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Behind the Scenes Minis: Friedrich and the Greensboro Sit-ins


This episode is brought to you by Milano cookies. Look sometimes that long Zen Yoga classes just not in the cards so maybe a cookie is pepperidge. Farm Milano believes leaves. You should make some time for yourself once in a while. I know I have a particular space in my sewing room that I like to just take a few minutes. Every day I sit there I think about things. It's kind of like meditation and Munching at the same time. You can get that Yemi beautiful. Cookie flavor makes it luxurious and delightful and I always feel retarded Milano. Cookies are truly a treat worthy of your meantime they are delicate and crispy with luxuriously rich chocolate in the middle. You really want to keep these just for you. So remember to save something for yourself with Pepperidge Farm Milano Welcome to stuff. If you missed in history. Class A production of iheartradio's how stuff works. Hello and welcome to the PODCAST. I'm holly from Am. I'm Tracy Me Wilson and it's Friday for a lot of people not everyone I know not. Everyone lives on the same weekly schedule Advil but for a lot of people at the end of the week which means it's time for a little casual chats about the topics we've covered this week One of those being Caspar. David Friedrich who is such an amazing painter and really more influential than he usually gets credit for He's one of those ones is where he was so prolific anytime. We do a painter. It's always tricky. Because you WanNa talk about absolutely everything and you can't because then you would just be talking about descriptions of paintings and or books or whatever forever and ever and not getting to the meat of their story so you have Kenneth Carefully parse those out One of his paintings that I wanted to talk about and I just couldn't find the right space for it in that episode. Is His painting the Sea of ice. Yes which he did In eighteen twenty three twenty four and this is one of those paintings where it is You realize only after a while at least I the first time I looked at it when I was much much younger. It took me a while to realize there's a boat in this painting Because it is basically like this big moment of conflict on a sheet of ice swear it has driven up chunks of the ice into the air and then you kind of see that a boat is involved in. It's kind of off to the side and it's very small by comparison to the composition of the rest of the the picture which are these big chunks of ice floating in a sea. And that doesn't sound when I describe it like maybe the most compelling thing but when you look at it it is an incredibly dramatic image With some really beautiful like angular work. That's quite Detailed and engaging in ways that one would not expect of that subject matter in my opinion. Yeah I just pulled it up here on my computer while you were talking. Because I didn't immediately know what that one looks like and You might imagine if it's if it's a field of Ice Earth Sea of ice that it would mostly be in tones of like white eight and blue and gray which there is a lot of but then there's also the sort of under layer that's more golden and Brown Of like the ice. That's been more like gotten more dirt in it. Yeah that kind of thing I love is paintings really interesting is very dramatic which again. That's kind of the draw for me. Anyway of of any of Casper Friedrich's work is because he he does we talk about in the episode like his work with CPI and how that it really made him kind of hyper skilled at contrast with a limited color Palette and that plays over into his work even once he's working in oils and he's using a much wider color Palette. He still has this incredible sense of play within small areas. Even of painting where it's like this is only a couple colors and shades but yet it's super dynamic and really evocative yeah He's he's one of those those people that it's interesting because you don't get a lot of information about his inner life He was painting all all the time he wasn't really writing down his thoughts feelings So most of our our impressions of those are based on his friends and family interpreting his behavior savior which is why there has been so much debate over things like whether or not the deaths of his Three siblings when he was young. We're really what informed his kind of darker themes Since he did paint a lot about death and funerals Or if he found that beautiful because he did also grow up in a place that is high contrast in terms of just the environment a port town that is on the ocean in a place gets very cold So yeah it's a EH. Plus he had many influencers that we talked about throughout the episode that also probably shifted how he was going to Interpret the world around him and breezy positions for the viewer. Yeah Yeah on the idea of the sublime was such a big part of the romantic movement and and like that is the word that I would use to describe a lot of his work if you're sitting at home and you're like Tracy and Harley what are you doing you're describing paintings on an audio podcast pretty much everything of his that survives. Today there are are pictures of it online. So you can when you get to the computer if you're listening in your car or whatever There's just a ton of it that you can spend hours looking at if you up. Yeah I mean. There are entire archives jobs online dedicated to just his work he was as I said very prolific You know he wanted to make a living doing this. And he was very cognizant that he had to be making money and consequently like that drove him to be. I don't know that I would say a workaholic. He'd he'd never really took any big hiatus times in his life so Again yet another fascinating painter that I do wish someone would just magically find a diary of his refined out that really he was thinking about like bunnies and butterflies. Is it all times. Just because it would crack me up Probably that is not what he was thinking about it at all times but it would be funny but I hope that Anytime and we do episode about an artist again because I love art that people will maybe Catalyze to go check out that that artist's work irk because especially in the case of Friedrich like you said you didn't know his name a lot of people don't but he is still influencing artists today so it's worth considering his work so that you can contextualized the things that you see around you now in both art architecture even some writers will sign. His work is very inspirational and that Kinda gives context context to how the past is still impacting the president all the time so are other episode. This week was on the lunch counter. Sit Ins included -cluded being the Greensboro lunch counter. Sit Ins but also the greater sit in movement started before that and continued into the nineteen sixties Interestingly to me this is a I grew up forty five minutes to an hour from Greensboro. Maybe EH thirty to forty five minutes on a good day from Winston Salem Winston Salem has gotten bigger right as I was growing up So slightly Lee closer to Winston Salem Greensboro but my perception as a child growing up in the nineteen eighties nineties was definitely that Greensboro was a nicer place. Place I mean in terms of that same quality that we were basically talking about aggressive show so that that perception of what Greensboro is like Has has this persisted. Some of that is because Greensboro was a little bit larger an had somewhat larger concert venues and stuff so a lot of times. It's like a band. I was interesting interested in was coming through. They were playing in Greensboro but not Winston Salem but in spite of our proximity to Greensboro the lunch counter her sins were never a huge part of the Black history month and order civil rights movement discussions or North Carolina Airline history discussions it was recited. Here right down the street I mean you would think and again this is probably rose colored glasses that like they would have been doing doing school field trips. Well also I graduated from High School in Nineteen ninety-three so though like the Woolworth's store would have still open open. Did it ever get while it was standing. And you might not know the answer to this like a historic marker. Anything or was was it. Just a thing I think said so but I don't know for sure I did not look ups and Yeah and of course now. It is a civil rights center and museums and now be a totally appropriate place to take school field trip So yeah that was just an interesting disparity if my own fascinating the name the the Episodes on the civil rights movement are so hard to do. I literally I mean. This is the the happened numerous times and I know I cried everything when I'm happy I cry. When is that when I look at art but like I got so angry I was like angry crying one point during this episode? And we had this because it's so frustrating like my brain kind of projects to like. Why would you do that to another human? And then I'm I'm gone. So I have to disassociate feet sometimes just to get through the material. Can I tell everyone which part it was the part about the hot chocolate with like the thing that caused and I actually had the same response and I was doing the The research for this like when there's something something that's as big as a sit in movement that is involved in so many cities and there's so much going on it's impossible to to do justice to every single thing that happened end like even if we had just read off a list of cities where they were sit ins and how long the citizens last that would that still wouldn't really give a sense sense of the entire thing or detail about any of the individual things so there's this process of like figuring out which things am I gonNa Focus on and I included that much detail about about that specific cigar store sit in because charging people extra money for the hot chocolate after having having previously denied them service just made me so angry like it wasn't something that I was shocked about having happened. It it it was more it was just so petty it up anything at headiest way to try to dehumanize an insult somebody else yet that that's where I'm like how can you in good unconscious slide. That bill across the counter knowing that you have just done this really really jerk thing out of cruelty right yet and it's like we know we know there are so many more more horrible things unless harbored like there's so much else to be angry about that particular thing just really really got to me as I was researching it. That often happens to me. I wonder if it happens to you. happened to me in an episode. We have not recorded yet but that I have been researching recently where it's like little life moments that pushed me over the edge Mhm We're often talking about leg big huge events and her riddick things and sometimes those are easier to get through than those little lake minutia level young kindnesses. Everybody treat each other more nicely at all times. Also on a more McHugh Morris note. Hooray I had. I had had the lunch counter. Sit Ins on my episode listed for Awhile and a relatively frequently I'll realize that like a big milestone anniversary of something that has been on the list for a while like I'll realize that milestone anniversary he's coming up and I'm like oh I'll just I'll do it in conjunction with that. Maybe more folks will be interested in like looking into that. Maybe it will draw some new folks into the podcast with the timing there here And I when I said I'm going to do this in In the start of twenty twenty thought in my head that it was the fiftieth anniversary of the sedan's because I cannot add so so they actually did the math and I was like. Oh Sixty Years Years Dylan iced out number but not the fifty that was like stuck in my head. I'd be arithmetic all the time. The turning of the century throws me off all the time I'm embarrassed to admit that that decade of arts gets me it's like that's where I drop it out in the quick math in my head. I'm not proud of the fact. I own it yeah. It's also January and as one of the few people in the world. He's still writes checks for anything ever I had to write a check for work that was done on our on our house a few days ago and I dated the check twenty nineteen. That's what he twenty. So yeah that's some insight into just my personal on math ability to remember the last time I wrote a check. I literally can't think of the last time I check. I did stumble across a checkbook recently and I was just like like it seemed like a junk drawer that I never look in and I was like well. I guess it's good that I know where it is this but yeah ever use it. I don't know yeah for me. There's a person who does my hair takes cash checks And sometimes I just I haven't been to an ATM or whatever. Yeah That's that's overwhelmingly. The check is the check for getting my hair done and but then we've also had various people come through doing work on our home that for whatever reason they don't have a credit card reader with with them or whatever so anyway everyone everyone now you know this checks. I mean the flip is that there are occasions where you run into those. And I'm always like like I don't like to touch paper money because I think it's filthy and also yeary checks. What are you doing well and I when I moved to Massachusetts? I came up here to look at apartments and it didn't occur to me that we were actually GonNa find the apartment that we wanted. I thought we were going to be looking at apartments and then Dan Patrick was going to have to like. Take it from there based on what we had seen and what we liked or didn't like But instead we did find the apartment that we round up renting for a few years and the and the apartment rental agency needed a check and I had not brought a check with me and so we did this. We could also use cash and we had to do this thing where we went to multiple withdrawal amount yet none of this is relevant few the Greensboro lunch counter. Sit Ins at all. Wow but folks have asked us. Can we talk some more just randomly. Sometimes you try to keep that to a reasonable limit Scheuer Serandon how we handle money in our lives. Yes yes there There is like I said in the episode. There is a documentary about the lunch counter. Sit Ins called February one It currently is part of Amazon prime streaming. You folks have that or I because if you don't have prime it might be somebody that can be rented online and it has interviews with With the three of the four Greensboro. Four who were surviving arriving at that time one has since passed on since then So a lot of like firsthand accounts of bears and their family members. Various things that we didn't get into and Some re-creations nations of the sedan. Because there wasn't footage of some aspects of it that I felt like we're actually really well done because I know it's tricky to do a documentary. Yeah Anyway happy Friday everyone. We didn't four anyone terribly with our discussion of writing checks. Joey your weekend again stuff. You missed in history. Class the production of iheartradio's. How stuff works for more podcasts? For my heart radio visit iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows this episode is brought to you by Norton lifelock when you shop bank and Browse with your smartphone. It feels like your personal info is right there in your hand but when you hit submit it can go far away leaving. 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