The State of UCLA, Conference Tier Talk, and Some 'Dirty Laundry' | One Shining Podcast (Ep. 81)


There is sort of one shiny podcast is brought to you by cheese at hey, who's fans. Do you want to play in a basketball game with some of today's biggest stars with Charles Barkley, and or shack as your coach while Pringles, and she's at are bringing you the chance with the celebrity crunch classic all for the wind sweepstakes. All you have to do is go vote for team cheese it which is the team that Tate naira on or team Pringles. Which is you know, also team we're on both teams were also on that too. Yeah. In both sides as celebrity crunch. Classic dot com slash OSB. Visit the site for more details. Pringles versus cheese it pick aside stock up and go for the win. No purchase necessary. I was shopping for snacks for the Rose Bowl this weekend Tate, actually this. I don't know. It wasn't the weekend. It was Tuesday. The Roosevelt was on Tuesday and your day. And I'm walking through the twenty th the snacks. I'll I see the cheese. It's in my God. There are a lot of options achieves it. So if you're if you're a man out there, if if you're someone you're thinking yourself, I don't know man cheese. It's kinda got an old for me. It's kind of gotten boring eating the original cheese at a million different times. Why have great news? There's like a thousand different flavors, and they're they're interviewers over there cheese. It that's why we love him. So go find something you like stock up. Do it for us Tate. Steve Alford was fired. I don't know if you've heard this. I don't know if you've heard the news that was the. Yeah. That just happened right before that those that's old news. That's twenty eighteen news. Yes. It's a new year. He was fired last year last year man, come on move on get it. So we did we did the pod. I think the day of right? Like, we did a pot on Sunday. And then he was fired like that night early morning Monday, which was opinion on. Yeah. It was in the world you live. It was very good for us. Because I I think I asked for him to resign. So if he continued to play to coach out the rest of the year, and then win the Pac twelve tournament that probably wouldn't have worked out. Well, so she ate the UCLA ministration detailing that over the weekend. Very nice. Keep in the past eighteen we are going to talk about that not not so much offered. I feel like we kinda. I mean, the last pod we spent a lot of time talking about his problems. And I I don't think either one of us was shocked that he lost his job. But there's new discussions to be had about a how good is the UCLA job actually in the who are they going to hire. And I gotta say this is becoming more than most fascinating and hilarious coaching searches already. There's no telling how long it's going to take in. I'm very excited to watch all this unfold. So we're going to spend a little bit of time on that at the top. And basically just the wheels keep falling off for the Pac twelve and I know we said we weren't going to talk about the west coast much this year tape, but I just can't quit them. It's it's hysterical. What's happening out there? And then Tate, I got great news. A a little gift for the people. We are doing a very very heavy edition of dirty laundry today. The people ask for it. We Kyle is not here. We have Craig helping us out. Hello, craig. Hello. Thanks, greg. Thanks, craig. So I am not going to be Smerch cows good name without him being here. But I will say that I I received a handful of comments after the last time he did dirty laundry. And they said Kyle cannot read. And they said please have Kyle stop reading the story. Kyle does not know how to read listen, I've cows not here to defend themselves. So I don't wanna pile on the guy too much, but but we stars allow can read. That's what you're saying. Russia question. Great of. So the people ask for it. Kyle couldn't be here. Anyway, because he's doing I think. Him and biller doing Durant pod. Part seven I believe so he he could be Craig to fill in for anyway. But I went through personally, I found a lot of stories we're going to spend a lot of time because there are a lot of good stories out there. And then we're going to talk a little bit about conference play started this week. So there's a lot to get to. But first what he durum? All right. It is Thursday evening here in the very cold. Very dreary vary. What's the word? I want to choose my words carefully. I'm in Columbus, Ohio, and let me just say that spending an extended period of time in Los Angeles made me very soft eight I came back home for the holidays. And I'm here in Ohio, and it is cold, and I'm soft, and this is a problem because my whole identity is the mid west guy, who's tough, and isn't like all you soft. He's out there out west. So I'm trying to work through this. But we were recording this on a Thursday. It is it is there's aid me some games are about to tip off tonight. So if you're listening to this on Friday morning, and you're wondering why would didn't talk about Indiana beating the snot out of Illinois or I don't know produce plane Iowa. There are a lot of big ten games going on tonight. If something happens, we didn't talk about it. Now. You know, why Tate Steve Alford misfired your thoughts? Yes. It finally happened. Like, we said at the at the intro that always leads into our great discussions. We saw coming. We were talking on Sunday. We saw the new year is on the way we knew the UCLA wanted to get rid of Steve Alford at some point most people thought he was going to wait until they were gonna wait until. I think it was like April thirtieth. So they didn't have to pay out some by out that was the date. I saw like Jeff Goodman front of the program. Put it out there that that was the day that there are waiting for. Because apparently, they're already paying out someone, you know, godforsaken muddy maybe it was like Jim more or someone else up there. So we knew that was a reason why that it was possible to wait. But the team was too far gone. We saw it in Chicago live on the ground. I don't think I've ever seen a team actively dislike one another more than that UCLA team that day. I don't know if how they feel all the time. But on that day, they ought is didn't like each other. So it's so felt like the right time. I wanted to point out. Did you see the post from Bryce offered probably one of the biggest stars in these Steve Alford era at UCLA that says anything about the air at UCLA? But Bryce Alford. Brought there that he does it the right way. It's all about God's plan. You know, these are things that if you wanna painter this program. These are the right things to say and they never cheated at UCLA. Did you see this? These are things that came out of the snow. We know our. Yeah. That we know of. Yes. Ona sunday. After two o'clock. So it's funny. Bring up Jeff Goodman. We had we had we had a friend of the program Goodman on the pod. As everyone knows a good man months ago. I don't. Yeah. I don't remember the time line, and I talked to him about the scripts game. You remember the state you're in the room? We were talking about scoops about how I want to get involved in the scoops game. You want to get involved in the scoops game. It feels like something we don't actually want to be a part of. But at the same time man, if we could just experience a once get one taste that would be so fun just to have one. And I say that to say this Tate Sunday night. I get a tip. I get a DM someone slide into the OS P DM's a UCLA boo identifies himself as UCLA booster. He says to me. I I this is a true story. He says he I check out the DMZ. He says offered firing is a done deal. And he he liked elaborate more on that. I know this guy this meeting happens. Here's why it hasn't been announced it it's going to be announced tomorrow morning. And the guy says something like, you're the first people I thought of I know you guys were looking for your big scoop. This could be it. So I read this. And I think to myself, we did it I tell you. Hey, we already scooped it on the podcast. We already said he was dead and gone. I know we already did. So I type of I pull it the one shining. Pas-de-calais? I do the tweet I put in all caps. Breaking sources have confirmed to one shiny pod. The Steve Alford has been fired announcement expected Monday morning, I type it out. And I see the the cursor blinking at me. And I see the hit tweet button and tell you I am chicken shit. I did not hit send on that tweet. I thought about it. And I was like what what if what if we're wrong. What is my life become if this is not actually true, and I deleted it. I went to sleep. I woke up the next morning, and everyone is talking about Steve offer being fired. And I said, I'm just not cut out for this. That's my story. Not that interesting of a story. The point is I just I learned that the scoops game is not for me. I please keep sending them to me. And one of these days, I'm just going to bite on one of them, and we're gonna get fucked so badly because they're gonna be so you're you're working under the guise of like the Dan dockage of scoop game, which is like some rain of guy slides in my DEA of says is done deal. I'm booster, this is what's happening. So therefore, you took it. And you said guess what I got the scoop you're supposed to like then back source it in back channel like Jeff. You know, sounds like you did listen to Jeff Goodman, when he told you how to source you gotta get the show. And then you gotta use the info to ask other people that made no southern about the info two then source it and put it all together. And then one day, you become a capital J journalist. That's address your journalism school, teaching your your teacher your professors at north. Murphy Brown staining agree. Yes. Yeah. Very easy. As we said though, it's not exactly surprise offered. His fired. So I don't think we really need to spend a ton of time talking about him. Just I don't ever. Everything's kind of been said, he wasn't great. He wasn't even like, he's he wasn't a great fit. Even if he was winning a fair amount. He was never really great fit the the fan base. Certainly it turned on him. He I think his last game gets liberty. I think if I if I remember, right? The attendance at Pauley pavilion. They lost a liberty by fifteen I believe it was like seven thousand something and I was talking to my dad about it. And he brought up a great point eight that Steve Alford played high school basketball new castle, Indiana Newcastle high school, which is the biggest high school gym in the state of Indiana and therefore the world Steve Alford regularly played in front of sold out crowds of ten thousand. So just to put this in perspective. This was the JV played. Hi, yeah. This is V played high school basketball games in front of bigger crowds than he was coaching by the end of in front. Of the head of his UCLA tenure to give you. So you're saying this team needed a bigger stage is what you're saying. Yes, UCLA was was too small for Steve Alford. He's going back to Newcastle. He's got a LA was too small. He's gonna go back of new castle, Indiana. I stopped trying to win national championship. Start trying to win three a the championships. No. But, but so I want to turn the conversation to two things because it's the two things everyone's talking about it, which one of you, which one of these interesting morte, do we want to talk about what the UCLA job actually is right now or do you want to talk about all the candidates that are being thrown out there because my God are there a lot of candidates being tossed around. I think they're I think anyone at this point could be tossed around as a as someone that's possible to go back to UCLA. I think we should start with the the perception of UCLA from people that are in the media that are parroting what it's supposed to be. So I am I've three guys that I wanna point out, and they have three very different opinions about what UCLA is valued at number one. We got shown farnum who is you know, all over. He's like the golden boy of college basketball. He is Jay Bilas worst nightmare is coming in is giving these takes. Everyone's like, he he's wealthy. He's a curb street of college. Basketball at this point. Everyone's listen to Sean farnum, and he knows UCLA because he was there. So he's one we got Steve lavon, obviously coached a UCLA, obviously, you can tell I was watching f s one the other night Steve Lavin's also there, and he's talking about the UCLA job was he knows what it means to be there. He knows you got slick your hair back and make it happen. The number three is a man on Twitter who goes by the name of Dan dockage who calls somehow every single ESPN college basketball game I ever watch. So those are the three they're all putting the narratives out in the world. So number one show on foreign farnum comes out, and he says it he doesn't even point to Steve offered, you know, he's passed. He's just like us. He's passed. That's last year, that's old news. But he's talking about what the players are saying after this new brings up Chris Wilkes your boy from Indiana. He says Chris Wilkes was asked and he's very upset about this. He said Chris Wilkes was asked if it was the players fought that Steve offer got fired right? Puts it out to the world. You know, it's just off the bat by who has that question was a Jeff garland. We don't know someone asked that question and said who's fought as it Chris is a your fault and Chris says, you know, unequivocally. No, it was not my fault. It was not our fault. It was not the players fog, and this ERC shown farnum who've used the UCLA thing as you go. There you buy into the, you know, the UCLA not the name on the back. He he does that whole thing where the guys are playing for the name of the back not the name on the front. Not the UC not the LA, not even the, you know, the c that's a different color, whatever it may be. He says all this stuff. And then he also brings up the fact that he cried Mark Titus. And this is something I think that you should pull out of your snow whenever you needed to prove that you really care. He said they lost in the first round in ninety seven and he cried in the locker room because he knew that he was not deserving to play for a brand that was UCLA because UCLA players they don't lose in the first round. You know, they just lose the liberty by fifteen at home, but they don't lose in the first run into tournament. So that's how much into him. He cried and. And that was the passion point of what UCLA means what it used to mean. I guess during the Jim Harrick days. So boom there shown farnum number two. You got your boy Steve lab and St. live and says, look you look at the relapse college basketball who were the powerhouses everybody that is a powerhouse has a coach has been there for over twenty years and has basically built up the culture there. So he points out literally everyone in college basketball goes is obey Heim cow Hoon, ROY Williams. Mike success key J right now Villanova can close twenty years. Literally names. Everybody doesn't bring up really Calipari. Really doesn't talk about Bill. Somebody brings all the other guys up. His just like, you know, here's what it is. That's how you gotta win. You gotta have a guy that's going to be there for longevity. You don't wanna keep recycling coaches like UCLA has been doing fair point number three. Dan, dockage just puts out a list of guys that he would call us UCLA number one was God. Number two was Jesus Christ. Number three was John wooden to revive him. Number four. Number five is more Godfried. It was the most ridiculous list ever. It was hilarious. People were all passing that around. So those are like the three perceptions of UCLA Steve Lavin's like look, you gotta get a young guy in there. That's going to be there for the long haul. Maybe you go after by early and bring him in, you know, and then you get shown far them who's just like UCLA is the UCLA of John wooden. We win titles here come in make it happen. And then you have Dan docket. You. I guess is in that same camp where anybody that gets a call from UCLA is going gonna think about it. And that's why I asked you Mark Titus to me, what is the value of UCLA because to me, I always viewed it as a blue blood, but kind of, you know, a lost a, you know of a long time. You know, what I mean, they just are what they are. They're out in California. It's just not that serious. You know, they can just bring up the eleven titles and move on 'til someone tops that or you know, or grass eleven they can kind of chill. I think every boat every opinion on UCLA is a program is wrong is kind of like, I think. Yes. Yes, or wrong. Yeah. Everyone's wrong. Like, I don't I don't I don't think anyone has any idea. What UCLA this at this point? Which is kind of what makes the coaching search so fascinating. And at to see how this all unfold because. I don't know you could I if you know like UCLA fans are going to get very defensive about about you saying that they're not as not a blue blood, and and they. Able of lost are saying I mean of of the law side, they're say what's the difference between us in India? And fires. It's just like when they ask Bobby Hurley if he wants to get the UCLA job he said, I'm happy where I'm at right now. Yeah. So right for first of all, you could you could bring up this point UCLA has as many national titles in the last thirty years as Kansas has does that matter to you. If national titles are all that matters. I don't know. Maybe they're not as maybe like there's perception of like a huge title drought at UCLA. And I guess Kansas happen in a new cell ninety five. I mean, Indiana hasn't won since eighty seven like the whole idea of UCLA one way back with wooden, and they haven't done anything since and people just kind of discredit ninety five you discredit the three bid Jalan years some reason because he didn't actually win the title. They just went to the final four. So those don't count because it's UCLA and only titles count. I don't know. I feel like people really they moved the goalposts with UCLA at the same time. Everything you're saying is is undeniable I made UCLA does have seven thousand fans at games. That's insane. That's ridiculous and UCLA fans get very defensive. They'll say you don't understand how bad offered was. You don't understand how bad this traffic is out here? We have better things to do out here. I drove it every drought every day twenty minutes, you can make it you say ladies air shields. Thank row in front of her. So one. I don't you silly. I know I don't think you sell fins a wrong, by the way. Like, I think. All of these reasons are valid to say, there's more fun shit to do it in Los Angeles. There's more sport. There's there's a ton of teams. I mean LA is sports down. The follows winters, basically. Right. Like, I don't need to tell you that to you live out there. So of course, like, it's it's a city full of Fairweather fans. And I don't think you silly fans need to really be defensive in in explaining that, the people I think most people understand the problem is that. There's no getting around that when you're trying to stack yourself up against the Kentucky's against the Indiana's against the the dukes the Carolinas. The Kansas is when Indiana one went six and twenty-five with Tom green. They were still like I mean, not packing assembly hall, but there's still like a ton of people going to those games. You know, why? Because there should also do and Bloomington, Indiana. That's what people live breathe that is like all Indian at cares about is basketball. So even if Indiana sucks, they're still gonna show out. I'm sure the same is true of Carolina the door two years. The same is true of Kentucky in the Gillespie. Here's like sure their attendance dips a little bit. But these people like there's not a ton of stuff to do. So that is what that is the difference in it. It's an UCLA's never going to be able to get over that hurdle. So that is that is interesting to me that I don't know. I mean, I get the point like they usually fan because there are UCLA fans that they'd live and breathe UCLA basketball. They exist. I understand that. But at the same time, it they UCLA is unlike any other job in that the fan base isn't as rabbit, and there's no there's no sugar coating, the just isn't. And you don't have to apologize for that. If you're UCLA fans, if I was struck my shoulders would be like, yeah, I'm not as rabid. I live in a great fucking city. And I have a ton of shit to do in my life is awesome. So sorry. I'm not gonna apologize for that. And I would just move on like you don't need to get defensive about that. But as pertains to the actual basketball and the coach they're going to hire. It's very fascinating. Because I feel like a lot of these coaches are smart enough. I mean, the fact that they hired Steve Alford in the first place six years ago. Five almost six. Years ago. What does that tell you about like the perception of UCLA at that time Tate like that was the best they could do then? So I don't know. It's interesting it it also seems like they're trying to tap into the tradition of those blue bloods. So if you bring a guy like Steve Alford. We'll Steve offer gets it. He worked with Bob ninety played under Bob Knight. He's from the Bob. Knight system is from the Indiana ilk, we're going to bring him out here. And he's going to he's going to sell that to these kids. And it's not even about again being defensive is about like playing defense. You know? I mean, what the watch his know UCLA teams, even the good ones. You know, like, they just they weren't defensive minded teams are not really tough minded teams. And that's kind of where you said they were fair weather fans. I mean, they're good weather fans. Like, I think fair is even worse than that. Like, I think that they they should be. They should just be an MBA like they should just they should just sell the idea. All these kids that want to go to these blue bloods and end up settling to go to Memphis, or wherever where I'm going to be the one guy, you know, say you're take his caldwell-pope. And it's like, well, I'm going to Georgia, and I know that. They're going to do everything in their power to surround me. So I look good and set me up to go to the NBA because as good PR for them UCLA. I mean, obviously, they're doing that in some capacity now, but they should just lean into it. One hundred percent. We are just an NBA factory. We we're gonna take all these kids that really do just care by themselves. And we're just gonna let them play pickup as glee and sometimes they're gonna win crazy games. And sometimes we're going to have, you know, fun years. And no from the for the rest of it. You know to just is what it is. Like, I mean, they're trying to bring in these old school coaches like Steve offered to kind of teach discipline and to get these kids to play a certain way, and you're not gonna play that way in southern California doesn't fit the identity of the people of Sal, southern California doesn't fit like lavar ball would have more fun with coach and one of these teams at UCLA than Steve offer was having because he would roll the balls out and say, look, look how athletic and talent talented. We are as a team. Let's have fun playing basketball. It's a team. You know, what I mean, just take take AAU principles throat up to UCLA and see what happens. I mean. I I that's the only way could see it happening. But at the same time, I know they're going to hire someone like. Early and try to run it back into the same thing. And just get like a do guy to come in there cables, probably the best case scenario because he does have the do pedigree. But he also is a guy that's not afraid to let these superstar athletes just play. You know what I mean? Like if he had Kevin Kevin Puerto junior was at Pitt. He wouldn't have a quad injury. And he'd be evident twenty five points a game. You know what I may have aquatic injury. You know what I mean? Like, I can promise you that. So. Like if Kevin porter quantity. Yeah. You you. Write that day. That's true. That's facts. That's Nike like he's not going to have a guava injury will figure it out. But but I do feel like that is sort of the problem with UCLA where they just they're trying to be that old school blueblood. Like, you said where they have these fans care hundred percent, no matter what. And that just doesn't exist. It just I just need to become I actually liked this the way the way the Sacramento Kings, UCLA UCLA, they go just be just make it all the way to Sacramento Kings. You can play. However, you want are the. The Sacramento Kings are the college basketball team of the NBA. Yes, UCLA should be the NBA team of college basketball. Exactly, this should just run the entire program. As though it's an NBA team say just draft guy strata UCLA every single year. Just more blueblood guy. I should defend I should defend them though. Because I see like a lot of th there's a lot of misconceptions being thrown around about how like UCLA doesn't have like they underpaid their coaches, which is historically been true. But I don't know. I was like reading into the stuff I was going on all the UCLA websites because I you got to hear both sides state. You're seeing people talk about how UCLA can't pay coaches as much as the other blue bloods, because they don't because I don't know the California university of California system, or whatever. Has has restrictions on funding. Whatever they the charter flights thing is almost become a me at this point that people talk about how UCLA doesn't charter flights which is kind of strange, but really not the biggest deal in the world. Because I think it's clear that UCLA as an athletic program is is flush with cash at this point. Let's just say that Under Armour has been good to UCLA. Let's just say that I don't know chip Kelly would not have taken the head coaching football job at UCLA unless there is some money being thrown around. I do I do have one note on UCLA that I do know from the inside is that a volleyball coach was held on because they didn't wanna pay out his buyout out because they had already owed a bunch of money on a buyout. So so they were already having money like that was part of the problem with the offer decision. Well, wait, it's a long as that. They were they headed did not have cash this laying around to throw away pretty much. So that's where we're at. So so so we are. Yes. So so we have a chance for their point. I say. I say there's a difference. That's what you're saying. There's a difference between. No, I'm saying there's a difference between the volleyball coach and the basketball. But like I'm saying if a the volleyball if Billy Billy Donovan calls UCLA, like I'll take the job you have to pay me six million dollars a year. It's not like you still going to be like you. No, we actually only budgeted three like all you cell. Boosters would be like fuck out. Let's find a way to make this happen. And like they'll be fine. I think the money stuff kind of overblown. I think it is. I I don't know. It's going to be fast. Let's talk about like the candidates that are getting out there because I did I did something fun. I spent a lotta time today going through this because because it just basically needed to be done. I'm reading all these articles. I'm seeing the same tweets. You are seeing the Dan dockage tweet obscene. Dick, Vitale Tweety. Hey on this New Year's day. UCLA lovers. Please. Call Dan Guerrero, who I respect and tell them to hire Ripa Tino. Oh my God. Yeah. I love that too. I can leave. Rick Pitino has somehow just become like the perfect answer. All this. And then a one get one guy responds to dig to divide tells tweet, and he's like that's one of the dumbest ideas ever and puts a link to how to the New York Times article saying Louisville has to take down their banner because of the Patino sex scandal and then vital response. Hey, John, so cool to to read how checked of you are have a fantastic twenty nine. I tell us just like condescending, can I just say can I just go on record right now as saying dick Vitale, maybe it's because I'm paying too much attention to Twitter. And maybe it's just the Patino thing. It's just driving me fucking nuts tape, but you're going to say you are already at this point a long time ago. But I I've joined you at this point, he's not charming anymore Tate and dig by tell venturing into reckless and irresponsible. Fair, tori. What do you mean charming? Oh. There's no way because it used to be. I mean, he's he says wild shit. He loves Duke. We all know this like, whatever. But he's he's just kind of your your crazy grandpa. All your crazy, uncle he you just kind of you're like, I don't know if he's basically Bill Walton on on on the harder drugs on on impediments on uppers instead of downers. That's basically what dick Vitale is. Right. And I love Walton. So I'm like, all right. You know, like Vitalis kind of out there. But I don't know he's lovable enough. He's innocent enough. But my God like being the Rick Pitino mouthpiece. And then like shitty and hunt people and being condescending, it's and and then like the other thing of of shitting on Shawn Miller when there's a million times more evidence that Patino was thirty than there is Shawn Miller reader. It's definitely to say it's not an objective stance from dick Vitale, but has there ever been right by tau? So I think it's more. It's par for the course. Yeah. It's honestly, I've I've actually grown to like dick vitelle more with the Rick Pitino stuff because the more that I read it. I'm like, maybe he should get hired. You know what I mean? Like, maybe UCLA doesn't even Patino like maybe he is just Larry Brown. And maybe he does to serve another Schadt. No stuff. I was I'm I'm just I'm just putting it out there. I mean, maybe maybe he is the answer. I mean, look he's already taken over Greece. And we we already know the connection between UCLA and Greece and how they're basically one and the same. So I don't know Mark Titus. Maybe dick Vitale know something that you don't know, maybe it's wisdom, and that is me passive aggressively responding as addictive hotel friend. I would love that for the content. I it. All right. That's the that's the Darren Veltri tweet this. I feel terrible for UCLA. But this is tremendous content is how it feel. We are breaking the rules. We are breaking the rules of twenty nineteen which is the two things that we promise from each other was one no more. Rick Pitino talk. It was over number two. No more was. Yes. Basketball talk. So we're already breaking. No, no, no, no, no, no fuck that back up. I am. I am rescinding the no more west coast basketball talk. Because like, honestly, I could not be more interested in west coast basketball. I was every idea I had when we did the. Ghost pod. Every idea. I've had when we've talked about what goes packed Welsh. It is to improve the product on the court. I have gone completely because I said you have to find a way to improve this get people in the east coast to care make this all good. I never even in every Macron's my mind that the way you could get people to care is to be complete fucking train wreck. I'd be the nation. I care more my reality show. I care. Yes. I care. More about the Pac twelve I'm not even joking. This is not hyperbole. I care more about the Pac twelve at this moment. Then I do any other conference in college basketball because every single day something happens. I mean, for God's sakes. We just found out Bobo is probably out for the season this year. Yep. We just found that out today. I mean Kevin porter for the year. Yes. Exactly. If you went to Pitt as we know he'd be perfectly healthy the Pac twelve the Pac twelve just hired. A the news came like the other day as as a house. Stay was kicking Washington's asking the Rose Bowl that the Pac twelve has hired a PR firm to basically fix the perception nationally of the pack twelve because they're officiating is is universally regarded as the worst in America there Football Conference. The football play is the worst in America of the power conferences, their basketball, absolutely horrible to the point that they're probably getting one bid into the NCAA tournament and their two most prestigious programs right now. One doesn't have a coach the other coaches very very heavily. Involved in the FBI shade. Or at least the assistant coach is about to go to federal trial because of a bag dropping. I couldn't be more entertaining the Pac twelve at this point to be honest with you anyway. And that's and that's the best coast basketball updated. And that's the best thing that was honest at the best case that could have happened. So we gotta talk about the candidates. Candidate cetera out there. So Rick Pacino knocked him out. All right. Who's next who who's who's? No, I want to do because I went through. So the point the point I wanted to bring up I spent a ton of time today. Sifting through a lot of people's lists. Right. So I I was going to I made a spreadsheet. I we love spreadsheets on this program. I made a spreadsheet a matrix. If you will tallying all the ballots of people that are mentioned on these lists of possible candidates of all these different media people. Right. And here's here's what I found. I took twenty one different samplings of places ranging from like as the Dan dockage tweet the dick Vitale tweet to like comments on it comments on like, UCLA, blogs and discussion boards. I did some heavy research for the state here. The names that popped up the most of the twenty one ballots, Fred Hoiberg and Eric Muslim and runs sixteen in my twenty one ballots, and those are the top to the problems with the Fred Hoiberg is on record as saying he hates recruiting. So that's going to be interesting. Although I feel like UCLA you kind of recruit yourself. I mean, for God's sakes, lavar ball in Lonzo ball. They didn't give a shit who the coach was a did. Steve Alford even make a phone call to recruit the balls or do they dislike show up? And it's yeah. We're playing it. Yeah. We're on the team Steve. And also every kid that's committed in their class next year. They asked the the saw Evan Daniels. Went on, you know, to do like, the the recruiting. They once offered left in everything was like, yeah. We committed the school. We we didn't even like Steve Alford. So right. So Hoiberg and by the way, like what what college coach loves recruiting like other than the head coach other than like Cal. Is there a guy out there? That's just like, I the reason I do this job that I do is. So I can go on the road. So I can go to tiny high school gyms on Friday nights instead of spending time with my family coach game. So I can spend all summer capable and Cal those are the two right? Does anyone else? So Hoiberg is at the top musclemen who I don't know. Do the must UCLA stuff a lot of people a lot of my sources are saying must isn't happening. They're saying, I don't know the he's got the DUI from way back in the day. That's a problem for people. And apparently not as not as he doesn't. He doesn't run the type of program that UCLA once. We'll just put it that way. That's that's what I'm hearing. So that sucks, but he's getting mentioned a lot. But people we have Earl Watson. Yeah. All I feel like all the players want him all the former players all the that seems to be the players pick. Jamie Dixon is next on my list. And he said he came out. He said they already. Yes, Billy Donovan was next on the list with ten of the twenty one ballots that I I looked at. Not happening. Let's move on. He said I have Paul George next. Do we have Ripa Tino crispier? Tony bennett. Gregg Marshall MC Cronin. Kevin keats. Mike Bray, buzz Williams. Jay, right. Mark view Kelvin Sampson. John beeline. Bobby Hurley, the list goes on Tate. I went over twenty one of these fucking lists. And there were fifty names mentioned Jesus fifty people are sitting there are people don't out. We'll wait. There are people bringing a Dave smart the Carlton coach. So basically, if you are a coach in college basketball, I know you have a shot at the UCLA job. As far as interest because no one knows everyone's like who's the up and comer guy. I think Mike breys Xia great pick. You get the under armor thing. He comes straight over. He knows run. A real program is very likable guy got its personable can go out and talk and rooms has a slicked back hair kind of fits UCLA model of a coach. I like Mike Burton, and he has a very young team a rich fluid stores, they sell what am I braid just left in the middle of the season. What if you dislike it's a lateral move. Just it's just what he said right now, he took the job he will dominate the back twelve feely thinking he'd be the best coach in the pack twelve right? If you wanna be him in Dana. You know, I think you sell issue. Call who brads Brad Stevens? You. You gotta call Brad Stevens you have to let him say. No. That's my favorite thing too. Is like these people put out like absurd absurd list? And then you just always the way you get around. It is you dislike if someone's like, are you fucking crazy. John Calipari is not taking UCLA job. You're like, I know, but you got to call them. You got the chance to say. That's all right answer, though. The name the name that I have in my head that I keep going back to honestly that I think that would be worth their time to call is Jason Kidd 'cause Jason Kidd was on my list. He was one of my fifty eight I forget who mentioned him as one of the one of the things the only reason that the only reason that I don't believe that he would go to UCLA because they are a norm school, and Jason Kidd is Nike through Andrew. He's like all involved in Nike stuff all the time. So I don't think he could go there if they are in under armor school. But I think there's a chance that if you got a phone call. He would just be like, I don't really care Iago. So and J J kid was the Earl Watson is going to get people excited from like the students and everything right? Then my God, Jason Kidd would be crazy. So the point of bringing up all these names being mentioned is not just to the point for me is like I've never I I don't remember a coaching search. Nobody knows that was like this. Yeah. That nobody has any idea. Because like I said we we kind of went over the the ones that the top. I mean the. Top-five according to this this straw poll. A basically did Hoiberg Muslim and Watson Dickson Billy Donovan. There are obvious reasons why none of them should. I mean Watson would take the job. I feel I feel like he would take it immediately, right, yum. But I'm not really sure that's the guy that that's not the I mean nothing against her a Watson. But I think he won't like a guy that's established and been around and is gonna excite the fan base here. Get people jazzed up here, that's not necessarily the guy. So there's problems with. I mean Dixon doesn't want. It. Billy, Donald probably doesn't want it muscleman. We went over in Hoiberg have their issues. So I don't know, man. I don't know what what what's going to happen here. I can tell you what should happen because they can check all the boxes. Okay. You want a young guy that can relate to players that guy that played recently have out MO Williams. You wanna coach has been a UCLA before that kind of fits a look and has his hair slicked back. Mark godfried. You want to tap into that old tradition at UCLA basketball. That's not too far removed and go all the way back to John wooden, but back to the nineties Jim Herrick, hire them all for going to UCLA and let it. Happen. It's the godfather. That's the only way we're I love it has to happen. I apologize your day. But it it checks every single box of what these people want because they don't know what they want and it check. That's why Mark Godfrey built the staff that he built he built a staff for this. So that it checks every single box. You think MO Williams doesn't want to get hot dogs at Pauley pavilion? Yes. He does. Yes. He does folks. All right. Let's move on. We spent way too much time talking about UCLA. Can we talk about Saint John's? Can we talk about a powerhouse in the northeast, please do because Saint John's fans are getting are very testy. They're getting very anxious. Win win is is Titus Tait going to talk about the Janis. Is that their nickname the, Johnny? They call themselves. Yeah. The job pretty sure they call themselves, the Janis, or at least people on TV do also if I don't mention Philip Lopez. The Jim Cunningham will actually get upset at me. Because apparently, that's like, you know, the greatest person that ever existed Saint John's, so I'll just say that now disappeared for the that'd be my nice little painter. Then people are upset that the one thing. I brought up was when they lost Seton Hall. They'll go, of course, you bring up with their lose Seton Hall. You don't bring up when you know, insert player. Commits so now I'm going to bring up an insert player. Commits an insert players Nate Taber four-star junior recruit that's going to go to the Saint John's. Apparently, there's a really big deal because he's like a superstar score people think he's going to go to the NBA and he's going to play for the Johnny's going to play for Chris Mullin, Chris Mon and this team. They seem to have everything kind of figured out as far as who they are. All these transfers coming in and this Chamari ponds. I mean, he's got to be on the list to be one of the guys mentioned for national player of the year at this point. So if I look at Saint John's, and I talk about former coaches are former players at are now coaches, and we joked and made that whole podcast talking about all them for Patrick Ewing, all the way down the list, you know, thunder. Dan, what we saw him in person down in Phoenix. But as you go around, you look at the Saint John's seem I mean, they're fun team and they play together, and they have legit players that are going to be problems and into the tournament for teams, you know, you don't wanna play Saint John's in the tournament. There are four seating. Or one of you know, what I mean, they they had the scoring the garbage and really screw you over and they got Mustafa and tomorrow, those are great names ponds, and he's wet. I mean, you know, what I mean? Like, it's perfect. The Janis are back there back. They listen. I'm not done making jokes about Chris Mullin. I'm not going to get. I have done Achraf. I'm done. Yeah. Like, so first of all, we should mention Saint shit. There's a reason that Saint John's started the season twelve known was not ring they play over into schedule. Yes. But but they did just be Marquette Tate. They are one horrible call. Not even not even a subjective. Call away from being undefeated, a an objectively wrong decision was made by a referee in that Seton Hall game that if the referee does not blow the whistle. St John's wins. There that away from having an undefeated season. They might actually have the best backcourt in the country with Horon pawns. They really might. And then they got the other two guards with the kid Figueroa. And who's the other kid Justin Simon I think's name yet. And the John McEnroe at the game. You know what? I mean. Here's the problem. Gene. A well. Who cares then? Yeah, they they don't have a bit. But that's that's like actual basketball talk. I'm just talking about relevance. You know what I mean? They're going to be role. I'm saying like the red storm like a storm was coming and they came in their here. And Chris Mullin is is like actually he it's worth being talked about as we get into actual conference play, which I find very interesting. I mean, obviously they beat Duke last year. And that was the big moment. But then they were done, right. And now I feel like they have a legit thing going on. Which is I don't know. It's exciting to see it it sort of similar to to Nevada a little bit. You know, they have these guys that came in and they have a legit team. And they kind of have confidence in there a little bit older. And I don't know. It's interesting. No, listen, I'm paying attention to say, John. I'm just trying to tell you why I had this perception that Chris I've had that when Chris Mullin was hired. I said to myself this man doesn't actually want the job what he wants to do is where jumpsuit and get paid like a million over a million dollars a year to live in New York City where jumpsuit meets in me to roll out the ball, and like NBA Saint John's legend, and I don't I don't follow him for that at all. And my point is I have yet to see enough to back off of that assessment of Molin. However, however, max Kellerman, I will concede that Saint John is a fun team. They are on my radar in the big east is like in shambles not shambles. As a tougher. They're not Pac twelve is. In shambles. I need to calm down at the base. The big east is up in the air. We'll put it that way that Villanova is not the behemoth that they have been in the past Xavier. It was a one c last year is not that good this year. So I mean bother just lost Georgetown at home without MAC McClellan playing for Georgetown. So the big east is is there for the taking and Saint. Kick the shit out of Marquette. They have my attention, but they have no bench and they don't play defense. So I'm curious to see how it all unfolds. But yes, congratulations to Saint John's gray start the season it you are officially on our radar. You're on the radar is a disaster Feis that suffice in as we get to Saturday. We get the showdown of all showdowns. We get Chris Mullin verse Patrick Ewing. And I'm telling you right now Navan the old biggies use baby. If I'm if I'm a Commissioner of the current big east. I just go to both those guys in say at halftime. Can you just play a game to five, you know, one Chris Chris Mullin with a jumpsuit, you know, full suit on for batch Ewing because it's all business quick into five. Here's what I see that people what they want. But I say that's why we're there if I'm if if I'm running the big east. Here's what I said go into that game. All flagrant fouls are just common fouls such thing as a flagrant foul in this game. We're taking her old school. We're letting guys just get raked across the face as they drive the basket, you can clothesline anybody want. It's just it it. We're still going to call it a foul. I mean, let's not get crazy here. This is still basket. We're trying to play. But nothing easy. Actually, you know, what if you say nothing, easy, if you if you take a guy's head off. And you say the words nothing easy. Not a foul. I've not found just to John wall. You had a real reason behind it. You know, what I mean you just being a smart basketball player? All right. Have you ever that? That. If you're going to follow them, then Falome that's another great coaching phrase. It's like if you're going to the guy then try to fucking kill him. Yeah. He's going go the free throw line. He has no shot to get the ball up at. Everyone's like, of course, good coaching coach. Thanks what other games are watching last night. Because I was bouncing around a couple of the the the big twelve had some good games. And I wanted to bring this up to you. Because I I went fishing on on Twitter. I put the bass signal out to our friend Seth Greenberg. I I said it's time for the tears coach I called him coach, I think that was assigned respect he ever excited about that. And I think he was more receptive to to play in my little game. When he saw the Nicole him coach, but I- baited Seth Greenberg into tweeting, his tears Tate of the big twelve. Let me start their release that will lead to know this released the tweet. Yeah. Release the tier Seth. So he tweeted this my big twelve conference breakdown as of today keep that in mind, folks. Yes is ever changing a fire more day could could have already been net. Yes, it it's like the net. Ranking. We don't know. So he says tier one is Kansas tier two is Iowa State, Texas, Tech TCU and Oklahoma. That means to your three is Texas and Kansas state, and then therefore is Oklahoma state Baylor in West Virginia. And you're saying to yourself Titus. Did you to say therefore, I did he he misspelled tear. He spelled at T H E, I R for tier four therefore therefore there, though, are they had all those maybe it was on purpose. That's pretty good that actually works out having those tears already mapped out there for tier four inch here. I kinda like Oklahoma bumping up a tear in that. When it also, I don't know if he works for. Yes. Bien? Did he still works reaced bien? Right. I haven't seen him. Of course, he's not all the ATM anymore. Then they bumped down to the beating was crisp Atallah. But but he's on the easel on tier two. Yeah. And speaking of be tears, and and be things the BPI. They have Texas Tech as the favourite to win the big twelve. Did you see this? Have you heard about this interesting? Yeah. So everyone's saying, so they basically they stay show that everyone on the actual thing was like damn that's pretty dumb like how would that be possible Kansas opposite the best team? But the BPI says it, I don't know. I watched that West Virginia Texas Tech game. And if they're going to win if they're gonna win the big, twelve usual. Then over is going to have to average. I guess forty points a game. Right. I mean at this point. Oh my God. I don't know how the I watched that. I watched that game to the final score is sixty two fifty nine. I you could have told me you could cover the score and told me the final scores twenty two to nineteen and they were they were doing like defend substitutes at one point. I so the two big games. I've watched all I've I've caught Texas Tech flipping back and forth. But the two games I've watched all the way through of Texas Tech. This year are Duke in in West Virginia, which are probably the two biggest played. And both of those games are the the number one and number two instances of just boneheaded charges. And I dunno. I it's got to be something to do with Texas Tech. Texas Tech is part of the problem is them, but do like Zion had a bunch of charges against sex tech as well. There's something about I think, Texas Tech basketball. I don't know. They've like if Texas Tech plays, Wisconsin, my God, the charges that are going to happen in that game buzz cut Brad, just flat. Like Gerry Cole version of drive the basket and get five charges on what play. He's gonna fell out on one play. Here's gonna call five consecutive charges on one play. It's the wildest, but but it's like some of the worst. It's I'm not even complain about the charges because some of the stuff is just like so boneheaded that guys is standing there grabbing his notes waiting on the like, I. I don't know. How to explain it? It's like where are you going, dude? Why would you even try that that game was so frustrating to watch having said that I do love jerick Colbert's game. That dude smooth is hell in stick does play. Great defense. They are not going anywhere anytime soon. I think a lot of people were getting upset that like people were like, well, I guess you just don't understand good defense. And I think I think we both understand good defense. And we know what you know, good defenses and opposite Texas Tech played good defense. But just in that game. It was just the worst kind of styles put together which also proves why West Virginia tech stack project should be in the same conference. You know, when you just watch those two teams play like there's there's some friction here where these two teams shouldn't be playing each other not necessarily. But then after the game Bob Huggins came out to see the to see the clip that went viral with him talking about how basketball's like your girlfriend. That's your favorite thing in the world. Right. When when we relate to sports, oh, I MRs clip. What do you say what I really missed it? Oh, he came out. And you know, said, you know, basketball. I mean, pretty much as simple as I descended. I said basketball's like girlfriends, you know, you gotta take care and and. And show her that you love her and show that you're invested in. And if you don't take care of her she's not going to take care of you. You know, what I mean, she might up and leave you. So everyone's like Bob Huggins, making it simple. You know, what I mean is like never ever. Got it until Babo gins broke it down and compared it to his girlfriend. So so that that's the only way I only way understand that stuff. So I guess rookie data's Detroit. That is the trope of the day is Bob Huggins trying to use a I guess girlfriend. I don't know if he is married what? But it using a girlfriend as a as his way to create, you know, an analogy for basketball in the love that you have to have you know, what I mean? It's a beautiful thing. We could we put can we put huggy burn the hall of fame already. 'cause this dude he's in our only I don't know if he's in whatever million other hall of fame Jerry Colangelo pride get him in if you needed to. But he's in our hall of fame. He's in our heart all the time. Can we just put them in the hall of fame? So he can retire. My man's gonna die this year. Like he needs to he needs to retire. Now like this team is going to kill him. I watched that whole gay. I watched a what? Like the. The the buffalo game. I watched this Texas tag. I think I watched one more of West Virginia game in holy shit. These guys are so undisciplined there so frustrating like I said that that the charge thing a lot of it was West Virginia. Like, those guys are just they'd see a Texas Tech defender to stand in there. And they're like what if I just dribbled right into his chest. It happened. And now, that's like here's what would happen turnover. They always like had the ball on one hand. They're just doing like with both hands like the what like what a cow house that charts. Like, dude, you just read that guy like he's out of breath. Like, he can't breathe right now, you just need him in the chest and hug it does. I mean like Huggins is just like, I don't know. But they cut the hug it like last night. The the guy commenting on the game is like we got a camera on Huggins. Like, this dude is losing his mind and SPN actually shows a Huggins Cam just to basically watch him have a meltdown watching his team. I don't know. I'm worried about huggy bear. Let's let's let's clean it up West Virginia. Cou could we please step up the play a little bit or just put the man in the hall of fame because it's really always coaching for this point. Right. Like he knows he's not gonna win a national title. No offense. West Virginia fans, you're probably not winning a national title with like three star to star is probably not going to happen. You could go to another final four. You can have good runs. You could compete for the big twelve you're probably not win the national title. So that tells me that Bob Huggins, the only thing he's waiting on at this point is getting into the hall of fame. I think he's on the ballot. This year Tate. I think the the twenty nineteen class. He is eligible voters in what him in the hall. Tell it does make the call right now. And be like you're in the hall huggy bear you can retire. Please. Go stuff your face with red meat and whiskey. Like, we know you want to just go kick back, relax and enjoy your retirement because my God it is. It is very stressful watching this man, sweating his balls off and getting a red face and throwing his. Whatever papers he has in his hand up against the scoreboard. I dunno. I can't take it. I think we'll know that he's officially snapped. When he takes off the like the windbreaker. You know, what I mean when he when he finally rips off the windbreaker and lets it all hang out. That's when we'll know. It's like oh land. They broke Huggies literally. Let's hang out. It's all compacted into the windbreaker. You know what I mean? And it's all like there, and it's like held together as nice congealed Bob Huggins on a stool. But eventually when he rips at thing off, you know, what I mean, it's going to be like that guy. Remember that picture of the guy saying we'll have Kyle of not necessarily Kyle. But you know, the guys said thanks Kyle would shirt on with his shirt off in the crowd. That's what huggy bear with. Although the Buffalo Bills. Yes. Buffalo Bills guys. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That that would be. He tries to rip his jacket like ROY. Did was that last year when you were tried to rip his blazer? That's yeah. Well, it was the it was the throw it hits. Seventh woods in Kentucky game monk had forty seven. And then it was the rip the judge two years ago two years ago. Yeah. Okay. Pretty good. He took the jacket off and tried to try to rip a sports coat and sports. Go was like, what are you doing, bro? Alexander alexander. Julian may this co- you cannot rip it soon is. What one other comic because you you brought this up. We're we're talking about that, you're talk. We're talking about the big twelve you brought this up as soon as I said, the tears your your gut reaction as soon as you saw that you heard the tears was that you believe Oklahoma should be on tier one. You believe that set Greenberg that coach you believe that he got it wrong, and that Oklahoma should be on tier one with Kansas. I'm inclined to agree with you. Did you watch that game last night to Kansas Oklahoma game? Yes. I did. He got that. Yeah. He got it wrong on that day. So I don't know what he has now. So maybe we he could be right. This day today today to today. He may be on our side, we should say that before we get into it. But yeah, I like the Oklahoma. But I think that they still think that they're Christian James's team and their Brady Mannix team. So I think that's the only thing that I need them to kind of readjust a little bit. And just really leaned into the fact that they do have Larry Bird two point. Oh, I mean, he's doing he's dressing the part. He's looking the part. He gets strong reason to do that on purpose. He's gotta be right. He is doing it on purpose. Right. I think you already said that I think they? I think it was like I want to look like Larry Bird set the tone because it does get in your head. I think he's like Larry Bird or something like as I'm watching him. I just think everything he does is better. Just because he looks like that you know, what I mean? So he needs to change his number two thirty three though. No. But he's too echelons above that. Right. He's thirty five. That's what it is. Like Kobe wearing twenty four. Yeah. Yeah. It's like, I'm he's not just one above. He's too above. That's. Yeah. I'm impressed with Oklahoma. They I will be honest was not really gonna pay much attention to them. This year was not that excited heading into the air those grad transfer. They brought in the impressed me last night. They I don't know. Like, I I definitely have a better feeling about them as of right now than I did last year with trae young like I I love trae young. I'm not one of those guys that turned on trae young like a lot of America. Shame on you, you build a guy up just to tear them down. That's not me. I loved watching trae young. And I thought he was very good. And I thought he deserved a shoe to shift on last year. But I like this team more Tate. I I don't like watching this team more. If that makes sense trae on was more than attaining. But I believe in this this Oklahoma team more because they play defense. They're they're great defensive. They're playing great defense in and macneice who's there like volleyball spiking guy that blocked shots with two hands. He's basically there cannot day get you get him like him and cannot say I wanna watch them do a jump ball. And they just like both go up and try to grab it with two hands. And you just kind of have to keep trying to. Redo the jump all because that's how they blocked shots. Anyway. Oklahoma plays. Great defense. I I liked their team ally. And I was impressed with with how they play it's Kansas. And yeah, I think they should be onto your own as well. Yeah, they should be there. And then Bill self said after the game that oh, you got to be one of the most experienced team age wise in the country and their average age is twenty one. So that checks out. So Bill self saw last night as an aside. Yeah. As an aside, Kansas, I'm still not feeling Kansas. Even though they keep winning. I'm still not feeling it which is something off which I wanna bring up to you. Because I was watching the Carolina Harvard game. And they always do the thing. And all these like, Duke Carolina games, whoever it is like if you're one of these prime time games. I always ask when you look around at the landscape who you see is the top team is Virginia has Michigan. Is it someone else air every single person? Always does the while. I really like Michigan earlier in the year. Now, I feel like, you know, they're kind of coming down there with a little bit. And I know Virginia, I'm still a little scarred. You know, what I mean, just a little scarred? After the sixteenth. I don't know. You know, I feel like they might play Jerry sloughs again. I don't know how they feel that way. But they keep saying that. And then the then they always come back to you know, I I can't really buy to do just because the young guys I'm excited for him. I don't know. But I just keep going back to Ken Kansas. It's the safe pick. And and I don't think Kansas as a safe pick of that makes any sense. You know what I mean? I can't just is definitely not every. Would things like Kansas just by default as the team you have to pay because they have Doke and they have legit to shoot. Everytime will choose. I think is going to go in. I'm not gonna lie, but they keep going back to Kansas. And I feel like Kansas the team where I'm just waiting for the bubble burst and think it was supposed to already birth. But it hasn't yet. And they've been kind of working it out. I do think Grimes is playing better. I think Dotson played better last night. So those are two good things to see from the young guys. But I don't know why everyone keeps pointing to Kansas because the person that I'm worried about in Kansas as Dietrich loss and just becoming one of the Morris twins and just just deciding that he's the best player on the team. And trans is. I don't know about that. Who's I dunno? I don't know. Maybe you think we'll drill Vicks better than. I think the best player on the team by four. Oh, my God by far Craig turned his microphone off. I do. I do. I just think he's the best player. I think he's definitely hurt right now. But I think if he doesn't play they have no shot. I think as a boot no bouquet is Nick ward of this year. Oh. Like the way if you if you inject true serve in the Bill self, and you're like what he's. Gerald off the team. That's right now. And you said you ask him could you if you could trade a doco Ouzou bouquet to another team to get shooting in return? Would you do it? He would say, yes, he would say I really in a perfect world. I would love to bring Doke off the bench and run a four guard lineup with Lawson and let Lawson have all the room in the world to be beast. But I can't because Abu gays really talented, but he files a lot. And he can't really go bar gold guard ball screens. So I play a, and we just kind of hope it works out. And it does work out more often than not, I don't know, man. That's that's my assessment if which which comes back to the whole thing where house Kansas the safe pick. You know, what I mean, if you're if we're all having the different arguments who we think is their best player, and we're all sure it's not legitimate. Vic, then it's then it's kinda I mean, I don't know. It's it's just a it's interesting because I mean, maybe they have a lot of talent. And that's why the argument is air. And that's why they're the they're the safe pick for this reason is that they have played a really tough schedule. They've lost one game. Yeah. And it was added a state they that's their one loss on the they've played one of the as they usually do they play on the best non conference schedules. And now they're turning to conference season. And you know, that they're going to win the big twelve exactly despite what the BPI tells us. So you're just sitting there and you're thinking like, I mean, Kansas is probably one seed. It's it's it would be very unlikely that Kansas does not get a one-seat at this point. So just just starting right there. That's pretty much. It is like if you had to get if you had to bet on who's a definite one this year. I would say Kansas, probably, the safest bet in regard. Right. Yeah. I guess the ACC you don't know what's going to happen with do. I mean, duke's probably the best team. But you don't know what's going to happen when they start going on the road in the ACC, which is the best conference, Michigan, Tennessee. We don't really like we'll see but Kansas Kansas is going to win thirty games headed into the tournament. And when the big twelve and they'll be at once. So you just match as a college basketball media person, you just you just showed me how to do that. You know what I mean? It's not necessarily the Kansas. They don't like Kansas is going to win the title. They just know that Kansas is going to be a one seed. So it checks out it checks all the they'll have a. Yeah. And then they'll they'll like choke in the tournament. But they won't won't really be a choke. It will just be like this was the team we saw long and then finally just caught up. They lost his Chamari ponds Mustafa Heron. And there is and it all in it all ends up working out in the end. I get you. I'm learning. I'm learning about college basketball media stuff. You just you say things, you really don't believe just so that you know, you can check the box on credibility. You know what I mean? Just so everyone's oh, okay. Oh, okay. All right. Well, this guy knows what he's talking about. I I wanna one more thing. And then we'll get to the dirty laundry. I had one more topic for us in please take this is your podcast as well. If you've something else you wanna talk about feel free to chime in. But I was watching the Maryland. I watched a good chunk of the the Maryland Nebraska game last night. The I saw that as well. Maryland wins. Jalen Smith scores. The team's final seven points Bruno Fernando goes for like twenty and twenty basically, I think I don't think it was actually twenty but it felt like that Cowan was not going off especially in the second half. I e if he had a few threes in a row play pretty well. I was shocked to learn that this is Maryland's first win over ranked team Tate in almost three years. Yup. And as as the man who is driving the Turjan the third bowl express, shall we say you are in the driver's seat of this. I ask you this date. Your thoughts on Maryland. Your thoughts on are you now a believer? Do you want apologize to Mark Turgeon? Is he the man for the job after all or be for beating Nebraska basketball in a word? No. Yeah. I mean. Yeah. I mean. Yeah. That's that's not a I mean, I thought it was good for male. And I was happy that they did win that game because I do want male in two comeback. I do wanna resurgence for the turps. I think they deserve that at the very least especially after all the money that are Under Armour's put into that school. They deserve some sort of reward for that. I mean, I think the last time that they beat a ranked team was when they came into the season preseason number two of them. Not if I'm correct, right? When they had the whole groom of Rashid Suleyman and all those guys, right? Yeah. Yeah. That was the last time mellow dabble. That was the year. Yeah. Yeah. Diamond stone. Yeah. So I mean that a long like diamonds sewn is already come and gone with the clippers shape. Yeah. Like, I mean, Jake Lehman has been in Portland now for he's been they'd be for like four years. So we, you know, it's been it's been quite some time. So if that's something you're holding your hat on than honestly that statue illuminate, even more. So that maybe there's a time for a change. Right. I mean 'cause that feels like a whole lifetime ago at least in the. The world of college basketball news cycle. So I don't know. I wouldn't we doing that stack it out if I was marked urgent if I if the sl told me that stat I believe, yeah. We're not putting one out. I think the tide is definitely turned on Turjan. The the point of no return to happen where Maryland fans are almost rooted against their own team at this point because every ranked wind is just another. You know, another. It's positive for offered suggestion. Yeah. Yeah. It's the same. It's like the same thing as offered it's the same thing. Like, Tom Crean headed Indiana where he's like good enough to keep his job for a couple more years. And it's just like you're living in this purgatory of this coach. And every you know, he's getting fired. Like we were all sitting here today, we all know margin is going to get fired from Maryland. Is it going to happen at the end of this year? I don't know is going to happen next year. I don't know. But like once the fan base turns on you. I mean, if you're watching that game last night, they cut to the crowd. There's like nobody at this game ever is like no Maryland fans at this game at all once that kind of happens. It's really really hard to get that back. I mean, I can't even I can't even think of examples. I I guess I'll throw it to the friends of the program to chime in on examples of that you remember where it were like everyone is basically turned on their coach. And then the coach wins the winds all the fans back. Does it does that ever happen to like the one example, I guess it comes to mind immediately Bruce Weber last year? I don't think he's. I don't know if he's fully one Kansas state back. I mean, Kate like dean wage got his his foot tall fucked up. Kansas state just got blown out by Texas. Like, this is not this is not feel like it's going to be a great year for Kansas state. And we might be right back where we were a couple of years ago with Bruce Weber, so I don't know, man. Like, I I'm sitting here today, and I'm just thinking like just as fire Turgeon already because the you're just prolonging the inevitable at this point. Like, he's not the worst coach in the world. He he's is not an offered situation where the teams quit on him. Maryland could probably do some good things this year they could make the tournament theoretically to have a decent team. You're just kinda like delaying the inevitable. And you know, he's going to get fired at some point in the next three years. So just do it now started now if he great a paper every AD just kind of lived in that bubble. It's like, I know I'm gonna fire this guy a couple of years. Get the point here here. Here's here's here's your eight million here. I know you couldn't really follow me as I was describing situations. Let me try this analogy. It's like you're dating a girl and just like I'm not gonna marry her. So why even get not gonna marry? Okay. Now that you're on a trip in Hawaii. Like, I'm done like this isn't going anywhere best. We have two more years together. The last the last game, by the way. Why is it? Why does Nebraska have the there? I think Nebraska is the only due to school with good jerseys. Those meyler takeaway from that game. I I love those Nebraska jerseys and Adidas fucks up every other school. They have a contract with but didn't data's. That's I mean, didn't Nebraska Dita's made those Nebraska jerseys is like a throwback something. I can't remember what year was. And then I think Nebraska just was like, yeah, we really liked these can we just keep this fought. Because they did it for a bunch of schools with that same old school font. And then Nebraska was just like, yeah, we'll keep we'll hold onto these. And I don't know if it's because I maybe deeds couldn't get packages to Nebraska to finish out like in Ceuta out for the rest of the time. So they just keep wearing the same ones. But I'm pretty sure that they were like, yeah, we're to stick with these. Because I like those too the ones that they were last night. It's a throwback to their the t- their last tournament win which was Tyler do. That's all you have to save ask a basketball, just say tile people. Oh, you know, no basketball Nebraska has no incident to ruin state those Joe, I know, but if you just say Tyler than everyone's like that I'm in. Then I get it that I know, you know, you got anything else before it gets a dirty laundry. Start reading your stories. I'm looking I'm looking at Nebraska basketball jersey situations, please do figure that out. I don't understand like why why did I don't know. So maybe that's something to do with the facilities as well. There's some cooking Nebraska, like why is it that Nebraska's the one that you to school that gets fired jerseys and everyone else gets garbage. I don't get. All right. Let's get to thirty laundry. That's what the people are waiting on. That's why everyone let's be honest. You all fast forwarded to this point, Craig we should put a we should put a time stamp and swerve everybody like everyone's going to read the podcast description. Be like I'm not really interested in that bullshit. I just wanna listen to laundry and just like tag it at like thirty seven minutes got nice. Nice little nice little Zinger will will pull the people. All right here, we go Craig. Mike's on your part of this, by the way, we want your reactions as well. Great. I'm here. I played at a d three school my sophomore year. We want five games and had four felonies. These included are six ten star center. Drunkenly punching a five four music student on the street for looking at him funny and are six three two hundred thirty pound weighing get into DWI because he drunkenly drove home after his girlfriend on the women's hockey team beat him up because she thought he was cheating on her Jesus. We also had a guard who was a starter in ended up buried on the bench come to a game high on mushrooms in another game where he had vodka has Gatorade bottle our coach somehow kept his job. That's give given who was the coach. Let's right. That's all pointed this, I'm kidding. Yeah. Wow. That's a I will say being in North Carolina. The gator the vodka in. The Gatorade bottle was a thing that happened quite a bit at a many, many, sports basketball golf soccer all the above is usually ever called bullshit on that. Yeah. I call bullshit on vodka and a Gatorade bottle. But I like the idea I like the creative. If like like, I I don't doubt that the guy thinks that someone put Vakhin the Gatorade bottle. But there's no way that can happen. Right. Oh, no. That's what I just said. It happens all the time I dealt with it two years. Yeah. Yeah. No. Yeah. Man. Welcome welcome to the real time. This is what people people play an abbreviated back in the day. Beck Beck in the south fuck to the coach is not like smell, alcohol on your breath. And 'cause they 'cause if you're drunk, also, right? It's a one to one and all. And also, why would you want to donors the motivation drinking the Gatorade Martinez? Don't you? See hit the picture in your head just choosing. We're down seven. What is what is the players motivation to drink during a game? I don't understand that part. That's like the motivation is I don't care. It's you. It was usually the seniors do that on our teams. Giddy. I that's how I know. I'm getting very old is like, I I can't I'm sure when I was like seventeen this would all make sense. It'd be like fuck. Yeah. Man, vodka and Gatorade bottle. That's that's tight, man. But well, it's not obviously, evidently. Moving on. I went to a big ten university from oh five to twenty ten it worked in the parking booths on campus. I also by the way, I also went to just as an aside. I went to may maybe maybe this story about me. And I don't know. Let's this one goes my coworker had our big ten player of the year. Okay. So it's not about me pull up to her booth. She told him how much he owed, and he pulled the don't, you know, who I am treatment, my coworker having no idea who he is said, no, I don't and Heathrow hissy fit and put his car in park and refused to pay refuse to pay or move his car. She called the police and moved his car back into the lot by the way, it was two dollars and forty cents and could have got a free parking pass. If you just asked his coaching staff. Who is this? So I don't so narrows down victim player of the year from five to twenty ten this this this is Evan Turner written all over it Tate. I was thinking Robbie hubba call never turtle though. I'm saying it's Robbie. I don't think Robbie was big clear. Bosie really not. Sorry. Rub him. I don't think. So I think I think John Johnson was I think dream on was I think K drone was like twenty twelve though Kaelin Lucas was oh nine I want to say. Yeah. TJ white DJ white DJ white was one year. I think he was. Oh, eight. Yeah. And then o-7 was Alonzo Tucker. So I'm going to go Tucker Alonzo Tucker. Yeah. Oh, six was Terence. Dials have been Darren styles to a house take as on there. I don't know. I'm saying having turn that just has Evan Turner written all over I went to a nationally prominent power conference school. I knew a few athletes for most of the teams on campus, women's basketball included. There are always rumors that our coach was cheating on her husband with someone from the team one day, my friend, and one of the women's players claim that they did some sleuthing and somehow found that the equipment manager had been put in a room that didn't exist. They found this to be a pattern on basically every away game trip. Oh, so like, oh, I see what's happening here. Also, the coach in this manager would retune routinely send their families on long distance vacations in order to conduct the affair in the offseason. Interesting. So sounds like sex is going on it. Yeah. That that is a very dirty laundry, man. This is people were opening up, man. This is this is a. That's what the segments about. This is the power of anonymity. I can tell this is this'll be terrible to be a detective. You know, what I mean, you just get bullshit? Like this all the time. And you're just like I have no idea. This is like form spring member forms bring on Facebook. Where you just anonymous on talk shit about the like Yik yak or one of those things. Yeah. You just like go in there to say, whatever the hell you want. This is awesome. Let's continue. All right moving on. We we got a few more. There are a lot of good stories. People are knocked it out of the park as it turns out tape when he actually like go through the stories that are actually good ones instead of just clicking on it. When I say, hey, Kyle, you got dirty laundry and just clicks on and he's like yada, yada, yada. Etc. Along etcetera. Okay. This one isn't good. Okay. Let's move. Our hero. I played for a tiny ask Christian school high school. We actually had to wear sweatpants when we played because it was a church rule, and that really really sucked. But anyways our team was playing a game. And we got smoked I think we lost by like thirty. We get back into the locker room at our coach was yelling at us for how bad we played in everything we did wrong. One of my teammates spoke up and was like I thought we won coach our coach said, why did you think that my teammates said I thought we were on the left side of the scoreboard the whole time. Nice. Our coach our coach yelled at him, and then just stopped and shook his head and walked out a locker room without saying anything else. It's a leader of men. That's that's important important distinction. You got to know which side of the scoreboard, you're on when you're playing basketball. Yeah. Very important along with making shots. I would say that's one of the more important things that you should focus on during my first year working for a power five program. My main job was to rebound for guys outside of practice. One day. I got a text from a player asking if I was busy after class thinking he wanted to get some shots up. I told him I told him that I was free instead of wanting to get shots up. He tells me his out of town girlfriend is getting to campus and wants me to meet her by the bus stop and take her to a building close to their Rena while he in the rest of the team is playing pickup. I already told him I was free. So I did not have an excuse to say, no, eventually the player guilted me into helping. He never said, thanks or anything this player. Also made some of the bigger messes in the locker room like leaving trash out half eating food and drinks around the team lounge which the managers had to clean up needless to say he was not her favorite player. So for the rest of the year before practices or games. When rebounding every pass I would throw to this player would be low and towards his feet now one. Pass that I ever throw him was on target the next year the player decided to transfer before we had a teammate in the next day. I was asked to clean out his locker. It was one of the more satisfying experiences. I ever had as a manager. That is nice that is literally passive aggressive. Really a passively aggressively. Gotta gotta transfer. That's awesome. A. Progress story on that one. I like that one. I was a manager for women's pro prominent women's program one time on a conference road trip. I was being used as an illegal practice player and had to use the bathroom before practice started. I had a practice jersey on while. I was struggling to find the bathroom the opposing head coach saw me and showed me where the bathroom was. He also thought I was a newly hired assistant coach and asked me a bunch of questions about my quote coaching past after giving him a bunch of bullshit answers. He talked to her head coach and asked him. When did you hire the short guy, referring to me are head coach looked at him confused and said who the hell are you talking about the other coach pointed to me and said him the short guy who played at insert in is school. Yeah. This apparently the played high school a safe to say the head coach chewed out for almost getting caught. But the real newly hired assistant looked at me and said, hey, at least it's a good backstory with a wink and a thumbs up. Okay. See how the story basically the guy you're not allowed to to practice, right? You're not allowed to be a practice immense. Practice players not supposed to practice with the team on road trips or something. Yeah. And he'd yes. So they basically got caught anyways way out. Yeah. That was good. That was good were nice. Yeah. Nice smooth. Are we're getting we're getting into range of the good ones. The really good ones have left. I'm going to have I have four left draw. Good. I can't cut any of them. We have to we have to get them up after college. I was living near school and still had friends on the team. When my adult men's league was team was short on guys. I'd ask them to come play technically, and it's a violation. But whatever who cares one game in early October, which is only a few weeks before the the goal knocked over fifteen star data practice to current players came to play with me on the men's league team both were about to start their senior year during the game. One of the players had a really nice dunk all over somebody. I was trailing the play it actually yelled when he dunked it. Then as he landed he tore his L. I basically ended this guy's career. They never told the coach what happened. But I don't think he ever forgave me for that. Whoops. She's. L stuff. Yeah. That one's really. Oh. All right. I'll skip. I'll skip this long one. Also, the long one for next time. It is a good one. But we have two more. Now. I lied. I want bench warmed nationally ranked basketball team with a group of players that are currently prominent NCAA men's division. One players. We had a terrible assistant coach who obnoxiously in constantly blasted his whistle and practice at our end of the year closing ceremony. These guys decided to get this coach back and presented him with a whistle. Little did he know that for some reason these players had all road their balls on. All road, their balls on the whistle. He picked up the whistle and blew it at the ceremony for fun. I found out three weeks later that he had mysteriously contracted herpes. He's still uses that whistle to this day. Okay. So this is bullshit. But I like the creativity. I like to creativity Tate. Yeah. Balls on whistles. We like to we, you know, as an aside if you're writing in these early laundry stories, they don't have to be true make them just making funny. That's all we ask a balls on whistle as that's funny. I like that. All right. Final story. I played division to basketball for mid west program. A couple years ago we were down on the road at halftime to a team that was much worse than we were in the guy puts in parentheses. It was a bad match up. Our coaches were pissed and threatening to pull scholarships during the halftime speech. We run out of the lavar the locker room to go warm up for the second half in the event staff. Locked the door behind us. The second half starts in some of the bench guys notice that are seven foot tall European center was not on the bench. He had been locked in the locker room and wasn't let out until the first media timeout. I've never seen a more pissed off human after they finally let him out. That's awesome. Dolf longer there. You have it. That was a lot of those were good dirty laundry. Is I probably believe one out of six of them. It doesn't matter. Do don't diet ruin the fantasy. I gotta start. I gotta start reading in sifting through these myself. I'm also like like, you know, I kind of like no actually disliked the people that are submitted them. You know, so I of want to respond back like man that's messed up early, dude. That's not cool. Oh, you're saying. Yeah. Like, I don't like the people are so many of them. I'm on the side of the actual characters in the story. The protagonist. Like the writers. I like the characters you know, what I mean? Yeah. I hear what you're saying. It's like it's someone's like, Harry Potter. I don't like JK rolling. You know what I mean? I hear you. I got you. Anything else before we go? I do want to point out Villanova race sixty nine that one work Carolina racist nine that one works. I saw both those play out that was pretty exciting to see the rule continue to work. Both those teams have no idea what they're going to do with rotations as it comes into the full year. So that's something to keep an eye on two teams that have won titles in the past few years or three I guess four years there's sort of like the Alabama and Clemson college football at this point. They both have not figured out their rotations. I don't know what they're gonna do. And we're already a conference play. So that's something to keep an eye on. But that's all I got. We're going to new national champion. It's happening. Yeah. Feels like Tennessee. I feel I'm off of team blueblood. I'm onto Team New champion. I think I'm I'm ready to do that. I wanted to shadow Valparaiso down ten minutes downtown with two minutes left. It's a half court shot to be Illinois state at home. That was awesome fun times. Love when you do that. Also want to shout out one Dixon who's the head basketball? Coach at the only winless team in this great country Kappen compensate. Yeah. Yeah. Zero wins on the year Ghajar one keep it up. Also, Anthony Bill you see this year about this, folks. Versus those Wake Forest. Yeah. First basket, and it was a doozy. A reverse layup that I don't think he meant to do it. But it was awesome. Nonetheless. Did you see the actual clip? I did see the clip. It looked like he looks like a very athletic play, which kind of was. Yeah. Which was kind of wild to me that was his first buck. Yeah. We, but but I think you're right. It all kind of worked out, you know, the highlights and clips on the internet. Don't always tell the full story it was so athletic. I think we need a paternity test. A son. There's no way coach K. Pure edlow. I won't more shout out middle Tennessee's chase Miller is running away with my trillion Bill that have given out to share to the the guy the player who gets the most trillions. If you have no idea what I'm talking about. I'm having my friends at Amish are doing the leaderboard for me, go to Amish. I think it's Amish dot com slash club. Trill is the website if you just go there, we have the whole list of the rundown this kid on middle. Tennessee State already has six trillions on the year. Second-place has three oh, he's already doubling up the rest of the field. So shout out to him. Chase Miller running away with this thing. Also, speaking of speaking of Amish, I have I have a very I'm going to do some self promotion day on Monday. If you live in Columbus, Ohio or you plan to go to the final four, I have very very exciting announcement to make on Monday. So stay tuned for that. I will probably tweet it out because that's pretty much all I know how to do with these announcements, and but I have something in the works. I'm going to unveil it on Monday. So yeah, get get nice and titillated if you are. A columbus. Ohio resident or you plan on going to the final four this year because it's going to be awesome. So boom, that's that. Thank you guys for listening. Check out. The got some good games this weekend. Michigan state plays at Ohio State, Saturday, Florida state, Virginia Saturday, Kansas Iowa State, Saturday, Indiana, Michigan on Sunday. We'll probably be talking about those games. Probably talk about some other stuff packed wells probably gonna do some shit. That's gonna make us talk about them as well go. Yup. We will be back next week these.

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