The Scissor Sisters Pt. 1


Due to the graphic nature of this crime listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of sexual situations that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under the age of thirteen. Kathleen could hear a machine be being in the room next to hers as she waited his he a doctor. She really helped the person she saw today, wasn't the same one she saw last time or the time before that she hated being at the hospital, but she was in so much pain, her ribs, were killing her. Every breath was a knife. Kathleen thought back to the fight with her boyfriend Fara the night before him yelling as he came at her. Scrambling back to avoid his blows the images came back in pieces. She was probably as strong as he was on second thought, no one was ever as drunk as far was. But still, she could only remember so much she was on the ground is wide looking up at him had, he kicked her while she was down that would explain the pain in her ribs, he'd really hurt her this time. Kathleen thought of the threats forest. Batted her in his drunken rages. Once he had his papers. He would leave her. No one else would want her. He told her he would kill her one day she realized that it was probably true. Hi, I'm Laney hops. And this is crimes of passion podcast, original, the legal definition of a crime of passion is a murder that occurs in the throes of extreme emotion leaving no time to reflect on the consequences. But in this show, we explore passionate crimes. How does marriage progress from husband and wife to killer and victim, or killer and co conspirator if there's a thin line between love and hate what manipulates our relationships into deadly results at par cast? We are grateful for you. Our listeners allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach on on Facebook and Instagram at cast and Twitter at par cast network. And if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review wherever you're listening. It really does help us. We also now have merchandise head depar- cast dot com slash merch for. For more information. For most of Kathleen, mo- life. All she knew was a world of abuse. Her earliest, memories were ones of emotional, and physical terror the cycle continued through her adulthood, eventually drawing in her own children, until it all culminated in a brutal murder in two thousand five in this episode will discuss Kathleen's relationship with her partner, far, nor as well as the events that led to a murder that left all of Ireland and shock next week will discuss the investigation court cases and aftermath of the crime. When sixteen year old Kathleen ward, realized she was expecting in one thousand nine hundred seventy two she readily accepted the proposal of her boyfriend twenty year old John Mulhall. She was eager to start a new life with him free. From her abusive parents, they married in Dublin Ireland and their first son James was born in December just a few months after their nuptials my nineteen Eighty-eight. Kathleen, and John had welcomed five more to their brood won't Kathleen stayed home with the kids. John worked as a glass fitter ended odd jobs, but struggle to support his large family. Six children in a three bedroom house and barely enough money to go around. Took a toll on the family. Kathleen later accused John of taking out his frustrations on her and the children by physically and emotionally abusing them before I continue with Kathleen psychology, please note. I am not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. But I have done a lot of research for the shell according to your wanna Yvonna, poed consta-, a social worker, and psychotherapist who specializes in trauma, people tend to repeat patterns that are familiar when a child grows up in an abusive home as Kathleen. Did they see future abuse as familiar and part of life, a two thousand sixteen crime study for England and Wales reported that fifty one percent of adult survivors of child abuse experienced domestic violence later in life. And when John turned his aggression against his children, this was just another inevitability, but in the early nineteen nineties after twenty years of marriage Kathleen found out that John had cheated on her multiple times. She was devastated. She had given John six children, put up with his drinking, and abuse, given him her most vibrant years. And now he was seeing other women. Women behind her back, but Kathleen couldn't leave she hadn't held a job since giving birth to her first child at sixteen and four for children were still minors. She couldn't even be gin to imagine supporting them on her own, so she decided to stay but staying and forgiving were two different things. John, had broken their vows and Kathleen's mind there was no coming back from that as the children grew older and Kathleen grew more distant from John. She started partying and drinking more. No longer content to stay at home wanting to reclaim. What she'd missed out on when she had young children at home. And in the summer of two thousand one forty five year old Kathleen met a new man. As Kathleen stood at the bar with her daughter. Linda she noticed a handsome man, looking at her across the dance floor. He had to be at least ten years younger but Kathleen, smiled coyly at him. And he waved back. The man was standing next to Linda's boyfriend. So Kathleen asked her daughter what she knew about the attractive stranger Linda shrugged. She didn't really know him. He just hung around the group of twenty somethings. When Kathleen sauntered over to introduce yourself, the man took her hands in his, his grip was strong comforting, he told her finally, I've been waiting for someone as beautiful as you. Kathleen was hooked. They talked all night, virus, AWali nor was a thirty five year old refugee from Somalia. He had escaped the civil war by fleeing to Kenya in nineteen Ninety-one. But the refugee camp was ill-equipped and overwhelmed with mouths to feed. Fara, was also targeted at the camp for being a Uni and ethnic minority and December of nineteen Ninety-six fire paid a man sixteen hundred dollars to smuggle him from Kenya to Ireland and he immediately sought political asylum in the four and a half years since he had grown to love the country and often wore his white Ireland soccer jersey to show that pride Kathleen was taken by this man, who had been through so much yet still seemed so kind within days, Kathleen and Fara began an affair. She was completely swept up in the new relationship and felt desire. For the first time since she was a young bride though. A large part of their relationship centered around drinking together by January two thousand two Kathleen told John the marriage was over. She found someone who appreciated her and John needed to leave. He pushed back. He wasn't going anywhere. It was his house, and he was the only one who paid the bills. Kathleen was furious. She raised six children. Did John think that was any easier than going to work? How dare he hold that over her head if John wouldn't leave voluntarily she knew how to make him though. John had never been charged for domestic violence due to lack of evidence the complaints. She made about his abuse over the years had left a paper trail, she filed for an order of protection, and John was forced to move out, immediately, Kathy. Clean then moved Fara into the mohawk family home. The two children still living, there seventeen year old Marie and thirteen year old Andrew sided with their father and moved with him leaving Kathleen and Fara with the home to themselves. In fact, all of the children's sided with John and the split except for nineteen year old Charlotte, Charlotte figured if this is what it took for her mother to be happy. So be it, but Kathleen's relationship with far changed after he moved in. She knew he drank most of their relationship involve drinking together, but before they live together she hadn't seen far at his worst violent and mean, she soon realized he was an alcoholic, his friend said that when he was sober. He was the kindest man in the world. The problem was he wasn't sober very often. It began with shouting matches far would get angry over some perceived slight or jealous that Kathleen talked to another man for too long. Sometimes he didn't even need a reason to begin shouting and Kathleen would yell right back in the summer of two thousand two Kathleen decided she wanted a fresh start with Fara, the neighbors have been giving her the cold shoulder since she moved this young African men end shortly after pushing her husband out, even her own children with the exception of Charlotte. Still refused to see her it weighed on her. The only thing tying her to Dublin was the house, which she and John own jointly. Kathleen thought if she could convince John to sell the family home, she could use the money to start over with Fara somewhere else. So that summer, Kathleen and far moved to cork a two hour train ride from Dublin, John instead of putting the home up for sale moved back into it with Marie and Andrew Kathleen felt she had no choice but to agree, she would rather do without the money. Then fight with John about it. Well in cork, far work, temporary jobs through an employment agency, while Kathleen received welfare benefits, they quickly became known among the Somalian population in court as party years when they weren't at house parties, drinking, they were home drinking, and with Kathleen isolated from her own family and friends, Fara had no incentive to control his fist. Up next, the violence in Kathleen in FARs relationship escalates. I want to tell you about a really great company called daily harvest. 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Hundreds of fun, puzzles, and collect tons of cute characters. That's friends without the our best fiends. Now back to the story. In the summer of two thousand to forty six year old Kathleen Mojo had moved to cork Ireland with her boyfriend thirty six year old far Noor she left behind her friends and family without any other support nearby. She became more dependent on. Fara, in return, far is abuse and control over her escalated finding any excuse he would push hunch and kick, Kathleen, leaving visible bruises on her body forest. Sometimes worried that the neighbors would realize what was happening when her injuries were particularly noticeable. He locked her in the bedroom while he went to work, allowing her out when he was home to monitor Kathleen spent hours locked in the bedroom. Replaying, what had happened the night before. So many of the memories were blurred by alcohol. The evenings only started out fine. They would be having fun at a. A party or maybe just drinking at home while watching TV then the darker parts came back to her. Fara had started yelling at her, and she yelled back, he wouldn't tolerate a woman yelling at him for long so shocked her when she kept yelling. Fara started punching. Why did she let him provoke her in a nineteen Eighty-three paper published in the journal of social issues psychologists theorize that self blame often comes from a place of powerlessness, the abuse victim feels like they cannot stop the abuse. But if they take the blame for instigating an attack they have hoped that they can stop it in the future, though, far attempted to prevent Kathleen from showing bruises to anyone. There were a few times, she got away long enough to seek medical attention. Showing the doctors her bruises Kathleen, wouldn't tell them what happened. She couldn't stand the looks of pity or the pamphlets on domestic violence. So she would lie saying her injuries were from a mugging in the two years. She lived in cork. She was mugged for times. But what really mattered most to Kathleen was that she loved Fara. She wanted to protect him. He was in the process of gaining his Irish citizenship. So he could be with her forever. That would all be complicated if he faced criminal charges any loved her to he told her. So she believed that love was what fueled his anger and his jealousy. It was his deep love for her that provoked his strong emotions. And when far was sober. She saw the man she believed he could be. He was kind loving and gentle, Lundy Bancroft, author of why does he do that? And a well-known consultant on the mystic abuse in child maltreatment wrote than an abusers MU changes often confuse their partner when the abuser appears remorseful. The victim often believes the violence will never come back it, reinforces, the idea that the abuse was provoked. And can be avoided in the future. If only the victim tried harder. But even with her love for Fara and the hope that one day he would be sorry enough to stop the escalating abuse began to frighten. Kathleen, how much worse could it? Get there was only one person she could think of to ask, she found the phone number of one of forest ex-girlfriends programmed into his phone. Kathleen new far had a child with her, and they were together for several years. If anyone knew about what he was capable of it would be her. Please note this woman's name has not been publicly released I will refer to her as Jane. When Kathleen con Jane, she wasn't sure what she was going to say she wanted to ask if our hit her and how bad it got did Jane ever worry. Fara, was going to kill her one day to when Jane answered the phone Kathleen quickly explained who she was. She said that far was abusing her and she didn't know what to do. Gene, told her simply leave immediately. It was going to get worse. Gene, met Fara in nineteen ninety eight when she was sixteen years old, far told her he was twenty but he was actually in his early thirties after dating for three months, Jane became pregnant far was thrilled to have a family with, gene. He started going to dinners with Jean's parents and spending holidays with them after their son was born in March nineteen ninety nine the couple moved in together. They were happy, Jane thought, but just like Kathleen Jane hadn't noticed how much or how often far drink before they live together within a few months. She realized Fara, was drunk pretty much every night. And his gentle affection was no longer gentle. One night when their son was three months old Jane went out with a female friend, when she came home, far flew into a rage yelling that her friend was a lesbian and accusing her of flirting with Jane, that was the first night, he beat her after that line was crossed far found the smallest excuses to push slap and punch, gene the days. Gene was spared from his abuse were the days when far was gone out on a multiday bender. The physical abuse gateway to sexual abuse. If Jane ever told far that she didn't want to have sex, he would rape her. He tied her up and degrading positions and took photographs of her far turn the mother of his child and an object for his sadism and their three year relationship Jane left three times twice. She took him back when he begged her. While it may be hard to understand. Why someone would return to an abuser jeans number is actually below average according to the national domestic violence hotline? A woman will leave an abusive relationship on average seven times before leaving for good far promise, gene, that he would change. But the new found affection would only lasts a long before the violence returned. And each time she came back far made it harder for her to leave. He locked her in the house with the baby. And he began monitoring all of her communication text messages, emails and phone logs. He checked them all after two years together. When Jane was eighteen the couple brought in a roommate who all call. I lean to help pay the bills. Gene was relieved thinking a witness would put far on his best behavior. And it did when he was sober enough to care. But once fire drink enough, he lost all in addition, and abuse, gene, in front of I lean within a few weeks, I lean had had enough. She packed her bags and beg. Jane to leave with her Jean said, no. She didn't have anywhere to go with her son. She didn't have an education, a job or any money. It didn't matter if she left anyway far. Sarah would find her and how much worse would it be for then but even after she moved out, I lean continued to pressure, gene, to leave, then in February of two thousand one Eileen called Jane's, parents Jane not wanting to admit your parents? What a huge mistake, she had made never told them about the abuse previously. She hid it from them better than she hid it from anyone else. They were shocked and hurt when they learned the truth, they had treated far like a son brought him into their home and embraced him. Even though they weren't thrilled when Jane became pregnant at sixteen genes, father, worried, and angry immediately drove to the apartment while far was at work. He helped Jane pack up the most important things into his car and took his daughter and grandson home. It was the last time she left Fara. Jane wouldn't go back no matter how much he begged pleaded and threatened. She had the support of her parents behind her. This time the institute for family studies list, accepting support as one of the top four factors that help women leave, abusive relationships, this can be difficult because most abuse is aided through isolation of the victim. Cutting them off from support far had blocked jeans access from her family, while she still lived with him monitoring her communication, had I leaned, not intervened and contacted her family for her this attempt at leaving may have failed like the others. Fara, however, didn't let go easily calling her and screaming obscenities into the phone. He began stalking Jane if she went to a bar. Fara, would inevitably show up and yell at her from across the room. The more he realized he no longer had. Control over Jane, the more angry and aggressive has stalking became though, gene was awarded full custody of their son. Fara, was granted biweekly Sunday visits, which gave him another way to get back. Jane. One Sunday after far found out Jane was dating someone else their son came home from his visit with small burns that look like they may have been from a cigarette concerned, Fara had injured their son on purpose, gene decided she needed to find a way to keep her son safe without provoking Fara and without defying the court order, but before she could do anything, Fara, suddenly stopped contacting her, he stopped following her. He stopped sending threatening messages. If she saw him in town, he ignored her. He even stopped visiting his son. What Jane didn't know was that Fara, had met someone new. Kathleen mojo. And now that same woman who had distracted far from his reign of terror on, gene was on the phone, detaining her own abuse. Jane knew that far was capable of worse. She pleaded with Kathleen to leave in spite of the advice and Jane stories of forest, terrible abuse. Kathleen stayed in September of two thousand four after two years in cork. The pair decided to move back to Dublin. Vara had gotten into several bar, fights there and had gained a reputation he told everyone in Dublin that they had to come back because he had run afoul of a member of the Irish Republican Army during one of these fights in Dublin social services, set them up with temporary housing while they waited for an apartment to open up. Kathleen, welcomed the chance to be closer to her friends and family. She also hoped that moving back meant the return of the old Fara he hasn't been quite. So violent when they lived in Dublin before sure the old far was still mean but not as bad as a side of him. She saw in cork and fortunately, she was wrong. Kathleen, wrapped a few ice, cubes and a wash cloth and held the cold compress against her swelling. I it was already getting purple, they'd only been back a month before Izzo temper had found them he'd been so angry last night. It made Kathleen terrified she felt that the day he went too far. The day he killed her was getting closer and closer in a panic. Kathleen got dressed and through what she could fit into a sports bag. She had to get out now before came back, she would go to social services and tell them the truth Fara was abusing her. She wanted to be moved immediately to a different shelter that he didn't know about. She was getting away from him before it was too late. The case worker who was unfortunately, used to dealing with such situations, found Kathleen, a place to stay that night. She even made sure that Kathleen and Fara would never be scheduled to come to the office to pick up their checks or process paperwork at the same time as long as Kathleen wanted to stay away from Fara, they would help make that possible, but she didn't or couldn't stay away. As so often happens. Kathleen, went back, Sarah, m bule offers several possible reasons, victims, stay with their abusers, and fifty obstacles to leaving in cathlene case she went from an abusive childhood to an abusive marriage to an abusive partnership, she could have believed abuse was what was expected in life, and she likely lacked, the self esteem to believe she deserved better on top of that. She had alienated, the majority of her family and children by choosing to be with Fara admitting to them that she was abused by him and needed their help would be even more difficult. Just two weeks after Kathleen confided in her case worker about the abuse Fara and Kathleen or out together while standing on the sidewalk. Fara began hitting her a nearby patrol car stopped and arrested for on the spot. Kathleen insisted to the officers that she was fine and they shouldn't let Fargo, but they had witnessed the assault themselves and we're not about to walk away far was taken to the station and held. But when Kathleen completely refuse to cooperate or make a statement, they released far without charges a few months later in December of two thousand four Kathleen and far moved into a tiny two room apartment together. They had fully reconciled by that point being back in Dublin gave Kathleen more time with her children, or at least the ones who would see her her two oldest sons James, and John were in prison at the time. And Kathleen visited them occasionally. She was still on the bus terms with Charlotte. Now twenty one who would often stay over at the apartment drinking with her mother and Fara Linda now thirty had put some of the hard feelings aside and visited occasionally, but she preferred seeing her mother without for around, not liking how he treated her mother Charlotte also disliked him. She knew he would get violent when he was drunk. In the middle of March of two thousand five it began to look like they wouldn't have to worry about far for much longer. Apparently he had told some friends to let them know if they heard about a low cost room he could rent somewhere. He was planning to leave Kathleen, he also called his mother who still lived in Kenya and told her that he was a freight of Kathleen, according to Fara, she had threatened his life, and he believed her, he told his mother, he needed to get a knife to protect himself from her then on Friday, March seventeenth two thousand five Fara didn't show up for work. Next, Kathleen and far continue on a path that will leave one of them dead. Darkness tragedy pain. These things hide within every beloved institution. And most people are none, the wiser every week, the par cast original, the dark side of pulls back the curtain to bring you the most salacious stories and disturbing details behind everything we hold most dear. 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Kathleen Mulhall and she told them that far as child was ill. And he had gone to help take care of him in truth foreign Kathleen, we're on day two of a Saint Patrick's Day bender by the time. Monday, March twentieth rolled around far had been drunk for four days straight and was showing no signs of stopping he skipped work that day as well. The couple decided to go to Dublin city centre to walk around Kathleen called Charlotte around eleven thirty AM to see if she wanted to meet up. She immediately said, yes, the next day was Charlotte's twenty second birthday, and she wanted to celebrate Charlotte had been spending her Monday, hanging out at her dad's house. With her sister, Linda though, it was still mourning. The two had been drinking vodka and cokes at home. But going out sounded much more fun. She asked Linda to come to at first, she said. No Linda had her kids at the house, and she didn't want to just leave them. Plus Linden new, no good could come of spending the day with farro while he was drinking. But Charlotte insisted their seventeen year old brother was home, and he was plenty old enough to be at the kids. Linda tried to say no again, but Charlotte kept asking even though she was eight years, younger Charlotte was the stronger personality. She could usually persuade her sister into doing what she wanted and Linda eventually gave in. Linda and Charlotte cont the bus to the city centre arriving around one fifteen pm win. Kathleen saw her daughters. She hugged them. They looked warily at Fara Kathleen in Fara, were both holding beers. Kathleen seem steady but far was obviously drunk, not a good sign seeing as they had only just arrived. Fara, went to the liquor store for a bottle of vodka while Kathleen went to a corner store and bought three bottles of cola, the women dumped half of their sodas onto the pavement and refilled them with vodka. Fara, drink is vodka straight after walking around for a little while they headed down to the boardwalk along the river Liffey to find a bench to sit and drink. Linda used her phone to play some music and sneakily pulled out a baggie with some pills in it. She took one and then slipped another Charlotte, when she whispered something to Charlotte. Kathleen looked at them and snapped what are you doing? Linda told her she had ecstasy tablets and Kathleen insisted that they give her one as well. She watched it down with vodka and coke after a few hours of sitting on the boardwalk listening to music, and drinking, the women felt their high from the ecstasy dip so they all took another pill but not Fara, he instead, drain, the bottle as he became more and more belligerent. He started arguing with Kathleen over something, the sisters couldn't quite understand. He was switching between English and his native dialect, making them hard to follow his English was almost unintelligible when he was drunk, but Kathleen seemed. To understand him well enough to keep yelling back at him. The sisters tried to ignore them, Linda turned up the volume on her music. Eventually it began to rain and Fara became angry that he was getting wet. He was also angry. The alcohol was gone. Fara, was just angry his yelling attracted enough attention that Kathleen decided it was time to go. She grabbed him by the arm and half dragged him up the street the pair continued to bicker as they walked the sisters pushed ahead of them annoyed. Shirl had gone out for a good time leading up to her birthday and Linda, ten even want to go out to begin with if figured far would ruin the day. As a walked up the street. They passed a group of little boys playing on the sidewalk, when Fara made it to them. He singled out, one of the boys who looked to be about five years old, volunteered up saying that's my son. That's my son. The boy was not far a son, but still Bara walked up to the boy and took him in his arms. He kept repeating that's my son as he drunkenly hugged, the boy, belittle, boy, started crying frightened of the stranger who grabbed him, he began to squirm to get out of forest grip, but Fara was holding him, too tightly. Kathleen screamed at far to put the boy down the boy fighting against far managed to get both feet on the ground while Fara was distracted by Kathleen, the boy ran off leaving Fara on the sidewalk calling for him to come back. This incident only worsened far as already Dr. Mood from his point of view. He just wanted to spend time with his son and Kathleen, wouldn't let him he cursed Kathleen as they continued through the city to their -partment. She had to get him under control. As soon as they all made it to the apartment Kathleen went into the kitchen she needed another drink. But she knew that far would be angry if she made herself vodka cocktail, and not him one to the last thing he needed was more liquor. She decided to pour him a beer, instead, hoping he would be drunk enough to accept the compromise. Someone played music in the next room and Kathleen started dancing as she mixed drinks, man. These were good pills. Maybe that's what far needed just a little high. Kathleen tapped Linda on the shoulder and quietly asked her for another ecstasy tablet, then she crushed it up and stirred it into far as beer. This would do the trick for sure. They'd all have a good time. Now. Linda and Charlotte laughed as they sing along with the pop song Charlotte set on the little two seater sofa and pulled her sister onto her lap. What follows is the version of events best supported by the evidence. Please note multiple versions were presented to investigators. When Kathleen handed far his beer, he took it to the couch and sat down next to Charlotte who still had Linda in her lap far, then quickly drained, his ecstasy lace beer, while the sisters chatted with each other next to him. Kathleen, went to the bedroom relieved that far had finally stopped dealing things seem to be coming down. At some point while Kathleen was still out of the room, far turn to look at Linda, then she felt his arm around her shoulders, he pulled her close, like he wanted to hug, her immed-, Linda uncomfortable. And she tried. To pull away, as she managed to get some distance between them, far ran his hand down to her waist, and then began rubbing her back, this type of touching was not ever part of their relationship. And Linda's alarm bells went off, she tried to get up off Charlotte's lap. But before she could forest hand clamped around her shoulders, again, he jerked her towards him until her ear was near his mouth. He whispered something she couldn't quite make out, but there was no mistaking forest tone, whatever comment. He made was sexual Linda told him to get his hands off of her as she tried to get free from his grasp the knee. Whispered, you look just like your mother. Linda was still trying to pry his hand off of her shoulder when he said, we are two creatures of the night. Kathleen heard Linda scream for help and Charlotte yelling. She ran into the room and saw the panic on Linda's face. She yelled for far to let go while her daughter struggled against his grasp. Linda, eventually got enough leverage to stand up but farro was surprisingly quick, the ecstasy tablet meant to improve. His mood had given him energy. Fara grab Linda by the waste as Kathleen in Charlotte kept yelling at him. He began chanting Linda, Linda, he didn't seem to notice anyone else in the room. He was completely focused on Linda. Linda and forest struggled across the cramped living room and into the kitchen, the ended up against the sink, and there was nowhere else in the apartment for Linda to go surely had followed them into the kitchen and trying to pry, far as hands off of her sister, Charlotte, was stronger than Linda, she was tougher, but far as arms were immovable. He kept hold of Linda, and whispered, again, you look, just like your mommy Kathleen came into the kitchen and pushed far as hard as she could trying to get him off of Linda, this snapped him out of his trance, and he turned to look at Kathleen with furious rage in his eyes while holding onto Linda, he shoved Kathleen across the kitchen, still looking at Kathleen, he took a finger and dragged it across his throat. He was finally going to kill her. Thanks again for tuning into crimes of passion, we will be back Wednesday with part, two of the scissor sisters story next week. We'll discuss the gruesome choices made immediately after the murder the investigation and the court cases that followed you can find more episodes of crimes of passion as well as all of our has other shows on Spotify or your favorite podcast. Directory. For more information on the scissor sisters amongst the many sources, we used we found the Irish scissor sisters by Mick McCaffrey. And the torso in the canal by John Mooney, extremely helpful to our research, several of you have asked how to help us, if you enjoy the show, the best way to help is to leave a five star review. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at par cast and Twitter at park has network. We'll see you next time when true love meets. True. Crime crimes of passion was created by max Cutler is a production of Cutler media and is part of the podcast network. It is produced by Maxon wrong Cutler with sound design by Michael Ling's ner. Production assistance by Ron Shapiro and paulie. 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