Monday 12/16/19 - Christmas Mass, Movies, And Traditions


All Right Bank today is Monday. December sixteenth Chicago. Dog Walk Carl. It's Christmas The Christmas Week I guess to bird here reporting for duty yeah. We don't know the schedule schedule next week. So we're doing Christmas episode now. Yeah it's the season yeah. Holiday Season Tubers reported. We got to birds for Christmas or Nala Leah. Virginia Baked Ham to Virginia Baked Ham. I depends I gotta talk to my old maid sees the smoke it but I think it's important if you're going to Virginia Bacon Ham slice it by hand. Don't get the electric slicer out. I hate hearing the electric sites around the kitchen. What's your What's sharp sharp tonight? Get a sharp knife. Put the Apron on get. Get your hands dirty but I feel like you can get Thinner slices I forgot to tell you something very important. was that when I was when I was treating the birds my hi dad pulled out like surgical gloves by plastic gloves. He's this way way cleaner operation. Forgot to tell you that our struggling struggling very it took effort to get these clubs on my hands very frustrated and they don't give a fuck about these gloves ribbon. Surgical gloves are something yet. When you need them like they they come in Handy and I know my dad's not listening? But you're a Weirdo for having those sort of just having them around the house anyways So yeah so you Do you have any Christmas traditions. I know you have one really a play. Is that right. Yeah it was yesterday in. We went to shenanigans instead for a Christmas nations park Chicago. I did at dinner my my my cousin my brother but it's historically we go to the Goodman theatre for Christmas Carol Larry Janda plays Ebenezer Scrooge in a classic landmark performance performance across Chicago. You'd really like this guy's head of the theater department at northwestern what's funny is when I saw them obviously and ask them how it was they said. Oh it's great same thing every year. I was like same thing really. They're like no like something changes like a little bit like it's just a little tweak. Yeah so like a little bit like miniature tweak they would do oh the probably the the best one is the ghost of Christmas past because she's flying around like crazy sometimes and other times she's like big and fat and other times it's like you know little guy and and so they like to change the like you know or is it going to be really funny in in some respects or who's going to be you know. Oh yeah so like all right I I could see that would be like jarring like that. Keeps people on the edge of their seats. Who's going to be the ghost past but a lot of the set stays the same and that's what allows us set to be so good for the same sat in it's like this is the land? This is goodman theaters like world series. Like they're just raking cash in right now like this is their gold standard. So it's always slammed when he go. Yeah right now. It is Gotcha holiday season season. PEOPLE WANNA get into place man so are you hosting this water now. No I'm not actually my wife and I have hardly talked about this and this is kind of weird because now that I'm married Christmases different. When you're single you go the home? You don't have to think it's a great holiday. You're taking care for like days on it so to that extent. Are you going home. Yeah I'm going home. I don't know if it's at my parents house. My sisters sisters or what but you don't care I don't care it doesn't matter to me. I get the tax today of or you know a couple of days before I show up. You know I'll probably run the target like the day before four kids some gifts and then that's that's it now. I'll have I have to go to my. I guess we do have a new tradition now because now that I have older brothers and stuff more married married were in that next Phase I have to. My mom is adamant that she has ever the boys our wives and the kids over ver- she's adamant she's like I don't give a shit with date is on the calendar. GotTa happen it. I don't care how close it. So it's December twenty first this year. You guys were actually there last year while I I was in Vegas. You guys weren't calling him. Yeah that was no is an interesting one white sox. Dave and chief were in my dad's garage but like stowed away just waiting. My mom was like fine. You can record a podcast Karaj on Christmas so I think it was it was. I think it was Christmas Eve. Yeah Yeah it was Christmas Eve yes yeah. It was Christmas Eve at at my parents house and everybody was just smart goal. Isn't that red eye radio. Do you have traditions. You guys are Italian. Do you guys like someone makes it dish. There's always There's always pasta there. Which I guess is maybe unique? Do you have a favorite but You know I guess favorite favorite tradition. Yeah I really do like it's it's pretty. It's pretty standard. I don't you know you watch all the movies you can you do the I don't no no like I don't go to midnight mass anymore. Okay so that was. Yeah like midnight mass this year. Yeah might like go out with those. I'm thinking like well. I'm in charge the house now like I'm getting up in my own bed and Christmas morning like you know those are actually Kids I might give any presence. Those are actually some. KFC's Zyppah best blogs. I think is when he talks about like Christmas mass. Or whatever and you know just going back and seeing people which Italy haven't seen in twenty years there's is just unbelievable. You know one thing never changes when I go to Christmas. Mass is like I don't care how this comes out but like you can't help yourself but just like check girls like ERC churches like the number. If you are checking and I'm sure the same thing goes for girls in there's like checking other dudes out but there's just something about it. Well I mean let's be honest standing there. It's not when you're when you're listening to the homily. It's not exactly good follows. You know you can get a little distracted. Yeah it's not and especially when you're a kid like you don't have any turmoil the church like I understand why parents go to church leaders been through some shit. Yeah you're a lesson to be going there in repenting for you're not even listen at the end I if I'm not mistaken isn't like usually the. It's the same right like Christmas. Like priests could have different homilies. I know same story same same. Yup Yup Yup GONNA say bad Catholic here. Because I don't really know I mean I think I think it's I think it's like the British open like a couple of courses you can pick from. Yeah no I like it right. You're you you can't get outside of the courses you pick. Yeah exactly like you get the manger you get the fucking Frankencense and Moore you know and then you just kind of go on with the story. So aw there's nothing different so yes of course when you're hearing the same story from it doesn't matter if it's your fucking Grandpa or or the priest you're gonna be mosinee around and maybe see some fucking a pair of black pants. It is what it is exactly. So there's there's I mean the movie s back actors interesting. I'm a huge. Do you have any tradition. I mean I you know what let me just come out and say this is. I'M A. I'm a weird guy. I'm really into Christmas. I've I've been into Christmas. It's like day after Thanksgiving tree goes up I'm really close to my mom. There's three boys but my mom's like tomboy but the stuff she goes all out on. It's just like you know you around the house as a kid helped put the tree up you know. She needed like girls to do it or any of that stuff. So there's a lot of the stuff we're like I know a ton about you. KNOW IF WE'RE GONNA get into Christmas. I was when we say you know like I've seen them a thousand times with like you know I'm just very into the holiday season and shit because I like it. It's it's cold and shitty man like there's something something about seeing the lights up and you know people are a little bit nicer so before we talk about any of this. I do WANNA come out and like confessing. I'm a big soccer for Christmas. Like fuck him starbucks starbucks changes the cops. Change The fucking cops. Yeah no I guess you know now that I think about it. I do have one tradition that I do bodies and I told you about that before. I mean you guys I know we like. I don't know they come over to my parents basement every yeah every Christmas Eve and we buy like the shittiest shittiest beer in the world like I'm talking steel reserve and Shit like that and we play this game whoever loses gotta drink the Shitty. I don't know and like everyone's rip and six and my parents. Space is the one day year where it's like all right. You know six or six are allowed inside and there's something special about everybody screaming inside like that's like everyone gets excited for it and Apparently smells like smoke. Yeah you know the Sean was is in and it was called. Yeah jewels away boy. So need to be I guess my only only real tradition and your only real tradition is just like a scumbag on baggage. Real fucking bad. Santa Burt no sorry. Billy Bob Thornton kinds of of bad Santa. I think that's the the funniest Chris was movie. I know people people love Alf. And it's got its place you don't like health. I mean like we're talking Christmas movies empowering and I'm Mike it's a B it's in the category for me I'll watch it but I'm not like jerk off to it. Like people are like sending memes and Shit. Do you have a top five do do I have one that I'm GonNa Blake. Nah I get really put one on a spot for you right now. But that's right. You don't have to do it. Let's let's let suckers was before we get to Christmas. 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Back it just bigger. You know what I like to to better I do. I like the bird lady or do you like the. Do you like the toy story like you like the toy store. fucking soccer for Dunkin's toy chest aren't NFL Schwartz. Guy As a kid I was not Enough Air Schwartz guy but I I know of it. I mean I was born here. There's one in Oak Brook. Okay okay because I the main one there wasn't one at all broke. The main was in New York. I know I know closers okay. I'm off track. junkins Dunkin's toy chest. I mean that shot of just did you know Joe Patchy and fucking blanking on his name right Daniel Stern Daniel Stern poke their heads out through those little fucking houses. That's great you know that's classic they can rip off at toy stores pretty funny. Yeah them running up the Kevin running up the fucking shoot where they're dumping the garbage at the fucking renovated. How good in that? One though are like noticeably. More dangerous like they're like fall. I mean he's like throwing bricks off the house if these these guys face so that's a that's a I mean. Mark Turns into a fucking skeleton. Man Get I mean. That's a great now. Do you know about home alone. John Hughes who wrote those. He wrote the heap deep when he was making those movies. I don't WanNa come off as a movie. Harto sorry I get excited about the stuff. So but the story is John Hughes. We made a movie wanted he yet. It is like a comic book in his mind. Comic Book was like Live Action. So it was. That's why everything's so over the top. Oh well that's pretty interesting. So it's it's a long drive past the house as a kid you throw edit. I've I've I've done a lot of shit like that but I've never driven past that house. Okay but if the jingle all the way house was here you drive past all the way you know. I like that movie. You don't like it. That's that's not just your Christmas top five that's in your actual power as it's awesome dude. Honestly it's an awesome. Do you not like it. I like it who would take your hook on it though is it's just I. Ah I'm sure okay. I love a good road trip. Okay so obviously the movie road trip. I'm trying to think of another movie where it's like. They're constantly on the go while well he's always was on the go. You know like every time it's like you bring me to another spot and it's like all right here we go. You know. I had this in your adventure category category. Yeah it's great. You know what I mean. Put it up there with like you know Star Wars. There's my second star wars reference rises skywalker coming out. I can't help myself just picture that you're the setting is like all right. I Arnold downtown now. He's all the way in fucking Oakbrook you know. He's trying to fucking wheel and deal turbo man. Yeah Turbo Man. Woods his special. Jill dougherty remember I don't know I don't think they went that deep on terrible man but I love. We loved Jingle all the way now the kid who in jingle all the way ready for this one on guys. He's in Phantom menace. Third IF I can make another no I'm GONNA get on my other references in fun fact. He quit acting because people are being after he. It was annexed Guy Walker. Isn't that just yeah. Any went to Columbia College College. So Star Wars fans four year institutions. All all right. So what about A Christmas story. A personal story is good. Okay story I think that brings out like that just like smells like childhood. It's it's one of those things you walk outside. You can't miss it because it's on like I think what's a TNT plays for twenty four straight hours. Yeah that's a kind of the way like AMC BS. Maybe maybe they used to Godfather. Yeah no you can't miss it. I am off guy. I don't love it like like Oh you know what I do. WanNa give more home alone before we moved forward Don't overdo home alone. Now you know like home alone I it's kind of bothering me. It's turning into the office in a sense. You can't if you're playing it before you get like I've watched it once now I you can't. You can't double down before you get to like the teen. Yeah you know what I mean like. It's come into the office like it's like I don't know like everyone just kind of sucking his dick to everyone loves it like that's take it easy but yeah now getting install say Christmas vacation awesome that Classic bears hat is just just a that. Doc I mean it's it's like once you start talking Christmas vacation and now you're like it's it's hard to kind of like this. Is why kind of struggle with jingle all the way so be honest with you because you hit you have these like I mean landmark movies by Christmas vacation is like that's you know that's in the vault. See I'm telling you it's just like movie rat race like you know just like you change up these locations on me and like all right like Oh you know. A Lot's going on. I just appreciate that too. You do black and white no I know what fucking thirty four street or something case it. Just say thirty thirty four. We have to say it's a wonderful life so people won't bill units wonderful. That's a great one George. We never seen actually Christmas and Connecticut's a great one Sydney any Green Street. I believe plays. What's your mother's favourite one? My mother's favorite one is probably. Oh mark can we watch I would say a probably. My Dad's favorite is scrooge scourges. Good and Bill Maher. Just I've been saving that one. That's a good one that The the cabdriver I forget his name is the villain Mr Nanny with whole Cobra and that guy is like a real villain. Mr Nanny is warious movie. Why did you bring that up? I don't know because because the guy if you know this guy you know talking about I forget his name but he's like a scary looking guy. Yeah Mr any such a good movie. diehard word is a Christmas movie depending on the context in which you watch it so like. I don't like people in the same way you. You gotta go easy on home alone like take it. Easy with like diehard hardly. You're not the kind of people trying to Haro when like shot in the conversation. Joke is kind of like not well. You're really late like my cousins ends and I were. Were doing the die hard stuff like the early two thousands. We like John. Mclean a Christmas so like now that I'm in my thirties on my all right man. I've kind of taken lap on that. I think we've hit. Most of the classic is Gremlins. I like Gremlins GREMLINS is in its base in Chicago right. The APP believe so so Fred Claus needs more respect. Someone says to me while I ask a question on twitter because I feel like if I miss something here like a big one. Someone's going to be like you son on a bit. How about Jack? Frost were Michael Keaton and comes back as the snow. That's so weird in the Sun is like my dad he's a fucking Muppets day yeah muppets. Yeah someone's okay. Well all right Carl. How grinch stole Christmas causes? This is a good one on Netflix. That came out to animated. You get a chance to check that one out animated. Yeah all right anything else before we go. I'm GonNa go home and Light a Nice holiday arief candle. I'M GONNA DIM my lights. I'm GonNa lay on my couch my dog. I'm GONNA drink some spiced eggnog. And we'll have more of this root beer. CBD and. I'm GonNa have myself a nice Christmas weekend and dice I love it have Have enjoy yourself. I mean we're going to be back. I think I don't know the holiday schedule yet. But we'll have a couple of shows over Christmas week but besides that also also jingle all the way a little teaser here later in the week later in the sorry I keep calling all the way Big John the mailman. I brought him on Christmas special so He He. You did not like jingle all the way either he was not listen. Don't pay me someone who doesn't like I don't know I'm just saying like nowhere used on my passion for it. Is that right. Well now I understand it and now I have to go back and watch it. It's I'm busy plus. Okay Santa clause with Tim Allen Fucking I knew I was lingering. Oh you said okay. You'd mentioned that is such a good one. Yeah all right then everybody That's it for today. We will catch you tomorrow.

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