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120: Pick Up the Phone - Liz Tolin


You're listening to the daily sales tips podcast. And I'm your host Scott Ingram today have got another killer clip from my last interview on sale. Success stories with Liz Tolan from charge of fi here. She is not afraid to pick up the phone and ask questions. So going back to the NATO experience, there's a lot that you have to do. And there's only so many people to do it, and that experience was a great one, because we got to step outside our lane if you will, you know, kind of color outside the lines and that required you to have that forward thinking bigger site picture tight mentality that required you to actually, you know, pick up the phone and get stuff done. Just talk to people, because I think that you find when you pick up the phone and just have a conversation with someone that there's so much more that you can get done. And so much more that you can establish that relationship with whomever that is just by having a conversation and being willing and not being afraid of getting a no. All right. Because it gives you somewhere to start from no typically has a reason why is it a no? We'll now you have a reason and a level playing field so that you can build from that. So that's kind of my big things that I like to do is, is, let's get to that. No, so that we can work from there about, why is it? An what can we do to turn that into a? Yes. This is such an important mindset. No is often the real beginning of the sales process, not necessarily the end to hear more from Liz checkout, our full interview together in episode sixty eight of the sales success stories podcast, and as always you'll find links to everything and a complete transcript at daily sales dot tips forward slash one twenty.

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