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Song you're listening to rocks across the pond the curling podcast that goes around the globe looking for the best stories in the world's coolest sport. We have curling News and Views for everyone whether you're playing in your Thursday League or following your favorite teams on tour now here are your hosts Brian Mcgee and our professor of Peel Jonathan hambor Croft. Hey everybody, welcome back to rocks across the pond. It's a curling podcast coming to you from Richmond, Virginia. My name is Ryan McGee and joining me soon will be Jonathan have a Croft. We're we're doing something a little different today. You're about to hear some strange voices that you usually don't hear on our show, but we recently did a special live stream with the guys from the game of stones podcast Sean Graham and Scott Graham, and we were joined by a professional screenwriter friend of Jonathan's named Faisal. Let's medial and he listened to our pitches for curling movies. We've you know ever since Ever since covid-19 forced us all into our homes a few months ago. We started doing these live streams with Sean and Scott just you know fudging sessions where we would talk about anything and everything usually Sports sometimes curling but a couple of weeks ago. We did a live stream where we went through movie pitches and Sean Graham decided to take it a step further and said, okay, we'll have someone judge these movie pitches in whichever one is the best one that he's going to send it into the national film Board of Canada so that it can be roundly rejected but we did have fun. It was it was great talking with Faisal to learn kind of you know, what what you really need to focus on when it comes to do thinking about a movie and so some really cool things to think about the next time that you're watching any movie particularly Sports movies or even men with brooms keep some of the things that faith Still has to say in mind but this was a blast. So you're you're about to hear the recording of that live stream go over and subscribe to the new game of stones podcast. They have fun. They they release an episode about once a week and and join us on most Mondays. We we tend to take holidays off but join us on most Mondays off at the game of stones podcast Facebook page where we do live video and just have fun and you know, do what we can to get through a Monday. So thank you all for listening and enjoy our curling movie Madness. All right. We are alive from everywhere from Ottawa Montreal Richmond, Virginia and took her on so special guest today Faisal you are a screenwriter and you are here to tell us how terrible are curling movie ideas are or maybe there might be a good one. I don't know dead. Usually I'll help you be able to also help you elevate them into not terrible ideas. Yes, hopefully so before we get into some of these ideas I wanted to ask you because you are a screenwriter. You know, how these things are supposed to work. So what what is the key to creating a good movie and creating a good script? Like how much is it the idea the original idea versus say the dialogue? Well, I mean that's a it's a hard question to answer if it what makes a good screenplay. Like, if you just looking at just the screenplay because there's so much that happens between when it's a screenplay to when it gets actually made and then put the screen but I think I'm going to answer your question. I guess the idea is really important having a I a unique interesting concept is great. But in my opinion that's only the very very first step. It's the actual fleshing out that idea and creating something interesting that is that is unique in in all of its elements. I think that's really where that's the hard part. That's where you're you're making something that people are going to take notice of so basically you can have a really good idea that you ruin through a bad script. Absolutely. Yeah. Absolutely. I've seen it. I mean you probably seen it a hundred science. I mean, there's lots of films are like, oh that sounds like a really great idea and you watch it and it's not, you know, it's it's terrible or and sometimes this happens to it's it's more rare where there's smoke. There's a concept that seems ordinary you're like, oh, well, I just I heard that I think I feel like I've seen that film before but then you watch it and they're like, oh this was actually really engaging and it's you know, it could be because of a host of different things. Okay, let's Star Wars fan. So I've seen the script ruined the concept 6-month. Well that that's what I want to ask though is like why does so much stuff that to me like a Star Wars that can feel so formulaic like, why does that dog? Tend to get made. Well, I mean let's let's first be frankly. That's a that's a whole lot of different level than where I'm at, you know, so, you know this that's kind of Star Wars money is is Way Beyond me but I can say that when things are made and especially I think as things the budget levels increase is that there are more people in between giving you notes and trying to you know, add their voice and to what's going on and things tend to become more formulaic because bath it doesn't necessarily mean the case that that's going to be what happens but because there's so much money and so much money is at stake. I feel like big production companies Distributors Etc. Don't generally make the safe choice, right? So it's cuz they're they're worried. If you're putting two hundred fifty million dollars. Let's say on into a movie on on top of a marketing cost. Then you're like we gotta make safest movie possible because we don't want it to be we don't want it to bomb. We don't want it to you know to lose so much money. So I think that that's probably the biggest reason so I walk ins don't make experimental albums anymore except for Kayne. Yeah, I think yeah you probably right. Yeah. Well, he has a few money so like he can make a choice to help us. So now you you've written a lot of stuff for Canadian audiences. Do you think that curling as an idea lends itself to interesting movie ideas not only for a Canadian audience, but perhaps for an international audience as well. Okay. So for again a admission is that I know very little about curling. So I find it hysterical that I'm part of this part am known Jonathan. We're quite a quite a many years, but I I think that anything like any interesting subject matter, especially on a subject matter that a lot of people don't know a lot about I think that can can make a very compelling film because it's you know, the actual mechanics of anything like any kind of sports film The the mechanics of the sport are very rarely the most interesting part of a sports movie, right? I mean if you think of any sports movie for any any subject, it's rarely the you know, like wow, do you see him, you know hit that home run or score that goal or make that hoop. It's like that's maybe that's the climax and you see that moment but it's more it's that person that you know through that ball. Job that part or hit that ball so it's like that's the more important thing and what it means to them. What means to their family. Let's say or their loved ones and all the people around them. It's like that's I think that's much more important and so curling well why not? It's interesting. It's kind of, you know, a lot of people don't understand it, you know, they they may not know the rules but they've maybe see the Olympics like it's got especially depending on what country you're at. Right? So I think that there's a lot of I think that it could it could be lend itself to a really interesting film could would curling have worked if they had replaced dodgeball with curling in the movie Dodgeball. To see that so I can tell you that, you know, I was thinking the exact same thing Ryan I want to make dodgeball but with curling office that called men with brooms. Yeah an old guy who used to be really good at the sport is coming back with the younger guys is like a Redemption story. Isn't that basically the same movie? What are you saying? I'm not saying that dodgeball copied men with brooms. They just cut up the astronauts sister love triangle thing. Yeah. It's the same movie interesting interesting off. All right, so we have some ideas of curling based movies that we're going to run by you that we're going to pitch and given your experience. Not only am a screenwriter but also in just getting things developed you can tell us how likely it is that this is a feasible idea and if at the end of our time We have an idea that is mildly feasible. I will fill out all the forms for the national film board and send it to see what they say because they have challenged us. Okay. And I will not just let that I will just not let that pass right challenge accepted is what you say Bring It On in and you don't scare me. So so all right. So if she wants to go first who who actually know what before before we get go on. I just want to clarify what feasible means to find a different thing off. Um, yeah. So what in your mind what does feasible mean something that something that a group like the national film board would give us money for Okay, you probably want to pay to produce. All right, so I'm so mine is out of yours wasn't yeah, maybe but you should fix it. Anyway, I I okay. So what I'll do is I'll keep in mind. Let's say a Canadian budget level if which is, you know, kind of lower lower budget level for the world pack and and then something that NFP might support in some way what what is a rough approximation of what a Canadian an independent Canadian film would cost independent Canadian films are like, let's say if if it's coming from a veteran filmmaker would be 5:00 to like let's say five million bucks something like that. Like like that would be average some there are films that have been made in Canada have been that it costs more like around 10, but that's very rare because the funding just isn't it isn't there for it if it off? Unless it's it's not public money, but more private money and that's usually just kind of a Hollywood film anyway, right? So if it's coming from telephone kind of their the main people who give money to films in Canada telephone or the the different provincial organizations don't Ontario its interior creates wage in Quebec it is so back and there's there's there's different organizations that give money as well. I'd say anywhere from 2 to 5. Let's say 2 to 5 million would be realistic. Okay, how much money would we save if we agreed to do all of the curling stunts ourselves what happened pay professional curlers for the stunts? I you know, I don't know if I could say it give you a professional wage, but just in case something but it might be negligible in the full budget. All right. So Ryan you have an idea that you don't think falls into this feasible category birth. Yes, I do. All right, let's let's start with it then sure. All right, so here is here is my film pitch black. I was you know asked to ask to think about genre and asked to think about you know, things beyond beyond the sports aspect as I was coming up with this month. So here we go year is 2040 and the world has been invaded by aliens. This is a comedy the aliens are clear clearly Superior to us in always thought I could easily colonize this. However, they give us the same deal that they give to every planet that they call an eyes. They will randomly select one piece of our popular culture. And if we prove that the Invaders are not better than us at it we can go about our merry way. However, no planet has ever defeated the aliens at this remarkably the winter dead. Sport of curling is selected the aliens give humans two weeks to select their team of Two Men and two women to compete against them immediately humans argue over who should be the ones to compete with the Canadians are all incredibly arrogant jerks who think that their four best players should be the ones to play the aliens. However, the one journalist allowed in the room for the discussions suggest finding America's former Olympic champion who set the curling world on fire as a twenty-year-old in the 2020s before he flamed out dramatically and no one knows where to find him. However, this journalists is also his ex-girlfriend and knows exactly where he is. She has been dispatched to his cabin in the remote Woods of Minnesota to find him and convinced him to return to curling and save Humanity. A training montage in moment where the curler in journalist reconnect and he reveals the secret to reading curly curling ice that only he was ever able to figure out later off. Our hero curler leads three other younger in diverse curlers into their battle get on the ice against the aliens late in the game are big curling hero recognizes changes in the iceberg aliens don't and he is able to lead the big comeback victory that saves Humanity as everyone rushes onto the ice to lift him onto their shoulders and celebrate the aliens revealed that they were lying dead Tire time and they're going to kill us. Anyway, that's a nice twist ending. I like that. It's my birthday night ending. That's great. So if you were if you were to cast it like inside dog, Like the cast it would be your hero. I did not have time to think about this so it's got to be someone. Someone like relatively young right even like mid four. Yeah mid forties early fifties were someone who's older who can play mid forties. So I don't really do have off all red Paul rib, I love their Paul read. Yeah, great and everything. So ageless yes, absolutely. It could be any age. Mhm. That's great. So, okay. So what what does does anyone else has anything to add to this one or or is it perfect that just the way it is it is it is it Space Jam but for curling know cuz the aliens aren't stealing anyone's abilities. They're just they're just going to straight up beat us at at all, right? Okay. So what's the what's the name that the alien point of view here? Like what? What are they trying to do? They just trying to are they just trying to play with the humans is it like they're playing with their food sort of thing or what's the you're going to take all of our resources be going to take all the research and they and they want to just destroy the plot like they're going to kill all the humans is that the their plan or they just going to colonize the planet with the humans around and we're going to be killed eventually but not before we are used as labor to help Harvest all of all of our resources for the aliens. I love that. Okay, but what is the point of the the ending if everyone's just going to die like doesn't that mean that the previous two hours of the curling competition has been utterly meaningless. Yep. Yep. So brings up a good point. I think the twist ending in that the aliens are going to double-cross. It's a like narratively that's there's going to be a problem unless you're not like unless there's a like like it really sucks because you said this is kind of this is a comedy right? So having having her comedy and like that I think is perfectly fine. As long as the tone is kind of leads you to that point by the month and we can keep it ridiculous. Right. Well, my question was what's so funny about this what makes it a comedy? Like I said, we just keep it ridiculous throughout the whole thing. Like basically just make fun of all the tropes as we go through this so long. So when you have a an antagonist who is sort of like overblown evil, it's it's a doctor evil style of old and evil like the aliens are right. So their their motivations are purely made up. It doesn't come from anywhere real but they're year. It's so ridiculous that they think they're they have delusions of grandeur. Is that kind of a fair way to put it there basically They're basically like the big floating heads from Rick and Morty. I don't know if you've seen I don't know if I'm the only one who's ever seen as yeah, how long are they like, uh Kratos and like you from The Simpsons like the hanging code. Oh, yeah. The inconvenient is very much a don't blame me I voted for kodo's off. All right, that's great. I'm so do they do they present themselves like that or they do they ever look human. That's a good point. I mean like curling I guess is the the biggest thing. I mean, basically, I mean that's that's the part that I haven't yet decided on like do we do we make them shapeshifters? I mean really that's going to depend a lot of that is going to depend on the budget right off if we don't have the budget to make them look like some ridiculous being then we're just going to have to say we're shapeshifters who are taking on a human form. As we as we go through this process calling you don't like the alien robots make them curly the robot curly the robot has to be involved. Yeah a team of four curly the robots. Yeah, I was able to to have them shape-shift as like so we cast curlers as shape-shifting aliens who are the funniest for curlers to pick as the shapeshifters the shape-shifting aliens. Yeah, cuz like Darren holding immediately comes to mind for me. See my first thought was rich. But yeah, my first my first thought was rough bus Howard. Maybe you got pretty scary teeth different ritual woman in rush hour, that'd be good. I don't know who like seems like seems like they're kind of alien like Maybe Brendan bottcher very sour Foster, but it's all the steps kind of theme a bit. Like, you know, you're not sure they could wear contact lenses that change shape of their I yeah that they look like aliens or is it the aliens can take over the bodies of curlers now cuz that's Space Jam. Not the ability to take over their bodies. Also, yeah, that's awesome. That's I mean, yeah, that's a classic Sci-fi Trope. Yeah, and then it is like flibberty curlers or possessed. Right. Yeah, I think you know I so like listen to the idea. I think generally speaking your comedy will probably come a lot from the aliens. So you you would need to bring in Jack personality into them of some kind like you would need to have to like their motivations would have to be ridiculous. I think and I think that's where you were going anyway, so if they're they're they had ridiculous motivations all the time and you know, a lot of times when you see an alien in a human body or even just an alien living in human society, they don't the fish-out-of-water kind of thing where they don't understand what our society is like. Well what makes them pick is it them the aliens that pick curling or is it the humans that get to pick whatever game they want know the aliens randomly selected and my thought on that was I remember SNL did this when they SNL did kind of a play on the the whatever of the century back when back in nineteen ninety nine and they came up to their their Tournament of birth of people of the twentieth century came up with like Gandhi versus Moses Malone and they said that the computer randomly selected one aspect to compare the two and the computer randomly selected basketball or no. It was it was Darryl Dawkins Darryl Dawkins in Gandhi and the computer randomly selected basketball. So Darryl Dawkins was the the greatest human of the twentieth century. I like it. That's good. That's great. Okay, so I think it's safe to say that the budget level would be too high. I mean, you know what it it depends cuz as you were dead, I've seen a lot of cheap sci-fi and I was like you could do this for cheaper. I mean, especially if the human if the aliens looked more human with little alien aspects to them you could believe it and if it was done you don't you describe the reporter girlfriend going into the forest and finding this guy in a cabin, you know alone almost imagine the beginning of the film where this happens where this person's going looking for this person and he's cut off from society and doesn't know anything that's going on and she opens the door and he's like, oh you're here, She says you need to save us and play curling for the planet, you know right away that that starts off and kind of a I think a funny way. So you know that way home. Part of this is just I've seen so many poorly done Sports movies and so much poorly done sci-fi and watched so much mst3k that I kind of Jeff. Just hot smashed the two. I think it works and I think there is a way you could make this for less money. Oh, you can definitely make it for less money. Yeah is this doesn't sound like a special effects is a big you're not going to see them destroy the planet or maybe at the very end. You see them like a couple of shots of their their Invasion, but outside of that I think you could do it off. Okay. So what do you have a title for this this great film? Well 3rd Rock from the Sun is taken because it off but that's really the only thing I guess you can call it the Third Rock From the button write that down. I I come up with all the names for podcast episodes, but the talent I'll tell you finding a title is a really hard thing. I I spend off. A lot of time trying to figure out a title for a a strip. So yeah respect. Yeah, the the Untitled Ryan McGee project off. All right. So Jonathan, do you have an idea? I mean, oh some lion. I'll just pick up on the one we did this last time so mines. Basically it's G must be a rip off of The Big Lebowski. So the motivation for that is every time I watch The Big Lebowski the bowling Team Dynamics or exactly like it and it's a temporary curling team I've ever played on so basically so basically the premise is so instead of three people you have for so there's the kind of the protagonists. So there's the dude type player who's like the the hippie type will be a mega type will be the skip but like actually the dudes the best shooter. He's like the third so he's like the best utility month. The star player on the team but it's too childish. Skip obviously a pothead the skips kind of a definite. I'm not sure if it's set in Canada, you have to play around with it a bit but the ideas he's got maggots. I buy super arrange kind of super bossy over domineering and it's their Dynamic that's kind of part of the comedy then the second on the team is kind of like the chill though player guys. Took Ladies Man a motorbike instructor Aikido Dojo owner. So he's like the Slick guy and the lead is works for either the IRS or Revenue Canada as like a gambling tax tax return it so Super Geek you guys and it becomes relevant in a second. So the bad guys, so this be too so basically there's a guy who is the he's Beijing as the plate of Minneapolis really mm who was like this middle-aged dude with his very young wife always advertising jacuzzi. So she was always in a bikini and like the Minneapolis home. Midwest jacuzzi King basically shamelessly ripped off hand. It does fine him and his his significantly younger lady is the bulb character basically and then there's the gang dropped. I haven't really figured out who the the gang is like what their orientations but basic setup is like the gang it's a case of mistaken Thursday also because the Dude guy looks like the jacuzzi King and he always gets teased about that. He's out and a couple of towels from the gang take his curling bag. I think it's the money to pay off to get back the jacuzzi Kings girlfriend. And so that's the setup for the movie. And so the the dude character basically used to spend the movie getting back his lucky curling sneakers and that's his primary motivation because they're playing in the club championships. And so the first he basically before the case of mistaken identity, you see that he's the star player they win the round of Sixteen thousand of the quarterfinals, right? So he's missing his curling cheers mostly drama happens to the quarterfinals where he's missing his curly. She's a play terribly and the big ground is their Nemesis am in the semi-finals, right? And so the points are all super work out. But basically the the motivation is to try to get the curling shoes back. Whereas the gang thinks he has the money and the jacuzzi can't wash them to help him give the money to the other guy to get the handoff. Right? So it's the kind of classic Lebowski plot. And so it gets resolved by a big standoff in the parking lot between the gang the nem Curling team and and them and the whole point is that the IRS guy is try to work on identifying jacuzzi King for tax evasion Falls gambling debts wage. It's it's all that brings in one angle. Yeah, keto guys is trying to protect them when there's a fight so part of the premise like he knows it's the old start the fights or a bit chilled backwards, but you can kill anyone see a keto game. Is there a try to protect them when the gang and the Rival curling team comes in so he gets killed by the gang protecting them but the dude gets his shoes back. So he's able to then win the semi-finals and that's the resolution wage lose their chapter II isn't that guy does he he's dead now, he died he handed but they end up winning. Okay, so he's the sacrifice for them to get the shoes back, That's the real plots about the curling but it's film Noir, you know, so that's the kind of basic premise so, That's that sounds great. I mean I'm a huge fan of Big Lebowski. So anything that's connected to that is something that I will like. Yeah. Is there a way that the twist at the end is that you choose you Kings lady is who Subs in as their fourth player? I'd be good so maybe can you expand? Okay the jacuzzi guy? Yeah. So his his wife I didn't I didn't hear this was she kidnapped or something. So he's kidnapped. The setup is the jacuzzi King's wife or whatever. She's like twenty-something and he's like middle-aged. Right? So and Don t so often she's been kidnapped because he's racked up a huge gambling debt. So that's his problem. Hence. The lead is that the guy who's investigating him for tax evasion due to his gambling debts. Right? Right, So that's that's kind of how it also looks them in and so the gang thinks that he's the guy there to hand off the bag with the money. And then the and the handoff it gets confused. So he actually ends up with the money at the exchange the curling guy the curling they have issues issues and the jacuzzi guys after him for the money as is the game and and all he really wants his curling she was back and the Gang of a sudden Peril the curling shoes. So the curling she was just kind of go on their own adventure as they try to track it back while he's got this big bag of money. And so the thought types always try to persuade him to play with the hard like kind of, you know, you gotta be very aggressive. You got the money want, you know use that to get your leverage. Whereas the Aikido guys trying to tell them to, you know, walk straight, right? So that's like our attention to what do you do with this bag? I would say a million dollars, but all you really want is your curling shoes. And is there anyone on this team I'd like so I like that motivation. But as any one on his team just want to keep the money like do they ever thought about I don't let me ask this question today or but it's like if you could if you could trade you're lucky curling shoes for a bag full of a million dollars. Yeah, it would be your you know, what would you change? So I think I think the waltzer type wants to do that. But the problem is you've got two gangs that are like the jacuzzi King guy and the Gang going after them for the money, right? So yeah, I saw some front pocket again, right? Is there any point in the film and maybe this is just straight to taking stuff from the gabalski. But is there any point where I bought the bag of money goes missing? I think like solid also chasing the money and the the shootings cuz I mean cuz what you have right now is you have a plot where you have a character. I mean if you have characters who have the thing that each other ones, right? Yeah. It's not like the the mechanics of them getting together and trading that you shouldn't be that complicated. But if you separate the things right, so it's like one of them does not the shoes and one of them doesn't have the money. Yeah, whatever reason and that might add to the story. Okay? Yeah, so that's a good point. So my mind the bigger plot twist was the shoes going missing which is absurd right? Cuz no one took care about curling shoes. They kind of keep going on like more and more things because it says Lucky Shoes you really need some and the point is the second game. They suck. He sucks. Right? So it's easy to get a shoes back. But yeah, obviously the money could also go missing too. So I gotta get the money to get the shoes back to and part of its that they're torn between the two people who are both fighting for the money, right? So the jacuzzi King guys wage, Just give me the money back and I'll give you your shoes or even give you a cot. Whereas the other guys like, you know, give us the money or else full. Well kill you or whatever, right? So yeah, yeah, that's that sounds good. And then Thursday if you've got these shoes, I mean, but you get a lot of Comedy from him wanting the shoes right because ridiculous want I think there's a lot of Comedy there that it's where he's obsessed with it. I don't know like where it goes. I mean that you could figure out another day but it's you know, it going missing is is interesting as well as the money I think figuring out where both of those things end up. Yeah, cuz it's it's sort of the hijinks of where they go in this kind of film where yeah, you know the money gets you know, somebody gets it somebody takes some of the money out like, you know, all the things that can happen to that bag of a million dollars compared to all the things that can happen to the shoes and where he you know, they end up going especially. Yeah. I mean he could just throw those shoes away. Yeah, the beginning and they've got a you know, where does it going to go find? Yeah, I'll go find them, you know the bag bag got thrown in a dumpster in the dumpster went there and then found them and you know, so there's can be a month. Yeah, let's good. Um, it's a good idea. I like I like it. I like it. That's a great idea John. All right, so I have been recalling this one. Oh, yeah, what's your title job? I don't know you gotta think of as you call it the jacuzzi King, right? I yeah Midwest acoustic. Yeah. All right, so I'll give you mine. This is a my real one. I won't we can talk about my country idea later. But here's my real idea for the prestige film that curling film that I think could potentially work. Maybe we'll see so long. We open and small-town Canada. We don't identify where that I think is going to be important. We don't identify specifically where we are in the country and we see a whole family of Syrian refugees arriving at their new home and the family is mother a father and three teenage daughters who arrived in this small town and we see them getting set up and trying to get used to the the weather cuz it's the middle of the winter. And then we cut to the local Curling Club, which is a two sheet Curling Club and they're having their annual meeting and it's pointed out that one of the women's teams has to withdraw from the league in the middle of the season and they need a team so that they can continue with the season. Otherwise the women's league would have to shut down and somebody says well here are the the family just arrived and there's four women in the family. Maybe that could be the new team and we see a lot of resistance in the meeting from pretty much everybody in the club to say like no we don't want them as part of the package up, but then somebody gets up and says, well do you want to play or not and then you have that like fun silent moment where nobody has anything to say and then so we cut to somebody going after the women if they want to play. And they sort of have to get talked into it with the motivation for them being that this could be an opportunity for them to integrate themselves and get to know people into the community but also to help them learn the language and this can be any other French Canada English. Canada doesn't matter to me. So we see them go and start to play and they're they're not doing particularly well off but the mother was a soccer player and her strategy that she's going to pull from her experience as a soccer player is to just pull the all the rocks on the button. That's all they're going to do. They're not going to try any other shots. Just all the rocks on the button with her motivation being and soccer you just shoot on the goal. Like that's what you do. That's what you're trying to do. So we're just going to put all of our rocks on the button and they start to win and this gets them a lot of hate from the other people in the club. And there's a lot of pushback from the other people. Feels that they're not playing the right way. They're you know, not not being properly respectful of the sport and how dare they come in and win these games and then we see a moment where the father is watching and he's real proud and he overhears some other people at the club talking bad about this family and you know, what are they doing? And then we get to the end of the year and through a montage of course, and then we are at the end of the season and it is the final of the the league and the team is made it into the final and it comes down to the last Rock and it's the the mother who is the skip who's throwing it and she has a draw right on the button to win and you just see the the shock and the rest of the on the rest of the members of the the club. And that sort of that Victory though puts them into the larger Regional competition. And so we go from the the club to the regional competition wage in this Regional competition. They actually get support from the people who are there so they come from this club where they've been pushed back against the whole time of people who who don't think they should be there to this larger area this larger competition where they get a lot of support there's actually crowds in the crowds get behind them and through the week of this competition their their confidence grows and grows and grows and they feel like oh this is part of you know, our our our family now, this is our Sport and they eventually we see them in the final they make a great shot on their last one, but the other team makes a better shot and they they lose but they get cheered off the ice and they feel as though, you know, this whole thing was worth it and everything wage. Right now and we see them all Embrace at the end. So that is the idea that sort of the story of how the the family uses the sport to not only become acclimatized to Canada, but they adapt a sport to themselves. And so we see this melding of their culture their approach to things and a traditional Canadian sport. That's the address. So Shawn, this is Cool Runnings, right? But it's not funny. This is okay. It's serious. I was going to say it's who's your Cruiser? Yeah. It's classic sports package. All stories are the same. So yeah, you guys would be able to explain this to me being me being a non curling person. Is it is it realistic that a group of people that didn't know the sport at all could rise even in a local level and then rise to this what like what you're describing. I would say but I think that like there'd have to be a strong emphasis on the strategy side. Yeah, what doing strategically is so much is so Innovative and so much better than what the rest of the teams are doing that even if they're not as skilled because they're new to the sport. Right? What they figured out strategically puts them at such a an advantage. You know. What this is Ryan Colby. Yeah, just this actually happened and the Oklahoma calling, This is exactly like Jessie's girls. Remember this? Oh, yeah at the first three internet so we had thought so basically I told you about the wild Amigo the the strategy we invented for arena curling know. So basically when I started playing Arena I said so terrible you can't boss normal strategy. So we basically would just throw draws like all the time cuz that's all you can play because you can't play an open Hicks you can miss by like a lot so we got some like my joke was I throw off? Call seven drawers and I try something ridiculous on my last so we called at 7 draws on a run back and you'd either four or five or give up five. Right? So so we were playing in the US Nationals the first year the women's team was not that experienced at all. And Ron conlon who played with us just told them to draw everything like all the time and actually got people that really upsetting right? There's one game though the semi-finals and they're they're up 3 and they're calling draw draw draw and ended up stealing cuz they got one locked in his old jug and but the Umpire was upset. He said you can't do that. I mean they got all the way to winning the bronze that year. So it actually does work as like for a novice T. Right. So you took us on a true story one consolation consolation, but it wasn't something I said, but by All rights, they shouldn't have one cuz they were they were wait first-year curlers playing even even Arena nass has like good teams playing in it, right so long Like first-year curlers like one by displaying was very unorthodox strategy right Runner people on. The wrong the go-betweens game and say draw draw draw. Yeah, there were people in the warm room like yelling at them and obviously you can't hear in the warm room but like just yelling at glass. What are you doing? And I'm going to send and I sitting next to them just tackling. So this work. So this is a horrible thing the it's it's not just an addiction now, we've got Not only would it work with that people could get upset about it, too. I think people would I think I think I think I personally think that's a really good strategy for a club player to play a personalized but cuz on a regular green eyes on with the host. Sorry. Go ahead on Arena Ice when you call just all drawers like guards with just magically happen. Yeah. Yeah. I think I think you're right five. To answer your question. Yeah people get very I mean you see this in all sports, right whenever someone comes along with like a nickname. Being Innovative strategy people get upset about it. Right like, oh it's ruining the game or whatever, right? So Moneyball, right money Bol Randi Ball, but what I think would be interesting about this is a storytelling technique is Ryan is has to leave us is the idea of of not belonging and the strategy representing back to the community that these that the family lives in that the the it further others them in the larger story. So yeah, you know curling is really important to the community found here are these people who are not respecting that and it just further sets them aside as they are new to the community right one of the doctors they were so it's okay. I'm not make anybody across the country Matt, right? So it's kind of like strategy. I would say the specificity helps sometimes like if you know God Um, I mean for any kind of story especially if that's something that you know about I don't know if that's where you're from or something. But if if there's a community, you know a lot about because you've been part of that Community or for whatever reason if you tell the story from that communities point of view, I think that's that that can usually help you. Like it usually helps especially in a pitch you'd say I know what this is like, you know, George says, oh this happened to me that you know, the same kind of situation happened. That's actually that usually yeah, I'll say about the idea of self which I mean I like the idea in general like it's compelling. I think I maybe we should work on the like what the antagonists are. So you're you're talking about a community they need people and say they let's bring these people in it sounds I mean at the beginning it sounds a little like is it just like pure racism that they don't want them. Just like that. The people don't want to bring them into this into the the, you know, bring and yeah, so it's like sort of that refrain that you hear from certain quarters when people are talking about refugees that they're they're scared of violence or you know that they're not Christian or like all those things get our lobbied against refugees like barely thought that that is what comes out at this meeting. Okay, so I I can be good. I feel like the best like I think that for me I'll say, you know from my perspective. The scariest racist is the racist that doesn't present as a racist. So it's like if you have that kind of situation where somebody else is against them joining but isn't out like outright about the reasoning. I think that that can be you know, like there's that that can bring more especially if it's from the these the the Syrian families per month. Active like they don't understand why they're why this happened why they asking to join but then there's this, you know, they probably feeling something where they're in there. I think also you're the progression. You probably need someone to be one over. So you you have like you have the story and it's from the family's perspective. They're sort of just beating everything even at the end even though they lose their still beating something right and I feel like that's not quite enough for your story that they need to they need to prove their Worth to someone else. Right? So, you know, it's it sounds like they win this competition and their Regional or not the regional sorry the like the small town that them and and people are still mad at them. But if there are people who who then kind of join their cause like kind of get one over I think that you you have a story where like you suck. Coming together story which generally like it sounds like that's what you're making right? It's like you're making a film in which people are separated. There's misunderstanding and miscommunication between the two groups and and it could go both ways as well. Right. I mean there can be there can be like anger between the like the family package and and other people for whatever reasons you can create as the narratives going on and then they can be one like some can be one over and you have others that you know, you always have that bill and that's never one over that doesn't like Iraq, you know then cuz you need that shot a the villain being angry after they win. You know, what if what if you had the sort of old time hockey coach that, you know sees them playing the strategy at the club a couple of times and thinks I can really do something with this team. I don't want to take agency away from the oppressed group, but having somebody that can come in and Implement these unorthodox strategies. And sort of maybe instead of having them play in the league put them in the bonspiel right have have somebody be the one that recognizes the talent and furthers off their Quest I guess. Yeah. It's a bit like what you said draw everything it made me think of like Karate Kid and like mr. Miyagi like giving Em Right like giving some like inside, right? So if you have like somebody older in the club who may be that key heated the draw style, but it's been like shaken away as like, you know, everyone wants to play a run back now, right so like something the club like Basically the Robbins silbernagel play but I'm going to run back everything kind of thing. Right so that that's she's not necessarily the bad person but it's like she's seen as the star and the club and this person this beauty money playing a different style and also taking away a bit of that Thunder maybe that's part of what's going on. Maybe somebody who's like the past president who everyone's like, oh that that guy's you know, how he's done. He's got yeah, he ideas, you know just sits in his house mothballs. Yeah. Yeah. So maybe of whatever strategy is coming from the team. I think the team should be the one that implements the strategy but then the the sort of he sees it it starts helping them right? He's like, oh I see what you're doing. And here's why it works. Everyone else is mocking them. But he's actually like know keep doing it. Here's why I'll help you a bit more right? So maybe something like that where it's and and that person is the one that you know furthers them along because without without gnome, They wouldn't enter you know a larger event. Oh, okay. What about this? So if part of the thing is the trying to maybe the hidden racism off the deal in the league is whoever wins the League this this person will pay for it. And as they're having the meeting someone says, well what what happens if they went? Well, you stole pay for them. The person just goes they're never going to win. It's not an issue. Like we don't have to worry about them and then they win see this person after then come around comes around to the idea of maintaining that sponsorship and then that's the person who ultimately supports them and then shows up at the bigger event. And here's some of the comments of the crowd of some of the Catholic who do these people think they are and then there's a light bulb moment for that person about how they weren't welcoming it to this family by seeing it happen elsewhere and they they come to be Thursday. the main cheerleader for the team Yeah, yeah, that sounds that also sounds good. So yeah, it's two things. Right you're talking about a coach or this if you don't think those people would be in it or is it will only one or the other I think one of the other okay. So it's like the owner that wants to sell the team but gets one over by his Scrappy group of underdogs. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, who initially he didn't like the school system doesn't think there are yeah. Yeah. Yeah, and now they're being taken seriously. Yeah. Hm, okay. Okay, great. All right. So do you want to hear my Trilogy idea told you? Okay? Yes. I do also think that could like fit in like that idea if you wanted to like make it into other ones. So the first year that go to this regional thing the next year they go to the provincial and then the national championship and then eventually the Olympics or something like if I'm right you could pick that the next series driving a series. Yeah. Yeah. Oh so Sean. What's the name? What's the name of this the title is Movie package. Making a house a home. I thought okay, we follow their sort of overall story of come into the country. And yeah, but the community. All right. So my Trilogy idea, this is a Hallmark movie trilogy. Well, it's not really a Trilogy. It's three movies in one night that run back to that home and because the Hallmark Channel runs Christmas movies 360 days a year. They're Christmas movies, of course, so the night would be advertised I curl up to Christmas. And in the first movie, we have a mixed doubles team and we see them go and they win an Olympic medal. That's how it starts. But as they're embracing we have a close up on the woman's face and she's not fully happy in this moment and cuts to seven months later than ever it is and she goes home for Christmas and she goes to the curling club and Scott you seem excited about this. I think she's pregnant now she's not she is in like a charity event at the club where she grew up and she gets paired with her High School boyfriend who is now in a store and we see them and they reconnect and they have a great time and they go for a drink and everything's amazing and then because there's a job I'm coming in. She decides to go home a day early and she goes home and she's she's married to her mixed doubles partner goes home. And oh, no, he's having an affair home. So she is rarely upset and crushed and like her life. She wasn't super happy anyway, and now this so she goes back home for Christmas and her High School boyfriend who wage. They just reconnected shows up to her parents house on Christmas Eve with roses that go out to the gazebo in back and they Embrace and they get together and the title of that one is house is where the heart is. Okay, so that's the first one and then you go to the second one, which is a film that bass the follows the basic plot of the Pina Colada song. We have a married couple who are at a curling bonspiel, but they're not fully satisfied with their relationships off and they both go on to a dating app to find another partner while they're at the curling bonspiel and they every flashbacks to why they're not happy. We see them talking with their team but most should I actually do this? Should I not do this and they eventually go on the App, they find an anonymous person to me and they meet at them and they fully Embrace and everything's great and then they go out and they win the bonspiel together and that's how that ends and that one is called Love on the Rocks. I want I want yep. Start from the beginning for that one repeat like get give me a picture it again just if you can. Okay, so we open on a couple thoughts packing to go to a bonspiel. Okay, but they're in their house but they're kind of bickering and arguing with each other as they're packing. And so we see that they're not fully satisfied invested in the relationship anymore. And and we we see them travel to the bonspiel and it's a not a pleasant experience they get to them and Spiel and they start to their start to play and it's not going. Well, they're really frustrated with each other and so they decide to not sit together afterwards in the lounge while they have and as they're sitting with other people they each have a really good time. They they're having fun again. Everything's great maybe a movie song. Flashbacks where one of them says, you know back in the day. This is what curling was all about. And so we go go back to their origin story of how they met at a curling club at a place like this. And then we see the other ones, you know when things were really good. This is what we lived for. This is what all this is always what we wanted and we flashed home. They just got married and they're winning bonspiels. They're having a great time until they both realize in the moment like how unhappy they are. And then they both have teammates say hey, why don't you look at this and it's like a curling dating app, basically that you can meet up with other curlers and we see them hum and ha but like should I do should I not do this? And then they go out say the next morning play the game and get completely crushed because they're not focused and there again, we see them bickering and that's the last straw for both of them. The remote after the game sign in to the to the app and put in what they want in a partner and what they're interested in and they unknowingly match with each other off and then they they're like, all right, we'll meet for lunch somewhere and then they both go and they arrive at the restaurant. They realize that they matched with each other like oh my God, and then they have this great lunch where they reconnect talk about everything that's gone wrong why it's gone wrong, you know the communication we need and they just, you know fall in love again with this and then they go back to the club together rejuvenated excited and they go in and they just run through the rest of the teams because now they're invested again and when when the bonds feel okay, great, thank you. So I lost a bit of that at the beginning so it might have been just my mind was floating away. So now I got it. Thank you. So that one's Called Love on the Rocks off. On that sounds to me like it could be a really good short. I would like my notes this. All right. Have you seen Adam's Rib? It's like classic 1940s magic, It's like Spencer Tracy Katharine Hepburn. And so the premises wage lawyers and they there was their marriage together the beginning they get pulled apart and then they kind of both consider other partners and then come back together again. So same plot as yours the triggering point though is because they're both lawyers. They take opposite sides in a divorce case. And so I would either but I would sort of the Twisted somehow initially starts as a bit of tension. They then decide to sign up with other partners in the mixed doubles competition. And then that's the thing that triggers them to go on a dating app. Okay. What that's what brings them back together again. So the inciting incident they have a big argument over what strategy to see you on the last end of their game together the vehement Lee disagree split ways. Yeah bonspiel. Yeah. It's kind of the guys a bit arrogant. He's a bit like well you should have listened to me cuz I'm whatever and she's like, I don't need you. So I go off my own. He's like, oh fine. I'll get whoever but it's not that they become romantically involved with their partners that the issue occurs the dating apps, but that triggers but That makes sense or not. And how do you get I like the idea of them reuniting and then like going on this run? Yeah, but they can play multiple tournaments. Right? It'd be like Flash Forward 2 years and they're winning a gold medal. Yeah, but to me, well, it might get interesting. Is it part of the trigger? He's a bit arrogant in a dismissive her as a partner, right? They they break up. She gets a partner. She beats him in the tournament and that for hims like he his pride can't take it. He didn't goes off the dating up and so does she need and then they come back together then they kind of United win something, right? Yeah. I think Jonathan's bringing up a a really good point in that, you know, the characters like what their personalities really make a big difference in this especially this kind of story you're talking about like a pair and what their chemistry is and how it breaks down and I think it's a good idea to have them broken. And also I think maybe said that it sounds like a short and I've been I mean so far the two ideas that you have brought up in this Trilogy they both Although this one is a bit longer. They both sound like short films as opposed to a feature just because there isn't a that might be just because we're you know playing around here. But but like like I usually a feature film will have a lot more story, you know, like there'll be a lot going on, but it doesn't mean to say that you can't like this basic story can't be a feature film. It would just be flushed out question. Yeah. Yes how to flush it out. Yeah. All right. And then the last one that I have in this sort of three part is this is a coming-of-age story. So we see we open with a kid being dropped off at College by his parents and they leave and as soon as they leave he starts to unpack and we see what he has like a rainbow t-shirt or a rainbow logo on something maybe a binder or something. So so that's sort of the indication that he's gay and then dead. We see that he goes to the curling club and he's he meets a sophomore or a junior there who's like the head of the curling club at the the school and I start to talking and the other one says like I also play in this rainbow league is Rainbow currently and but the younger the The Freshman hasn't come out yet actually to his parents who are conservative and don't really approve of that. And so we see through the course of the semester the two of them become really good friends and the Freshman is really struggling with his sexuality and he wants to come out but he doesn't know how to and the older one page is trying to encourage him to be open and to be honest and it's okay. There's nothing wrong with that. They have a Then they have a little romantic moment. But the younger ones like no I can't do this a try and have a big blow up about it right before Christmas break at the last curling night of the the semester off and they and then we see the younger one. He's back at home over Christmas and his parents news story comes on about sex marriage and he sees his parents are like, oh that's so wrong. Like how can people do this? This is terrible and we've seen this building tension in him throughout the whole story so far. It's just blurts out. Well, that's me and like I'm gay and and his parents are stunned and they don't know what to say and he's like, well if you can't take it then like I don't want to be here leaves and he goes to the other guy's house on Christmas Eve knocks on the door. Oh and the he sees them and he just runs in and he kisses them. And uh, and that's that wage. They're kissing in the snow and that's the end of the movie Very Hallmark. I like it. Yes, it's also it is short. So again like the storyline. Okay, here's a question for you. Do you think that this film is a is this from a love story or is it a coming out story? I think it's probably more of a coming out story. Okay. So if that's the case, I kind of want to I want to know and see more often more scenes and more story between the main character and his parents right because it's like cuz right now it sounds like he's mostly at University which is as we all know. I mean, it's usually a place where you can be you for the first time in your life, right? It's usually High School you're I mean, you're young and you're trying to figure things out and college is a place where many people figure out who they are and and then become that you gave them the person that they will be or probably will be for the rest of their lives. So but there's not there's not as much conflict there, right? It's like if if the parents are nearby or if there's some kind of like I'm not Feeling that quite yet, even though it takes a very compelling story like the idea is compelling. It's just like what is what kind of obstacles along the way wage is, you know, is this character going through cuz when you were described it, I I thought okay. This is really great. Great story it almost felt as though the like the running our parents house was the end of the first act kind of idea right? It's like, you know, he fought he he makes a decision but that decision would has will reverberate right in his life when you make that kind of decision a big thing. So like what what will be the reverberations almost is it is an interesting thing. Maybe it's a starting off point for you is the struggle that the Manifest itself struggle or is it bad versus man like the guy versus his parents or is it more of an internal thing that builds throughout that First Act? Well, yeah, I sort of would see it as like the internal struggle first. So it's sort of like, oh I should do be doing this to fit in but it doesn't really like me. Yeah, and then we see him get comfortable with himself through the friendship with the other person and then yeah, and then it's sort of you can't take sort of his parents anymore because he's now okay with himself for the first time in his life. Okay, and so we asked to express that and yeah, maybe the next step after that is he plays in the Sugar Bowl league and the becomes really successful and and as his parents see that maybe they show up eventually to a game and patching the relationship or trying to and then they show up and support them as he plays in this league in a big game or something. I totally that's great. That's a Trilogy your Hallmark Trilogy. Yeah, that one that one's called No, More guards wage. I like it. So that's so those are just sort of like, yeah, they're crumbs of ideas. Okay, so fully fleshed-out ideas. A great what was the 100 houses where the heart is just the first one, right? Yeah. Okay. House is where the heart is. Yeah, and the house yeah. So so yeah, so those are just sort of three crimes that idea. I do think though that in all I think like you said the start Faisal that the relationships have two front and center as opposed to necessarily the curling the current line is the conduit through which the relationships progress I guess. Yeah. Absolutely. I mean so with both of these ideas like they're all interesting and I can see films being made of all of them. Honestly. It's but it's it is really who those characters are is what really makes makes the story interesting, you know, if you go back to the first one you you know, who is it about it's about this, you know, you can start talking about the idea about, you know, the aliens coming down and then they create this tournament or they they say we're going to pick a game and they create this tournament and then they humans have to pick dead. Who you know who's going to represent the species but who's the story really about it's about this kind of Cross City guy X curler who has cut himself out off Society who gets a visit from his ex-girlfriend who tells him that he needs to curl the game of his life to save the human race, right? It's like that's that's the scope and so figuring out who who that guy is and like why he doesn't want to curl anymore. Maybe why like, why is he why is he living in a cabin away from people like cuz he hates people I guess like or may I mean there's lots of reasons to be in a forest by yourself. But let's say one of them could be that he just doesn't like people anymore. So does he actually care that they were you know that these aliens have commenters took to destroy the society and all like there's lots of one of ways that you can build on that on these ideas and then you know, Jonathan's idea with the jacuzzi the choosy King, you know, who are the Dead? Like I mean, you know, you're basing it on a on a film. That's a touchstone for many people. So like they're they're right. So you've got that understanding the dude is like immediately and it's is he dead is it a direct object mirror of that film or is he like, is there a a dude version that would be different for curling? Like I don't know what that you know, if you could think of something that would be prototypical maybe from that world as opposed to yeah, I don't know if it maybe it's exactly the same as you say Well, it kind of depends on where it's set. So when I was dreaming It Up by Titus at it and say Paul just cuz for a whole bunch of reasons, right? So yeah something I know right like you did in Canada. I think it would have to be Like I don't think it would work in Toronto. It has to be like mid-sized city. Right right, like maybe Calgary or something. I can't be like Toronto Montreal Vancouver. It's gotta be kind of a bit. Like Thunder Bay, I think would be under Bay right? Cuz the part of the joke with the the Mid-West security King as he's he thinks he's this massive big shot. He took a Donald Trump type, right but he's like, oh Midwest been telling jacuzzis rights always he's not all about their rights a part of the jokes like this big fish big fish small pond kind of thing. Right? So the dude to is going to be easy to be a slacker of that area, but not I don't think it should be deeper beat the dude from the solid The Big Lebowski, but the dynamic that's interesting to me is is you've got this kind of really conservative reactionary overbearing type and then this kind of laid-back type B slacker type is kind of like the the back up the team right as the bowling thing. That's probably be calling the bowling thing. But then it's also propelling how they respond to this like absurd plot with the money and that you know, right cuz part of what makes a big dog. T work as the dudes just like kind of bumbling through with like, you know, like hey, I'll just go see the one especially the businessmen and ask for one of his one of his legs back. Right? So he's going to kind of play it like that. Whereas the the Walter types got to be like you'd be really aggressive. Whereas in my mind. The IRS type would be the law-abiding on like all we should call the police. We should whatever right? So he's torn between like 500 on the angel kind of thing. Right and he's cuz he's a he's a he's a slacker. He's not he's kind of a moral right? He's just like, you know not able to make a decision. So he's he's more like a victim of circumstance like reading reading the situation but that's kind of what I see that's kind of the motivation. Right? Right and I think for that for that idea the line that interaction just what you were describing between all of the different characters and how they kind of opposed each other in a way they met their friends, but maybe they're they have You know, they have arguments right? I mean that the drama and the the the yeah, like I think that that's what's kind of the key to making it good is you want to make that film good? Okay. Well these characters need to be at each other's throats or to be. Yeah, I'm really good chemistry or whatever right something. Yeah. Yeah, so that yeah, so that's so you can see that's also the characters and then with the trilogy. I mean all of this all of them, especially because you know, we are describing them as being a bit shorter and and don't take that as a as a criticism at all. It's you know, a a short is sometimes harder to make than a month then a feature film. So having like a compelling story told in you know, a 15 to 30-minute peace can be really really hard and and still the same thing. You can take that thirty minutes apiece and expanded and flush it out and it could be easily a feature, you know, depending on the idea like sometimes it's just a a shorts just a crumb of an idea and it's good that it is but but all of these ideas that could be I could see dead. And it so your house is where the heart is with this woman getting cheated on and then she gets together with her her ex boyfriend from high school. I think so. I may have you watched any of these these Hallmark Christmas movies. Have you seen any of them? I've seen one and I've been told that if you've seen one you've seen them all that is a very young age. They are very very so I've seen a few I have a bit of a tradition with some of my friends to sit sit around and watch at least one of them and make fun of them as they're going on cuz they are dead be hysterical and sometimes you know, they can be just Mindless entertainment. So I think with that one I totally see it but it's you have her like the way the inciting part is she you have a winning this metal and then she gets cheated on. And then she goes back to her hometown right? Like she goes back to her hometown. She meets the the boyfriend if she wins but we see that she's not fully like excited about the wind right off her partner. Was she playing with she doesn't really like them and they're the they're married. So like it's not as winning that wasn't as fulfilling as she wanted it to be right. I wish I was home for this charity thing and her ex-boyfriend used to be her partner and she left she stopped playing with him so that she would have the chance to win the gold medal. Oh, I see here. He's a curler as well. The boyfriend is also a curler. Okay, I didn't get that originally. So I think like I like this idea but I feel like again it be cut off to expand it. It sounds like like this the you know, she wins she she finds out this guy's cheating she kind of leaves and for other reasons too cuz I'm not really satisfied with him. I mean, I would probably like just hearing it like that. I feel like maybe she shouldn't win at the beginning or like there's you know, there's some other thing going wrong maybe a little money in your other idea with a couple. I mean, I can see these two ideas melting and certain ways a couple that doesn't get along and you don't you know, they're they're playing and they're not good together. Maybe they were good at one point. He's cheating and she's you know, very sad these movies that Hallmark movies is what I'm thinking usually it's this woman not usually a hundred percent wage. Hi, it is a it is a romantic comedy about a woman who is a city person like as is Into The Big Life who goes to our small town and then and falls in love with the the local guy who understands the small town values and decided to stay there. Right? I mean that's that's the whole every single time and then there's the there's the fiance or the ex husband or something from the big city who's trying to come back. And so what maybe your story needs as well is like I I don't really understand what the ex boyfriend is he trying or not the ex boyfriend sorry, the the husband or the current partner if he's trying to win her over cuz there needs to be a push poll. Right? It's like there's no drama unless there's a push and pull and especially if there isn't even the guys of there being a decision that she needs to make. I mean, we all know who she's going to age. In the end but it's the but it's the the journey that's going to give us something so having the boy the boyfriend who cheated on her come back and he's trying to win her over and maybe at some compelling arguments. Yeah, you know that that probably will help your story a little bit and then and explaining what those compelling arguments might be. You know, like what's what's going on. What's drawing her what's keeping her in the small town of what you know, there's obviously like if it's if it's worse you grew up there's family and you know friends and such there as well. So what's good about that, but also what what has long bothered her about it? Like why did she leave what you know, what made her so that small town has it changed his her perspective and of course it is as his respective changed as she's been gone away are the things that she used to think were hokey. Now she thinks our Charming, you know, and how how does that progress? Yeah. Anyways, those are some some thoughts. 3 to to build on that one and then the last one kid being dropped. Oh, so this yeah, so we I think we've talked a lot about that but I think who the kid is and who the parents are and also took the love interest is I think that those are all but very interesting things to kind of build on what makes You you described it, but it was it's in big terms. Right? It's like the the the bag of family who are you know, do not want their their son is that their only son to be they can't believe that he could be gay and they're they're pushing him towards one life that he doesn't want to live and then but he it's in a way it's the opposite right and often. I feel like life stories from the the coming out stories. They often are the opposite stories there. There are a kid from a small place thoughts are that is opening their eyes to a bigger world and then and as a such they are learning more about themselves. And in this case, they're coming out and living that life. So it's you know, small kid going to be a big city as opposed to the big city girl going back to her. Hometown is it is it is across their their crossing paths, they're dead. So that's great. I mean, so like I said, I love these ideas. They're all like it all depends on your your characters and building on them. So do you have a pic of the ideal job is for me to write up and submit to the National film board. Which one do you think would get me in the least amount of trouble? Well, I got to say I mean, there's no trouble and creating an idea even if it's if it's big in an unrealistic or if it's not something that somebody wants to make it as long as it's a compelling idea. I think that that's the way it is worthy of making, you know, at least that first step so, okay. Let me think so hook a first I'm going to first say wage generally speaking the nfb. I I mentioned this to Jonathan an earlier conversation, but the enemy generally they don't make feature films like featured Rob. Films anymore. They used to they like back in the seventies and the sixties certainly they they had their hands in that back kind of in that genre. But but very much now off like in today's world like generally don't they might they might give a little bit of a support of support here and there depending on who the filmmaker is and it's like they have a few programs to give us some small support two two features feature drama, but generally they like what they do their Mainstay and has been since their creation is documentary, right? So, that's the main thing they do but they also put money into short films whether they be dramatic or or or fiction, sorry dramatic or or a documentary movies or animation and animation is a big thing that they do as well. And none of you had any animation ideas, very disappointed about that. I gotta say, but but but although I could imagine wage Maybe the first one that Ryan had could be so, you know could be an animation. So I thought of it is basically Space Jam. So like if the aliens were cartoons, right the humans were both live action, but that work. Yeah, exactly. So I mean I can imagine something like that and in fact in a way as a short that's that's a pretty great idea like the universe it just the the basic concept of it sounds funny. I think it's very easy to convey that it's funny just the ludicrousness of the idea itself like it just and if you say it's Jason says if it's a bit of a back and forth between animation and and real life, I think that would be cool. So that is like celebrity curlers to play the team that was kind of why I was like Wow with space. Yeah. It's like Space Jams like Michael Jordan like all the good basketball players in the nineties. Right? Right, right exactly. So that's good. So so okay now let's take off. And be out of the equation just for the the time being so you mentioned the beginning when we were talking you were saying. Oh just just to film that's kind of realistic to be made. I could not good. Let's see. Is all it's always hard picking something on the foot without thinking about it too much. But but like I could see. Okay so like that first one. I mean, I like em. I said, I like all these ideas. I can see them all fitting into this budget. Now the the one with the family like the Syrian family coming. In fact, I can see that being made as an idea. I think that it would require it would require collaboration with that Community though. Oh, yeah, the the soul the soil like producer writer of it could not be Sean Graham that $100. That would not work. Yeah wage like I like that idea. It's it's certainly it it could have legs. It's you know, and it's something it's a I mean, it's a subject of of immigration which is something close to my heart anyway. So I really like the idea of that. But yeah, I would have to be there have to be some kind of a if you were to ever pitch that you would have to be. Oh I'm working with this person. That's you know that life is either from that Community or understands the community really? Well, I you know, cuz obviously you understand curling so you can come from that world and you can come from the world of maybe the town that they're you know that they're coming in fact, but but someone would have to be connected especially in Canada. Thankfully that is being pushed a lot more than it has been in the past in the past. Anybody can make any film that although I believe anybody can write anything I think especially for a story like this you need Community involvement. So so that's really good and like wage then like Jonathan's jacuzzi King idea. I really love because it's like The Big Lebowski. I think it needs to be expanded a little bit more in terms of like how those characters are are dead. Are interacting and how you know, cuz it can't just be the problem with it. It's like one of the strengths is that it is The Big Lebowski and the data on Stone, but it's also a detriment because yeah, you need to be like, how is it different from The Big Lebowski, you know? Yeah and that needs to be quite clear. Like what is the what I can't remember in the big leagues ask you what town are they in like a way through know so the things that I like about it like above about the big like the two things. I really love about The Big Lebowski. It's actually one of the lines right is the voiceover guy's life when when it pans in it's like there's always a man of a time right? It's it's very explicitly Los Angeles 1991, right and it's like they're playing off of the wage Gulf War and it's like part of its that That works for me is that it's like here's this guy who used to be in the students for Democratic Society super left-wing and he's kind of become aimless and basically Walter and every time I watched it become more convinced wage is basically I Proto tea party Proto Mega, right? It's in kind of it's a boomer work and it's like super clear which way this Generations go right and they part of it some place like actually just need a cultural politics of the boomer generation really? Well, they start off as these hippies and it's kind of a descent by 91 and its becomes just like reactionary thing. So yeah, I think part of life. I don't want to recreate The Big Lebowski but part of what I'd like from that is that it's set in a place and a time in the recent past and the characters are kind of touchy and cultural touchstones. Mm. That's kind of like, you know, even with depend on this for an NFP when you couldn't set it in Saint Paul and say the twenty tens or something, but you know, you could have a job. Daniel who hasn't been able to move out of their parents house. Yeah as that kind of slacker of modern-day. Yeah. Yeah. It's like I think it's like wage to steal the truck. But yeah, I think by moving the place and the time I think that affects it a bit and then I I don't have the plot. Well, first of all the Big Lebowski spots, I've watched it so many times just don't think I understand it. So often is quite complex. Yeah. Yeah. So I think yeah, I agree you could I don't think it could just be like Big Lebowski on ice but in a certain sense, there's kind of stealing from just like classic film Noir get-ups to right where it's like there's right. There's something you've got to get and the Bowens kind of incidental. So I kind of I kind of like that off that that part of it too, right? Yeah. Absolutely. I mean you would never describe I don't think you would describe the Big Lebowski as a bowling film. Like it's not a film about bowling. I mean, you know, it's it has bowling as a part of it, but it's not film. It's it's not but it's it's kind of like the inspiration for me is usually every time I watch it. I'm like it is a bowling and someone someone involved in the writing had to have been on a bowling team or been involved enough in Bowling to kind of capture the like all of it just like all the you know, I'm bad teams the League's League politics or the funniest thing of you know, the whole I don't roll on Shabazz part right where it's like someone's people playing Shenanigans and Club leagues. It's just like that's like right out of curling club culture, right? I'm sure you've have you ever had a dodgy ruling by the match committee chairman in your life. So, you know, I think I think there's a lot of like stuff that can be borrow that to to drive the plot but not it can't just be like a recreating note-for-note. So Big Lebowski thought I agree with that for sure. So one thing I've learned today is that Two characters are really what matters when it comes to films. It's you can have a storyline but if you don't have good characters to go along with that, you're not going to have a good film wage. That kind of that's 100% true. It's you know, it's funny because we you have to think of both obviously a good film has both a good storyline, you know good structure wage and as interesting compelling characters, but a movie that has a really good story. So I really good like let's say a bath even a mystery or a thriller or something like that that has, you know intricate plot, but the characters are OneNote or they are you know, I'm not very compelling that film in the end people like, oh, well, it was interesting. I I kind of you know, I liked it but they won't love it like a generally speaking. You won't love a film unless you really you don't have to identify them. With them you just need to think the characters are interesting right? You're like, wow, I really liked watching that person do that thing whatever that is, and it has to do obviously an actress bringing a lot to that. But but that's you know, that's going to come in the writing as well. Okay. So, let me see. I'm kind of going around about trying to answer your question. I think I'm okay. So of all of the ideas if you're pitching If you are pitching the nfb, I would say the first one. So Space Jam Space Jam because it's it's sort of absurd. It's interesting. There's a like I think you've got there's a story there that you can be built like you have to I mean, we work on how you pitch that story and that pitching is a whole other podcast like how you how you pitch a compelling story to them off like you should look up things loglines which are basically one or two sentence descriptions of what your film is and then make it for whatever ideas. I mean, if you ever playing around by yourself and years ago, I want to think of a film idea. That's a good way to think of an idea. It's it's how do you tell the story and two lines that give that gives the person who's hearing it and understanding enough that they understand what the movies about even they don't need to understand everything but they under there like I get that movie and they can be excited by it and they can be interested in that and they can get a taste job. You the characters as well in that lines. So that's that's if you're sending a tweet. It's actually a good example, right? So a tweets generally that long. So if you're able to if you're able to compress the idea down to a tweet, it's probably a pretty good logline. And so I think if again it's to the audience because the audience the n f e they kind of do this, you know, they do animation and and live-action. I think that they it can be probably now none of you are animators as far as I know. So that might be a hard hard to tell but I mean as an idea you can you can bring it up and there's you can always hire animators. I think that that one's good it also I can imagine it being shorter, right? So it's like that idea itself but it's it's another one of these ideas where you could be really long or it can be like I can see it as a really funny short, you know, she comes to his place and tells him that it's going go on then we cut off. He's training and then he's doing this competition in the end the aliens end up destroying find it anyway, so so that one I can see working off and and then the ideas of the end as shorts could could also work, right so I think what would be the best one? Maybe the last that's what I was thinking too. Yeah, like so the the one about the you know, the coming out story or Love Story whatever you end up landing on would probably be the ones that I would I would send to the NFP because if they feel like they feel like films that they could be involved in in some way and I'm trying to say this realistically right is they realistically the nfb's generally speaking not going to get involved in in feature films like I said before but they might not get involved in a short and if they're excited by something and think it's fun i n a p they have leeway, right? So it's like if they think something's fun and interesting and could actually, you know, it's coming from Canadians and they they are interested in in supporting that they might as long as they may say, well you need to find half of the funding somewhere else, right, which is more likely. They would say something like that. So, okay. That's that. Those are my answers is those two at the other ideas are really compelling and interesting and may be worth exploring. But but maybe not to the nfb, like maybe that they're bigger. They they feel like bigger ideas. That would be you would need to you would need to be pitching somewhere else to see them get made a frame like if you or someone else who's a screenwriting professional actually knows how the business works and what to do out of the ideas that were presented would would you I don't want to use them steal but I will kill any of those ideas or any of them worth a professional like developing further. I think well, I mean, like I said, I could see films being made but if you're asking me personally, I'm going to probably say the you're making House a Home idea with the the Syrian fan off. And that's that's probably because I'm coming from that perspective. A lot of the things that I've made have been about immigration have been about either documented or undocumented immigrants and and what it means to be a Canadian but from another place so that you know, when you pitch that idea originally it's going to like that will interest me right away. Like there's no doubt that Thursday just me. So yeah, I mean that's that's probably where I would go I like for me and coming from what I know like the things that I know. I don't know anything about curling so it wouldn't come it wouldn't or like very little and so I I wouldn't think of that that doesn't mean I wouldn't write a film about it because all time we we rewrite about things we don't know about all the time, but I find it compelling like it's interesting idea. I would I would need to know I need to see kind of examples of people from maybe not necessarily that Community or maybe the Muslim Community like my family's like half of my family's life as well. So that interests me for that perspective. And so I'd be interested to see what the real examples of people from that Community joining your community. And I don't know. I mean my my outsider's point of view about curling wage feels very white now, you can correct me if I'm wrong but it feels like a very very white. Yeah sure. And so I think that like that's that's always interesting right? It's like a a group of people who aren't white like people who are not white entering a world that has been predominantly if not exclusively white and that's like that is all that that'll be compelling. No matter what. So yeah. There you go. Awesome. Well, really appreciate this Faisal. This has been a lot of fun. It's helpful where they can find some of your stuff off scott sent along some of your titles here that that you've worked on but where can people watch some of the stuff that you've written. Absolutely. So I I recently bought a somewhat recently wrote an episode and worked on those the show called endlings. It's a half an hour sci-fi kids show about a bunch of kids who come upon an alien that is trying to save the last the last samples of species. So when species are going extinct at trying to find those animals and got to protect them since that it was a fun series to work on. I wrote an episode in the second season, which is on CBC and Hulu. So the second season hasn't been released yet. The first season is though and you can watch Great, especially you've got kids. It's a great show to watch the kids. And so you can find that in the states and Hulu and Canada. It's on CBC and I think it's on CBC gem here in Canada as well. Um, and then before that I was on a show called Ransom, which is a it's a CBS and it's on CBS all access if you're on if you're in the United States and Canada, it was on global and I believe on there streaming platform, but I I could be wrong. I haven't seen it and you it can be purchased as well and iTunes Etc and so on. So yeah, those are the two last things that worked on where I'm working on a bunch of things but not made yet. So can't really talk about them too much probably fair and just and in general watch Canadian stuff. Yeah. Absolutely good actually if I'm going to plug something A friend of mine has a show called sister, which is a runner of and it just came out yesterday and you should watch it. It's a great show. It takes place in the Indy like an indigenous Community. It's an indigenous lead wage. Um, and it's getting a lot of really good reviews around the world. So, it's Excellence on CBC Gem and everyone should go see it that based on the book son of trickster. Yeah, I believe so. Yes, that's on my table to read Alexa. There you go. Thank you for joining us. Thank you for listening to rocks across the pond a curling podcast. You can find all of our previous episodes and blog posts at rocks across the pond. Com. Please remember to subscribe on Apple podcasts Google podcast Stitcher TuneIn or your favorite podcast app and leave a review. If you enjoyed listening. The greatest compliment we can receive is when you tell a friend about us that helps us grow and helps us share our love of this great game. If you have a comment or question, or you just want to talk about curling you can email us at rocks across the pond at or find us on Twitter at curling podcast. We are also on Facebook and Instagram at rocks across the pond. Thank you again, and we will talk to you real soon.

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