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Pakistan jet with 98 onboard crashes in crowded neighbourhood.


Coming up on five minute news. Passenger jet with one thousand nine hundred board crashes in crowded Pakistan neighborhood. Donald trump orders governors to reopen places of worship and half of all corona virus. Information twitter accounts. Lebron's it's Saturday may twenty three. I'm Anthony Davis jetliner carrying nine. Nine hundred people crashed yesterday in a crowded neighborhood near the airport. In Pakistan's port city of Karachi after an apparent engine failure during landing officials said there were two survivors from the plane but they also found at least fifty seven bodies in the wreckage. It was unknown. How many people on the ground were hurt as the Pakistan International Airlines jet an Airbus a three twenty plowed into an alley and destroyed at least five houses. The pilot was heard. Transmitting a mayday to the tower. Shortly before the crash of flight eight three Oh three which was flying from Lahore to Karachi and carrying many traveling for the Muslim holiday of aid videos on social media appear to show the jet flying low with flames shooting from one of its engines. The plane went down at about two thirty nine. Pm Northeast of Jinnah International Airport in the poor and congested residential area known as model colony between houses that were smashed by its wings police in protective struggled to clear away crowds amid the smoke and dust so ambulances and fire trucks could reach the crash site as darkness fell crews worked under floodlights and a portable morgue was set up the local health department said it had recovered fifty seven bodies while Hmo an offshoot Malik said finding all the dead could take two to three days Pakistan had resumed domestic flights earlier. This week ahead of aid which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan Pakistan has been in a countrywide lockdown since March because of corona virus and the airline has been using social distancing guidelines on its flights by leaving every other seat vacant transmission of the pilot's final exchange with air traffic control indicated. He had failed to land was circling to make a second attempt. We are proceeding direct. We have lost an engine. Co-pilot said Donald Trump has declared churches mosques and synagogues essential services and threatened to override governors. Who refuse to reopen them this weekend. Power he does not possess some governors have deemed liquor stores and abortion clinics is essential but left out churches and other houses of worship. The president told reporters at the White House on Friday. His remarks sowed confusion because the federal government does not have the constitutional right to unilaterally. Oughta individual states to reopen businesses churches all schools but they did seem likely to play well with his support. Base trump won four and five Christian Evangelical Voters in the two thousand sixteen presidential election earlier this week. The Centers for Disease Control published a sixty page plan for restaurants schools childcare programs mass transport and other businesses about reopening but it omitted details about houses of worship and faith based organizations. There has been friction between trump and state governors during the pandemic last month. The president claimed he had total authority over reopening plans but then appeared to backpedal from that position throughout the pandemic. The president seems focused upon November ensuring that every federal decision made will be helpful to him electorally rather than the health of the wider population nearly off the twitter accounts spreading messages on the social media platform about the coronavirus pandemic unlikely bought said researches at Carnegie Mellon University Research has called three more than two hundred million tweets discussing the virus since January and found that about forty five percent were sent by accounts that behave more like computerized robots humans. It's too early to say conclusively which individuals or groups behind the body counts but researchers said the tweets appeared aimed at sowing division in America. We do know that it looks like a propaganda machine and it definitely matches the Russian and Chinese play books but it would take a tremendous amount of resources to substantiate that said Kathleen Carley professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University who conducting a study into bought generated corona virus activity on twitter. That has yet to be published. Research has identified more than one hundred false narratives about covid nineteen top proliferating on twitter by accounts controlled by botts among the misinformation disseminated by bought accounts tweeted conspiracy theories about hospitals being filled with mannequins or tweets that connected the spread of the corona virus to five. G. Wireless Towers a notion that he's patiently untrue. Research say they examined a twitter account's followers frequency of tweeting and how often the user is mentioned on the platform in determining whether the tweeter is account. Twitter says it's automated systems of challenged one point five million accounts that would targeting discussions about covert nineteen with militias manipulative behaviour last week. Twitter unveiled new labels that will accompany misleading disputed or unverified tweets about corona virus in an effort that attempts to tamp down the rapid spread of tweets carrying harmful and false information about the global health. Crisis you can subscribe to five minute news with your preferred podcast APP. Ask Your smart speaking or enable five minute news as your Amazon Alexa Flash briefing skinner. Please leave a review on Itunes podcasts or Amazon. Five minute news is an independent production covering politics. Inequality health and climate delivering unbiased verified and truthful World News daily.

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