Meghan Markle & Prince Harry burnt bridges beyond repair! Justin Biebers Crocs collaboration is a thing, Real Housewives allegedly had sex with stripper on camera!


Catch Hbo Max's New Limited series the murders at White House farm. Now, streaming based on the shocking true story in one thousand, nine, hundred, five, five family members were murdered at their isolated farm. Initial evidence pointed towards a murder suicide committed by one of the family members however, one detective refuse to accept this diving deeper into the evidence and unraveling the mysterious layers of the murders at White House farm. Now streaming on on HBO Max. Welcome to the not but nice show on your host rob shooter and every Thursday. We have my friend, your friend Mark Lupo market you their hair UB. How's your arms recovering from a little bit of arm surgery at your mom's stories how you doing? Doing so much better thing you. You look like you're all-south. We can actually see each other on skype recording these from home rather than being in the IHEART studio. I've been seeing mark every morning very early and normally from least last week since your surgery mark, you've looked a little bit rough. Looking real but on the men and you're actually my stuff. Today. The last two weeks you've just beating your pajamas doing the put. This morning actually washed my face at for doing this so. I wish everybody could see you but I'm happy to report. You look just lovely before we get to teatime today Josh the show is so full of Dasa we've got a little bit of gossip before we even start I just got the numbers literally ten seconds ago about Mariah, Carey's book we've been talking about it a lot on the show she's going to debut at number one. Times bestseller. Mariah. Carey is double. What are the New York Times what do you think bog my? Gosh. There's no other place riot number one. Put that exactly right hey, you know what time it is it is tea time. Thank you my friend. So there's a new royal biography feels like we have a new one every single week or month this one there is very JC Penney Junior. Gosh that's a British name. Isn't it? Penny? Julia has a a new book out and in the book she claims that Megan and Harry had learned so many bridges that they are now be on repair in the book I read it quickly last night to get you all the gossip she said in the book, but the relationship is far worse what many people believe in the? Past. Few Months Harry, and Meghan have burned. So many significant bridges that it may be beyond repair. They also report to that at the moment. This doesn't really seem to bother Meghan. She never really wants to go back to England the short time she was there. She didn't enjoy it the very, very small period that she was a working member of the royal family it was not for her so she's actually quite fine with this. However, in the long run many people think that Harry will regret this and if he wants to go back one day which he minds, this could be very tricky mark. Do you burn bridges? It's never a good idea to burn bridges especially now with the coronavirus, how things can change. So quickly in your life and you WanNa, make sure that you leave on good terms with whoever you. Left off with right I meant as you say, you never want to burn bridges but you didn't actually answer the question you burn it's not a good idea. I've ever degrees it's not a good idea but in that passion in that moment, sometimes you get a little bit nasty we've all done it. Do you burn bridges? From being honest I have a few hours my early twenties. I've learned my lesson. So of I I was so arrogant when I was in my twenties literally thought everything would just be fine and I was wonderful and I didn't smell at all and so I did some really silly things. I'm glad to report that doesn't happen anymore try not to burn a bridge and honestly if you think you've got to. Tell somebody something you haven't you've got to say nothing don't Talbot I've learned now that when somebody annoys me at the workplace I, call a frightened I screamed to them. I don't have fights with them. Co Workers. I can think awful things but I can really good. It's like a poker game. I'm really good at keeping my mouth is shut. What about? YOU SWEETER THE NAIB I I've done so much better at just like you're saying, just keeping it to yourself not responding not reacting out of anger just like moving on and it's proven to be really helpful. Does it does it's a smart move to make honestly do get it I know when your blood is boiling and you've been taken advantage of your bosses something. Awful. We've all been there. We've all had those jobs some of US still have them screaming and. Shouting at your boss isn't going to help phone a friend phone a friend don't do the boss. This brings us to our poll question of the day. So Harry, and Meghan, burn so many bridges do you think one day one day? They're going to regret this? Yes. No Go. Vote on our twitter page at naughty. Nicer. Our facebook page naughty gossip comments that leave leave a comment if you want and be sure to check back to Laura. To hear your results what have you been working on mark? Your. Love the story. So Justin Bieber. One of our favorite people on the show. Yes. His crocs collection that he was teasing a little while back is actually becoming a thing. Yes. I mean explains Justin's new endorsement. What the Crops Bran. was unveiled and with a new yellow take on the classic Log Silhouette. Beepers version of the crocs come with eight customer Gibbes, charms that reflect his good jobs mantra. Now, he's in a press release as an artist. It's important I. Stay true to myself and my style I work crocs, all the tiles are designing my own pair came. Naturally. Oh. These crocks I focus on making something cool that I want to wear a rob I'm really I'm not a fan of crocks I have I would. Her I wouldn't wear them at home I wouldn't wear the monastery. Walk Barefoot. If you're interested in the pair, they are available on October thirteen, the price of fifty four dollars. Cheaper than the Jisi footwear the Kanye West football do you think he will sell crocks I know I mean, he does have a very loyal fan base I was told when he did the Calvin Klein commercials, he didn't sell as many underwear many as many parents as they had hoped that's why they didn't continue with him. I think replaced him his Shawn Mendes remember when he was doing. Those underwear commercials we all looked at the pictures but people run to Bloomingdale's or macy's to pick up. Calvin Klein I don't know if this will work. Do you think he's got that big a fan based you think because that's sort of like let's be honest crocs a little bit of a bad image. They're not the coolest thing in the world to win can change it. What do you think? Well. I'm looking at the website and it seems that they're marketing it so that it's limited edition it's going to be only a few so I think that. It. Might sell out just because they had a limited supply but is it going to be the thing that everyone's wearing? I don't think. So it always makes me suspicious when they say limited edition and then they make four hundred, thousand dollars. I'm not sure if it's not limited like what how many pairs? To pass that it's limited edition. So I don't know about this on has a celebrity ever made you buy anything I've got to emend when I was a little boy Michael Jackson did a Pepsi Commercial and I informed my mother that from now on the shooter has older would only drinking pepsi and I liked Coke better butts I did change drinks because of Michael Jackson has a laboratory ever convinced you to do some big Oh yeah. But I'm in the store and I see Smart Water Jennifer Aniston and grabs a smart off that had. been drinking water to it's because expensive I know. I, know she got back to the sheep hasn't she still didn't look like Jenn. Okay. This story is outrageous overnight page six broke this story but to real housewives of Atlanta allegedly had sex. That's right with a stripper Cynthia Bela's bachelorette party. So that's what they are alleging. Overnight hit the phones and this morning I woke up to a massive amount of exclusive inflammation. You're not gonna hear anywhere else sources telling me candy hired the stripper and. By the time, the evening came to an end, which was six am mark nothing good happens at six am to of the housewives we can't say their names, but two of the highest wives ended up with the stripper allegedly and they also allegedly hooked up with each other. You, call this up. Now the latest covered the cameras in the House the Bachelorette party was at an AIRBNB. Yeah, and so they covered the cameras in the house, but they forgot to turn off the microphones which record everything. So Bravo has the audio of what went on in this higher source tells me on one of the audios you can hear one of the ladies. Moaning and groaning and saying someone's going to lick my and we won't say any more and so this is pretty wild I'm told the gentlemen left the Harris at around eight a m and also to the strippers pretty famous. If you look carefully Vivica a Fox had a show in Vegas called Vikas Black Magic, a bunch of beautiful beautiful man. I'm told one of the strippers. was from that show. I mean, do bring you the T one hundred one. Odd. I tell you that. I met a Fox and all those strippers. William Show, they're all there. So I probably have met this gentlemen you might have met him. You might story. Gorgeous. The thing is with this. Sosa talking to some of my Bravo friends and they said, this is what makes them a little bit nervous. So Denise Richards has allegedly hooked up with Randy glenville on the Beverly Hills housewives. Are we not going to see how this wives who are not bisexual who are not gay but they want to have more time on camera hooking up has the Beverly Hills franchise raise the ball or maybe lowered it. Let's be clear so that now we're gonNA. See behavior that is literally just just done to get attention. What do you think? Great question and I wondered the same thing it's like at whatever point you do. This is crazy. Dot Riots I. I, have a feeling. This is gonNA turn people off because although it's fun to gossip about and talk about particularly in the podcast although we pride ourselves in having a family friendly show. So we're careful here on the naughty but nice show. So but I think it's different if visuals if this audio I don't WanNa, I don't WanNa hear this I think Bravo has to be a little bit careful here we know the drama gets. More viewers but at some point I do believe at some point people are going to be turned off and who wants to be a housewife anymore in new. York they tried really hard to get some fancy socialites on the upper east side to join the Shell and most of them said, no, they didn't want to be associated with the branch. You could tarnish the brand it will if it keeps going on, what do you think mark? I think the short term gain is just the attention the press but I think long term it's GonNa definitely tarnish the brand. Did you have that conversation conversations like this when you worked to TV shows clearly on the Wendy Williams? Show the TYRA. They weren't doing stuff like this. They were having sex restrictors. Let's let's be clear about this but often TV shows do try to push it to get more viewers Tafelwein. Mark. I think it's one hundred percent care for line and every day you really have to think big picture also the day to day because it all makes the show. So true sight on nosy gossip dot com we will get a lot more traffic if I posted this audience today or if I posted almost pornographic pictures but I'm not doing it because in the long run, it never works arts you can't. Build your brand on sex if you're not sex brand and if he become a porno site, then you lose all your advertisers because people don't want to be the think of the big picture in your life. Honestly, this is a lesson for all of us. It's amazing hundred show how we can find a little lesson it every boba including strippers in Atlanta. What's going on with my old friend? Jessica Simpson. Speaking of sex and scandal the story Robert Love It. Jessica. Simpson's friends or horrified by John Mayer's two thousand seven Perez Hilton Lip lock. Versus, the story I was completely blown away. I was shocked but Jessica Simpson's friends thought that John Mayer betrayed her when he made out with Perez Hilton. Notice if you read her book, she completely glossed over it because she was. So head over heels in love with a singer time. That is, of course, according to our friends at page citizen hello page. So, Press Hilton wrote in his memoir that into dozen seven, the incident with John Mayer. They ran into each other at a nightclub in York when John Mayer almost immediately stuck his tongue down his throat but an old friend of Jessica tells page six that would made the incident was shocking was that Jessica and Press Hilton were in a war at the time because he wouldn't stop calling her Jessica Simpleton on his blog and hauling her sister Ashley. Is Calling Ashley now. Rob I know that you work with Jessica at the time is this true it's wild isn't it? It's so wild. I know it's wild I. Thank you. I read the story and paid six I had a flashback to ten years ago when I did work with Jessica I was working with Jessica when this kiss happened and she did call me. And tell me about it. It's true. The story is absolutely true. Friends are horrified Perez Hilton at the time was one of the meanest bloggers in the world he wrote really horrible things. He drew really inappropriate things on people's faces sort of things sexual things that we won't talk about on this show and he nicknamed every celebrity it was long before trump and calling. People names was done from the White House. We just didn't do this and I hope we get back to that place. He called Ashley Horrible Things Ashley. A S S. e. a science. Funny but it's not funny if your Ashley He called Jessica Jessica Simpleton it's all true people were horrified that John did this but more than that more people were really upset the. Jessica was under John Spell I never seen including when I was a teenager. I'd never seen any of my friends be soap assaulted with somebody. He literally could tell her to jump and she would for the for a short period of time maybe not that short she was completely beguiled with him. Have you ever been in love with somebody markle thought you were love somebody Who who would make you do crazy things have you ever lost your mind for love I have in my my youth I have what about you? I've done some stupid things really have and you look backing just kind of like the story reminded me of myself. I'm like things I would do then that I would know now and she would literally get on the plane to meet him for dinner like if he told her to wear red should wear red. If he told her to stop seeing insurance, he told her to be a photographer. So she suddenly started taking photographs. Offered Ashes. was always in this lies like Jessica got. Let me give her a shoutout. She's listening Jessica Simpson. I love you. I've worked for a lot of famous people at the around a lot of famous people. She's one of my all time. Favorite. She's the real deal. I'm so happy now she's happily marriage as a beautiful family none of this John. I'm so over him. Okay. Quickly before we go to break and hey, explaining why she stormed off dancing with the stars and got kicked off the I were and she stormed off, she wouldn't do. Any after the show all the press there and said, no, she told page six that the reason she stormed off is that during the show she did a really really telling segment where for the first time in twenty years sh actually spoke about the break-up with Ellen and she said getting voted off the same night the open up your heart felt terrible. So that's why she stormed up. You know what we are going to go away but we're not storming off because we will be back in just. Catch Hbo Max's new. Limited. Series the murders at White House farm streaming September twenty fourth and infamous true crime story over thirty years ago. Three generations of one family were murdered at their isolated farm in England. Initial evidence pointed the finger at the daughter of the family who had a history of mental illness. However, one detective refused to accept this as he moved into the investigation he uncovered new evidence that sheds suspicion on different family member. This six part limited series uncovers the mystery behind what happened that fateful night. The murders of white. House farm streaming September twenty fourth only on Hbo Max. Welcome back to the not but Nice yummy host dropped shooters my friend Martin. Luther who today has clouds on I. Look at you denim shirt and you t shirt and put some GEL in your hair. Yes. House Doris your mother we always ask about doors. Oh, she's doing. Well, she's a little sad as I'm packing up my stuff to go back to the city in conduct. That she feeling well, you don't want anymore us. I'm out. Vile bomb the minute you get a boo boo again, you'll come running back home crying mommy and she'll take you back Tarot. When are you coming back to the city on Sunday? Oh, I've seen for drinks on. Monday about Bhatti. Okay. Let's get to the polls DA. Thank you very much. TYRA banks had a meltdown backstage after chaotic dancing with the stars she was not happy. What do you think? Do you blame her? Wow. Fifty seven percents had no they don't blame. Her Tirade is the host of the show. She's the EP of the show something goes wrong. It's GonNa be on her shoulder. She was really angry about this fifteen years it never happened to Tom version on tires being there four weeks already there's a mistake you know tyra I know tire Ma we've both worked with her I know she was theories come on up she tire banks was be you could tell her face your is she was someone's getting fired. So, if you'd be working, I'm not sure if you'd be backstage I would've been everybody you bet hi, it like. This show finishes in two minutes. Walks into the control room. I get us here. And the majority of you think tire was right and she was she was a right to be angry hey, don't forget to vote on today's poll on our twitter page I. Not Nicer. FACEBOOK page not gossip it is about burning bridges will harry a Meghan regret this and be sure to check back tomorrow, and now it's time for a Nice Istre the day law, but you got mark. Are Nicest of the days one of my favorite pop stars of all time, Britney Spears, and it's because. Follow Britney Spears a lot on on Instagram, and she's always sharing videos and pictures with her boyfriend on vacation. This time she shared something a little bit different. It was a very vulnerable picture of herself wearing just normal people close like me and you rob she was wearing a flannel shirt blue jeans and glasses and she captured the picture saying instagram versus reality. Yeah. She wanted to give fans a glimpse into what life is like when. Britney home and she's doing home renovation projects. She said, yeah it's so cute. She said I can get insecure when people when photos are taken of me that I'm not prepared for I've always put so much effort into my appearance but you know sometimes it's nice to not try so hard and pulled down your walls every now and then I lot of strength to do that. Picture, I love it I love it. I worked with Britney for a very short period at the company is working with her publicity at that same company she would take two to three hours to get ready for an event that long that's why she looks. So perfect I love this glimpse behind the scenes. We should give a little bit of news. I. Don't rain on your prayed yesterday Britney Spears his attorney. was in a hearing about her conservator ship and he did confess that Brittany's current mental state is that of a patient in a coma I? Know I know it's just heartbreaking clearly, she's not in a coma but. We're sending you are best Britney I want all this to work. Hey, let's do our naughtiest today. Not Not not Chris Evans is the naughtiest. modane. Let me tell you I Chris. Evans has been holden item us. He is covered in Tattoo. There's nothing wrong with having tattoos but Chris, we want to see more of them. There's a shirtless picture of him during a backflip into the pool. He said it's his last swim of the season. Before he closed down his I've got the pictures upon naughty gossip. If you WANNA see handsome captain America without a shot you know where to look I love his so dreamy Ma we're running out of time. So let's get to a moment of rob you. GotTa Rubio Rob Acceptance Think about accepting yourself is the cornerstone of kindness. You can't be kind to other people unless you are kind to you. So you got to start accepting yourself everybody. It doesn't happen in an hour a day a week or even a moment. It takes a really long time to get comfortable in your own skin. It took me forty years. I'm there now pretty much but I practice all the time and it's something I'm going to have to practice for the rest of my life and I'm fine with that. What do you think mark? Have you accepted yourself? I think it's like you're saying, Roberts? A. It's an everyday practice and I'm still doing that and you know it's grows. Wanted you more than that? We absolutely love you. I've got to give a quick chateau before we end the show, my friend yard bets. WHO's my best friend? He was the best man at my wedding is listening to the show and texting me Yoga. We ran out of time. Hey, thank you jerk and everybody else for listening to the naughty. But Nice show mark. We love you on a Thursday it is a production of iheartradio. Don't forget to subscribe on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen leave us a review and a little bit more breaking news before we go, we cracked the top ten on apple podcast charts mark why? It wasn't the day you co host in. Mark. Just pointing that out and. Today was. Co Host Delaney Dixon is doing marvellous. You might've to shows next week. No were all say the same. Thank you so much. The charts and seeing seeing you in the top ten. Let's say this altogether I remember if you got to be not. You've got to. It's Nice. Catch each bill is new limited series the murders at White House farm. Now, streaming based on the shocking true story in nineteen, eighty, five, five family members were murdered at the rice elated farm initial evidence pointed towards a murder suicide committed by one of the family members however, one detective refuse to accept this diving deeper into the evidence and unraveling the mysterious layers of the murders at White House. Farm. Now streaming only on HBO Max.

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