178 - Snack Man! (Live at PodCon!)


Approach. Listener support W NYC studios. Fifth peer. John and Hank comedy podcast for two brothers Antea question giving advising you on the week's news from both Mars day. John. Yes. I have a problem. What your problem I accidentally put your your hat on my computer? And I can't get it off. What's the issue? Now, the caps lock was on. She going to put that on your head there for like, maybe like ten seconds. And then tell you that our families working its way through outbreak. Your child is old enough yet to get. But let me tell you who. Got it. Now. John. Yes one. Do you have a thing you were going to do after the thing? You're not going to do the thing we decided not to do it. I was going to do a new bit where I say things that I would have tweeted this week. But I told I don't know if you guys know, but I'm off Twitter. One thing I've learned about being off the social internet over the last month is that it's a little bit like having gone to Harvard in the sense that within ten to fifteen seconds of anyone beginning a conversation with me. I find myself saying I no longer use the social internet. Though, they'll you know, they'll be like, how's the chicken? And I'll be like, you know, good. But I can't take picture of it because I'm not on Instagram. I went to college just outside of Boston. It was lovely. Hey, should we through some questions from our listeners? Heck, yeah. Okay. Let's do this. First question comes from. They were given to us by the people in this room. So hopefully, you're here whoever were about to ask a question from John didn't have his first one prepared. That's fine. I had my first one I'll pick out, but he does go first. So you just keep on looking. Oh, I found it. First question comes from anonymous. Then when I read the question, you'll know why they wanted to remain anonymous, which one of you beefy lads can lift more. It's not really more. What's? Like, I need units. I can definitely lift more ideas. Wow. Yeah. You're really coming. I don't care. I I haven't ever tried to lift something I couldn't lift. I look at it. And I'm like that's a jug of milk. And that's as high as I go everything is like probably not. Okay. Okay. That it's me. I think I think I may have picked up two by four at some point in the early two thousands. Yeah. Then I have you buy a pretty wide margin. Oh, you know what we should do? We should do we. Yeah. We should just see who can do more more shoulder presses. With those chairs whose real quick gags are good for a podcast. Yeah. Visual gags are great for podcast. We'll all insert some narration here. John John intimidated me out of it. He he made it. He he looked so comfortable doing it was like my shoulders. Doing it for those what doing with one hand now. Yeah, he looked to helix straight in the eyes. And he said I could do this for the full fifty minutes to the podcast. And I was like, well, I couldn't. Extraordinarily light share. Good luck. Got one somebody that Joe. Dear brothers because it from merrily merrily. Hi, how are you? I feel. Yeah. Well, actually, I've been doing okay. Last year, I made some bad decisions than I realized it, and I say to myself from this year. I'm so glad that you put your name on this question. So that now everyone will now I drink a lot. Of water. Because, you know, healthy, which I which I also which means I also have to go to the bathroom quite frequently. My good friends know this about me. But it's always weird when I'm with people. I don't know. So well are any of the people around you folks like that just everyone in the room? So another about merrily. How do I tell this week? And I've been telling people I'm going on a walking tour of Seattle restrooms. But that won't work when I get home, please help merrily, how do you? How do you inform people that you are frequent peer John? I someone experienced about it. I would I just be pretty open about it. I wouldn't. And if somebody says like that's weird then they're the ones who made it weird. Just be like I drink a lot of water because I'm super crazy healthy, and you should drink like you should be a frequent peer. What's your problem? Throw it back on them being like, you only piece six times a day. Good god. Yes. Shame. Have you been to a doctor six times? No, I don't I don't even know. I don't even know how much p like now. I'm stressed out. Do IP too much. Do I not enough? It hadn't occurred to me should medical something to my brother, and he's very worried. Now it under Kurd to me that it could be something I could feel shame about so thanks for opening up that new avenue really excited to pursue it like in the hour between when I lie down and fall asleep tonight. Has anybody in this remember gone to the bathroom too? So that they could check Twitter. I don't know if you guys know this, but I've actually been off of Twitter for a month. So I can't relate to that. At all. When do you p? You know what I do? You know, what I do when I'm urinating now, Hank? I I. That sent. I think. I have thought I have these weird things called the thoughts. And now they're all going to be about. Now. When was the last time, I peed is this the correct? Yeah. Man. All right, you're fine. Everything is fine. Don't worry. I'm sure that you don't have a disease. Wasn't your question. But that is my answer. But we're very worried about you now. Okay. This comes from Sarah who writes, dear John and Hank. Why is it when we cry our entire bodies leak? You do need to see Dr. Yeah. Yes air. I'm definitely concerned about you. More to the question. Give me some context. Why does the nose need to get it on the action? And that is true. I have found that to be true. But that's not your whole body. I bet there are at least fifty of me here right now, comma, Sarah. Sarah. Are you? Hi. Very good, very mild. Woo. That was about I'd say that was like twenty on the scale of who's I've heard that twenty out of one hundred. I didn't I didn't see like like an embarrassed. We would just seemed like a chill. Woo. No. Like not having a good time. What's just? Yeah. Woo. So sarah. I'm a science guy. I know all about things like this. For example, you've got is in your nose. And they cry got is up on the inside of your nose. They also cry just like, your is is cry your nose is cry too. Yeah. Science you don't usually. Yeah. You don't often think about your nose is. Because you don't usually look out of them. You can't you can't see anything. If you focus really hard, Sarah. You can see out of your nose is if you just kinda squinting squint, really then you can see out of your nose is. But there's not much to see. Yeah. So it's like more hair than you used to have mostly what my nose is see these days. Why? Does hair come out of my nostril? You can't you. It's just like stop growing your nose hair. You have phases of growth, and you have reached the end of it before you get four inches long. Yeah. I'm very confused about so many things about middle age. Mostly like, why do all of these cliche d- things? Keep happening to me. That everybody talks about with middle age. Like, why does my knee hurt all the time? Now, it's seems like can't I have a more interesting less cliche middle-age? Yeah. And I literally see the kids these days, and I'm like God. Oh kids these days states. Yeah. I hope they're all right. Yeah. Know, I am worried about them and worried by them at the same time. And like the things that I I'm very hopeful about today's kids, I think, but mostly I'm just baffled by like it used to be when young people got into something. I was already like kind of into it. You know? So when young people were like, oh, Harry Potter's amazing. I was like, oh, yeah. Yeah. I know. I know I was reading Harry Potter when you were five and now young people will be like, oh have you seen peekaboo smoothie new app where you can whip. Sink to electrons music. That doesn't have any words. And I'll download it. And I'll try to like be like don't. And I just feel so embarrassed. Yeah. I before before it was ticked when it was musically. I downloaded and I was like, well, I am a new media personality. I'm going to win gauge with this new app. Download it in and I was like I leaving. It's like I just walked into Clair's is a single thirty five year old, man. Like you. You can't be here. Yeah. It's not. Okay. Yeah. That's exactly it. You shouldn't be here. And they're trying to tell you in all kinds of different ways. And you're like, no, I'm cool. I'm hip, I'm going to be on Snapchat. And everyone's like, no, man. No, you're not you should. And then after one day. I was like, oh, yeah. No, I'm I'm never going back here know long this next question comes from Kelsey Kelsey. Are you here? Maybe Kelsey sorry. I didn't ask your question. I I'm a permanent wheelchair user. How do I physically proposed to my girlfriend since I can't get down on one knee? Kelsey are are you that Kelsey? You're that Kelsey can you raise your hand. I can't see very well. Here's my answer to the question. If you've had the conversations if you've discussed the stuff on right now. If you've discussed the stuff that you need to discuss if you're ready to get engaged then like getting down on one knee is not an important part of the process. The important part of the process is the asking. So I wanna I'm just coming to your Kelsey. So that you can participate in the conversation. This is bigger room that I thought it was. Oh, I bet before. How are you? Good to see you. Oh, you have your own microphone. Oh and important. So you've you've talked about it. Yes. Yes. We talked about it. Yes. This is your girlfriend. How are you doing? Thing. That's good to hear. I'm hank. What's your name? Hi, amelia. So I guess Joe Johns advice was like if you're ready to do it. Okay. So I just are you ready? Amelia, Mary's oover. My favorite person. Near perfect. Marry me. Okay. I'm gonna leave you guys alone. Now. I'm fine. Jeez. A little teary Littles. Well, I mean that's gonna be the best part of the pod. Anybody? I actually I thought about I thought about saying anybody else looking to get married, but. But no, you can't you're not going to be able to beat that. So save it for another podcast. Oh, man. That was really lovely. Thank you for sharing that moment with us guys. I don't know how you. I know. Yeah. We really appreciate it. It's encouraging makes me go back to the feeling earlier. When I feel like we're as species going to be okay. Johnny got a really good follow up for that. One. Really do. It comes anonymous, and it is dear John and Hank cool ranch or not show cheese. I wanna I wanna I wanna keep the vibe going of being on the edge of tears and overjoyed. So. I mean, there's if you make a dorito, and you put salt and sugar and everything else on it. I'm I'm good, man. You can make it spicy. You can make it limi-. You can make cheese. You can make a cool ranch. And I will eat it down vomit. Yeah. The the flavor the flavor ranchers at Doritos, that's what they call them. The sandwich artists that got flavor rant knows. Or is this a real thing? All I could come up with John could get it best. I could do the fact that you thought might even possibly be real as a huge win for me. The flavor enters torito's are real experts. They really know what they're doing. And I put a lot of my trust and faith in them. And you know, whatever they're up to I encourage it. They've never let me down so far. I'm glad we've picked to that question. I feel very emotionally supported by the flavor ranchers this next question comes from Palade. Palade? Blake Blaine or blade. Find out soon. How long do I have to live in a new city before I can confidently say I do not like it. Says lots of words rhyme with blade. Which is true blazer? You hear what's your name? Thanks. It's Blake everybody. More more words rhyme with Blake with. Save. What's you see where I'm at though? Oh, yeah. That's a one hundred percent. Maybe a Blair. I'm struggling I'm struggling to find a Blake. But. I have various Pacific answer for this. Because for the first two years that I lived in Indianapolis, I hate it. Like not like I didn't like living there. I hated it. I could not wait for Seren to get a job at some other museum in some other stupid mid sized American city. So that I could hate that city. But at least it would be a new hate. That's how I felt about Indianapolis. And now when people say anything negative about Indianapolis, like, even when they say, you know, Indianapolis dumps raw sewage into the white river like seventy or eighty times a year. I'm like, you shut your mouth. You know, what that raw sewage is beautiful in a way? I think if you think about it long enough. People are just trying to keep themselves and their children alive just trying to prevent cholera. Okay. We're just all we want is to feed ourselves and care of our children in the consequence of that is one of the many consequences. Rossi would. Yes. Yeah. And it wouldn't exist. If it weren't for human love. More evidence that Hank can make a case for anything. I think you have to be in a place for my experience. Anyway, has been you have to be in a place for a couple years before you can start to see its charms and see past its frustrations and annoyances in the end, the problem with any kind of moving or travel for me is that I bring myself with me, and you know, there I still am with all of my old problems. And I always think the geographical cure will work. And instead, I find myself now, I'm like, oh, great. Now, it's mountains and me now, it's a beach and me now, it's Indianapolis and me so over the years of living in Indianapolis, I began to hate myself, which strangely had the side effect of me hating, Indianapolis Lance, and now I'm a huge fan of it. And if you would if you are considering if you live in Seattle, and considering perhaps moving to a place where you don't have to pay seven hundred million dollars for an apartment. Encourage you to move to Indianapolis. They're this big city in the world in America. When you first moving Indianapolis, I looked at houses as the house on the market for like eleven thousand dollars. Oh, yeah. No, the house next door to our first house sold for eighty nine thousand dollars when it was for sale. I went in to be like what's wrong with it. And the answer was nothing. That's why I was eighty nine thousand dollars because it's pretty good house. I'm so sorry Seattle. It's not the easiest time to be you. But you're making it work. I in my experience, I don't feel really one way or another about places, I feel ways about people, and and when I'm feeling distressed about place. It's usually because I felt antagonized by or my values are not in concert with the people that I come across. And if it is a thing like there's no good Indian food or this very Missoula problem. Yeah. Good Indian food here in the restaurants are open until after six. Yeah. Or your airport only five to three different cities, like another moola problem for you. Then. But, but I, but the thing that like I love is that like I feel like the people in this place have a similar perspective on the world. And they help me have a better view of the world. And then when I'm in other places, sometimes I don't feel that way. Sometimes I feel like people don't like each other or have a sort of perspective that we're going to be okay. And that people are good and that rubs off on me and makes me feel real bad. And so I do not know. Blair. But I also think what what you're what your thing that you are disliking is. But it might be the social group rather than the place it self. I also think it's a time of life issue. Like, I lived in Chicago when I was in my twenties, and I love Chicago. It's an amazing city. It's a wonderful city. It's a big huge. It's many cities at the same time. And there were large swats at the time that I lived there that I absolute hated Chicago. And it wasn't because of the weather. It was because of circumstance like I was in a difficult period of life like being in your I don't want to generalize. Like being in your early to mid twenties is essentially the worst. So I think. That was the problem. I had with Chicago ultimately, not for everyone for some people. It's great. But not from we have a related question, Hank. Dear John and Hank it's from page. What do you say? When people ask you where you are from the city where you were born where you grew up where you went to school where you live now. Help people at pod keep asking me where I'm from an thanks in advance. Got a pick. It's easy for me. I don't have to pick our Landau because I was there the whole time. You know, when people ask you where you're from today. You say I'm from Orlando. No not from. Yes, you're right. I say so when people ask me where I'm from. I say I've been in Missoula for the last fifteen years, you still don't say, I'm from Zula if you live in Montana, you are not from Montana unless you were born in Montana and there, and they will they will punchy when bars over it. I don't doubt that I for me. Like when I look back at the moment my life, like IB Gan to think of myself as an adult without being uncomfortable about the thought which was shockingly recently was the moment when when people ask me where I was from. I just said I'm from Indianapolis. And once I felt really comfortable with being from Indianapolis with the idea of having a hometown wasn't the town in which I grew up or either of the towns in which I grew up. That's when I felt like, oh, I'm home, or at least like I'm making a home in this place. So I think if you're not there yet like when I was in my early twenties. People would ask me when I was from. And I would usually say like Alabama, but also kind of Florida, and I guess kind of Chicago, but it pod con they mean like where are you going home after this? Where do you live currently? Yeah. So that's that's when you say, you're current city. Yeah. Like, it's funny. I had not thought about this. But when people ask me where I'm from. Where are you from say, I live in Missoula because I don't think I'm from that is it's a weird to have to be from a place at all. It's weird to have a from that doesn't necessarily seem like them actually true of humans that we like sprouted as plan to then turned into putter fly and flew away from the place that you were originally scientists. And real as we are all planned butterflies. And but I do think that I'm from Orlando. That's yeah. I don't know like linguistically. I am confused right now. I think existential also gotten myself a little confused, and maybe also biologically as well. But I am no longer from Orlando you left sooner than I did. Art stop. Thank you for congratulating me person who clapped. Everybody. Thank god. Those early Endo. Orlando is great anybody here from Orlando. Thanks for being here. It's a great city. I'll actually be visiting in a month. To take my children to certain unnamed. I see. Oh god. I love theme parks, and I can't wait for my child to be old enough to love them to go. Probably probably simultaneously coincide with the moment. When my knees hurt so bad that I can no longer. Enjoy them go. I'll be that age. I love Disney are so similar in so many ways, and we could not be more different on that front like when we were kids, and our parents would take us to Disney. My my mom because of her community service was awarded like an annual pass, a free annual pass to Disney, and so it was very easy for them to take us to Disney, which I know sounds like a wonderful blessing, and whatever, but it was horrible. It's horrible. Take us the Disney all the time. We went there. Hundreds and hundreds of times, it was just horrible. And what I would do. Hank would go on all the rides. What not hoots I got hernia? I was like I was fourteen or fifteen by this time were trenchcoat in the summer in Orlando. I hated every aspect of Disney and Orlando. Oh and also the known universe. Like there was nothing about the universe. I couldn't find an angle to hate except for Trent Resona. He's a talented, man. Not going to deny. Not in the cure. God help me. So what I would do. Well, they went on the rides. There's there's this thing at Disney called the hall of presidents, and it's like a thirty minute animatronic introduction to American civics. Everyone should go. It's the best. I maintain the best ride at Disney. It's also air conditioned, and there's never a line. So I would sit in the hall of presidents and listened to the thirty minute spiel, and then I would get out, and then I would go mmediately back into the hall of presidents because it was air conditioner. And I would just do that for eight hours until it was time to go. I have never been to the hall of presidents great, but I have been to the emergency room because of my Disney Herning. Drew set about your Disney. Hernia. Next question comes married. That's all we're talking about. Dear John, what are your strategies for recovering after a con is over. No, I do not have a little lamb marry. What are we still sing nursery rhymes about all this past oral? It's very strange. They're all about sheep, and hey and. Pies with birds in them. I'm very confused the whole time, what should they be about? Like, plastic molding factories. No. You know, things that people do now, Mary how little medium profile, Mary how to little town in Minecraft. Yeah. Mary had a little patriots. It's gave her about eight bucks a month. Yeah. It's not it's nice. It's better than nothing. I thought of very sad joke that I'm not going tell okay, we answer to try to gies that. But the actual question. I forgot the strategies for covering after a con is over one. It's a thing and it's normal, and it took me forever to accept that. I'm like, I'm gonna feel bad the day or two after a con, and that's normal. That is the Dow almost like in many cases, what I need to be told is this thing, and you are experiencing it, and it will not last forever. Yeah. You have to set your your expectations correctly. Because then you don't get freaked out. I often get kind of sick after vid Connor pod. Khan and. Happened sleep more than usual and for the first few years. I was like no I have to be at work. Now. I just like take take take a day off if I can. And that makes it better. That's my advice. Yeah. I think sorry. That one really snuck up on me. He's arnie. He's already getting sick. That means I'm going to get sick because I lent him my hat earlier. I was trying to give him lice. And he gave me a cold. Maybe lice next question comes from. I think Daniel. Well, we don't know for sure. Not get ahead of ourselves there. John and Hank obtained an unfortunate nickname at work. It was which roughly translates to little Dan little dude slash little. Boy. I've I've been there five months. How do I get this to stop? So I don't really have a solution to your problem Hank might. But I do have a relevant story that I on the fence about telling because I don't want to have this new nickname outside of my friend group because within my friend group, it is such a nickname. So about three months ago. One of my good friends turned forty excited, and we went to we had a party in like, a hotel suite in Indianapolis, and it was a great time. And there was a lot of drinking and food and games and fun. And we've tiger and Mike Tyson was there and then everybody I've seen the movie, and that's that's how Indiannapolis parties unfold with forty or. Olds. Yeah. And then at about like twelve thirty in the morning. Somebody was like, oh, man. I'm really hungry. I wish I had some Doritos. And I was like, oh, you guys want snacks. And I should add that I was kinda half conscious at this moment. Like my eyes were closed, and they thought I was asleep. But I heard somebody say Doritos just like it was like Hello. How's it going guys? And and I was like you guys want some snacks. And they're like, yeah, we really want some snacks. And I was like go get some snacks there like what your sleep? And I'm like, no, it's good. I got it. So I go down to the hotel lobby, and I don't want to brag. But I'm really good at like late night snack acquisition. You know, how like some people under order on the snacks. That's never been a problem for me. So I go downstairs, and you know, it's a situation where there's like this like hotel pantry where you can get whatever you want. And I get a lot of a lot of snacks, probably get thirty thirty five total snacks, but I don't have any bags. So I just kind of role. Well, it up into my shirt as best. I can. And kinda hold the rest of it. You know? Yeah. Like like, a baby basically like baby that's got thirty five discrete parts any of which could fall off at any moment. And I get in the elevator. Now, the elevator is full of eight people who do not know each other. But are all very drunk and have been riding up and down on the elevator for for long enough that they've become friends, and they can't figure out how to get to the floor that they all want to get to. This is the environment into which I walk with this thirty five different snacks. So I walk in there. And one of the guys says you've got a lot of snacks, man. And then one of the other people says he's a snack, man. And then these eight strangers start chanting. Snack. Man snack man snack. No. What did you expect? Ever done. It. No why. How so I'm like. Okay. Well, this is really bad. But at least it's just an elevator phenomenon. No, I get out. I'm walking back to the hotels. We Sarah's birthday party is. And here's this freaking Greek chorus behind me. Jan snack. Man. I don't know. What to do? I'm like do I knock on on a different door and just like hope for the best? But no in the end like I knock on there. And my friends open up, and they're these strangers behind me chanting snack, man. And I got that nickname. So I guess the answer to the question is you gotta start bringing snacks. You'll be the snack. Boy instead a little snack. Boy, you'll be the tiny little snack. Boy. All right. God got that covered. Ask another when you're got what I'm sorry. It was upside down this is from z w who asks as a nurse. What is the most helpful? And comforting thing I can tell you when you are a patient. I looked to John who heard it. Frequently. Well, I mean, the most comforting thing that you can tell me is your fine. And all of these test results will be negative and you'll be home soon. But you can't right. That's the that's the scam. That's the deal with medicine. Is you can't offer the reassurance that they need. Because like sometimes that reassurance is false. And you don't want to offer. Somebody false reassurance. I think the most thing the most important thing that you can do is listen like, I find it, very helpful. When I'm in the hospital. If I ask for something if somebody is able to get it right away, like a warm blanket, for instance, can be like often extremely comforting. When you're in the hospital, because it's like, you know, feels warm almo- almost like a cuddle as close as hospitals, and you go down to the x Ray department and get me one of those heavy, blah. Those are great just a big Moser. Yeah. Just for whatever part. You can find. Yeah. Put it on my arm. Yeah. I just wanna feel cuddle just want to feel the way. Yeah. And then the other thing is is just to be be be respectful, you know, like be respectful of the fact that it's super hard on a minute by minute basis when you work in healthcare to empathize toward patients because there are a lot of them and the expectations on you are extraordinarily high, and you are also experiencing your own set of stresses. But when you are able to be pathetic toward patients and understand that for for them. This is in many cases, the worst day of their lives or at the very least the worst day of their week. I think that that's that can be really helpful. Now. I know you can't be expected to hold you shouldn't try to hold other people's anxiety and fear, and worry, and sadness and everything because that would make it impossible for you to do your job. And that balance is something that frankly, I could never find when I worked in a hospital, and I have great admiration for the people who are able to do that work for longer than six months. 'cause I burned out almost immediately. Thanks for doing good work. Yeah. Thank you. Next question comes from maranda, who writes, John and Hank last year? You advised me to just get a second cat or L to dump my live in boyfriend. Did we do? That does not seem like advice that we would give I feel like. Seems to be seems like maybe it was more nuance. The Matt this year. Maybe there was some really good reasons why you needed another cat this year this year, we have two cats at worked. Okay. Never mind. What had great here? Welcome for the great advice. What? Now, we're getting married. How do I convince him to start having kids? No. No. I feel not great about the fact that I'm responsible for this one cat. I do not want to get into the business of being responsible for other people's baby stunk. And I put it on pause right now. And I guess suggestion snacks. I mean, if you if you provide enough snacks for people they're very amenable to. Especially especially to re does. Okay. Here's my argument. This should be a conversation. That happens between equals about a very long term decision. Now, you get them get them hooked on the snacks. And you say I'm gonna take away. If you don't have a baby. And that's not weird at all. Yeah. That is very bad advice. I mean. We're here for both. You both need to really one hundred percent be on the same page about that. It's such a huge decision. I actually remember at our Catholic engaged in counter, which I've probably mentioned before because it was the most terrifying days of my life. Do you know I haven't been on social internet at all in like six weeks. One of the things they made us do stand back to back and then raise our hands. If we wanted kids and Sarah nice did back to back, and they said, do you want kids, and we raised our hands? We turned around, and we were like good and like half the other couples turned around and like huge fights broke out. So don't don't be in that situation. You know, like get this have the conversation get it settled. And yeah. Always have have conversation. This is the thing that involves more than one person and must and so the the opinions of those people must be taken into account might even involve more than two people. It's possible. Yeah. That's up to you though. Not die have no interest. We're out of it. Do what you do weirdly. The only person who doesn't have a say in. It is the one who starts existing them. Yeah. That's upset to me. You know what? I know. What asked me. Yeah. I wanted to exist. All this reminds me today's brought to you by Miranda's. Second cat Miranda's. Second cat, apparently my fault. Podcast. Also brought to you by my Disney. Hernia. I just need. Hernia. Very fun day came to one and. Today's has also brought to you by the hall of presidents, the hall of presidents Disney's leading civics oriented attraction. And finally this podcast is brought to you by marriage proposals. And public. I hope that you asked. I. We also have a real sponsor today. Skill share Hank skills. Your house over twenty five thousand classes in everything from business management to all kinds of creative stuff social media marketing. Yeah, that's interesting number because I was recently doing skill share read, and that number was twenty thousand so the number continues to climb John people are making content on scale share. So that other people can learn how to do stuff that is useful to them or have skills that they didn't have before. Maybe it's Photoshop maybe it's video editing. Maybe it's cooking. There's all kinds of stuff that one. Can learn at skill share there to keep you learning and reaching new goals and finding out how to do new stuff. And if you go to skill share dot com. What's the promo code, Hank? Hank john? It's Hank John. Why can't it be John? Hey, I'm not going to get mad. If you go to kill share dot com and use the promo code, Hank, John, you can get what's the deal. You can get two months of unlimited access to those twenty five thousand classes for free. That's still shared dot com. Slash hank. John just tank and John the names with Hank. I and John second. Why did it ended up that way? I don't know. Hank? John skill share dot com slash Hank. John. I'm older. Yeah. But it sounds better though. Right. Hank John than John hang on to say that way. Johnny. Yeah. I don't know Hank foes Fatone. Fatone? This one is very good. Can I do this? Yes plead. It says dear Mr. Green's last summer, I fell in love with someone who eventually left me for someone else than last week the someone else matched with me on a dating app. And then asked me to hang out. What do I do? Do. I cause chaos. From fumble on the bumble. It is a vintage example of how happy I am to be old in Tony eighteen twenty nineteen. That's how old I am. I don't even I'm now of age where I don't need to know the year. The nurse will be like what what who's the president? And you're like, I don't know. I haven't I haven't been on Twitter in thirty years lady. How am I going to the president is? People know things any more. Do you cause chaos? People seem to be very favor people. Hey, I was shocked. Is there is there anyone who is for letting sleeping dogs lie? Okay. Raise your hand. If you've done this before no one has done this, John it there's each other. Wait, are you are you did this result in YouTube being okay? They're like. Nope. Nope. Nope. I mean, obviously, it's a bad situation. I mean, the truth the truth of them, if you don't have you don't have to do anything. It's not a bad situation. Because you don't if somebody texts from what I understand if somebody texts you on a dating app, you are under no obligation to rights to them. Here's Radic question. Why why did they match with them? They only matched with them because they saw their profile, and they knowingly swiped either up down left or right, depending on what how it works. Yeah. I suppose you did. You did swipe the someone else. Yeah. I belong to the bumble. You can remain anonymous if you want, but did you swipe the someone else? You did why does your wife to someone else? Oh, she wanted to be feel better. Yeah. No. That makes sense. Actually now that you say that loud. I totally would have done that. Yeah. Hundred Pete I'm so cool and hip. I mean, I was that made like my whole body shiver when you said that like my when I said what John p. My my. I feel like I have a fever that came on very quickly as a result of p the more. I think about this the more. I think the probably got to cause chaos and and see. And here's the reason you gotta see how weird it can. I want to preface this by saying the end of this story really should not be getting back together with the person who left you for the person. Who's now on the dating app? Swiped. I don't think that's a good ending of the story. I'm not an expert. You might feel differently. It's your life. You have your life, obviously. But like, I don't think that's the best outcome here. But if you hang out see where see what happens the story likely gets better. You know, I don't know which way it gets better yet. But like if if part of the point of being reasonably young is to have great stories. Now's a great time in your life to have such a story. And this is a pretty amazing opportunity. Tank. Yes. Thank you for ponding. With me. Thanks to all of you for listening. Not just today. But for listening to our podcast and bringing so much joy to it. The the responses that you send in the gifts that we get it, really. It has made me feel like two thousand ten FAI terrier again, and it's been really magical. And. And one long med continue. Thank you for. Thank you for sticking with us. I know there are many people in the audience who've been following our stuff and making stuff with us for a long time. So thank you. We really really appreciate it with really lucky to be part of this community with you this podcast is edited by nNcholas Jaga got. He's got rough work ahead of him on this one. Yeah. Good luck. With that. Our producers are Roseana house and shared at Gibson community and communications Gloria Buongiorno the music that you heard at the beginning of the podcast and right now by the great gonna roll. And as they say our hometown, don't forget to be awesome.

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