Meet the Raiders Newest Draft Picks, Ruggs and Arnette audio and Mayock call


Hey there we blew. Ira just wanted to take a second to thank you for listening to this podcast. You know everything outside is pretty scary and uncertain. But we're committed to helping you get through your day by talking about the sports teams that you love most. If you're looking for more great podcast distract you check out blue pods dot com. Thanks for listening and enjoy the PODCAST and stay safe. We are excited to know where we're not. It'd be planned and excited to have a city that is cited by having a swatch no matter what we are now. The Las Vegas Raiders. What's up everybody? It's time for another episode of the Biggest Nation. Podcast brought to you by. Sdn Sports Mobile by station casinos and also presented to you by favorite drink a favor dot com catch up with everything happening with the NFL. Drafting your raiders. Right HERE ON VEGAS NATION. We will be doing recap episodes here tomorrow afternoon. We'll have a new episode up. We'll recap all the action from the draft. Don't forget to subscribe wherever you are listening as well as follow everything on social media at Vegas nation on any of your favorite social media platforms also download the Vegas nation APP. That's where you can keep up with all the content that we are putting up for this week. We have Friday night a show coming up. Nine o'clock we'll be doing that on. Cox Your View Channel Fourteen where you can follow along all the action that's happened in the draft with the raiders will also have one on Saturday at four. Pm Cox Channel Fourteen so check out those shows to keep on top of all things. Happening with your raiders. What we're going to do today is here. From General Manager Mike Mayock who spoke to us after the draft took place for the raiders and filled everybody in on what the raiders picks were. Let's go ahead and hear from Mike. Mayock feel like the raiders. The Las Vegas Raiders. Got Faster we got tougher and we got more competitive tonight We got the wide receiver at pick number twelve. He's the fastest white out and draft. We got the corner at number. Nineteen didn't awful lot of work on him and a lot of time I did. School visits there this year. The bowl both places and I feel like I know both kids really well so John and I could not be more pleased. Coaches are fired up the scouts or fired up so And Trust me. Mr Davis we will be the fastest wipe out. The draft was the day that his father was looking down and smiling and might get Josh St Pete On the decision on on Roy was in the three receivers. What what made him stand out from the other? Two guys at the top. Yeah All three wide receivers we felt were diverse and with bring different things to the raiders and We I feel like groomed now. Offensive Staff is so good they could have gotten the most out of all three of them a wherever you know. Did the distinguishing factor really was his speed explosion. Workout You're in division. Were in and you look at Kansas City. And you look at what they have on offense and what they're closing looks like We needed to get faster and we think that his addition opens all our entire offense He he can run the deep brown he also gets. The manufactured touches the bubble screen. The Jeff's weeks I think if your worst defense is the role coverage it opens up our run game You respect their deep browse. It opens up daring Waller I just think it does an awful lot of things were offensively and I think The most important thing is. I think coach Gruden in the staff. We'll get everything out of him. Hey My father cherished here from A. Espn you said last week. That teams make mistakes by reaching for need. Why is our net not reach for you guys at that position What exactly about him did you like the region. He's not issues Becau- eighty in our system Did I think we couldn't move down? Maybe and still maybe but we want to lose them. what distinguishes him is number one. You can run number two. He's talking and when you talk about competitors. He played most of the season with a capsule or he complained side. He can play outside. You can play left the play right We feel like this is one of the most competitive football players in the entire draft so to answer your question We don't feel an all like reach. Were you ever at either spot at at trading down or was it did not opportunities are. We did not initiate any call. We had a bunch of call tonight. from teams one of the move off at different times or or specific players We wanted to sit there and take rose twelve and we did We probably could have moved down if we wanted to at ninety but again We Hung Munir. We thought the guy who wanted to say so. We did not initiate any trade golf tonight but we did get several call. Mike. This is from NBC in Las Vegas Before the draft and talked a lot about just to being a virtual draft and Kinda what challenges it was posed. How did the first round go for you guys then Was there anything that maybe popped up? You didn't expect now. The first round went really smoothly. And I'M NOT GONNA lie the I. I spent way more time on Zoom and Microsoft teams and things I never heard of on We probably drilled our trade routine for the last Four or five days where every night I would have a group of My scouts he's better in different states We had an analytics guy David Cortisol we had city atlas one of our scouts. Stray Scott Jon Gruden We of people on the line and weeds old drill and drill on these grades. And I really worked out We had several times where we have two or three teams on the line. We had no glitches wherever get information gets got information easily. We feel like We're real happy with Where our number of our stack for so Nocco awarded wealth tonight. It'll get more and more complicated as we get less and less time between fix. The raiders had two picks in the first round of the twenty twenty. Nfl draft and with the first pick. They took a wide receiver as anticipated the name. Henry rugs out of Alabama. Here's a quick recap of what we thought of rugs from Adam Hill and I. This is Kinda surprising for some of the fans as I'm seeing the quick reaction here on. It's Adam Hill and Heidi Fang and we're going to break down this pick for you at number twelve Adam. What do you have for us on the pick with Henry? Rugs well listen. The raiders are a franchise at in the past has always been known for one that loves speed at the wide receiver position and they have gone to their roots here with Henry rugs the fastest wide receiver in the NFL draft He ran a blazing a sub four three at the combine And I think made a big flash already not only with the new. Las Vegas Raiders out which I'm seeing him put on. Tv right now but also with the bathroom which I believe is sponsored item that he is getting paid for To wear so smart business. Move as well by hundred drugs but listen speed kills at the wide receiver. Position is a tyreek Hill type. We talk about him a lot leading up to this draft. I thought Jerry Judy. And CD lamb were two elite players in this draft but there is no doubt who the best speed wide receiver was. The raiders fell in love with the speed. They take the speed guy and they hope that maybe some of the inconsistencies and struggles at Alabama. Not Putting up the kind of numbers you would expect out of a guy with his athleticism Were just you know part of the system in part of playing with somebody other great players that sharing the spotlight? J. Judy much more prolific. See Lamb much more prolific as well at Oklahoma Justin Jeffers much prolific. Lsu But the numbers at the combine blew people away. And the raiders have fallen in love with with Henry Rugs and they had their pick up all three and they rugs. That was the guy. They wanted rags impressed with his speed and the NFL combine recording a four point. Two seven forty type. Let's hear from Henry Rugs after becoming a Las Vegas Raider. So explosive receiving pay off. But yeah I feel like I I could definitely definitely got slow. Make a positive impact and you know. I'm going to get him to the office. They'll be thing out pretty talented receiver group at Alabama. How how much you numbers you're able to put up in college. I mean it definitely doesn't come to Kinda me back coming. You know guys had to. We had to share the bomb instead of so everybody got assists there by the way and mean with bedroom guys. It only makes you mentioned WanNa take advantage of opportunities MS deals. You make me they henry. Let's just just don't be disappointed. You know I'm I'm Bentley. Not disciplined two guys ready to go to work and they can seize. Yeah what does it mean to be the first pick to LAS VEGAS WRITERS? You know when the French moving it means a lot just that they you know they go in. They use their pick on me. You know for the first and you know their first Jaffe ever into the with me and I'm on I'm excited. Maybe so and I can't wait to get there and didn't even get to work. I was talking to spend Vegas before. None said you've never been to Las Vegas how much are you looking for you? Come into the city and kind of seeing what. It's all about Can I I definitely can't wait? You know I'm excited to get that. You know you hear a lot of things about you know these things and as far as actually chicken if you about that. Oh Man I'm excited. Just you know just opening up you know star and started free rein go and like. I said it's GonNa Right but Henry people on twitter. Were commenting on your draft out that night. Did you ever think that you'd be wearing a roker? The draft I definitely Disney. Did I mean it was something that you know something that I've thought about it? It just came about and like let's go for me. Why not at home talking? Hey Henry this from in Las Vegas Do you get a chance at all the talk Josh Jacobs. So what did you tell you about this? he was telling me to pretty much be ready. You never know what's going to happen you know. And that's how it's lights brainer thing and you know whenever you get to where everyone's is due to do you got it no. He told you he knew that I was ready. So it was pretty much. How confident are you your ability to not only inside? But I'll try. I'm very confident. I know you know once I can do. I can do everything on you know. I'm not afraid radio. Show that I'm not gonNA salvage win in the challenge or let's go ahead and hear a quick word from our sponsor and we'll be right back to break down the readers pick at number. Nineteen Damon. 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I think this is a bit of surprise for people I think. Damon are net was not the name that people anticipated to here with the number nineteen pick for the Las Vegas Raiders. What do you make of this one? The Ohio State Buckeye Damon. Arnett cornerback taken at number nineteen interesting. I think a lot of people are very surprised by that He's a Guy. A lot of people had projected late second early third round So a bit of reach year. You would think from the Raiders. But it's only a reach if it doesn't work out the way that they hope he listen. He's a guy who has pretty good size for an NFL corner not prototypical. Speed really doesn't move. You know as well as you would like out of maybe a first round pick all the time more of a system that in better let zone schemes and just kind of you know fit into what do they must see him as a guy that really fits what they want much more do just about measurable goals and and how he would line up and discover man to man not really a straight man to man type corner at the NFL level just yet. I don't think he's ready for that Surprising but here's the other thing. If this is a guy. They fell in love with and really really wanted They don't have a second round pick. They don't pick again until the third round so if they wanted them they must have felt like they had to take There was a lot of reports out there that are trying to track down to trade down out of this pig apparently weren't able to get that done so They go with the guy that they want. And you don't know about these things I I've seen immediately everyone else as they reach. It's a terrible pick. They don't know what they're doing. Listen you know what you're doing? You're not spending months and months looking at these guys and breaking a bout. We don't know what we're doing. We think we know who the first Pixar we dealt of these teams have a read on it and listen to make mistakes. Sometimes they don't get the right guy but in their mind. This was the guy that fits what they WANNA do and and they take them so surprising name for sure I think a lot of people are scrambling to try to research a little bit because not a lot of people expected them to go until tomorrow but I just saw Jon Gruden. High fiving his family so he must be used. Well definitely fills a need. Here for the raiders. The cornerback position is somewhere where they needed to improve their. We're a couple linebackers out there around this position. We had talked a little bit on our Vegas Nation. Podcast about Patrick. Queen named Kenneth Murray was another name. That the raiders. Like but I guess this means that they felt comfortable with what they did and free agency and the players that they have on the roster. Now to grow from you have now. Damon are net. Someone who has twenty seven Solo tackles and his two thousand nineteen campaign with the Ohio State Buckeye. So Adam Were you surprised at all that they went defensive here and maybe not with a quarterback because like you said they don't have any picks until the third round at this point. Was this pick. What you kind of anticipated in terms of position position yes. I don't think there's any question. The raiders went into the draft wanting wide receiver in corner in the first round. And they got it. I think a lot of people are surprised. But here's the other thing about the cornerback. Position Works I think. A lot of people are analyzing the draft. It'd be included. Thought there was two elite corners in their strength and their both gone Aku had very early to number three T J Henderson went number nine. So both quarters were out In the first ten. So if the raiders wanted a corner they had to look in that group and I thought there was a group of like five or six or kind of butts together. Nobody really stood out from the pack. I thought that was a little bit behind that group. But either way They get the position that they wanted to get a guy that they absolutely believe play in their system and they're just stockpiling young. You know young corners that can play and filter for roles. That's what they're planning seems to be right now back and see if they make another move to get into the second round or if they're done all the way until the first round tomorrow night. Our net spoke after being picked by the raiders. And here's what he had to say about becoming the number nineteen overall pick in the NFL draft. I consider myself one of the best players in in in the So I feel like the best players go in the first row so I I wouldn't say I'm surprised but definitely thankful for and grateful for the Put opportunity to shy away from the athletic. I was just asking what allowed you to improve in your senior year in college. Kind of bouncing back from Eugene and improve at the next level I'll say I'll say what improved really my On approach Certain situations on the field off defeated everything so once. I got my mind right. Everything else is fun 'cause I've been the same play. Nothing I ain't I'm not more. I'm not faster than I would year ago. Or things like that on the same the same person I just had to get some things right And everything else is so Damon poverty chairs here from ESPN. And how would you describe your playing south a lot of descriptions that you being a physical? Cornerback how would you describe the way you play on the field? And how does that fit with? What the raiders. WanNa do on I say I'm physical Corner Competitive Corner. dog You know what I'm saying. All of the above. So and I feel like the raiders We don't go you don't say anything. Don't go out there fads Hor execute the football player embracing juice. You know what I'm saying. celebrates your teammates All that stuff You also David Jim Day from the NFL network Congratulations and Mike. Mayock called one of the most competitive players in the entire draft French. And how you played the season in the past Where does that stem from you? Jews always being looked as as the underdog Always eating short end of the stick and might have made a career. You know what I'm saying. That's what I'm saying like when Y'all at are you surprised gentleman I I. I'm not you got like certain people might be surprised. You know what I'm saying but I know those people are surprised 'cause I'm always the underdog but but I know what time it is time. I step out there on the gone with somebody has to say about things everybody for tuning in. We'll be back tomorrow Friday with another episode. In the afternoon we're going to do a recap with the guys vinnie. Adam Ed. They're all GonNa get on here and talk about what? The raiders did analyze the picks. So make sure to tune in for that tomorrow on the Vegas Nation. Podcast for all the guys. Thanks so much for listening. Follow us on Social Media at Vegas Nation. Keep up with everything happening on VEGAS NATION DOT COM as well as on the APP download that today Vegas Nation and of course make sure to check out our live draft shows tonight Friday. We have that show taking place at nine. Pm on Cox your view channel. Fourteen and again on Saturday at four. Pm Thank you so much. Everyone for listening. We'll be back tomorrow.

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