Ep. 1: Big LG "Doc Gallows"


The all right. Let me be very honest with you. That kick off this brand new podcast first match my nipples right now are frigging rock-hard dads how excited. Am to bring you this brand new podcast first match. You're thinking yourself. Hey Dude what's first match? Well you probably should've read the description of the podcast. You're listening to but if you didn't that's all good first match. Let's call it an origin story for your favorite professional wrestlers of today as well as many legends from the past in we go way back man right to the beginning where they find their love of professional wrestling. And then we follow that journey through all the ups and downs man to training school up to that first match and then well beyond that as well because there's is just so many stories to tell and I really think you're gonNA enjoy the back story. It really sheds new light on professional wrestlers that you thought you knew everything about so come along for the ride dudes going to be a great time I match. We will release every single Thursday. So do me a favor forever. You're listening to this. Make you rate and review and subscribe to first match now. Maybe you're sitting there going. Look Jesse Cage. I don't even know who the hell you are. Well quick back story on my career did radio almost twenty five years in West Palm Beach. Florida Miami Florida Tampa Florida Atlanta and I also have a deep love for professional wrestling so much. In fact in the late nineties I moved from West Palm Tampa to train with Dean Malingco at Malingco Wrestling School. I didn't last all that long. Because my knees in my back from previous surgeries ahead from football Well let's just say. They didn't agree with the wrestling lifestyle. But that didn't change my passion and my love for the sport and now I've been able to take all that. My knowledge radio my connections from the world of professional wrestling and quite frankly in selfishly get a chance to live vicariously through some of the biggest wrestling superstars in the world today so without wasting any more time. Let's get down to the very first episode of first match with this as the big. Lg DOC gallows and my first match. Ones fucking exciting. It's the first match I cast. Here's your host Jesse. Today's guests has been called by many names big. Lg Big Ehud. Luke gallows dot gallows festus sex Ferguson. He's been a disciple. He's been in the bullet club as AIDS the OC but to me. He is my buddy who loves bar so God damn much that he would leave. Chris Masters deserted in the middle of a podunk. Georgia high school just to get to the bar faster way. Forgotten it happened. Why did we forget him though? Why well we were motivated by our enlarged livers. I think but honestly dude. I don't even know what to call you now because of the big release. Who Do I call you who you can call? You drew all day. I guess drew all day that nobody owns that. I own the big L. Dot gallows and I will soon own sex Ferguson. As well so it is sex for this podcast. It is sex for everybody. So yeah we're out at in India event in podunk Georgia and we had to get to the bar so bad that quickly gallows turns and looks at me. He's like hey dude let's go. We're jumping the car. We are thirty minutes away he goes. Hey man where's masters at? I'm like I don't know it's your responsibility. I booked him and flew across the country and then forgotten it out and then we just left them there while he was showered and changed. What are you jumped at the car with one of the Ring Guys? I think to get to the bar. So it's perfect. Made it. He made it. We found him arrived. He was a late arrival once he got to the party. That was all good. Well here on first match. We're going to go way back to the beginning man. I want to go back to your kid. When did your love of pro wrestling start man? I was watching Saturday morning cartoons and flipping through the channels. And I saw jake the snake Roberts and he hit a DDT one two three. And he pulls out Damian the big python drops it all over the guy and I went. Oh my God what is that I have to do it. And then from that you know I started seeing all those characters like Hulk Hogan and Randy savage and everything so that was like probably late ninety one something like that early ninety two and I didn't know there was a WCW so like maybe a year and a half later something again flipping through the channels this time on Saturday night. I'm like why is the big boss? Man called the boss. Why does this look different and then? Wcw opened me up to a whole new world fell in love. With and seeing you know Art Anderson and Berry Wyndham and all those types of guys and man. I've just been obsessed ever since and here. We are in two thousand and twenty so so you knew you knew at that. Moment when you saw Damien sprawled out there on some jobber. You knew that you wanted to be a pro wrestler had had what path did you take it? So how old are you at that point? Ninety one to eight years I was eight years old and the first time I saw and I remember that summer got in trouble because I was in literally baseball practice and I had were making us run the bases little league on the basis. Whatever to warm up and I was running the basis with my hands out instead of like pumping my fist. And Larry Sally. The coach will be sited. What the hell are doing with your hands out like that and I told him that I was going to be wrestle when I grow up so I was practicing running down the aisle and slap in the hands of the fat. Just what in the fuck is wrong with you? That is amazing. You throw in a high far to the second baseman. Is your goal by those slap hands with. This is just a warm when I'm supposed to be concentrating on the basis and it was just. That's kind of that theme went on forever with me. I I was playing football. My Dad badly wanted me to get a scholarship because of course he wanted to free college for Sun but I was like you know he was paying for supplements. He got me trainer in the gym. But I was like listen. Jim Duggan and lex. Luger went right from football too big time TV wrestling stars. So my whole motivation was not to make it in football. It was to make an in wrestling into the point. Where like you know. In that time in the nineties and early two thousands the business was really hot. And that's well. The backyard stuff started popping up our backyard wrestling got so popular that my high school chemistry street teaching was like sixty years. Old is a lunatic. And he would let us show our matches from the weekend to the class and then he got thrall with that. He created his own character. The flame Bob James. His name was Mr James. He got a SPANDEX. Red Flame cost you made and he came over and we had you know it was like a bunch of the football players. Don't have the cheerleaders there and all the kids from school. And so we have this big events at my friend's house and The flame Bob James showed up and he actually almost getting in trouble because he got so nuts within that he sprayed one of the kids in the face with a fire extinguish. There's this fifteen year old kid rolling around selling his is because Bob James took it too far awesome we were. We were making you know Corn Syrup and red food coloring than everybody can be bloody because we're all watching you back then and all that stuff so yeah man. It was wait a minute. Wait a minute so you didn't go the hard way. Then you went the Gig yourself that was around the time whenever things started getting exposed like the mankind book came out and it's pro wrestling secrets revealed game so I knew the razor blade tactic so when we switched to. We switched to the Syrup and a food coloring. Because I knew they use a razor blade. But I didn't know how so. I took some of my mom's razor. She shaved her legs with and I hit him under the trampoline and I crawled under there and it just started gaffe myself that will want it hurts and wait a minute wait hang on hang on a second so you took like a lady. Schick and arousal rings. You're right and it just is not working at all out Al Al Al and then I remember another time. We got put on probation from it was called. Pop Cw palace pain championship wrestling. You know backyard and somebody's house. My Buddy cody mackey. I said listen the way. We're shooting this today. I thought it was production genius. Go we're having a hardcore match. I said for the finish I'm going to a brick drop on you gonNA throw a brick at you but I'm a throat right beside you you roll away you sell cover you well. I wasn't good at the art of the brick. Drop yes I through the brick too hard because I was excited. The kids out there the brick bounces up. Knox's two front teeth out and shit show of trouble. I was in for that Kodak. His parents came to pick them up that day. Damn well you got some true color. That way then didn't you real colored. I'm still trying to film it but like I don't want terrible. So what were you going by in the backyard wrestling world? What was your name is some of the names that you kicked around. So I was the booker and the promoter. Of course put myself of course did like any good booker would do. I was killer Khan but not like the. Wwf Guy Changed the spelling. Because I was. I was an escaped convict from jail. That was my gimmick but I had bleached blond hair and face pay and then we had my friend. Cody Maggie was pretty boy floyd. He was an old gangster and then we had g money. Who was my friend Bob? Who then he I- repackaged because I told him it wasn't getting over so law and he was like a big boss. Man. Rip Off right then. We had a German. My friend Jerry side. It was hines neck. He was he was a German. He'll and his girlfriend liked to participate. So we named her von sluts. Nick and she was she was his valet fucking insane. We all had tights gimmicks. A lifestyle bitch up shoe no no look. I remember when like the replica. Titles came out and the one the E C W one went on sale for like one hundred bucks and I saved my money and I bought it and I took the mailbox letters. Like you see promotions do sometimes we had a real pop cw title so once. I had a real replica belt. Not The one that I made out of cardboard like I never lost the puck and title again. I was carried everywhere. What's what was the family's reaction to all this going on again. Your Dad wants you to play football and go that way. You'RE GONNA do in this Alabama. Yeah if you'RE GONNA put much effort into wrestling eating put much effort in school so my grades were good enough. I did get a division to scholarship and graduated at seventeen so I go to Fairmont State College in West Virginia and show up when I go sign up at the gym Big Weightlifting Kid and first thing I did because every time I went to find any pro wrestlers guy that King Kong bundy like wrestling technique book or whatever but I met him find any of them. My My dad's deal was listened graduate college. I'll pay for your company in the country. Great deal can't wait. That long. Time is pressing so the guy the owner of slams Jim goes together is a wrestler. Who Comes in here? But he's actually a pharmaceutical rep. But I was like I don't know what that means. He's clearly making money wrestling so then I asked every day and then one day. This dude walks up to me and he goes. Hey I'm lance a heard you're interested in pro wrestling. Yeah he goes. I'm a pro wrestler and I was like only shit. Did we just become best friends? Because I'm obsessed with becoming a pro wrestler and Lance who? I haven't talked to in years but I kept up with. He was a good dude but he didn't know much about wrestling either like he was wrestling. Mason Dixon wrestling in West Virginia. It was called. But like he had really been formally trained he'd been shown some stuff and he was a big powerlifter guys and put them on the shows. So I went and I met the promoter for Mason Dixon and I helped set the ring up which was going nuts that I was around real ring and he goes well. You know you're a big kid and we need some big guys guys. WanNa use the ring during the week. Find a place to put it up and you can train. I was like Oh cool. Who's going to train US train each other so anyway like we go down there. He's like look we're GONNA we. There's a couple of other kids who are interested. Wish Ricky something is one kid's name Academy of the kid's name now but lance new like he knew how to hit the roads how to lock up. How do basic maneuvers and stuff? It was just like we needed some psychology and everything so the first day of bump and we're hitting the robes locking up training our selves and then like Lancing. Okay guys lockup can keep the gym for week. Because we're paying the fifty Bucks Week. The Gym in the ring and as soon as lance cleared the doors. I grabbed his two kids. And it here fucking stone. Cold stunners sharp super PLEXUS CHOKE SLAMS POWER BOMBS. Just Kill Them. I was going nuts for like another hour so basically we did that for about two weeks and then I go to set the ring up and stone West. Virginia and Jim Hawkins the promoter who was a great dude. Got Me into wrestling goes. They were short guys for the battle. Royal I was like I go. I got black running tights and I've got black high tech boots because like what Russell doesn't have that have. How old are you at this point? I just turned eighteen. So he goes. Well I'll put lance in there with us to land can lead you. I got two assassins masks and go cool great so we became the new millennium assassins wonder too and so my first match was a battle royal at the stone. Volunteer Fire Hone Stone West Virginia. And then the next week we were like the. Annadale or something fire hall that was outside of Clarksburg and we had a tag match and one of the guys was Called the praying Mantis. I remember praying Mantis head. He's about twenty pounds tights and a little shirt with praying mantis on it. So you just wear it out the praying mantis. Because you know. I didn't know no psychology anything. I just had been wrestling. Everybody that would allow me to since I was a kid so like train for size so outside of the backyard stuff in a very short time in Jim you're just kind of thrown into it into it and then I started wrestling every weekend and I had to hide the fact that I didn't know what I was doing and I had to wrestle under a mask when I was because of my scholarship for football wrestled under a mask. A little out of Super D- Tattoo an arm because I thought my name is going to be Human Cadillac Dorian Deville which lands I came up with for the rest of my life never and never made it but I got to put it on my list here though Dorian so I would tape up that that bicep. That had the Super D. on it and I would wear my mask and I'd Russell and I started going and I met some guys in the Carolinas Carolina's on weekends when football out of season and I remember I had this was my second season at Fairmont wants football. I wouldn't Russell during football season but as soon as football season was over him back to it. Numb I. This is in the Middle West Virginia shaved my whole body. I'd bleached a little bit here. I had white. I look like a six foot six. Chris. Candido got all these gear made. My mom got me boots for Christmas. So I was pumped. I went wrestled in North Carolina. That weekend and I came back and I got called into the head coach. Call me like seven. Am I need you my office right now? Well precursor to this so yeah. I've wrestled in north coming into the following weekend. We're back in West Virginia. So we're at some mall like outside outside of Wvu and they got the ring set up in Centre Court hellacious battle royal. And there's a smattering people around the ring. And I look out and there's Rusty Elliot the head coach for Fairmont state. Oh shit brother throw me over the top throws over the top under the back? I don't take off my mask or anything grabbed my clothes. Grab my bag. Run out to my Hyundai accent. My drive back to the dorm. Take my shit off in the car. Run up and like I've gotten away with this Monday morning. The call come in because I go in league guys but I got bleach blond hair Hogan Tan shape. Body all the coaches. Are We know about the wrestling? You what what what wrestling is like we know about the wrestling. And then the O line coach apper dating. You need to figure out. You wouldn't be dusty Rhodes or contributed football team and I got. I WANNA be dusty. Rhodes what kind of vision to football. Or BE DUSTY. Rhodes like competition and they were just a Ura fucking moron. You got the week off from training you have one week. I want your decision next week. I fucking quit going to class. I was at the tanning bed every day. I'm trying to figure out where I'm going to wrestle next. This is going to be great next Monday. Coming on quit. And I'm a real challenge is that is that why you're quitting challenges. Step up go. No because he said I could be dusty. Rhodes play football and I want to be dusty. Rhodes that's what I said. Quit and they were like you say thank you. Thank you for making me make a decision. So at this point I think the most I've been paid for a match. Maybe twenty bucks and it all came crashing down when. I had to call my dad and tell him. I didn't have football scholarship anymore than I was born on. The road is a pro wrestler and he was like what the fuck is wrong with you and says defense once he cooled down. I moved home and I ruled enrolled in the local junior college there. He took me and was like if you're GONNA do this. You really going to do it. And that was like two thousand three so he took me to his office supply guy and like he got me Business Dorian. Deville business cards made with my parents home phone number and my email and I was passing them out and he took me and got me a suit. And he's like you gotta look professional and man and he supported it and then you know when I was twenty one I got my first deal and went to developmental. Whatever but another funny story. I don't know if I've told this one very often publicly. He goes. You gotTa make something happen. Because he didn't have indies worked. Really like I moved to New Jersey. There was a lot going on northeast and I've lived in a freaking garage. Apartment owned by Hells Angel. Who went to prison while I was living there for some crazy shit and it's a whole nother story so I moved home from there and there was a. I grew up in western Maryland. There was a WW show. In Frederick Maryland at the Minor League ballparks and my dad like he's ready to go so I have my tape in my resume computer bag whereby suit and we were waiting like outwear like the fans wait to see the boys commend or whenever. I was nervous shit. Because I'd be I'd seen this I've been going and paying to see this stuff but I've never been this close other than when I was a kid way now back for two but now like I'm like how do I get in there and you know my dad's bigger than I am standing behind me It's just a local security gate opens and he just gives me this giant shove and stumbled past the lady keep fucking going so I was like oh no and I remember like petits like a young Batista was in there and he walked by me and I saw Stevie Richards. You'll probably be cool. Okay Man. What's up hey and I didn't know what to do. I'd never been back there before. Door that said trainer I was like maybe I can hide and hearing calm down a little bit and Rodney. Mack came in. He's like a kid. What are you doing and I was like looking for Art Anderson. Because I've seen arm show but I know he was an agent for what I want to give them a tape. Does anybody know you're back here and I go now? I guess. Good luck so ten then Tim. White still to this day came and he goes. Look Kid. I heard what you doing. I like the balls but you can't back here. That's not how it works he goes. I'll tell you what I'm GonNa do. I'M GONNA get yard Anderson gets you ten seconds with them and I'm going to give tickets as anybody with you. We have on Dad's with me and he was like all right so he white and got to comp tickets and Bromley arm and make sure gets in the hands of the right people and I was like Holy. Shit it worked. It took a couple years actually got a job. But like fucking timmy. White in our Anderson yes then like I got to come tickets and I go out onto the baseball stadium and there were like a couple of indie guys. They're kind of like making fun of me for what I was trying to do. And they were like what are you doing and I told him a story and I was just like fuck you guys. It worked so that was a huge dude. Yeah that was my first time in and then I kept I did a million dollar tough enough deal and then after that I just got somebody somebody on that tough enough. She gave me Janis cellphone number. I used to call him every week and I think he would. Just answer the pop. Because I just didn't know what I was doing. You know. I'm like twenty years old. I'm like Hey I'm six to eighty like you guys need me right now. The next big thing whatever. Okay we'll keep in touch just kept sending my matches a shit and then you know eventually I guess I sent them a decent one or they needed a body and that's how I got in the first time and the rest of the show. How down was that? So you're doing all the training you're doing the stuff you quit football. How much time is then between then going to that arena? Getting to meet aren't and give on your tape to actually getting called to developmental or however that worked out my first so my first match was in two thousand and two. I think I signed the deal in March of two thousand five. I was twenty one. I just turned twenty one in December because they were opening a new developmental territory Georgia deep south wrestling and yes and then I think we move down. It was going to start in. May move down there in April and then that was that was how the journey to the big leagues started a lot of Dumb luck. And you got a huge fucking balls is what it is. That's a again to go back in your Dad's right at any event in take this to heart anybody who wants to go backstage someplace. I shouldn't even say it but make sure you act like you belong there and look walk. Just Walk Walk. Right on by it. Changes are you're going to get by now. You also get stuck someplace and if you get a security guard he's having a bad night and get your ass kicked but at least you got back to see yarn so so. I'll give you one more good little anecdote while you're saying that so rewind highschool and like anytime birthday Christmas anything. I say my money up like we were two hours from Baltimore two hours from Pittsburgh two hours from DC where. I live out in the country. Kind of western Maryland. So we're always going. You know I wanted to go into the house shows and stuff. Wwf FOR WCW would come in and I just started getting balls your balls so I had like the tight jeans in the High Tech Boots and Austin three sixteen shirt will we were coming in and I started sneaking around snuck into the back and I got into one of the hallways about fifteen then. I'm like Holy Shit while the show is ending. Now I've been just hiding out running around and I got into the underground parking where the boys part and I told Jimmy. Tillis was a security guard in my I. W me story years later. We laughed our asses about it. I saw Steve Austin walking with Deborah. And I'll never forget. He had a beer with another beer. Can on top of it and I go. Hey still gold. I started running towards them. We'll like this six four gangly kid running out. Jimmy tell US comes out from behind a production truck just like cuts in half with a Goldberg speared booted by ass out back with the other marks. That was in. I think that was that that was where they parked underneath. I can't remember it was DC or Baltimore but one time in Pittsburgh to time. They're coming out in. The Rock was hot and he came up and I was waiting with all the fans. People were going crazy and had a lincoln towncar but the fans were so much in the traffic. Stop Stop You. Let them into traffic and I was like fuck it. I just ran and dove and I landed on the hood of the TOWNCAR and no shit like I looked at him and he did the People's eyebrow I started trying to back and then all the sudden like I was flying big four hundred pound security. Do grabby by the back of my belt loop and just Bam back bump me onto the ground. I got up at scrambled spread it and got away from him too but I was trying to get back there and get get to see these guys and shit when I was growing up. And that's the real the real fucking school hard knocks right there. Yeah they were taken by on rag. So let's talk about your first owes. Shit I've made it match whether it was wwe or maybe it was developmental when you knew like this is really important. Even before you went out you knew that this match could make or break the next move for you. I don't WanNa see your career because there's always a time to go back but early on like that. I I was in so the developmental thing and we didn't we couldn't have shows yet and then we got to the point where we're getting ready to like have our show. I've been there for a few months and I was agreeing. Sky There in the youngest and I knew that but I was just they maybe go to double practice. So that's what I was still real hard core like five hundred squats doing thousand squats a day. Because I haven't been bumping and wrestling and all that but I knew I could talk so I came up with this gimmick and I had. I had a live tarantula good yet but at least I can outlive character. Them sure this whole deal well. Apparently somebody there liked it so like I was in the grocery store. Howard finkel called me and told me I was going on the road to Wrestle Kane and I couldn't believe that was real and then so I had really had developmental matches really yet and I had to go on the road and do how she'll with came and they looked at me for like I don't know maybe a month how shows and everybody else individuals like. Why the fuck is he getting to go? You know but I had this crazy character wrestled Kane for the first weekend and then I did okay. Because he's the man and he got me through it and then the next weekend. I wrestled the MS. Because they brought him up to try him out to this This was a five and then I wrestled to Jiri and then I ninety brutality couldn't speak English fuck man not only migrating shit. But this fucking guy can't speak English and then once. He realized that I didn't kill him the next night. He's like. Oh Hey do you want to do what we did last night? Like you son of a B. before we continue down that road. I know because I've heard it actually at a bar personally with you. I need the I need. Think I need to hear your Howard Finkel? Maybe a piece of the phone call to give me something because you do think that is just out of control. When he called me. I was just telling us on our podcast tribute to think R.I.P. We love the thank the phone call. I I didn't know if it was one of the boys ribbon or him but as a two or three numbers I'm like. Maybe they figured out how to do it but then the phone call is like you know you'll land at Dulles airport. He'll pick up your rental car through hurts. Your hotel will be direct bill through world wrestling entertainment and you will be on this weekend. Live event series. They'll be rustling cane so then. I'm like Holy Shit. So then he goes he goes through like in confirms that travel details again. He's a good weekend. Andrew and one more thing I go. Yes goes watch out for that choke slam and it was just fun to ask. Choke slammed my God his voice. I mean that Dude. Just a great guy actually one of the highlights of one of the highlights of my career. It was a house. Show here in Tampa jocks. Come out the DJ's come out and do their spiel. Or whatever. And I'm back in the in gorilla and the gorilla position and think comes walking up and I can't do his voice because like you are and I'm like I'm Jessica Ninety Rock Jesse Cage. Ninety eight rock okay. Walks by me. Goes OUT TO THE RING. And then he he he does. The whole thing is yes. I got goosebumps right fucking now because of that. There's a new. You made it if he announced you in any capacity. You have made it when Gordon our doing Jesse and Festus. They brought them out for like a House. Show loop and we're in. The Reagan was like the fucking analysis. That's pretty damn cool man like that's the voice of our childhood so it was. It was what? What's the worst injury that sidelined you not know? I know. There's a difference being being hurt and being injured well knock on wood. I've never had injuries that I've had to like really take time off for a broken. Almost every rib a broken nose. Three times I've broken elbow still curly to torn packs. The left pack was actually right before gone wrestling. So I can't count that the right when I was a minor tear but the only thing that ever like. I was such a carney at the time I've been released from. W W the first time and I had all this money to make and go to all these places I haven't been before but I was in Atlanta and I I just gave Matt Hardy. A simple body slam hit the ropes and did a big brother. Big Splash tore my groin. You've ever seen a torn like a badly torn growing from above my naval to not my ankles but below my knees on both sides was purple and black for weeks like I was. I was Captain Black Cock for awhile captain. Purple Cauca I would actually say Captain Purple Purple Kok because like my shit was purple that that hurt so bad it was. Yeah it hurts sitting here right now thing else that I I did like that like I knew when I did it that I just fucking tournament. Loin wasn't crazy pain then but like live to the bath finished the match like an idiot real quick and then wasn't TV or anything get to the back. Shower started driving home. I live just south of Atlanta and by the time I got home like I just went and got. My son helped me fill the bathtub with ice and satin ice tug. Because I didn't know what else to do was just like this is terrible and then by the time I woke up the next morning it was starting to see a bleeding out shit but that was. Oh yeah no yeah. That's that's enough Dick. Some reason. I did the splash again for like years after that. Then I went what I do this. What would you say is your resume match the number one. You're put out the resume you want somebody to pick you up somewhere. This is the one match. That's GonNa make me a believer of big L G man. I some of my favorites. Probably one of my favorites was a tag match. Carlin. I had in Japan with Macabre in Tana. Ashi that I really love other than that. I think the first lady first marquee match I was proud was I was twenty four. I made have been smackdown against the undertaker for twenty four kid. That was pretty cool for me. It was cool to. I don't know I guess. The resume matches now. But they're the ones that I look back. On course WRESTLEMAINIA thirty three and the return of the hardy boys just being in the ring that pop hit. That was. That was a cool moment. The match fun too but is the moment was really big. One in the I W GP titles the first time in the Tokyo. Dome the mattress fine. I don't remember being spectacular but that was that was cool. There was one other one too. I don't remember but but I'm excited to. I don't know where we're headed but I'd loved me back in some of those big Japanese arenas and to some but when you get that Japanese crowd rocking and rolling people tell you that the Japanese fans are quiet. Which a lot of times they are but if you know how to get them and you really get them rock and like that's one of the coolest feelings in the business and then you go the next day. The core can hallway was only twenty five hundred. Three thousand people in the sound reverberates in there like a cork all match as a total mark. I understand that you have to experience Japan at least once as a wrestling fan to really appreciate what that is. And I've I've told you off the MIC a million times. The next time you go back to Japan I'm fucking Ellen because I need. I need to experience that you've got to see that like anybody. Listen I I would. Whether or not is honestly. Don't know there's a lot going on but go to that. Go to that Tokyo. Dome weekend and go to the Dome. I think they did two nights last year. But make sure you also find a way to get a ticket to that. Cork and all the next night because that that that that show after where they do that TV from Corcoran Hall and everything's fresh again is so freaking hot. That like it'll make ears ring is a lot. That's element experience. I've got my ticket. I'm GonNa look like I belong to walk in right after you. Sam didn't push you through security. Who's your favorite wrestler currently wrestling any company coral? Acsi Carl sexy. Carl know what an underrated performer. The dudas though you know I've been out there with some of the best to ever do it. Aj Styles see him punk as far as you know from being good workers. But those guys were rated. I Karl Man. Go back and watch some of the G. One finals and brags about the health worker. And he's got a hot Asian wife got this so I mean it's worth worth the follow alone on Instagram for for the hot Asian wiping being honest he needs spank material. That's that's where you go to risque on his instagram. How do we keep up with big? Lg Man Give us all your stats where you are instagram twitter. The whole deal right now. Talking-shop PODCASTS Apple. Podcast just got approved for stitcher wherever your podcast found. It's Raunchy party. Burping beard Dick Jokes. Every if you're into that kind of humor you're gonNA enjoy us. We talk about wrestling. We talked about everything else and a lot of guests coming up that are art wrestling. But they'll patriotic dot com slash. Talk Shop that's been a lot of fun because we're able to do shit. We were never able to do before we we hosted boozing with the boys last night car rocky I were on with our our patrons. We played a drinking game where certain phrases were said There were there were Drinks to be taken and it was my wife and I got fucked up a lot of hot social media though. Um Follow me if my phone was turned on just turned it off so that I wouldn't have all these technical difficulties so bear with me for one second. I think my twitter it's at the underscore big LG and then my instagram. I think is probably the same? I everything just changes as happens in these times when you leave one place to another or whatever. Yeah the underscore. Lg On instagram. So follow me there. There's lots of good lots of sex ferguson stuff. If you haven't seen sex ferguson you're on check that out. The sex chronicles are live when Patriot. On right. Now I'm GonNa send you some clips on the Jesse just because I've been having so much fun. Filming it cannot wait dude. Well LISTEN L G. I love your brother. I really appreciate you taking the time to be on first match and I'll be bugging a bunch of the boys to do this to make sure you give me the rub right. Oh you got the Rub Boys Love Jessica Cage. You're not cage called Farewell Fucker you do. I told you that was going to be sick right didn't I? I really hope you enjoyed the very first episode of first match with dot gallows. We'll be back next Thursday and then every Thursday thereafter with another huge wrestling superstar. Either of today or one of the legends of the past. You WANNA find out. Who's up next? You're to have follow me over on the twitter box at Jesse Cage J. E. S. S. E. K. A. G. or over on instagram. Do the same thing at Jesse Cage. Wrap up when they went of our sponsors Boulevard burgers on Saint Pete Beach home of the Cage Burger. I tried I got my own Burger. You got a perfect Burger. Patty a chicken finger. Bacon Cheddar cheese. You get honey mustard more bacon all the toppings it is so choice and maybe you live in France in. That doesn't make much sense to you right now. Listen to me. Tampa Bay Saint. Pete Saint Pete Beach One of the greatest vacation destinations that I hope you find yourself in and when you do get out to Boulevard Burgers. Saint Pete Beach Fifty nine zero five Gulf Boulevard and know that Jesse cage from first match Sanchia.

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