Roundabout Roundup: Summer of '69, BH90210, GG2D, Elta MD, Duolingo Podcasts and ... Jorts?


Welcome to round five of the parenting roundabout podcast for the week of august twelfth. I'm katherine echo and i'm here with terry morrogh. Hello mimi gallup high and stacey find hi mimi and stacy joining us from living the second act and they've been with us all week as special guest stars while nicole is away so today we're taking a break from the talking complaining and obsessing we do during the rest of the week and we are shouting out things. Other people are doing that. We think you'll find useful or enjoyable and we call this our roundabout roundup. I'm super curious about what terry has to say so. I'm going to let her go well. We've talked a lot about <hes> hear about the things that i have heard about on the bobby bones podcasts or within the entire enormous bobby bonds social media universe and something that i saw recently that was just a little thrown off on instagram or maybe facebook live has just turned into an earworm that i walk around singing <hes> regularly and every the time it sort of brings a tear to my eye is a song it love song really about shorts as we've discussed here on the podcast where i think georgia fallen fallen into some disfavour that is a negative term for jeans shorts which i have always worn and never knew were a thing until people started being snarky snarky about shorts and this song which bobby bones sings with his <hes> raging idiots <hes> code member eddie and also a young man he was on american idol. I believe it's a love song from your joints that are in the bottom of your drawer where you've stopped wearing them because you're cool and they just want you to wear them one time. Hi more very sweet exterior sentimental. If you to have a heart for jordan be harming it and mortifying your children just as i am so i sing it on behalf of the actually wearing a very comfortable baggy pair of jordan's right now they are not in fact cut off their hand me downs from my daughter or those hand me ups. She's taller than me so i think they're still hand me downs. <hes> and you know what i will never quit you. You're so comfortable so listen to that folks and go to the back of your door. Find those cutoff jeans shorts shorts. You've neglected and wear them proudly. You know nobody gets to tell us what to wear at all right stacy. Tell us what you have today. A couple of things first. I reading this book that absolutely live. It's called summer of sixty nine by ellen. Hildebrand is seen angola. Oh my god i love it like three quarters of the way down. It's so good and mimi mimi. You would love it because it takes place in cape cod. It is so good <hes> so that's the first thing the second thing is. I'm obsessed with the ninety. You wanna reboot. That was my absolute favorite show for so long. I think i feel like they're my friends had like heartland so best beverly i really did coming back and i can't wait like every time i see. All my friends were sending out like the little youtube things things with the song and the interviews and this and that this show mytalk. I've no idea really i've just excited to you. See them again. So bad is what i've obsessed about my d._v._r. Is set and i cannot wait to watch it. It is super fund sealed friends again exactly even if even if they all have had a lot of work done still it's good to see i want the answer <unk> thirty something reboot coming. That's why yeah that was that was more my speed. I was obsessed. I was a little younger than them but aspirational. Oh twenty thirty something and i yes it was hoping to be the one day when you actually watch the series like it came out. Wow children among our children will never under they just look at me with wide is when i say such things instant gratification yeah. We didn't have that on that on that. Topic i opposite of doing with all the kids are doing today and i've been this summer. I'm binge-watching obsessed with the girlfriends guide to divorce. I know it's been out hey i'll but it's really wonderful about. It's a lot about friendship and a topic that i always find it so fascinating and i write about it as a lot in living the second act but what i love about it too is just it's just really it captured sort of it's like forty something age. I'm occasions that people have with their relationships so i've been watching that that's guilty like night-time summer pleasure. Who'll and i you know it's funny. You were like i it's summer and i loved son and i know that i'm not young anymore so i am honoring on a on but i found the best sunscreen oh like twenty years to find it. Oh elta m._d. It it is wonderful and everything's like forty fifty. I mean it's pretty high in terms of but and there's been studies that say maybe not more than thirty but i do truly believe because i it has blocked my skin from being old and wrinkly little so i highly recommend it a- and i think it's the best and it doesn't break you out and all those things are that sounds i recently went to the special olympics and thought oh hat i have a hat. I don't need sunscreen and with just hideous sunburn so a that's what i need so that in our show notes for all you sunburned. People people were interested. I need that while i will finish us off with. I have talked here around up. Probably the along probably months ago about dual lingo the app that lead in news to learn languages which i use for french but they have like a dozen or more different options and i do think it's well done as a as a language learning tool and they ages started this summer a podcast for french. They have learned spanish too but i of course have listened to a couple episodes of the the french one and i thought <hes> i don't. I don't know if i'm gonna be able to make any sense out of this but i can. I can i can understand understand it and it is half french half english <hes> so they have a host slash narrator person who speaks english and that they have somebody speaking french native speaker and they say that it's intermediate level. I don't know i i can follow follow <hes> and they're just fun. Little stories like the first one was about this young man who <hes> the baker and he won the prize of having the best bag at in all of paris and it was just his story and talked about about how you know. He's an immigrant in his mom was like please. You're so smart. You know you do so well in school like you should be engineer. He's like i really like baking and and and he's like you know i studied chemistry in. That's how i learned how to make a really good bag at so anyway. It's interesting stories and i was super proud of myself that i could understand the french words <hes> and you can. They're only like twenty minutes so it's aw it's a quick little joel <hes> so yeah i so i recommend that <hes> if you're interested in trying to just polish up your friendship but right or your spanish as they do either vanish i'll have to give it a listen and see how many brain cells of high school french often gets love shoes. Lifts issues there. You go oh well. That's it for another week of parenting roundabout. I should be able to say that in french but i can't i shall i shall continue in english if you missed any of our earlier episodes this week. Look up on itunes or wherever you get your podcasts to hear what we have to say about technology kids safety what we're watching on t._v. and the website inexperience of our guests this week nieminen stacey a._c. From living the second act you can also find all our episodes at parenting roundabout dot com and talk back in the comments there on our facebook page or on twitter or you'll find us at roundabout chat chat. Thank you so much meaning stacey for joining us this week. It was so fun to talk to you. Thank you so much for having us. Thank you so much. Thank you well. Their site is living the the second half dot com so if you've enjoyed hearing them here go check them out there and have a great weekend. We'll see you back here on monday.

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