeah so we due recommend it and I think you're also going to be able to see the Tokyo Tower from Roppongi to if I'm not mistaken. Tokyo Tower is another one of those touristy areas that it's it's kind of like the Eiffel Tower Broadcasting Tower and there's an observation deck on it too so another interesting place to check out as well you get a great vantage point of the Tokyo City itself from the observation deck. So if you're in Roppongi visit the the restaurants hanging out at the Tokyo Tower and just BOP rounders to so much around in Roppongi to take a look at right. We kind of mentioned about we have been Roppongi but rob Banga hills go there. Because it's the Japan's apparently largest integrated property developments. They have just a bunch of restaurants. The museum the bars and cafes and shops in the office spaces and residents so it's a It's a place to visit. Imbaba ran and check it out totally totally so with that said so as you're gonNA hear we're just starting to scratch the surface of what we are adventures until you and some of our recommendations places to take a look at a lot more to come a lot more to come so many places to go. Yeah we'RE GONNA dive in deeper. We'll even extend our tour a little bit into Yokohama to because it's real easy to get to Yokohama from Tokyo via the J.. They are trains and stuff like that. So we'll talk about that and we'll continue our adventures in Japan even extending down to Kyoto places right so the the next episode. We'll be outskirts of Tokyo. Yes there are so many You know come out and talk about squeegee by those excuse. You Geez Away L.. The fish the fish Marsha talk about that next time I mean that is. It's an experience but it's in Tokyo and if you do want to you know get a taste of a fresh Sushi. That is the beach. Please do go there and there are tons and tons of restaurants okay before we get off that subject. What is it though? The it's a trade it's It's a stock exchange for fish if you will. So the local a fisherman come in with the catch and they open it up on the market and you can come in you can bid on early him or something. Yeah exactly to watch that and you can come in there and you can sample stuff so you can get fresh cut of of Benito or fresh cut of of Salmon Winch and there's people oh bidding it's like a stock exchange noxious craziest loud. I'm marking Japanese is so fricking cool. You should check that out. That is another thing that you just got to experience. It's it's a wholesale market yet. Whether you you call that or not but yeah it's an experience again is really really cool so another thing check within Tokyo and there are tours there are tours around exactly shine up through your hotel or or find a tour guide. Take you around there. It's really quite cool so I it's very exciting. I it's it's just so much to do so much to see you soaked in the culture you know oh taste local food so many places to visit or you can just chill at the bar or a nighttime you know there are so many a great restaurants and cafes and bars to visit yup indeed relax and enjoy and then also the ones with the view. Oh man there are tons of those. Yeah in. Tokyo is a big problem. City fair share of pollution every now and then but on occasion of window blue luth pro things through and on the habits Pixie higher peaks in the higher elevations. You can look at and see Mount Fuji and the distances well saying maze from western Tokyo. Independent in your room is facing a full Mount Fuji so spectacular. That's another one to talk about. How corning corning? Oh there's more. There's yes there's so much to go talk about just outside of Tokyo so we're going to touch on those next episode indeed indeed so with that said thank you so much for finding us and joining US listening to us. If you have any questions about anything having touched on today please do feel free to send us email addresses yup on our purely podcast dot com or drop us a message message on any of the webpages speaker to sign up for our newsletter. Keep abreast of all the things that we're doing over here all new certain things of that nature as well and draws a line. You got some favorites in Tokyo that you'd like to highlight or you have questions on sheriff share with us as well. We'd love to hear from you. So with that on behalf of everyone when he realized podcasts myself in Erie thank you once again for joining us. We look forward to speaking with you on the next episode Domani Mice. Thanks again the and check please.

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