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Today's very special crossover episode of the NFL show and the rewatch Ables is brought to you by the ringer podcast network. This week we have several sports rewatch Ables running across the network on Monday, Bill Simmons had Joe house and Chris Ryan and the Bill Simmons podcast take a look back at game. Six of the twenty sixteen NBA Western Conference finals between the Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City thunder on Thursday, Michael Balbuena Mallory Ruben discussed game six of the twenty eleven World Series between the Texas Rangers and the St Louis cardinals on mobile show fee on Friday. Tune into the masked man show easier. David shoemaker and special guests Zach lender unpacked wrestlemainia thirty. So be sure to check those our every get your pipe. Welcome to the watchable robber Mays joined by Kevin car. Kevin. This is kind of new very new. It's a person we've done I very excited about this. We are doing a special section of sports rewatch special collection of them. We went back and watched in my mind, maybe the most were washable football game of the past ten years or so, but I say that and I've never actually seen the TV version of this game. Which is kinda strange were you in the press, doctor this particular game? I was not there. I was in Denver. Broncos AFC championship game. So I didn't watch this game on TV. I watched it afterward, obviously. But I watched the coaches tape in carpenter for the Super Bowl is quite as watch the. I mean, if you're going to study the game that's how I studied the game. So I have not seen the TV version of the two thousand thirteen NFC championship game between the forty Niners and the Seahawks. And that's what we're going to talk about. How was it for you? It was fun to go back and watch it in that way. But I feel like I really missed out watching it on TV was fun. I've never seen this version of the game before. Yeah. I was there. I've never seen the TV the TV version of the game because I was in the press box. That's why this is the we're doing their watch Ables, but neither of us have ever seen it. I is the watchable. It's the watchable. Yeah. So it was one of the most fun. If not the most fun game I've ever covered Seattle lends itself to that. It's the stadium is in the thick of the city. I remember walking to the stadium from my hotel, and they just. Have a vibe we've talked about this before. But there aren't many cities where the stadium is part of the community like that. You know, you have like FOX bro, which is not really anywhere visit bar Louie near Foxborough. Right. That's what you're kinda. I enjoy watching games there. But just as far as area around it. There's just not a lot there. That's pretty typical most NFL places Miami. You know, it's kind of in the middle of the parking lot stuff Seattle. It was just a big game atmosphere all day. It was just hard to describe. It was one of the most fun. Just from the moment. I woke up on that day the vibe in the city seeing how that game ended. It was one of the best games. I've had the privilege to cover just just taking it all in. And then you have obviously the characters and the coaches and the quarterbacks, and you know, every single person looking back on it now is just so monumentally famous and they weren't necessarily that back. Then I was talking about that in a second. But just go back to CenturyLink for one minute. There's the. The north end of the stadium is wide open. There's that guy we are tower, and there's a set of steps that walk into the open stadium. So there isn't like a section of seats in there. So you kind of feel like you're walking into this huge gate and walking into this place where something really cool is about to happen. And all the times I've ever been there have been for huge games, and it has been pretty darn cool. So I can understand that. But going back to the characters and the people and everybody else the personalities that's why we picked this game. Because this game is of a moment in time in the NFL. This rivalry was the NFL for three or four years stretch if p Carroll versus Jim Harbaugh you have Russell Wilson versus Colin Kaepernick, you have the legion of boom versus this forty Niners defense that I feel in the last five or six years has become underrated Italy. Underrated Navarro Bowman Patrick will no one even talks about your Willis anymore. Patrick willis. I mean, it maybe the best linebacker of his generation Smith Justice Smith was awesome Alden. Smith all that Smith, which that was a. Weird kind of time machine type moment watching this game. But all of those factors, and we'll get into so many of this. And we talk about what age the worst. But it feels like we're so far removed from that time period. Even though the Seahawks are still good. So that's what we want to talk about this. When just because you know. Yes. The beginning of what I started covering the league. And so just this kind of era is really burned into my mind. This one jumped out to me, first and foremost, we were trying to figure out which game we wanted to. I would also say just as far as the makeup of these teams there's a distance from it. And when I mean by that is that the Niners cycles over the Seok cycle is basically over when he just obviously Carol and and and Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin, and those guys are still there Earl tell us leaving. Yeah. Earl Thomson that that's cycles over you know, our other sort of idea here was maybe the Packers and the Seok senate's attempt to game. The problem is like all of those guys were on the team or coaching the team. I mean, it feels like that game could have happened in September of this year. And with this game. They're just so many people that we don't think about enough. There's so many characters harmless been Michigan for what four years at this point. It was so strange. We'll talk about this later, but to go back and look at the timeline of it all realize this game happened after the twenty thirteen regular season. And the next year was his last year for the with the forty Niners. Well, it's just got. Video. We'll get to that. When we get to what age the worst. What age the worst wasn't that a sliding doors moments? I mean, so many aspects of this game, you think I can't believe it was only five years ago. I can't believe it. Quickly. But this this is how quickly the league changes, man. This is this is why I'm all for don't wanna get into this. Totally like I'm for going all in when you can. Because when you look at the Niners in this game. You would say oh my God. Niners going to be good for the next ten years. Yup. You would have that is one of the hardest things to reconcile about going back and watching this. And then I mean, we haven't even really mentioned just the entire Colin Kaepernick aspect of this. I mean, this is when he was absolutely one of the biggest stars in the NFL one of the most electrified players in the NFL. This is year three of his career but year two of him being the Niners quarterback. I mean, the end of the twenty twelve season is when he really took over as just this force in the playoffs. But even in this moment there's so many plays in this game. Where it's like. Wow. Was he just dynamic? There was a moment in time where this was may be the most exciting quarterback rivalry in football. All right jeeze want to get into winter. Yeah. Let's go categories here. So first and foremost most rewatch -able sequence. I don't think there's that many candidates for this. I'm pretty sure that the sorry receiver like Crabtree. I'm the best corner in the game is number one. And just the runaway winner. Is there anything else that's even in like in the running for this? So the entire fourth quarter is just incredibly rewatch -able. Especially basically the last what seven or eight minutes you get a touchdown from Seattle. Then a fumble by San Francisco a turnover on downs at the one including marshawn Lynch fumble by Seattle which. Yeah that. Back. Colin Kaepernick interception. Then a Seattle field goal. And then the interception. I mean arrive to go to the obviously that was that was a great drive. But the that that end of game sequence, those drives were absolutely. So the most dramatic drives we've seen in the modern NFL. So if I think there's kind of three cat like three candidates, and then come to mind for may one just the last drive by the forty Niners mechanic, make some great throws the throat of Frank gore on four down in order to sustain that drive. Was just wow, I mean that is a really impressive play by him which comes one play after Michael Crabtree has alligator arms because he's terrified of Cam chance that he he did redeem himself. He did get a really on catch later the drive. Yup. But I mean cabaret makes some great plays in that drive to is just the interception in general. They replay it from like six different angles every single time. It's more impressive than the first time. You. I just while this the full extension him coming back after being a little bit out of position. You just kaffir Nic have put six more inches on that throw. Does it get over his hand? The answer's probably. Yes. And then three Richard Sherman. Just go nuts to Erin Andrews by for Toyfur. God Erin Andrews sang who was talking about. You can also cut off the interview the the boots or the truck said you have to go back to the booth because they didn't understand where Richard Sherman was going with that. Yeah. I can understand. Why would be a little bit worried about it? But that moment is just so beautiful going back and rewatching it now who also and also it was one of those things we've talked about this before, but kind of the giftable games shoring. The maybe the minute and a half after that there were just ten things after the interception through were just unbelievable. We should Termine going over to Michael Crabtree to try to shake his hand, which by the way, pats them on the, but I yeah. But which by the way, the sort of end of game handshake is what did you at Tom? Brady a year later. Yeah. We your before wasn't it when he wanted to. I'm talking about when Br after the Malcolm Butler interception. Okay. When at the at the goal line. And so the so Richard Sherman is just too big time handshake guy. We learned that love the choke sign to sue to the forty nine forty hundred Spence. Our ball looked completely. I don't even know despondents not the word. He looked like he he had just been his soul was sucked out of his body. And he was just reacting to something completely different that wasn't happening in front of him. He may have just temporarily died for five minutes, and then way Carol was doing just the Pete Carroll swag Lord thing. Yeah. Pete Carroll was just owning the move. It was fantastic to watch. But we talked about giftable moments. I feel like even though Twitter was around in two thousand thirteen. It's Twitter culture is very different especially as it relates to the NFL right now, we would people have a lot of fun which Harbaugh his sideline antics in this game. We're just on a very Jim Harbaugh level. And I appreciate it. And also, I don't want to spoil some of these categories here. But yes, I would wanna point out that Jim Tom Soula was standing next to him for like half of those reaction shots. We're going to get to him. And so I just couldn't believe how funny it was to not only in the moment. I'm like. Wow. This Jim Harbaugh thing is hill. Areas. But now, it's the Jim Harbaugh freaking out with a pen around his neck and standing next to him is Jim freaking Tom Soule. We will get to Jim Thome. Sue, don't do not worry. The last one. I wanna say for most watchable sequence is the touchdown to curse and everything that transpires in that two minutes is really weird to go back and watch. Because again, we'll discuss this as relates to another category. But you have Stephen how could go out for fifty three or you'll go. He's lates to getting out there. So the Seahawks burn their first time out with thirteen minutes and fifty two seconds left in the fourth quarter. And then Russell Wilson gets Alden. Smith jump off sides for the third time in the game and throws just a fucking dime to Germain curse down the seem for a touchdown. I mean, we're gonna as John les would say, no, we don't have time to unpack all of that. But we do and we're going to some of these other ones. But just everything that happens over that two minutes stretches like, wow. When you consider the implications of it. But as our. Winter here on the best quarter of the game. You know trying to start with this Arbor super like Crabtree. I think asked our winner is the end of that. We're talking about the same thing. I'm just along gating how long so that we laughable sequences, but yes, we're talking about the tip and everything that led to the tip. All right. What's age the best? My literally, it's Frank gore. No. Frank core. This game was five years ago. Frank core average like six yards a carry this year. It was like four point six on how great Pete Carroll still looks because he's age the best while that's those are that's another very good recommendation has an aged today since this game. So Frank O R P Carol have literally aged the best since this game happened. Jim Thome civil is pretty good. So, hey, the mustache solves a lot of was that'll yeah. Frank gore is just the same guy. I kinda like it. Both of them have aged the best, and that's an actual physical aging perspective. May I say that I think one of the things it's age the best is offense of creativity. Because I think that you can watch games from this era, certainly and see a game that doesn't resemble anything that happens now in the NFL. And even though it was the running game. Even though the running game was was featured dominant. And and you know, in the first quarter they were talking about, you know, how mazing is run games aren't. So that's not really discussion happens anymore. Eight hundred twenty nineteen but you look at some of the situations. They put their quarterbacks in, and they were just you can see the wheels turning on the modern though, you could see some of the, you know, the boots some of the obviously the read option stop the spread stuff. I you could see where the game was going when he watched this and that age really, well, especially in comparison to a lot of the games. You can watch them twenty thirteen twenty twelve you're like, wow. This is just I formation bullcrap. That's that's fair. I also think some of the schematic stuff didn't age very well, though. So many. Yes, that's what I mean. A lot of the reactions donations reduction is still in the game, which isn't the dominant force. It was sure how many teams do you see using the pistol regularly in twenty eighteen regular-season NFO game, not many? He should they should approach showed more than they do. But it's out of oak. I think that it's it's sort of the the ground floor of building an offense around your quarterback. And I think that's one of the defining traits of this decade. So I think that it's not necessarily about. Okay. This play is now used everywhere. It's more about these guys had these players and they crushed designing an offense around them. I'm with you on that. But I think in on defense. It's funny because all that cover three stuff that they ran that was the basis of a lot of schematic stuff and team started building their defense that way you don't see that much cover three just outside the numbers pressman coverage essentially on the outside that used to back. They've ran it so often in this game and in this era, and I mean that really has gone away. I mean, you see. So many more teams playing more cover one even the Seahawks transition that. So that was interesting to see my what's age the best though is just the Doug Russell Wilson deduct Baldwin connection. I mean that is just straight from twenty eighteen regular season game. And this is really one of the first times that Doug Baldwin kind of emerges is in this stretch of his career. He's still returning kicks at this. So it was very kind of. All right. You watch that. It's like, well those dudes are just really good together. In Wilson had that run around shutdown field the ball when early in the game. It's like all right. I've seen that many times. And the other one is Vic Fangio's just a scheme. Lord. He was. I was gonna say on bring that up. I mean, we'll we'll get into some more victory NGOs stuff, but you watch this game again. And again, I think that when you look back at this era, and the way we remember it. Everyone's like oh lead you to boom legion. A boom the Seahawks defense was the defining unit from this kind of three or four year stretch nine. Forty niners. Awesome, man. They were. So so good and Fangio was just on fire in this game. Dial up blitzes. Russell Wilson did absolutely nothing through the air for a huge chunk of this. When he wasn't a running around doing it himself. We get to what age the worst. Because I we certainly cast them takes. Okay. First of all the forty Niners franchise. This is their last playoff pets are. So this is their last playoff appearance. Dude, you're watching this game. And this is kind of what I was talking about with the rivalry stuff. If you were watching this game for two and a half quarters and someone came down from space and was like, hey, dude is their last playoff appearance. And you'll be talking about this in twenty nineteen. First of all, you were like there were like, you're working at the ring right up some follow up questions because didn't that didn't exist that didn't exist. But I think the start to think about this. It is almost inconceivable the steps that they made, you know, getting rid of Harbaugh, obviously, bringing Tomasulo bring in letting Trent baake you when the power struggle. Leading chip Kelly kind of go half speed for one season before firing. I think they're in a good spot now with couch, and they'll be fine. But I cannot believe in Washington's game. This is the last time in the playoffs. Yeah. I mean, especially when you look I mean, they outplayed Seattle in so many ways in this game. It was if you look at those two teams playing each other they're interchangeable in terms of which is the most promising franchise of the NFL and the different directions. Come the splintering the happened after this game it's inconceivable, and I will I want to talk a little bit more about that. When we get sound answerable questions because I think there's so many of them as it relates to what happens with the Niners in the next year. After this game happens mine is related to that. It's more or less that Niner Seahawk says the NFL's best rivalry may just it was solidified that was the NFL rivalry at that point. And now, it's do you give a shit about a nine or Seahawks game? No, one cares. But then always app. I mean think about sure I mean think about. Patriots Broncos which a couple of years later, you know, was or the this time as well. You know was the Sunday night. Gotta see a game. Not just happens one or two guys can determine whether rivalry goes or falls. Ravens ravens Steelers is like that bit Bengals Steelers Bengals ravens. I mean. Those those those rivalries have been hot over the past decade and get sort of a moving target as far as that goes beyond the raven St. was still a fun game. That game is still. I know because the both seem to still pretty good. Yes. Alden Smith as a thing. Yeah. H pretty poorly. I mean, he has to Saxon. This game pretty early has other offsides. But you watch that guy in this moments. Like, all right. That's one of the best defensive players in the NFL that goes away, very fast. What I had was Oklahoma. I have the Seahawks front office when it comes to building a line because he gets cl- than crap knocked out of him in this game. And they've still have not figured out. How to not have Russell Wilson get the crap knocked out of him. So he is the crab knocked off of in this game. I'm not putting that on the offense of line there. Wide at this point is actually a lot of scrambling. Now. Making fun of them currency ox? He's running around so much. I mean, this is the peak of all of its the peak as it happens a little bit a couple years later because they need to but him just kind of turning his back to the defense and running in a circle for ten seconds. And then chucking the ball down the field. This is a very prominent time for Russell Wilson doing that in this game. The other one is that there's a moment in the broadcast that Joe buck is talking about how Russell Wilson didn't have enough. Good receivers the season because Sydney rice got hurt and Percy Harvard had a concussion the hawks receiving core. At this moment is Doug Baldwin, golden Tate and Germaine curse. Amazing. The idea that that's not enough has not aged very well, I haven't of receiving take as well about the broadcast. Did you catch were Joe books s that Jim Harbaugh had said earlier in the week or earlier in the month that Michael Crabtree was the greatest catcher of all time? Yes, I. I was going with. Thin like an hour was first of all I mean, obviously within the context of the game that that did not end up being true. But also just when you think about all the receivers who exploded in this era shortly after its Jadran Hopkins exists. It's just a hilarious hilarious take like, Mike. I I would say Michael crabtree's career age really badly after this. Because obviously he had the achilles shortly thereafter. And he was just sorta done after that. Yeah. I mean, Michael Crabtree. You can argue his hands in England Bolden. But Michael crap she wasn't the best receiver on the forty Niners. He was not the best catcher of the ball ever. What a redo in half ass internet research. I just want to throw this one out. I loved it at this moment when this game when this this these playoffs start 2013 playoffs begin. Frank gore had two thousand one hundred eighty seven carries at the end of the regular season. It that moments only thirty other players ever had ever done that that was five years ago. He's still playing. He's still playing right now. He actually pretty damned good this year. That is nuts to me. So I didn't remember this. Maybe I just was busy or whatever. How many there were like viral videos about how bad the refs were? Did you look into this at all? No like there were essentially an I everybody wrote about at the time. So essentially what Niners fans think is that the reps were incompetent, which you know, who just might be abuse going outside the numbers on every. Yeah. And I didn't realize how how upset Niners fans were about this. Because I kind of think that everyone rightly put their attention towards the tip, and they obviously had had a chance to win that game. So I was really surprised. I would also say that the America's team about this Seok team was full of Richard Sherman making fun of cabernet for this game about just throwing another fade to Crabtree. The quote was once against the end of the game thri trying to throw fade to Crabtree. It's like two years in a row your season ends the same way. You think you would learn? Wow, Richard Sherman was really feeling himself at this moment. Which again, we'll get to it's true. If you if you're if you lost the Super Bowl and a fade to Crabtree. And it's twenty two seconds left in the game. I'm not sure I'm going fade Crabtree. Again, staying on that moment. Erin Andrews loved the Richard Sherman moment, she's talking about it later. It was it was very into the idea that it was a real reaction from someone in a huge moment. So she was I think that people were wondering if that's something where you want that to happen. And she was vehemently said, yes, I don't think that enough of America knew who were trim was at that moment, Nicole lockable off guard. I think that obviously you and I am he was one of the top Cornerbacks in football. But don't think he was like everyone in America knew who he was famous and this was a launch point for him. He is. Is after this moment, he is just remarkably famous, and I think that it's it's one of the funniest and most fun NFL moments of the decade. So let's do this now then because this ties in well apex mountain. Oh, yes. For Richard Sherman. Correct. Absolutely. Absolutely. I think for him. This is the most famous he ever would have been was at this moment. This is the best. He ever was a player was probably the twenty thirteen season. And this is just the epitome of his career. I mean, this is the high point of who he was which is literally what apex mountain is. Okay. I don't know if it is for anybody else though. I have some candidates. Okay. The NFL running game. Sure and Seattle crowd. Well, the NFL running game in the modern era. No, I obviously like, you know, they're not Earl Campbell died just in this century. Maybe and it was the loudest since two thousand seven it was the last chance it was the last hurrah of the running game apex out since the patron. Hits redefined football. I think for the running game to Seattle crowd. Yup. That's a really good one. This was definitely the peak of Wolfman for sure. And then olden Smith as well. I would say I see I wouldn't. I think he was better earlier two thousand eleven two thousand twelve stretch. I was going to say him. It's definitely not for capper. Nick. I feel like he was better in two thousand twelve against the Packers. That was. Yeah. That was at that game on a football level obvious. I mean on a different level his ex came much much later in a cultural relevance level. But on a football. I think it was definitely against the Packers. The previous season down anybody else. That's even in the conversation because for the Seahawks. It can't be for anybody else. Because for the legion of boom, it was the next week against Denver or the next game against Denver for Carol. It's not and other guys on that defense had bigger moments. So I this Sherman and nobody else as relates to players in the Seahawks. It was apex. Mountain for the broadcasters using the phrase new age quarterback. Because we kind of got away from that after maybe this era. We were just like he's a good quarterback. And now, but that hands has talk about a new age quarterback. I think Joe buck said that eleven times. All right greatest would have sliding doors moment. Ooh, it all for me is at the that drive before curse throws or catches the touchdown. Then either several moments in there that you can say one there's a running into the Acar. That's that's mine. So that one is huge Edman kept pointing that out a lot. It was huge moment. Rightfully so treatment was not great in this game. But that definitely was big. We'll get to that. So Chris Maragos hits Andy Lee at two fifty nine left in the third quarter. And he hits the plant leg. Which is roughing. It's roughing the kicker that should be a fifteen yard penalty. It was four th and ten that would give the forty Niners. A first down there up at this moment. They're winning the game by what with the score at that. Ma it's seventeen thirteen seven hundred thirty forty Niners. So you get the ball there. It's a fifteen year old penalty. You would have gotten it at your thirty five. So who the hell knows at the very least you tick off three or four more minutes while you're winning the game. So the Seahawks get the ball. They go down. And we already talked about this sequence. They send how scout for a fifty three yard field goal. He's late to get out there. Carol calls time out they decide not to do it. And then all the Smith jumps offsides. Wilson on that throw. And we have a ballgame. Yeah. I mean, the running slash roughing the kicker is a huge. Sliding doors moment this game. Everything we don't that. Is what sets off the chain reaction that touchdown. Fumbled turnover on downs. Intercepted pass fuel. Go. Intercepted pass Dr sequence without that everything changes. Yeah. I mean, I I don't because so much of the attention is on on the on that fourth quarter sequence. I I would have to give to that. I don't really think there's anything else. I mean, the exception with the exception, obviously of this would happen without that. But the hash gotta field goal before the curse thing. Yes. And the one more that you could make worst case for on. There was a third and one with ten thirty eight left and kapernick it's call for delay of game. And it goes from third and one two third and six and then next play the third six is. When April sacks him and Bennett picks it up and runs until like the ten yard line. Yeah. So that's another big one. I mean, if you get that I out you maintain possession everything else. Hey, I have a question marshawn Lynch is fumble with the fumbled. Handout with. Russell Wilson at the one. Do we think that had anything to do with the head anything to do with a certain play a little bit later in which they did not run the ball from the one yard line? Because I was like this ching that and I was like, wow. I mean, you everyone talks about how marshawn is is automatic at the one and in usually he is, but that was a botched. Handoff. And it almost cost them the game. I think that's I think you're seeing it through the lens of what happened to your later. I don't think that's fair. You think what do you mean? They were twelve months later as p Carroll is making that decision or as whoever's making that decision that ended up having the final call. I think that's in their mind. The fact that they were almost were able to win the game. But they didn't lose the. I'm just I'm just I'm I'm asking questions if they lost. I mean. Well, yeah. I mean if they lost that game they were up twenty to seventeen they were up twenty to seventeen on the one yard line. That would have sealed the game I used to go. I understand. With this. But I'm saying that the teams have long memories. That's all. I'm saying I'm saying it's a possibility. The Seahawks have very long memories. Unfortunately, it's a possibility Dion waiters award for best heat check, the actual answer to this is Richard Sherman because he doesn't do anything else in this game. But I feel like that's it's too easy. We're we've talked about him too much the other candidate. I have is Kam chancellor who over the course of the first three and a half quarters comes up twice. And it's by destroying Vernon Davis coming across the middle. I really this game was reminder how much I love and miss Kam chancellor because that play it's one hundred percent clean. It didn't age poorly because we'd been legal today. Even I mean, he just eviscerated Vernon Davis who is a very large, man. And that's heated the hammer thing after it made me miss him so much and then like two drives later he picks off Colin Kaepernick. Those are his two plays in this game. One of the one of the underrated heat checks in this game was the forty Niners staffer who destroyed Jeremy lane. On the sideline. What a huge from that guy. It was we're gonna post Saleh locie world. Jeremy lane is running for the sideline. And I'm just going to be the guy who does knocks turbulent on his ass. I think it was a player. I think it was injured play. But he was in sweats. He was in sweats. Yes. But it was definitely not somebody in uniform. It wasn't. It wasn't Jim Thome Soula though. It was great. No, it was it was a player in sweats. I'm gonna give it to chancellor because Richard Sherman has one too much stuff in is going to win too much stuff. All right. I think is this. Do we call this the Richard Sherman game? Yeah. This is true. You said the Richard Sherman game would be talking about this game. Right having actual segment that we're getting two hundred. Okay. You're getting ahead of yourself here. So yeah. Those are for me that this is this transitions. Well, if you ask Joe buck, I think he would throw in Qassim Osgood's naming their how good Qassim Osgood was times in this game. I've been around coaches, and especially I've been around coaches who coached Cosima Osgood. He's one of those guys that does so much special team to no one ever talks about it. And the coaches. Just constantly talked about. About you Slater moving at a Kim camera press conference. I was in college and he was talking about how good Qassim Osgood. Good was in San Diego. And I was just like you get around coaches, and they can't stop talking about it. And then you're Joe blocking air production meeting, and you probably heard I mean who was who is the Brazil Brad Seely who was the special teams coach for if it were Brad Seely that he definitely would have been talking about. I don't remember who back then. But whoever it was I mentioned seem eczema one hundred times, and then he just got his brain. I that's one hundred percent how that happened that coaches over praise special teams coach is like nothing you've ever seen. They ungodly loved gunners praise quarterbacks over special teams gunners aces. So while we're on the topic of Joe buck. Let's get to the Tim Carver memorial broadcast team complaint corner might is all related to Troy Aikman. Mine is oh see this game. Was it was a writer to me that sometimes Troy Aikman is like a whole presidents. Color analyst powers down before the game. And the when the game starts at powers backup. And he doesn't he can't react to things. It's all a preprogrammed stuff. Wilson throws that touchdown to curse Troy is just nowhere to be found. He does not mention why was it. Good throw. Or why the decision was made and again reviewing all of this in a post Tony Romo world and my expectations are too so much higher. But Troy just does nothing to add to this game in any way, shape or form. Okay. I'm going off the board here. I want to complain and nitpick at out something Pam all over said. And k b you heard this in the fourth quarter Pam over gives a silent report. And she says, I'm still waiting for the noise. It's not terribly allows right because it's still here the person next to you. I want to unpack right for a second. First of all there have been I don't know have you ever been in a football stadium. I've been in an arena have you ever been in a football stadium where you could not. Here the person next to you. Yes. It has one. No, no, no, no. What I'm saying is it's like if it is it's in Seattle. But what I'm also saying is just by the design of a football stadium. It's that sort of definitely know it can happen in a building a small college arena or like the older under Raina was like that where were a very small arena. So maybe you could not hear the next to you. I think what's the loudest football game. You've ever been to in the NFL is the this one. Oh, it's this one. But you weren't outside for that. The press box inside in Seattle. Yeah. No. I'm just talking about why I was I walk around the concourse. I kind of wasn't outside for the tip. I would say this this the first two quarters for two and a half quarters of the game. This year were really freaking out. But again that was that was indoors. Yes. Noises is your legislating noise when it's indoors, I told you I'm with you. I'm totally with you. But I think this stadium at times the exception. No, I and it was then I was there. I don't it was a very strange silent report. But then here's here's the hammer on this. Okay. So shortly thereafter, Colin, Kaepernick, fumbles. Okay. And Joe and Troy half to go out of their way to praise the crowd because Pam just dunked on the crowd. And so Joe says I think the twelve man had a lot to do with that. It was like a minute after this particular report, you know, it producers like we we have to correct this. We have to make. We have to make somehow Josie Airey strange sideline report is all when the touchdown that marshawn Lynch scored very rarely. Can you tell on TV how loud it gets in a building the roar? When he breaks into the open field. I was like oh my God. That places Rockin. I've mean that's an on TV. It's doesn't always translate. But it absolutely did during this game. So yeah, don't Hammas off base here. I thought it was a bizarre like no one. I don't know. It was I don't know if she thought it would be louder. I mean, obviously she'd been done she. She's a she's a legend. She's done tons of Seattle games. I was that was surprising way. When I heard that. I was like that's weird. I guarantee you. That's not true. All right. Let's get the funniest endgame network promo. Not a ton of great honest here on I was very tight. I completely forgot that. There was a sequel to three hundred called three hundred miss this somehow three hundred rise of an empire. I miss this. That's disappointing. Were you how were you watching it? I was watching on YouTube. Yeah. And I guess I just looked away when that was happening missed Deaton. And did you know there was a three hundred sequel until just now? No use you just you just drop out on me, which I appreciate. Yeah. The I mean, everything kind of eight I mean, there was a chambers. Bay promo which was step two years away that kind of made me chuckle because chambers bay is is not a well thought, of course. So there was that you have see promo. It was Benson Henderson may headline bastard. It's it's it's fine. It does it didn't age. It didn't he was number one contender at that point. It didn't age a funny way. Joe buck saying it's fantasy football for real when discussing the first ever Pro Bowl draft. I thought that was kind of funny, but not funny enough. I needed something better than that. Get hype for halftime with Bruno Mars hot chili peppers wasn't bad. Nope. That was that was pretty good wasn't bad. But it wasn't a one of the things about football. And specifically with with January is that the games January. Which is what we talk about is. They don't really launch like they have American idol and stuff like that. But like October is really funny because when they're launching like, they're really crappy shows. That's why FOX that's why the World Series. If you've seen the super cut of the World Series show, saying, no, I'm sure it's a Mason highly recommended it's just twenty years of Joe buck introducing shows you've just never heard of. To the point. You think it might be fake? We had no good ones. There wasn't. I was finding out. There was a three hundred sequels quite nice. That's pretty good. But it's not a network promo, which is is sad. All right. How does retroactive take you wish you had in the moments? I'm going. This is very on brand. For me. I'm going with Vic Fangio was the real mastermind behind this. Well, that's that's Homer take. But it's true the victory. Absolutely. The most important piece of that forty Niners equation. You only lost this game. I understand that. But it wasn't because the defense was got owned. Hey, I have one I the one thing. I wish I had in the moment. The trans to be true. And I didn't I don't even think I thought this let alone dot publicly. This was the Super Bowl. I mean. So we learned this two weeks later, but these teams were so good that I think that both of them would have beaten the Broncos so save that. Because I I wanna talk about that later. Okay. All right. Best unintentional comedy moment. I in it's easily Jim Tom Stafford at least, Jerry, Tom Soula. It is definitely Jim Tom Soula. So did you note what Troy but said about Jim Tom Soula when he came onto the scream, I don't think I caught that. So let me so the only reason they're talking about Jim Thome Soula. It's the four oh five Mark in the first quarter as you got really really didn't here. So I'm taking my notes here. So he's talking to Carlos Rogers, which makes no sense because these. Just visiting. So so Trey says, Jim we'll talk to anybody. If you if you walk in his area, and he'll entertain you to that is true as note about Jim Tom Soula in that moment, which it does not get any better than that. I need to tell a story. I was in Richmond for for Redskins training camp this year. And I just there's this guy biking and he just yells. Hey, how you doing? And I'm getting into my car, and it's just on the street. Not maybe a block away from from writes in training camps. Jim Thome Soula biking around Richmond. He had a good year. But even Salaam was good. But everything good defensive line coach. Sure. Sure. That's that's what he is. He is a good defensive line coach. I also honorable mention for just Jim Harbaugh sideline antics in general. I mean, there's so much stuff going on when he's talking about the plant leg the jumping on one leg when he's tired trying to get an intentional grounding. He just like bouncing up and down by slamming the ground. It's like, oh man Jim Harbaugh. I just miss. With the NFL Tom different things here. Because my my thing is Jim Thome Soula being next to Jim Harbaugh is Jim Harbaugh has these animated meltdowns because they're combining. You're stacking comedy at that point. I totally also in your also just like in hindsight. It's so funny. The Jim Thompson was in this. And we didn't realize how funny it was at the time. There's no reason there's no way we could have there's no way to produce the no way to predict what happened in. There's no way to predict that they would at that moment would have fired Jim Harbaugh and hired the guy. The Troy Aikman is saying we'll talk to anybody, and he will talk to anybody. He talked to that interview when they did that segment on him after getting the head coaching job and everyone immediately realized how badly the forty Niners screwed up. Oh, goodness gracious. All right. So what's kind of stay on that subject because probably unanswerable questions all of mine have to do with the forty Niners. And what transpired shortly after this, Gabe. Okay. So I would would the forty Niners have beaten the Broncos in the Super Bowl your answer is. Yes, my answer is. Yes. Okay. So that's an answer question to you. If that happens what goes down if the forty Niners win the Super Bowl Jim Harbaugh. Definitely doesn't lose a power struggle to Trent bulky, right? And I I also says that kind of winning is the ultimate ultimate sort of deodorant kind of thing. I think that they at least are able to stick it out and have a good relationship for a couple of more years. We've seen relationships fall apart after Super Bowl wins Jimmy Johnson. Jerry Jones had that it's not like that would cure everything and they wouldn't have a fifteen year run. But I would be at least a two or three a grace period. I also don't know, Jim. Hardball got two zero bowl. Gotcha this game. Okay. And I remember talking to him afterwards. And when when I say afterwards, I mean like March, and he was comparing it to cicis, and he was just saying I feel like we're just rolling up the boulder and then coming back down, and I wonder wasn't long after the Alex Boone give you interviewed a real sports where he was talking about how Jim Harbaugh to the terrible personality for you know, to be around for a number of years. I wonder if Jim our ball just has knowing what we know. Now, I wonder how what the what the upper limit of Jim Harbaugh forty Niner tenure could have been had. He won the SuperBowl. What did it been eight years? He's still coach. I don't think he'd still be the coach. But I think he would have been the coach I think he would have cycle Allender that he wanted to go. Sure, let's do that way. So if that is true and call and Colin Kaepernick wins the Super Bowl that season. What happens to Colin Kaepernick? There's no way that his. Career goes the way that it goes if he wins the Super Bowl two weeks after this game happens, right? No. I he gets the same benefit of the doubt that Jim Harbaugh. Does no argument here, he he gets you know, he he obviously gets the same extension that he got he got a six hundred twenty six million dollar contract. A couple of months after this. But it was sort of a pay as you go, I'll leave structured contract. He doesn't have to deal with Jim Thome. So we'll being's head coach. Yup. He doesn't have to deal with chip Kelly. I think chip Kelly did an okay job with him. But I just everything changes for him. I mean, I think the he has stability does, you know? I would wonder if maybe Greg Roman gets a gets a head coaching job at some point. But I think overall he you know, he'd have Jim Harbaugh. He'd have that offensive staff together. I think he'd be I think the things go very differently if he wins this game. Yeah. Yeah. It's impossible to predict obviously why own on answering questions, but I'm eating. He gets so much more leeway, even as things start to go poorly in you. He's gotta just want a Super Bowl for you two years ago. There's just no way his fate is the what ended up being another thing that age very well, Greg Roman as the offensive coordinator you'd want for your running quarterback considering he just got hired by the ravens in order to play for tomorrow Jackson. I'm withholding comment. But yes, I get it. All right. So what are you saving Greg Roman for the Grady little award, which is the biggest coaching screw up. I wonder who knew I wonder who named the wondering word I wonder who said this along as an extra category after we'd already talked about the ones we were gonna do could be anybody who knows it is Greg Roman because again, I wanna revisit this. If you screw up a fade Michael Crabtree in the Super Bowl, my advice. When those twenty two seconds left is to not throw a fade Michael Crabtree. Please stop. No, more fades. We're done with fades. This is a tough one for me. Because for the most part the decisions in this game weren't bad. No, especially for some very conservative teams. Like historically mean, these were running teams. But there are a lot of correct fourth-down decisions which aged very well and watched them like a hawk the announcers like the fourth down decisions. Ooh. Because if they didn't they were gonna go straight to Tim Carver complaint. I you could say that. I think that those throws in those choices are probably the right answer for the most part. I think that the Seahawks did fine. I mean, it's you could just give it I haven't I have another thing. I want to bring up back of urgency on the final drive was very strange to me. See I don't mind it be Joe buck brought it up, but they had three timeouts and that play was run before the two minute warning twice. They'd twenty two seconds left. I thought they could have had a lot more time to work with. That's fair. I in the moment, I thought the same thing they were on this little yard line twenty two with twenty seconds to go. They to timeouts left. They were date. They were eighteen with twenty two seconds to go and two time outs. Yeah. That's a lot of time. But I'm if you get down to the nine or eight or seven you're not gonna have time to run four place from there. Do you see what I'm saying? I'm saying you're not maximizing the drive the it's probably just not the thing. You're trying to avoid in that spot is running up against the clock. You. Want to be able to run as many as you can get to get into the end zone. So the one that really hurts the sequences it's first and ten from the forties from their own forty seven cabinet ran and then twenty six seconds ticked off the clock. Yeah. There you go, bud. That one's bad. Oh, not. No. This is the really bad one. I'm sorry. Forty four seconds tick off after he completes the past anquan Boldin before they throw to Michael no urgency that one's bad. That's the bad one. That's that's probably the one where you can do that a little bit. So we'll I'll give my Harbaugh then for not someone how you deal with stress. Somebody gets it. All right. I think we already answered this. But who won the game? It's Richard Sherman. Richard sherman. Yeah. Really who else would it possibly be? It's the Richard Sherman game. So he had to have won it. I have a test are usually I did a little more at the Wall Street Journal because I wrote les stories, but I used to ask my mom who she heard of. Because if sure if she had heard of them than they reached a threshold racket bright about them, and sort of write anything other than hey this person exists, right? So we're being at home that spring for week or something. I was like, you know, who Tom Brady is. Yeah. You know Rogers is. Yeah. And so she names like six people. I think he lie Peyton we're we're on there and roll most probably on there. And then she said Richard Sherman. And I was like what are you doing Richard Sherman from this is this is a mild surprise. And she said, I saw the clip I remember the clip and now I know determinist, and so he reached a threshold of fame from this game that I don't think I don't think many players have gotten to in the last decade. What was it like watching this game watching? Russell Wilson this game knowing what you know. Now, I I sort of have on this podcast compared him to Dave Grohl little bit where he was. I thought that he was ACOG a very very good cog in a machine, and then he had to become a focal point when when a lot of people around him went away. And I now I still think he is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. I just view him. I see more talented back. Then even though I love Russell Wilson back. Then I think is really hard to separate the quarterback from the talent around him. And and now knowing what I know about how good Russell Wilson is like damn that's an amazing play. Instead of like, I don't know. I instead of saying no good for Russell Wilson. Good John that many plays in this game. Where you look at it. And you can understand how good Russell Wilson was going to be shovel passes and William when I say show buzz. I mean, like he's scrambling around for like, thirty seconds. Yes. That's what I'm saying. Is there weren't that many plays in this game that pointed to just how good Russell Wilson could be for the reasons that he was ended up being good. If that makes sense right or no just plays within structure and being able to just uncorked deep balls with not having to run around. It wasn't ten seconds. After the sap happens that your main curse throw points to that. But there aren't that many of those in this game. So it was interesting to me to go back and watch. It's like, clearly he's so talented and that throw points to watt, but he's a much different quarterback. Now that he was that. I gotta be honest with you the at the time of the tip. I remember being in the press box because they didn't understand how amazing of a play. That was I'm rubbing in the press box in being slightly disappointed because I felt robbed of a of them being a little closer because eighteen yards out with twenty two seconds is not sort of the it's not such a fifty fifty proposition that you know, you can get really amped for. I think like the four or five yard line was what I was hoping for as far as the dramatic finish. And. We didn't get that. And so when the interception happening Ruben like, oh, that's ending. We get and realize a how iconic everything would become how good that play. Was if first glance because you can really see it from the angle, I was at you just saw you just look very easy tip when I was watching it and yeah. And obviously did not try to be the case. And also the tip. I I don't know how to describe this. It felt live like it hung in the air for like ten seconds. Yeah. And Malcolm Smith looked completely alone in the end zone. And so soon as they tip the pass it was completely obvious to everybody in the stadium, including myself that it was going to be intercepted. And so at first glance, it seemed like there wasn't much of a climax. So for me, it's the opposite thought because the first like ten times I saw were all in slow motion. Yeah. So that's what made it feel like it was in the air for so long. And then watching the play from the TV angle, maybe for the first time ever was like oh man that happened. So quick. It just happens so instantly. It felt so different than the first time. I'd had to process it. That's how I felt the whole thing. It was like I can't believe I've never seen this version of the game. It lives up to every single bit of the hype. I didn't know if I was going to say this. But I'm just going to say I was in the bathroom for this your bankers touch show. Wow. Because it was a it was a fourth down. I was just saying I'm gonna go get a coffee and on the this punt. So Mr. I can understand that I've made similar choices in the past. It was I'm not gonna blame. You know, we're all about honesty and transparency here. So that's it. I'm telling you in the listener that happened. All right. Is that all we got bunny and how how else can you end it? I'm not sure there's any other way that you guys so much for listening to this very special edition of the rewatch Ables, please check out all of the sports. We watch Ables that we're going to do. There's a bunch of them every single one of them is going to be fun as hell I can promise you that. And please come back and check out the ringer NFL show later this week. Hell, yeah.

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