RHAP B&B with Mike Bloom & Liana Boraas | Survivor 37 Episode 9 with Akiva Wienerkur


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I actually really liked that analogy of us just like gnawing on the leftovers. That's all we get. We get like the table scraps. And I'm thankful for this table scraps. Absolutely. All the goliaths are sitting at the adult table. That is the David's are like fighting over the last advantage. I'm we're so happy to bring this guy. Back co host of Robin. Akiva need a podcast as well. As the three to fans podcast. We're happy that nobody decided to step up notify his appearance here on the bean be Akiva winning ker. Welcome back. How you doing? Wait, am I the table scraps? No, no. You're the whole meal your snack. Tristan almost that. I've never been called the snack. Yes. I was thinking I think maybe more for my -nology of like, oh, we sit at the kids table. So. Yeah. Maybe you you are not the scraps. But you have to sit at the kids table and entertain us because we have no toys. Yes. I was telling I was telling him coming on my thanksgiving was very plentiful. It was like much like actually a survivor merge. We had fifteen people instead of thirteen and we also had like five dogs one ring around a three year old child, and it was my task to entertain said child because their parents her parents decided to not bring any sort of toys or entertainment devices or other children to play with essentially how to sort of running a defacto survivor challenge for just sort of like the hot pursuit challenge where you sort of try to lap each other. It was just us running around a my in-laws house in circles for about half an hour. So I feel slightly more well equipped to go onto survivor and more well equipped to encounter parenthood as well. We're her parents supposed to just go find another child you save at like children easily to together. I dunno. It keep it you have for them. Is that true? I've first of all like, you should save all your parents to do it at the same. It would be like eating. Big meal days before thanksgiving ridiculous. Don't do any hang out with any. You're going to regret every every interaction you had with the kid that wasn't completely mandatory in I'll go cold Turkey. Speaking of thanksgiving on kids from now on through kiva is plentiful advice that he gave on the dad know it also with rob as well. I'm hopping on Rene up. Nap. That's the only thing you've done to prepare, right? Yeah. Absolutely. That's all I've done so far like you are my respective Dr spots, Akiva in rob for four parenthood. So. Yeah. We basically planned it as our data by the new what? It's just it's just as plentiful. Well, let's let's segue into David versus Goliath a bit, Akiva, we're nine episodes in at this point. Actually, the end game is in cyber pretty much like a month away from the finale at this point. But what if your thoughts been on this season, so far I mean, I'm not going to break so much new ground with my overall thoughts came in with low expectations. I will say the one difference this year's post many other years I-, consumes your content. I wasn't I didn't wasn't thinking anything in particular from any of the players there. What I've learned that basically piss learned from watching the show I went through. Where'd you've already was eight times Coulter on like on the pre-game stuff? And like most people I've been so as at least deprived everything almost every episode seems to get better than than the previous one in. There have been very few punctures. I have at least a mild opinion on everyone left. What you can't say during the couldn't have said the last three or four season. So what what could be bad? I'm in love. Yeah. I yeah. I mean, I I guess I just keep waiting for the season to you know. To be bad. I don't know if that's hasn't mistake of me. But it's like literally the definition of pessimistically. I don't know if it I don't want to put labels on things. Yeah. It's I mean it has been really like it's enjoyable. I'm having fun. Yeah. This is a very fun season. Whether it's, you know, whether it's the cast, whether it's the results, I just think there's a lot going on which is a lot of fun discussion. This and many other podcasts, Akiva, I'm going to ask you probably the most well-equipped questioned you're going to answer in your number of years, and podcasting if you had to compare this episode of survivor to a soup. What would it be? Also, I listened to your episode of Jess McKenna. I did tell Mike I was one you missed to sing. I will say you guys need. I am able to think this is when you pull up your mom, you reveal that your shut up Tim right with in. He. Well, no, not that. I can. It's a good question. Like, what soup would you expect to kind of suck with then? It's like good. But then everybody gets better. That's that's really so I'm going to say mushroom barley like nobody's excited about it. But then you you sort of get in the middle. And you're like, hey, I shouldn't eat mushroom pearly suit Murrah like no one actively seeks out mushroom barley soup favorable, and it doesn't even sound up teasing like David versus Goliath doesn't sound appetizing. Versus light is the mushroom barley of the Campbell survivor based season line. Look at the end of this little compared to all sorts of soups way, we won't miss. I was thinking I was thinking maybe French onion to just because it's felt so jam packed like not just the final tribal council. But also everything that was going on during the episode with Christian finding the idol and sort of goliaths falling apart and then coming back together. It's just there's so much that happened. I might go a bit off book here, and I might say, and this is a little contentious that this episode was kind of like a chilly to me. After the podcast with Hannah last week. And there's been a lot of conversations with our at Jp universe at large as to is chilly a soup is it not. And I feel I can compare those to the struggles of Allison. And Alec this episode of like M I Goliath. I want to stay with them. Do I wanna do something else? They really can't figure out what they want to be. And so I can directly sort of compare those at the end of it you felt you know, warm it was a little spicy with the idol nullify are coming out. So Akiva, what what are your thoughts? You are probably the residents soup connoisseur. Here is chili a soup and your opinion. No, no till is not a suit people are like, hey, here's a hot take was not a super like here's another hot take like my grandma. I don't know. Definitively. Oh, here's a hot take. This. Sun comes out at night. I was gonna say I was about to say like like bed. But then I realized I'm taking my. I don't know. But I I got there. But anyway, listen you wanted a great improviser you had just the Kenna. I'm very pointed. We didn't do a mini hot take off. Because then that would have been really interesting if you'd gone with that sort of baseline, not take what you would have deemed as worthy or not. It's my grandma dead. Take. Yes. No. I don't know. I also got to feel like this is from, you know, your English class when your teachers trying to have you ascribe meeting to something that just doesn't have any meaning. So if this was a chil- now, what type of chili now, what does the the beans represents what does the ground beef represents? But I'll go with it, regardless. Well, let's start getting into whatever soup. You wanted to ascribe to this episode, and let's start with their usual fare our preseason predictions. And let's go to Dan here. I'm very intrigued to see what we wrote about Dan preseason. Because Dan was I even though you didn't check out the preseason stuff. Akiva Dame was like a perennial favorite preseason people thought he was likable enough strong enough. He was enough of a fan that he could you know, really do. Well, he seemed like he got the lion's share of winner picks across the board only to have him go out in tenth place before we get into our predictions for Dan. Akiva, what thoughts did you have of Dan over the course of David versus Goliath. Yeah. I do think they sort of I guess similar John. I think they wanted one of those two guys sort of be there. So you slash Joe. But I guess knowing that they didn't last long enough. It never really panned out. I liked then I certainly didn't love him again. Like, I would have liked to see his edit if he was super relevant to the endgame. We might have seen a little bit more from him. I would have they didn't really get into. So he he became semi famous. Like, he got like Kim bone, fifteen minutes for being the hot gap. Right. Ken bone. Yeah. Well, his fifteen minutes are over. But we're trying to bring them back. We are bringing back in barring the bone. Didn't he have some issues or something? Yes, shoes. Let's let he wasn't had. When you say some porn issues. I think that sounds like you're implying that he was in the porn. But I think he was just watching the right? Yeah. I think I mean, I'm not gonna I'm not. But I think you just didn't clean, okay. What could happen to anyone? Sure. So, you know, it's always interesting when someone gets on the show for maybe reasons, though, aren't just basic asking, right? And they don't really bring it up. Right. I don't do not come up during the course of the show. I'm not crazy. Right. Just the fact that he sort of got recognized not not not him. I know Mike got recognized. But I don't think Dan talked about his personal story bounding. There was something going around of like, hey, well, he wouldn't have been recognized by by like someone on the on the show for any. He wasn't that famous. But I think just the idea that like, hey, I sort of had this notoriety. And maybe that's why I got asked because I don't know. Maybe like how did that change his life? But that usually isn't gonna come up. It would only come up. It was really a finalist or something. But yeah, no. I will will we will. We remember him in like three seasons. That's interesting because I would say that I don't know if I have a call, Dan one of the bigger characters, but I think in terms of like being consequential to the overall plot of the season, you had the stuff going on with Keira you had him getting in this sort of like food with Angelina you had him playing both of his idols. You had him getting nullified. So I feel like if anything damn might become like a cautionary. Retail as like, you never know what happens on survivor, someone might pull out an advantage that you knew nothing about it ends up screwing your game over even though you played the idol correctly. So I personally think Dame will be remembered in the annals of survivor history, though, maybe four more. A more infamous reasons than famous. Well, I mean, I think it's interesting because Dan is somebody who he's sort of his edit starts this guy lost bunch of weight. And he's you know, he doesn't really feel like a lie. And now he feels like a Goliath, and then he sort of became this cocky asshole, pouty. And then he went home because the first idol nullify of all time got played on him while he played an idol. And I just I don't really know how to find him how he will be remembered because it seems like three sort of disparate things because I think to be like, oh my gosh. Yeah. He was the first guy who had the idol who knows if this is going to go the medallion power out, or you know, actual idle route in terms of its stay staying power in the game. I think it's one hundred percent staying now that it's also like I'd now that it's correctly been used like I have said that survivor Fiji was the real maker break season for the hidden immunity, idol, not exile island or Cook Islands because they tried out that new method of like, oh, you have to play it before the votes are red. But after their cast. And you know, had the Gardo stuff not happen. It had gal man not saved himself. It could have possibly gone the way the dodo, but because it worked out so well in both instances the show said, oh, yeah. We're going to let it move forward. Say what you want to about fairness. But I think the fact of the matter is this created entertainment, and it's created discussion. And so I think the show is going to say that's a win win for us. Let's let's move on and use it. Yeah. That's fair. And I will say I will eat crow because I thought there was no way anyone was ever going to be able to play correctly. And it was actually going to nullify an idol so props to Carl being for him. Good on ya. I guess I guess it's here to stay. That's yeah. Keep it. Do you have any thoughts about the idol and all the fire and whether or not it has longevity. I'm very I'm sort of interested in your opinion on the order of which everything got played. And I haven't really been able to hear the outcast from this week. I don't know a lot of people have had concrete opinions on this. But because there's so much sort of production involvement in when you're playing. You know, when you have multiple sort of competing advantages. I am I'm super interested in that aspect of it. Because you know, when are you led to play the I'll know of fire versus a regular idle versus the steel vote advantage. It does seem like it's so ripe to the producers sort of picking the order of whatever they want feels like the order of operations some back in class. Yeah. Basically, depend us of advantages where like, okay, I would say of the three then I think the votes steel is by far the least advantageous because you actually have to play it, you know, before the votes are cast. And so you really putting your cards out there. And you can do it to make a bluff sorta like what the David's did this episode or you could completely screw yourself. Like, Dan Foley did where when he stole when he was going to use his extra vote that tipped off mama of like, oh something's going down. I need to play my idol. So I feel like while the votes seals like, oh, this is a fun idea. We get to rob someone of the right to vote the or that you have to play it in completely like screw the person that they really need to show right up. Front what they're doing? Yeah. Because I mean, essentially, it's about wind can you make decisions right because there's a decision that's made after the vote steel happens because then you can change the vote whereas in terms of win the idol nullifies played, and when the idol is played really there's no decision that happens in between those two in my mind. Like, I know that I'll nullify has to be played, theoretically when you when you cast the vote, so it is before the idols, but it feels like those are pretty much at the same time. But yeah, I mean, there's just there's no way to predict the idol Mullah fire. I think I it's just I it's really difficult piece to play with if you are on the other side of the vote. So that didn't really answer the question. Terms of order of everything. But I feel like I don't know if I were in the middle kind of get played at the same time. In terms of how they are flushed out in the actual game play that episode. Yeah. And I did like Jeff had a very interesting way of delivering Rigas like this as a hitter immunity idol, and this is the idol nullify, and I can only imagine how w Tf the vast majority of the cast was on that like they had no idea this thing even existed. It was like the legacy advantage. When it first appeared in millennials versus gen-x, the only got a reaction after Jeff cut to explain exactly what that meant. And I don't know if it will appear again in thirty eight, but they didn't see it happen in thirty seven. So they're going to have no idea what it is either. I feel like starting in thirty nine. Maybe we'll start to see some of that emerging game play of trying to plan around the idol modifier. Yeah. I mean, I think if anything it's going to make you the propensity for keeping idols to yourself. I think is definitely going to increase, right? Because you were definitely not going to share that information. Because now, it's it's no longer. Loses some of its power, not only through sort of the bargaining power of it all, but then also with the fact that somebody can legit nullify, your idol, and it actually has literally no power. So I think it's just gonna lead to people keeping it to themselves. Yeah. It's a good question. I guess we'll start to see down the line. You know, how much this play in particular makes an impact. Well, let's get back to the recipient of us unfortunate nullify are so Akiva as per usual. You will be the judge during executioner to figure out between myself and the pairing of Liana and the robot and have you done breath. First searching in costing your AI for this. No, no. I clearly could learn thing or two from Christian hubadoo. No. This was just a terrible idea that I just ran with. But unfortunately with this prediction, this is half. A I half me. And this is my God. This is so embarrassing. All right. I had Dan as my winner. Pick. Oh, wow. I know this is oh my God. I read this. Did you do the robot have Dan as I know? I should have just blamed it on the robot. But I can't this one's definitely on me. All right. Well, this is what is last. They I wrote about Dan. Okay. Dan is the total Dana's the total package with this empathetic non-threatening attitude in his humble approach to the game. He makes bonds early improves his strength to the tribe win. He been likable calming and is million competitive strong. His one weakness was being strategically more overweight. But that didn't stop him from reaching the final three because he was never anyone's target along with his strong social game. It was his final juries each that really sold. His case he told the jury he played for the love of swat and him daughters. He also inspired the audience remarking, get desire out of life kids, less running. His closest ally was alike and his worst enemy was Natalia. So many things as per usual to unpack from that. I mean that I was a little inspired by that speech. And we know that Dan is good at inspiring speeches at least to himself. Yeah. Maybe desire out of life kids, less running less less running. Please stop Doug don't run anymore. Yeah. Well that one I agree with for the love of swat in him daughters. This is a disaster just from top to bottom on to say that outright. Well, I I will say I did not make damn winter pick which is good. Could Leon a you? And I have been on such the same wavelength for the past year. We both had Morgan as our winner picking. Actually, I believe a key lesson. You were on here was when Morgan got voted out, and you both disparage us for picking the third boot from ghost island as our winner. We both ended up picking Tyler from big, brother. But now we're finally going to have disparate winter picks. A while. I'm excited to see. So I was not as high on, Dan. Obviously as we oughta was I did have Dan make the finale, I said that Dan would be the workhorse of the Goliath tribe. I said that Dan would get cut for being too much of a jury threat. I said he would attempt to name his alliance the Justice league because he was a big superman guy preseason, I said, he'll find at least one idle, and I said that Dan will be Jeff's go-to person at the finale, prompting Casuals to make the push for survivor, forty two. Dan versus Michael. And I said his closest ally would be John and his worst enemy would be Christian. Like, Michael, you're damn. No me versus me mice bloom for season. Forty two bloom versus Goliath in bloom. I feel like it makes the most sense right perfect. All right. Akiva, the decision is yours who do you think had the more accurate prediction as to how Dan would end up doing in the game? Well, first of all, I agree with your with your prediction that then we'll get some a disproportionate amount of. Finale time as someone that probes wishes had one I'd say between him and John they'll get more questions than like every woman the woman game from by. So I'm going to go with with Mike, Mike three seven. There's so many other things I was wrong about that one. Yeah. We'll see. I definitely have sort of grease the wheels. Now for when I go on with rob and try to predict to will speak at the finale, and I don't know if Dan was as much of a totally honest point earlier as much of a Perot ick character as someone like Michael yorker. But I still think he he has a big enough storyline especially from a personal standpoint to garner. Some some finale screen time come a few weeks also considering that there might be a couple of people that might not be there that means more screen time for the rest of that. Yeah. That's crazy. I still can't believe Alec isn't going to be at like, I don't know what to make of him now because I really like him on the show. But I don't know if I'm allowed to like him have you? I think there's I think there's a chance that let's say there's a scenario where Alex wins or or makes the finale. And then you have this knowledge of him sort of doing what doing what we could speak openly about it on this year. I mean, we we talked about a preseason. So I think if you want be dealing spoiled there if you don't want to deal with the TMZ stuff skip ahead, like three minutes or so. Yeah. So I just think if you're a so pretend you're like CBS, publicity or your Jeff Probst, and you have to make this decision. Don't you just say he's banned anyway, and then just takeaways money and like sort of make him come. If he actually does really well if he's relevant on finale night. I think he's I think he is there. I'm not positive because it could be like probes makes a big example of this is what happens when you. But this really wanna get into like stuff. That's never been mentioned on the actual show, which is like sort of like, the idea of pre-game spoilers and nonsense like that and bring more. So wouldn't shock me? We're I think we're like too deep in the weeds of being insane fan people. Whereas like up first of all, obviously, this is something that like no just regular show watcher knows about. I think there's a chance that that. He is there, and maybe just got fined or something like that. They could take away. Show singing, you know, like the economy, maybe not doing so hot. This is a cost saving strategy. Like, yeah. If we ban them we don't have to pay him the million dollars to give his flight is family flying. Then sure that's a good idea. Right. A few wins. And he's not there. Great. Well, what if they just make him Skype in it's much like a Akiva would notice that the finale the reunion for thirty thirty. There was a person who won who was not at the finale. And when the winner was revealed, it was the host who had to play the role of that person. So maybe it could be a thing. We're Jeff Probst reads the votes Alec wins and Jeff has to be like Alec and excitedly run into the audience and jump up and down with a bunch of random strangers. I would be okay with seeing that they could be it could be a one time thing. It's interesting though, that you're talking about the like maybe not getting into like pre game stuff because maybe Pandora's boat boxes been opened with the Pat stuff like look the already. So what happens with the boat ride? It happens beyond the scenes reality has been shattered as to they don't actually walk back to up. So you know, what let's just let all the strings be shown. Here's here's here's the contract. And here's what Alec broke. Why think about the philosophy? 'cause like I love the MTV's the challenge, but I really love them to these real world, which is right now not on that's coming to Facebook where Facebook I think the no television platform than Facebook watch might not exist in in three months when they're ready to learn. I so what they did their last three seasons is they completely broke the third wall worthwhile third wall. I know they broke one of the walls, and they started showing you the cameraman this sort of showing you sort of like both angles of the interview room where they would even show like the question like the producer who's the question ask her, and I sort of liked it. But it was a tacit omission that like the show is in popular anymore, and we'll just throwing stuff at the wall. That's no longer there. But they. But I do love I would love if Robert dry that once like if the robbers like about to go up there that would be fun just to like break all sorts of like conventional of rules that they had and show the cameramen, and I don't know show them on the bus going to the challenge things like that. The saying that I just made up. Nothing's more entertaining than a desperate, man. Is that a thing that I make that we can put that on a motivational poster behind like a seagull and put it on an office wall with the famous same. I believe it was ABRAHAM LINCOLN who wants. Nothing. Nothing. More entertaining, a desperate, man. I mean, if there's any high school seniors who are listening make book, quote, nothing's more entertaining than a desperate, man. Dash we on a Boris dash ABRAHAM LINCOLN. That's the job. Make sure you put the hashtag in the branding out there and argue book markets. Don't pay for a full year book ad in the back. You want? Decided to pursue that form of marketing. Let's pimp ourselves out to year. Bodey amazing. Let's call up rob right now asking this question. Rob we need we're really trying to plug the BNB with the youth. You know, everyone wants the eighteen thirty four is the the fifteen to forty fifty four's in. We just put a BNB add not the quarter page. We're not going full gold page. We don't have we're not his parents. We quarter page ad in the back of like every like New York and California high school year. We like should we target it to like a kid who doesn't exist? Like if I'm like oh today this happy graduation. Make sure you check out the AP BNP every weekend during the survivor, Susan. That's a great idea. Okay. So for our this is yeah. This is really the business plan you can tell both those at the business school for our marketing strategy high school your books. That's it. That's all we're doing and billboard. Can we get billboard to voice billboard three? Seventy. Congratulations on your graduation. Be sure. To check out the hashtag JP BNP three billboards outside ebbing, Missouri. It'll be like five billboards outside Schenectady, New York nailed it. Well, Akiva, do you have you brought the order of operations stuff any other things you want to bring up for for random discussion about survivor at large before we jump into the games proper. No, I didn't know there was such a clear delineation before we get this note playing games. I wanna play the games. All right. We can just jump right into the games. I don't like talking to Mike either. Yeah. Yeah. I can see through that the texture. That's essentially what that meant. I was I was you guys were essentially talking. I was on my own like Dan huddled up in a ball for two hours on the beach watching other people talk. Why are we only get to talk? We on podcast, I speak to Mike like every day. So it's you know. I got I to get my Leon. Well, that's because nobody pulls me aside for Powell while. Go wandering around the podcast studios. Yourself looking at for conversation. That's how you play podcast just curled up in a ball and my podcasting studio. No knowing comes talk to me, no one. It's a five gas of me before we get into that. Can we talk for a second about like the quote unquote, break-up of kera slash, Dan. Because it would have been forced out around the previously on. Did it meet your expectations? Akiva. You know, I didn't really have an expectations for our. We assume that like that that CARA is going to start dating. She's going to get into another relationship in the in the next four episodes or is that like a post game? I mean. Yeah. Love blooms properly in the last two weeks of survivor when everyone is out there most malnourished and disgusting wouldn't it be wild deflect there, the final two like Robin, amber style, and that's how the relationship started. And then you could like flesh back to like how insanely mad Jeff Probst than the production. What's the pin when they posted this picture like this is the final two, and Dan this is the final two just like screwing us over for no reason, what's a fit whatever. The caption was. His most entertaining when he does. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. I don't I also don't know what I expected, I think because this kind of goes to comment of us being the like weirdo super fans of knowing what was going to happen, and knowing that Kara doesn't end up with Dan, you know, in the end, he doesn't get the girl was just like these two and acting like a child and cars babysitting him, and so it was like, good riddance. He can just go. He can go be a little baby and his ball on the beach, good riddance, but chunk. Liane? Let's get into some stuff with the kiva because we have a lot of fun stuff for fair for this guy this week, Gerald, please. Okay. So I really like, Robin. Akiva to podcast so props to you Akiva for showing up in doing some weird stuff. So I was inspired by your tweets or trash episode. So I decided we're gonna play our own game of your tweets are trash and we're going to visit to different Twitter accounts. The first one is the survivor Twitter account, which I don't know either. If you follow, but they have a tendency to re tweet very generic things. And so the first few questions are about this, so Mike, we'll we'll start with you. So you're going to try to guess, I'll give you four options and one option I wrote the other three were actually re tweeted by the survivor Twitter account to play. Why do we think survivor Twitter account likes ago as generic as possible considering that like by comparison big brother, I guess it's like a form of visual reach waiting when they put the tweets up on the screen, but like those are very very center inside really centered right of like, oh, I hope the next wins. Head of household. You know, not just like big brother is a good show. They tried to be. So it's interesting that survivor decides to go the more vague route. Yeah. Yeah. Well, they're also they're not putting them up on the show leg. It's just the generic nonsense. But I think isn't that would Eric Stein discovered. Is that the more generic the better? Yeah. That's how that's how you get the SEO at everything. It's possible. The person who runs a Twitter account like runs eight different shows on CBS count and doesn't actually watch survivor, and that's why it's like going for as possible. Because even if you got into like proper nouns, they're nervous like oh. That person's not actually on the show. They're just trying to. Chris things like survivor is great house near annoyed. This person is like, oh, I don't wanna get tricks like last time. The windy. Alejandro is not in the not in the final duel of destiny. Start tweeting stuff like that tag survivor. Yeah. Otherwise, maybe the Windies Twitter account will come for them. They like gotta stay in their lane. Give it to me. These guys reach tweeted things. All right. So, hey, woo Hoo. It's let hashtag survivor beat y'all. I just love Christian face emoji with the little hearts. Hashtag survivor see sectors emoji with glasses. I g- losses. Hashtag survivor or D. Yes. Go, dan. Hashtag survivor who see a beer d makes me feel like it's one because I feel like those are two focused to be retreated. Like, I don't know if the survivor Twitter account wants to take sides because it is very much divided down the middle. This is probably the most like as much as we're talking about people possibly jumping back and forth. This is probably one of the most divided seasons. We have seen in quite some time. Might be because of the theme. We definitely talk about that. So I feel like it might be or D even though sectors is completely random. I would not put it out there. I'm a possibility. I'm going to say that be you wrote you were on the right track. It was d- actually my to proper nouns. We follow Keita's rules of Ray tweeting. You can't pick things with first time ever. I was wrong about something the sectors one took me a second. But it was Christian talking about his strategy for looking for the idol sectors. What is wrong with the in that runs the Twitter account? Why don't think did he even say sectors on the shower d say sections? I don't know they read tweeted sectors. Check survive. Okay. Truly genius. Okay. Kiva? This question is for you. A tribal tribal tribal has checks survivor. Be this tribal is going to be everything has shag survivor. See yum burger bar has shag survivor or d I love the David's hashtag survivor. I love this tribals going to be. That is correct. What a tweet that really has value for more than the two minutes after the after the challenge, and the and the travel starts because after that, we basically useless like why would that getting likes pass this tribal? One other interesting strategy as well in terms of being vague. You wanna make sure that you're not referencing any specific events because they could be federal and just completely like out the window by the time. The next segment ends. Well, my rule is that I'm Robert live tweeter. I don't watch live. But my rule is. I think you get to tweets per episode if your life tweeter, I don't think you should be able to live tweet the whole show unless like that's your job like you run the CBS survivor on Twitter. So I do think you have to make them count. If you want that to be one of your two fine. But that's not going to get any likes after the first five minutes. I think you have to go big picture. Yeah. Like, this is the this is the greatest tribal ever like if you're gonna go super generic or like. You can't you can't do something. That's like that's only relevant from eight forty one to eight forty eight was yum burger bar relevant for a longer period of time. Then I don't think that's I don't think they got a single light. If that's not getting retweeted that's not getting one. Can we talk about like Jeff creaming himself over the Boola burger bar for a second. Because that was by far the most salacious Jeff has delivered any reward in the show's history, in my opinion. Yeah. That was pretty bad. But I I don't know. I think it's maybe it's just hard for me to differentiate because he I think he just does that a lot though like what was unique about this one. He felt like he dragged it out, and he really dug into that dirty talk voice of his talk about cheese Bergers, they can burgers like he's legitimately was pulling things out of a one nine hundred phone book. And I don't know felt very odd to watch. Even though it does seem like, I don't know. I feel like from what I've been hearing the burger bar might actually Trump like the floating pizza in terms of actual quality of food. So maybe we'll burger bar is here to stay much. Jeff's happiness. I like the chef guy is Jeff ever eaten differ even during during a reward challenge. Like is. He just like, hey, let me go. My me. Let me dig in with today. It's a good question. I mean, maybe I feel like in those challenges where he can offer up food. I feel like maybe in the early seasons when things were a bit more loosey goosey and the role between hosting contestants were a bit more blurred. He could have said, right? When Jeff was a beta back in the day when he was like below the contestants. Exactly, I feel like then he could be like. Yeah. If you're not gonna these orange slices Iowa. I like this idea that Jeff doesn't have access to the craft services table on the on the set. And so he's having to just like go and get the scraps they need it more than he does. So didn't he go with Wigglesworth to the bar? Yes, they went. They did. They did go to the survivor bar to watch the premiere of survivor Borneo. Yes. So that was the greatest moment of Jeff life when he got to drink onset. All right. So that's enough for the survivor Twitter account because literally all the tweets are just like that. And they start to get super boring and super repetitive. Hashtag survivor. So I'm going to move over to Dan, Dan has posted some interesting things on social media. So mike. This question is for you. Dan, posted a video to his Instagram of him. Singing a song called bitches. Yeah. The chorus revolves around the lyric. Yeah. I don't deal with bitches. No more. Oh god. Then this question is you have to guess what lyric? Dan, does not sing your turning this back on after I challenge just kind of a fake lyrics two weeks ago. And it was this his song this like an original or he's just singing. I had never heard of it. It's by Mitchell. Ten penny. Is that someone I should know? That sounds like that sounds like a fake name. It is no one you should just like a fake name. When I was writing my fanfare later. Mitch ten penny showed up. Okay. So also this was posted with the caption shots fired back tag. You're it wink emoji hashtag, you know. So wait Harris child, you know. So he was these are like sub tweets on sub tweets on subject. Yes. Is this? Yes. I don't know what emotional gymnastics this man is doing, but let's try to guess with some of the lyrics. So, hey, you're the best damn deal. In town owes so cheap. Ooh. E twenty four hour corner store, and you have a lot in common. Damn see. I still believe in love. But not the kind you're making with every guy in this club who or no, no, no bench. Well, I mean, I feel like d has to be in there because you got that your hook, right? Like, that's how bitches ended up climbing up the charts with Mr. ten pennies lyrical witticisms, the other two being see or very much slanderous towards this woman's activities. So I feel like they're sort of paired up together. And what was again, you're the best damn deal in town Oso cheap. Ooh. That one's kind of slander as well. I'm gonna I'm gonna say that a you wrote. Good guests. It was be so guessing you're wrong. Good guess. But no. No. It was twenty four hour corner store, and you have a lot in common. So anyway, Dan, definitely throwing some shots. ICBM kara. Alec. I don't know. This is this is this for guy who I'm going to go in on Dan for a second for for someone who in his Ponderosa video. It was all about like I wanna prove to my daughter's like, you don't need to get ahead in life by lying cheating and stealing and then produces a video on Instagram. That's sick enough to Lear like, no, no, no bitches that doesn't that feel like despaired disparate logic. I don't know. That's Mike you're going to be a parent soon. So you're going to have what are you going to teach your kids? It's you can't lie cheat in the game of survivor, but you can when creams concern legs. It's the wild west. Yes. Exactly. Go ahead. Sing a song called bitches. Definitely go for it. Okay. All right. So Akiva is still a winning this game. And this next question. This is free. Keep us. So NAN accidents took a medication. He wasn't supposed to and posted about it on Twitter. So what medication did Dan accidentally take? Hey, his dog's heart worm and flea medication. Be laxatives see his sister's birth control or de tide pods. It's not tide pods. I'd say it's like the dog thing is funny. Laxatives? I guess I'm going to say his sister's birthday was a his dogs heart worm and flea medication. Ooh. I don't know. I don't know what you'd rather as as the as the wrong. L D marry kill sister's birth control dogs, heart ramidus or tied. Pots. This is the dog's heart worm and flea medication challenge. Yes. So I don't Dan, Dan is a hot mess. Okay. So let's move onto Dan ring ring. Daniel ring ring dot com. So these last few questions about his website, so Mike you have to guess what clothing you cannot buy on Daniel ring ring dot com. So three of these are actual products. You can purchase on his website and one I wrote. Okay. So, hey, a hash tag team rendering t shirts be hashtag embrace, the suck yoga pants a t shirt that says, well, it's FC UK fake friends. And there's this little emoji guy who like stick figure guy who's humping. It's very bizarre. Yeah. Definitely wrote this one or a hashtag swat cop, women's jersey tanktop. Ooh, okay. I feel like swat cop like sin concerned that he wore the Gainesville swat t shirt on the show. I feel like that's that's consistent with branding. Dan is like something like what the haters? He is relentless like he is just it seems like he's a properly fine gentleman except for when the haters are involved in which case he says. Yeah, here's this merchandise to say screw all of you put out the song to all the haters. So the other two are the embrace the suck yoga pants, and what was the t shirt the first one hash tag team rendering? That's a horrible hashtag as well. Why not team Dan like first name for so much shorter than your last name? I'm gonna say that embrace the second. I don't think he ever said embrace the suck. So I feel like that's that's inconsistent Brandt. Okay. That one is real. I don't know where hashtag embrace the suck came from. But you can buy it on his website, unlike t shirts and yoga pants and tank tops. No, it was d- swat cop one which he is not selling which seems like this opportunity. Do we think the swat brand is like copyrighted that he won't be able to use it? You're maybe he can't like he can't do police related stuff. Possibly as part of. It is like, you know, how it's illegal to like have a fake police badge and claim that you're a cop is it a legal to like having a t shirt that says swat cop on it. Because you're technically impersonating swat cop. Yes. You can't be a Cup. If you're a swat cop. You have to tell me. Hold on before you. And before I answer the door wanted to show me all the t shirts, you have on what all the t shirts. What are all the hash tags on those t shirts? Yeah. Everything was pretty much a hashtag except for the fuck fake friends T shirt, which is a brand new. He's selling I will send the link if either of you want to check that out. It's just very bizarre. It's like. I just I can't get over. There's this. If anybody is interested checkout, I think he's on his Instagram and his Twitter. But it's this little stick figure guy humping or or farting sonar. I don't know. Honestly, I can't offer. It's just very odd. It's very odd. Okay. I wish you had asked me to guess how much it is before. Yeah. I know it. Yeah. It's oh it's worse than heroin. Okay. So let's say by the way, if I saw somebody where this short like even if even if like they were any any like he was one of my children like they're immediately out of your life. Now. Judgement towards no coming best seller. Let me just grab this. There's no way he sold. One of the it has one review its five stars. But it's it's done like an across stick. Like a crossword puzzle where the F F C K. It goes down for FA K E, and then the of e of fake and becomes the Ian friends. But I think by far the worst thing is this fording like I think it's working. I think that's that's what it's supposed to be with the wifi bars coming out of its rear end. But like, it's not even completely different color. It's not even blended into the rest of the shirt. It's just a gray box in the middle of your t-shirt. It's insanely bad. And it is thirty twenty nine ninety nine to thirty one nine nine. I guess like, I guess it goes at the four XL assuming it goes by size. I don't know how these shirts go. You can also Mike you can switch the color of it. And it only gets you can go to dark Heather gray athletic, Heather or true, Royal? Yeah. The the review is like you said, Mike, it's got five stars OMG. I ordered a bunch for Christmas. This is exactly something me, and my friends would wear be real rod genuine, no room for fakers. Mrs from Ninfa, Z, tow, my sano from two days ago, a real person as real as Mitchell. Ten penny or whatever it's doing. What's right? Also, it's an extra two dollars for two three zone. Four excel. And if I'm not mistaken didn't then used to be like a like a very heavy Asan. So this kind of kind of root once showed him twenty nine ninety nine. I don't think you need to charge extra on the T shirt or like to make a larger size. I think you can you can take the two dollar loss there and discharge everybody the same. I mean, really the shirt without the logo is worth more. Putting the logo on it. It makes it on wearable because I would say sure to so bad. It's like some people are like, oh, you know. I got the shirt, but it's like, okay. It'll be like a nighttime charter like I'll wear this the bed. Nobody'll see it outside like my family if my wife saw the shirt like it's a meeting. There's no way. There's no way. There's no way shirt screams, irreconcilable differences otaly. Absolutely. Like, if my kids are like, what's. This whole conversation of like, why did you spell that wrong? Oh my gosh. Imagine going out in public with this shirt and Leona is right. It's not clear. Whether this guy's body is going forward. There is like what do you call it? There's a wifi signal coming out of the guys. But like, I assume that might be a far, I'm not sure I think it's working is he pooping on his friends possibly Ospel. I'm the. Yeah. I couldn't believe that this existing. I feel like it's fake friends such a big probable. So like is that a big problem in life, like your friend? They'll say wise like he's humping them. He's humping his faith friends. I feel like that's a sign of maybe it's literal. Maybe maybe he's being literal is like don't, you know, like like just turn them into your life? You know, we're going to. Oh my goodness. But anyway, so if anyone's interested in ordering their very own fuck fail. No, do not do not linked to it in the pod. All right. Oh my goodness. Okay. So the last question, Akiva, this is for you. You've already won the game. But we'll go ahead and ask this last question. So Dan also has a been a book cover model for romance novels. So I'm going to ask you some titles of books, which one did he not model for what was he not on the cover of? So your book titles are a elder bonds be crossroads of the heart. Sec-? Dear step, brother. I want you. Oh, oh, dear. It was so painful for Leon even sat for not flirting with forever. Okay. So I don't think it could be because it was so hard for you to say now, I don't think you also came up with that that would have been like double. Flirting with forever is kind of generic generic what was beginning with roads of the heart. Yeah. I like to think there's like Britney Spears tie in there. Also, I'm gonna go the crossroads of the heart. Okay. So I don't know do either. If you watch flora Bama shore, no like jersey shore rip off. Okay. So there's a guy from there was also a romance novel model, and he it seems to be a very common job. Again, Bobby really light broke ground on that trip. So many of these jobs there are so many of these books. It's pouring an entire industry of men. Exactly. And and it was not, Dan. It was Gus who is on the cover of deer. Stepbrother? I want you Gus from flora, Bama, sure. So no, I didn't write it. It is a real book if anyone is interested of anyone's interested in purchasing copy of deer stepbrother, I want you that is packaged with the fuck. Vic friends d shirt. This time ring dibbled deal on Daniel rendering dot com. Can I very quickly read a the Amazon synopsis that is written during I want us. Please have all if you have kindle on limited. It is free suggest an advantage to go for that on cyber Monday. This kindle unlimited have an income. No, you have to attach your name and possibly your IP address. All right here, we go gorgeous incendiary tempting original sin and totally off limits. He's rough dominant and hottest hell on wheels. Channing Hensley blew into my life. Like a firestorm now I've been in love and lost with him since the minute. I laid eyes on him own secret. Of course, he doesn't know. No one can know the things I dream of him doing to me. No one can know that I at the picture perfect. Sweet little good girl. Want him to be my first. So I hid it away. Instead in a letter where I poured out my heart, and my deepest darkest fantasies for the man with the body made for reckless choices what the man with the body made for reckless choices that could also be your yearbook, quote if anyone's looking for and the piercing green eyes that dare you to make them the man with a dark past and the fierce gaze that lingers on me in a way that takes my breath away. He's six years older than. Me. He works for my family's law firm. He's totally wrong. Utterly inappropriate and completely irresistible. Fantasizing about him about Channing Hensley is so bad. But I want him. Did that scratch your? Fan fiction, which this was like this is a trip to the burger bar in a book. Yum, burger bar, whatever the tweet was. This is this is crazy. This is like a this is like we're graduated from flowers in the attic right now like they are out and about in terms of their lusting after Channing Hensley, brother. That's terrifying. Do know Jimmy Kimmel does the videotape yourself telling your kids that you ate their Halloween candy or like waking them up on thanksgiving morning, like bashed in the heads up like that. I would like if listeners could tweet at Mike in Liana and after they've bought the love you my stepbrother. Solter altered wine around like right by my step. Reading the book wearing the shirt, and then like if you have a significant other or a child or a parent, whoever whoever would be most mortified by seeing this. And then videotape the reactions secretly and send them my man, I'm excited to be responsible for so many broken. The problem is I don't want to don't endorse buying that shirt because it's so bad. So you need to steal money. You'll the shirt. I don't know like maybe by the sheriff and return it and say effective because there's like stab wounds or by the shirt and say and just right in the message like I'll pay you back play her. Something like that. Because I don't I the book you could buy because that's not going to them. But we can't we can't let him have any money from from the shirt. So maybe make your own copy, which would probably cost you a lot less than twenty nine ninety nine. He's selling. Yeah. And it's it's I would like to see those reaction, and it's a way easy. It's so easy to just make yourself like this is not a complicated design. I'm pretty sure this is just click on the minute. You could literally just copy one of his daughters could have done it. As far like, hey, Honey tie. This idea for shirt your mother graphic designer for Daniel rendering dot com. Oh, no the child. All right. Well, that's all I got for your tweet slash website slash products. You're selling or trash. Congratulations Akiba on winning. I although I really don't think any of us one here today discovering the t shirt, but you know, it is what it is. Yes. And so hopefully, all of you will take the rendering reaction challenge. And let us do help people in your life react to dear stepbrother, I want you aka I love my stepbrother or the t shirt or a I hate bitches or whatever the song was the dam was was lip synching to don't deal with bitches. No more. No, no more. Let's let's let's stay on the Dan train here. Because I want to talk about the pond Orosa videos, that's per usual. They're very high quality produced, but we haven't three jury members. And we haven't really gotten any of the like production numbers that Ponderosa gotten the past couple of seasons. If finally came to its debut this. Week as Dan and John came back together to give a message from Brochand show Inc. Which also included the four rules of being a broach. Oh, I just want to talk about this. There's a lot baked into this. And all the preparations that happened. And the way it's done first off before we got on Eric kiva. You gave a pretty hot take not as hot as my grandmother is dead. But a pretty hot take about how you want. I thought we were going to. That's forever. But you pretty hot take about the Ponderosa video. My dad doesn't listen to the being putting hopefully it's not really gonna yearbooks anytime soon. No, no, no reaction video of your glistening. No, no. No. No. So what what what did you have to say about the Ponderosa videos in general? I think I used to be like this particular video or the idea for we get into the actual used to be much more into them. But I felt like I would watch them. And then like, I never got anything out of them. And it was like all right. I'm wasting a lot of time watching these. So I kinda stopped and I feel like if something super interesting it's sort of boil so the service and people started reading about it or posting about it in a Facebook group. But this was really interesting this sort of my bring me back into watching more of them. Yeah. I I kind of feel the same way of you know, because sometimes they can be hit or miss. And so if usually there's something good it will bubble a surface. But then, you know, then I worry about missing something something entertaining. Oh, no. I think your life will literally be fine. If you miss tanning. I don't know. I mean, I feel like another we live in like post Kris noble, period. Where everyone's like you have like things can become legitimately viral for they get taken down due to copyright issues. Like now everyone's but if it gets viral, you're definitely gonna see it like, it's not like. Let the people do the work for you. That's true. Yeah. Let because there's a video like there's a copy of it somewhere on the internet. I think so let's get into this. So I'm going to sort of talk through this segment, and we can just sort of riff on it. So it starts with legitimately. The green texts comes up says a special message from broach shows Inc. And Dan as El presidente as he declared so long ago, essentially is this some sort of like training video like is this leg if your being employed as a broach Acho approach owes Inc. The CEO is going to sort of play video for you. That introduces a message from the president about the rules you need to follow. Well, I had interpreted it like, it's an MLM type video that like, congratulations. You just purchased. Your I share and Roach Inc. The fold Dan I have a former survivor player just in mind to bring into the full Holt. Team up. Okay. That makes sense. But so Dan, the, Dan and John have a very different dynamic here in terms of approaching broach. Chosing Dan has this nice? Blue Hawaiian shirt on. He's sipping a nice drink. Poolside? John is just like clowning around in the pool, and we'll get into the disparity between their ways of talking through the rules. But I'm wondering if this is like a good cop bad cop type of a type of explain the broach. Rules, just interesting how there's not really a unified message coming from the company swats good swat cop, bad swat is that different. I can't imagine. How if you could be a good swat up isn't out. They're supposed to like bust into people's houses. Yeah. But this one is very politely. They ring the bell. I don't know writes their feet on the mat before they enter so Cuba. What did you think about the production value behind the specifically all the quick cuts? We do back and forth between like how long do you think? It took them to shoot. All this. A shooting. I'm not sure I editing. That's really what I had in mind like that. How long edit versus the old videos were just like some dude clearly had like a two hour filming schedule, and that's all they just threw up like the best seven minutes of a confessional alongside some background of some guy walking on a beach or like exercising. This probably took a long time. But I also think he knew he had some gold with two funny guys. I don't like to me. It's so different from what the other ones were. I assume it's a new person doing. I mean, it could be there could be like an entire production team. Now, that's just like coming up with no way. There's no way. There's no way is more than one you. It's just one guy. Who's just as having the best time. I mean, he might have might be like a cameraman and letter. But there's no way they like, you know, we need to do we need to spend more money on on the road of like. Yes. Sorry. We're going to have to do the wrong with whole family visit reward again because we spent too much budget upon the Rosa. Yeah. Eight does sometimes fuel though, keep I you didn't watch the preseason content. But it does feel like these are have higher production than some of the preseason videos that they put out on the cast just in terms of the editing quality. Yeah. It's really weird thing about specifically this where they're just utilizing a bunch of quick cuts. But like again, I go back to the rat video in terms of like actually getting a jet ski on their involving the staff but let let's go to the rules here. I I will say so Dan in John had this very interesting way of delivering things reminds me a lot of the key impede sketch with Obama and his angry translator, we're like damn will be very matter-of-fact, and John will just be gritting his teeth and yelling at the camera. Yeah. That's a good analogy. I didn't. I didn't think of that. But yes, I'm sure that's exactly what they were going for. I thought what was interesting about the rules is sort of there were the four main rules, which I'm sure we'll talk about and then just like random rules interspersed by John my favorite part about the yell at corollaries an amendment, right? Like, what was speaking of soup? What would what did he say? Like broach owes don't eat a spot show or something like that. Yeah. I guess. So I don't know if that's supposed to just have a ring to it. Or if it's like, you can't ingest objects or do things that rhyme with Roach off show. Spot show Rocho I feel like that would be the food of bro chat show Inc. This either deeper than that Leon it. Plus, they don't like cold soup. It's all it's hotter. Nothing for them. Right. Hot cop buck soup. But let's let's go through these rules here. Number one, bro. Chacho is much must always do their pull ups only pull ups. No other exercise. Yeah. I mean, I don't know. I don't know how many pulse I can actually do. So I think if we're sort of charting our own. I know minituck to like lifetime life in your in your lifetime. You can do hero push pull ups. I'm saying like, I've never been able to do one. I think I'm going to be stuck at zero at the end. Like, I think I'm. The euro. Right. It's a very specific type of exercise that I guess is particularly Brody. Although the only person in my family is my daughter. Yeah. Always your pull ups. I don't know. What else? They would do, you know? But always do your pushups situps. Always do your presidential fitness test. I don't know. Well, he is the president day. So this is technically presidential fitness test. It's only pull ups it's only pull ups I would fail rule number two for being Brosio. Watchos hair? Must always be on point. I don't know what that means. I guess that means just like I mean, these are very like they start off with personal style tips, which feel much more qualitative than like the actual process of being approach. Oh, these are not too dissimilar from like the GTL jersey shore rules from several years ago. Yeah. That's very true. I mean, this are also very oddly specific like I've never been part of an MLM. But are these types of rules that you have to stand by always do your pull ups and heroin point? So these are more like cultural. Yes. Okay. Great. That's what's going on. Here. You must get up every morning, and do your hair a certain way and do your pull ups while like bowing to the altar of Dan rendering, God all right broach rule number three Abro Chacho. What's always maintained his magic skills and apparently he clarified at the mad skills refer to survivor skills. Like fire making coconut aiding and Michetti, Akiva. Can we power rank those three in terms of importance on survivor? So fire eating coconut eating you're making. Coconut fires fire making sorry. I thought you said fire eating buyer making coconut eating and using of fatty. I'd say like is coconut eating skill. I'm rave, so I'm really good at. Like, I don't I don't like coconut. But I feel like I'd be able to on survivor like is there someone who can eat coconut, if you're allergic, I guess, then you can't be part of Roach out showing also. Fire that's pretty discriminatory. Yeah. I would definitely say that's the least important with I guess. Kill. No, it's not a skill. How dare you? I just practiced my Turkey eating skills. Mon- mad skills. And I'm pretty good at it. So I think coconut should definitely be included and fire making makings got to be number one bright consuming that there's now a facet of the game. A whole round dedicated to it. Yeah. I think so I think so I'm just glad that they clarified what maintaining mad skills. Also, I like that it's maintain your mad skills was part of the application to broach. Oh, Incas that you have to demonstrate these skills and be like, okay. You to eat ten coconut all right in front of you have a Flint, you have a machete, and you have ten coconuts. You have five minutes. I'm sure that was definitely part of the the hazing ceremony that happened for Chacha the pro-choice as we go into like a hazing process. Of course. Obviously. All right. Final rule here the word broach. Oh is quote, unquote, Hugh, big US, it can be used as a noun adjective or verb. So broach honcho has gone full Smurfit at this point. I like first of all I love the Dan mispronounced. You you big yoU'. What did he say you said like ubiquitous, I mean, you, Hugh, Hugh big US. John is like. This yet. Yes. So I don't know. I feel like these skills. Go from at least simple in concept too, much more difficult. Like is this a this is a rule that you have to use the word? I I just I didn't understand how to execute this. Final rule. Not to mention have we ever seen it being used as anything other than a noun like were they saying, oh, this is a pretty Chacho day. We didn't get any practical applications of this on the island. We trust. The Dan knows what given verb like an or or is that like the producer now injury telling them what what are the things instead of schoolhouse rock San grew up listening to Mitchell. Ten penny. That's all I educate from. Okay. Dan is bitches and now verb or an adjective. So so I mean, we had also not heard the term, Hugh big US. I don't know exactly what that means. Is that just mean that Christian like it's Christian referring to things vaguely could Christian be the one running this or via Twitter account. Yeah. You're gonna only and that's why one of the tweets that included a proper noun was I love Christian y'all or whatever it was saying it's a conspiracy theory for making connections here. So anything else about this ridiculous segment and the the rules? Do we think that are going to be more rules added on to the point where Dan and John will come up with the broach? Oh rulebook much like the Boston. Rob rule. Book became thing. I'm excited to see how much he sells it for on Daniel rendering dot com. God it's going to be like fifty dollars going to be made out of toilet paper. I've got a question. Did did we don't you think that until a few weeks ago, we were out of broach autos altogether? Like, we had sort of retired the word that had been brought back who quarterback Kerry. Yes, it was. Yes. And then we were done would people were calling. If someone was ever like, hey, bro. Chacho on Twitter. It'd be like all right. That's kind of over. Right. I think we it was sort of like the MRI Baylor thing where it's like love you bay. Okay. That's done if like three seasons you can't use it anymore, even as a joke. So brow rotunda was had just died. And I was happy about it. I think nobody was mourning the death of the word broach. Oh, now, we're stuck with it for three more seasons for chatshow Incas like the Ken bone of of sayings on survivor. Now, I think broach is sort of like a victim. They rebooted, bro. Chacho even though it was only because if we're gonna reboot poultry, essentially, tried to reboot it, and it's become I guess you'd say more successful. It's been more prolific like it's time. We're staying. Yeah. But they gave. No, they gave. No love to like the original. Yes. You know what? I mean. That's how these things work. They just take they take it. If you remember it because I know Mike probably wouldn't know this. But like the win Stuart Scott on sportscenter used to say who young and then like, Jim Cramer of mad money stolen. And now everyone thinks it's Jim Cramer's him. But he really just like really just, you know, yanked it, and that was sort of Scott's gone, and it's all you have to make. Yeah, exactly you have to at least throw in the references. You know that you can knowledge where you came from. But yeah, who came which came before you gotta say so you're saying that Terry should have made a cameo like sort of like how in twenty one jump street the movie you had the original twenty one John three people come in for like a blink. You'll miss it type of thing. I think if they if if they start selling t shirts, he needs to get a cut is what I don't know. If you want those designed by Dan, what is what is ten percent of exactly he might be going them money at that point. Let's move in here. And we're going to try to another Renou trend, and you guys haven't technically done this yet. But we're going to do a take off on your beloved IMD bags segment. So we got very lucky this season in that we had not one but two people who came from the world of entertainment onto the show. They had some renown to them and it by proxy was able to allow for me to do with deep dive into the respective IMD pages of one John Hennigan and one Mike white. So I created a little quiz about the pages of John and Mike. We'll go back and forth. It'll be multiple choice questions. These are all about the various non survivor projects that they are involved in. I'm we'll see how well, you know, the IMDB pages which are pretty extensive of both of these gentlemen. I'm not gonna lie when you said to people as Kate mayor slam town and totally forgot because I was thinking Mike white. I'm like, why wrestlers don't necessarily always have like a lot of the wrestler. I am d stuff is just like wrestling shows. Okay. Well, that'll be that'll be my guess then for any John Hennigan WWE. I avoided all the wrestling stuff. Because to akitas point. It was a lot like I saw oh he has like eighty eight credits as an actor. But then like, they're mostly all, you know, appearances different episodes of like slightly. The slightly idle differently. I'm also I like like wrestling. But I also was not around when my when John was a wrestler. So I have no familiarity with them as interesting, well, hopefully, you'll get more familiar with him as an actor, and that'll sort of parlay into wrestling below. Let's start with you Liana. So John put out a movie he talked about this on his exit interview with Robin with myself as well called Boone the bounty hunter, which is now on Netflix, and John this is like a completely self funded self created project by John you did a good job of bringing on actors of some renown. I'm gonna give you a list of four actors, which actor of note does not star in Boone the bounty hunter with John Hennigan. Okay. Great. Hey Jonathan lip. Nikki be Lorenzo lamas. See mccully Kokin. Gee, Kevin Sorbo. Home. My gosh. Okay. Let's see. Okay. I feel it. So this is on Netflix. Okay. So I'm just trying to gauge the level. You know, not to hate on Netflix movies or anything like that. Like who is trying to make a comeback. Who hasn't been busy doing stuff recently? I man. What is MacAulay Culkin than up to? Honestly, what is what have any of these actors been up to three of them are up to Boone the bounty hunter? Okay. I feel like Kevin Kokin had had a podcast that one point. I think of. Well, anybody can have a punk is these days? Okay. Well, Kevin Sorbo. Definitely I'm pretty sure he's in it. Right. Because he was Hercules. So I feel like that would be get or John Hennigan. You know, what we'll just go with MacAulay Culkin that is correct Jonathan lip Nikki, Lorenzo lamas. And Kevin Sorbo are all in Boone the bounty hunter. Now, I'm interested. Now, you're interested in you really selling that moving. Truly an interesting caz. If you want to find out what happened to Jonathan lip Nikki host, Jerry Maguire, you have to watch Boone the bounty hunter to find out. Knows really been making the rounds six cents kit. What's again paid in Haley, total Osman? Yeah. Haley Joel has been on every podcast this year. Well, he's he's been all over the all over like the old come he's done it. But unlike he was on Silicon Valley like he's he sees you work consistently. I don't flip Nikki has but he's really worked pretty consistently. He has like a decent body work on Doboy. Six hundred guy whose name I just forgot alias allows me Joel h j show. Actually, let's just. Censored. All right. Let's go to you here in two thousand seventeen film. John Hennigan played a mythical creature what mythical creature did he play. Hey, a Centaur be a minute. Tar see a Merman D a Griffin. I never really know. What a Griffin is. I'm not going to go with that. I'm gonna say between the center and the minute towards one of those. And I'm going to say the minutes is correct. In the two thousand seventeen film David made a maze. He played the miniature. I guess which speaks back to the Smith myth from Greek origin. I write this down from my new versions of bedtime stories. Start time. There was a mini tar name John Hennigan named John Hennigan. He was stuck do support. You guys going on Rob's podcasts. And watching the the Netflix. John thune. Yeah. Yeah. I get I could do it. I'd be persuaded to do it. Because I think it's also we're not we're done with win. The bounty hunter stuff because I'm pretty sure it's it's about like a reality TV star who actually becomes a bounty hunter. I might actually watch this on my own like that's nothing can be worse than Santa's summer house for you have nowhere to go. But up it's true. Nowhere to go it up but only for Kevin Cervo. For the Renzo lamas. That's really why I'm watching it with Kevin a might be the woo of it and only appear in it for like five minutes. Get top billing. It'd be too bad lip Nicot is we are one all Leon number going back to you John China. They made an appearance on a Cartoon Network children's reality show into in the two thousands, which one did he appear in. Hey, destroy build destroy bees, dude. What would happen? See brain rush, d the other ciders? What are these shows? These are all actual reality shows that released by the Cartoon Network in the two thousands. Okay. First of all, how does Cartoon Network. Have reality TV, it's cartoon popular. It's popular MTV doesn't have music videos anymore. It's just a name. Okay. First of all, you could've written four TV shows like made up names, and I would have absolutely no idea. This is a complete shot in the dark. I will go with a that shot in the dark landed. You are correct John appeared on the show called destroy build destroy. Which I actually remember involved basically like two teams of kids with one adult supervising them like building giant machines, essentially attack each other. And I think John Hennigan actually competed against the Miz in one episode ended up prevailing. We are all real TV shows. These are all real TV shows. Wow. All right after Boone the bounty hunter. I got some TV to watch dude. What would happen might have been the most of noxious show? I've ever seen an involved like three dude Bros sitting around. And I'm not getting at the camera. Like, dude, what would happen if you wore fish tank on your head? And then they like, it's basically like the dumbed down version of Mythbusters where they were just walk around and do those things. This is some real quality television being put out on the Cartoon Network. It really there's a reason why they would back the cartoons very quickly. All right. Let's go back to you doesn't against been very busy. He's involved in several upcoming projects, which of these is not the name of an upcoming project starring John Hennigan. Hey, Dodds of medicine be the twenty seven club. See ATI Shane cars. God's in secrets de dare to dream. Twenty seven. I'm sorry. It was dare to dream. Oh. No, I works like he's a wrestler who works more than almost any other actors and insane. Yes. It's a lot. He's got a law going on. Let's say the twenty seven club a singer, songwriter chasing, fame and a journalism. Student researching his thesis are drawn into a sinister underworld as h attempts to discover the truth behind the curtain of the twenty seven club is he is he the student. I his name is his name is Jim Morrison, which isn't that the name of the lead singer of the doors? It's actually a remake. It's a bio pic. Yeah. I just say it's a bio pic nestled within. Yes. Philly goes to the doors also happens to be named Jim Morrison. That's very odd. Classic. All right. Let's go back to you Leon for question. Number five our last John Hennigan question. So I am TB has this really interesting feature where on each actress page they pick like the four movies. They're quote, unquote, most known for so of these four movies, which one of them was not in which one was not in the most known for category Boone, the bounty hunters already up there because that's his baby. But the other three were and one of them wasn't. Hey, Hercules, reborn. Be Sinbad and the war of the fury's. See twenty feet below colon. The darkness descending de strange nature. These all sound made up. These are all real movies. Okay. I will go a strange nature. No, I'm sorry. Sinbad in the war of the fury's. Despite him playing the titular character was apparently not known enough to make his mount Rushmore film, the war of the fury's or the furry. Nope. That is that'd be a very different movie. Sindbad the sailor takes on hold of furry. Listen that might be. That's true. At least you have the niche market appeal. Right. But maybe maybe there was like a misprint, and that sort of just attracted a weird Nishat audience to it. Right. I mean, they just confuse it like, I did it makes sense. Let's segue into the history of Mike white who has a he's mostly more known for his writing. But he has some acting stuff as well. So we'll certainly get into it. Akiva, let's go back to you. What John appetite produced TV show did Mike white not appear in this is only three choices freaks in key cts undeclared or love which one was he not in. It was not in. Now. I don't remember him in love and every episode of love. I'm going to say love, but I'm not con do should be confident. That is correct. Mike way was actually a writer on freaks engage and he made a cameo in one episode. He also made a cameo on credited cameo in undeclared. So fortunately, Judd appetite did not decide to bring him back in the Rolodex. He's resigned to being on survivor. I guess it's a fair trade considering I think loves fine. I know you wash it all the way through what'd you think of it? I really I really I was going to say I love I really really like it. It's not for everybody. But it I I love I love the spoon, man. Who's in really become at the end from Bill. Boys becomes like one of the main guys. I love the all right. Let's move on here. Liana what post apocalyptic film had Mike white played an uncreditworthy role. Hold victim in bathroom. I actually have a vanity license plate. Then I got down. I got my role of victim bathroom on my business card actually contagion be zombie land Sea World war Z de scouts guide to the apocalypse. Let's go with zombie land. That is correct Mike white appeared in zombie land. As victim in bathroom. Just imagine that on on putting that on your resume victim and bathroom sad. He was on credited. Well, I'm as extra after that burger bar. It seemed like Mike was going to be victim bathroom very soon up to was actually, Bob doc. Also victim Bruce Kennedy guy victim bathroom. Very much victim bathroom later on of throwing exiling or to keep it going back to you in two thousand and five and Mike white sermon. Vehicle called welcome to California. And he played a music composer who happened to have the same name as a celebrity, and it wasn't Jim Morrison. What was the characters name? Hey, Tom Hanks be Michael Bolton. See Kurt brussel, d John Goodman. I feel like the Michael Bolton been done already right from office space. So if they did that they sort of went to the well again with a joke. So I'm gonna go with Kurt Russell. His name was John Goodman. Okay. But my my thought is definitely office space reference that I put in there to see if you pick up on it. Should have been Fabio is the name. They should've picked. Yeah. Nobody knows Fabio's last night. I was gonna say actually, I don't know. What does last name is? I don't think it was real mailing share. Moving to Google it. I don't wanna be saying, let's say, Osceola and Sony. Yeah. See that runes Fabio same fob. You just got ruined when you revealed his last day. All right. We're going back to you Liana. So as for aware, Mike white vote for the emoji movie. But how many writers including Mike white recruiter data as part of the writing team for the emoji movie? A to b five c six d nine. I feel like there's always there's like the sweet spot of writers that when there's too many you can tell that the movie was just disaster. And it was like desperately passed from writer to writer to try to improve the screenplay. So I'm gonna I'm gonna go six that is correct. There were six people who wrote the emoji movie, you really need it. You can really tell that. It was touched by six hands. I mean, yes, it's an odyssey for our time. This really anyone has to craft it icon ick. It was a joint joint written joint tweeted. I don't know. They were outsourced. They were passing around and join absolately. All right. Let's go to you here, which of these roles has Mike white not played in a film. So I'll read you a role including the description and one of these is not rail. The other three are a corny a highly religious security guard be Nick are rich and accomplished Hollywood director, see Tyler a shy lonely IT guy. De Frederick a smug adult child of divorce. I'm going to say Frederick a smug. Adult shot is correct. The other three he did play lane corny the highly religious security guard in the good girl, you play Nick the Hollywood director in Brad status, and he played Tyler a lonely IT guy and enlighten, which was the TV show. He did with Oregon Brad status Brad status. It's Ben Stiller movie. Oh, oh, I thought it was like a Facebook status. The prequel to the emoji movie. Yes. Facebook status the movie. Yeah. Oh, no. Yes. That's what the real world is reboot. It's gonna all be about. It's about it's all communicated through status. Classic. Well, so Lena has four Akiva has three we're going to approach. One more sudden death round here. Here's how this is going to work. We're going to go rapid fire. We'll go back and forth. I'm going to read growing back to the John Hennigan. Well, here I'm going to read the name of a movie all real movies. But you had to tell me whether or not Jan Hennigan was in it. So just go right off, your gut. Don't be a victim in the bathroom. Just tell me if you think John Hennigan was in this movie, and we'll see hopefully, this means that Akiva will be able to have a shot of surpassing Liana here and taking the last minute win. So Liana we'll start with you as quickly as you can answer deadly press. No, that's great. Akiva, never leave alive. Yes. Liana the big shot. Yes. That's correct. Akiva, evolve. Over. Yes. Liana American Justice. No, yes. Lucky dragon wars colon de war. Liana house of hardcore too. Yes. Yes. Finally, Cuba are low the burping pig this as twenty points, right? Yeah. The correct answer by swapping, fifteen points, a Cubans. This. You guys got three right out of eight. That's not too bad considering these random smattering of films. I think that's what it's going to sound like Mike when you're talking to your child. Yes. No. No. Yes. Yes. As I'm showing them are load. The burping pig the hit family film. Yes. Everyone loves it. And the it was the straight to DVD version of babe knows the real crass version of bay it dealt at bay was to was to gentle. And so they really wanted to thirty it up a little bit the PG thirteen virgin. Well, congratulations Liana you have won this version of IM D bag. So I think we all have a really tucking into the extensive cinematic history of Mike and John alight. I like it a bunch of movies. I will probably never watch also. Yeah. We know way too much about I've looked to way too much into Mike White's filmography, also I'm looking at of the burping pig. The pig is voiced by Drake bell. Yes. Speaking of the challenge wasn't he on champs versus stars. Yeah. This is only like a year before doing that. So really he is a hopping from stone to stone across the Hollywood rounds truly making his way in the swan Jonathan Nikki. Of course, this is the new six degrees of separation from Kevin bacon. But no longer Kevin bacon. So cigarettes the separation from Johnston. Let John Hennigan I'm here for it better. Oh my goodness. Okay. All right. Well, I I actually have one more thing before we start to wrap up about like actual strategy. I don't know if that's something that this point that we are brains could handle or my brain could handle, but I had this yesterday of feeling like the post merge of David versus Goliath is just the post merge of ghost island, but with advantages that actually makes it interesting that sort of how I feel and I think that there's cases to be made for while these advantages are making it interesting, otherwise we. Have David sort of steamroll sort of similar to the navy's versus the Melos. So I don't know if either of you have thoughts on it. But I kind of feel like that's the situation that we're in. I mean, I have heard a lot of conversations about now that we have sort of dissect at the post merge of ghost island about how it was a bit unlucky that all the advantages sort of ended up on one side, especially the idol's like Jonathan had an idol Kellen had the extra vote, but they both ended up sort of being used for not. And that's how sort of Wendell Dahmer able to have a stranglehold on the game. So I could see the point that, you know, now that you have the David's commiserating together about all the idols that they had all the advantages that they had it definitely helps improve the underdog story as opposed to like, you know, the gongs, for example, all they could do is just sort of big be sitting ducks, quite literally. Yeah. I dunno. Akiva, do you have any thoughts about this? Really? Okay. That's fair. I don't know. I just I feel like this so often people are just, you know, say, oh, blah, blah, blah. I don't like advantages. But I think this might actually be kinda boringly. I know we're counting the season. And it has been a lot of fun. And I stand by that. But I think part of that is because of all the advantages. I mean, they were three really that. We're played from the idol. I dunno fire and the votes steel that all made this super exciting not to save the cast couldn't carrying themselves on their own. But I just think that sometimes there has to be a case for all of these advantages, and why they could be a good thing. I'm just throwing it out there. I don't know if that's sacrilegious in any way by just want throw it out there because I can well, I guess well, don't you think like something if like nowadays if somebody says, oh that was an amazing up. So almost always has like an epic tribal council rarely talking about the I like forty eight minutes of the show true. Even sometimes some of the classic episodes of let's say the last ten seasons. Like, you couldn't tell me this really would happen. You know, what a challenge or or it's sort of like light moments at camp. At almost always comes down, though that was like a tribal we've never seen before mother question is like how do we know is their chance? The I don't know if I was going to get re hidden or or no, I don't know. I feel like it's sort of like a one time thing. I mean that would be my hope because we only get only have like four rounds until the end. So it feels a bit foolish. So I can understand hiding idols. But I don't know if you need to rehire, the idol nullify or that being said, it could absolutely happen. And I think I think in other interesting, I think it would be so anti-climactic the second time. I almost think like it would almost guarantee it gets played also like how would you because Carl while he was on exile. Right. Could it be a thing of like does someone have to sit out a challenge most likely Carl because that seems to be the way is is going and he happens to get it again. I'm not entirely sure, I guess to answer your question Liana could this also just come from the fact that no offense to John and Dan. But if we're talking about the bigger David versus Goliath story the. Advantages are producing exciting route -able out tops as opposed to something like advantage dead. And where people are love Sirri. They hate to see her go that way. I mean, I think that if someone like Christian went out when he played his idol, and his I don't know why people would be pissed off about it. So I mean, I don't want to necessarily cry double standard. But I do feel like because you know, some people specifically are not big fans of Dan. They were totally fine with this wealth of advantages coming in right? Exactly. I mean, some of it is definitely being results oriented of. Yeah. Okay. Like, maybe this is a case for advantages because I was excited and happy about how it played out. But I guess I'm just trying to think of would it have been as exciting if it had been a David steam or Goliath steamroll over the David's, I don't necessarily think. So also, I'm realizing I had missed opportunity to yell numbers. While Akiva is trying to answer his question. Much like win Christian because I was trying to think of what happened during the challenges. And if there was anything notable that happened during the rest of the episode, and that was the one thing I pulled from. But no one's gonna remember that long-term the yelling them. I mean, I think it's a good tragedy to jus again. I think this happened in the challenge as well. It just you just sort of try to screw the other team up. But I just seemed to be like a drop in the bucket of everything that happened in this episode eleven. All right. Well, let's let's move on to the final segment of each. And every week you're on the BNB. The question of the week last week's question of the week in honor of the stick twirling that Davey was doing and order to distract the others while Nick and Carl looked for that vote steal what would be the distraction you'd wanna utilize on survivor as per usual. We'll go around the line from the listeners, and we'll also read our own responses that we gave as well. Let me start with an Email. I got from mummy Gaga from RHA BNB gmaiLcom. I would have to sing the arch. BNB theme song as a distraction where Mike and Liana then show at the beach out of nowhere to do the actual BNB. That would be that's like our version of the live show. It's people who have no idea who we are who aren't interested. It's not recorded. That's like being invoked like Beetlejuice like you have to sing our song three times and turn around and we'll like suddenly appear into a show right there. What about that? Would that be like the world's worst? Our reward challenge. You get to hear your a two person like live version of your favorite podcasts on the beach. That's your roar food. I mean, not to to ourselves too much that you get so bored out there like you would wanna listen to you. Listen to want to listen to like car talk as a reward to get away from people. Sometimes sure. Actively excite well because you know, when people like, oh my gosh. This is the best burger I've ever had. Oh my gosh. This is the best NPR episode. I've ever heard exactly your senses dull just from the sense of playing the game. And I guess that includes your ears as well. So Christmas said here's what you do. You get yourself some money clip if dollar Bill in the money clip, then when a guy flashes a blade, you go you want my money, go get it. Then you run the other direction, which is essentially John Mullany sort of approach for dealing with muggers on the street. I yeah. I don't know how you're going to be able to sneak that onto survivor, but he could definitely luxury item is a nice scene note. Right. DJ Lebel client says my perfect survivor distraction. I would give an extended exhaustive theatrical retelling of the iconic Shelley long film troop Beverly Hills. Everyone will be transfixed I promise hashtag. It's cookie time. That's a good idea. I don't know why. But this makes me think of the Beverly Hills wa wa movie, that's the first thing that Jonathan let s connection to every now, Akiva, if someone was trying to distract you by talking through the Star Wars franchise with that people to like satiate your appetite enough while they went to for an advantage. If someone explain Star Wars, and I would just fall asleep. And then I wouldn't I would not find the advantage. Somebody else Trent says my ploy to distract other survivors, just like big, Tom. I would stick a feather in between my clenched cheeks, but the feather would be attached to a live chicken. So essentially trying to saying I'm gonna stick chicken up my, but now a distract people. That would be a brand would have struck people with that would. I don't think I don't think that makes air though. That's a problem. You're doing it for all that work for no reason. Well, I mean, listen if Sandra garnered so much internet negatively for trying to kill the goat. Imagine how much pita would come down on somebody for sticking chicken up there. But as a distraction. Those would be all time tweets from pizzas, you're not getting that money. No, absolutely not. In fact, you have to pay SIA, you're find by CEO, you think people are out there really like wondering like who's going to get the money and sort of hand during the love of animals and sort of being the underdog the emergence strategy. Nah. I think that time pass because time was really the only one who got it who didn't someone else gets Danzig money Jonathan did. But it was also because they didn't see ghost island finale at the times, they didn't know the Donovan to keep his point in my have been just zeitgeist. So they didn't think that it would never make a comeback. I would be playing hardcore for I would be singing songs. I'd be. I'd like I also don't show my face during tribal. I would really be pandering. The Melissa bot says a my distraction will be yoga. I mean, Joe ga and also says shutout to human, Akiva. I didn't is there a robot. Akiva, I don't know. There might be do, you know, if you have a botox count? I do not have anybody counts. Thankfully, no, not yet. Although then maybe I would get verified. I don't know if you have the body we ought to do of bought account. So they're on us. Thanks. So I hope not and are now I'm assuming there's fake Mike were a couple. There was one who was trying to make account for my wife, which was really interesting here. No, I would say that's weird. I'd say that's. The people that separated whatever they want to do with their social media if they want to record a I hate bitches on their Instagram. So be it. No, no, no bitch. Mike does your wife have an opinion on the canon of her situation on the on? My other were actually listening to the dad know at all in the car ride here at she. She was she was a little incredulous about the pronunciation of her name element to that. But she loves you guys. So she'll go along with it. Well that will right. I think the just explain I think it was it was the second time. It's come up, right? That the canon of her name on our podcast is. Yes. Absolutely. And they think it makes her sound more professional as well. So maybe they'll show it'd be like her her stage name it'll be on her business card, even though it's no things about it. Like, a world leader named Angela you think of Angela from the office, that's not tough. But you angle miracle. It's like I don't wanna mess with her. She she doesn't want me the person. But like, actually it's ongoing. I have no doubt that envelope miracle like would always correct people and this many, Android uncle, but with dramatics. But now, that's why you have to become a world leader famous world leader. Then like, you know, if somebody asked how to pronounce your name come on. That's true you become the gold standard than for name. Your name could be like fluidly blurb in and like you can't pronounce it any other way. Now. Yeah. Or, you know, be like Anglo. I'm like, oh, I'm sorry. It's Angela now, you know, that's like that's my wife's gonna have to become president now to supersede ongo out to become the number one Angela pronunciation the world, obviously, the US or German. Well, we can move. Good work on some visas. A Pirker Schindler says I would distract people by whispering. Tony's llama speaking peoples ear. Turks. This only one at a time. You gotta start to hold group. You could yell it. But to go like this. All right like left. Hold on one over. Not sure Azima for this version of the BNB. Hope you enjoyed that little for a all, right? Let's move on John John says if I have to distract people I would lie. I would do like Whoo. With the kids showing some karate moves and spending a coconut on my hands since. No basketball's are available like the Globetrotters. Now is this John John John John already? That's that's actually I think a rule in broach Inc. Also, the before you eat the coconut spin on your hands. I could use some Agean like someone just being distracted by like stewing like Harlem globetrotter tricks. Yeah. And then I don't know who's going to be the Washington generals. But like they just get the whole thing going to the Goliath early the Washington generals at this point in terms of following for it every single time. Elizabeth not to be confused with our Elizabeth says I enjoy living vicariously through my sixth grade, self. So I'd probably bust out. Some cheerleading moves I off my Herkel, a Herkie spirit fingers and Cartwheel's that that's yeah. I mean, that's sort of similar I think in the same vein of what David is trying to do with his like baton twirling, Tai Chi thing that's the basically the stick thirty stick her. Stick fingers. I know. Jonathan Troyer says when waiting quietly identi-, so my try mates might be accustomed to seeing that why my distracting move would be to strike various poses like superhero, supermodel, Kenneth the page, celebrating, etc. So essentially, it's like a version of like a frenetic vogue gang, which was sort of just drop people's I. If you wait loudly does he also dance like must. He be quiet when I win waiting quietly identity. I'm a mentioned what he means by dancing as well as it like shuffling back and forth on your feet, or is it like actual choreography? It's doing moves like the superhero or the supermodel, which I don't know. What those neither do I the superhero supermodel bowl sound pretty generic that really like any, you know, you could really do any sort of pose attributed to a superhero. I'm very white. So that's also how I'd answer finally dancing. He says the best way to distract people from my allies looking for advantages is to dig for an advantage in plain sight, LA Chrissy, Hof back once I'm thrown out of the way, I could either join my allies or running the opposite direction. So it's almost like being the red herring purposely and trying to get people thinking that you're looking for an idol when it turns out that your your allies are actually looking for one. I should like that strategy just start digging random like holes in the beach. Like, I didn't realize there was a dog on our season. I like that just start like digging Raynham holes. I know that on survivor South Africa, someone dug a giant hole, so they were using it as a heating duct or their shelter. So if you come and saying that you're in constructive, come up with some sort of cockamamie construction excuse justify a reason, I think it's good. Absolutely. Well, Akiva, what would your distraction mean to get people to look for the the idol or advantages while the cats were away. All right. So you ask me what my distraction would be. But you didn't give me like when you told me to prepare one thing. Just this. You didn't give the advantage part. So I went into the completely different direction. I was thinking if I was on the show, my overall, general distraction would be that I would make up that I was a billionaire and that like I would just because who wouldn't want to hear stories about like being billionaire? I feel like everyone is asking questions though, I'm about a richer. And then also it's like we'll bring me to the end because I think it's three point one billion. You don't wanna just have one billion dollars? So I have three point one billion dollars. It's like a family thing we own like, Sears or something. Although that would be dollars now. You know? And then it's like bring me to the end. But then you get to be on your like just getting I'm actually a really poor. And then you win like just kidding. I'm actually middle class. That's that's my overall. Well, they can be story time. I mean, I think you know, this can be applied in so many different situations. Right. Because then it's like storytime with Akiva. Let me tell you stories of my three point one million dollars. I don't know what they would be three point one billion. Oh. Seers of the of the Sears Sears. Yes. Sears. Is Weiner ker was was the original name for it. Anyway. So you so you could say like, hey, everybody gathered around why tell you a story about my boat trip with Warren Buffett, and while you were doing that like your allies where the off looking. Everyone who like who was a recruit would be like, oh who's wandering puffing? But then my to to answer your your question of to distract them from finding an idol. I think my my distraction would be just talking about my podcasts all day, and then people would be so bored. They'd walk away from me. And they would be like, oh, great. You went into the woods again. Like, we don't have to hear about his eight five minutes. They would be you're pretty happy with segregate yourself by knowing people by shura podcasts. Sure. But it wouldn't. Because like that's not like so grievous that they're gonna vote you off for being mildly annoying about your podcasts unless you have a real pod hater out there. But I could at least get myself some free time because they'd be thrilled that I wasn't wasn't talking about like and this one episode Mike bloom came on and we liked it a fake cast. You guys know what brand Steelers and there's just none not stop once. It would be. That's what I feel like I could regale people with conversations of all the prints still like let me tell you about a season. We're aunt Patti didn't play her idol. Oh that was the worst movement survivor history. Or do you could just like, hey, guys. Let's play another fake. All right, guys. It's four where like fake season. Twenty three is like, no, no, no. This is with genius Gary everyone from the all, right? All right. We're gonna take a walk on the beach. And then you go find the right? You look at it only feign interest for so long like when you start singing the bang rang song when you're doing your intro for the brand steel that you're playing on the beach with genius characters than really they don't have time for it. All right Liana. What's what's anchorman is literally sleeping during the day. While you're doing what's your distraction Liana, why was just so inspired by our bedtime stories from last week that I feel like telling bedtime stories. It'd be a great way to entertain people. Also, Jordan Kayla sent me something from I think it was from the survivor Facebook page, but it was would love to see Princess beg a lot and K Angelina gone. So they could be a new character along with the other one that we came up with it. I don't remember from this episode so Princess beg. A lot would be the main character of my story that I would tell to distract you hopefully have prince. Beg a lot. We can have her brother Mitchell through ten penny. And then her gorgeous stepbrother Channing Hensley. It's very dramatic. Yeah. So I had a very simple solution. Three. Very concise words close up magic. I feel like there's so many things you do you might not have a deck of cards. But like you could do a lot of stuff with coconut or palm leaves that could distract the eye to be able to just like get people's attention. Even for like, fifteen minutes, the David Blaine of survivor. Mike, just go ahead and do your beach manager and not the Goliath Blaine the David blade. John Hennigan said that dancing is all about misdirection misdirection. Yes. So much now that would be that's something that you can tap on dancing, and in close magic, whatever you said, and plus like that would make me more appealing as an ally. Because like does anyone really wants to vote for a magician to win the game? So like, I feel like much like a key viscera billion dollar lie. I could lie that I'm a magician. And so people would want to bring me to the end. The ultimate goat profession is magician. Anything anyone really wants to vote for magician in the end game because it has to represent your season. You know, you're thinking like this is the winner that represents our season, and we really gonna vote for magician is that it's not a bad point. Although I mean there have been the past. I heard Fabio may the money disappear. I can think of several sports stars also done the same thing. Yeah. Exactly. He's the greatest magician of them all next week question of the week. Alec talked about how it survivor one. Oh, one to never or to never tell someone that you have the idol. So we're going to sort of collectively build a survivor rule. Book much like the Chacho rule book. Give us your own rule you'd like to enter into the class syllabus for survivor one one. So it can be anything from survivor history can beat something generic. It'd be something completely specific we'll sort of build them out next week with our guest. Jessica lease. We'll becoming on to talk about the double episode of survivor, David versus Goliath. You have a bunch of ways you can reach out to us with this information. You can always tweet it to us using hashtag RHA P B and B you can post on as a website dot com. You can post on broth has awesome patriot's Facebook group, you have a bunch of ways to reach out to us. You can Email us RHA P, B, N, B edgy, mail dot com. Tom, and we actually have a bit of a lesson or mail. I wanna go through here. This Email is titled tungsten weights and jigs, dear friend, good day. This is Laura we produced tungsten, fishing sinker. Tungsten beads tungsten fishing jig, head ice jig, head tungsten, Gulf, wait round and square tungsten alloy parts, if you have some interest, would you please send me an Email to and then she gives them bunch of information. So last season we had a Greek priest ever looking to stay on the BNB and this week. We might be sponsored by some tungsten, weights and fishing jigs. The coveted sponsorship. We've been looking for this little fund our ads in the yearbooks that we've chosen. Yes, exactly. There's there's money in big tungsten. So I think we're really going to clean up here. This is great. Okay. That's totally random. All right. We'll akiva. Thank you so much totally random for coming on and submitting yourself to all the random stuff, we through your way, how can people reach out to on social media, and for those that are not in the know of Robin. Akiva, Nita podcast you want to explain it briefly. And what you guys have been doing. Sure. Rob sister, Nino was on survivor six and eight and then he started a podcast network. You're listening to one of the shows on anyway, Robin. I we couldn't think of a podcast idea after we watched one hundred eighty episodes, the Seinfeld. So people send the podcast ideas every week, and then we spend a magical wheel, and whatever the wheel turns up. We do that podcast this week. We became Harry Potter experts in previous weeks. We've announced the football video game. We've what else have we done? We sometimes watching TV show. We watched the movie leprechaun, whatever people want us to do. We are their servant, and we will do it. So we're at eleven zones in and there's definitely gonna be at least three or four more. So people listening, and they could find me on Twitter at kief K, E twenty-six, actually speaking in this actually was just complete synergy because we've found this out after Akiva got booked on the BNB, but speaking of the brain steals, the might serve as a distraction. I'll actually be appearing on. On this coming week do a brand sealed through the top fifty TV characters which is shorter be. Hopefully, very insane. Yeah. Seriously. Check it out if you haven't it's just it's so much fun random, which I think fits my emo- so very enjoyable, and I'm looking forward to this brand seal are really on a you have to what's your thing. Like, I could we get you on with your people are always pitching themselves or like their favorite host. But what how could we get you? What would be your thing? And don't say something like scienc- because Robin. I Don I wouldn't subject anyone to that Liana has really become prolific in like going through people's like social media feeds or going through their official website stuff. Like, I feel like Leon could become winging name merchandise expert and the in the in the vein of like us bagging on Dan wranglings t shirts like we could do something similar here. Yes. She did. Do a really good job today with that. What about like a like a your through trash like who else who's your merchandise s? You're you're Murchison mess tweet like who who is like awful social media cow now know that we could really just tear into. Yeah. I feel like that would be that'd be good. Right. I'll I'll put together my pitch at the BNB are serious about our business plans. So eilly on will put together my pitch because guests on the podcast. You got a schedule on it's complicated. What it's very annoying. I think this might be the last one x Ray pitch to no one. It's like, it's like a three band reply chain. And then news like all, right? What what time we doing in the no one responds for two days? And it's like, oh, the ideal time would have been yesterday, right? Liane while you're working on. And if people have pitches to send you in order to to forward to Robin, Akiva, Anita podcast. How can people follow you on social media? Yeah. You can find me on social media. I'm at Liana Boris L I A N A B O R A S. And I am excited to announce that of course, in addition to the BNB wall, Mike, you myself and Brent welcome out, and we'll be getting back together for a Rupa's drag race coverage. So next week. We're going to be recording a preview for all star season four, and then we're going to be covering the Christmas special as well as our regular season coverage of all stars four. So that will be coming up soon. So keep an eye out for that. It's been a good five months since what about rupaul drag race. So it's time to take the rust off those wheels and roll into the end of the year. So yeah, we'll be we'll be talking more about our coverage later on this week. But I'm very very excited hit the main stage with Brenton Liana once again, you can follow me on Twitter at a Mike bloom. Type you can check out the exit press that I'm doing like everyone else are due to the holiday our exit press with Dan. Pushed back to Monday. So be sure to expect my exit interview with him out. Then I was on the real weird sisters talking about the movie version of Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix, it's a long podcast. So if you haven't gone to a yet, it's there in your feet and speaking of long podcast, we surprised all our survivor historians listeners this week by putting out our first part of our heroes vs villains coverage where we talk for two and a half hours just about the cast in true long, winded historians fashion, but that was a lot of fun. So be sure to check that out. That's a little pre-thanksgiving treat that we dropped on everyone before they some seriously feasted both on the podcast and their respective meals. But that's going to do it for this week on the BNB. We'll be back next week again with Jessica lease to talk about the double episode of this really really awesome season as per usual. You can send us not only a response to the question of the week. But also any games that you want us to play any slam poetry. You may have we can always read as of course, we're always grateful for. You guys listening along to all of these shenanigans especial? Thanks to Paul also sent our head writer, Scott saint-pierre, fighting all this behind the scenes and wolf from America for the P B and B theme song, Akiva Liana. Thank you both so much for coming on. And we'll check you all out at your next day. Like some day, right? Sounds cool. Oh. H. Right. Three. One second guys. I'm sorry. Someone's are you frigging kidding me? Now, we're doing it. 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