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Leaders we can't be there all the time and yes. We need our one on one relationships with our members our staff but we need to really impress upon them to have each other's back. We're not there to confide in each other to share what's going on at work and maybe what's going on at home that might reflect what's happening in their in their work day so i think if we can teach our staffers our team members to rely on each other just as much as they rely on leaders. I think that will bring everyone closer. Hello everyone welcome to the ktbs. Success factor podcast for women where we talk about challenges senior female leaders face and being happy and successful at work. I'm your host dr sarah e brown. My guest today. Janati petero was a successful television marketing executive until she dramatically changed the direction of her life. She found her true purpose when a sudden voice inside her head challenged her life. She knew it and two thousand one. She founded the hugely successful national prophet. Pajama program when a six year. Old girls question changed her life forever and she jumped off the corporate ladder. Almost twenty years. Later jenner beats. Pajama program has delivered. Seven million magical gifts of new pajamas and new books to children throughout the davis. Now a professional speaker author personal strategy coach and consultant sharing life and leadership lessons. She learned through her pajama program. Journey her book purple passion and pajamas. How to transform your life embrace the human connection and lead with meaning with released in august twenty twenty. She presented her first tax. Talk one idea. Plus the human connection equal seven million pajamas and books in august. Twenty twenty as well. She has been interviewed on and in many local and national media outlets including oprah today. Gma the early show cnn fox and friends hallmark home and family magazine and for the wall street journal and parenting magazine. The swell genevieve rang. The nasdaq stock market opening bell and twenty sixteen. She has been the recipient of many local and national awards as she inspires others to listen to their heart voice in pursuing their passions. Genevieve lives in arlington. New york with her husband demo. Do telly and i will tell you later about where you can find. More information on genevieve. Welcome to the be. Thanks for joining me today. Thank you for the rotation sarah. What is the biggest challenge you help female business leaders space in business today and what might be the symptoms of those challenges. I think that these days so many of us most of us. I think really are looking for meaning at work. Not just in our personal lives with our families and our partners but nine to five in our jobs. I don't think it's. I don't think it's possible for anyone to say i don't know i don't really care about anything. Just the paycheck. I think people more and more want to feel like they're contributing and that they're scene and they're valued that there are whole person is going to work and that feeling really good about it so i think female leaders need to really. We need to lean into our compassionate side or patient side and really use those tools that we have to bring that value into our workplace four our teams and one of the biggest mistakes clients. Make before working with you. I think that we've spent many many years trying to just make the line happen. And maybe that's the traditional boss route. Maybe that's the way we felt. We had to be because men traditionally are like that not to get personal you know in our nature is to be personal as females as female leader and. I think that we should stay away from forgetting about the personal stuff at work and just looking at that bottom line no matter what i think. We need to incorporate those personal relationships and those personal values and the compassion that we have to bring that to work to bring that to making that bottom. Line a reality for everyone. What is the number one. Free and actionable tip. You can give the women listening today to help them address. This challenge now. I think it's important. Not just for leaders be leaders to have those one relationships with our team members but to really impress upon everyone how important it is for our team and all of us to have each other's back so leaders we can't be there all the time and yes. We need our one on one relationships with our members our staff but we need to really impress upon them to have each other's backs were not there to confide in each other to share. What's going on at work. And maybe what's going on at home that might reflect what's happening in their in their workday so i think if we can teach. Our staffers are not members to rely on each other. Just as much as they rely on leaders. I that will bring everyone closer. And those human connections really really do lead to more successful workplaces. I can certainly resonate with that message. Because i'm really working on teaching women how to peer coach so that they're not relying so much on leadership for that so that's a great tip. So what's the valuable free resource you can share with the women who are listening today to help them understand this challenge better. Why a couple of them. Actually sarah covey club is a great online community for professional women. Women looking to find their purpose. Listen to their heart and also become a successful as they can so it's cub club and similarly little pink book online has a really great group of women who are leaders and who are sharing their stories and their passions and helping coaching each other great. I will Put that in the show notes so that it stands out so genitive. What's one question that i should've asked you. That will help our audience. Take action to address this challenge and then would you answer the question. Oh boy well. I think there's a lot of fear and trepidation coming. Maybe hopefully close to the end of the and and quarantine emergency that. We're we're in. So i think the fear. How might we address. Fear new fears and i don't know that any of us have the answer that works for everyone about to conquer fears. I don't have an answer. I've always thought field if you're in any way and you know just just have to get through it and i heard in a movie something that really resonated with me and it really made me sort of relax if he can relax into it and it was. Sometimes you just have to do it. Afraid and i thought wow that was. That was something peaceful in at that instead of fighting it and being afraid of the fear i would just have to try to make peace with doing it afraid anyway. Oh what a great great piece of advice be. Thanks so much for being with me today. Thank you sarah. Thanks for listening to the k- t- ask success factor podcast for women. If you like what you were hearing please go to. I tunes to subscribe raider and leave a review and if you would like more information on how we can help women in your organization to thrive then go to. Www dot sarah e brown dot com. You can sign up for our newsletter reach show notes and learn more about our podcast guests. 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