Is Val Kilmer in a Secret Society? [REBROADCAST]


coming to a theater near. You don't sound very exciting. We're coming to you know there's a variety show. I did hear about this idea. It's March twenty fourth okay. It's a little bit of this podcast. You're listening to and a little bit of book tour and a little show and tell if some new projects and we're calling it the variety show audible presents the Rachel Dave Hollis Variety. Show our craft. It's a little bit of the Star. Today morning show. It's a little bit of the rise together podcast. It's a little bit of book tour. All rolled into one. There is a bus. There are no wheels. There have never been never been is respond. Someone asked us today. Is this only for eighteen plus and we were like what no this is for everybody. We're just GonNa make it a fun night out. You deserve a night out and guess what it's the same prices movie ticket so go to wherever you buy your movie tickets you can go to. Amc Regal cinemark tango tickets wherever and in Canada. It's cineplex you can grab a ticket at any of those websites or click the link below. This show's episode and Just grab it there when you buy your tickets to the variety show online. You're going to get an audio version of my book. That's right get out of your own way will be delivered to you via audible. Are Presenting sponsor when you buy your tickets through participating theaters online. Do it today. Buy Yourself A ticket grab your crew and come hang out with us on the twenty four. Th Day of March of like an explosion at the end for excitement. It's learning show that no one knows that no one is talked about. I said no one is talking about it. They did. They probably best way to start today. Page and gave I. Don't I feel like I'm missing? Something anyone else have kids who are obsessed with the song depending means something different in the hip hop world than it means to me. It's bread that has been pressed now. That is a Panini Business. A current song so you can literally pay for playtime. Hey Panini. Hey Panini don't you be a meany? Hey bread and cheese. That's been fighting a small machine. Don't be mean to me. I mean one hundred percent. That is a top hit in the US right now. It's a check reader in the finance world. Hey Panini don't you? Amini like maybe bring me my checks. Oh things became clear. Ramaz access looking for those checks though. Okay wait hold on. Who told us that? That's for Mandy Mandy mic. Ever Lien's good for you for knowing that he's a liar though. Yeah I mean honestly Mandy. Could've just made that with confidence. I believe in what Mandy set me Mandy. This is for you. You know facebook wall plays. You can get away with like the hulk song when he came onto stage. Wwf but you cannot get away with like current music. They will shut you down okay. Okay don't be angry at me for people. The joy of pilot nihilistic. I am sleep deprived. I am sleep-deprived until you. That last night I had the pleasure of hosting not hosting but doing Marie Forleo was in town was on a book tour for her new book. Everything's figure out and I did the interview Cuban a thing with her for her her. Stop here in Austin and it was Super Fun head about almost fifteen gals from girls women from the Hollis Co came in got to watch that and it's awesome Is Super Fun and then afterwards Marie and I were. We are social media phone friends. But we've never actually met and hung out in real life so we went to dinner and I you guys know I mean. I am a slowly by nine fifteen. I was asleep by about nine. I'm so jealous. I like so much fun with her. Like I was so tired. It was the longest day in the world yesterday. And we're sitting at dinner and I'm thinking. Do you ever have that thing where you're like so happy to be where you are but also you're like please don't let it please don't let it be after eight. You know what I'm saying like you don't want it and at some point. I'm like I'm feeling really tired and I look at my phone. It's ten forty and I don't live anywhere near downtown Austin. I am out in the country now. I know I've got a minimum forty five minute drive at home and I was like I love you but I have to take you back to your hotel queen. We gotta go to sleep. I woke up this morning to see that you sent me a text telling you that you are coming home and I was probably already in like a second cycle of remm sleep when you were sending me a note letting me know that you were leaving downtown. Anyone else have a partner. Who if you make a noise if you slightly jostle the bed if you move at all your in the night like leaks fourth as I love her in the middle of earth? I don't know what was going on. You were not once but like three like I got home and I'm always cold. We talked about this. I'm always cold and I get in bed and usually most nights I make dave pretend like it's that scene from the saint when he falls in the river and she has to like hold him to get his body temperature. So make Dave like almost every night of our life. Unlike you hold me. I just need like eight minutes of kilmer reference. Your Outgo Val kilmer incomes. You are welcome. I'm pretty sure that movie still holds up a national thrown off has to anyway so I used to be Dave. Hold me last night again bed. He's already fast asleep. And so I just inchworm my way over to his side of the bed I do. I mean literally touch. You're touching my arm. I just wanted some kind of touching my arm. I've been asleep for just the exact amount of time and you touched my arm and I thought that I was being taken I was almost it was yes you did react as if Liam Niessen. I thought the need to save you. Nason was on the other end of the phone in my dream letting me know. Listen to me they are going to going to take. Oh Okay Liam. What time should I expect them to get here? Oh got here. They're touching my arm. I've been taken. He for wreaked jumped up freaked out a jumped up. And then I'm just like five Al War Mysel- give yourself like some kind of sad lonely creature in the wood honey. Johnson. I'm so I'm so grateful for you. Well when I do my start today journal tomorrow. The first thing I'm writing down is the state reference because bowel. Kilmer is not getting enough credit for the Saint. I remember when that came out. I was like in high school and me and my best friend went to see it and we I mean it was like our eyes were open to what a man looks like. We were never so he always had these different hydros wander. He just like the same. Hanson's nobody is allowed to go. This extra credit. What was that characters name? Almost coyness that is no. That was one of the same lie. No he had the same thing but like what was his name. Now you gotta look it up. I the thing is somebody just. Rachel needs an electric blanket. In fact you know we had have you guys. Listen to the rice together podcasts. Which is our couples. Podcasts one sponsors this is not an ad but whatever sponsors podcast is a sleep number bed so we got a sleep number bed and Dave got the one where the bottom the foot part of the bed. Actually you can make it hot. So the the foot warmer it has a button you can press foot warmer best thing ever put that on thirty minutes. Just hey thirty minutes and then I want you to shut it off. What was his name? Oh my goodness just see I wanNA watch the movie night right now? Dr. Sara don't lie. Did you Google that Simon Simon Simon? Yes remember when o tombstone. He was sickly. She said Yeah huckleberry. Yes Tombstone Tombstone wasn't incredible movie and you're not really a western kind of guy on a westerner else. Speaking of Westerns around that era hitter. Why why do you remember? What the Guy Kurt Russell Kurt? How many times in our marriage have I made the reference? You know that's huckleberry this whole thing about you dell. I'm coming and love coming with me here. Hairballs coming with me and if you don't know what that references. I'm sorry you missed out on one of Kurt. Russell's greatest moments reminds me of all. Could you Google Kurt? Russell hells coming with me. Use signing show. No one knows no. I'm no one but if they did they'd probably say it's the Best Lincoln Statue. Day With H and K and Kurt Russell give it. Give me a little health coming with me overboard with Kurt Russell. Overboard Remember when they tried to remake that like a couple years ago and I'm still haven't forgiven them here. You go all on hold on hold on hold on we gotta get it up here so people can actually see here. We Go Ready Ladies and gentlemen. He's got a dirty mouth. This Kurt Evert sheets. He has been terrorized by the gang of cowboys with the red. Bandanna has heroin by using gives him the right to use that kind of language thirteen in the morning central standard time. He was the law. I am have you heard that hold on I am the law? Here comes loyd. Come on. Come on fly okay. Sorry Nasty there was a long long intro for judge dredd but he does say armed law. Did you ever see not judge dredd. What was the other one judge Judy? Now the one it was silvestre stallone. And it's in the future and all restaurants Taco Bell and Wesley. Snipes is the bad guy with that called something man demolition man. All Demolition how I love that movie. They don't make movies like they did in the ninety S. Can I get a witness friends? Can we get a witness on? Once upon a time mostly snipes. Though he was like the actor of generation he went through a period where he was like the guy in all of the movies and now he's gone. I always wonder this are the gone because they made some bad mistakes and they couldn't get film anymore or love. You have a good day. You Change Your shirt. I like it anche. Oh now. Wow all the facts or are big gun because they just made enough money and they're like I'm over this. I don't think Wesley Seashells yes fit. Wesley Snipes made enough money. Because the only thing I know of him recently is that he was indicted for not adhering taxes. Yes Yeah Leslie you gotTa Pay Your taxes. Brother found him on his weapon. Weapon movies those were good. I like those. Oh Yeah Bill Kilmer val come like he's he's out cameras another one. Who was a hat? A moment was a thing and then where he's acted. As cancer and yeah well. They're they're doing a remake of top gun and I remember there was times where they were like. I don't know if we can get the whole crew back together because he was really sick. I think he's gotten better since he was as sick as he was. But like there was a time when he was really sick. Man really sick other. I feel like we've done basically this. Exact episode reminiscent nineties movies. But let's just go The fifth element was a bad. Now is no good Armageddon con air though rock basically anything Jerry Bruckheimer dead right in the nineties early two thousands we are here for the rock the Rock in a literally out. We all were just like what happened. Where has this movie been my whole life? Don Connery member. That party puts the Green. And then he slams guys head of this face melts off. Sorry if you've got kids watching rock love you love you buddy. Yeah the rock today. Means Dwayne the Rock Johnson. But but the rock as we all know was Nick Cage Sean Connery and Ed Harris. Her being like the only bad guy or one of very few bad guys that you identified with Roland writing when you're like I know you're bad guy but again talking about Nicholas Cage then what part Nicholas Cage again was like. You're right the number one actor during like someone who grew up and it was just like they turned sixteen and then one day they turned twenty six and for those eight years. You're like the greatest actor of your entire eight years of becoming a man or a woman from being a teenager and the answer would be Nicholas Cage if you lived in a very specific particular part time and then what she needs a key key. I didn't drive that car today. Goodbye TAT went sideways sideways. Based OFF NATIONALS. Our national treasure faith often we've watched national treasure with our kids didn't want to get that faceoff reference where they ran their hands. Done the kids face and that's helped them. We've watched national treasurer approximately ten thousand times with our cat. National Treasure is it. Holds up one hundred percent. It's totally believable. There's nothing unbelievable about it at all. I like to believe there is like a secret conspiracy for everything and the idea that likes. There's A. There's a secret book for presidents or that like the masons or whatever that society was about the masons. I don't know how Nice I think if you say the masons housing road and all of a sudden not sat there's amazing or we really do. Come on you guys. We all can be an agreement. The masons are some kind of weird secret society that is like quietly running the world an awesome a mason like building in your town that you're like what happened in that. We sacrifice some kind of person in this bill like member of England's it was a huge like this massive thing with no win no and sometimes it was like what was happening wherever but then sometimes I feel like I would look up and see the soul of the original Mason staring out the window at me. I don't know what they are but I am here for the fact that they exist and I hope that they are in behind the scenes pulling all the levers commit. Sure that everything they do anything wrong. But I'm saying there's just like this society I've never seen. Have you ever seen like a flyer? That's like come join the masons exist. Oh they one hundred percent exists. They have buildings all over the place. I don't WanNa like come join our society which means how do you even get inside the Davinci Code? Yes the Davinci code for me like this that was I the. Here's the thing. I am not a huge reader of actual books that I read that book. It was off Dan Brown. You son of a gun. You turned me and turned me into a rerun. Actual her brother are Mason's. What did he do over different than templars member? That was templar. I just feel like there's meetings are their robes. That happened around candles. I just think whatever we think masons are. They're not that there's more more. Ford has a friend named Mason. I don't believe it's the same thing is obsessed with the Mason. I hear more about the Mason in his class than I hear about anything else. And here's the other thing either. Ford is creating very aggrandize stories about Mason or mason is living in a fantasy world because I promise you every night at dinner. Ford's got a new mason story and it's usually something like this. My friend Mason is literally a millionaire. And I'm like Oh hey like his mommy index like. I don't know where this news like. No no no just mason. Mason has millions of dollars like by himself. Unlike your seven zero. A friend basin is a millionaire. What are you talking about Ruby? Like oh you know what Mommy Mason in my class. He owns a semi truck on my. This kid sounds awesome handling get to be friends with Mason. That's what I WANNA know amid a dad mistake last night. Oh Melissa I'm just GonNa say out loud. I was trying to the on handle the chaos of multiple events at single time. And I got to Ford's baseball game just a little after it started. So I'm like I'm proud feels four. That's eight four four didn't play Baseball Sawyer played baseball. That tells you the kind of night we have so I get to the field and he's just about to come up to bat so I'm like awesome. I didn't miss it back. I am here for this. Let's go and I'm now standing behind the plate as he is waiting for the pitcher to finish his warm ups before the ending starts. And he's like did you see it. Did you see it? And I'm like yes. So yes he's like triple like I know and I was like I don't know what's happening. I gotta find out from other parents. I WanNa make sure that he knows that I saw this thing that he's so excited about. I should have just said I just got here but I didn't so then I bear like I started digging myself into a hole. Yes you're amazing. What an awesome thing. I want you to believe that I am absolutely person who has been here from the beginning of this game so the ending finishes and he comes over and he's like you saw and like yes triple triple and I'm like yeah you said triple he's like triple play and I'm like Oh what is a I made a triple play. You saw the triple play. Tell me about where it happened on the field and I was like all right. I don't know anything. I was just trying to be a good dad. I got here late. I do my best son. I'm doing my best. Don't lie to me like okay. All right so the metro moral of the story is don't allow your kids ages to them. You got their league wait. How about this segue? If you were hoping for a Laugh Navy Days Journal we sold out. I wanted to. I wanted to mention that because we are so grateful to all of you who bought a journal who were going on this journey with us. This is a product that we make entirely ourselves design ourselves. 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It's the Hollis Code Dot Com forward slash last ninety days. That's last nine zero days to sign up for e mail. It starts on Tuesday October. First we start the last night days. Give me a heart or thumbs up if you are already signed up ready to or you are fired up. I am fired up four. It see that question. We don't have any more of the last night as journal but if you do just WanNa start to danger and also that you can do the practice with us. You can find those in the shop at the House Co Dot Com and remember when you sign up for the last ninety days email. You Get ten dollars off your journal so true. Four Dollar Journal is fourteen dollars if you want it for last night. Today's on this is my favorite one. Hustle use it every single day? And then there's a couple other designs design. There's a made for more design. Yep thanks so last night as starts on Tuesday it starts on Tuesday it starts on Tuesday and I promise you on Tuesday. People are going to be like. Oh I wanna I really WANNA go on. Come on let's go to it. I put a this morning. I am not motivated and I like WanNa just talk to anyone who is just not wired for waking up on fire to chase the kind of life that you say that you want. I'm not motivated and I had an experience this morning. I push myself really hard in the gym. I am the product now of the habits that we have created in the routines that we have created in our life. I'm a product of the accountability that I have in my partner here. I'm a product of the people. Whether it's the conferences or the books or the PODCASTS. Or whatever it might be that we have surrounded ourselves with. I'm going to challenge you to think differently about motivation because I think sometimes we tend to use not being motivated as excuse for why we don't chase down the kind of life that we want to have as if I'm not motivated today but tomorrow or I'm not motivated today but on Monday. Yeah that's a good point. I think the headline ends up being that you are choosing to opt out of showing up for the life that you want. If you are making your showing up contingent on you being motivated because when we get into this last ninety days there one hundred percent are going to be days where you don't feel like doing it and it's going to be because you've committed to the challenge because you have developed the habits routines to ignite engineer make the motivation show up and you've created accountability whether it's in the free community that we're setting up here or through some kind of community that you're setting up in your life. That helps you stay accountable. But don't believe the lie that Oh well. I'm not motivated today. Somebody's GonNa take the day off and wait until my motivation comes. Back manufacturer engineer your motivation. That is their facebook group. There is it's called made for more So a couple of things. Lots of people are asking. What about when you're feeling burnout? Is it okay to rest when you're filling burnout and I want to be really clear? There's a big difference between being exhausted being tired. That's one thing and being burnt out being being is it burnt or burned. I think it's burn burned out burned-out but I I don't know you know what I'm saying. That is not you. Don't get burned out because you are pushing yourself super hard in the gym you getting burned out is a mental thing. Not a physical thing. It might be physical manifestations of the way that you're feeling mentally but you get burned out because you're not excited about the thing you're doing anymore you're burned out because you're spreading yourself too thin you're burned out because you're spending all your time showing up for other people instead of showing up for yourself you're burned out because you're working super hard and not making traction in the way that you want to you are burned out because you don't have something lighting your heart on fire not because you were pushing yourself physically if you are physically tired like they're absolutely days were like man we need to. We need to take it easy. But for the most part if you're moving your body thirty minutes every day even where physically our muscles are sore not hard to go out and do a work. We might just do a lighter than we normally do but I want to be really clear on that. If you're feeling burned out you need to ask yourself was the last time I did something I cared about. When was less omitted? Something I was passionate about. When was the last time I did something I showed up for others? I laughed so hard at one. P my pants. I did something that sparked joy in my life because burnout is a mental thing. Not a physical one. I think to there are times where you feel burnt out and you opt out of the self care. Because you're now going to sit on the CA like you've decided that sitting on the couch and decompressing is the thing that you need when you may in fact need is going on that walk. What what what you may need is sitting on the couch of a therapist. What you may need is like doing something that actually will pour into you in a way. That isn't just about relaxation. I'm not like against relaxation. But Oh yeah. I think there are times when I have needed to refill my cup and I've opted for streaming something on net. That didn't actually leave me refilled it. Let me sit and do nothing but I actually felt more lethargic when I was finished with that instead of how I might have felt if I'd have done something that Moore poured into me and speaking pouring into people house this segue again. Oh It's coaching day. Oh It's coaching day. Once a month I do live coaching to ours. Life Coaching To Ours Business Coaching in today's my coaching day. So I got a wrap this up so I can head on over to the studio this. I'm teaching two hours social media marketing part two so we did part one and it was so popular with coaching group. There were like please please. Please take a deeper dive. I didn't know that talking about social media for two hours wasn't going to be enough for him to do two more today than this afternoon in life coaching. We're talking about relationships and I have a special guest. How do you do this? I guess teacher coming in this afternoon. We're GONNA talk about our relationship relationships with family and friends and Co workers in the whole thing so I got a Gio because I get ready for that. Let's go. Y'All have a fantastic Wednesday. Remember you can only truly control two things in your life. That is your attitude and your effort. Ask yourself how you are showing up for both of us. He guys thank you for listening to the start today morning. Show podcast if you want to actually see be episodes. Make sure you tune in on the morning every weekday eight. Am central on facebook and instagram. On basically every channel we have our theme song is from Sarah Sunshine. Follow her at the Sarah Sunshine. Our executive producer is Cameron Berkman. The show is produced by Chelsea Harfush and Kevin Westlake with production. Help from Nicole Fisher and I'd like to give special. Thanks to Hawk the fish that will never die

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