Free Reiki 1 Course Part 2 - Reiki's History and Principles


One. This is Ricky Reverend nightmare with the healers musings. Tonight. I'll be covering part two. That's right part two of my Rakia one series, absolutely free. All you have to do is give a lesson. That's right. Ladies and gentlemen. Stay tuned, and I will introduce the concepts of Ricky one absolutely free. If you missed part, one of my Ricky session will Rakia one course, please free. Do check on the playlist of your local podcast station. And make sure you click on part one listen to there's some really good info there, it's fairly long. So covers a lot of ground in any case. I'm going to be starting back with the same manual. For those of you who may know, I'm going to be covering the lesson. Four the history of Rakia. Now, a lot of people will have some type of ideal ready about where where he came from. And how it came to be. That's all good. Now. The main thing that I want to convey to the listeners here is that there is a very interesting history to Ricky that should not be discounted just at it's a face value. So that being said, I do encourage anyone listening to this podcast who in vested on their own into the deep deep history of Ricky on in terms where really came from what all of the ideology and the history of the life, doctrine, MacOS sui, really is and. Just how far it's it's gotten as you'll listen you'll understand a little bit more about one. I'm talking about in terms of how the history has changed over time much like with any form of amount. Rakyat self has also been altered changed to us suit better suit, the common man in the especially United States. So let's go ahead and start. Lesson. Four the history of REGI, the Japanese like many ancient cultures used word of mouth the pass their history and practices down from generation to generation. Unfortunately, this led to a lot of knowledge and wisdom being watered down or lost. A lot of people involved with rigging believed the techniques used today where I use India by Buddha and leader by Jesus. Others took looked even further back to the civilizations of MU in Atlantis for the burden of element of Ricky. Of course without any written proof. We can only just speculate how humanity learnt how to harness and develop this universal life force. What we can be certain of an confirm that it was rediscovered at the end of the nineteenth century by Dr Maceio Zooey until comparatively recently apart from the tomb of doctor who sui into Okeyo there has been very little material evidence of his life and work most written accounts on the history of breaking declared doctors sui was a Christian Mon who lectured at Doshi show university incurable one day a student asked Dr Seuss if he believed the teachings of the bible to be true could Jesus walk on water could heal people Daesh Asli he questioned if Dr Who sui himself could heal the sick just like Jesus Zooey had to admit this was beyond its capabilities. I mean beyond a lot of people's capabilities. I don't know very many people out there who can just sit there lay on hands. And just be like, yo, but we dry, which I. Embarrassed at being asked such questions and unable to demonstrate answer the story, then goes on to say, the doctor who sui immediately resigned his post and began a personal journey to discover how he could heal the same way. Jesus had the legend becomes even more doubtful. When it recounts you heard me right doubtful. Whenever crowns, how doctors sui decided to begin to search for the secrets of healing light. Jesus in America, namely, the university of Chicago. Now, rake master William rand has been able to disprove the legend of Dr Seuss search in enlight four enlightenment in America. Chicago university has zero record of doctor who sui ever attending as a student for the more. There is no record of doctors sui ever attending lecturing at Doshi university this work by William ran confirms. What many people believe that the history of Dr Seuss life has been changed or colored to suit western society, logically their far too many holes in that specific legend. Now, why would I share with you alleged such as that just to say that wasn't true? Like, I said do your research trust and believe is well worth their books like Ricky fire out there by Java Pedder that will account for the life of Dr sui in far more depth than what I'm covering today. The life of Dr Who sui as written in the manual Mikhail's sui was born into a family that been practicing Buddhism for eleven generations as a youth Louis developed fascination for all things western however, he never traveled outside of Japan after leaving school. He went on to study allopathic medicine with several western allopathic physicians who had graduated from Yale and Harvard University when a Calera epidemic spread throughout Tokyo. It was struck down with disease during his hospitalization as he was close to death. He had a spiritual experience this inspired Sweden state. Ancient teachings. I was ancestors. He joined us then monastery and began reading ancient sanskrit and sudras after many years of study, suite then found resources to an ancient form of healing further study revealed methods formulas and symbols that detailed exactly how to practice and master this art of. Hands on healing. However, although he had the technical knowledge to practice healing. He then liked the wisdom to turn this teachings into reality. He needed the key to turn on an activate Bo power. Assu decide then to seek the final piece of the jigsaw through meditation. Taking leave from the monastery sui then set off to the holy mountain of Kerama where in the he reached the top. He picked the twenty one pebbles that are so special in today's today's Rakia culture place them in front of them self. And I'll explain why in a moment he sat down and began his meditation each day he threw away one pebble for twenty one days. He prayed meditated saying read the sutras now, I'll take a little breather here to explain why the twenty one pebbles are so important the Twenty-one pebbles represent the twenty one days in which most people sit and meditate on their Ricky wanna tune after achey one most practitioners masters will really heavily lay on that you need to sit. And wait about twenty one days approximately for the energies to sit right in your shock RAs. And in. Your body and your mind just so that you're not over loading yourself with Radi. It's quite common in our society nowadays where people just go out of their way. And just say, hey, let me get Ricky to. Hey, let me get Ricky three right after their Ricky one. And this is very haphazard. I have seen. It happened myself. I have witnessed it happen myself. Like, I am I that twice because of how important it is for you to understand do not discount the power of Rakia one. I actually have a blog set in my website, Ricky Reverend dot com where one of my students actually performed several amazing healings just with his rookie wanted -cation. So do not discount that power the twenty one days actually represent three cycles that's three cycles of Ricky going through your shock res- each individual one. So each of the seven main shockers three. Three times that would pretty much set you up to be absolutely right with yourself and write with Rakia in that regard to then pursue your study of Ricky too. This is just like important because it's like, it's one of those things I I'm not gonna lie. I've just seen people flat out just have so much of healing trauma from just the rookie working so quickly on their lives. After all those attune minutes to make their spirit for lack of terminology make their spirit right to channel and transmit Rakia. Sometimes that process can be very harrowing, and it must be respected in order for it to work properly if not respected and you try to rush through it. Then there could be consequences, depending on how the structure of your mind as well. As the structure reality is set. That being said brother important that also being said rather important, not absolute I have seen people teach Rakia one Ricky to even Ricky three over the course of a weekend conference. Now, this is not to discount those practitioners or masters. This is merely to say that it is not something that I would recommend personally for each individual person. I would place that on a case by case basis. Me myself. I have a tune people to rake three within a relative span of time. I would say about three to four months and they've been perfectly fine. I've also attuned people in the span of about three to four weeks, and I've seen them just go pretty bad. And I also done the same thing with other people and seeing them work out perfectly fine. It really just depends on your path. And your understanding of self that being said, I love very deep within yourself before you pursue education. Ricky that quickly back to the story. On the last day of his twenty one meditated twenty one day, meditation, doctor who sui at that point prayed and asked God to show him. The light all of a sudden a bright light appeared from the sky in just shot down towards him. Just smacking him right there in the forehead right in the third. I he was then Kayode and wow Ston is altered state had a vision of the same symbols. He found earlier in the sutras. The vision was the confirmation the doctor is sui needed. How he then knew he had found the keys is little bit of a missing. No. But. At that point. He was with it. You know, I mean, I don't know very many people aside from well, the average Commodore American or the average Conde folk or the average conduct. Well, you get what I'm saying. I don't know too many people who would just discount the fact that they just got like being down from the heavens, holy light. That knocked him unconscious for long enough to have a spectacular vision. That was a confirmation of all the symbols. They just learned now plays Mecom addict psychology one can understand that being on the mound for twenty one days thinking about the same thing over and over again, probably not getting very good sleep. And then finally getting knocked on conscious by some unholy light. But more than likely caused the sequence of events to Kerr similar to that. But you know, I'm not a psychologist anyway, the visuals confirmation that he needed he felt fulfilled. That's all that matters at the end of the day. He felt filled. Win Zooey regained full consciousness, then proceeded down the mountain now, here's the cool part on the sent he stabbed and cut his two. Now, that's not the cool part? Just wade. He instinctively at that point plays his hand on the toe in the bleeding vein stopped. Whoa. Only arrival at a nearby village. He then stop to eat rest. I mean who wouldn't right? He was able despite having fasted for twenty one days twenty one days fast. I don't know if any of you ever facet for twenty one days. That's pretty heavy. He was able to eat. Speaking of heavy a full healthy meal without any stomach pain. That's power. The girl who served as the meal was in great pain suffering from toothache. Now, here's part two Zooey then asked if he could place his hands on her swollen. Phase. She agreed. He was able actually able to ease the suffering of the two big of the swelling of the pain, and she and him. Both amazed rested sui them returned to the monastery on arrival. He found his friend the abbot in bed suffering from bureau threes, once again, doctors sui with his hands was able to alleviate the pain and suffering. He called this gift from God Radi. The Japanese word for universal life force. These experience became known as the form Urals the two. The meal the toothache the authorize before murals. Having demonstrated his knowledge and the new ability to heal the Abbott. The abbot then advised to take special gift into sums Akil toll to heal the beggars. He was reminded that is not enough to simply he'll body, but is of equal importance to also he'll the mind and the spirit also. This lesson was brought home him of very abruptly seven years later having spent time giving rookie to the beggars in the slums Kyoto to get them working keyword giving. He found them returning to him with the excuse that it was easier to now let me take a sidebar here. And explain something very important to you, all when you see light workers, see healing practitioners energy workers giving the Rakia freely giving energy freely for your benefit, your well, being your conscious rising your essential and your awakening. All that good stuff. They are doing it from the kindness of their hearts, they're doing it from the kind of the heart. That's their energy to give for bid for me to stop them. However in the same token of sense when you see somebody asking for financial Nermin for money of any wish they perform for a healing service. That is perfectly valid that is perfectly fine. You know, why because is not easier to beg for healing. Than it is to receive healing. It's only you're losing that it's easier to beg for healing than it is to receive healing. You know, why? Because that ease of use that ease of time that time that you just spent right? They're just asking that opportunity costs. You just spent right there that also what could wash away the maximum healing benefit you receive from a session. It's also like logical. Really you see when you request for a healing service out of the kinds of your heart, and you wholeheartedly accept it in the mind body and spirit, and you are totally in full not a belief that it's going to work for bid for me. Stop you maximum power to wholeheartedly say that the healing will indeed aid MRs as intended, however for those people who are little skeptical little bit on the shaky side little bit on the lines. I know this guy is, you know, his energy on really feel on. I never experienced Rakia before you nonsense kind of weird. I dunno. If feel like a little tingle in my arm, really know if there's anything different though, I. I don't think I wanna go pump iron with my broken arm, though, that type of deal, you know, what I'm saying like. If you don't have full in other faith in the practitioner, full matter faith in Ricky and full another faith in yourself to recover. Then you might as well pay because that's investment in yourself at that point. If you're dealing with somebody who's of decent level, they would help you out regardless at that point. They would then help you out regardless to seek a proper resolution, even if your arm is magically mended to be able to lift the weights over the course of a few sessions as I said in the last lessons, you may recover faster. Now me personally, and the reason why I'm saying all this is because I can only speak personally when you get services for me. I don't offer such things as like a money back guarantee. But I do offer resolution compromise by resolution compromise. I mean that if you're not completely in Italy satisfied. With the resolution of your healing with how the healing session worked out for you. Personally, if you didn't feel anything at all from your healing session than I'll do my best to investigate all to my best to resolve. I'll do my best to make sure that you do experience have a positive experience with me that being said, I can't speak for other practitioners. But that's personally, why charge because I charged charged because I want to invest in you, and I want you to invest in me. So we can have that equivalent energy exchange that we don't feel like it's easier few debate as much as you feel like you've got a service from somebody who's dedicated enough to provide it for you who's dedicated enough to ensure that you were healed who's not just sitting there on Facebook live for sitting there on some other live service broadcasting their healing energies to the cosmos with the hope in women prayer, it's going to work. No, I'm going to do my best to ensure that new in the very least feel better about yourself after. Everything said and done there isn't some type of magic bullet that's going to just penetrate, your body mind and spirit in force you to believe that no on that's not my goal. My goal is to ensure that you have a positive experience in that you are able to come back from the whole of the healing holistically altered. That means holistically better. So that's why personally charged but anyway, detracting from the point. It's not easier to if you are willing to accept the healing. It's not easier to beg if you aren't receiving a maximum benefit from the healing. Zulia forgotten the basic doctrine at that point mortified he retreated to meditate once again this time he was lightened by the five principles of Rakia these five principles. Here we go. The rest of doctors who is life was spent healing teaching in developing the sushi get your home at that healing. We had nineteen major students and all western Al Pathak and traditional Japanese in their practice. Now, those principles themselves. I will cover leader he knew he would have to develop a method that he could understand that could be understood and accepted by any religion or culture, which is why Rakia is universal. He fashioned Rakia to have new dogma or religious beliefs attached to it. So if you're Christian, you can practice rake, if you're paying you can practice Ray key, if you are agnostic you can practice Ricky, if you're eighty is you can practice, Rakyat spiritual based, but it's not, wholly spiritual. If. If you believe in energy, you can practice Radi that simple. Teno the emperor of Japan honored assu his work by warning him with the doctorate by the time of his death in nineteen thirty Dr MacOS sui had initiated all nineteen of students to the level of Rakia master teacher. Dr Trudel Yossi was chosen as the next grand master. It was important to note. The doctor was sui taught all three degrees together at once. Now, isn't that special all three degrees together at once how many practitioners in the United States for in the world at this point? Do you understand does that? Well. You might know one pretty soon in ten ten ten tend. Anyway, doctor sue was cremated and his ashes placed in his monastery in Tokyo upon the death of doctor who suey. Dr Yoshi will Dr Jacci took over the role of grandmaster. He was responsible for training. A further sixteen Ricky masters in creating a set formula for training. It was Dr to Yoshi who was born into the upper class. Japanese family and was qualified position retired marine commander this guy. The next grand master. He set up a clinic near the emperor's palace in Tokyo called she Anoma her. I can't translate that right now. But if you gave me long enough, I would anyway, east his students held sessions at the clinic or visited people in their homes, if they were unable to travel, doctor he or she went on to write many reports on the systems he had developed a treat various ailments, special diets incorporated into these treatments remember holistic to assist in the healing process. Probably his greatest achievement. If Rakia was discovered the importance of hold body treatment, and how universal life force would go wherever it was needed to heal with this inherent intelligent wherever it was needed to heal providing. Of course, you apply the full body treatment treated all shock RAs. This was needed to remove any emotional, physical blocks. We'll take a sidebar here before we get to Madame to to say that if you are only focused on one shocker at one area of the body. It's possible that whatever you're experiencing pain blockage. Whatever is going to move or then shift in the body. So if you focus on that direction than it probably going to move further along that direction or in the completely opposite direction. However, if you focus on the whole body, I mean, you go through the process of scanning for these in this will come out later on if you should decide to get get the actual course out teach you how to scan down the body, and I'll also or even if you listen one of my earlier podcasts, I may have mentioned how to scan down the body for various ailments or issues, and then you were to then at that point. You would discover where the issue is. And you would work your way up from top down to the bottom that is crowned shocker down to route. Shock rea- to kind of work. It out is just like a massage therapist at that point. You're not gonna go straight to where it hurts and just work that you know, that muscle group, you're gonna wanna work the surrounding muscle groups, as well, you wanna make sure that everything in that area is totally Copacetic. And by doing that, you may have set more which is why most massage therapists will not just sit there and massage the one spot just give it a good once over with their elbow. They're not gonna do that. They're gonna go through your entire body. Make sure you have a whole Listrik relaxation. Anyway. Hawaii. Oh, cow Muthu or otherwise known as why Takata was born on the island of Hawaii on the twenty fourth of December nineteen hundred at the age of seventeen she married say Ichi or psyche to cut the they had a happy marriage with two daughters. Traditionally her husband, tragically, her husband died at the young age of thirty two after thirteen years of marriage. Hawaii cutout was left to raise two small children on her own the stress and pressure of that situation than took it toll on her health within five years of her husband's death. She was tug knows to be suffering from nervous exhaustion, her health deteriorated to a point where she required surgery for a disease gallbladder. However, she was also suffering from respiratory problems that meant the use of anesthetic during surgery could kill her. Then here's the cool part. This wasn't extremely depressing trying time over life. Unfortunately, there are more pain and suffering the come after her sister died cool part still coming. Has her parents had returned to live in Tokyo. It was Hawaii the conta-. Surgeon responsibility to bring news them in person. Now, let me take a side bar and say that Khobar coming by the way, these are extremely. Extreme situations that Hawaii got that went through. They are very serious moments, and she did go seek proper medical treatment. And that's the most important. I'm gonna bring it back. Just because I did covered in this time. If you going through anything medically mentally on physically, mentally that would require medical assistance. Do not rely on Ray key as the sole proprietor for your ailments. Don't do it. Go seat help. Go get help suggests that to your clients as well goes he helped go get help. Anyway. After her rival in Japan, she sought help at a hospital in Costco. Now, here's the cool part. It was discovered that now wait for it was discovered that she down how to design is to add to a disease gallbladder respiratory problems or weight dropped dramatically in her doctor advised her to have media surgery. Okay. Not so cool. I'm getting there that night she actually in bed. She heard a boy saying here comes the surgery is not necessary. The next day she appeared the next day. She was prepared for surgery. She heard the voice again saying the surgery is not necessary. Ask ask. So, you know, it's the only logical thing at that point just ask surgeon. Hey, is there any other way? I could be healed. And that point surgeries was like. Yeah. Right out there, man. He told her the rate clinic run by Dr Hiroshi, the surgery had the surgeon had a sister who had been. There are self recovered fully from an illness. I'm just gonna let that sit for a minute. Mounts collar, then went to clinic. And received treatments regularly for four months and was completely healed. She decided that she also wants learn Rakia and set up her own practice in Wii cool against all tradition. She was eventually able to persuade Dr yahtzee to allow her to work and train at the clinic for twelve months at the end of this time. It was felt that she had earned the privilege of receiving the second degree in Ricky, the advanced practitioner level. Now dig that twelve months of training before she received her level to how many practitioners do, you know? This is just a survey questioned by the way, how many practitioners do, you know, who took twelve months a whole year before they got ready to I know of you personally because I've taught them, but that's epic. That's full and other commitment because they weren't going about their. She wasn't going about her daily life in. Without this ritual of going to the school to learn rake and practice Ricky consistently. So it's not like, you know, she was averaged Jane going about her nine to five job coming home sleeping, waking up for about. Oh about eight to ten months and then coming in for like a few months at a time, you know in this year and saying, hey, let me train. No. She was going there pretty regularly for the entire twelve months. That's dedication. And if you should show that much that occasion in your training trust and believe it will show in your practice in the summer of nineteen thirty seven bound to return to Hawaii and set up her own Ricky clinic, she spent her time at that point healing and teaching Rakia doctor he or she visited mound Takata in February nineteen thirty eight invited her to become a Ricky master thirty seven to thirty eight another year before she was invited to become a raking master. He then said that she'd gone through enough tests lived up to the regular deals principles. She was the very first woman and the first foreigner to be given this honor. Yasha dumb returned to Japan. As the beginning of nineteen forty as you know, Japan was close to well that one thing with America. Dr Yasha was aware he'd be called up to fight as a man of healing in peace. She then decided the only honorable thing to do was to precipitate is transition to make darn Wilshire his affairs in order. So as he was doing this mount Takata woke up one morning and saw vision of Dr he or she she was very intuitive at the foot of her bed. She realized she must end immediately traveled to Japan on arrival. She met with Dr he or she explained his decision to leave. They spent many days planning the future. When he or she was satisfied he had safeguard the future of Rakia. He called all students in France together and said at this point man Takada will be the successor. And the third grand master of rake, the very first woman to be a grandmaster Raty dressed in traditional Japanese attire. He then lay down allows spirit to leave. Madam Takada was then stalled as next grand master to return to Hawaii continue her teaching and healing. This is how Rakia mated from Japan to America. This is also the story of Rakia was changed changed to portray the doctor Maceio sui was a Christian mouths collar realized that the American people and the western world in general would well hurt us, you know, kind of have certain feelings towards Japanese. I mean, who wouldn't there was that one thing between the Japanese and Americans well soon after it would be impossible to promote a method of healing with its roots. Firmly in boos him in Japan. I mean, let's face it that happened man Takata went on to train further. Twenty two raking masters before her death in December nineteen eighty there were two grandmasters installed to continue to call us work. This is also where the rookie split into various ideas and factions schools of thought now. Phyllis lay flat, which is the granddaughter mounted Takata rest, repeatable soul. And Dr Barbara Weber. This partnership was to run only a year for until for personal reasons. They split up to continue the work separately. Like, I said, different thoughts, different ideas. The Ricky alliance was formed by Phyllis Leif with him though. While Dr Webber set up the I R A, the American international Ricky association. Unfortunately, like spent many special things in this world. The human ego has taken hold. There are now several different rate associations throughout the world all fighting months each other each claim that they have the quote, correct way up teaching Rady, not even my way is the quote, correct? Way of teaching Rakia? Let me tell you what the correct he's Ricky is meditate pray, do whatever you feel is right as great heat and to your spirit and let it take you on a journey that is the proper way the quote proper way of teaching rigi. But that's not the way that people teach Ricky isn't. Nope. So here, we said, stay tuned. There is even a system of Rakia now being taught in get this eleven degrees. The latest rumors of an application to copyright Rakia seem to show how far this wonderful gift from God had been tainted. Now God being up. Subjective term for higher self spirit. All that good stuff. You understand? There's only one rake the, you know, sit down attained prayer achey, not the all encompassing. Eleven degree raking. No one has the right to clean as their own. It belongs to humanity in the universe. Are only wish is for the future Brady. That instead of fighting and bickering everyone involved with Ricky can once again, come together and unite in the true spirit of healing. Let's share experiences skills. The Rakia can be accepted universally as a natural treatment for mind body and spirit we need to work together to promote this cause it is vital in our increasingly harsh violent world that we changed. The whole psyche of humanity together we can bring this gift of healing to the world. We need Rakia practice in using every hospital in clinic in the world. That's right. Every single one because it is a holistic approach a compliment to the medical field snotty competition, and it never will be. It just is. Let's spread the word, positively. Let's make a difference. Let's make Dr Who sui doctor Yoshi and Madame Takata proud as well. The late leave Phyllis Leif Inamoto proud, let's honor their work and their memory. Let's live and internalized three key principles. And I'm gonna just briefly cover these principles because I want to embed within new small exercise before in this podcast, and I will cover the five vols depth on the next one on the next episode. But I just want you guys to meditate on these. And I'm actually going to go ahead and. Turn the music up. So you guys can really just vibe with these. And then we're going to end the and the show in Ray key. So for I go into this. I just want. Thank you all once again for being a part of my healing journey and listening to my healers musings. Lebanon, everyone. These are your five Ricky pencils? Just for today. I will not worry. Just for today. I will not worry. Just for today. I will not anger. just for two. I will not anger. Just for two. I will do my work. Honestly. Turn the volume up. Anyway. Sorry. Just for stay. I will not worry. Just for stay. I will not anger. Just for today. I will do my work. Honestly. Just for today. I will to my work, honestly. Just for today. We'll give thanks for many blessings. Just for today. I will give thanks for many blessings. Just for today. I will be kind to my neighbor and every living being. Just for today. I will be kind to my neighbor and every living being. Troll. All. The show and. Joel. Say. On. This show and. Oh, homeo- Joe. Say a key. All. As old and. Sounds. Show. Just for today. I will not work. Just for two I will not anger. Just four today. I will do my work. Honestly. Just for to today. I will give thanks for many blessings. Just for today. It will be kind to my neighbor and every living the. truly embracing your complexities means rejecting anything that can harm. You are like smoking cigarettes, which can damage nearly every part of your body tap, the Bannock Seymour this free life freedoms be tobacco free.

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