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Smoke. North of. Small. Wish small. I'm making a close now. What's going on ladies and gentlemen it's Friday morning actually fuck I. Hope you're not listening to this Friday morning this be rough wakeup call. To five a M, but it is full auto Friday and. You know the deal I got some questions I got five minute time limit but I actually really enjoyed the twitter QNA. At the end. So I tried to hook people up this week and actually give them a chance to answer because last week. I, think about twenty minutes and that wasn't fair or enough. So. I have three questions pick out and I will do my best to hold myself to that five minute time limit and then beyond that, what we're GonNa do who is some quitter quitter? Well, we are GonNa talk about buds a little bit. So quitters will probably come up twitter rapid-fire Acuna haven't even looked at the questions I'll pull out my phone. We'll take a look at them. Here we go. Also. Before. Here we go. For everybody who has reached out let last week I explained how to the easiest way to submit a question holy. Shit. Balls. I was not prepared for the volume of messages that I got but I can't think everybody enough. For, taking the time to actually send them in. So I'm doing my best and I'm trying to pick topics that I haven't covered. And topics that are always the same most of the questions were military based, get it because of my background. But if I'm being totally honest military questions are not my favorite because to me pass that point having said that he'll. First question comes from Scott in just for people who know who right in only a best gonNA use your first name. Sir Most. People want some level of anonymity. So Here we go. I I want to lead with the states of America, is the greatest country in the world because of its citizens that being said, I have heard many people in the military in general and the Special Operations Community in particular. Lament, their recruiting issues with young. People. I believe there are plenty of young people who love America and want to serve. But maybe they feel like I am not the ranger or the seal type. What are some cool military occupational specialties that you had touch points with in your career? That could make you think. If I hadn't become a seal that might have been a cool job. I think I heard you got your pilot's license. So Rotary or fixed wing aviation is an easy answer. But I got on the pilot stuff too. So throw that in there. Then the bonus question at the bottom, we'll get to that. All Right Scott. I like this question. Because the military if you look at Special Operations I don't know the exact percentage. Of military members who are in the special operations community but it super small. So. It makes total sense that most people when they are talking about the military or their desire to serve the military, they're not gonNA lead with that it's a small percentage of people. Who are drawn to that career path and the advice I want to give is to anybody who's looking at the military in general for any type of service because I often get these questions. And what I will say an open with is. That the military is going to get their pound of flesh out of you you need to understand you're going to assign you are going to sign an enlistment contract and you're going to be held to that contract absence some. Very. Bizarre circumstances that may allow you out of that, and that's okay if you go into it with that understanding. You should also take into that situation. The understanding that you too can get your pound of flesh. It's going to be a give and take, and the military is GonNa take priority most times of your personal desires and goals but. There really is something in the military for I. Think. Everybody, there are people who can go for job training. There are people who can go for educational benefits. There are people who could go to their socio economic situation and kind of elevate themselves in that standing and climb the ladder out of wherever they are I served with all of those people. What I would say is determine what you WANNA do rotary wing and fixed wing. Aviation Scott say specifically, those would have been really cool options. And It goes beyond just the person flying the aircraft or the one or two people flying the aircraft if you're interested in aviation but more on the mechanical side of the House or the design side of the House or the engineering side of the house, they have specialties four that in each one of the military services. oftentimes, people make a joke about military intelligence, but I often found them to be very interesting people to talk to. And they specialize in some of them human intelligence signals, intelligence I saw whether men and women who specialized the they were. You know essentially exactly what you would see I. Don't know the training for somebody you see during the weather on the news but these people were specialists in the weather we would rely on them in our briefing process is well. There are people you know I was in the Navy obviously, which is most people probably think boats and submarines. To me that's not my cup of tea. I did not enjoy my time on either of those platforms but there were people out there who totally did and they would geek out and I say that in the most positive way because they enjoyed what they were doing. On whatever their job was whether that be a radarscope operator or a radio men or people were working on sonar, the stuff and the programs or Nuclear propulsion I mean, there's people now who doing physics for a living incredibly intelligent enlisted men and women. You know keep a nuclear submarines from fucking exploding which I hope is not that hard of a job, but I suspect that it is because it's a nuclear engine. You could become a specialist in weaponry and work on weapons. You could go the military police route. I I mean I could go on and on and on and I think it's less about what would have been cool to me. And more about what is cool to each individual who is looking at military service. you could to a degree. Look at military training or military service as vocational training, you could absolutely come out of four, three, four, five, six, year enlistment. And be head and shoulders above. If not at least equal to your peers in the civilian sector in whatever vocation you may have chosen. So. In addition to that, there's the educational benefits. There's the healthcare and all the other programs that are open and available to veterans. There's an amazing amount out there some of them you have to research and find on your own but that's the way that it should be. It's not going to be spoon fed to you. It really. Is a matter of sitting down. In determining not only what you want to do in the military but what you want to get out of your service if you know had not going to be a lifer, which is totally fine I think most people in the military don't do twenty years in a wakeup to get retirement. Define your end state in where you WANNA be before you go in. That would be the advice that I would give myself. I got out at seventeen years I would have stayed until twenty my body was not going to support that. But if I had known, I was going to get out at seventeen or fifteen or ten or whatever. It may be the advice I would give my younger self is regardless of occupation, define your end state and where you want to be so that you have a target on the wall, you can march towards your entire time and you can say, yes to schooling programs or no to schooling in programs that might be offered to you. So You'll be better off than when you went in because four years in the military. If you don't have a plan for yourself, trust me the military will occupy for years of your time and you will at the end of that if you're not thinking about getting out, you'll have probably a little bit more money in your pocket a little bit more life experience but where you are in that moment in comparison to where you could be. Man. It's the width of the Grand Canyon metaphorically and. I hope that helps Scott Mic your bonus question because this is about snacking when you're drunk. Really the answer to that is you want to. Question number two. From Dave. I just started my ten year old son in MMA class MIS mixed martial arts class. I think most people know what that is but you never know so there you go. He was bored at home and lonely as an only child child during this quarantine I bet that's a that's a tough one. We wanted him to start last year but his schedule was full of other sports Missouri still allowing gyms to operate, and they aren't really practicing social distancing which I get. That's going to be pretty tough to do an involved MMA class with. Legitimate, social distancing the entire time. Dave continues. I am torn. I'm a huge proponent of what Ma in combat sports can do for kids and anyone really. But I'm a little concerned about the health risk for him and US. I know it is risky to be in the job right now. But who knows when things will get back to normal? What is your stance on attending training during covert and what decision have you made for yourself and your family? say the say thank you for preaching the positive aspects of in MMA. You in another podcast I regularly listened to have renewed my desire to get my son involved and I'm also looking at starting back up. Thanks and stay safe. Dave. Well, that's awesome. I think you absolutely should get back in there and get started up. Ma I'll start with my. My stance on this. If I'm being totally honest, I have not stopped trading since this entire process has played itself out. For the following reasons. I'M GONNA, go back to something you said in your answer this you said, I, know it's risky to be in the gym right now and I agree with you Dave on that to a degree. Risk is something that I have been looking at and trying to assess manage mitigate. Ever. Since I joined the military it, they call the OEM cycle in the navy the operational risk. Management Cycle. In that circle in that cycle. You will never take the risk of something two zero and that doesn't mean that you should ignore risk because let me be very clear. There's. Two distinct buckets there is risking or accepting risk, and then there is gambling. I will never gamble with my life or the life of people that I care about but I am. Always have been I suspect always will be. Comfortable and willing to absorb risk as long as I am paying attention to it has been assessed analyzed mitigated to the best of my ability. The reason I chose to continue training there's a few. One I was able to find a very small group of people to consistently train with an all of us were managing our social contacts and our travel if there was any. So I felt very comfortable with the level of risk of being exposed in that environment to you look at the number one risk factor when it comes to covid nineteen, the number one. In the number two seems to be age in obesity. So I'm not yet into the age category where I'd be the highest risk and I'm certainly not in the obesity category and the reason for that is as I try to stay incredibly active and I take responsibility for my own health. So I don't eat like fucking garbage disposal and expect my metabolism. Great. You know my body founded next whatever it may be i. try to eat healthy. I, train. Outside of Jitsu as much as I can stay active because I wanna be a healthy person because health health is my personal responsibility. And then I, looked at the Mortality Rate. Of covid nineteen and for where I am not being obese person with people that would allow me to manage my contacts knowing that would do to my mental health, which would probably be the number. One thing in this environment that would spiral me out of control I made the informed decision to willingly accept that threshold of risk to myself and to the people that I might be potentially exposed to. Everybody's going to have a different level of risk that they are comfortable with but that one fete fit well within any boundaries that I have for myself in any risk that I thought of transmitting anything to others, and throughout that entire time period this last I don't even know how long it has been six seven months I have not felt ill single time. If I had I would have stopped trading I would've isolated myself the instant that I felt bad and I would have notified people but that never happened nor did happen to anybody that I was training with now live in Montana's or slightly more geographically disparate. Smaller. Populations may not work for everybody, but everybody has the ability to do their own risk versus reward. So. That's my take on why I have continued to train. they're not going to really be able to socially distance if you take your son to an enemy class I. Agree with you, and this goes back to what you are willing to tolerate when it comes to that risk perspective for your own family is think the benefits for young men and women learning how to handle themselves in an environment where violence may be present while where they are gonNA, learn the ability to control the violence situation to be comfortable in a violent situation to not be bullied to have the tools to take care of themselves. The. Depending on where you live. Those are the things that I would be putting the other category. The opposite side of risk you know MMA great to me when I read that I see that as a combination of striking in jujitsu largely. So on your feet on the ground, I hear people all the time talking about Jujitsu as a superpower actually having this conversation today with one of my coaches. Jujitsu is not a superpower. I really wish that people would stop saying that it doesn't stop bullets and if somebody jumps in when you're on the ground and they have eight friends there, you're gonNA get your face soccer kicked into the next century. There A- gives you the ability. To. Do some pretty incredible things to people who are untrained and largely to people who are trained. But if you think it's a superpower. You are in my opinion. Setting yourself up for a long term disaster it is not a superpower, but it's an amazing skill. It will feel like a superpower when you are physically rolling with our hands on with somebody who doesn't have any training, but that is about it and please keep that in the back of your mind. But it's so wildly beneficial. That for me in my life, it outweighed the risk of exposure and Dave I. Know you're probably asking or wanting for a more specific answer and I can't give it to because I don't know your family situation don't know the situation at the gym, but I would go in there and I would look at how they are cleaning. Are they taking of the mats? Are they taking care of the equipment or they taking every possible step that they can to be? As hygienic as possible are they advocating for handwashing? They have a bucket on the ground when you step on and off the Matt's where you can clean your feet too. They have hand sanitizer out You know make sure people are washing their geeze they're stressing hygiene for people come into class with clean equipment used equipment. There's a lot of stuff that you can do and I have not travelled around to a lot of schools, but I have heard some horror stories. From people who have so make sure that the gym is doing everything that they can, and then you're gonNA have to sit down and make the decision for yourself. And hopefully that helped at least a little bit last one before we go into the Cuna. This is from Chandler. Hey Andy any advice or tips from coming back from a deployment I in the US Army reserves and this is my first deployment and in the process of coming home parentheses which sucks. Here, you and a host of other vets talk about transitioning and how can be stressful on the individual and those around that person. A relationship not married and going back to a good job when I am home any advice says much appreciated. Love what you do. Had to think about this one for a second because I do have advice but I was trying to figure out the most. Effective place to start or that the number one piece of advice that I would start with. In, the more I thought about it because I don't know if this is a combat deployment, I don't know where you were in the world I don't know what you did on your deployment. So I wanted to go a little bit broad. My advice number one step is expectation management. Whether you were involved in daily combat or you were just deployed for sex months eight months, ten twelve months, whatever may be. There has been a gap in your physical presence with the people that you worked with and the person that you're in a relationship with you probably were communicating. at a level that was less than when you are face to face. The individuals that you worked with they continued on with their life when you were gone and your significant other likely had to be much more independent. I. Again, this is broad because I don't know your specific relationship. But if you had a healthy relationship, they are going to have to develop some level of independence because quite frankly you were just gone. When you get back, it doesn't unwind all of that stuff. Would it it'll actually do. Why can't say actually what it may do is throw a little bit of a hiccup into everybody's daily life to include yours. I'm no doubt that the person relationship with will be very happy to have you back in his her life. But if they have developed a you know sense of. And they have been. You know taking charge of things that you normally would take charge of don't come right back in and try to come over the top and do everything. And also don't expect it to be perfect either at your job or in your relationship, and that's where I stay expectation management. It's okay if it's not perfect when you come back, I would almost say you should expect it to not be perfect when you come back and allow a little bit of space for. The inhale and exhale the natural expansion and contraction of that relationship and give it time. To integrate back in smoothly what I would recommend you not do is come in over the top. Swing for the fences trying to be the big boss everywhere. Comeback in listen more than talk. And Be grateful that you're there be happy that you're there enjoy the relationship with your significant other enjoy the fact that you're going back to a good job, and hopefully the people that you're working with you enjoy them as well. And then you know in addition to that if you were on a combat deployment in my own head space. I often found that a lot of the decisions that. People. Were, spending a lot of time. Energy and effort just sitting there worrying about it when I got back the decision that even matter to me because I was used to a very black and white head space of life or death decisions and anything beneath that. It was just like you took this stereo and you drove everything down to a to an overseas it was up at a ten. Be Very. Cautious. being dismissive to the struggles of others or the things that other people are bothered by when you get back. If you think they're insignificant in comparison to what you just came from do yourself a favor and everybody else favor keep your mouth shut and let people work through their own issues. Very few people if you coming from kinetic combat deployment or going to understand what that environment is like, and that is exactly the way I wanted to be because that means not a lot of people are actually living in working in that environment a good thing. So. Take a breath, take a breather realize your head space may be different from others. Have some empathy have some understanding And Try to enjoy the fact that your home enjoying the things that you spent your first appointment. With your toes on the line. Protecting. And then is all I have for you. Chandler I hope that helps. A fire my phone right now and it's going to get wild because here we go. rapid-fire twitter GNA I have not looked at these questions. Holy. Shit. There's ninety seven I'm going to go for the next five minutes. Here we go. D-. What would you suggest someone looking to start cross fit look for in both a facility it's coaches and its members led the podcast and guests. I would say a couple things one and this actually goes to people looking for a Jujitsu jam look for diversity of members. If it's all eighteen to twenty, four year old men and they're trying to kill each other may not be the environment for you. I would look for a diversity in age and sex and I would look for trainers that are available that you can have a conversation with they seem genuine, and then I would go into the bathroom and take a look at how clean the bathroom is just like Mr. Frankel said on the full out of Friday ahead home with Travis Davison go into the bathroom and see how much effort they put into cleaning the bathroom something that heard Greg glassman say and his incredibly true if they care about what they're doing, it looked like you could eat dinner off the floor they don't give a shit looks like a dumpster fire perhaps go somewhere else. All right. Do you think how nick do you think we are headed towards some kind of revolution and how do you think it would play out? Thanks you have an awesome podcast. Thank you. Nick I, appreciate that. I do not think that we are headed towards some type of revolution I think that the pendulum swings to the left into the right, and eventually it will find its place in the middle. If we were to head towards a revolution and I'm GONNA use maybe you're seeing things on the news like either ANTIFA or the protesters in Portland or Seattle or wherever they're consistently getting after it. How do I think that would actually play out if A gun play specifically came into. Came into effect what I think you would see is that those protests would. vaporize. Overnight because the idea of carrying a gun and acting like you're a bad ass. Then getting into a gunfight with a trained individual or a team of individuals is who quite a stark difference. They would get their asses handed to them and I think it would shut it down almost immediately and I don't want to see that happen at all. I, support the First Amendment, as much as I support the second amendment but I really don't think we're heading down that path because I think at the end of the day. Nobody actually wants that to happen because it would be it wouldn't evolve. Our Society at all I think it would take our country in the opposite. Direction. What's one thing you'd like to do but haven't gotten the chance to do that. Let me tell you I had the exact answer. This I wanna go to Ireland because I've never been and I want to go to the Guinness Factory because I've never been there and drink Guinness from the tap and then offer them. Whatever amount of money that they want to allow me to swim in the Guinness Tank? That is the one thing that I'd like to do in all seriousness no I would like to Ireland and go see the Guinness Factory. What are some of your favorite dishes that the Afghans in Iraqis cooked a no community relations was important. So I figured you guys would sit down for dinner with them at times. Let me just tell you something if forced between Afghani Iraqi food I would choose starvation. I got so sick in both countries from local food that I would go to dinners and I. Would pick at the things that I could recognize and I drink more water than anything and lose weight and not eat the food. I have never been so sick in my life and I'm not talking down about Iraqi. Ref Gani food. But I'm saying I've had bad experiences both have never been extremely exploratory with my food choices as it is so yeah, I, choose starvation. Are you surprised that tactical asshole actual was not banned from a daily. Yes. I am because I put that video back up of the blowing his head off, and it actually stayed up I consider that a victory over the Internet. Recommended training in addition to be JJ this is ethan I'd say stand up of some kind you should here's the thing manage all of your ranges and distances. So I would say managed the mid range when somebody has their hands on you and you can't get them off which would be grappling and largely Brazilian Jujitsu and then some striking distance, and then you know what? There's something that can add to that distance and that would be a gun if you feel comfortable doing that manage all of your distances be competent and deadly in all of them, and then you're really not going to have to worry about anybody doing anything. Aaron Kaiser. As a frog member from Danny's it's cracked up to be I can't say I've had the Frogman Berg. Burger. What they're talking about a Danny's restaurant on Orange Avenue in Coronado the hamburgers in there are lights out. Good. If you ever go to Coronado, go to Danny's in, get a hamburger with it, I would go with a Guinness. How accurate in bad ass was the act of valor hot extraction seen a refuse to watch that movie. I don't know what the scene is but I'm going to say was absolute. Dog Shit. Matthew Webster Red Velvet cake or chocolate cake both in him at the same time, I could put both pieces that on one four can shove that in my face. Brian blankenship a female friend of my daughter is the navy with the goal of going to buds. Other than don't quit any particular advice for a young woman who intends to pursue that path. Dan Interesting question off the top of my head. I would say expect no quarter from anybody you either go in with the ability to achieve the standards and exceed them or you should expect you are going to get shit canned period. The standard should be blind she should expect no special treatment and I wish her the absolute best of luck. WHO's the best archer out of YOU JAAKKO or Rogan leave that up to doubly On is too much. Auto depends on what you're talking about it. We talking about a car or a gun, my theory on guns when it comes to fully automatic as there's two types of people that use them actors and Assholes, you pick which one you would like to be. Which dress blues uniform is the best the Marine Corps is have the best looking class a uniforms hands down anybody who says different can go fuck themselves. P Duffy you could interview anybody from the past or present. WHO WOULD IT BE? I'm going to go with Adolf Hitler I would interview him and then choke him to fucking death that way we wouldn't have to deal with his bullshit The last one. Trying. To find a good one here. Don Tom. Have I shot a mule deer yet if so how big was it will end on this because it's almost hunting season yes. I have shot one mule deer. Full disclosure. I've shot at many more mule deer, but I've killed one. How big was it was about ten hands and that is it for full of freedom. If he has got questioned symbol same way you did and either contact buttons on Andy Stump Dot Com or cleared podcast. Please put full out of Friday in the subject line. So I can google search at easily. See you next Friday.

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