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Hey Mojo. In the morning, the Kroger are ex savings club powered by good Rx can provide discounts on thousand prescriptions. Members also have access to over hundred common generic prescriptions. Members save up to eighty five percent visit Kroger S C dot. COM ready to start saving with the Kroger Savings Club. DETROIT W. W. vk. Still leave your. Mojo. In the morning, this is the home of Mojo in the morning. This. Is Mojo in the morning. Launch. This is Mojo in the morning Mojo. And the. Kids. A Logical is what I'm saying this is like an orange. Good morning and welcome to the Mojo in the morning show. I think we might have to start off talking about this with a Meghan. Meghan. Walking the dog while drinking alcohol is not considered. Exercise or Yeah. It was up the most fear of getting over by the police. Isn't it? Kind of funny. What we're eight, four, alive for four, six, six, five, six, five, four, eight, eight, four, four, six, six, five, six, five, four, eight you're listening to us right now. This is the one. Positive that has come out of twenty twenty is that we've become so lax on society's rules and norms that I noticed people just walking down the street drinking her walking into target smoking a blunt don't care anymore. What happened so I'm not really a drinker which is why this is kind of interesting to me as because I don't really have any interest in walking around with a glass of wine, but I take my dog for a walk every. Evening in great after dinner. So we can settle down before better whatever and every time I go around I see all of these. MOMS walking around with their glasses of wine, their coffee cups, their whatever, and they'll lake. Cheers you as you walk by good evening OBE everything's. I. started to drink a glass of wine walkway for you. So proud you. Join the the. Kobe Alcohol Club. I love well into our twenties. We're still affected by peer pressure in neighborhood. Well, I didn't know when I was growing up I knew parents on Halloween would drink a new like they would pass around beers the trick or treater parents like I knew that was a thing but I didn't know just like everyday walks. Yeah. We're a time to drinks I didn't know is this a covert thing or you know has been around for forever? It's been around forever. They actually have a mug that says there's probably not coffee in it. Written right on unless it is a morning walk or a morning bike ride or like morning to you. Know they`re But there is not coffee I'm GonNa say that for me personally, it has been that I've become more. Alcohol induced since this whole thing. Oh, for sure on that I'm just saying like if like there are many many times before cova that there was not. Shannon Abraham. That's Monday Tuesday Wednesday. It's called the park. To kind of mask it a little bit a few years ago you hit it. Even though all the other moms new now, I feel like you just walked down the street where the keg in the kids wagon and you know it doesn't matter anymore people are like. Twenty twenty. Go for it. So. Is it that as much as just don't be an idiot and don't get drunk and nobody really cares if you drink in public as long as you're. Walking what are you GonNa do trip and fall I mean it's not like you're not GonNa get in the car and hurt anybody it used to be that we looked at downtown Toledo in the district as a very cool place because you could just walk around drinking outside of you know fifth third or or you know Tony. City but now that's in every neighborhood. And it's okay and it's it's okay right Leah to do that look. Yeah. I mean like I tend twenty line like not too long ago, and now I'm going to the store in the morning. For breakfast like I feel like I feel like lately we've gotten some PTSD I mean you were locked in our house for a minute. I drink right now I could walk the dog and I don't come back for six hours just. Thanks. To a fifteen minute one minute rock and our what. Time to turn twenty one. You can't go to bars Y-. Yeah we're the we're the bars closed or were whereas everything closed when you're? Open they were open. I. Probably got he never got carded before. I turned twenty one and I was expecting someone to start using my idea one still have encouraging me. Because I'll lay the able like look at it. Yeah. A friend of of Chelsea's met their significant other drinking in downtown Toledo and they had a baby and then named their baby Dora. By the way. This is swear swear. Yeah, because of the. I know. But, that's. Now, that's how they met to and they said that that was they met. So they decided that that's what they were. GonNa do. I actually have a doormat in front of my side door that says turnaround unless you brought wine. Just overall theme at this point. I M on day number two. Of No alcohol. This is day number two yesterday was day number one. Yes remember I said, I was GONNA start Monday no alcohol for me I'm done with it. Made for a really boring night yesterday. Last night actually I was so tired because remember we talked yesterday on the show about how don't get any sleep at all and man I got some great sleep last night I feel so refreshed I. Felt like crap all day yesterday. I. Had like a busy day to to to to and I picked up, I ended up. Getting out of my lease at Gordon Chevrolet. So they got me into a new lease. So I had to go yesterday to sign the paperwork and you guys know how when you sign paperwork or back before. Cova. It would always be like A. Process and stuff of signing paperwork. It's so fast right now like they're ready for you there because they know that people feel kind of uncomfortable with the whole thing. So I like belted in signed everything got it and I felt bad for Mona, who's The lady who I go to at Gordon Chevrolet she's awesome by the way cheat she such an amazing woman I felt bad for her because we get into the Tahoe and she's like. Well, let me show you some of the new features like Mona get out. I'm going home I'm getting. Outta here but it was one of those one of those moments where I was like so so tired and then I fell asleep. At Luke had a baseball hitting practice yesterday in the afternoon I fell asleep in the parking lot where his baseball hitting practice was and I've had numerous occasions where I've fallen asleep and people have thought I was dead in the car. The back door was still open with Luke, having grabbed his equipment out of the back door and he didn't shut the thing. So I fell asleep with the back door open in a truly looked like there was a dead situation in there and another parent comes walking up and it was like excuse me German close this. Oh. Sorry that fell wake up just a little bit but. How everybody's evenings last night aside from Megan's a drunk walk. Did you guys all do anything anything fun or special on a Monday night? Nothing too exciting I was thinking about last night was the last night of Summer Oh. That's right. So I just wanted to take a walk 'cause you know farewell summer but then having did we really have a summer and now follows are summer and actually this week it looks like it's going to be like up to seventy eighty by. The weekend. Yeah. So I guess summers continuing since which started off summer not being able to really. Enjoy it as much. I heard that that that like in the news they you know they did that whole thing like every time they would go to the weather guy. They would always sit there and talk about it being the last day of summer I didn't realize that it was the last day of summer today. Dave Oh. Wow. So how do we? How do we celebrate the first day of fall typically would be with your pumpkin spice, but now everybody's already been doing that for a month. Yeah. We I feel like we have no idea what anything is nowadays. It's too warm for a bonfire. To warm for sweater weather. What's Today's temperature again, going to be seventy? Wow Gordon this gonna be eighty like the next couple of days is every ella. We do a little summer mix summer to there you go. Yeah. In Michigan we've twelve. The coup slightly transform just ahead of a break from the norm just a little slump, the break, the monotony of all that hardcore dance that has gotten to be a little bit out of control is cool. The dance. But what about a coup sued the move romance give me a soft subtle mix and if it ain't both been, don't fix it. And paying of the some of the past adjust face let out on. The DL let me run a bomb, put your car onto the laid back at this. Decision. Get all four seasons. Sometimes we same day you're listening to Mojo in the morning. Stop By. In some. Some. New Kids on the black cat a bunch. Food. Five over the summer. I like. Cloudy and fish. Fish. She's Summer Mama Dates Span Mitch Zoom in it all. The best girl that I did see the Great Larry Bird Jersey dirty. When you take you pause. Been Shakespeare but with a whole bunch of his comedy. The is. Increasing can't forget. Day In never came back. Them Back Home Macaulay cokie was in. Now. We Begin Michael J. Fox was speaking when I Mitch. Rich Black. Kid. Janis? violating. Toward some. Examples. I'd say. She's Johnson. Always reminds me of summer whenever I see people with boats on trailers, can makes me depressed? Doesn't it putting them away? The Dog Kim Mohair Thrill Beauty Queen Style. I'm fine. Sean. Dot. What are the odds that I don't make it today by the way? Without, drinking without drank avenue I I don't think it's going to happen. I tried to finish off all the alcohol that I had that I knew that I would be tempted by. So I actually had to dump out literally like maybe a couple of shots of the watermelon that had that was in my freezer. and. It was like so hard to when I was dumping it down the sink on Sunday what helped you get rid of? Well, I was kind of like at the point where I was going Oh no, I can't have one more drink because then I'll be really screwed trying to wake up on a Monday mornings I'm like dumping it out of their. Iota reminded me up. It reminded me of when your parents were coming to visit you at college and you were trying to get rid of the booze. I had the best hiding place for all my boost. It was right in my stomach.

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