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Season 2 Episode 7: Hovering Hummingbirds and the Worlds Most Extreme Animals!


Rangers free. Rangers earth ranger Emma here. I am super excited for show today like matrix mated why? Well, I'm supposed to be working on a research project the secret life of the gardens now, but you could say that I'm in desperate need of break. The let's get this episode started. I was saying my secret life of the gardens now, project isn't exactly Superfund to work on Why's that. Well, take a listen to what I've got so far belonging to the glass guest repoted the largest group in the following Alaska. The gardens nail record Lewis Bersin in Latin is extremely common the adults sports hardshell with fortified worlds, featuring ever to delated pattern including Brown, dark, Brown, and chestnut of ultra snow garden, snail is the most well known and most common. See the problem is the garden snails don't have secret lives there. Snails. There. I said it. My research project is as dull as dishwater and so forth, Rangers. It's time to shake up this dull day. It's time to get wacky and meet some extreme animals. Extremely cute extremely fast, extremely interesting anything but boring source nouns urgently. I have a whole lot of fascinating creatures in mind. Let's meet the first one with a game. Who am? I. Who? This water loving mammal is maybe one of the cutest creatures in the world. I'm talking to the extreme listen up. Who is this adorable? Individual. Any ideas stick around, and I'll tell you who it is later in the episode. Now there's one creature. I've been dying to learn more about ever since I saw it in my garden last summer. It's a truly extreme flyer. The hummingbird in fact, there's someone here at earth, Rangers HQ who knows all about hummingbirds, and I bet he takes on a little Heiko side to see if we can find one or two. Stephan. Bore you for this week's podcast for sure. What's up? Well, I know you're a bit of a hummingbird expert, did you say, hummingbird? Well, yeah. Are just found a perfect base to spot hummingbirds. You'll check it out amazing. Let's go. All right. That some of the smallest person world actually, the be hummingbird e smallest burden the world, but we're not gonna see one today because they're funding Cuba. How do you do know a lot about hummingbirds would just getting started? Welcome to the meadow. This is one of the places ruby. Torah hummingbirds live. They also like parks and grasslands and gardens. I saw one last year in my garden. That's when I became fascinated with how they fly. Oh, yeah. Hummingbirds are extremely good liars. They are light tiny and fast, the wings beat more than fifty times per second actually podcast listeners. Let's do a little experiment, Emma. You can do it with me. Okay. Okay. All right. So I want you to spread your arms out wide. And now lap you has on top of your head like this and bring your hands back down to the sides. Okay. God is like a jumping Jack without trumping part now podcast listeners, let's do that. Forty nine more times just podcast, real quick. Wait. Okay. Am I ready? Nine fifty. All right. Now, if you're hummingbird, this will exercise would have taken you about one second. That's how fast they are amazing and the conflict down forwards or backwards with incredible precision, like a helicopter. Yeah. Pretty much cool. Wait. Is that a ruby throated hummingbird there? Oh, good. I yes it is. See how it's drinking from that flower. Hummingbird speaks perfect for the kind of flour in even though hummingbirds small, they got a big appetite like how big visit between one thousand to two thousand flowers every single day one thousand every day they need to eat so much because of them metabolism that's body uses energy, and hummingbirds need a ton of energy downing birds. Gesturing. Nectar. No actually omnivores. So they like to eat small insects, as well. And another great thing about hummingbirds, is that because they visit so many flowers every day, they help to pollinate them. That's amazing his Stephan. What earth Rangers encourage hummingbirds to visit their gardens? Well, we know that hummingbirds like these cone, or trumpet shaped flowers. So planning those is a great idea. And you can always get a hummingbird feeder, which just village Shogo water for the birds to drink. Gotcha. Give them a snack, and they'll come to your garden. Thank you so much seven after this. After this didn't super interesting way, more interesting than garden. Snails. Nothing nothing anyways onto our next interesting animal. It's time for countdown. Earth. Rangers check out the top five extremely interesting. See creatures if you wanna see what they look like you can follow along in the show notes at further interest dot com slash podcast to see pictures of all these incredible. Critters. Extremely interesting. Sea creatures. Number five into this amazingly, colorful shrimp, isn't just spectacular in the looks department, but also on the skills area may to shrimp are crustaceans and they are tough. They have rep to'real appendages, superstrong arms that make this shrimp and exceptional hunter through, like an underwater pregnant. Number four, Goto planes. These critters are type of CQ comeback, but they're most commonly known as C pick, these chubby, pink tube shaped creatures can fit in the palm of your hand, but you'll never see one on lead. They live in the very deepest parts of the ocean. Number three Dumbo octopus when you look at this office. It's obvious. Why it's called the Dumbo octopus. It has to fins on the side of its mantle that look just like big floppy ears. These are deep sea dwellers who enjoy eating snails and worms on the ocean floor. Number two, leafy Cedric. You might just swim pass a stray Lian animal and mistake it for a floating Cup of leaps. Talk about amazing camouflaged leafy sea dragons, are beautiful. They change in color from Brown to yellow and have lovely leafy appendages number one grand Rojo, Joey fish. This jellyfish is you really, really gigantic. In fact, its name means big red. It grow to be up to three meters across and it doesn't have normal jellyfish tentacles, but instead has stubby, little arms this monster lives deepen the Missy. And now it's time for one more super extreme adventure. Ready? This one involves wearing a seatbelt and flying through the friendly skies. The good news is, I've just given Bessie a tune-up. And she's running better than ever in mortgage news week to take a very cool trip to some very hot springs in New Zealand. Let's head out to the hangar. There. See is my trustee plane Bessie hop in. Since we don't have an implant movie, let's do the next best thing. It's time to find out the critter. We matted who am I can you sweet noise. It's time to guess. The cr. Aren't just the cutest, little things you've ever seen. They're also incredibly interesting. Did you know that even though these members of the weasel family live in the water, most of the time, they aren't poor knowing how to swim? It's true and honors mom will teach you to win when they are ten to twelve weeks old. The auto mom will who baby shallow water and gradually introduce it to deeper water audit of the best, great news. According to GPS where here fuck up, everybody coming in for landing. Oh, right. Is rangers. Welcome to tattoos. Let's take a deep breath. Actually do not do not take a deep breath, the whole area smells like rotten eggs. That brings us to I we came here, we're here for one reason. The hot springs. Let's take a closer look. But you know not too close actually pretty dangerous. These geothermal polls are called springs were reason specific hot spring. We're here to checkout is the champagne pool. It's called that because of the carbon dioxide that bubbles in the super hot water. The hot spring is about sixty five meters wide, and sixty two meters deep and the temperature seventy five degrees celsius. That is. Coupe, another interesting thing about this particular hot spring. Is the fact that it's orange around the edge seriously. It's amazing. It, it doesn't even look like it belongs on earth like it should be a lake on Mars. It turns out that warrants color is actually created by sulfur, and heavy metals. Oh. It's a super hot habitat full of poisonous. Heavy metal surely nothing makes its home here. Right. Wrong, believe it or not earth. Rangers. There is life in this ridiculously hot pool, and it's in the form of singled filled organisms called bacteria in our at these tiny creatures are thermal files. Meaning thrive in heat now, I know what you're thinking, Emma. Why does it matter? If these teeny, tiny creatures can survive in these extreme conditions well, because it shows us that life can exist in places. We can't and places that seem really inhospitable. It means astrologically speaking, but other planets that we think are inhospitable might just have life on them, and that is extremely interesting in coup. What dayer Rangers? This was certainly not boring. And guess what? It's gonna get even more exciting because today I am proud to present the first three contenders for the best Amel joke of all time. Hold on. Hello. Christina. Are you ready to present the jokes? Hey, Emma week are you a New Zealand right now? Okay, next time, can you please take me along for the ride? Also, are you supposed to be researching garden snails right now? Anyways, here, the jokes for this week. Number one. Hi, my name is Hugo. I leave in Victoria, Australia. This is my jerk. What do you call a bud that likes eating pie? Pied one. By the way, the straddling bud. This joke is probably huge in Australia. Okay. Here comes joke. Number two. What kind of key opens among? Way to go maverick. And here's number three. Hi. My name is Owen. Here's my joke. What did the judge on the? Skunk walked into the courtroom older in the core. In the court hilarious. Okay. Back to you. Emma. Mazing christina. Well now to you dear listeners to vote on wicked. These jokes is your favorite MC sure to check out the show notes at earth. Rangers dot com slash podcast to cast your vote. The winner will move onto the finals and at the end of the season will crown the grand winner. And if you think, you know, an even better animal joke. Let's hear it, click on the send us a message linked to record your own. You haven't till the end of June to send in your joke to enter the competition and get this, the person who submits the winning Joe. We'll get to win an amazing earth. Rangers price fach, including an earth. Rangers t-shirt, a water bottle, a limited edition button said and it turn bragging rights for having told the best animal joke of all time. Good luck. Well earth Rangers, we've had such an amazing time here today. But now I should get back onto my snail research, do maybe with all of these fascinating creatures in mind, I can make guarded smell sound interesting too. Let me see let me see let me see. How about the fact that they move at a speed of forty five meters. An hour. No. Okay. Okay. Not so cool. But how about there is? Did you know they sit on top of retractable tentacles and that they also use their eyes to smell? That's something right? Join me next time we'll learn all about a super important mammal. What's the biggest in the world? That's right. We're going to be discovering all kinds of fun bats about rhinos until stay. Amazing. Best robot ever dot com.

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