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It with his new ride. Kurt Busch is rolling non pleasantly surprised and happy with the way the season started, Gordon and Waltrip do get along. We love that. We're bringing different opinions and different viewpoints and perspectives to it walks. Your seven time champion and want to go do a marathon more power to you. Mark Darrow NPR ins garage grind. Friction wear. Destructive words when it comes to an engine, adding Cemex micro lubricated to your oil and fuel allows it to soak in the metal to disperse harmful carbon deposits, you wouldn't quacks it car with dirt on it. Don't run your engine without Zemach help improve performance reduce emissions extend engine life and improve. You'll mileage was Z max, micro lubricated. Get Z Bax today at Zemach dot com. Or your local auto parts store. Mass car racing is back the sixtieth running the Coca Cola six hundred this Memorial Day weekend. The most pain. Cryonic day and racing kicks off with a free concert by rock and Roll Hall of famers, cheap trick than NASCAR is best battle it out for the right to be called Coca Cola. Six hundred champion tickets start at just forty nine dollars in kids tickets or just ten dollars experience. Restate for yourself at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Get your tickets today. Call eight hundred four or five five fans, no one knew what to expect. When Kurt Busch took over Jamie McMurray ride over at Chip Ganassi racing. But the former Cup champion has captured six top tens in the last seven races. And most recently came home the runner up at Bristol. And there's been a good start for us teaming up Ganassi's and everybody that was on the one car and the results that have from years prior. We jumped into another category. And we also know we can go on grab another category. And that is to get those top fives. And so in your trying to battle for top five spots and Penske in Gibbs have him on lockdown as where we know we need to work at our. Pace find her own speed and make both again ASI cars better. But I'm pleasantly surprised and happy with the way the season started when Darrell Waltrip announced his plans to retire from his broadcasting career with FOX. There was more talk the booth just wasn't big enough for him. And Jeff Gordon that the two just didn't get along. Gordon, however says that is simply not true we laugh about it. We love that we're bringing different opinions in different viewpoints and perspectives to it, then we hope that the fans at home can see both sides of those in being retained by honest, I've had a chance to be with their own now and get to know him on a whole 'nother level is just a neat guy. Have so much respect for him to blow off a little steam before heading to Richmond. Kyle Busch had a poker night with some of the boys. Eric jones. In the meantime, spent a day in Augusta Georgia watching the masters golf tournament par three contest and autozone gets you. What you need so get in the zone. Autozone. The weather's Heaton, which means is the perfect time to get that. Next job done at ozo-. We have the free services you need to do it right car. Not starting. The solution starts at America's number one battery destination. We'll test your battery for free and help. You figure out the issue, which means you can do the job, right? The first time saving you time and money down the road getting the job done just got easier. Let us help you add more than fifty six hundred locations nationwide. Restrictions and details star. Following Saturday nights race in Richmond. Jimmy Johnson is planning on a day of rest before he runs the Boston marathon, Monday, Austin Dillon. Thanks. It's an undertaking. And no other driver would consider. He's a different animal, and I respect him for that. He can probably do whatever he wants in your seven time champion and want to do marathon more power to you. I think he's afraid. So he's he's a beast. Mark Darrow NPR's garage pass. Brought to you in part by autozone.

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