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Alex Baldwin decimates the field at Auto Club speedway dry for the best team in the sport and one becomes the loneliest number for NASCAR's lug nuts. These are our top stories. Plus I'll be talking with the links to Terrasson Kyle petty right here on fast told. It's fast talk presented by Toyota for the latest Toyota racing information visit Toyota racing dot com and by Wicks filters. How do you select the right oil filter Goto how you drive dot Com now? Here's the host of Fast Talk. Doug Rice thanks so much for tuning in this edition of fast every year millions of tourists flock to the U K. They go London. What are they there for to watch the changing of the guard? It's the same show all the time but people are fascinated by it and sometimes the guards get hot and they pass out in English son. But it's still. It's a big deal. Nascar champion Matt Kenseth. One time told me you know. Changing in the guard is great. As long as you're the guard that's not being changed. We may be starting to witness that a NASCAR here in the early season. I'm Doug Rice along cow. Petty and Alexis Erickson does Alex Bowman's spectacular performance at Las Vegas. And his win at California speedway hint that out with the old in with the new. I I want to say I had no idea where you're going with that seven really good but it was fantastic and on the edge of my seat for sure. I think it definitely hints at it. Does it bring it home and put an exclamation point on it? Not at all. We still have a lot more racing to do. We have a lot more data that we need to log before we really know who's going to be fast weakened and week out and who is not going to be and so You know we'll just have to wait and see but I think certainly for Alex Bowman and for several bay for Hendrick motorsports what we saw at Las Vegas and then again followed up in Victory Lane yesterday at California is You know things are swaying in the right direction for them. Yeah Yeah it's a gradual process in in in in this sport especially And and I think the owners have already headed in that direction with William Barons with Alex Bowman's with Ryan Blaney. He's with the chase Elliott's Those Yo that young group of drivers with Chris Butchers with GAZ like that. That are you know. Twenty six twenty seven and below owners have started in that direction a couple years ago has it paid off. Has THAT INVESTMENT PAID OFF. Not Not as of yet. Because we've seen still watch the veterans win the big races and win win the racist so It'll change. I mean. We went through it with my dad and Pearson and all those guys we went through it with earnhardt and mark and rusty and myself and everybody else I mean you you go through it at different times and It's just it seems like this time it'll be it's it's more like it was twenty thirty forty years ago. There's a mass exodus of the older guys leaving over a five or six year period and a young group coming in but they got to win races. Well it has been impressive here at the outset with with Alex. Bowman and throw. I hate to input Ron Blaney in there. Because he's in six year. Yeah but that guy could easily have won every race we've had sheer but would've what should go back over his career even with the wood brothers. There's probably I can rattle off seven or eight races that that that look like with fifty laps to go that he's your Guy And just they don't close they just can't get it closed And and so you know I don't I don't know what it is with Blaney because we keep talking talking talking but he's there he's there. He wins segments. He leads labs. He runs up front. He does everything and Juliana wins the championship. His teammate Yo. You know what I'm saying so I mean we're we're in that mix where he's he's Got Ryan. Blaney has to win races. Okay I I just believe. He's at that point in his career. He's gotTa Start. Putting up does years in Alexis not often we see the kind of performance that Alex Bowman put on. Let one hundred ten laps. One by almost nine seconds. Yeah I mean it was certainly impressive. You know that's for sure one of the things. I wanted to mention in regards to to what college just saying is that you know these guys and you said you know Ryan's six-year Alex isn't necessarily really new. Either if you think about his career where he's come from But also you have to look at the crew chiefs crew chief. Swab over a penske. I think that certainly helping Ryan Blaney this year. And then Greg is is a veteran crew. Chief he he crew. She's been at Hendrick motorsports for a long time. He crew chief Dale Earnhardt Jr. for many many years and has been with Alex Bowman And and it looks like he made the right decisions at the right time yesterday. Alex talked about that in his post race. Press conference or car was really good and it was really hard for me to decipher whether I burn up or Or we needed to make a change and I kind of went with my gut and thought that I just burn the tires off of it and That we could If we could get in front of the twelve and not have to pass five guys to get to them We could stay in front of him so I'm not sure if we made any changes or not. Greg doesn't really tell me anything. Apparently my tire was gonNA explode and he didn't tell me but is cool so Yeah that was. That was the most all time. I Love Greg shaking his head. No shared. Didn't tell you anything you ever experienced that call. I'm sure you have in your career where you were in the car. And the information wasn't flowing in listen. I've run enough races in my life. Where if they had told half the feel how bad things were half of us would apart. They couldn't tell us. I mean you had to keep cars out there running but You know I I. I think greg made a calculation where he knew where the car was. He felt like he knew where it was going to drop off. He saw the tower where he saw the speeds So he kinda in his mind. He's he's not an idiot he's a smart guy. He knew how just about how far he could push looking at laptops and talking to to Alex so you know and I I'm I'm GonNa give somebody give some credit here. I think the big story is a obviously Alex Bowman but for me the bigger story is the Chevy for performance in these first two races Because it was non existent Last year so that's a huge and the lack there off from the Toyota camp Seems to be. The pendulum has swung from one side of the now granted two races to racist. I don't Count Daytona so I'm just GonNa say two races into what is considered the the regular season That's a big. That's a big effort. Well you know. It's funny because when Doug started in talking about the changing of the guard you know when when you were referencing him saying that you were talking more about the old drivers for the new drivers but I was kind of thinking in a different frame of mind whereas last year Toyota and Stewart Haas. Were really really strong shear. The changing of the guard could be that now. Starting out twenty twenty. It's looking penske and Hendrick. Motorsports are you know coming out of the box. A little bit hotter. And maybe that's the changing of the guard that we see especially look and and and I know the penske cars have run good And run solid. I'll say they've run solid. I don't think they've run. I think yesterday was a great performance by Byron. Blaney But I was you know. Scratch my head because we're was joy Lugano. You know what I mean because I mean he struggled to get to eleventh or twelfth. I mean just struggled to get to eleventh or twelfth and really felt like that was a place where Brad and run good. That was so you take Paul. That was the place for Joyon. Good so you put those together. Shirley they're gonNA run better the Chevy contingent as a group as a whole if we go cow Bush if we go. Excuse me Kurt. Busch we go kurt if we go The forty two Larsen until he got punted by. Bob Hamlyn Hamlin here. You know I mean. I thought the Chevys just ran exceptionally well. I agree and Alex actually spoke about that and his post race press conference to because I think. Chevrolet and their resurgence. This year their new body is something that a lot of people had questions about yet. That's that's a tough one. I feel like Phoenix is going to be a good judge of that. I feel like our mile and a half program was very strong last year So at the end of the year I feel like if we would have come here we would have been strong anyway. I think the new body has helped us a lot. The new Camaro any change we make we make for a reason and Chevrolet a great job with that car so I think on the intermediate stuff. It's really showing up Phoenix. I think we've finished like twenty fifth there in the fall last year. Absolutely horrendous so hopefully we can go there and run run a ton better but It's just it's hard to say this early in the year but I think the new car is quite a bit better I think Greg is is done a really good job this year too. I mean like I said earlier. We've never unloaded so close two weeks in a row. We've never unloaded that close period to do it. Two weeks in a row has been really cool so He's making my job. Easy right now for sure not easy but easier and it's definitely. I mean it's clear it's clear that that Chevy team is doing a lot better this year than they were last year. I think a lot of the other. Chevy teams are also being taken performance. But I think also that we have to gauge our expectations. Wait maybe a few more weeks down. The cows point realistically were to raise in. Daytona's an anomaly performance. I don't think there is related to manufacture or much of anything outside of luck right at at no offense against de Hem of winning three out of the last five but that that's a big let wheel down for sure so we'll see how this plays out as the year goes on coming up. We'll be doing a little bit of good times and bad times before. That auto trader is the only car shopping site with Kelley. Blue Book Price Adviser. So you can be sure. The price is fair. Goodbye second guessing. Hello price confidence auto trader. Finally it's easy you know. That racing is not easy. But did you know car? Shopping is easy. Auto trader is the only car shopping site with Kelley Blue Book Price Adviser. So you can be confident. The price is fair. Confident like when you make a pass on that semi-truck going slow in the fast lane car shopping now. Easier than racing. An eighteen wheeler auto trader. 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I pledge I pledge I pledge to treat everyone with respect respect and dignity I will not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind. I will speak up. Speak up whenever I know discrimination is happening. I will stand up rise up four victims. Take the pledge at rise to win Dot Org. Let's talk about on the show. We might need to extend the end time here. A lot of information we will tackle the new single. Lug Nut ruled NASCAR announced a little bit later on this show. Now it's time for good times bad times. I'm going to jump the shark a little bit here and I tweeted about this earlier. This Um Baby Shark Shark Shark Shark. Shark thinking that man that is an earworm date is over to ask you to play. Listen listen he had this little square that you'd punch it and had play baby shark and punched it so hard one time at quit playing well no more body household but I tweeted about this. This past Friday author. Thought I'm GonNa go to the gym. I go to the gym. Swipe my little FOB. At the desk lady goes expired. Ben Expired a month and a half that tells you how often I've been to the gym so I did make up for the next. Three days have been there so good. If that trend continues little embarrassing venison half. Since you've been here Doug I mean that's all you need to jump start now. I live right your hammer of that. I think it was a bad timing. This guy got all right good times and bad times Alexis. We'll start with you. Give us a couple of good times from Auto Club speedway this past week. We've already talked about a few. Obviously Alex Bowman Chevrolet. I'm going to go on a little bit different direction. Jimmy Johnson's family. I thought waving the green flag was really really cool. It made for a cool moment. They did a a five car. Five wide salute to him at the beginning of the race with his car out. Front. I thought for his home every track is going to try to do something in the last track when it comes to you know sending seven time. Champion Jimmy Johnson off into the sunset. But I just thought for his home track. We only race there once a year so it was the last time he's ever gonNA raise their. I just thought it was kind of NEAT. You know all the pomp and circumstance. They had around him. You know at the beginning of the race and then my second time is going to be Tyler rettig. He finished eleventh for sure. Highest finishing rookie. Sure the Christopher Bell is having a terrible we can talk about him and the other segment of this But when it comes to two rookies and coming out and doing well I thought Tyler Radic did a masterful job Alpha Tyler. Rettig Jimmy Johnson. Her good time sure is kyle yet and tolerate. It was on my list and I have to say that when were doing the segment so because I just think that here's a guy who has come out And there was so much hype with Christopher balanced. So much you know will custer's getting in a car were these guys have dominated last year And the Children's team less was expected from him. Less was expected from Tyler and I think that he's done that. Group has done more over these first two or three races. So I I look at that You know and and I think I I'm GonNa say this for good times and I think that when we when when they dropped the Green Flag California speedway those first eleven to fifteen laps ten to fifteen laps was a good time to be a Nascar Fan. Thirty socks were among. I'm GonNa get you know with with we had to forty eight of Jimmy Johnson. The fourteen of Clint Boyer You had bowman up there. And they would somebody get position and then lose to and drive back to and then was solid racing for ten or fifteen lamps at the front of the pack and it was all the way through the pack but so many times on the two mile racetrack you get spread out and watch the fans and you watch the race which try to see the grandstands to. I don't think he may sit down for the first ten or fifteen laps. Which is the way it used to be in the sport which is the way when they dropped the green flag. People didn't say okay time to go to the concession stand. They've started now. But that's the way it's gotten so I I think the good times for me was The racing out there for those first few laps especially if it was ended up not being a barn burner by the end right. You know what I mean but the restarts in the way those guys drove that racetrack was pretty phenomenal. Alexa couple of bad times supple. A bad time. I'm going to go. I know we were talking about how well his season has been going. So far Earlier in the segment. But I'm GonNa Talk About Ryan Blaney. And here's why. Because he was looking like he was somebody that was going to contend. If not win the race in Las Vegas. Caution COMES OUT MAKES A pit call. Good or bad you know. It ended up being bad not winning the race and then yesterday obviously they were running up front. They won stage two. They had all this great momentum and then they had a tire go flat and then obviously everything that happened in Daytona to surrounding them. I just feel like they have kind of a cloud over their head as well as they're running they still have some things That they kind of need to work through and then Clinton Boyer you know. He finished he. He starts on the poll he gets. The police comes out. Stewart Haas Racing. A whole didn't have a great day yesterday but Clint Boyer pole-sitter to twenty third day. Holiday WanNA point out one thing before you go to your bad times. How BUTTONED UP ALEXA? I know everything is here on her tablet. I know there's no go straight to all of this. You have zero. Have you ever known me to be anything other than I'm okay? So my bad times was Stewart hospitals. Yeah because I keep. I have waited for calving. Show up I just not. They've been there but you know in in in getting finishes is different than being competitive that there's there's a there's a different listen. I run third over here. One time and run seventeenth all day long but finished third so it looks but you're not competitive. I mean there you would rather be competitive and blow up or being a wreck than to be noncompetitive and have a decent finish so I just I don't know we're they seem to be a little off so far this year. my other bad times and this is going to be crazy because at appraise these guys so much. is JT. Jessie Duarte racing losing two crew cheese over stupid stuff. You know what I mean. I M my opinion three third race of the season. Why you to come off a high of Stenhouse at Daytona? To put that run in to do the things they've done to start to build something in be all positive It's not. It's not a huge black mark man to be the first guy sent home. During the course of the two thousand twenty season is not a not a good thing for the fans. That don't know what exactly transpired. Evidently they had a had some body stuff or whatever. I mean listen modifications post. Yeah but you gotta it's the same old NASCAR rulebook it always kind of thing and if you read section twenty twenty or something like that. Don't I don't know what it is and it talks about different things but You know and it's just one of those things where you know. Establish yourself your own positive. We've been on a high note. We noticed in houses is in there digging lap after lap Ryan Preece. You know those guys so for for Brian and Trent the way it worked out I just don't think it was. I don't think it's the optics aren't good. Let me just put it that way. I want to add one. Good time Harrison Burton that kids taking a lot of heat deserve but for him to rally back and win that. Yeah good for Harrisonburg. Yeah I was big By the way are Toyota performance. Report from Auto Club speedway. Kyle Busch finished second Six goes to Denny Hamlin. Eric Jones was tant Martin. Tricks junior fourteenth gotta go way down here to thirty eight for Christopher Bell very very short day for him as he completed only eighty laps. That's the Toyota performance report presented by Toyota for the latest Toyota racing information. This TOYOTA RACING DOT COM. Mondays all right. Coca-cola racing family driver. Joey Logano here. Mondays need an entire week until I see that green flag again coke energy is here to help me through it. Grab yourself a coke energy today for a little boost of Monday motivation. Show up with new Coca Cola energy. The energy want the taste you love. Medicare rules are confusing. They should be there over a hundred thirty thousand pages of regulations. There's part A. Through D. Medicare advantage and Medicare according to the CMS. There are government programs available. That can help you pay for your medical expenses. 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Usak car store past ultimate superleague bottles. Theories fasttrack need Smith power. I am more. That's the our ends at the track every week on broadcast radio the free. Prn APP and I tunes. Cathy Martindale Paul Shad on Z. Max Racing country classes. I go back a long time. Listening to Charlie Pride back grew up in sledge. Sippy RIGHT BELOW MEMPHIS. I saw singing in clubs in red survived and read bully. Came never show and song to show US TONS OF COUNTRY MUSIC. This weekend on racing. Catchy Classics Raising Twenty. Twenty one is shaping up to be a year of seismic chain NASCAR. We have been promised a brand new all encompassing schedule. There's some rule changes coming down. We're going to touch on one of those right now. I'm Doug Rice along with Alexis Ericsson and Kyle Petty and Alexis. Nascar made it official earlier today. That in two thousand twenty one with I've lost track of what Jin Card is. Gen set and I think you know what I'm waiting for the GIN and tonic yet. Maybe you're talking but anyway up. Huge rule change involving lug nuts. Yes so instead of five. Which is what we're used to going to one standard Lug nut right there in the center From everything that I've been able to see on social media after Nascar made this announcement. They basically are trying to get the wheel to look a lot. More like what you would see on a passenger car. You know the gen seven car. They've talked about So much of it is going to look like what you can buy on the lot at your local Chevy Toyota Ford dealership. And that's what they're kind of going with here on our facebook live you can obviously see You know what the the tire looks like. The wheel looks like next to the one that we are running today. I don't really see how it's going to change much. In the way of how pitstops are performed and the timing and all that because you still have to wait on the fuel you're still going to need four tire. Changers to tire changers carriers. You know what do you think? Well I was just looking at it says It doesn't really change anything. His pit crew crews still move from right to left through members over the wall or remain the same. I mean I'll all that stuff stays the same. I find that fascinating that in two thousand twenty one. We're going to make the cars look like. Oh like stock cars. Oh my God what a novel idea. Yeah that they did in the sixties and the seventies and eighties nineties. Oh my God now. We're going back and and this is I'm not I'm not a huge fan of the US does not Because I it's it's just. You're not sure what the point is. I don't and I do understand with independent rear suspensions in some of the things that are going to that this is a step in right direction But you know in in a in a an age where I grew up in an age where innovation and change and stuff come from inside the garage and now it comes from a building somewhere to the garage and they tell those guys what to do. And that's where the so whether it's one lug wheels and stuff like this isn't it and listen. I. I'm not an I realized things change But it's just it's it's everything's the same everything everything just appears to be this. I mean this. This is what they do in every former race in world. So there's nothing wrong with it. You know from Formula One indycar sports cars. There's nothing wrong with that but to use the thing that Oh we're making the wheel. Look like the wheels on a car I got you. Why didn't you just make a five lug pattern? That looks like a wheel on a car. Wheel press out. There is a foreleg pattern. It's not a single love. I don't see a lot of cars out here on the on the highway with the single a lot by look good doing it though you get way down and see one thing that I can see this changing. Obviously we talked about how it's not GonNa Change. You know the choreography of a pit. Stop and how long a pit stop is. Perhaps we'll have less after the fact penalties of okay. Well this car had one. Lewis is going to be catastrophic. You're right you're pretty much gonNA now. You'RE GONNA lose your and you know and and that that obviously will be A. You're not going to be a question if you have a vibration you have some you know where it's at. I. It's not well maybe I got you know. Maybe they left one loose. Maybe they'll left to lose it. It's not going to be that way but So I don but again you don't want applaud that at least they're changing stuff that at least a day in time when they could just be sitting on their ruins doing nothing. They are changing. I believe this is going to be a tough sell. Yeah because it's a radical change. It me no more yarn. It's a it's a it's a but but as long as the players continue to look like they're doing the same thing to the gas at across in the grandstands were guys sitting at home. You know as long as the guys out there you know and we're running around the car. You Know Indy cars you come in. And the guy's already down on his knees when the car stops and it's that you know I'm not A. I'm not a huge fan of that. I WanNa see these guys bust around there. I want to see him do their stuff I WanNa see that ballet. You know what I mean. That's part of it. I mean you look at what happened yesterday. At Auto Club with Martin Checks Junior. I mean he was having really good and then they had a problem on you know the left tire the tire changer. It was hit. He had issue with his hand or something. I don't even know what the follow grant cramped up. Yeah but I mean you think about how intrical that was to the outcome in the finish of Marci X. Junior and the number nineteen day. I mean I think that's still going to come and play. I don't know by the way this show is seen and heard on multiple platforms toward on our affiliate stations on Monday nights. Starting seven clocks rebroadcast on serious at ten o'clock eastern time on Wednesdays and it's carried live of from a lot our facebook page and a multiple amount of facebook pages from speedway motorsports like. Somebody's watching. Kyle Chris Lightning big fan of fast talks. We love that. Okay thanks. Can you ask call if he thinks there are any rule changes that need to be made before they visit? Talladega OR DAYTONA. Let's say question. I pretty much went on record after Daytona to say they need to do something to go back with the same is. I just feel like to go today. Toner talent or go back to Talladega or to go to Daytona with the same rule package All you're saying is a I got shot at Daytona but survived. You know what I mean. There's still people shooting at you know what I mean. You're you're going back in harm's way you're sending these guys back into harm's way And and I'M GONNA go on record here on fast talk and say this quit if you drive a cup car k. Quit running over people. I mean twice yesterday as we saw guys bumped draft at the end of the straightaways going off in the corner on a two mile race. Track that we've never we don't we don't see that but it's like we talked after. Daytona. It's become so commonplace. You just do it everywhere. People just think. Okay it's okay. So Larson gets turned into the wall. Blaney almost gets turned going into turn three and and it's like you know that's not racing. Even even cowboys cowboys had a quote. I can't remember what it he's he's like it's a dogfight every lap you. It's not racing. He doesn't even call it racing and I know he complains a lot. But that's a valid point. It's just a dogfight. You just run over people. How much has the etiquette changed? There's no etiquette. Yeah but this is a funny part for all for all the guys that hang out in the white trash trailer. Park region where all the buses are and hang out. Go to dinner and do all their stuff. You know what I mean. You know what I'm talking about. You know they all we buddies. We're going to Disneyworld. We're going to go have fun when they get on the racetrack man they get pea is brains and they just run over each other so there there is no. There's not the etiquette. There's not the respect I don't believe That that that those guys used to have you know if you go back to earn hard and M. I mean mark and guys like that. Yeah they'd lean on you if you leaned on them but if you never leaned on them they'd never lean on you and that's not that's just a respect thing that would that was more respect. These guys you know They right off the bat they just start running in each other so I'm not. I'm not a huge fan of some of this. Got To have a code. But there's not one here. Auto trader is the only car shopping site with Kelley Blue Book Price Adviser. So you can be sure the prices fair. Goodbye second guessing. Hello Price Confidence. Auto trader finally. 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He's three ESA. Somebody's GonNa have to give here. Thanks Day three. One here comes harbor against the backdrop of data backstretch appear cabinet. Harvey come celebrate New Hampshire Motor speedway thirtieth anniversary tickets. Start at thirty five dollars. Parking is pre New England's longest tailgate. You're only kissed. See the NASCAR stars in your backyard. Die- seventeenth through the night. You ask we listened. Atlanta Motor speedway celebrated sixtieth anniversary in twenty twenty with a new spring race date March thirteenth through the fifteenth with new and enhanced camping and Fan Amenities all backed by the perfect weather guarantee get to racists or the price of one with the xfinity series an RV outdoors truck series doubleheader on Saturday. Tickets for Sunday's full honor trip. Five hundred started just thirty nine dollars. Plus chancer only ten bucks online Atlanta Motor speedway DOT COM. Thanks a lot for joining us on this edition of Fast Talk. We're only three races into the season and it feels like we've already got trends and a lot of things churning our good friends at Bristol Motor speedway where PR and will be broadcasting from very shortly had a couple of announcements to make earlier in this day the first one involves their pre-race musical act can't see can't see this down the road and Spartanburg says Taylor are stuck back down or I'm going to get a ticket right now very cool. I not all the original members but they still got some of those guys in their first album. I still think one of the best classic rock country oriented albums Tom. So they're going to open the show. Chorus Motor speedway so that's neat and Alexis A little something nautical themed is also going on at Bristol speedway yes so. They had a big announcement today. Cylinder speedway did where Navy weekend. I'm not sure if you're familiar with this doug and Kyle. I really wasn't until I saw this announcement but the navy comes out Nationwide they have a bunch of navy weeks that they hold throughout the country that basically just go into different markets but they choose to spread the word about the navy and what the Navy Navy does and and who they are and they've decided to coincide one of their navy weeks with the Bristol Food City five hundred weekends so they're going to be there. They had some really cool Displays today where they had obviously the Bristol Motor speedway pace car next to some very cool fighter jets. Some of the different things that they're going to have food city five hundred week. We're going to have those Fighter jets out for the flyover. They're going to have a fever pitch of activities they say during receiver pay for Pitt. Mideast navy musical ensembles. They're actually going to have something in the Panza. And that I think is interesting portable dive tank. Doug or you're going to die. What are they got in? And that's true very true. His how much he works out between now. I'm not this much water right now. I totally miss this. I totally misses. Because I mean we've been Bristol. They ran a dirt race up there. They put dirt on the restricted. Had football game there. I thought they were GONNA fill the place up a water and played battleship. How cool with that. I mean I wouldn't put anything. Has Jerry Falwell things though that they are doing is they're offering half price tickets to all active retired. Navy personnel and their families for Navy Week. I think it's going to be really. A bunch of us are going to obviously be out there to broadcast the races and hopefully see some of those really cool navy activities and there. There's a a creek right behind place of thinking that we're going to bring in like an aircraft carrier something. Maybe I'm not sure it would fit in they it would. It would just be cool man if not car race on an Aircraft College Basketball Games on. Yeah do the Little Robbie knievel jumped on on aircraft you. Speaking of fantasies of like filling up Bristol Motor speedway and playing battleship on our production department is still their own fantasy there for me w an fantasy update and bring in. Prn's own NASCAR savant. Hank Hank I have. I've not even looked at our fantasy standings after three weeks of combat well dug in for a treat because this week get to live up to my reputation as the overall winner. Npr In fast talk. Ooh Two hundred fifty nine points. I was loud. That's good I was was strong a stage two bonus. Pick away from perfect lineup. I had the top five scoring drivers in my lineup with Alex. Bowman Jimmy Johnson Brad Kozlowski in the Bush brothers so it was a great day for me. that strong yeah and Alexis had a good week too but Mr Bonus points I know what Doug say last week or the week voice that I know what's going to happen we're going to have the fantasy and then all of a sudden. I'm going to say oh. I forgot to pick pole-sitter I forgot to make my picks while I my picks by forgotten my bonus points and I wont Wont Wont. But I'm still like twenty nine twenty nine hundred role in the League first off. Our overall leader is kids sixty seven. Why the number one overall? I'm twelfth and a standings. Doug is sixty eight all right time bath and if you awesome bragging rights. Doug Brad Gillies one twenty nine. You're way ahead of us and we've got almost two hundred total players so we're almost twice as many as last season which is great to hear that people are joining me of the fun and You're looking for a good pick this week. You gotta go with Kyle Busch. He's one of the last three Phoenix he hasn't won in three races. So you know he's going to come out there and just lead every lap we're talking about. How bad two. Toyotas are so. That's prime or prime cow Bush. We're junk as he leads three hundred laps later on in the show. Hackley's GonNa take possession of Carl's phone and set it up so he can. I like the way Hank just started that that little segment there with I had a great week great. This is all about me all of Arabic. That would have done a lot of points. Man You gotta own. You gotTa Brag fifty nephews. Man Fun having fun and enjoying things that you love like Hank Lee in fantasy. It can be tough though when you'RE TIRED. Show up with the new coca-cola Energy the energy you want it's the taste you love. How do you know if you're experiencing the excitement of Toyota racing fever if you feel an uncontrollable urge to climate? You're super through the window. You've done it if your favorite doughnuts are not needed. A fryer but on the racetrack. You've got it if the thought of Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin returning to victory lane. This season keeps you up at night. You definitely got it. The NASCAR season for Toyota reason is gearing up. Catch the excitement Toyota racing dot com Toyota. Let's go places. Nascar is a registered trademark of the National Association. For snuck unique. You know that racing is not easy but did you know car. Shopping is easy. Auto trader is the only car shopping site with Kelley. Blue Book. Price adviser so you can be confident depresses fair. Confident like when you make a pass on that semi truck going slow in the Fast Lane. Car Shopping now. Easier than racing. An eighteen wheeler other trader. Finally it's easy. I'm Austin Dillon. And you're listening to fast talk on the performance racing network this abrupt McMillan each weaken. The rally autoparts reporters would give you an honest. Look at the week's new. If you're GonNa make the mistake well then you better kick it in gear and make up for it. Feeds going forward now. Just have to be consistent? They can't go back to be fifteenth or works competitors want to go out on top. You don't WanNa stink when you go out. Join Me Rep. Mcmillan the O'Reilly on a pit reporters each week on. Prn The performance racing network from the state of New Hampshire down through North Carolina. And all the way to California. The speedway motorsports four hundred footprint is truly national dot. This is Bristol from zero to harm. Trump guys will never ending. I'm being yelled at by Alexis going. Why didn't we play in the navy? When we talked about that would have been good. That would have been good man. It's magnier need some coke energy so that we can remember all these funds exactly right. There used to be slot machines in Vegas that we're village people slot machines and he hit it just right the little people will come out and sing in the navy to you. It's pretty good no way of saying their lot. Thanks a lot fun doing things that you love doing. Mo- during the most can even be tough when you're tired if you're tired even if you're doing stuff you like yes. Yes a show up with new COCA COLA. Energy the energy womp taste you love saga about energy heading into Phoenix. Yeah I s M. we're going to show up at Phoenix this weekend. We're GONNA see a new short-track package which I'm really excited to see how that that works out. obviously you know everybody knows last year. Phoenix especially the race at the end of the year. The the fall. Rice didn't deliver what you know. We're accustomed to seeing at Phoenix. It's going to be the season. The year end finale the championship race. So we want to get this right. We want things to to run well there and to be competitive and fun for the fans to wash all. I'm excited. I think the energy heading into Phoenix is just to see where we come out after. Phoenix is over with the short. And I I agree and with everything you said. I think this is a big test for this package to say. Have we fix this? You know we knew that. The racing on the on the mile and a half. They got better last year but it hurts some of the some of the other places that some of the racing so to come back and see how this is This'll be a glimpse into what November will be. I would be really happy. If we never have to use the word package again. Yeah Kendra duration anything. I'm Jay I I meant to my. I'm maybe when we go to the single lug nut and then the new standard basic car. Whatever that what. What is that called the GIN and tonic when we go to the GIN and tonic and we the single lug? Then maybe we don't have they announced who's GonNa make the new car Now I don't you know that's a good question having no yeah you know you're you're you're telling you know 'cause he breakfast place in Daytona and like police escorted big big black limos. The president would be in rolled up and all these people got out with the name badges on no way way. Top secret information must be. It was big though I felt like I should hide behind a Bush or something. I felt shave pitchers man you should have got own to the Internet. That's got become unemployed. That'd be you could've sent them to me. Outta posted because if you're not an employed by now it's not gonna that's segway over the thing. We like to call green flag black flag. It's time for another edition of the Green Flag. Black flag out than waiting weeks for full disclosure. I I should have done something earlier. In mentioned auto trader and. I missed it so we're going to give them this great segue because he'd go wrong. Trader is the only car shopping site with Kelley Blue Book Price Adviser. So you can be sure. The price is fair. Goodbye second guessing. Low price confidence auto trader. Finally it's easy green-flagged black flag. You know how it works. The writers have written a statement. If you agree with the statement your fat if you disagree game show Buzzer. We'll start with Lexis Green Flag black-flag Ryan Blaney is the best unluckiest driver. So far this season so far this season I think I'm gonNA say Green Flag. I mean obviously we documented earlier. How he's been running up front and it's been really competitive really fast then had thanked. Yeah happen and just not finished there and you know what that's unfortunate. I love how we continue to to put the myth out there that there are writers that write this stuff. I have no less true. That's true I do can't give it a green us. A he has run. He has had the most solid year not to have anything to show for the disagreeing. Sound effect we're GONNA go away from game show Buzzer. There's a sound in world the world the one with Tom Cruise in it that the aliens make it scares alleged. Can't have that women have anyway because they're going to win Lug You sound like this. One aren't true. Hurt all right grapevine. Black FLAG OVER TO KYLE PETTY ALEC spokesman Will Win Four or more races. This show black flag right on that. Yeah Yeah Yep yeah th this may be may be be Alex really one and done and done. I don't think one and done but I'm not sure he wins four. I'M GONNA say Black Flag I think he i. I'm going to give him multiple wins out for. I think you'll appreciate this Alexis bring fly black-flag with NASCAR coming to town folks in Phoenix should be investing flood insurance. Oh my God yeah I mean. We have had green stuff everywhere. We've gone so far this year. Luckily it didn't affect the outcome in California as much as it had obviously in Daytona in Los. We went to the desert. We went to Las Vegas and add a complete washout on Saturday. So yeah I mean if you have a drought or you need You know your pool filled up then call down three point three weeks of gone. I wouldn't be opposed to bring it in snow ploughs. Yeah let's do. It could snow in Phoenix this weekend. When when Nascar you never know never know man. I mean it's it's been Erie this year in two of the sites have been in rather arid regions. We'll see what happens. I assume still can't get used to say but that's where we're going to be It's cows turn green flag. Black-flag riders worked overtime on this. There are six of them. But none of the rookies will make the playoffs. Ooh golly non but none of them will none none nine auto trader and make the pulling on my beard right now so you must be a black flag. I'M GONNA say one of them will. I must say one of them. Will one of them will slide in there because we take like twenty seven sixty? Yeah Yeah Yeah. I'm I'm going to say we do as well. I'm GONNA say when I'm we'll get in there. There's just there's just too many of them there and they're good. I think I think it will happen. And I'm GonNa say obviously is what happened yesterday as a weighing factor. But I'M GONNA say Tyler Roddick something that would be all right. That wraps up. Yeah Thankfully Green Flag black-flag brought to you by auto trader Sir Sir. Are you where you were going? Forty miles an hour. This is a residential area. Sure but I'm on my lawnmower. Wait am I getting a ticket? No I've just never seen anyone top nine miles an hour on one of those bad boys and mother attire lawn thirty seconds quite got into you. Well it did feel Abbott Sonoko. This morning at Sonoko we know how to fuel peak performance even doing it for American racing for over fifty years. You'll your best to on Monday your Monday with coca-cola energy it's Monday all you WanNa do back home but first crack open. An ice cold can of Coca Cola energy delicious coke taste and reinvigorating energy. Now look at the word. Monday in D. A. Y. It's the same letters that are in the word Dynamo. What a coincidence. Let's go show up today with new Coca Cola Energy Energy. You want taste you love. I'm Alex Bowman and you're listening to fast talk on the performance racing network. The fans are on their feet the light supplanted and we're ready for my sci-fi for the race to the bottom of the refrain from Fred drought. Is Roy Chase Elliott? This is the lead or wide out of Turner were poor. But they're behind Kevin Harvick Elliott locks of the tires and he knows his power barrier is a three way battle for the league. Coming back to the stripe at the white boy GOT FREE CAR SPINNING OFF TO. Laskey has caught tile book ahead of the turn. Up With Harry Hamlin Spence hits the Inside Wall Flores. Slide sat here. He's to the outside from hero to zero and back the hero rack up in the pool room does avail here cubs chase. Elliott with the Monster Energy Nascar Cup series races in Atlanta. Las Vegas Bristol Texas Charlotte's Kentucky New Hampshire Fence Anoma in here at here on. Vr In the performance racing network. It's been a fun show to this point. Thanks a lot for joining us here on fast talks. We told you you can catch our show on facebook. It's also on twitter youtube. A lot of places MOMS watching on your favorite little sat out sat out the Moana Puerto Rico. Everything comes to a hall. Four o'clock on Monday shoutout smell. I like the way he said. It's been a fun show up to this point right now. I just drive it into the ditch at this point. So that's that's okay. I did want to talk about a couple of other things before we jump in you guys mentioned during the break Matter Benedetta performance three races in pretty solid really solid really solid. I I I think I think. I don't think that I think he puts a lot of pressure on himself to go out there and run good. He fits in with the wood brothers. He fits in with that family. He fits in with that organization In a bring so much excitement so much joy to the race track. And that's what those guys like He's had a solid solid three races. He's yeah and he's just been solid man. Yeah yeah he wasn't GonNa win at at Vegas in what's going to really run second there with things hadn't played out the way they did but he still been six or seven so Tip of the hat to those. I think Obviously he's been great first three races of the season but like you mentioned before he fits in well there. I think he brings have renewed to that seat into that car. I mean you know. Obviously Paul Menard was in there before and he wasn't known as being you know. Are you saying Paul Needed Energy? Exactly I mean. He wasn't known as being Mr Excitement. But you look at Matt and you look at his following. The obviously has a has a pretty good fan following. He's got a great personality and he's performing so you know great on him. Yeah why Paul menards person might have been the worst interview ever in the history of the sport. Yeah that's all right. That's Okay Nice Guy I Scott he probably said GonNa Detto up to get India's which prompted him are let's segue now to our wicks picks which is our time to pick who will win at Phoenix. Raceway track family their contracts out. Apparently I assume doesn't that sound like it would be the evil empire and some movie agents from here sees like chaos like get smart right agent. Ninety nine. Yeah I know that she does. She know above your head. I only do because they made a movie of it not that long ago with Steve Carell. They did they. Yeah good as the original for Phoenix I do. I'm going to experiment which Kyle told me in the brakes crazy. What God's name would you pick a guy who's won one race now? He's thinking he can win two in a row. I know to go back to back but look here is my thinking okay. He he's obviously had a very strong start to the season. He is coming off of a win as we just mentioned. So he's got momentum which I think is a very real thing and he's going to his home race track so you know what if I if I'm going to pick anybody it's GONNA be Alex Okay? I'll get those are all valid points. Not good points but ballots. Well I'm Kenya. I kid okay I I do care. I go okay and I have one. Specific reason is is when we did good times bad times. I said Stewart Haas Racing Kevin Harvick waiting for him. This has been Kevin's domain. Just like Dover was Jimmy Johnson's and you would think that that was where guys are. GonNa show up. So I believe that Kevin Harvick shows up and this is where they make a statement because if they don't make a statement here I think it speaks volumes for where that organization. That team is right now. You've used the phrase waiting for Kevin Twice. Yes that's like CC. Top waiting on the bus all day. That's right you're going to be waiting for. Let's say I drive right by it. I got an extension. I have to give your wicks pick but haven't really quick question how different how much different is the track now since because you know they talk about well he hasn't been Kevin Harvick's strong there. Since they moved that that you know coming off of what is now four and headed off in the one restarts with that being one is. It's just a different different racetrack. It's a different way to drop now. Once you get into that rhythm it's okay but track position is so freaking critical. There may be more so than any where we run My wakes pick nothing glamorous here I'm going to chase Elliott. I think the kids ran pretty well so far this season and it can win. Chevrolet Peter this year and I think chase has got a chance to Park it in Victory Lane and then everything would be right with the world and UNICORNS and rainbows exactly alone. Bosley is like picking junior back in the day. I have a question. Probably GonNA regret this. Sorry you have had on yes. It says hops hops vault. My brother-in-law has bar in arch. Dale North Carolina called hops vault. And go in the back of it and there's six or seven kegs. Would that this tapped and all down the side. You can buy local Beers Beers North Carolina from all over So it's just you know brew pub kind of stuff but it's it's a cool little place man it's cooler place. They open Mid Afternoon and close about eight thirty or nine so that they can go home and have a good time to drop your name in there. Is that worth anything at all? Oh yeah man. Named John Played there. I play music there the other night. That's why I got my hop small hat on so that's cool so payment gotta I gotta get ahead a six pack more. You won't. I'm going to be in the Saint Patrick's Day parade up there and I'm excited about that. That's awesome might be the Saint Patrick's Day and excited as March fourteenth. I think it's a Saturday on the back of a backup. Something in the back of something and wait. Are you the Grand Marshal? Yes yes office. Is it GONNA BE AWESOME DUDE? I'm never been a grand marshal for so this is like this is a huge deal for me so huge by the way those who are wicks picture just a moment ago go to wicks filters facebook page for a chance to win Nascar. Nhra in legends tickets Wicks filters. Thanks a lot to the massive crew that makes this show possible David styles. Hank Gli Kit Bernhardt Herald Hammer of course as always Alexis Eric's striking in her purple today by the way and Kyle Petty. Thanks a lot for tuning in. We'll see how are we expected to? Let's go to put the wraps on this show back next week with a whole bunch. More fast talk fast talk with presented by Toyota for the latest Toyota racing information visit Toyota racing dot com. Which filters looking for the right cabin air filter Goto wicks filters DOT COM and by auto trader auto trader is the only one with price confidence from Kelley. Blue Book auto trader. Finally it's easy.

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