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EP. 363 - RACE TO ZERO ft. Thomas DeLauer


Pat Project crew welcomed. Today's show. This episode was recorded on April first and it is with the one and only Thomas deal our Thomsen. Our has a huge youtube following. He shares a bunch of information in regards to like fasting. Even light therapy Diet nutrition just a whole slew of things Super Smart Guy. Really really fun. Charismatic Guy to be around and today we got into a bunch of different things. Specifically how the the lockdown has affected his content and viewership of his Youtube Channel. And because of some of this he's actually started changing some of his content Kinda more generalizing things instead of being super specific about certain things almost Dumbing it down a little bit just to try to reach a broader audience but what really brought this whole thing together was We got a different side of Thomas than any of us had ever seen. Mark had put out one of his multiple posts about the the Hashtag raced zero followers and Thomas displaying simply was like yes. Sign ME UP TOO. So we got into that and we really just we. We gave Thomas a He called it a therapy session. We basically just let him vent for a little while talking about the war where his frustrations come in from. You know he explains. He has two million subscribers on youtube and no matter how hard how hard he tries he absolutely just cannot please everybody. And there's always gonna be somebody that has something smart say and what brought this up was a post that he made on the Mediterranean Ketogenic Diet Somebody went off and he was just like fouts. It lasts thousand Little Astro GonNa join on the race zero. Obviously neither one of them are serious Well actually you know. Maybe mark really is serious but that was the gist. That was the main reason why we made this. Podcast happen so on top of that. We did talk about the Mediterranean Keto Diet We asked him basically just does food quality herbs meat quality matter. You know can a A hamburger patty from in and out be the same. As like a grass-fed grass finished hamburger patty along with like processed meats. And all that stuff Really we were just excited to be able to have an opportunity to talk to. Thomas Lower Encima mentioned several times that he was fan. Girling the whole time so it was really cool to To see that and really just to have Thomas on the show super quick as quick as possible. Please make sure you guys are taking advantage of mark. Well DOT COM Mark Ball Dot COM is an easy way free gain access to all of Mark Bells workouts every single day Abrahani workout. And Right. Now he's giving a free thirty day trial so his head over to Marc Bell Dot com sign up and you have access to the entire website for thirty days for absolutely free and also on that website. There is a huge emphasis on body weight. Movements slingshot movements and HIP circle movements. So your body weight all you need now is the hip circling. The slingshot head over to Marc Bow. Slingshot Dot Com right now and you can receive twenty percents off any slingshot and Hip Circle Combo At any slingshot of your of your choice at any hip circle of your choice and you'll receive twenty percent off in while you're there. Please make sure you check out the new color ways of the Gangsta rap's there so doped. There's the red one the white one and then like a grain read one it straight fire and also we have kids hip circles to For a lot of parents I know we have to have pe at home now and we have to stay indoors as best as much as possible. it's really cool to be able to have a A HIP circle for the kiddos. So please take those out and Ladies and gentlemen please enjoy the show dude mark. What's dinner and I'm glad you asked because I'm GonNa go home and reverse sear a thirty six ounce Tomahawk Rib eye from certified Piedmontese. Take that bad boy. I'M GONNA throw it in the oven for a few minutes on an iron cast iron pan and then after that new take it out and I'm GonNa hear it in the Pan On the on the stove. But I'm looking forward to up to throw some butter on that. GonNa make some amazing food porn. Oh wait while that like. I used to think that it was only fat like really really high fat. Because I love revise that really contributes like steak tasting. Good but like you know. Piedmont sees the rabbis that the Catholic six to eight grams of fat compared to twenty other places and they're so tender and juicy and succulent on top of all that they'll deliver it right to your door. I don't know how it's best of all worlds. He has got to check this out. It's Piedmontese Dot com that's P. I E. D. M. O. N. T. E. DOT COM at checkout enter Promo Code Power Project for twenty five percents. Off Your order injure orders ninety nine dollars more. You get free two day shipping. Yeah so today. We're GONNA have Thomas to lower on. I'm really excited. Have I'm kind of curious what he's talking about. We got into a small texts back and forth this morning and he was saying how he's Kinda frustrated with social media that he's done and he's a doubt me on the race zero followers but I did see that. He put up a post about the Mediterranean Mediterranean version of the Kito Diet which Mediterranean diets kind of Kito ask Kind of as it is and maybe he got a lot of like blowback from that. Maybe he's pissed about that in funny. Enough is Last night I had to hotdogs in to flying Dutchman so Maya my thing was the exact opposite of the direction that he's heading in but I think if anyone's to Kinda just use their head. I think that anything that's natural from. You know things that come from the earth things. That are pretty obvious that they're meant for us to eat. I don't think they can really cause you harm and I think that you could try to over eat them but I think over a period of time you eventually probably Would choose not to especially if you weren't adding a of weird sauces and kraft to the food. If you kept the ingredients mild. I think if you're eating rice and potatoes and steak and chicken and fish along with vegetables and fruit. I think you would live a very powerful very healthy life. Yep the Mediterranean. Kito thing that he did I think he made a video about it. Who's like two or three months back? It was really interesting because like I've never heard somebody talk about. Kita like that or I mean the others Kito but yet he like He. He formulated it in a very specific way and he's done that a lot with a lot of other things too so I'm just going to be interesting. What he What problem he has right now. You guys have the ability to look up. What the Mediterranean Diet. I'm I'm just on my phone. So don't have access to anything else. Maybe you cannot get a definition. I I my understanding is that you are eating like Some all of an olive oil and almonds and things of that nature trying to get in the kind of quote unquote used to be called like healthy fats. But I guess We would just maybe call him Unsaturated Fat I think that's kind of part of the goal is to get more fish and more of those types of fats in your diet not really necessarily saying that saturated fat is bad because we know that saturated fats not necessarily bad but I think that is the the bad rap on saturated fat has and you know people think it comes from like a quarter pounder with cheese for McDonald's or something like that but Over a period of time people have kind of recognized that hey it's not just a cheeseburger itself about the burgers. The meat's not cheese. It's the combination of eating all that surplus calories with the bread with the bud and with the French fries with the chocolate. Shake that you wash it all down with. Yes so Google says. The foundation of the Mediterranean diet is vegetables fruits herbs nuts and whole grains meals are built around these plant food plant based foods moderate amounts of dairy poultry and eggs are also central to the Mediterranean. Diet as is seafood. In contrast red meat is eaten only occasionally. Yeah there's a lot and there's a lot of people that have lived over a hundred years old. You know these Centurion people that people talk about here and there A lot of them they do eat meat but They have red meat once or twice a week. So it'd be interesting to kind of hear his his take on on some of that and I always think the answer lies somewhere in the middle so to me. What you saying sounds very rational in my opinion. Masculine this mark. Why is it that cause I know you do eat fish? Obviously looking up senior kill Sushi. Be Like the past past like about I don't seem eat fish as much. And obviously you can eat fish on a carnival diet so do you not like it that much or is it. Just don't care up here we go. I do like fish and I eat it Whenever I whenever I have an opportunity to but I don't normally cook fish at home is the main thank got you this handsome guy and the beard connects Elliot does That unclear man can Johnny Yummy. Yeah we got you buddy thought manner you are you are you coastal or you in Sacramento. I'm in a Databa- so yeah. Yep that's that's my old stomping grounds. You know that right. Yeah you were telling me that. That's that's pretty cool so we got the Andrews era goes on the podcast as well. He's our podcast engineer. And then we haven't seen a ESPN is our podcast hosts as well awesome. Have you on the show man? I really am excited. Get an opportunity to to chat with you. How HAS ANYTHING CHANGED WITH? Your Your Business aning change. I mean you do a lot of youtube. You do millions of Youtube Video. So that's probably you know the same right now. It's weird people's minds are in a different place right now though so it's not Routed in trying to be something I'm not Up Stayed The course and I know that it's going to be a rough ride because people aren't I shouldn't say rough I mean it's still find people aren't interested in like how we can get or they're not interested in intermittent fasting right now. It's just not not their thing. I mean they are to a degree but I think it's going in one year and out the other because there's an underlying sort of sense of fear and panic people right now so it's Rather than pitted A bunch of covert content. I just I just. That's not me I decided I want to talk about what I want to talk. About and So Yeah I've seen a dip probably about a thirty to forty percent dip in viewership but it's all based. It's all running parallel with the Google trends on. Kito and fasting right now anyway and then have you kinda paused. Some of the stuff that is you probably have a lot of content that you already shot so he just kind of holding onto that time so much like much like a what's like you. I mean content machine so usually a video that I'm filming today. Isn't airing for three months. So right now we had a lot of content that was filmed back in January earlier. However most of the content we get filmed was much more geared towards summer weight loss. Things like that getting people in that mode which were were pushing that all back a little bit and inserting some some different more entertaining content at his. I don't know if people are in the head space to have dense science right now. I think people just want lighthearted stuff. Yeah in regards. So you're in regards to the more light hearted stuff Have you thought about maybe doing any kind of like just general health stuff like really dumbing everything down in this stems from a post put on on the power project? Instagram where Basically saying like a lot of good stuff has come from all of this People are all of a sudden now really interested in being healthy whereas before they were just like whatever not washing their hands then now all of a sudden it's like Oh somebody coughs. I don't WanNa be around you anymore. So has some of the content may be switched towards like Just kind of dumbing everything down even further. Yeah for sure definitely definitely dumbing it down. You know it's a little off brand for me to dumb it down generally because I'd like to dense so I've I've tried. That was like okay. It's really hard for me to not. You know I come from a such a nerd grown up in so bullied all the time. It's like I always justify with science rights like at first. I base my life justified muscles then I realized I didn't do shit are fuck so then I was like okay. Well let me try to be smart dumb things now and people actually really do appreciate it. But it's getting over my own mental blocks with that and yes it has worked very basic foods that help out your immune system very simple things that I would say. Normally Bob People don't want to see that it's too basic but I think you know much like you guys. I mean household names within the industry. People are GonNa Trust even basic information from us so so yes. I have done that. And it's actually performed quite well and then I'm trying to bridge the gap between the kind of things I normally talk about and perhaps the immune system. Obviously I talked about fasting. I talk about key to a lot bridge. The gap and see how does actually play in with the immune system and at least at least keep that relevant to got. Us curious about that sincere. Were mentioning a little bit of fasting and the immune system. I'm guessing you're making some concept for that would if we're going to simplify. Its here list of things that people can do from one to three or one through five. What would you have an individual start with two? I guess boost your immune system nowadays. I know you've probably made a video about it. But Yeah Yeah. I always start with okay. So you're born with your immune system you can't necessarily boost at all you can do is give yourself what the problem is that we live in a world where we're giving our new system what it needs to properly function. So it's not like you can take something that's GonNa boost your immune system like you're nate. Newton Immune system you have. It's just generally not living to its potential because it's been compromised right so compromised by so much chronic inflammation. That's going on. You know it's because you're immune system's working on other things it's like you're immune systems too busy fighting off the garbage that you wait to actually be able to pay attention to the virus that's coming and that's really what it comes down to that sort of. Kito Carnivore fasting. All those things obviously come into play because that modulate nation Touching on this just for a second. Because I'm going to make a point with it I have been recommending that people that aren't adapted the fascinating and stuff. Don't fast right now because it is still hormetic stressor. It's still gonNA compromise your immune system. You can't just crash diet your way into avoiding this thing like it's not a crash diet your way into avoiding this thing. You're going to stress your body out the whole purpose of even carnivore with fasting Kito. You're listening a stress response on your body so that your body gets stronger just like going to the gym and if you are worried about contracting something you're not going to go to the gym and go balls to the wall and destroy yourself because you know your immune system soon be compromised. Same kind of thing with your diet shouldn't be putting yourself in a ridiculous clerk. Deficit point is with that is in terms of foods. That are GONNA make a difference despite with some people say I am a firm believer in Mega dosing vitamin C. Now that's me and I've done outstayed Linus Pauling for years before I was even doing this stuff on Youtube. And personally when you look at how vitamin C really does work in the body. It makes perfect sense. We don't produce it but you look at every single mammal that does produce it. And what are you know like their levels go up tremendously too? Like serum levels of seventy eighty thousand milligrams their blood naturally produced when they are stressed or when they're around the illness like goats for instance are that crazy goats naturally have between ten and fifteen thousand milligrams of vitamin C that are being produced in dodge within their body. Humans don't produce vitamin C. Goats when they are exposed to stress. This has been shown in studies the negative exposed to stress or illness. Those levels go up from ten to one hundred x within their blood because any immune cell that gets activated needs vitamin C. The hard part is you don't need vitamin C. Until you need vitamin C so like loading up on Vitamin C. When you have no problem does you diddly squat. So it's like you have to be in touch with your body enough to know I'm sleep deprived or I'm stressed or have been training really hard Mark I don't know if you remember back in the day when I was doing more bodybuilding stuff like it was it was actually commonly talked about for hypertrophy right after a workout to actually megadose vitamin. C. People you always take like ECHINACEA load up on ECHINACEA because we were trying to counteract some of that cortisol effect so it's kind of funny. How my body building stuff kind of comes back full circle with Israel so vitamin C and then even in the antioxidant world. Like I've been loading up on like olive oil extracts more concentrated forms of olive oil. So I'm not getting a bunch of the calories from it but I'm getting more of the just the antioxidant effect the hydroxy tyrosine which is pretty powerful. But other than that. I quite honestly. I'm I'm using this time to focus a little bit more on just mobility and recovery stuff. So I'm just not taxing the crap out of my body. Hey don't goats like pass out if they get over stressed that sheep but we're ready to go but you know I'm GonNa Start just doing that. I think the yellow and they just passed salary. I mean that's kind of like yeah. That's exactly what I should just start doing. Some in Yeltsin's what what what triggered you to Texts me this morning about wanting to join the race zero zero followers. I'm just I've been. I've been laughing just for the last couple of weeks and you just doing that and like I was telling my wife yesterday I was like man. I respect that so much. You're the same way she's like. You should just do the same damn thing. She's like and it was a rip every once in a while. You know I posted something this morning and it was. It was a tipping point. I posted something this morning talking about. Well first of all I have to back up we have you have a large following. You get it okay. So over two million subscribers on Youtube I can't possibly be preaching Gospel for one specific thing to those two point. Two million people right like I have the just put the information out there and say these are tools and your toolbox. Use Them how you apply. I eat certain ways but I experiment with everything like this is how I am so a lot of people that are avid followers on my channel. Know that they know that I'm going to put the information out there. They can take what they want from it and they can extrapolate bits and pieces and studies from where they put a piece out on Mediterranean. Kito which is pretty interesting stuff and the reason that I was fan. Mfn of Mediterranean. Kito not necessarily for my own diet but just in general is because I feel like it's it allows people to accept the Ketogenic Diet that normally wouldn't because it's widely known that the Mediterranean Diet throughout the medical community is probably the most advocated diet like people will say. Mediterranean is good so when you couple Mediterranean with Tito like it or not people that are normally totally opposed to the Keto Diet are willing to give it a chance and we all know that when people start trying that then okay then they feel good and then they go to the next place and then they might try carnivore and then they might try fasting and then they find what truly works for them. So I think it's a great barrier. Well some clown decided to stay while he went there. I couldn't believe he went there and said Oh well Italians or Mediterranean and look how it's working for them she uses so now we can go there now. It's cool to go there so I we like you know ridicule the crap out of anyone. That's Asian but now we're now ridiculing. Italians because they have their medical system has some flaws and it's their fault because they're Mediterranean and. I'm just like I lost it and just like and then the amount of people that actually agreed. I just like there's so much anger negativity out there right now. I'm just like you know what this this whole thing has given me a perspective to just be like. I'm going to be me. I tried to be whoever I want to be. Or whoever these people want me to be for over two million people and it's going to kill me it's going to kill me and I don't have any more to hell with it. I'm just going to like it or they're going to leave because I'm just like I am tired of just trying to race algorithms and beat Algorithms for a certain thing I'd I'd rather have one hundred thousand concrete followers that are actually going to a trust would say be by the things that I recommend because at the end of the day like I will recommend things that I think are value to people and our value to me but I also have to pay bills. So if you're if you're someone that is just drawing information from the turnaround and spew it in my face and be negative. Then there's the door and I think that's a lot of your take to. It's just it's really hit me recently. With how much negativity is out there man? Anyway I could go on and on but it's just so some of it kind of has started for me like kind of long ago really with more with youtube than anything else but it was kind of when youtube started to really like spike. And I was already like into you too early on in two thousand eight and As I saw like these kind of trends hitting and then people making these certain videos and getting certain responses from it it just made me think like okay. These people that are just trying to. They're trying to monetize what they're doing and so they're following. The trends makes a lot of sense because then they're seen by more people and for myself. I was like fuck all that. I'm already making money. Mardi doing well. I'm not going to concern myself with it and so I've tried my best and it's impossible and anyone would probably be lying. If they said that they're they're not dictated by the audience. I mean you are. You know you're dictated by the likes dictated by the In the likes. It's like you know even knows what instagram does. With that how they've how much they share with people like as they maybe don't why it get as many likes or whatever and it gets to be kind of a complicated thing and you get a weird thing. You get like your identity stolen from you because you're trying to placate to the audience because we do care about the audience. We do care about the listeners. We WanNa make the listeners. Happy want them to be excited about stuff But on the other hand you just wanNA share like hey. I had a cool day with my kids. Then people make some stupid comment about your kid and you're like Oh my God. This is ridiculous or your. Yeah someone's going to call. Cps on your kid because on you because you know you didn't hold your kids hand the last foot of a crosswalk yeah. It's it's wilder and so it's like I don't want to blame the I don't WanNA blame. People like that are just doing the channel. Because I feel like they're just in the same boat native. Don't realize it right. They're just. They're they're algorithm mickley driven. Their lives are algorithms driven. By what they're getting shown and it's it's like feed the beast is just like with neuro plasticity if you give yourself a bunch of negative thoughts you're going to suddenly start thinking negative while we have this artificial stimulus. That's also doing that. So we're people that are negative is GonNa continue to feed them more negative crap just like the news right. It's like So yeah it's just like know what I've got my second Kiddo about to be born and I'm just like I don't if you don't like what I have to say I'm not going to be a jerk. It's not in my nature to be a jerk but if you don't like what I'm putting out there like don't watch go away like it's all good like I'm tried to help people. I'M GONNA continue to try to help people why because it feels good. And it's what I get fulfillment out of and if you get full out it than great. It's not a self fulfilling prophecy. But we'd all be lying if we didn't say that do something. Because it feels good in essence you could say that someone is that someone that gives everything to charity and donates a selfless person while in theory. That's wrong because they're no. They're they're being selfish because that makes them feel good so just because they're giving to charity because it makes them feel good. They don't selflessly give charity because that would be absolutely reckless. You know what I'm saying. So you're saying if someone that gives up. Everything is a selfish person in that theory. So I'm GonNa talk about what feels good to talk about. What I feel is right. What works for me. I feel might work for people and if they want whatever only thanks for being. My therapist is how you go. I like it. I like it was going to say only Tom. Steel our can use a term like neuro plasticity in regards to social media but I mean if Slash Win Instagram. And all these social media platforms get rid of likes Do you think that's going to open up the floodgates for people to be more themselves good question in that question actually comes straight directly from Gary V Gary v because he saying you know once we get rid of the likes people aren't GonNa like post The perfect photo because they WANNA get one hundred likes or when they post the photo and it doesn't get eighty likes the first few seconds they take it right back down so when there's no like there's no There's no margin of like. Oh this was a good photo. They're now going to dislike. Yeah this is a picture of my lunch or what you know whatever it may be but I think hopefully there won't be a need for a race to zero followers. You know there won't be a need to be like You know say any inflammatory statements or anything. I think it will allow people like you got all of us to just be ourselves. Yeah there's definitely for sure and you know even I don't know if they're planning on getting rid of the visibility of likes to the to the original poster too but I still think there's going to be that internal validation that's GonNa come that way right like we still check our stats and anyone. The successfully runs a business online. Knows that you know in God we trust and everything else. Give me data. So it's like I want data on things that's how I make decisions but I also try to look at it. Very analytically and try to objectively look at data is. There's lots of different variables but I think in general just the pulse of how people are going to look at. It is going to be way different. Because they're not gonNA compare me to Dr Berg and they're not gonNA can compare their that. Comparison is going to be gone. There's GonNa be a level of openness that comes with where they get their information and I also think it's GonNa weed out a lot of the influencers that are trying to make trying to make a buck and a kind of underhanded way right because that gets exposed really quick because now initially it opens the floodgates where there's no public data so someone could go out and say oh. This person has five hundred thousand followers but their engagement might be crap. And then someone's GonNa come to them and ask them to sponsor post and it's GonNa flop that's GonNa weed people out really quick and I think it's GonNa Change. The change how we navigate and how that world is navigated but then for the people that actually have their own brands like Larkin like myself. That actually are fine monitoring it just by being ourselves and just by being good business people that are ethical. I think it's going to improve. How we function so Short short I do think it's GonNa it's GonNa weed it out it's definitely gonNA wait it out. They feel that that adjustments going to be for yourself because honestly I pay attention to a lot of your content especially your youtube content and it doesn't seem like you are currently trying to cater to anyone like you kind of lose about a little bit. It doesn't seem that you're doing that as it is so I'm just wondering like what what is really going to change for yourself because it like the constant you put out. It seems like from viewers point of view. It seems like these are things that you're interested in and it's not like you're trying to cater to a certain type of your same rendering regional for sure. I don't get to crap about the I just I just don't and I went through that phase but it's just it's a headache. It's a headache and I like to just put the content out if the content will naturally do well for who is supposed to cater to which is going to give me more concrete following in that avenue if I post up video surrounding immunity in and and some subset meathead. Group doesn't care. I don't think it will I? While they're not gonNA get served that content to begin with but also like who cares like they. They may not like that but the people that are going to discover that video in evergreen fashion a year or two years down. The line are going to appreciate it that much more. Because I'm speaking about it with passion because I want to talk about it and I decided I just don't want to create content. I don't want to create a lot of work to create content and it's a lot more fun to create it when you're truly passionate about it and sometimes I can be passionate about something. That doesn't have a practical application in my life but it is just really cool research at. That's where it's a little difficult right now is because you know you've got your devout followers. Watch everything you put out but don't necessarily comprehend that you just put out information. That is fun and interesting so then. They think you're contradicting because oh how can you put video talking about? You know all avoiding beneficial but then talk about the benefits of Carnival. I didn't say that I'm doing I sit here like take what you need. So I've made that decision that like for me to be dog. Matic would be absolutely detrimental to my brand is much better off for me to not chase views for me to not build this cult and to build more of just people that embrace education as a whole the where. I WANNA go in the future with my brand. I at least have the respect of people just wanting to educate it. What is this Mediterranean? Kito thing about I mean ultimately there what I would call perpendicular diets right. They're they're not. They're not Mediterranean. Diet isn't really a diet. It's just an influence of types of foods from a region that are higher polyunsaturated high monounsaturated fats. Which quite frankly on a carnivore diet. If done properly you should be getting a good amount of good monounsaturated fats. If you're eating like if you're if you're choosing the right sources of needle Tonelli and it doesn't even have to do with grass-fed gas. Finish the honest because I know it all depends right such a negligible Omega threes. It's like you could just like it doesn't really matter. All that much point is is that it's all the region so when you look at okay. These are the kinds of foods that are within a given region. And here's where Kito intersects. A CHEETO is not necessarily in my opinion a diet. It was more of a molecular kind of process in the body and that it could be achieved multiple ways you can achieve. Kito through just not eating you can achieve Kito by going carnivore you can achieve. Fito by just drinking olive oil or you can follow a traditional sort of Americanized genetic diet or therapeutic I think Mediterranean. Just gives you just the abundance of different fighter nutrients that you might want not typical diet that you might be neglecting typical dirty? The as the Nice thing with a carnival for instance carnivore. You're eliminating all the the negative influence in terms of your diet. That's what makes carnivores grit. It's not the fact that meat is the. This is my opinion not the fact. That meat is all healing. It's the fact that by the absence of all this other stuff. You leave your body no choice but to thrive on some really good nutrients that you're getting out of me. It's not that veggies are bad. It's not that a little bit of peanut butter is bad. It's that you're making a conscious choice to be able to influence us. This way letter miss peanut butter. Let's all pause for a minute. Think about some peanut butter for a second just eating beef tallow just imagining peanut butter like spray paint. Not GonNa not GonNa Work Right. Yeah so it's a Mediterranean is just for me it's more about just getting a high degree of monounsaturated. Fats that have really good benefit overall when it comes down to like receptor proteins like vp are Alpha and all these downstream metabolic effects The end from anti-inflammatory standpoint so in the general world of just basic diets. That are talked about Mediterranean diet is the most anti inflammatory while you couple that with Kita genetic diet which is naturally inherently anti inflammatory. You've got a very anti inflammatory diet. That a lot of people can wrap their heads around. What some of your thoughts on like cheered meets Fast Food You know maybe these meets that maybe aren't considered high quality. Like what are your? What are your thoughts of theories and concerns in those regards to believe or not? I don't have much of a concern with lopped. A lot of the properly cured meats. I eat a fair bit shoe. I love for shoot. I think you know like if you're comparing in Salami Salami usually has lot more crap at the general rule of thumb with cured meats. What I always say anything is going to store in the fat. Most toxins are going to store in the fat right. So if eating cured meats your safer bet is to go with just a leaner Like because if there are GONNA BE PRESERVATIVES. There are GONNA be crap in it. At least it's GonNa it's GonNa store in the fat so like for pseudo just given the cut that it is that ribbon fat. That's on the outside of shoot. You could just peel off right and then when you look at pork. It's actually a pretty good fatty acid profile. Believe it or not but the nice thing about pork is insanely with Bacon. Is If you get has the Ribbon. That's long outside that is pure statute fat. Which is usually not denatured. It's usually not. It's the polyunsaturated fats. You have to be careful with in any kind of meat ripe with any kind of meat it's GonNa be. That's what's going to be fragile. That's what's going to get exposing during processes heating processes so you try to aim for the fats that have a high cuts have a higher saturated fat content. In that way you can at least peel the fat off if you wanted to but Salami targeted so marble. Then that's my take on it but like I said I love for shoot. I love good quality him. And that's a big part of Mediterranean diets. What are you know? It's I personally? What about what about rolling through some fast food? What's funny you say that because the next video that I'm doing after you this is we're GonNa roll through El Pollo Loco gathered Taco and do a review of it? Which is more opinions? I mean I'm just going to talk on that really quick. I'll let it be heard here. That is sneaky. Sneaky marketing thrown in there. It's literally a week for that is by no means `to friendly but it has some fiber in it. I guess just either completely naive or completely underhand. So they'll poile locally chicken isn't that bad it does have some some east extract which is basically MSG. But the Carl's junior Carl's junior spy when the cleaner burgers. I would say that so normally wear yes. It's definitely one of the cleaner burgers and a Wendy's is actually a clean burger. Patty itself itself is pretty darn claim. you can't really see. The funny thing is actually ironically. Mcdonald's Burger patties are much better than the ground that you're going to get from Taco Bell or the ground you're gonNA dock so in the world of Burgers. The McDonald's Burgers aren't nearly as bad as they used to be. Like Taco bell meat is really bad but so it's not. I don't know I have a video. That just like killed on Youtube. Admitted put years ago and just like best top ten kito fast food options to Portland has a bowl. That's bring on solid if you WANNA consider that fast food or not. I'm not a big fan of getting animal fat from poultry. If I'm going to get sat for again I don't know how closely people follow. What usually fan. I eat a lot of a lot of protein. I am not the biggest fan of fattier cuts of meat and the only reason I'm not is because it's hard for me to control can take a rib eye that has twenty two grams of fat. Were put a robot right next to it. That his forty grams of fat. And it's really hard for me to tell and I'm pretty analytical with my foods so that's my big reason but when you look the fatty acid profile fatty acid profile of poultry. Fat is terrible beef fat actually quite good pork fat is actually quite good. Duck is actually quite good but most like chicken and Turkey is not very good so you're poultry options at fast food year. You're not going to really find anything. That's that great so you better leave for the lead for the Again I mean is there anyone in particular that you're curious about because there's so many I usually I go to like in and out Burger five guys and stuff like that and it seems like the most offensive thing you can get? There is the cheese. Just eating the burgers. You know. I'm a five days. I'm a five and I'll even do habit. It's habits actually pretty clean to and you know you're going to have. Yeah I mean you can always make the argument on grain fed but it's all it's all a delta of warier like how much Omega six as you're getting it like if you're balancing and you're making sure that you're getting Omega three from other sources than the Omega six is that you're getting from the grain fed meets not going to be the end of the world so yet you're you're going to have that argument no matter what people always going to say the Fast Foods. You'll be bad for that reason but at the end of the day. What are you after like? Are you after stink? Committed or you after staying on what you're after or you trying to again appears every single one of your followers right so in and outs clean five guys clean Fudd rutgers although it's not really fast food like actually got some pretty clean stop. They've got that eloquent. And everything like that too which is like twenty four bucks or whatever it is but stilts. Sam Good you know Thomas as a guy that's come from being really really heavy I. I don't know what your peak weight was. But she talked about it every now and then And where you are. Now you've done a lot of different diets you've made videos you done thirty days of Carnivore thirty days of this and that and then you've done reviews on it which is awesome but I'm curious as to like currently do any of the bad habits he used to have when you're overweight ever show themselves even though you're super in shape now and then also personally. What kind of Diet do you feel? Do you personally feel the best utilizing as an individual. Yeah that's that's a really good question. So yes they absolutely do rear their heads all the time You Know Old Habits die hard. It's definitely you know. I have a tendency to just wanted this cave in this. I think everybody does. I don't think anybody's just like a machine. They might put out in social media especially right now when everyone stuck at. I mean that's just like I'm bored and we go to the pantry. You know it's either have either go to the Pantry. Make a video or try to monetize something. Like that's the three ways my brain's into work. I'm just like forgotten tired of trying to make money entire to making like so wife pregnant so not really having sex right now. So what what else can I do? It's true it's true. That's why so angry right now. Thomas has got this like new. I go why started. This is too blind. I go I guess. I guess everyone's lives are different. Is that wasn't the case with me. No no it's she's. She's got a high risk pregnancy. Says he's got an agenda placental abrupt and so she's on modified bed rest and held a bitch bitch. So it's normally trust me wasn't wasn't a problem with the first one anyhow. So that's as old habits definitely and then rate now like I have found. I feel best if I so I've been doing kito now for literally ten years and I'm thinking I'm so fat adapted that my body really does do well if I do variations of extended carb cycling where I'll actually go kito for two to three months in go on carbs for a month and when I go in the carbs. I tend to do a lot more fasting that way so I'm still because what I'm finding what I found literally just this last year is it's been so fascinating if my protein levels are high. I don't know if you've watched my experiment that I did on the high protein thing that was cool. I I went. I went high protein low fat and it was phenomenal. I kept my calories the same okay so I dropped my fat significantly increased my proteins that I was you caloric and maintaining the same calories while body. Fat percentage dropped over a product. Almost a percent and a half in three weeks and my weight went. And I'm like okay. Sure some of it could have been glycogen getting created from excess protein through on the genesis. But I think there was something to be said. They're like this whole always have to be high. Fat Thing is not the way it needs to be and especially when you're fat adapted so I found that okay periodically alternating winning. I go high fat. And then go low fat high fat low-fat keep my body so within the deep here for a minute. We always talk about the process of being duel fuel right. The goal with the Ketogenic Diet isn't a become a one trick pony and only be able to utilize fats like that's just as bad as Burma Glucose. If you're only burning fats. The goal is you WanNa make yourself nice and have your body kind of opportunistic for lack of a better word. WanNa be able to have your body burn fat when it needs to but if I want to shift gears and I want to lift some heavy ass way and I want my body to be more like Olympic. I want it to be able to shift. Gears and Burn Glucose with or without glucose coming in the point is that your body will still burn glucose rights. Still GonNa Burn Glucose even when you're Kito but you want it to be efficient at flipping that switch when it needs to. If I'M GONNA go under a heavy bench like I want my body to be good at that and I don't want to have that lag that some people talk about with Kito and the way that you can condition your body to do that. In my opinion is a through high protein because high proteins excess product is going to get converted into glucose and your body will find a need for. It doesn't just stores. Fat Protein doesn't just stores fat that easily. If you're creating extra glucose through extra protein your body is going to do something with it. It's either GONNA burn it. Gives you energy or stored as glycogen and give you energy in a fallen? Does that make sense absolutely so more protein in and I want to add more protein without adding a crapload of calories so I lean protein. It's not because I'm anti fat. It just makes more sense and then the same thing applies with cycling in and out of carbohydrates properly not going like three days one day car street that you're never giving yourself a chance to adapt one or the other. That's just like constantly sending a gray area so I like to go kito and go hard core with a lot of Kito and a lot of fasting for like three months and then switch gears and let my body utilize glucose so. It doesn't become glucose intolerant. Then I find when I'm back in Kito. My Body can flip that switch a lot quicker in if I do cheat during a stint of fito I can have two or three hundred grams of carbs at night and can be backing. Kito within twenty four hours not fasting. And that's just testament like how your body is just able to flip this year's really quick now. I'm actually curious about this on the few months that you go or the month that you go to carbohydrates when you're cycling. I'm just curious because I know everybody will end up eating a different amount based off the wait them out must have but for you personally being such a heavy muscle dude. What does the that amount of carbohydrates average at for a weekly period? It's still not a ton it's usually going to be like daily it's GonNa be one fifty two hundred okay. Yeah that's what I wanted to get out of. The house wasn't going to be something like four hundred grams of carbs. Okay I just don't feel good when I have that many I just you know strength wise like if I was only after brute strength. Yeah I'M NOT GONNA deny that yes. I would probably feel more strength but like it's like I call it. It's totally an non-clinical tournaments like an inflammation spillover. Just building my cells or dislike. What are you doing to me so I find like two hundred is kind of that upper intake and then I try to usually keep it low glycemic. I JUST KEEP. I say responsible carbs Dump Sugar and crap. I used to eat before bench before big bench workouts. I had what I call bench bagels and I would get I would get salted bagels and just load up. I'd have like three or four of them but it makes me so like loaded and puffy and I'd feel Just insanely strong. And I think it's Kinda funny thing I I don't know like what the science would show. But sometimes maybe inflammation isn't necessarily a bad thing the Gluten and everything like you know. Maybe it does some for you. But I don't know it always felt like it worked in you know and I look back at stuff like that. I'm thinking could there have been you know something different that I could have done. That could have been more optimal. It's like Oh yeah you can always look back and say that. But that's what it would felt right to me at the time and I. I know some of my friends and stuff like that. They had their own foods that they would go to like a couple of guys would eat doritos because doritos had so much salt in it. It was just a way to like stuff in a ton of sodium. Obviously out very healthy practice to any of those but it did make you feel strong right now seriously. Comedians just internal leverage runs the same reason that greeting works. It's not Chritine isn't like you're not getting this massive amount of like eighteen generation like. It's that's bullcrap know what's happening is you're getting. You're stretching the sell out because it's hyper hydrated and you have Osmo centers in your no sarcasm. That's going to trigger. That is going to sense that. So sensitive gorge and it says so it triggers cannibalism. It's straight up. So it's to protect the cell. The same thing hyper lode with carbs and you drink a bunch of water and you load up the sell those. Osmo sensors say oh. Gosh the cells and Gore's in order to protect trauma. Let's make this cell stronger and bigger so the muscle cell gets bigger. And then you have more internal leverage in your stronger. That happens very very fast. The downside is of course the inflammation cascade later on down the road so makes me wonder like if you had been like during peak weeks and things like that if you had a loaded up on carbs like that but then during the actual training phases were more. Kita genetic just wonder how your body would have reacted so. Yeah it would. I usually would switch back to Kito As soon as the competition was was over with you know and I would lose lose weight pretty rapidly when you were doing your When you're doing your data stuff in your carnivore style. Diet and stuff like that. Have you noticed that your Your Blood Glucose goes up a bit because you do get You are turning some of those proteins into sugar basically. Yeah totally totally normal thing. Especially when you're training especially right after training but Yeah you should check out. Check out that video I did about a month ago. It was really interesting. Is that what I found was when my protein was higher in and it was dramatically higher. We're talking to ex so as Laura three hundred grams and some days and I was having to get some from shakes and it was all for. Walking was all for experiment was because I wanted to and then I turned into an experiment later on and I want to try to get some of the data published but anyway point is is that normally after a workout. My ketone levels would drop significantly in. That was kind of normal. Because you have liberated glucose because you're working out and that's GonNa Blanquita genesis totally normal but when I approaching was super high by key actually stayed the same sometimes higher at the end of a workout. And we're like what the heck is going on while the theory behind. That was that because my had so much glycogen my body was actually able to utilize that glycogen and it wasn't having to like stop any Kitajima across so as the only theory that we have for it but it was wild. Normally I would be. I'd be knocked out of Ketosis. I don't sit into a deep state. Akito Sis I think it has something to do with how the muscle that Icaria just might training style and the fact that I'm just always working out. My Cortisol is probably elevated. I never really have Mike. Makita are never much more than like one to one point. Five nobles tops. Unless I'm deep fast things just the way I am so after a workout almost invariably I'd be out of Fida for at least an hour and then what I was finding is okay. Well when I kept a protein very high. I'd still be at like one to one point five millimeters which was just so weird I don't have a solid answer. I mean I consulted with some friends. I have over at Oxford University who do a lot of ketone research. And they didn't have an answer either because they're like well we don't really have any data people them and Kito for ten years like your body is so Some kind of a weird Unicorn in this. Yeah Earlier use I think you said the Mediterranean Kito Diet was a little bit easier for people to follow. It's not Thunderstorms easier people follow. It's more so it's easy for people to grasp because what I'm always trying to do is like how do I how do I like? Germs spread the gospel of Kito without sounding like a dog creek. And how do I get people to make their own decisions? Just like it's like when you're young. You always gotta make it your wife's idea right you know it's like. She says she wants to do something. You know you WanNa do something position. It's the idea. Well it's the same olives but I want pe- as your your wife do this one now. Thomas is to say hey want dessert. But it's really she that was you know she wants is IRT. So she wants you to be like. Yeah sure and then they WANNA split it and it's like hey look if I'm going to have fucking deserve. I'm not sharing it with anybody. Okay or yeah. It's just usually. It's just like yeah. I'm you know I'm I'm exhausted. I don't really feel like cooking dinner. Then you know. She plants the seed in twenty thirty minutes later than it will be. You know I've been old plant the seed of getting takeout somewhere doing Yeah it's always this desert thing very common very yes with Mediterranean. Kito it was just about how do I kind of indoctrinate this idea for people that would normally not even consider Kito so? That's kind of the point. There's these people wouldn't they've heard about it. Obviously they listen to me but they they may be a follow me for other advice or for something else or there's a ton of people that intermittent fasting don't do Kito. I have a large following without world. Where they they follow me because they like intermittent fasting but they're not to really think about Surprisingly a lot of people so if I introduce it in a different way than if that gets a hundred more people to give it a shot than grit. Because they're looking at it from a different health or they're still looking at from like all those saturated fats are bad. I can't do math so at least if they understand. Hey here's an entry point for you but I also do think that it's easy for people to follow because it's really. It's really not far off from what people would typically see as just a general healthy diet. Eating leaner cuts me. You're eating a little less in the way of You know like the chicken by eating more chicken breasts or ignore the link at the stake a little less in the way of just like the ground meat so it lends itself just of a healthy diet. It doesn't lend itself to someone is just trying to get started on. Pedo and doesn't want to do. I just think it's a barrier to entry for people that are just opposed to all the fats really see you make you know all different kinds of crazy Coffee Concoctions and I'm a huge. I'm a huge fan of doing that myself. Like sometimes it might take a bunch of bunch of time because I'm like throwing in a scoop of this and throwing in some M. C. T. Oiler mctl powder butter whatever. What are some of your favorite like coffee combinations and What what are they doing for you? A lot of times just learnt the end of the day. It's something different something. I always try to try to put something together. That's going to be fun going to be interesting going to have a health benefit and there's certain things like I wouldn't wanNA combine but you know I'm much more rather than doing institute or coconut like I'm just a big double up on the and if you again my content lately has been like. I've been preaching like crazy because there's so much benefit there In terms of just short chain fatty acids and I think far a keystone production gut health and everything like that so I loaded up on Giza with coffee. It's rather than putting coconut oil now up to three tablespoons a key in there and mess around with it and then believe it or not if you put like a little bit of you know turmeric in her coffee it cuts the acidity gives it a whole different tastes to take like coffee. Take a little bit of Turmeric. Take a little bit of g you can throw people say you need the black pepper thing. But I'm not in it for the curcumin and more for the turnaround in the antioxidant effects of Turmeric. It doesn't really matter to me one way or the other but the other thing is that turmeric helps the bioavailability of the different fat so it helps absorption of the fats that kind of work together energetically and again if it still tastes funding. I Dunno I think you can mess around this is I think you and I were talking about it a while ago. A couple of years ago adding salt to your coffee changes like the taste. That super weird I but cuts the acidity altogether so like salts geese and turmeric. Whip it up Alabama Devi if you WANNA give it a sweet effect but it's kind like a mix between golden milk and coffee. It's just weird. No I'm I'm really curious about this to you. I think in your video you talked about. How like you talk about your background or your past. And it's all like you. You studied all of this and school or something. You had a totally different job. I don't know if he was like selling Medical quit or something like that kind of so. I had an answer Larry Lab Services Company so we provided so we'll still within the realm of lot of stuff that I talk about so we were providing like the early stage like salivary cortisol testing and things like that so like back win. Crt labs was in its early stages long before people were doing at home testing. We were providing testing kits and a lot of the lab work and lab testing stuff to fee for service physicians so basically what that means is back in the early days of concierge medicine where doctors working with patients independently outside of the insurance continuing right so it was like a highly affluent patient that wanted to have an individual doctor. DidN'T WANNA have to go through the insurance bullshit so they would have you know their concierge doctor that at the time like two thousand eight thousand nine things like that they were paying ten grand a month the Bay of Pigs. We've had access to a doctor right. It was like it was back. In concierge. Medicine was totally different in. This doctor would work with a small amount of patients. While because they were fee for service they were held a completely different set of guidelines. That were a lot looser right. So we were able to provide them with the ability for them to do different kinds of testing and blood work and things like that where they didn't have the bill out insurance and cause a headache for their patients while the doctors that I was working with. When they're working in that capacity you have to think about how much of a better situation it is in terms of how they keep up the speed with research because if you go to McDonalds healthcare systems typically what. It is where they're just running you through an assembly line. They don't care they just WanNa slap IC- D nine or ten code to you. They want a bill it out. They want to bill insurance. They want to collect a check and they WANNA know see you in prescribed zone. Run you through. That's the whole idea. At least with concierge medicine. The idea was what was shit. If this patient doesn't have a positive outcome he's GonNa Fire My ass you know and it's the way that it should be like in my opinion not that we should be paying ten grand a month. Doctors should be somewhat held for the patient outcome to some degree. Not Lifestyle factors but like if I'm paying you ultimately even though I'm paying insurance to help me with something. I don't want to give me a symptom masking pill. I want you to help me with my damn issue. And that's the way these doctors were because they were working with patients that would kick him to the curb. The point was is that the doctor is a twelve hundred dollars. I've managed in that group. They were all doctors. Upper like-minded like that. So they were on the cutting of stuff and they were guys that we're talking about diet in two thousand nine two thousand ten before it was ever cool and so that's how I learned about learned about it through them and I. Was you know ironically overweight during the early stages of that order my career? And you know they're the ones that kind of like. Hey you should try this. You go to the gym lift some heavy weights but you know you look like a fat bodybuilder. Like what are you doing like so? It's not like I was just sloppy in obese and people. I never tried to say that I was people will put words my mouth. I'm very open with the fact that I was still heavily muscle dude. I just didn't give a shit. I would work lift heavy shit two days a week and then I go sit on my ass in office and he would ever want us just because I had some Alami doesn't mean that I'm completely don't know what it was like to be overweight. Same kind of thing with you right. It's like Marcus like you now. You were powerlifters Fat In some stages of it you still knew how to change your body and you knew how fell doesn't change a thing you know and that's what actually had me so curious because it's like I was curious about what you're learning processes like these days because obviously I have a very deep understanding of all these different aspects of nutrition and training. And it's not like you. I don't I don't know if you call us for this or whatever but how do you keep up to speed because you're always learning and putting out new types of content within this realm of nutrition from what? What's your process look like? Do you have a team of people that feeds you? Certain things to maybe read up on. Or how do you do it yourself? Yeah so I've got like a filtration process so usually what I will do. Is I will find something that has to interest me. I think that's the big thing right. So like if there's no interest yes I will get fed some things from people that are either on my team not my team that will say like Thomas is interesting. You should see this piece of research because people don't realize like pubmed and with a lot of these journals like if you if you open up the the Journal of Metabolism or Journal of Inter -Nology. There's going to be like one or two hundred studies that are coming out of mud right. There's constantly new stuff. And if you wanted to create content based on that you always but the truth is a lot of it ends up being quite lane outcomes. That aren't that. Exciting that are pretty negligible aren't worth talking about. Especially Nutrition World War on February and everything could flex each other anyway but then so I try to find things that I'm passionate about and I always try to have a practical application for myself as the only way like my content is engaging because I have a practical application because the only way I can get excited to share with other people if I think that I could apply this in my life and I always have to have a level of self experimentation. Outplay mad scientist myself so it starts with that and then you know. My team is pretty simple. I still have a pretty small team. I research team is about four deep. I've got guys that are essentially fulltime employees that are Oxford University. Phd researchers so those guys are as Cutting edge on the on the heat on staff and yes they will be the ones that opening like. Hey this is some pretty cool stuff regarding. Naacp this cool stuff with feet out and then from there Mike Okay. Well that's usually not enough to video because I do a video on that the five in an explanation of a study. Let's take this content and let's apply it into something practical and then you know kind of we've multiple studies together but as far as the content. That's coming to me. What I usually do is no state of my right hand or a couple of people like this is what I'm trying to get across and what I've experienced with this particular application like finally as much research on it as you possibly can bego go. They find all the research and they will either send me the studies directly or they will go through them and they will try to find. What's going to be interesting enough for me to talk about and I end up with. I say cliff notes version but ends up still being you know fifteen twenty deep of ultimately the conclusion that would normally still be by two hundred pages in from there like okay. This is cool. This is enough to craft video. You know in the night spent a couple of days going to research various topics and things like that so it's a pretty drawn out process but the point is like. I'm like how do I how do how do I have an extension to myself? How do I use my assets? My amazing team to help me. Just get more of what I what I want to do. But can't do in a day and rather than just outsource it to them. I like to read the science. So I'm like you guys just find the science and bring it to me because ninety percent of the job is going down those rabbit holes in finding it and trust me. They're all out there. The creek great studies are all out there they're just get buried and they overclouded by farm and everything else that pushed the other one of the top gas. A. Thanks for thanks so much for your time today. Really ever really appreciate it and Hopefully we can connect again soon and chat more about how we can both ended up with literally zero followers. Maybe we can both go and vote for trump. Still live broadcast of it also. It was really fun to hop on here. Things have been therapy session. I feel like doing zoom with my therapist at this seemed. Unrealistic has been great given me an opportunity to vent awesome dude. Yeah where can people find a Thomas? It's more like how do they avoid income? That's right. Yeah this Youtube where. It's at a youtube instagram youtube for the science content instagram. If you WANNA see photos of my family awesome. Thanks again appreciate your time. Thank you sir. I was super calls here. Good to hear them rant to because he's always like though is I mean. He's good with his words when he was ranting but he seems to be very selective of his words so that he has a particular message. Also Kinda cool to hear. Let loose a couple of times there. Yeah well he's such a likable guy. And you know yeah he would never say anything inflammatory or say anything to you know. Make make anybody like like. Wow Thomas is kind of a Dick like you would never ever get close to that so to hear him just to say like you know what he said about like. I can't please everybody those like. Oh Shit this is awesome found drilling hardman. I Like I love Thomas's content and I love the way he puts forward his ideas to so I learned a lot from a lot of videos. It was it was so great that you when you set that text. I was so excited. Bro. I hope we get to talk to them more. Because there's there's a lot of other things I'm Carol. Got His opinion you know. Yeah I think he tackles. You know everything the same way. I think he is someone that you know. He finds a point of interest and then he goes after. It's got a bunch of different businesses. There's a bunch of stuff that he owns that you know people don't even know that it's his you know. And he does. A is a great job with all of it. It's really really pretty cool off to go visit him in Los Angeles whenever we get an opportunity to start moving around again because he's got a studio down there so that'd be really cool to kind of check out the whole operation meet his team and all that stuff. I like it here in that. He has like a research team to. That's pre coal. Yeah I didn't realize L. A. All I thought he was somewhere in the mid West but it is kind of in the Los Angeles area. We met him. When you were down in Malibu for a month he he stopped by those cool. He has a lot of lot of amazing content. And anyone. That hasn't check this stuff out. You really should because you wanNA know You know the questions that we get asked He's answered them a million times over You know in terms of like artificial sweeteners in terms of natural sweeteners. I mean he's got videos that breaks down. You know why you may want to avoid aspartame videos on just gives you. He just gives you the facts he just flat out says this is the way. This is and You Know I. I don't particularly choose to eat some of those types of foods but these are these are the things that they can do to you or do for you and he just spells it all out for you. So that's that's what attracted me to watch videos. Probably about five or six years ago and the cool thing about him too. It's like you remember when cal deeds said What was it is favourite? Six floors are like I'd like to change my answer. Well like Thomas. It's like you see this a lot right but there are some videos where he said like I did reference this in the past but then he kind of adjusts what he's talked about so he's not one to like exactly dogmatically stick to an idea because he decided in the past. He's always you know trying to be on the cutting edge looking up new things researching new things and I think he's a pretty trustworthy guy. He was a little bit more relaxed with some of the fast food stuff than I thought he would be. I thought he would be. I thought he would be all upset. He was pretty a pretty chill about. I think the truth is that no one really knows. It wouldn't surprise me if those foods are full of junk you know wouldn't surprise me. If there's you know grains you know in the burgers or something like that. I wouldn't shock me at all because you know they're they're trying to. They're trying to make the best profits. They cancel wouldn't surprise me. Peds something cheap in there. But I haven't had. I haven't come across anyone. That has you know told me anything. Otherwise then a bigoted questions about You've been asking about whether meat gets objected with like die and stuff to keep a certain colors in to my understanding like that is definitely not true in terms of like steak ground beef chicken those types of things now it might be the case with Like sliced meats Michael Cold meats. That are in like a Deli They might mess with those because maybe they get to be weird colors but I in terms of like yeah. I don't I I don't even I don't even know and so I I kind of get a little frustrated. Sometimes when I hear people talk about Quality of me. Because I don't even know here in the United States. I don't even know where you would go find like poor quality. I don't know it. I don't know what their I guess. I don't know what their definition is because it's either like grass fed or grain fed. It the only thing I can think of. You know that people might want to be mindful of is that you know when something is grass fed and grass finished A lot of times that has less of an impact on the environment but even that is like just opening up another giant can of worms. I personally don't know anything about but Paul Salad Dino talks about it quite a bit. There's regenerative agriculture. If you care about the planet and you WanNa make an effort towards that. Then you can find out. You know farms utilized that technique and then you can put your your money towards that if that's what you believe in. Yeah in regards to the like the the dyes and stuff. 'cause like I know I was. I asked you that. I think like a couple of months ago to Because I remember like if if you look at like a like a pack of like steaks and they're like layered on top of each other when you peel off a layer wherever that top one was touching the bottom one will be a different color versus like around the whole rest of the steak. I'll try to take a like if I end up buying something. I'll take a picture but it almost looks like like there was like red dice. Spray painted over the top and then wherever the meat was covering the one below. It didn't catch that that paint le-let spray paint. And then when you remove that you can see like Oh. This is like a different color but I I again like. I have no idea I think. Joe Rogan talked about it a couple years ago to and I think maybe that's probably what planted the seed in my head that that like store bought meets actually do inject some some Some color but again like I have no idea. Yeah I don't I don't know yeah I don't I don't know it wouldn't surprise me either. You know they're trying to make a profit they're trying to sell you something but I think that me you know it. It has to do with like oxidation and stuff like that sometimes. So sometimes that's why they put those other packets in there but weird little things in between them I think that that might have something to do with it but again I I'm not really a hundred percent. Sure it wouldn't surprise me. If they just use like the blood from the meat you know what that would make. The most sense is like to utilize that. But what process would that be that? It's like another disgusting disgusting thing to think about. You know yeah. Just don't get me from like Walmart Shipping Containers Andrew. You understand that reference I don't I I got I. I WANNA finish the the whole series but we started watching tiger king with Jasmine last night. And you know when the When that that girl gets her arm bit off whatever she's like I'm out like nope she didn't wanNA lungs anymore. Our country's pathetic. All right tell us why. What do you mean what's going on? That show is just such trash. Yeah I watched way too much. So bad is there's not one regaining quality of the show. What do you find it entertaining at least now will do? What's crazy so like we watched the first episode so she can kind of get an idea what's going on and I'm like do the memes right themselves in. It's like no wonder why we're seeing so much on social media 'cause after watching it with a different pair of eyes on like. Oh my God. That would be hilarious like I need to make X Y and Z. Means one thing one thing I would say that I found interesting is that you know the main Guy Joe Exotic right like the one thing I find pretty fascinating about it is he obviously like fucking lost his mind you know or or maybe you never had it. Maybe he's bipolar or something like the guys is he's got a screw loose Prefer sure but what was really interesting. It's like I know that everyone's kind of like making a mockery of him in a way. He's got the mullet and stuff like that. People are putting their face on his face and things like that. But I'm kind of laughing because I'm like those people that are making fun of this guy. They wish they could be half as successful. This motherfucker. He's got. He's got nearly two hundred fucking tigers. Each one of them costs three thousand bucks giving idea how much it costs. And how much like he has all this land like yet? A lot of really you had a lot of crazy stuff and not only that. Not only that like who knows about the finances that he had he had everything he wanted and I don't agree with a lot of the stuff that he was doing or saying but I was just thinking man. This guy created his own little fuck in paradise than ears people. Are you know talking shit? And making fun of him. And it's he's like a parody. Now Mike he really shouldn't be a parody people. I think people should be kind of looking at him. Like hey man he did. You did exactly what he wanted to do again his morals and values and stuff like there's a Lotta Shit that's way off base with things I think are things I do but I appreciated that. He had a lot of hustle buying them and and on top of that he had two husbands. That's right I like yet. He had multiple has been the other dude. I multiple wives right. Yeah that was weird watching this documentary honestly made me realize how much I need to how much I can't trust documentaries and let me tell you like we mean what the the series was six hours. What's accepts out so six hours right but the person who made this documentary had like seven years of footage. Okay which he put into six hours and the footage what it does is it makes you number one you root for Joe Exotic at the end of the documentary like most people are rooting for Joe. They still like him even though he had a lot of weird stuff like why is Joan jail? You Hate Carol Baskin's and you think that she killed her husband. Right DOC addle you. Kinda don't like him. You know where he kind of like him but it frames it that way and you know. I was thinking about this. I'm like there's a clip of out there of Joe Exotic saying Wait someone's someone said something about the Edward Right. And he's like wait. Why can't you say that right and I'm like why can't you say the n? Word so folic even said the N. Word but what I'm getting at here is that there is your frame to think a certain way about all these characters and if you look at the Internet people are trying to go after Carol. Baskin's like it really kind of it really pushes you in one direction so like now and I now that I'm thinking about this and I look at other documentaries. I'm just like I need to take everything. I watch a lot of these documentaries with a grain of salt because the guy or the documentarian has an agenda for what they're trying to make you think so so. Is this going to keep you away from going? Vegan from game changers but exactly game changes is another thing like it. There's there's an agenda behind every type of documentary. You just gotTa take take a bit from it. That's why people don't WanNa Watch Michael Moore stuff but he has yes outstanding documentaries but then they're they're full of too many of his own thoughts and then people are kind of People are turned off by unfortunately because there he does present get information but people are understanding of the fact like hey he's GonNa really twist this his way and I don't even want anyone to know what the hell he thinks. 'cause I don't want my mind Being that way you know being kind of steered that way. He did the McDonald's one right. I don't I was the McDonald's when he did not aided Like bowling for Columbine and those types of movies. I don't know if you've ever seen those I don't think I have. My ignorance is running high right now so I knew that I need to check it out. Fahrenheit Nine Eleven. The movies are amazing. They're so good I saw. I think I was young when that came out. Right nine eleven. He's got and you know he painted again. He paints a picture of the way he wants. Paint a picture but He talks about you. Know How they had. They had information about a planes being driven into buildings and And HE NEEDS. He talks about like you know in the documentary. Do a good job of like unveiling the irony you know. And they're like he says. Perhaps the title of the book was too complicated for I was a Bush was president time for perhaps the title of the book was too complicated for President Bush to understand what was in the inside the book itself. It's this giant giant book. It's like three times the size of a Bible and it said Using planes as weapons of mass destruction. It's like the title of this giant thing that they had and who knows if that's even a real thing or whatever that's how that's what. Yeah that's what he shows you in the In the movie it was a lot of crazy stuff in those documentaries. But you're right they're gonNA edit it and Reality TV shows are are that way. If they took if they took us three they would they would take our personalities and magnify them you know times time one hundred and now that's what everyone would see. They would end even if even if they couldn't get out of us all the time they would just edit it that way. Yeah yeah they're always going to push a narrative Isn't there a connection between Fahrenheit? Nine eleven bowling for. Columbine and bigger stronger faster. I yeah Yeah the the guy that you got. I think you ended up meeting Kurt. He came he came to the gym for outback. Kurt was one of the producers. In one of the editors yeah he he worked on all that. That's all that stuff. Yeah you're really trying to like really try to make a real story out of it you know. People don't WanNa know the truth lies in the middle. They WANNA see the extremes. They WanNa see you know something one one way or the other. They want to see something really really crazy and I think one thing that that documentary did do the tiger king is it just showed like. I don't think anybody knows anything about any of that. And so it exposed you to a world where you're like what people own own these things like and it's like fairly common. It's pretty It's pretty crazy. And then what do you do about it? What do you do about something? That's already going on and the answer. Nothing you can't do much about. I don't know I don't know what you would do. And then it's just hard. It's hard to regulate it's hard to regulate shit like that and then people are just you know. I always find it fascinating that there's no degrees to stuff and I always feel that there is degrees stuff but I think that somebody would be like. Oh what's different between own in that and the cat and it's and it's the same thing with like guns and stuff and it's like I don't know if you saw the you know the weapons of the guy has like I don't know man like I'm all for protecting yourself and Mike you know. I don't want too much government intervention. But we need like lead weapons like that. I mean I don't know maybe maybe the world will come down to that like I don't WanNa live in that world anyway if it does come down lap. Yeah I had some crazy ass weapons. He did explosives to my God. Yeah Yeah No. I think that that's more like a Location type thing to like Florida area. Es L. Sisa. Yeah yeah that's rules that it's not happening in Davis California. Might be good. Might be good to talk to John. Barlow He might be good to talk to you He's John's out in Vegas. He works for a gun company. Bennett friend of mine. A while body bodybuilder. He's been on the show before. Falcon Falcon Right. Yeah use it used to be without whatever that cunningly I forget I forget what the name of the companies with now but He might be good to have on the podcast. Because you know there's there is kind of a fear of like that. This is like an apocalypse now and it might be interesting to kind of get some of his his take on it and I mean amount of guns that he has it was like his whole his whole truck bed. It's not a guy that you want to Not a guy that you want to try to run off the road. His entire truck Benz like low because the amount of like weapons that he hasn't been crazy and then I think like the first couple sentences after meeting emmys. I Hate California. I got travel with knives instead of guns. Oh Okay Shit Oh man. It was porn guns everywhere. He had like underneath his seat and like he was showing me all kinds of crazy stuff. I'm like a very uncomfortable around guns I I'm just not I'm not familiar with them. I don't have any issue with them. I just I don't I haven't used one That much I've only gone shooting like three times so they just they just scare me. I'm like I don't know how to use that thing I know in you know jail somebody. I don't WanNa fuck yeah. Have you ever admitted that in front of other people that like guns scare you? Yeah you know. And they've actually they've they've always been really good. They're like they should scare you. You know like they people that are I have found that many many times over that people are are are way different than the perception that you hear a lot of times. You know. These are not people that are taking their guns like Joe Exotic shooting them in the air. You know these are these are people that are like re time. You put the gun down. You put it you put it. You put it down you you face it away from you. You don't ever point anywhere at anybody ever You Know Shit like that. There's would I don't even know the rules so I'm going to say all wrong Monday? They want you to hold the gun a certain way. And you're not putting your finger on the trigger unless you're ready to like pull it and stuff like that like they're super respectful and when and when they walk you through it makes you a lot more calm. You're like okay. Well if I handle this responsibly than the weapon does nothing actually. 'cause I control it I I. I'm in control of it. I'm utilizing I put my hands on it and I'd chairman what it does. I think these rules are deceased. Suspect like yeah like the fear of it. It's very real because just a few just point and a little bit of pressure. Someone's life has gone. This just this that much pressure. A satellite miscalculation and that's it didn't the guy in tiger king just like blew his brains out or something right. Yeah I think he I think he thought he was fucking around right Haven't come in next coming. Yeah something to look forward to when when I've admitted like around other dudes I'm just like yeah I I I would like to learn how to shoot I love shooting the the bow. That's been like I miss that when it comes to guns. I'm just like yeah. It scares the shit out of me. Like no I'll be fine. It's not even that bad. I'm like you say that because you've done that you know but have you. Do you remember the first time you got behind the wheel like yeah? You're probably excited but you're also nervous. So yeah yeah so I I would like to especially with what is going on. Sorry about my dogs again. My so my fiancee's father. He's a retired police officer so he does have some guns in his house. And he's like I can drop them off on like Like Dad like I don't know what to do with it so let's go shooting. Don't don't drop them off. Yeah for us. He was joking. Of course he would never just like here. You go but he was just like yeah. You guys need ammo literally joking so I don't want anybody to get all upset But also it'd be cool to like. Hit up the shooting range in like cycle. Learn how to like literally everything from start to finish like you see like the like like military movies or they're taken apart their weapons and cleaning and stuff and I would love to learn. All of that is just you know like they. They do scare the shit out of me when you go. Let me now or something. We'll we'll we'll go. Yeah yeah absolutely. That'd be fun man. Power projects shootout might be awesome. I gotta go and hit a walk and I haven't done my ten minutes slot yet today. So you gotTa make sure I get that in there Andrew can take us on out of here buddy. Absolutely things out this episode You just heard Thomas Lower talking about low carb Kito whatever the Heck Mediterranean. Kito stuff is If you guys want to get a jump on your diet please head over to perfect dot com slash power twenty. Five ooh music. 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Radian Rian the podcast and we wanted to give a huge special shoutout to Katie. Our par- Katie says best podcast. Dot Dot Dot Ever Co. I'm very impressed so impressed that I'm writing a review. I've never written a review in my life. This podcast never fails to make me laugh. Contemplate fitness question and most importantly work harder. I have found so many great influencers to follow. And listen to throughout this podcast. Along with tons of fitness and nutrition tips. I live by this one really keeps me going. Thanks for a killer. Show you guys Thank you so much Katie. We sincerely appreciate that. That's one of the biggest best thing we could ever receive. So thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to do that. If you're listening right now if you'd like to hear your name on air please head over I tunes drop us a rating and review and you could hear name on air just like our homegirl. Katie are par will catch you guys on the next one piece.

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