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Him next time roll baby on May Junkie Radio with Gorgeous Georgia. Go! This is what we do in why we do it baby. We're. Covering Ma from all over the world. This is the premier stop for all your combat sports needs MMA junkie radio from the Mandalay Bay. Resort and Casino in the fight capital of the World Las Vegas Nevada. The lights are on at the Mike Sir hot. It's tied to get your ever may fix junkies. Take it away. Big John Gorgeous George goes. Are you ready? Junkie. From the bike capital of the world inside our beautiful home in mountains edge Las Vegas is the ever made Junkie Radio show the only show that matters. I'm your host, Gorgeous, George, and with me as always the DVD's industrial egos are as co host soap goes. What do you not much man fun fights last night, the greatest night of fights really good, but on a Wednesday when I could just be kind of zoning out and. Watching TV or hanging out. No I'd rather be watching fights especially when he started four PM and you're wrapping up your day. Is Activities Your work running errands? And then you know that early afternoon you can already start plugging away. Star hearing, John Annex Voice. You know. it. It's really really fun now. Of course that leads all the way into the night. Your nights shot 'cause. Fights you really want like you want to hear everything in between and not just around, but even in between the fights and go on twitter so. it throws those a little bit of my schedule off on Thursday, but I'll still take it man everyday of the week. That's why I love way contenders and it Kinda confuse me, too, but it was fun. I thought it was a good good night fights. Yeah, the only thing that dragged Donald decision decisions decision. You know what I mean. Those exclamation points. On. The. Wins the ones that produce the finishes the. They're great in that age. Eliminate the judges be the show flows a little bit better. See the winner stock skyrocket, you know and and those highlights. Get shared and people. Just I don't know man. It's just a good good feeling. It's like an it really is an endorphin feeling and any fighter that wants to say you know. We always try and finish I. Know You do all right. Some of you have a track record that shows that. You just don't so you have to accept that criticism, but. Watch the fighters reaction when they win. Even those convincing forty nine forty six's. They're pretty stoked. Obviously, they're giving their win-bonus, but it's nothing goes like that finish where you jump on the cage and do a back flip and you're talking to Dana you're. Saying I'm next your foaming at the mouth That that karnal fueling dots, those fighters seek true, but when we talk about the greatest fights of all time, usually they go to a decision. I can't argue with you there, so the perfect ending is like a third round stoppage on the fifteen minute bounce, and those fourth of five around stoppages right in the like. Versus Kamara was awesome to to to going into around five. Was the whole broken jaw thing going on, and whoever wins this? One pseudo versus Johnson is a good example of a great fight. That went the distance again. I think we thought to going into the fifth historic, though because who does that, too Dimitrius, and yet you know. We were possibly looking at history so anyway. All right folks. We're going to impact the card today. We'll give you all the bonuses. No attendance. No Gate will spare you that joke. It's done but they were out at Filon yesterday on a Wednesday. Hopefully y'all didn't miss it. Buckle, folks. It's the only Junkie Radio Show on Thursday July sixteenth early edition. OF MEMOS MMA condense Gouda. Well, let me go. Here just wanted to drop in until you about a new show coming to animate junk. It's almost. Weekly Spanish language podcast dedicated to all things professional fighting on this show, we'll be covering the biggest news and topics of enemy, plus highlighting the most relevant stories happening in the growing latin-american see. Also feature interviews with some of the best fighters, coaches, personalities and experts in the game. You can find us every Monday on your favorite podcast. Starting July twenty seven. Fuck you then. All Right? Thanks start off with Jack shore, defeating Aaron Phillips Kinda, just them look not to sound disrespectful, but that's more of a praise on Jack. Shore really really good kid I. Believe they were saying submission rear naked choke in round. Two round one was kind of dominant as well. They kept saying look. Phillips can get around one and avoid anything that gives shore some sort of an easy takedown. or an attempt to just close the quarters and we'll see. We'll see how this thing can play out and I think it was a superman punch that went nowhere. So I, was just more impressed with. Jack than anything good on him bantamweight. LEANNA low. Josiah produced the first upset the night. I think he was plus sixty plus one eighty. She defeated. Diana Bill Vida submission arm bar and she worked on that arm bar mantle. She finally locked in. And there. It was jared Gordon with a patchwork corner now. That doesn't mean I'm disrespecting. Their cornermen is just he would have never thought that the guy announcing or one of them the broadcast team was John Micheal Bist being Paul. FELDER felder left to go corner Jared Gordon and I'll walking. Jared Gordon is Eric Niksic. Eric Nixon coaches out of extreme tour, Juerg. Gordon Trains little bit. Rufus Sport and a little bit at Sanford May in Florida but Henry Hoofed. Dick I Dean Thomas all those people that could have worked with them. You've got the the Ronan unfortunately. and. So, yeah, the Paul felder did what a teammate and friend would do in Niksic, who is highly respected by Henry, hoped and a few of these coaches that I mentioned before have mentioned in the past thought. You'll be in good hands with this guy. They knew Eric would be out there because Eric was obviously cornering Dan Ebay. He's GonNa Corner Joseph. Ben Evita's on Saturday And then he was obviously part of the people prep in. Tim Elliott and cody steaming maybe some at work or whatever, but he wasn't good hands, and he dominated. He dominated Chris fiscal so good on him. He said I remember jared. Gordon coming over with Paul felder to the studio by what year and a half ago. Guys yeah real cool. They spent some time with us. data's bow caucus defeated Andrea. It was funny seeing being Columnists Lights Michaelides and then I think he finally said I give up calm Andreas, and then the very next the very next thing think John Exude mclane is with a head, kick or something like that and Pau photos danger. You just hear him John He goes. We're going with Andreas. John started laughing beautiful TKO there with some elbows at the end of round one. What happened was Mick elitest slowing in getting to his corner, and so the referee said Hey. Are you okay or something like that and make elitest goes. who was calling the catches portion? Just catching himself not fucked up, but just rocked will say right. He looked like he went to like. These, these fighters are very comfortable with the cage. They train around the cage. And Matt's be so much and I think you just looking for like the little support of leaning back and spring up with your legs, like the the tail end of squat and instead washing laugh guy lost because of it. The Gate had opened. That's where the people were coming in. And now you know the cornermen with their stools, and all that and so little spot. Just the gate had did you see this? Or I it had opened, and so he went back and rolled out, and the that's that's it you know, and so the guys were like hey, man. You know you sure, would you have really call that and Now that said Meka lightest didn't offer much like what the fuck you know like. There was none of that. Was the argued to staggering about. I think in the REF was definitive. Kinda like I ain't trying to hear you. Not even like all did I blow it or my bad. You know hidden that heart so in the end I think the REF. KINDA got bailed out. I appreciate his assertiveness and who knows if we were to interview the REF. Maybe he would. Maybe he would say hey, look, there was all he was already easy and foggy and dowels that last bit of Info, but it it did look that way and you know whatever Do you remember another? Big Boys. Man Another time at the gate opened. Long time I remember Chandler's getting. The chair pulled out from under oh funny. was. Okay! It was. Was it chemo and Heus? Or was it Hackney and Emmanuel Yarborough I dunno I. Just remember the door opening and they stayed in the same position had a kind like move them over some. Ought to go back and look, but I think one of those two fights the gate open really. Man Let's see here Lauren Murphy also produced an upset. He was like plus one sixty, one eight against Ricardo Ramos. Tko Punches. Could Win for Murphy I think he's a Manchester Product. They were saying. And Ricardo side of Brazil takes the loss there in the first round so. said the whole main card went to decisions on the undercard. We had five out of six finishes. So it was, said Mathoma, and it was really really setting the tone. Murphy was was really really exciting, but caucus elbows at the end. You know the he was doing something. They're Gordon was just dominant. But we also had an upset with Josua and then Jack. Shore was a beast, and then we get to, Kasim at shimmied of over John Phillips goes. He ragged all man. This guy really does look. The column Habib two point zero or something like that. Wow, like you get a nickname like that I don't know if that's his official nickname or if they're just maybe called him that I. Don't know, but that's just what they're saying. But when you see that you're like all I, take it easy. Remember who I was a kid name Puck. I just saw him the other day. Those GOP, not a two point. Oh, which is on? That had that kind of promise. I just saw on tough to use one. I think it was on the season with Colton Smith and maybe Julian Lane. Anyway the kid fought at Bell Tor and he had a nice style. You could just tell. He was fluid and everything, but again those expectations you're like Wolf. A little bit short. Sometimes you would show a little bit of Berlin and I'll I'll see if I can find him. Before the before talking about the the next Anderson Civil Right, no, that was the. Hall and Philippe over both of them got that and and rose. UNICEF was the next Ronda Rousey and she's got a little bit of that except. It she had that the like Swag and You know she she kinda has a little bit of the street. Talk going on, you know. Whatever but she's a really ely sweetheart, and not say Rhonda's and but I think she just is more that. They're definitely different whereas Roddick and right away. Like just give you this menacing. Stare on, you know some of that kind of ego. Pops into her personality. I don't know that roses ever done that. I think rose always looks at you when you ask you a question. And she answered that as thorough as possible now. I don't know how nasty she was when she was younger when they called it thug, but. Getting back to this one, let me look Colton Smith. I know on the season. We're going to put this one. The bed real quick, and then we'll move on so Colton. Smith was on the season of team Carwin was his team. Nelson And Bristol was. get to saint. Molly Mike Ricci that Guy Mike. Ricci was out of that camp. All, right? That was quick. Back to these fights shimmer. He really did look Hubby two point. Oh, I mean. He looked great. Man and Phillips is no joke. He's not a top contender, but still these you have. Seger is like that was impressive. Man. Show of eight made him look bad shirt out. Right away just on that debut alone in the UC. You already go he fighting necks. You know there's a couple of people on this card that you're GonNa do that for Jack Shore he looked to. all right, so that was the end of the prelims and now we get to the main card. So. We have mounier La's versus Abdulrazak al-Hassan. In al-Hassan out of the gay goes charging like. If this was a horse race, he had like. A ten length lead and horse link lead just coming out of that I turn I. mean he was thrown now. Pardon me because I'd bet them was thinking. Hey, make sure you're catching them here because you're starting to put out a lot of. Fuel here and the other Guy Muneer. You could tell he was. You know he had like the the kick boxing background. He covered up at times. He fired some stuff back, but you could tell like. He was starting to warm up and was like. Save some fuel kid. You know what I mean. This is a long race. And when I couldn't believe was, they didn't give them the first round because I thought. I mean I know that. Lose as came back, but I think he did. Put some stuff on, you know. So anyway he did conserve enough fuel to get to the end, but not too late man. LA's. Won The last couple of rounds, and even though they each had their moments. The as was the the more effective fighter, and so how Hassan. WHO's like minus three eighty? did like ninety to win twenty five. He He lost me on that hurt. So that fight I felt like just a nobody because everything I said made no sense like. When you look at. The way they were defending like there were times where both of them were just kind of letting the other guy tee off like in boxing, but it's different in boxing MMA. The gloves are so small. Each just can't do that. You work the body. Yeah, you can't head. Cover up like that. And they were getting away with it and I tweeted it looked like a video game. The way they were fighting against says had some really nice knees and elbow in a way where It was almost like throwing. Jabba come like a hook. It was really really nice to see his game and I think that's why Dana took a liking to him. When he came out of the gate, they kind like Matt Up, so it reminds me that guy to experience that and I thought son shaking off all those allegations that you know that that were thrown on him i. just thought you know and I remember him always having some the ability to crack I thought he was going to blitz this other guy that knee reminded me of almost like an upgrade of Machida used to do. I mean just the timing on. It was really good, but he did. Miss it quite a bit. Thing is if you get 'em hall, wrestler or something. He's probably GONNA. Get taken down on one of those or I Dunno, or he's going to take a hard shop for throwing it, but he did some unconventional things, but it was really interesting to watch, and they threw bombs at each other We'll get to fight of the night and all that later, but that there's an interesting storyline there in two other things here. Both Shimmy have and laze obviously. English not their first language, but their ability to put something out there and talk, and you know just get us all excited. Dowell is pretty cool lows as going so far. I believe it was him saying. GimMe my Perry. And I. Think even say look I know. He's Sorenson issues out, but I want my Perry so just being able to communicate that that's getting the game man. That's getting your job. Fighters will like to say hey. Look I got a manager for that or I don't do this. That's not even really talking trash. He didn't say like my Perry. You know when you're done how I'm GonNa send you, mean he? He didn't get into like a pro wrestling. Mody just attached themselves to a name. he showed some English because he knows that that's primarily the language of communication in our sport. Almost like pilots. All pilots must speak English when you're in the air. It's just a must and I think he can shoot you up that flagpole a little bit quicker. Man You know, let's take the on Edwards. For example. He does speak English. He's one eight in a row. But why is he possibly? Not Getting that title shot against tomorrow's and Burns, one six in a row, and two of them were like we goes forward welterweight. Because Gilbert was there at the right time he was doing with. The company was asking for Edwards kind of held back on a couple of opportunities, so he's taking. Bowie called the longer road. Gilbert Burns is you know he's finishing Talkin and expressing himself. you know that that's just sometimes. You have to play a little bit of that. Politics I also say that sometimes the wrestlers get a some of that grief, too, because they're style just isn't like. Isn't what makes fans Chirp the next day. And Gloating Gleam now Shimmy of is different. He made wrestling exciting so It was really really cool I was really really digging it for both of those guys debut on congrats to both. Toledo Santos upset Molly mccamley McCain goes got to about minus two hundred twenty until the Asante. Bollywood decent in the beginning and she's got a motor for fifteen minutes, but then dominated man Yeah Santos had a sixteen six inch, reach advantage, and then Molly McCann on on the ground is just not impressive Santos actually is and even though scientists wasn't able to finish, he was able to use the writing time. Use The the distance on the feet. to thwart molly. McCann also got on her acting. She's sixteen and one. I couldn't believe that I definitely at the. Move some pieces around when we start talking rankings next week, but Good for her I mean I. I'm impressed now. This is a great performance. She's one of those people that I. think that we can look at and say. Here's a little bit hope of this next generation Li I think there was like four or five people on this car they use looked at, and he said wow I can't wait for that person to fight again. Yeah, I like the promise that until the Dont`a showing here. No doubt mixed martial arts is an international sport, and that why here at MMA junkie? We're launching a weekly Spanish language podcast dedicated to fighting hosted by Danny Subaru Lemelson remain. We'll cover the biggest news and topics of 'EM. Plus highlight the most relevant stories happening in growing Latin. America this show will also feature interviews with some of the best fighters, coaches, personalities and experts in the game. You can find abnormals MMA every Monday on your favorite podcasting platform, starting July twenty seven soups. All right. Shoutout to our POW Danny's Gora. We are now at the featured bout of the evening Jimmy Rivera against cody stayman. Two guys the are. are ranked as Bantamweights, but they performed. Ask further away despite got to get put together a little bit later than usual. I. Believe this'll go towards their bantamweight stock if you will. And this one was a unanimous decision for Jim Rivera thirty. Twenty, seven, thirty, twenty, seven, twenty. Nine, twenty eight steaming just could not get the wrestling on and Rivera has I believe they were saying on the broadcast. Either some of the best or the best takedown defense, and maybe all of the UFC. An when you take them down, you can't keep them down so then. It became one of those deals with You know who's got the better. Stand up the kick boxing. The boxing and Rivera showed that he was the better fighter in that department I mean he is Tiger showman guy, and those guys usually have pretty good offense so credit to him. He won unanimously. Cody stayman. You know what what are you going to say? This is a kid who two months ago. We saw fight I guess in Jacksonville Right member. His brother had just passed away. And he beat cal her. And then he was emotional. I don't want I. Don't WanNa be Monday, Monday morning quarterbacking goal was to quickly and was a too soon. 'cause I think physically and mentally and spiritually leap went through a lot over there a few months ago. Did he have enough time to recover, and then come back and be able to put out again because remember when you reach the statement Rivera level, so these guys are both top ten, probably in the five to ten rangers somewhere around there. the next guy is is a tough sob, whoever it is but. Statements already put some stuff out on social media. Saying Hey looks Part of the game and I will be back so it's good to see him in that frame of yeah I mean. It's tough because he's one of those fighters that where? A lot of people forget you get half your money when you lose a fight most of the time unless you're one of the higher fighters and you just have contracted to get a certain amount, so that's pretty brutal and I think it was a combination of that was probably one of Rivera's best fights. And there was just something off on cody that like last night he. He did some good things, but he wasn't able to keep them going He just kind of frustrated out. There and I'm not trying to make excuses from because I really think that was a good. Jimmy Rivera. I thought he deserved a win, but there was something about cody that was just off where he looked very frustrated. He doesn't normally do that usually able to get over those type of things this fight. He just seemed frustrated the whole night. The wind to. Was Lou he had lost three of four. And not that he couldn't survive a four out of five run because. Folks I think start off twenty and one. Oh, not mistaken before he hit this little skid. See yet twenty one in one. And in the UC alone he was five and no. Marcus Bridge Pedro, Munoz yeary Antara, Iran favor and Thomas Omega so those five. Those were some beast man. No way around that. It's not like you can't even say oh. When he got to the tougher competition, no lock Pedro Munoz and your second fight favor and your fourth. Thomas Homemade I. mean you know now one thing that did her to stock? A little bit is the wasn't much of a finisher. In the UCLA. Four of those five went to a decision, but still those are some tough names, but even if you go back a little bit into his Resume he had. He does have seventeen decision wins in his twenty, three, twenty three. So once they start paying them a little bit better, they wanna see. Can you ever be champion of now? While then, Hey, we might have to part ways depending on where you are on the contract situation, which I have no idea, but then you hit Mariah's and lost eight. No shame there. That's why for crying out loud. He did come back. Be Dotson then. He lost his sterling in Yawn. Hey No shame there either wants the world champ, the other ones fighting the world champion next and they'll be. Cody slammed so I think he's got stock, and this was a huge win for Jimmy Rivera. Probably the biggest of his career I think. So, now we continue upwards Tim. Elliott defeated Ryan Ben anoint in the key. I think the economy wall or somebody was and I think it's I've always known them I mean does it could be been while but. Look. Despite was fun. When Ben Wall was just pretty much keeping it on the feet he was. You know he's cracking. and then on the ground Elliott was kind of doing this thing, but you know Ben. Malloy can defend himself everywhere. I've never known to be a terrible. A fight to watch. Either way in the same goes for Tim Elliott. I I wish it would have produced a Finnish, but. I can live with a result Elliott versus Benoy. What would you? I think I might disagree with the decision. I thought if I won that fight. Yeah, it was I like them. Both I think they're both great. Guys are both been on our studio, but I think they might have got that. One wrong I'M GONNA. Go back and watch it because it was very close. just the whole thing. It was a very very close fight, but I did have the feeling of knowing winning the fight and I remember on social media. A lot of people kind of came to his aid so I. Want to watch that one down around one. And let me go through it with your fast. Decision Yeah Okay all three decisions. Sorry A. Gay gaily around one and Benoit was crack it hard in round one now made a little bit of a comeback, but that was one where I remember looking at twitter and people think well. I had Ryan winning that now Elliott did wind round, two and one around three All the judges had identical scores except thought Elliott did enough in around one to come back and beat annoy so I think that was the decision maker. It was a good crowd on how remember and I I would imagine. That We'll get to fight of the night, but. They had a decent case for that as well. It was twelve to six to one added in favor of Benoy on him, and may decisions six people went with. Elliot Twenty Nine, twenty eight. In twelve people annoy have been oy. Twenty, nine, twenty eight, so that's eighteen people. One third had it for Elliot. two-thirds added for Benoy evenly perfectly. What does that tell you well? That's similar to. To judges and one judge, except in this case, they just happen to be two from the smaller pool that called it for Elliot. Ruthless man. It's a ruthless sport. Finally we get to the main event. Calvin Caterers Danny de these two would correct everything that had not happened on the main card as I was telling my buddies all right. It's main event time I've been saying that all day. You wait till you see these other weights. These guys fought very very well, but. It wasn't like a hooker and play, and so I I. Don't know what it is man. I don't know if the guys have to spill blood. Nobody was really rocked, right? Mean I think became a couple of times when he was standing over him and ground impounding a couple of them. Look like Oh you know. Maybe he gave Mike my go out I. Guess or whatever but I, but he gets tough. They both have really good chance EA. Crackdown really nice a couple times on the chin with left. Hook straight left and cater. Man Awesome Chimneys got. But. Can I describe it. I guess remember. Burglars had a good fight recently and hooker employees like it didn't have a little bit of that Six Year I guess and I don't know if they have to spill blood, or they are their knees the wobble that feeling of like Oh, Shit. Here it could you know you're the person that little bit of a kick the high level? sparring match everywhere. When but but the like. I thought it was awesome. That was great. You're the second person that's told me this, so I'm thinking. Super, High I love both guys and their outstanding fighters. Those great cater has they're making people were saying hey, look cater might have something for vulcanology and hallway, and he always gets better after a loss, and this was fifth fighting one year man I was looking at his face and I was Oh I. Wonder, if just one too many because you have to reset at some point, he had a six five win streak, but those. In one year. But again that's me being a Monday morning quarterbacking hate to do that because I'm sure they know that when they present them the contracts I near Whoa. Hold on. Let me think about this. You know and. I don't know Calvin. Left you with the impression and not very many fires can do this. We right. He does have something for the champ. But you look at the way he fought there weren't that many holes. There's not much criticism you can give them can't say. There's not much there really isn't dude. Had A great performance. Really good performance, and and a lot of credit goes to Danny as well because. Danny came to find like I. Mean You can't expect Calvin cater to walk out over packed the suitcase faith either going around four in rounds five, just trying to create some offense or different techniques settling down going to give them some. Instructions some stuff would hurt or at least get caters attention but I think cater would figure it out, and then boom was kind of a little bit of downhill fight to get comfortable in it in a groove and. Bodywork was just a better man. He had to forty, nine, forty six. Four rounds, the one in forty, eight, forty, seven, I kind of agreed with that I thought I saw maybe. May Have Gotten two rounds, but one was one was closed and. Now I'm just saying it wasn't hooker. PA Wasn't Ferguson. It wasn't Burgos, who is it the? Weight But Burgos another other thing is he got over the nose. You know was adversity like it was a great performance that kit. Cater Kim wiping at his nose. It was Joshua Dot by was really really good so. That's all I'm saying. Is it just it didn't reach that status? But it was a good fight you know I. Think Man you know what California? The day before. Burn me out a little, and then yesterday was tax day. AUSE helping mom and dad, and doing some stuff and catching up on. Stuff from Tuesday so i. went into four PM goal. Yes, some here you know the fight. But I think my body was a little taxed from just. Like I said you're the second person that said that it might be me that tough. Here are the bonuses goes? nearly as in Abdulrazak al-Hassan dig at fifty thousand for fight of the night performance the night they went with three cats. That makes me mad their own Murphy. comes out Shimmy off and Modesto's bacchus Hassan didn't get his because he missed. What Oh that's! Leading to earlier was, and that's kind of a topic. I wanted to bring up dude. I am all for that rule. You don't make wait a bonus. However, this might have been the one time where I think. Maybe give them half or something. Because that was one hell, a key did everything you? Get all Hassan's or the. Someone else. They give the fifty grand. Well, but in the Powell. Those as soon as it was done I. Don't even think I stuck around here. What Calvin Cater had to say I was tired. I just started turning everything all Wow, and here we are in an early Thursday so. Well I I like the rule goes. You don't make wait If they're going to make an exception, you know what? You do it two three weeks later. The fighter shouldn't count on it. Hey, look. I can see Jon Morgan Dana. Have you ever thought of making an exception ONC- performance like that? Even though the guy didn't make hay pandemic traveled across the World Blah Blah Blah and then I would have every right to go. It's just a rule that we feel like. We're never really to budge on whenever we'RE GONNA break off of, but hey he did come out, and he did perform, and then if Dana wants to say this. When a lot to say or not I'm okay with, but if he wants to say hey, look I might i. might them a bonus you know in the mail. Then that's cool or if he just doesn't but Al. Hasan gets surprise. That says hey look. We have the steadfast rule. You need to make weight. But we want you to know that we acknowledge you had A. Really really you came out to fight kid in. Hopefully this helps out. You know something like that. I would be good with that to be the one time where I think I'd be okay with it as well, yeah. All right, so what happens for these big big name fighters well to millions also coming off a loss. So he's just. He got to win. Let's give them that. Rivera at Bantamweight. He's not ready for anything. nutty at this point ain't GonNa, be Peter, yawn, or or Algebra early, but he gotTa Win. Remember he had lost the other four. Calvin cater. hoof goes, so here's what we have vulcan off. He just beat. Max Holloway. Here the people that are waiting for Zubi Maga share POFF, who beat Calvin cater about a year ago or nine months ago I think. And then you got Ortega versus Korean Zombie if we're taking a beats Korean Zombie because he lost a holloway in his previous bout I. Don't think he gets Volkogonov. I think of Korean Zombie. Beats Ortega take for having Volkogonov scheme can mix it up, so the beat is going to be watching going. Please Win Brian Ortega. Right or if the Zombie wins, but it's all horrible fight or controversial fight then maybe beats lipson and fights Volkan Aussie. Did Calvin Cater do enough here to leapfrog either guy i. don't think so either as tough. You gotta respect that but I don't think. He leapfrogged the guy that he lost two or Korean Zombie who comes from a combat sports nation? Combat Sports nations meaning there's history boxing. MMA and those are like don't Philippines. Ireland Mexico South, Korea. You know there's a bunch of anthem, obviously Germany and Argentina. Russia whatever, but I'm talking about the countries that really like the whole country's watching it and everything that that's what the Koreans on has. He's got a little bit of charisma to man even though he doesn't speak much English. So I think watch for that fight now the problem is I find. You've been signed, so vulcan off season going. Hey, I'm ready to I'm one of your champs. It's ready to defend then it might be beat. If he says you know Brooke A or Book Finger I'm GonNa need a few months. Then maybe that buys that time for creon Zombie versus Brian Ortega, but gas bait on. You know what I mean like literally Ortega's and five eighteen months maybe even more, Korean Zombie on I. I don't know what's going on. You know they're not going to be on fight island forever. They're only there for. Two shows one Saturday wants the following Saturday and I. I think that's where he falls under. He has to fight it. Fight Island so that would mean that the next. Run of shows, which are things going to be in the fall that we have to see it, then I I don't know you know like. That's confusing to me. Now had cater went out there and steamrolled, and then I think that was no way then maybe he gets the attention that that is a beat. Fight just hurts I. Just hope that with this win. He finally gets a little bit more respect from the UFC because I think they were just kinda overlooking them a little bit and I feel like no matter with him and Mazal. Yeah guys that were in our studio remember last year one of the last times we have fighters in our studio. They're together. Cartel was there. Yeah, I think I think no matter what he did. He probably wouldn't be next, but. I think he's right. There I think they realize they have something with them i. just don't know who could possibly give him in between. That would even make sense. Will let me ask you this really. He banged up though the only bit of news. We're really gonNA touch on because there wasn't much honestly, but I thought this one was pretty big ties in. And then we'll have one more thing. I wanted to talk about with bell tour. Henry pseudo. Keep saying I. WANNA fight. I WANNA make. I want to be the enemy goat. I want to win the third belt now. Obviously that means. Vulcanology! Could that be Volkov's off, he gets. And that. And then if Ortega wins him the beet fight for the winner of that other fight now remember in inserting. Suharto is cool in the sense that. Hey, we got back. Hey Wow, you know. No one's ever won that third one the third belt all right cool, but if Suharto wins I think he bounces again so now we have a vacant idol, which for some people they like that? It's like Aldo vs yawn sucked, but You think you've been up for the of see I. Wonder if they're like well. Hold on a second US WANNA come in make history in US right you a big check, but then you're out of here. We're not getting that investment. They won't let them do it. I, don't think so. But wanted to go go through. Cater, and you give. Okonski maybe maybe I. Remember like GSP told him he would defend. The title is so they've already been burned on that one time, so. I don't think they do it again. Unless there's just some way of put night into a contract, because see when Peter. Yawn Josie Aldo. last week. That was great. His his his cornermen went nuts. He went nuts. They had a right to being a UFC champion is a great accomplishment, but what one thing that people forget that you're missing, and maybe I'll make him more of a big deal out of it than anything is. He didn't beat the incumbent champion. Being the incumbent champion helps put you over. That's a pro wrestling term. Getting pulled over. Means you're kind of on the map? Right if he had beaten pseudo. Into, who does standing there in between our Suharto's on one side? The REF is on the other side, and you're on the other side jumping up. And now what are you, GonNa do shit or epistle yeah okay. then. Give me this look, wrap it up. Then that's your making your name off of the champion that you just beat. There's something in that you know what I mean. But when you beat Aldo, who shouldn't have even really been there. Great fight, still great fighter legend everything. It's a little bit different. And that's what happens. When someone comes in and wins and then bounces like if he wins, he's retiring. That'll pine into fresh. Guys will come in and win. It's always a little bit better for one of those two fresh guys. If you beat the champ, I'm not I'm not gonNA make a whole big deal out of that, but that's just something to keep in mind. Last Story Bell Tower Announces Full Cargoes. Remember we thought hey. We got tipped off a little bit by a coach Derek Dilfer. They're coming back in August or something like that Shit. They're coming back on July twenty fourth. uh-huh! That's like literally. In the week next, Friday I think is when it all goes down. Congrats to Baltimore for coming back Sergio Pettis versus Ricky Bandai has is your main event Jason Jackson versus Jordan mean remember that name Yeah Jordan. Mean from strikeforce. You'll see for awhile. Aaron PECO's Bag Logan Story there. You have it so that's the second big player in the. In the University. And what that we'RE GOING TO WRAP UP FOLKS? I already gave you the bonuses and remember there's no gate or no attendance or nothing like that during House island they'll be now's island on Saturday WanNa. Thank you so much for supporting the show remember we have two versions of the show, and that's the podcast like this one on Mondays and Thursdays noon eastern nine am Pacific. Check it out, but if you want that third emmy, Junkie show with some video and guess check us over at sports caster on. Wednesdays noon eastern nine am Pacific live. We do a show there. we talk some news. We have gas. It's a really really fun time. Look. We're not back to every day, but that's three times a week. That's that's. Pretty good I think so. Check US out over there. follow us on twitter and instagram. Adamant, Junkie George goes is the goes and keeping lockdown enemy junkie throughout the week because there's a show on Saturday will we'll crown a new light. Excuse me flyweight champion. It's Joseph innovators versus Davidson Figueredo part two. We are out of here. Stay safe and sane and go out there and be a champion.

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