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CRUSADE Channel Newscast January 20th, 2020, Monday


Crusade Channel News News you can trust because the truth can be trusted from Crusade Channel News Desk Stacey Cohan Good morning increase. Sater's Monday January twentieth. Twenty twenty I'm Stacey Cohan. When reporting from the Crusade Channel News desk the Cohen Ranch in Winkelmann Arizona this report is brought to you by the founders trading posts featuring our very own gourmet coffee eighty cappuccino dark roast in being in fresh ground? Start Your morning like a crusader with a fresh brewed cup of Cappuccino. Dark rose coffee available at my church DOT com. Tom Forward slash shop. Here's what to listen for this hour. Just get it over with his Lindsey Graham's motto for the impeachment trial of president trump today as a country we honored Dr Martin Luther King Junior and a husband and wife die within hours of each other on the same day. Senator Lindsey. Graham has announced announced that his initial plan of a pretrial dismissal of the impeachment case against President Trump is now pretty much unlikely to happen but he is pushing for the trial to begin and end as quickly as possible. The Senate trial is set to begin on Tuesday. Graham had previously floated the idea that the GOP majority could immediately vote to dismiss the case before hearing any arguments but now he states that this does not appear to be a possibility. Given the lack of sufficient Republican support for such an action action. Graham remains confident that Republicans are still united enough to acquit trump at the conclusion of the trial. How long this trial goes is still pretty much up? In the Air Graham would neither confirm nor deny reports that Senate Majority Leader Mitch. McConnell plans on keeping the Senate and session for twelve hours a day so that House Democrats that's would be done presenting their arguments by Wednesday all over the country. Today's scores of people will be gathering to honor one of America's most prolific civil rights. Heroes Dr Martin Luther King Junior on his birthday king who would have turned ninety. One on January fifteenth is regarded for championing equal rights for for African Americans through or boycotts rallies as well as by encouraging non violent protests such as the one in Birmingham Alabama in nineteen sixty three three. Perhaps most famously king led the nineteen sixty three march on Washington where he delivered his poignant. I have a dream speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. DC King was assassinated by James Earl Ray on April fourth nineteen sixty eight in Memphis Tennessee post offices and banks as well as government offices will be closed today are quoted the day be good love the Lord pray for those who do not know him what. What a great grace it is to know? God Saint Josephine but Keita. 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The heading to Mike Church Dot com forward slash coffee order by phone at eight four four five seven eight seven two three r saints of the day Asap be and and Saint Sebastian. They've always been venerated together in their names were coupled in the ancient martyrologies as they are still in the litany of Saints Saint Saint. Fabian was pope from two thirty six to two fifty a d and he promoted the consolidation and development of the church. He divided Rome into seven dicon initiates for for the purpose of extending aid to the poor. He was one of the first victims of the persecution of diseases who considered him as a rival and personal enemy saint. Sebastian and native of Milan was an officer in Diocletian Imperial Guard. He became a Christian and he suffered martyrdom upon orders of the emperor around to who eighty eight. He is the patron of athletes in a quiet heartfelt speech on Sunday night before small audience at a charity that he had founded Britain's Prince Harry said he and his wife. Megan were taking a leap of faith in stepping away from their duties as senior royals but he did add. There really was no other option in the thirty five year. Old Duke of Sussex said that he was born into this life and that once Megan and I were married we were excited. We were hopeful we were here to serve off but he said that was not possible and he acknowledged that his decision was made with great sadness he added the. UK's my home in a place that I love and that will never change. It's supposed to be the biggest of its kind in that gun rally. In Virginia today has had the governor banning weapons declaring a state of emergency and limiting the area area for which it is being held. The HOOPLA's focused on promises by governor north them to enact sweeping gun control this year including limiting handgun purchases purchases to one per month banning military style weapons and silencers allowing localities to ban guns in public spaces and enacting a red flag. Doug Law that celebrities can temporarily seize weapons from someone deemed a threat. President trump didn't really help them in a whole lot. He decided to weigh in on Friday afternoon on twitter. Your Second Amendment is under very serious attack in the Great Commonwealth of Virginia trump had tweeted. That's what happens when you vote for Democrats. They will take away way your guns Republicans Will Win Virginia in twenty twenty. Thank you DEM's police expected rally-goers to start lining up Sunday night. Despite freezing using temperatures authorities are setting up to medical tents in the area in case of Injuries Philip van cleave. He's president of the Virginia citizens. Defense League said that he toured the grounds with Capitol police Friday just to get a sense of the layout. He said he was hoping for a peaceful rally. A couple who had been together for nearly sixty Steve Five years died on the same day at the Saint Louis Area Nursing Home Jack and Harriet. Morrison's beds were placed next to each other in their final hours allowing them to hold hands. According to the Saint Louis Post dispatch eighty. Six Year. Old Jack died. I Harriet. Who is eighty three died later on January eleven avenue? The couple went on their first date and Halloween of nineteen fifty five. They went to a little diner and they never separated from that day on according to a niece who was raised by them they got married about six months later. A true love story semi or news tips to news at Crusade Channel Dot COM com. Stay tuned to the crusade would live breaking news updates all day the best live talk radio anywhere up next the Mike Church show continues. I'm Stacey Cohan for the crusade channels seeking news and finding truth.

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