Deadlines: Iran Deal, Climate Crisis, NFL Kickoff


It's thursday september fifth. Welcome to skim this where breaking down the most complex stories of the day and giving you the context on why they matter iran's calling on a few european countries to lend a hand to help them get out from under crippling sanctions. We'll connect the dots on how those countries are responding and where the u._s. comes into play then democratic presidential candidates all basically agree that climate change is a huge issue where they differ is how to solve it and finally we've got your prime for tonight's big n._f._l. Kickoff we're here to make your evening smarter. Let's skim this. The the most complicated story today is about iran hitting the snooze button yet again on the twenty fifteen nuclear deal. The country's been in an economic bind ever since the u._s. Started had reissuing sanctions against them last year and now iran's president says he plans to break more promises associated with a nuclear deal and ramp up the country's nuclear enrichment program graham unless major players in europe help iran out financially the deadline they gave those european countries is tomorrow but now iran says we'll give you some more time sort of today. We're gonna get into how we got to this big deadline in the first place. How european leaders are responding and where things stand between between the u._s. and iran right now. Let's start with a quick recap. In two thousand fifteen six countries and the european union came together with ron and made a pact they lift sanctions on iran. If iran accepted strict limits on its nuclear program so that potentially building a weapon would be really difficult difficult than last year. President trump pulled out of the deal. He said that it wasn't tough enough on iran and that he could negotiate a better deal so his administration started sanctioning iran again and some of them hit iran's biggest commodity oil all the other countries in the deal the u._k. France germany germany china and russia have all tried different ways to keep the deal intact. They want to find a way to keep iran deal by making it worth. Iran's wile financially really but all the new u._s. Sanctions are making that really difficult so back in may on the one year anniversary of trump pulling out of the deal iran's president hassan john ruhani said he'd start pulling out of parts of the deal to july inspectors found that iran was making good on that threat they had stockpiled more enriched uranium. The deal said they could only slightly more iran gave the rest of the countries in the deal and ultimatum either help us or we're going to take this further further the deadline tomorrow so like we said european leaders have been making moves taub help iran make money moves legally after a lot of work france germany and the u._k. Came up with a program called insects that would allow iran to do business business in europe without getting hit by u._s. Sanctions t._d. On whether that would actually work in the meantime france had a separate additional idea earlier this week french president emmanuel macron proposed offering iran a fifteen billion dollar line of credit. That's about half of the revenue. Iran normally gets from its oil exports exports each year so the money could help iran makeup for some of its losses. Thanks to the u._s. Sanctions all around would have to do is go back to playing by the nuclear deals rules rules problem is not everyone is getting on board with. This and iran's been kinda pissing off the country's trying to help them out for example. They've seized a few ships ships in the very important strait of hormuz including one with the british flag so the brits haven't exactly been pleased with iran though they're holding holding their tongues as they try to salvage the deal and now they're feeling the pressure from one of iran's enemies israel israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu actually flew to london today at the last minute reportedly to try to convince british prime minister boris johnson to quit talks with iran and rebuke france for trying to issue this line of credit meanwhile germany's saying it's time for the u._s. To come back to the table and clear things up with iran once and for all their foreign minister said last week week that a conversation between the u._s. and iran would take priority over whatever the e u once trumpeted he'd be interested even as his administration creation continues to wage a war of words with iran rania said not until sanctions are lifted and in the meantime the u._s. Says iran is still going around those sanctions before the u._s. Reissued sanctions last year iran was exporting about two point three million barrels of oil per day since then oil exports sports fallen by more than half but they're still exporting some oil and the u._s. wants to put a stop to that last week the u._s. Started imposing posing new targeted sanctions on an iranian oil tanker that they suspected was shipping oil to syria the ship turned off its tracker on tuesdays so we don't really know where it is. Now it was last seen west of syria. Big red flag and reports have emerged since then that atop state department official had actually emailed the captain of that ship before issuing the sanctions trying to convince him not to help the iranians and to steer the ship somewhere else. The us official reportedly offered the captain several million dollars but the captain as far as we know didn't take him up on that guy is apparently one of around a dozen ship captains to get this offer so with the u._s. is calling its maximum. Pressure campaign against iran is getting personal like emails to your phone personal so what the skim tomorrow is the deadline iran gave the u._k. France and germany to help them get out from under u._s. Sanctions and on saturday iran's atomic energy agency ency is reportedly supposed to announce what parts of the nuclear deal it'll break next iran's president said last night but it plans to start developing new centrifuges that could to enrich uranium at a faster pace but iran still seems down to talk according to the associated press iran's president has indicated that after saturday they'll give give their european partners another two months to come up with a plan even though the trump administration is reportedly not okay with france issuing this fifteen billion dollar line of credit to iran president trump has held open the possibility of talks with ronnie in a couple of weeks. There may be an opportunity for that when everyone heads to new york for the big united nations general assembly meeting another big issue that will be discussed at the u._n. Climate which is turning out to be a big topic in twenty twenty election. That's it's next climate. Change had a starring role on cable news last night c._n._n. Dedicated seven hours of airtime to talk with democratic presidential candidates about the climate a town hall means that it wasn't a full on debate anchor spoke to just one candidate on stage at a time but c._n._n. <music> advertise this like a wrestling match crisis by war sanders peres footage hooker castro san candidacy. It is but this wasn't a brawl. Every one of the candidates agreed climate change is a big problem and when they did disagree. We learned some things. One thing they disagreed on was whether natural gas should still be treated as a bridge fuel. That's useful for winning the u._s. Off of coal for things like making electricity ditching coal as an energy source has been a top priority for environmentalists and over the last decade. The u._s. has is gone in that direction. Natural gas production has gone way up while reliance on coal keeps going down but how natural gas is produced can be controversial official like fracking which involves using high-pressure water and chemicals fracture underground pockets of natural gas allowing the gas to be extracted fracking has been tied to contaminate drinking water and a spike in methane emissions and in rare cases earthquakes and natural gas pipelines are also controversial challenge by one student activist last night candidate hooghly on castro said my bad that while he used to see natural gas as a bridge fuel that bridge is coming to an end he now says states should get to ban fracking if they want to bernie sanders and kamala harris went further and backed a nationwide ban on fracking but joe biden and amy klobuchar took the middle road saying that a ban wouldn't pass congress but they'll still review existing policies candidates also disagreed last night about another source of american electricity nuclear power and whether the potential waste left behind means. It's too risk to be green. Andrew yang said he's down with nuclear and that outdated technology gives nuclear a bad rap. Cory booker was also on board. This is the exciting citing thing next generation nuclear where the science is going to me. I am like science fiction but others weren't so sure sanderson harris worried about dealing with nuclear waste and basically said let's focus on other green energies instead then came the big uncomfortable question and whether any flashy ideas dem's have to solve climate change have any chance of becoming law because right now republicans control the u._s. Senate and dem's would need sixty votes to avoid being blocked filibuster. Elizabeth warren has long called for getting rid of the filibuster p. Buddha jed says he's open to it to last last night. Harris set in order to get green new deal past. She'd get rid of the filibuster too but sanders has different approach. He said he'd used something called the budget reconciliation process to avoid the filibuster and past climate bills with just fifty one votes not sixty although that wouldn't necessarily work for everything the new york times says these marathon town halls mark the first televised primetime event in which candidates just talked climate the question now. How is what role will climate play wants democrats get back to debating and when one of them squares off against president trump the national football colleague kicks off its one hundredth season tonight. That's a long run. Normally the reigning super bowl champs play the first game. That'd be the new england patriots because it's a special birthday. The n._f._l.'s doing things a little different instead tonight's match up will beat. You're one of the greatest rivalries in sports between two of the league's oldest oldest franchises the green bay packers and the chicago bears. It'll be there one hundred ninety nine matchup which is more than any other two opponents in the n._f._l. Right right now. It's a tough call as to which team has the upper hand. When you look at past matchups the packers have won ninety seven games. The bears have won ninety five and they've tied six times in terms of star power green bay quarterback aaron rodgers has been called one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time and the bear star linebacker. Khalil mack has become an extremely powerful awful defensive force in recent seasons. The showdown begins tonight at eight twenty p._m. Eastern on n._b._c. for more on football check out our guide on how it became such a huge sport sport and some of the challenges. It's facing on the skim app. You can download it from your app store today. We've got a fun fact coming mean to you from out in the wild where artificial intelligence is actually making a difference. We talked a lot about some scary stories involving coming a._i. Lately but this one's pretty cool researchers at oxford university's primate models lap say they created a software that can recognize and track trek chimpanzee faces in the wild scientists hope the software will help them study the behavior of groups of trump's over generations. That's important because chimps have complex social relationships who doesn't but those can be hard to keep track of in the wild so being able to track specific chimps overtime with the help of a._i. Could not just a lot about some of our closest animal relatives and that's all for skim this things again for listening listening and be sure to subscribe and rate and review us wherever you get your podcast. If you want to add the skin your morning routine you can sign up our free newsletter the daily skin right on our website at the skin dot com. It's everything you need to know to start your day right in your inbox.

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