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What's he doing on these non java. She's back hello and and welcome to three caldecott white to get into this is some big tepes got up swigs money to be made as welcoming very special co host. The colonel good very good good horses a back here at night. The big spruce mystique journey is back after winning the oil and australian guineas butts on my kibe it we haven't like headed. Marshall is being i know we talked about some big tipping last week sosa born twenty any dulles plus. We welcoming the man himself so i'm in marshall. He's just saying on my just getting back to the three one night. Count the family on twitter. I i can't get back to you all but i'm trying my best you will labor. What have we learned unbelievable. Wait we had last week nights weighing. He can't even by the day and we're so glad to be back home with the hot. Potato tayo could have greg back in the studio good funny. It's funny. That's the way that people have such a fascination with what other people wear. It's just it's just a normal jump. Eh do it for a little bit of jewish law. You're up and it's clearly the little ryan around bracingly the trek report. He's very important. Julian short coalfield obtain mehta's entice off six at the moment not my trying to bet thursday but little bit of ryan to have meals expected fraud i and then we have a drawing on saturday. I think it will stay in that. Soft seeks ryan's morning even getting to the soft seven ryan. There's also a twenty to thirty kilometers northerly wind and coffee in which we now has an impact shoot rice's because it is straight into their face but we looked at the stats on now asus of how these treks going to play and we're expecting middle toward. He's going to be the place to bay. We think off the field yet riley. I midfield. He's way you wanna bay lay deserted slow at disadvantage with these rile and the white attracts going to be you gotta be interesting because they had some horses short in the market especially early in the die joining so i'd guides and will roll forward but we're expecting middle of the tracks going to be weighing debate plenty of ways to cut the mustard for the track reported on as well. Let's have a look at the first rice on the caddy's out of these rice number. Five divine sykes are eleven hundred meters and bivouac who start to five hundred thirty dollars forty three sixty excess funds stocks the pros nate condors express cyber is a pretty good price and alsi at thirteen dollars julian the three year olds a back from their two year old year a few days. I <hes> beaver working particular tools forty. There's quite skinny. <hes> i'm acting straight clear out five obviously come back and really good order. There's an hi dad that he's trial was good. Huey byman comes down to roy godolphin. We know the <hes> flowing but i think a rice that does have no spayed whatsoever so oh. I think it's going to be the homeless that maybe a feet could be the ones that i'm going with the seven excess funds. This is the feet who was taking on the horses that if i yeah i think it's with the horses to. I think it's a great h. Y. It'd be really surprised if mr hall i locked it seen damn wing it was offers slow speed but it was the best four hundred of the die then it went across to add alight to kind of some really good holistic including thirty of approach. It was a two year old against the career out the big syndicates involved and actually backed excess funds four destroyed all his twenty that was probably off the two year old stats against the the horses neo comes back against each year in in a three year old vines dykes but i think it might get lost funds on with it or it can only can lift. It is a little on marshall yeah <hes>. It's really interesting well. He's at two year olds <hes> finishing two three year old so we're guessing a little bit as to how much they having improved. I love horses with a penalty to be honest. <hes> coming out of these rice that <unk> actually proven jukebox in russian revolutions they had booms on them arrival to stand up and show in particular russian revolution one these rice last year a lot g._p._s. <hes> and the reason that law g._v._s.'s east foams proven he was a group three winner on debut. He just got bleeper. Yes yes yes so that formed toys into bivouac doc <hes> who was bitten one point links boy. Yes yes yes <hes>. Maybe i lost yes. Yes yes yeah. Absolutely <hes> gripped ripped to win. I remember they took him to queensland group to winner then then like steam against the owl's as a group on level fair enough he had forty. I it needs back indicator berryman in the saddle but he got one point five links. These holes has residual fitness are now. He's got to carry the penalty but he rolls forward from his guy trying on the track gbs c._b._s. For me i think i wanna stick with him because he's got plenty of upside. The call us work boys excess funds for jews and julius the salmon marshall. Let's head to the knicks race on the cat. I ever eleven hundred maters in brooklyn. Hassle brooklyn hassle at four dollars. Sixty does might law three kilos bitter from last time at five dollars fifty exhilaration seven dollars fifty a little bit of a question about the way susan fly ci later lincoln and some in one of your favorite horses absolute flood because because that's what you are when you go out absolute flows semi of this. This is a genuinely going to be generally run rice the biggest field seasonal flu. I'll go forward satanic or go forward cheerleader. We'll go forward from the war. Guy says going to be some really good tau in his rice. Donald g later can find a spot but as we know caulfield not the worst place debate with the one band around the shoot races geez. I think this race. It's absolutely perfect in terms of doing your spayed. Map is one horse that absolutely stands out like bake information that is brooklyn hustle. I think it'll get in that roy midfield position on offense with this third or fourth stop into the prep going with the as and guineas but gosh oh really wanna be with it on saturday i think he just sits up perfectly for her. Jason warren he's career strike. Great winning is at around twelve thirty percent first up second up. It goes to eight percent. These are the times i think you wanna be with jason marin first and second up in the horses prep and this is what what we say with brooklyn hassle. The trial was really good. I just love it off. The map and i think it'll sprint really well. Malam is absolutely writing in sensational fashion. He's gone at twenty nine. Percent burmese lost thirty all the factors lineup for me that this race will just the right shape will be perfect for brooklyn hustle confident isn't he does this confidence ups any minimum time it is but but i'm sh- her rice patent to me as suggest that she's unlucky runner. She got an eight a lot of luck. This is a field in the culture division big group of phillies running he and and she's drawn <hes> middleton inside and she gets back in needs covering arises that says she writes it so she's gotten a need that little bit locked thought gills cabello rosa rumble able doa for mooney valley ci later roles forward see tony la fillets lincoln style dining all of a jumps off absolute foot foot roy lincoln stuff but i wanna guy with absolute fluid drawn out. Let's show is really good. Guide speed. She's a bit of a proxy and all matter a black book with fifty nine kilos i dot when she had no luck at mooney. Valley she'd go cool and the bauxite got dragged. Back didn't get one hundred ago and when she got it she went wash and the reason that locker in this race is because she's a group she got. She got stikes performance beside her name absolute fluid and i just think she gets the raw run on the speed with the hottest beat back behind the locks of pin. Sick exhilarates is interesting run on the title little trickle in the market brooklyn. Hart's gotta be a broken. Hustle is gonna be behind her in the run but absolute barrier. She's going to be out of luck. She's gonna be on speed. She's going to use the locks of later and say tony in good form and rumbled owl too actually trek into the polls. If i'm brett prebble running absolute flood only use that split i wanna see from three day with a little bit of cava or even face the braves dan and that saw it. I'll be happy to stay out of trouble in the big phillies edition and then just wait until i get to the fellow and use that sprint. She's an eleven hundred specialist and this is her rise to win and oregon. She's very very well performed so absolute fluid on top for me. That's why these two are the best in the business. Masha julian blanton and it's not lost on me that you've actually come color coordinated. If you look at the screen and you got the yellow stripes on the the back story and then you've got the yellow three would not cover and then got the massive. It's well done boy you today as always supplier and we have to work with the sports bit blue as well. It doesn't solve some of these best bluff back off the right way. Lawrence dykes and we saw the real raleigh join us in welcome back to three wide. No catholic getting to the two major niger rice. If the data winner at e two unabomb become this way because see porn last week i need to deposit back into my account nothing in there at the moment and <hes> milwaukee overseas that as well but she's in new york at the moment check the balance to and the dinner with a friend last two hundred and thirty seven dollars so he saw solve actually got thirty seven dollars to spin the deposit. No that makes up for your dinner the other nine well. I'm looking forward to you. Give me something that you're not loving relationship or taking yeah watching this. <hes> who watching this from new york getting the rice number twelve hundred everybody good deal. I got twelve hundred behemoth three dollars sixty as well. Why didn't fifty five haunted scaring disease fundamentalist at seven eight hour long leaf. We are like h wine canes. During is a pretty big pros has the speed met julian spayed map nice paid at all. You just saw one stays under there. I think we don't want that anyway. We'll move on nice paid at all. I think probably fundamentalists just by default will probably roll forward and may take it up but there again. He's just absolutely no spaded beta all in this race. Wait orlando look. I'm going to start with the fiber. Be good to your mother. We look at it stats six from ten and was just absolutely sensational in the office. Say's and nail has to bring it to the spring carnival. He's a fiber in the rupe o'clock and probably roy day because he's figures he were running. He was running does match chop. There is no doubting that there's knock on this horse. The only knock off got on the horse is just the price three dollars at the moment three dollars seventy three dollars eighty <hes> so i look i locked the lowest but i'm probably going to be against him this way. That doesn't mean i the whole absolutely not just another person when i'm putting that barrack for horses i go to the n._f._l. Two baruch when i mean who is writing on there to make money and that's what i'm trying to do he is so i said on behemoth and i think is though on hopefully on satellite aimed at coalfield field but i think coalfield is just a perfect for him. He's that one run first up behind <hes> assertive authority or whatever it's cold and it was no speedy rice go back in time now i think he'll be as fit as he can be and i reckon these rice sits up perfectly expecting to get over the top of them. I think be good to your mother will run really well wanted blinking back on i would have liked to have been concerned and i m absolutely petrified of leith because i think as you said branding. Each hose can roll forward and our reckon. It's going to run a messy rice for years. Well not much of a in terms of choice but recognize plenty of quality in this race. I couldn't have been any more confusing. Somebody that has a jr along cats and also richmond membership fees roads fellow super birth permission for joel roy. I go to more richman games that anytime i get to say what family and the cats are trying to say. My family got ah back jillang beside the height of anything or anybody and a lot of vitriol in the world and i just think that just real we'd sort of sit up had gang well. If you ever spend time with you you'd understand that was probably to the on the <hes> the family family on three one nine cover on tweet. This guy was a rising shy fantastic josie <hes> hey you summed it up very very well but who's the best twelve hundred major horse in the rice improving at listed level or utah. You're gonna long-life while my not gang on suggesting that there isn't one because the mother needs to step up off season off season fall doesn't he lost to build and rollin any obey their control burn them off on the band. He's going to be proven at this level by saying this coming over from adelaide he gets back and then you've got the loss of holding who gets a nice run in the rice but will the fence be off by seven seven folks. I think it will be so. I'm sticking with damien oliver and taking lindsey pack with the whole he's got an outstanding. Stop break. Oh these three starts for two wins n._s. Sick now remember. He wanted blue diamond preview. I think it was he was second in the vine stikes. He lashed out at a new zealand and one mall stikes rice but rickety can sprint very well frisch asia while locking is because he's drawn outside and he can come across have grand recite back on his live show to kenge. We'll get back. He can see that sewing hold it. In the worst part of the gal fundamentalist follow her through who's got a lot of white fifty nine kilos e and be good to your mother. Who's going to scare me into the rice on a horse. It can run well fresh and that's gonna hit the salon hot news a goldfield that whole is long life. I think can trustee meanness rice. I think he's a whole lot of skype. He's still a bullet stallion and you're shopping around the non dollar fifty max oh h. y. Long-life timing all of long life for the end behemoth to the feature race of the day and it's the pretty learn stikes dykes mystic journey even money at two dollars and now the tele marker mystic journey losing was at the valley twitter kit but and i was in big time on that diane fortunately had no four those clips age seven dollars fifty very good chicken up who was fifty stars loves the witch suit up fifteen at four eight hundred and that's at nine one dollars fifty kennedy and trump for food's got really pronounce the other one baton twenty six bucks going to be pretty out that win. The price in the market would suggest twenty six dollars for new box. Boss got enough that as well talk for one hundred sixteen. It's pretty good pretty high on four hundred sixteen but much better either further grants are expected to have a nice little run. Look no speeding this rice absolutely again. <hes> don't even really know who take it up to be on a side. It'll be interesting to see what happens. We see the return of mystic journey. She is the possibly the headline homeless of the spring convoy. She's the cokes plight favorite. We say resuming thing. I've afford eight hundred maters look to what do you see you dylan on or something like that. At the moment two dollars westbound on what i marked or a moderate two dollars. She is the most likely host to win in this rice but i'm just keeping against it just because i think there's a couple of variables that are just die. If it's a soft seven or any worse i i'm just concerned that her best three runs for me bain cockfight day when she wanted a three-year-old rice and the two races flemington now what they title had together words linked hard tracks and she could absorb high pressure rises and instill sprint off them which is an outstanding filly now me. She's not going to get those conditions on saturday. It's going to be a soft track. There's going to be naughty. Tampa not exactly what she wants and she i. She's not here to win this. If you spoke to adam trainer and said what's one rice out of the five russia's yonder running the happy to miss a loose he'd say the group to pay bay lawrence so every other rice is going to be one that she runs in. That's going to the be drawing the hottest and not that they're not drawing this. I just think the right shape doesn't set up perfectly for mystic journey some cliffs age. He's the one run he's the nasdaq and bernie said got a good sick and up record. I locked him behind styles of jimmy scott of justice or thought he ran really well. The mock it locked fifteen to five dollars that die that it was positive so on my mile was very being the yard so he's gonna improve a lot. He'll be spayed or it can clips age who run well to super in salt into mystic. Stick journey to box because it's a show project at a lot and the normal average pundit wouldn't know all the things you just bought up so i thought he was disappointing. He's lost seventy avenue so i want to say one more from him. On is gonna roll across from and outside baria with trap for fools to maybe put on speed j. anthony dahmen and in your own mystic journey what do you do do you stay away from the fence knowing that right side of the fence is going to be now with this juice in the track and i want to be getting off ten meters out. Do you wanna late and goes the foods and not get caught in a box satan. Have the locks of hot. No come across look you in and then the flaw familiar holes called fifty stars who i mock dan on is a future white varietals after last preparation remember. This all started five at doncaster. He's foam was absolutely red hot leading into that rice and what what about him is he's got behind manuel who went on to want holes at this track and trip iran second demand well so he's stop iran's extremely well. I love the sting out of the track. He's drawn aunt you can fall. I cleave said across but plays. If i'm writing fifty stars just get on the back of hot and he's he's proven in these in these conditions. He's proven at the four hundred meter and he runs super fresh. Get on the back of hot known mystic journey on your raw in front illit cliff's edge the intrepid fools go try and snaking across beyond hot nolan push samari back with secunderabad the rush just get back in one around on so it's advani ge- <hes> <hes> fifty styles if all i'm rod and he goes on. I care from three day with a little bit of cover rolling down the side from two thousand eight and six hundred because i'm going to be creeping. I'm going to be watching mystique a journey does she's got the target on back hot and it's going to drag me into the rice. I'm going to peel off from light and i want to try and help with fifty meters to go. I think he's the rod and i think he can run a tricky rice. Stop at a price all very nice word. That is the payback lawrence and a very good summation of two. Let's have a look at the black book selections as chosen chosen by you as we bring them up there joe. This is all over the place on saturday. Yes that one there that we're looking at is definitely from last week but if you look at it and styles of justice will be there goes to delight. It's a horse that absolutely busted clock at paknum synthetic went one half seconds and so i've seen him net loss rice at adelaide is a future forum rights that you want to be following a ripa then you've got mystique. Journey toy and conduct is expressed but you chose them goes but scales of justice is a great one and i'd it'd be looking at the excel audio. He's galette with sarah on the on the synthetic track. Jr along on wednesday was really good. I love the white picked up so he's ready to rock and roll scowls. Justice us work still plenty more to come panel betas around the country jews. Multi got up law swigs of that soda. Cam breath cover tom to get into around the country due to the belmont. I number four. I've great again. Don't be worried about the forty two days off punters. Five of the seven wins have come off twenty eight die breaks or more w pollock on our luck staying with uganda's review year reis one number two egyptian gold snowfield win at bellary. It was a really slow tempo zip time time lost four hundred lost two hundred die boy far and i expect out to just platform off that lindsay smith. Can you please do that anymore. Five to the school door from me. She's a staffer step. She'd be gone is the parent also i darman winning. I dump she's got that blue rush form so an embrace me she'll be winning all would've thought i up at five to ted to queensland seven third aim traveling. <hes> good sixteen hundred win loss dot in good time had some time <music>. I'm often it's had affairs and made a trial to keep it up to the mock so it's still ready to rock and roll. I signed distance thirty nine three nine mcewen for me. This jesus did hit the y. Beautiful he's he's lost one hundred running through the year now who ran second in that rice bitter these distracting trip so three the non mcewen kensington to one connemara era i go forty eight hundred meters best three runs for me for this horse have been in twelve hundred meters and they've been generally fast so i think the four nine hundred maters seventy backup natural willa yes sixty seven at kensington sal you win this one on a good four and also a soft seven then he'd a heavy right at nas. It'll freshen up in a trial in between back on the good track. There's a short unit woolsey two dollars sixty from the guy waterhouse payments debate but i'm happy with so you win back on the draw and lastly hit a cool field rice number eleven bella vela a really love what will clock and has done with these holes ivory allied loss to stotts ren foster tom than insertive acidic approach last dot they <hes> lena goes on it'll suit this horse that goes forward and says that we are informed continue to hold and oregon embel- avella. He's just in the wrong spot at the roy tarpley really good rice but i reckon h. Y. It's gonna be you know for a really long time for you. Get the cash early with pippi. She's got that montage of format woman's size son-in-law and only bite into links boyhood and she won first up beautifully queensland. She said that beautiful pre residual fitness pippi one twelve at coalfield. I know it's word work boys. Let's get straight into the pedal. Blades boys talkie simmons this week right site has his taken hot nowhere he had. We got mystic journey. She's the best horse in the race best performed dole. She's a cox flight five it and she should be winning that first step and there'd be tipped it which uh oh get some money for the charity or does your multi up last week where we hitting this yeah. We got last week with similar vein this week to three horses again p._p. Apply so we say stay the chivalry the place and then we got we mystique journey six two four and the two fifty four you their patents not long ago and that just <hes> reconfirm both bist of the weekends for the two this weekend one twelve pippi bella bella in the last coalfield h. y. Loss would work out. I think we're going to be back next week still live in london. He's still doing grubs doing a hell of a lot to be honest with good to have you either colonel. It's the mouse you one of the greatest junkies of old all time three one night cava join us again next week.

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