Ep. 625 - A Truly Evil Ploy


Democrats pull in insane round manipulation regarding sexual assault allegations against Brad Kavanagh, and Bernie Sanders off the rails wants more. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro. Cavanaugh Cavanaugh and more Cavanaugh today because that is the only thing in the news. And it's the only thing in the news. For reason, I have never seen anything like this. I have never seen people throat an allegation with no supporting facts whatsoever. Admit that there are no supporting facts whatsoever. Admit, they don't know whether the allegation is true and still maintain the dudes. Life should be ruined over it. It's pretty unbelievable, but we'll get to all of that in just a second. First, let's talk about your comfort. 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So went from, here's a woman accusing a prospective supreme court nominee of sexual assault. Let's hear her story to you must not. Ask any questions whatsoever, and if you do, you are demonstrating you don't take her seriously. Also, you can't talk to her. So basically Democrats had here this woman's story and Republican said, okay, let's hear it. And Democrats had no never and Republicans will then how are we supposed to hear her still and Democrats? No, never. And that's pretty much where things stand right now as in her lawyer is now saying that there is no reason to have a hearing that instead they're going to throw this in lap of the FBI. As we discussed a couple of days ago, the FBI is not the magic police. Okay. They don't just go around investigating claims that are thirty six years old with no corroborative evidence. There's nothing for them to do here. No federal crime has actually been alleged this notion that the FBI is some sort of time cop and they can just go back in time and watch from outside the window with their spy glasses, and then see what Brad Kavanagh did at an unspecified date at an unspecified time in an unspecified location. That's crazy talk, but Democrats are trying to put that out there so that they don't have. Have a hearing. Now this is how you know that the allegations must not be all that credible. Even Democrats. It's a win for them to have a hearing right. Me houses go badly for them. Think thing about the logic. Let's say the Democrats have this year. Let's say that Christine blazey for the accuser comes forward. And let's say that she gives a tear filled interview about exactly what happened when Brett Cavanaugh allegedly thrust her into a room, jumped on top of her, tried to pull her close down and put his hand over her mouth while she was screaming. How exactly are Republicans going to look good coming out of that that this is the assumption last week. This is why so many Republicans were saying, let's not even do this hearing. Let's just go straight to the vote. The reason is because there's no way to win that PR battle. You got a woman who's alleging something terrible happen to her and a bunch of old white men asking her questions. How does that come off looking good for Republicans? Well, the only way it comes out looking good for Republicans is if there are holes in her story, if it looks like Democrats took a half baked story, threw it out there in order to stop cavenaugh and then her story falls apart publicly. That's the only plausible reason why Democrats don't actually want to hold this hearing. Does. Don't believe them when they say, well, we wicked shield the accuser from the pain of having to go through the story. Again, she's already told her story publicly. People are already sending death threats. They shouldn't be because that's evil, but people are already doing that. So the idea that she is going to minimize the the pain that she's feeling by not testifying is totally insane. Plus they could have this hearing behind closed doors. In fact, that's what Senator Chuck Grassley is calling for. Grassley has put out a long letter to Democrats this exactly right. He says, dear MRs cats and banks, that'd be the lawyers for this woman has thank you for your letter dated September eighteenth, two thousand eighteen. I was disturbed to read that your clients and her family have received threats of intimidation that's never appropriate and no one should be subject to that behavior. The FBI has supplemented judge Kavanagh's background investigation file. In light of the allegations, raised by client, Dr Christine, blazey Ford. The committee standard procedure for supplemented background investigations is to conduct phone or in person interviews with the relevant parties to discuss the underlying issues to that end committee. Staff has attempted to contact you directly by phone and Email several times to schedule a call at a time convenient for you and your client. We thus far have not heard back from you with regards to that request. Shocker, please contact committee staff, your earliest convenience to schedule that call at a time convenient for you and your client. As you know, I have reopened the hearing on judge Kavanagh's nomination, late of Dr Ford's allegation that hearing will begin again on Monday, September twenty. Fifth at ten AM have invited Dr Ford to testify regarding her allegations against judge Cavanaugh and in recognition of how difficult it can be to discuss allegations of this kind in public. I have also offered her the choice of testifying in either a public or closed session of the hearing is Grassley writing in response. My invitation, however, you wrote yesterday that quote, an FBI investigation of the incident should be the first step in addressing allegations. I certainly understand in respect Dr, Ford's desire for an investigation of allegations that is precisely what the Senate is doing. That is why investigators have asked to speak with your client. That is why I've invited doctor to tell her story to the Senate. And if she so chooses to the American people, it is not the FBI's role to investigate a matter such as this. Before nominating and individual to judicial or executive office. The White House directs the FBI to conduct background investigation the FBI compiles information about a perspective nominee and sends it to the White House. The White House then provides FBI background investigation files to the Senate as a courtesy to help us determine whether to confirm nominee the FBI does not make a credibility assessment of any information receives with respect when nominee, nor is it tasked with investigating a matter simply because the committee deems it important nicotine, you Grassley again, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee have reopened the hearing because I believe that anyone who comes forward with allegations of sexual assault has a right to be heard, and because it is the committee's responsibility to fully evaluate the fitness of a nominee to the supreme court. I therefore wanna give Dr Ford an opportunity to tell her story to the Senate. And if she chooses to the American people, I also want to give judge cabinet and opportunity to respond to the allegations. You've stated repeatedly, Dr. Ford wants to tell her story. I sincerely hope that's after four will accept my invitation to do so either privately or publicly on Monday. In the meantime, I staff would still welcome the opportune. Ready to speak with Dr Ford. I remind you that consistent with committee rules, Dr prepared testimony. Biography are due to the committee by ten AM on Friday, September twenty. First. If she intends to testify on Monday and her lawyers have come back and he said, no, we're not going to do any of this Trump. President Trump comes voices. Listen, it'd be wonderful if you showed up. So we could ask some serious questions about this. I really wanted to see her. I really would want to see what he has to say. I think he's an extraordinary man. I think he's a man of great intellect, as I've been telling you and he's has an unblemished record. This is a very tough thing for him and his family, and we want to get it over with at the time. We want to give tremendous amount of time if you show up. That would be wonderful if she doesn't show up, that would be fortunate. And of course, that's exactly right. Okay, that's exactly right. What Trump is saying that forget, we think Trump she has to show up so that we actually have some sort of questions that can be asked of this woman. Instead, what we're getting from left is. How dare you, how dare you. We tell the story either believe it or don't, but we're not giving you anything. Where can you anything you by this standard? It's not even worth while for the woman who have come forward. Dianne Feinstein should have just said there's an anonymous allegation that Brett Cavanaugh sexually assaulted someone in his teens. We're not coming forward with who she is. We're not coming forward with any information about what happened. We're not talking about where when why, how or who we're not gonna talk about any of those things and you must respect our non Mus allegation. There's a reason that there's such a thing as do process of law when it comes to the criminal courts, and there should be at least a modicum of due process when it comes to the court of public opinion as well. But Diane Feinstein who started this whole charade by receiving an this letter and then not saying anything about it for six weeks waiting till after Kavanagh's hearing waiting till after all of her written questions. Wait until after all verbal questions to cavenaugh and then releasing that that notice that she had this letter that was anonymous information from the non animus individual even Dianne Feinstein. Saying, I can't say everything is truthful. Well, if you can't say everything is truthful, then what the hell are we doing this for? If you can't say that you believe the accuser, then what are we doing this for and on what basis you believe the accuser and what you think the process should be going forward. And no, it doesn't help to just say, throw it to the FBI. I accused ion find San of eating small babies. You asked me what my evidence is. I don't have to show you my evidence that she eats small babies. I just all I can say is, I know that in the back room, Dianne Feinstein takes small children. Carves them up into little bits, eats their spleen, liver and appendix, and then proceeds to boil their legs and eat them too. And if you ask me what basis I have for such allegations, all I can say is, let's let the FBI look into it. What's let the FBI check it out? You don't have the right to ask me those sorts of questions. And if you ask me those sorts of questions, it's because you don't care about babies being eaten in the back room by old senators. You don't care about any of that stuff. You know who I know. 'cause you're asking me questions if you did care, you just finished. I find science career. This is really disgusting stuff. Here's Dianne Feinstein saying yesterday. I don't know that everything is truth. I don't know. Who knows whoop. Will I have no say I'm the lead democrat, but Republicans control. So this is all up to the Republican side. And I think truly too bad that no-one called her or called her lawyer understanding is she got emails and this is a woman and I really believe who's been profoundly impacted by this now, I can't say everything's truthful. I don't know. Oh, my guy to know that. They to contact her lawyers and our side isn't putting this together. The Republican side is putting together. This is insane. Okay. This is just insane. They didn't call her. They only emailed what so sure seem the emails you know about it so that people respond by Email all the time. I do it on a frequent basis. Email is a form of communication in two thousand eighteen. It turns out what in the world. And then there's Ford's lawyer supports lawyer comes forth and she says, listen, you know, we put out these allegations, but why should we rush to a hearing? There's no rush. Let's be real about what this is folks. This is a delaying tactic. Democrats are hoping that his whole thing drags all the way through the election on they have to do is drag the sucker out another six weeks. If they can drag it past the election, they're hoping desperately the Democrats clean up in the election. There's about a one into one in three chance that they actually win the Senate back what's said. They win the Senate back and then they just stifled cabinet nomination. In the same Republicans stifle merit Garland's nomination. They could do that and that's their great hope here. That's what they're doing. This looks like a political hit. Again, maybe the ladies telling the truth, she's not providing any evidence that she's telling the truth, like none. Okay. Her saying something I've had bad things happen to me in my life and I could provide you if I wanted to bring them forth. I could ride you corroborative detail of pride you witnesses that could provide you time and place, and these are things that happen. Like, let's see when I was fifteen and nineteen years ago. So it's a long time ago, two decades ago. I could ride you time in place. I can tell you what data was. I can tell you where it happened. And if I couldn't, then you would rightly ask me what evidence I have of my allegations, bring it more into this in just one second. But first, let's talk about your air filters. Listen, I know sexy topic. I know you don't want to hear about your air filters, but let's be real. The reason you need to hear about your filters because you are breathing in gunk right now, it's just seeping into your lungs that gunk and that is why you ought to have air filters that are actually cleaning that actually worked probably thought about your relatives for years. That's your problem. If you had thought about your air filters, they'd be clean right now. And this is where filter by comes in filter by makes sure that you have clean air filters in. 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Don't you think. Washington Post reported it, they reported the ROY Moore allegations, don't you think they would have checked it out, gone invented it down to the ground, but they couldn't. And so instead I n Feinstein leaked anonymous allegations out into the public and then shock of shocks. It turns out that the lady feels like she needs to come forward because now it's public enough that people are tracking her down weird how that works, that sort of medium nation works. You release a letter to a politician, you say, keep my name out of it. The politician releases the letter without your name in it and two days later you're coming forth. Whose fault is it that this whole thing was released. Diane Feinstein's. Okay. She's currently able to go home and is receiving ongoing threats to her and her family safety. Listen, I know what that feels like. It's terrible. It is terrible and obviously evil. Nobody should be threatening anybody else in the United States violence. That's not a thing, but that doesn't mean they get to hide behind safety threats. Not to testify about matters that impact the entire fate of the supreme court going forward. Her lawyer says fairness and respect for her situation dictate you should have time to deal with this. No, that is not what fairness respect pay. That is not fairness. Respect dictate fares spectate that people should be prosecuted for threatening her. They do not dictate that. She has to be given a year to deal with the emotional pain of an allegation that actually has impact on public discourse. She continues to believe that a full non partisan investigation of this matter is needed and she's willing to cooperate with the committee. However, the committee stated plan to move forward with a hearing that has only two witnesses is not a fair or good faith. Investigation there. Multiple witnesses whose names have appeared publicly and should be included in any preceding. Okay. So why don't Democrats say that? Why don't they say, okay, we'll have the hearing. But we're also gonna need to hear from our judge and a bunch of other people. They're not doing that. They're saying no hearing which is pretty suspicious. Now, the second we're going to talk about what's emigrants are really up to hear. Democrats are really up to. So what are Democrats really up to here? They're trying to shift the entire nature of the conversation from guilt or innocence and toward look him. Mean Republicans are who come mean they are Freeman asking questions. It shows they don't understand pain. Now, couple of days ago, the execrable Annemarie Cox over on MSNBC shiver wildcat. She suggested that if there was a hearing, Brett cabinet wouldn't just have to demonstrate his innocence. He wouldn't even have to debunk the case. He had to show that he understood the pain of woman. He says, it's falsely accusing him of alleged rape attempted rape. He should have to feel, but that's the that's the new tap. So when the Democrats don't have the facts on their side, they argued law and they would have the law on their side. They argue the feelings that's that's really what this is. So Kirsten gillibrand who is just the worst. I mean, Kirsten gillibrand is. I'm just a garbage human being MS, a person who basically said that l. Franken should be ousted from the Senate over allegations that he was touching women inappropriately and then backtracked on that. She's switched every position she's ever held noon. This is this is a person when I when people say you have your finger in the wind feel which way the wind is blowing than the shift with the win. She is a she is the little rooster on top of the farmhouse it. She doesn't have her finger in the wind. She's a weathervane. She's an actual human weathervane. So here is Kirsten gillibrand saying the GOP is trying to bully. So let's get this right? If the GOP doesn't have a hearing, that's bullying if the GOP does have a hearing that's bullying. It seems like you might have an unfalsifiable thesis. Their Kirsten here she has explaining they are creating a false choice. They're trying to bully her into testifying on Monday before a full f. b. i. background check is completed first nomination for the supreme court for any judicial nomination. There's always an FBI investigation. They do it as part of the background check this. Gatien is new. They should have at least that thorough nonpartisan review of the facts. And those facts can be presented to the senators so they can have a proper hearing. But unfortunately, they're trying to set up a. He said, she said scenario and bully her into either testifying on Monday or not being heard at all? No. What if you've been got back to them and said, okay, you don't want to testify Wednesday. Try Friday, but instead you're getting back and you're saying we're not testifying at all the FBI does exactly what we want. These are the same folks on the left who say the FBI should not be used as a political tool by the administration. Really. These are the same folks on the left saying Donald Trump's interference with the FBI is politically inappropriate. I agree if you were interfering with the FBI and yet these are folks who are now using the f. b. i. as a weapon against Brett cavenaugh knowing full well, this is not the FBI's job in this situation. The FBI's job is not to be the fact checker for non Mus. Unverified allegations that is not the FBI's job. Their job is to make clear to the committee what matters they have heard about. They don't check into the or the veracity of every allegation that is made. That's insane. That's what Senate committees are for. It's their job to investigate, and if Democrats have something by the way, you think Democrats don't have investigators on their payroll thing. Democrats don't have people who they can pay. You know, I don't know fusion GPS seems like they have some time these days. You think they don't have people who can dig down and to. Apple research and research the stuff and come up with something with this really mostly looks like is Democrats trying to cover for the fact that they've got nothing here. Ed Wieland over at national review is not known as a guy who says inflammatory things, and we'll and he's president of the ethics and policy center issued a series of posts this week. He said by one week from today, expect the judge Cavanaugh will have been clearly vindicated. On this matter. Specifically, I expect a compelling evidence will show his categorical denial to be truthful. There will be no cloud over him. Senator Feinstein will soon be apologizing to judge cavenaugh. The accusations will been shown to be deeply unjust. Wieland is not a guy to get over his skis. I've dealt with that we win when I had criticisms about Brett Cavanaugh and Wieland critiqued the criticisms of bread Cava and some cases, I think that he was totally right. This is a guy who actually does his research. We wind suggested that there may be some provable wrongdoing, but not on cavenaugh sites and funny how Turney didn't seek an investigation two months ago a week from now, I doubt any fair-minded person will think that any further investigation is necessary. At least not concerning any alleged wrongdoing by Cavanaugh. So fed Wieland hasn't been formation on this and it does break. It's going to be just humiliating for Democrats. But here's the thing. Democrats don't care whether it's true or not. In the end. That's the bottom line. Democrats do not give one good damn about whether these allegations are true. All they care about is destroying, bet. Cavenaugh. All they care about is delaying this until after the election. 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And that's all proportion with blue apron. Go check it out right now. Blue apron is indeed a better way to cook. And when you go to blue apron dot com slash appear or you get your first three meals for free. So go check it out right now. The entire chronic narrative has more from guilt or innocence down to this forward to narrative. And the narratives women are victims. So we're back into the war on women nonsense. We got in two thousand twelve when Mitt Romney said that he had a binder full of women that he could hire women and Democrats said that Mitt Romney was waging a war on women, and that binder was actually a stodgy folder for the targeted death of women or some such nonsense. That's where Democrats are going with us. Susan Collins, it turns out is woman, hey, I know I know shocking, but Susan Collins is in fact a woman and she says, listen, why doesn't Dr Ford come and testify? She's I hope Dr Ford will reconsider and testify before the Senate Judiciary committee on Monday. It is my understanding the committee has offered to hold either a public or private session, whichever would make her more comfortable. And then Susan Collins came out and said for saying this, she's received death threats which prompted Eric swallow. Democratic Representative to tweet is twenty four to tweet this out. He tweeted, boo, you're a Senator who police will protect a sexual assault victim. Can't sleep in her home tonight because of threats. Where are you sleeping? She's on her own while you and your Senate GOP. Tried to rusher through hearing boohoo yet? No, this'll guilt or innocence guys. This isn't about demagoguery at all. Speaking about the media's demagoguery in the media. Demagoguery on this issue is just absurd. It's absurd. You're seeing purportedly objective news reports, say the most ridiculous crap. I have ever seen about any allegations of any sort. It really is like fully insane stuff. Terry Moran was tweeting me this morning. He's the chief foreign correspondent for ABC. I don't know what he would know about. You know, alleged rape allegations is the chief foreign correspondent for ABC news I tweeted out the point is, is is not that we should disbelieve a women. We should give women the presumption of truth, but then we should ask for supporting details in evidence if we actually give good damn about two processor truth itself and Terry Moran tweeted back at me agreed one way. Witnesses are discredited at trial is through evidence. They had fabricated before. People don't just decided fifty one years old to tell a giant public WI evidence of prior fabrication and a witnesses. Life is important. So is its absence, not as poverty deposited but probitive. So in other words, she hasn't said anything so we should believe her. That's what he's actually saying that, right. What he's saying is you haven't provided any evidence that she fabricated this, so we should believe it. That shifts the entire burden of proof to Brett Cavanaugh to disproven allegation. That is so vague. We don't know when or where it happened. This is how the media are treating this. You talk about lack of seriousness. How're the media treaties there in in most insane possible fashion there. Now, two different people who went to school with the with this accuser who have suggested that she's telling the truth, but then under questioning it turns out they don't know anything about breath cavenaugh. So one of them is named Gary, I and and here's what she had to say she she was on CNN is a former friend and ex classmate of cabinet accuser. Here's what she had. She's featured on CNN as a source who would know watch how this goes. You know, one of the things that's been surprising to me as I've gotten involved in this in the last couple of days is how many women of my class have come forward to me in this last few days and said, I had similar experiences in high school, and this hits me very deeply, and I. But with other boys in our community, what the actual s what in the world. So this, how this works now, but the OJ trial, you say, you know what? I have had experiences, right? The prosecutes has. There are lots of people have had experiences in which people were murdered, not by OJ, but by other people. And what he's supposed to do with that. Like yes, watts of women have had bad experiences with men in which they were sexually abused or assaulted. That's awful. What does that have to do with breath have? No, this is the social Justice left at its finest, what social Justice. There's li- social justices evil, social justices actually evil, because social Justice implies that individual Justice is not enough. Justice does not need a modifier. Justice is about guilt or innocence justices about true or false. If I q Senna of having done something, I can't just say, listen, listen, send. You comes from a privileged first of all she doesn't. But if I said her send, you come from a privileged group. Therefore it doesn't matter whether you did something to me, it just matters that your group was privileged. And therefore if anybody of your group ever victimized anybody of my group, therefore you must have victimized me. It doesn't matter if you're guilty or innocent. Let's say that some I accused somebody from Germany of doing something to me, there's no evidence that happened, but I said, you know what? Back in the day, all of my grandparents, relatives were slaughtered in Europe, your grandparents, all of them. Therefore you raped me what that does not follow in the slightest. But the social Justice warriors in the name of Justice in the name of rectify the imbalance between men and women. Brett Cavanaugh must be burned the steak. He is a man. There's women made now aggression Burnham Burnham right now strew up Burnham that's that's all we can do in the name of social Justice because they're disproportions between groups because men have been in charge of the patriarchy for too long. And it doesn't matter if women have. Actually, if this woman was victimized by Brad Kavanagh, that doesn't matter at all this cut. So against the nature of western civilization, it cuts so against the nature of basic humanity and Justice. It's insane. It's insane. Then it wasn't just this woman, Gary, who's out there saying, well, you know, lots of women. I know from my high school, they had bad experiences with men. So what what does that have to do with anything is not just her? There's another. Woman who came forward and she went to high school with Christine, blazey Ford, and she posted a note as long note all about how she knew the cavenaugh allegations were true. Naturally. This drove a lot of media interest rates. This very, very long note about how all of the allegations are. Definitely definitely true, and the media jumps on this. They say, oh my God. We finally have confirmation right me too long note, and here's what you wrote in the note. I signed this letter. It makes me proud to have attended Holton arms. That's the high school that Christine blazey. Ford went to the current situation involving Dr Christine, blazey Ford and supreme court. Justice nominee Brett cabinet touches a very personal nerve and has unearthed memories good and bad that I had buried deep from my time at Holton. I graduated from Holton new boat Brett and not not well marked judge. I remember having a bit of a crush remark. He had a keen intelligence in Sardana biting wit when he wasn't drunk, which was often as we're lots of teenage guys from prep. I asked him to go to my junior or senior prom with me, can't remember which one. I just remember how horrible I felt when he stood me up because he got bombed a few hours before the prompt dinner. He showed no respect and had no remorse. Apparently. In two thousand eighteen. Some things have not changed. Unfortunately, first of all, it's not a sex assault allegation. That's him being jerk allegation. Christine blazey Ford was year or so behind me, I did not know her personally, but I remember her this incident did happen. This is the part where everybody went. Okay. Now we're listening. Many of us heard a buzz about it indirectly with few specific details. However, Christine's vivid recollection should be more than enough for us to truly deeply. No, the accusation is true. We are all in some way from that time at least me Christine. And I applaud her courage and dignity the drinking in -sconsin the puritanism and hypocrisy of that elite privileged, mostly white Catholic Washington society was completely out of control. We were teenagers and did really stupid, abusive dangerous things. I invite the women who stepped up in support for Cavanaugh in their letter in addition to writing about what a good person great athlete student family men and brilliant professional Brett cabinet is that he may well be all those things to reflect on use of the word integrity to describe him and to really think about who they are supporting and why. In my case, even before Christine came forward, I was still completely against his nomination. And then and then it says. He, he goes against me no matter how fine a person, upstanding citizen he may be. So this entire letter is basically, I hate brick have not didn't want on the supreme court. And I know the allegations are true. So she says she knows the allegations are true and the media say, wow, a woman who says she heard about the this would be the first contemporaneous account of the story, right? Because the first time we heard this story apparently was twenty twelve when Christine blazey Foxworth therapist. So that's the first time strolled anybody outside of her husband who she wants mentioned this to two thousand two, apparently. But now we have something corroborative a contemporaneous account of Christine blazey Ford talking about being sexually assaulted by brick cabin in nineteen eighty two. Except it's bullcrap. How do we know spoke Sean NPR she based. She pulled down first of all, she deleted her post. Then she said, why didn't really mean for people to take that all that seriously? And then she went on NPR and this is clipped twenty two here is what she had to say about this that it happened or not. I have no idea. I can't say that it did or didn't in my post. I was, you know, empowered and I were sure it probably did. I had no idea that I would have to now, you know, go to the specifics and it before fifty cable channels and have my face spread over MS NBC news and Twitter, I felt empowered and I didn't feel like I had to defend it. That's pretty much social Justice in a nutshell within it. The social Justice warriors, I felt empowered so I could speak complete crap directly from my anus and wouldn't actually matter whether I was telling the truth, unbelievable. I could actually substitute my my mouth. My bile duct and everything would be fine because I felt empowered. Screw anyone who believes this way. Anybody who believes that you're feeling of empowerment. Trump's, the truth or basic human decency is a vile. Human being is a vile thing to say, it's a vile, nasty, horrible thing to say, and it gets even more vile and more horrible. I mean, this is it's the worst nerve ever seen if they've got no more evidence than this. It's the worst ner I have ever seen in my life. I mean that barn on that includes the stuff Democrats said about Romney about him trying to put people back in chains that includes the crap. The Democrats said about John McCain, not being able to use a computer because his hands were actually wounded in Vietnam includes everything to take an accusation that has no verifying detail and then say, you know what? We don't need verifying detail because it makes us feel empowered. You go straight to hell because you will. I mean, this is this is a hell, go and kind of thing. I mean this, this is a sin of egregious proportions. I'll get to more than just a second, but I well, I'm about to stroke out here. Let's talk about life insurance. Okay. You actually need life insurance. If you don't, if you don't. Your family bereft. When you plots you should go check out policy, genius dot com. Right now. Forty percents of Americans still don't have it. 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You can be part of our mailbag which we are doing tomorrow when we do daily wire backstage specials, and you'd ask questions you're live questions can be asked to guess like Glenn Beck, speaking of which Glenn is our Sunday special guests, which is why should subscribe over at YouTube or I tunes Glenn, take it away. Hi, Glenn Beck, and this week I'm on. The Ben Shapiro show Sunday special. You don't wanna miss it. It is a lot of fun and Glenn gets into some pretty deep territories. Go check it out. Subscribe at youtuber. I tunes he can hear our Sunday special with Glenn Beck also for ninety nine dollars a year which is cheaper than the monthly subscription. You get all of those various glories, all of those various wonders. Plus this, the leftist here is hot or cold tumbler also makes Julienne fries. Go check it out right now. It is spectacular. The leftist yours hot or cold tumbler and again subscriber YouTube. At I tunes, we always appreciate leaving a comment and review that does help us go check it out. We are the largest fastest growing conservative podcast in the nation. So what this has more into now is basically Democrats saying that it doesn't matter whether it's to reform it promotes narrative that we like the nerd of the men are evil, and women are innocent and no woman would ever accused man of anything bad and no man can ever defend himself from anything. There's an article I kid you not at Yahoo today by Matt guy. I and the article essentially suggests that Brett Cavanaugh should shut it that Brett Kavanagh's denial is actually evidence of his guilt that Brett Kavanagh's denial demonstrates that Brett Cavanaugh doesn't understand the needs of women. No, I am not kidding you. That's an actual thing. Okay. It's truly insane peace and it's not the only insane piece today. There are a bevy of insane pieces today coming from people who obviously do not give any any craps. None as far as as far as whether they believe that Cavanaugh is guilty or innocent, it's truly insane. I, it's a truly insane place that we are now in so on has a piece today call men are more afraid than ever. Mike have not. Advocates would rather defend malfeasance than tonight, and it's all about all these people who are defending breath Kavanagh supposed- malfeasance suggesting that you know, people who send in their youth should not be punished. Now. I don't think that's the strongest offense for by cabin. I think the strongest defense, Rebecca cabinet is it didn't happen, right? That's the strongest defensive Brad enough. But the part of this piece that's crazy is this, this is a piece I've been trying to find the author lily loose Barreau. So here's what she writes. She writes. She writes, many of us I include myself are almost persuaded that men are suffering greatly. Many of us have been trained from birth to believe that men, unlike women are long suffering and stoic, that means der pain. When they do express it, strikes us as almost wholly it took me decades to realize something like the opposite is true. It's not the men's pain isn't real. It's their culture vastly overestimates it a certain kind of man not getting exactly what he wants precisely when he wants. It will truly believe he's suffering more than a woman pain who has never been told that what she wants might matter while it doesn't make him a liar. It does limit him and blind him to those limits. So in other words, it doesn't matter if a man claims something we can't believe him because there's been a patriarchal imbalanced. Molly ball has the worst piece I think. And I honestly, there's like piece after piece today. That's really, really awful. There's got him Cianci. Vega writing it salon talking about Brett cabinet is a blend of toxic male privilege, an affluent area based on an allegation that has been unproved. Here's what here's what this idiot says during his confirmation. Action hearings cabinet has by some accounts committed perjury. He did not his been less than forthcoming about his views on women's rights to control their own bodies. Those views are not relevant to a judge and whether those being those are being absolute and fully protected by the constitution Kavanagh's record also shows he does not believe that the civil rights of black and Brown people in other marginalized groups should be protected right this. This is the reason why we should believe these allegations. The reason we should believe these allegations is because obviously Kavanagh's a bad guy because he doesn't believe like Democrats believe Kavanagh's. Defenders make excuses for his alleged sexual assault and attempted rape of Christine, blazey Ford. They are endorsing channeling white male privilege and toxic white masculinity in America. Those unearned advantages are almost exclusive. Province of those are white and male. This type of white entitlements is also amplified and exaggerated for rich, white, conservative, heterosexual men. Now I wanna point out here. There are bunch of conservatives who've been saying stuff like, well, if you actually did this, then maybe we should still let it go. It was a long time ago. I'm not a big fan of that particular line of argumentation. But the left is jumping on that line because they want to avoid the actual implication of all these arguments which is that it may not have happened at all, and that's where we come to this the best of all articles, this one from time magazine, I'll get to that one in just a second. I, I have to tell you this is there's an insane accusation from Huffington Post because there's an insane accusation from Huffington Post. Here's the accusation when you talk about media coverage that is just garbage. Oh, this one is from Huffington Post your for this. You're not you think you are, but you're not this from Emily pack Brett Cavanaugh white female Clark's who looked a certain way Yale student was told a few years ago issues prepping to interview for judicial clerkship. A student Yale Law School received a troubling combination of warning and advice from her professors about one federal judge. In particular, Brad Kavanagh shoes told liked his female clerks to have quote, a certain look right now cabinet nomination to the supreme court hangs in the balance as he faces an accusation that he sexually assaulted a girl in high school. The professors proffering the advice are themselves well known both jed Ruben feld and his wife. Amy Chua told us what about Kavanagh's preferences? Then Cavanaugh was simply known as a prestigious judge on the DC circuit court of appeals, though neither said the judge did anything untoward regarding the women. He worked with the student found their council off pudding. So in other words, there is no actual allegation. Kavanagh did anything wrong, but once upon a time, people said that Brett cabinet liked young clerks in his office to look a certain way and we don't know the time. Is that a matter of dress? Is that a matter of what we have? No idea. We don't have any clue they. It's just like, how is this anything? Short of Justice. MIR this, I love. This should vise me to be to be address outgoing. She strongly urged me to send her pictures of what I was thinking of wearing so she could evaluate. I did not. Well, like any employer might want to know whether you're going to walk into the office wearing a bra. Like, I don't even know what this means like Amy CHU is a big advocate of the idea by the way. That people should dress for success. So maybe that's one of the things that she is suggesting here we have no idea. All we have is a vague allegation for person who's never met wreck. Cavenaugh saying a third party said he liked his young clerks to look at particular way. This is enough. Obviously, this means that when he was seventeen, he tried to rape somebody clearly clearly the best article of all comes courtesy of Molly ball, hit over at time dot com. And here's where he really gets in the nub of it. Democrats are trying to restart the worn women Meam based on a fact free allegation made with no support supporting evidence from the beginning says, Molly, bald women were determined to be disruptive, their setback covenant, looking every bit, the world's most decent man with his even demeanor, sparkling resume, ready to go through the motions and receive the benediction of the senators before him since the day of his nomination to the supreme court cabinet had portrayed himself as a champion of women in producing himself to the nation. He emphasized the women. He cherished saying his mother, a judge zone role model talking about his daughters and the majority of female law clerks. He'd hired members of the girls basketball teams. He's coached, sat in the front rows behind him. At his Senate confirmation hearing earlier hit recited the names of his daughters teammates, Anna Quinn, Kelsey, Seon, Chloe, Alex, Eva Sophian Margaret. I love helping the girls grow into confident players. He had spent a lifetime pushing all the right buttons and nothing seemed to stand between the federal judge and seat on the nation's highest court. But one after another women interrupted still. She persisted protesters popped up in the back of the room, yelling and waving sons before being hustled out by by police women senators spoke out of turn. Mr Chairman liked to be recognized pled temocratic Kamala Harris, California to no avail. Cavanaugh sat quietly in the middle of it, a terrific smile on his face, but the women, it turned out were not done disrupting him just when the end seemed in sight. His confirmation vote less than a week away after hearing that it turned up no more than usual. Parson angst, Christine, blazey Ford. A Californian college professor decided to put her name to a devastating accusation charging that some thirty six years prior when they're both in high school cabinet had sexually assaulted her. It was a hazy. Accusation hesitantly law short on detail, and curiously timed but Ford's charged shattered Kavanagh's carefully crafted Tableau calling into doubt the image. He projected the row of young girls legs. Bear in their private school skirts looked different now. K. so him having bunch of girls, he coaches in basketball, come to hearing different may be Kevin. What's the implication? The cavenaugh abuse them is the implication of having did something to them because that's BS accusation got any evidence Molly boat or just going to throw it out there. All women are victims Kamala Harris victimized just as Christine blazey Ford victimized just as the women on Brent Kavanagh's the little girls on brick having those basketball team or victimize women are victims. That's the final pitch. That's the election pitch and of story. That's what this entire thing is about. All of this boils down to just a couple of words. Three really women are victims. That's it. That's the only pitch Democrats have to make here because they can't make true or false pitch. They won't even put this lady in front of a hearing, even behind closed doors. It will never talk with senators. They won't provide any supporting evidence. Nothing and we're supposed to buy that. We're supposed to sit here and pretend that that's okay. That's okay to destroy America's unity on the basis of allegations that have no verifiability without any questions being asked and that if you ask a question of means you're a sexist. Honestly, if you believe that's what America is all about. You do not understand what America's all about. Due process of law is probably the most key elements of the constitution of the United States. Now, the Democrats have proved they don't like the first or the second amendments have determined that they don't actually like the fifth amendment either. They don't like do process of was something that has to go completely by the wayside what absolute insanity, what absolute insanity. And of course, this is all electoral politics. We know this is all electoral politics, and it's it's, it's clear this Chris Matthews on MSNBC make this absolutely clear because Matthew mistake says, well, you're what happened? What? What Christine blazey for talked about before the election, democrat Republican should dumb Cavanaugh. Who knows? I got the morning show here, photography people, a one craze Mahan that Blaine give me a Cup of coffee, Kathleen around hotels. I love her woman. I mean, she superior come out of the show go. I can give a scenario for both of you. The Republicans will not like they confirm. Comment on next thirsting. He becomes a lifetime member, the supreme court. He's in business on the court deciding issues like Roe v, Wade and things like that and come Sunday night or Monday night before the next election mid-term elections. The accuser doctor for appears on television and gives her full story to a reporter to anchor person and it's deadly. Okay. That's exactly what Chris Matthews wants to happen, but here's the problem. If you don't have any supporting evidence, if the Republicans call your bluff and you got nothing it host. You got a problem on your hands. Okay. Time for some things. I like it and then some things that I hate, and then we'll do an uplifting song because men I, I need a little bit of calling after after this episode so time for some things. I like the thing I like I've been reading this biography of Adam Smith who is indeed the father of economics book by Jesse Norman, and it's just great if you've never actually read the wealth of nations or the or his theory of of morals. All his work is terrific. Adam Smith is very readable for somebody who's writing in. Seventeen seventy three. This is a guy who's really, really readable, but if you don't have time for that and you just wanna kind of the main idea, just enormous great job of sketchy out. Adam Smith's life and interspersed explanations of where his thought comes from. It's a really great primer on both the idea that there is a the, that there is a free market ideology that exists for a reason and also that that is backed by a theory of moral sensibility that has roots in western civilization, so go check it out. Adam Smith economics from Jessye Norman. The only part of the book that I disagree with is Jesse Norman tends to be more of a compassionate conservative type. So he says that Adam Smith's economics is, is I think more palliative more sort of. It worked in concert with with big government programs than I think Adam Smith actually does, but you can go check it out ams with economics, Jessye Norman, really, really good book worth reading. Okay. Time for some things that I hate. So Bernie Sanders is back and Bernie Sanders is making crazier and crazier allegations, because here's the thing if Bernie Sanders wants to keep outflanking his own party, he's going to have to keep moving to the left. They're moving fast to the left so fast. In fact, the Bernie Sanders is now looking like a moderate inside his own party. So time from to break out the full Noam Chomsky. He's on with Sarah Silverman. Who was she ever funny there? Ellegation Sarah Silverman was at one point. Funny. I've never found her particularly humorous. Yes, humorous objective, and that's my opinion. Congratulations. But here's Sarah Silverman whose entire stick used to be doing potty mouth routines and a little girl voice. Now she's interviewing Bernie Sanders. And Bernie Sanders says America's a terrible, terrible, terrible place. Somehow he's been able to become extraordinarily famous and live wealthy lifestyle in this terrible, terrible, terrible place without ever doing a shred of useful work. But here he is criticizing the United States. This is the United States Senate. I can't know now it's something we just stalled little children. We go bomb houses and buses of children that we give tax breaks to bite us, but we don't do sturdy. No. Okay. So that that's what we do in America. We starve little children by the way, America's responsible for bringing more people out of starvation than any force in human history. Any force in human history worldwide. Poverty has been halved since nineteen eighty s because the power of the American economy and free markets that he opposes by the way and it we always bomb children, you know, like when we actually got rid of Saddam Hussein or when we actually bombed Assad because he's been murdering children or when we ended World War Two or when we ended the communist regime in Russia. Now, all of those things really about America being a terrible, terrible, horrible place. That's all we are. All America is a place that does terrible things. This is why they're this conflict divisions between left and right. I'm not sure this bridgeable if you actually believe Howard's ins version of history. America needs to be replaced as an entity and needs to be completely torn down and built back up from the roots by idiots. Like Bernie Sanders. That's what we absolutely need because Bundy found the says, America's a terrible place, terrible terrible place where he grew up to, again, wealth and privilege. And again by any measure by any measure, the dude lives, he's got a lake house come on and we're, and we're supposed to believe that that America's terrible, awful, awful place. He's very upset though that he can't use dirty words on the Senate floor. First of all, I think that we should be able to use dirty words on the Senate floor because I'd like to see who exactly like this. This kind of veneer of civility in the Senate is bunch of nonsense. Anyway, I'd like to see how these folks used already words because I think that Bernie Sanders cursing would be so much more entertaining than Bernie Sanders. Not cursing. I just wanna see, Bernie Sanders us like all George carlin's words. I think it would be very, amusing are on the meat is just throw. Just incredible. But Bernie's again, there's a theory on the left that every bad that happens uniquely American in every good that happens is unique is universal to humanity. So people rising from poverty human rights, individual rights. These are these are outgrowths of universal visions of humanity, but war famine s because of America you have to be a full-fledged idiot to believe this, his speaking of full-fledged idiots, there's a piece I have two comments on this because it's so absurd. There's a piece that has been put forth by some woman named. I think it's Becca, Lou Rebecca Lewis, Rebecca Lewis, and it's a piece over data society dot net, which I've never heard of before, but it's getting some planned line and it says, alternative influence broadcasting the reactionary right on YouTube new data and society report by researcher. Rebecca Lewis presents data from approximately sixty five political influencers across Eighty-one channels. So identified the alternative influence network in alternative media system that adopts techniques, brand influencers to build audience and sell them. Article ideology. The idea behind the study is that YouTube encourages people to go to the alright via things like my show. How do they make this case the way they make this case that they say, well, Shapiro ones hosted Jordan Peterson, Jordan Peterson was one on Ruben. Dave. Rubin once had Stephen Mulinuu on stiff Sophon Malu once was on with Richard Spencer, therefore, Ben Shapiro and Richard Spencer are linked, can we are now playing six degrees of Kevin bacon. You know what else I've been on CNN you know, who else has been on CNN Louis Farrakhan. Does that mean that Louis Farrakhan and are linked it what? What absolute utter horse crab. But this is the way that the media try to smear people with connections there. Okay, we're, we're, we're not going to actually go after your ideas. We're going to go after the fact that you were once in a room with x and not just not not the friends that person now that you're like hugging that person and and you're Mirroring their ideology, but you were once in a room with a person who is in a room with ex. Yes. Great takedown guys really, really, really genius. Okay. Final thing that I hate today, so President Trump didn't interview at the hill and he, he said, a very silly thing about President Bush. One of my great era tents is that after the Republican party spent years and years and years, defending George W Bush's good man, president trenches Trump has been years and years and years, tearing President Bush down as the President Bush is a bad man. And I think this is a bunch four scrap, here's President Trump saying the George W Bush made the worst mistake in the history of the country which held a claim. So President Trump, I guess we don't have the clip. The President Trump said that Bush Bush Iraq. War was the worst mistake in the history of the country. So the worst single mistake ever made in the history of our country going into the Middle East by President Bush Obama may have gotten soldiers out wrong, but going into me is the biggest single mistake made in the history of the country. And now you may say that that going into Iraq was a mistake. Although, again, virtually everybody from both parties supported it, including President Trump when it first came around, but to say the worst mistake in the history of our country, like we had slavery full-fledged slavery in this country for four generations from founding that seems like a pretty big mistake. And then there was Jim crow, which dominated the south for another hundred years. It seems like a fairly large mistake. It seems like you jenex programs on the state law that seems like that might have been part of a large mistake. It seems like in terms of foreign policy, abandoning a rock and letting Icis rise met had been kind of a huge mistake, not bombing the tracks on the way to Auschwitz. That might have been a big mistake during World War Two shutting our borders to Jews, trying to escape them. Mistake, you know, Japanese internment that could have been kind of a big mistake to look in a few mistakes. But this this outsize rhetoric with regards to the war in Iraq. All it does is promote a foreign policy. That is, I think, in ideology not accurate, and in some ways unhinged you can disagree with the war in Iraq and say that it was a war that was unnecessary and still recognize that that it was not the kind of mistake that Trump is making it out to be a historic mistake of cataclysmic proportions. That's just not accurate. Okay. Time for a quick soem because come on, we all need a soem because it's been a long show and loan week, and I just came back from a really nice, Yom Kippur by the way legume poor was it was really great. I got to spend inch in shoal just praying and convening with God and and pouring out my my heart to God. That was a really nice thing. It's actually really, it's more when my dad used to say it was a favorite holiday used to think that's crazy because he can't eat. You can't drink and it's quickly growing on anyway. The the psalms chapter nine. We do want week, so we're all the way up to chapter nine. It's all about thinking God with all my heart. It's as our was Joyce and exhort with you. I will sing your praises to the most high name. When my enemies draw backward, they stumble in our destroyed from before you for you have perform my judgment my 'cause you sat on the throne, judge of righteousness. You rebukes nations. You destroyed a wicked man. You'll race their name forever and ever. The enemy has been destroyed swords exist forever, and you have uprooted, the cities, their members lost, but the Lord Chelsea forever. He has established his throne for judgment, but he judges the world with richness kingdoms with equity and the Lord chubby fortress for the crush to four, Chris, for times of distress. I think that the the, what's what's great about this particular psalm is that he suggests that it's not just individuals who are judge. Nations are judged as well. At the very end of the, it says, arise, O Lord lemon have no power may the nation's be judged for your anger ole Lord place mastery over them what the nation's know that they are forever moral man. There's this feeling that that I think a lot of people have both left and right that nations are eternal and matter what we do, a nation can. Go the wave a dodo bird a nation will simply exist. There will be no consequences to the bad decisions that we make. The reality of course, the nations are made up of individual human beings. If those individual human beings pursue bad purposes, it will tear the nation apart. My view of God is the God is active in the universe, but he's also in he's in eventuality. God is the predictable result of actions that you take that are immoral and the and the actions that we take their moral, the tear down our nation from within once we have hollowed ourselves out. Then of course, it's a reminder that we are all mortal and in the end, the nation collapses along with the individuals who comprise that nation already. We'll be back here tomorrow with all his plus the mail bag. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro show. The Ben Shapiro show is produced by Senna. Villarreal executive producer, Jeremy, boring, senior producer, Jonathan, hey, our supervising producer as Mathis Glover and our technical producer is Austin Stevens edited by Alexandra. Audio is mixed by micrometer. Herron makeup is by just while Veira. The Ben Shapiro show is a daily wire Ford publishing production. Copyright Ford publishing twenty eighteen.

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