The Hills Are Alive


From workhouse connect in a j Benza. Vein. He liked to be walked on a leash and play really dirty kinky sex tapes is the guy put the cop and the peacock network. Okay bitch. Hey, everybody AJ Benji here. Famous bitch January thirtieth twenty nine teen. I'm doing this show on Tuesday night. I am dragon asked I've had a hell of a day from six AM haven't stopped moving till now busy out of Corolla shot. A great time. I think that's going to air. I don't know. Maybe Thursday Friday. I'll let you guys know. But great day lot of fun today. Whilst off in the news. I got some Roger stone's stories. You wouldn't believe this motherfucker is so crazed. And so childish, I'll get to that in a second. Today show's brought to you by the fab fit fund winter box. It's finally here. I keep telling you guys order the damn thing. It's amazing treat yourself what items in there a lot of things you're gonna love. Maybe you're a beauty fashion maven constantly on the hunt. 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Ten bucks off your first box fab fit fun take much. Uber's especially Uber pool. Do report that's. Uber for people with not a lot of money. Now. Really when you see the prices next to each other. You're not in a rush you go spend twenty three dollars to get there in fifteen minutes or I can spend six dollars to get there in twenty eight minutes or thirty five minutes a bargain. So that's what I've been doing. I think I'm breathing into much of the real quick Roger fucking stone. So when I get to LA in ninety seven, and I got the job at e you know, me and car young Donau, then we kinda broke up because I was in LA Allott and the people in New York New all the fucking billionaires and multimillionaires knew she was on the loose. And Donald Trump came calling. You all know that story. Well, I was getting these postcards sent to me at e and it would just say famous bitch. And so is car young, and it'd be a picture of car or picture was creepy shit would've fuckers doing this this one on for months car calls the other day. She goes, hey. I know you love hearing about crazy things that happen to your life. I said, yes, she goes. Remember, those postcards you got from people someone saying famous bitch, so's car. So yes, she goes that was Roger stone. I said are you fucking? Why don't you tell me? She goes, I I couldn't I had the way I had just had to way he's crazy him and Don little crazy. They were jealous that we were together. And that's what he was doing Donald and tell them to do it. But this is what Roger stone is like he was doing these things because he knew his friend really wanted to be car. And maybe she was me. And you know, what these are the people that are running the country, and I'll tell you twenty years ago. Roger stone had to be talked out of rolling over on Trump. I'm gonna tell you something right now twenty years ago, he wasn't arrested for lying to congress. He's gonna turn on Trump. And I got the headline already picked because this is the way my sick. Mine works you've read one day Rolling Stone. 'cause this motherfuckers gonna turn over. And Trump is going to be facing something he never face because when I tell you Roger stone, no knows where the bodies are very how about if until you he brought the shovel in the lie. Okay. So Trump is in beds is in bad shape. He looks to feed. It looks pummeled. I still wish him well. But I don't like what's going on. And fuck Nancy in shock. And then Alexandra occasional court is not about them. It's about all the bullshit. It's happening. And the fact that these guys who were good friends Cohen. And now stone stone's gonna talk stone is a Rolling Stone mocked my words. Anyhow people. Nobody's giving you that story the whole fucking world. But me tell you patriot friends get on it patriots number up. Can't complain. You guys are doing it your friends sign up. I mean, we gained like thirty people. God bless I love you guys. I've got strangulation on my mind AJ. What are you a horrible thing? Let me clean between the black Dahlia TV series with. Pine and then the other night I stumbled upon conversations with a serial killer with the Ted Bundy doc on net flicks. And then when I was watching the Jimmy breslin, Pete Hamill, doc on HBO. I kept seeing all these scary headlines that ran in newspapers back in the day and Jimmy breslin column when he covered the sun is Sam murders. And I just thought taking the strangulation got bad things on my mind. What can I say? I know why essentially this happened. I heard Pete's voice. And I heard Jimmy's voice on that docket. And I was falling asleep. As I heard them I woke up, but I think it stuck it settled in a corner of my mind some sick corner. But I hadn't heard I've heard voices in a while. And I heard it so clear, and when I hear them it voices just echo with tension and pain and things that might be used to be in. I think you know, Pete once said there's a famous sentence. He began when he's writing something I believe for book called invisible city. It begins once there was another city. And now it is gone. There are almost no traces of it anymore. But millions of us know it existed because we lived in it the lost city of New York. That's the way Pete would that would read his sentences in at wouldn't sounds like when he reads his sentences of books, he writes are wonderful magazine articles. And when Pete does that you can you can just maybe you got to be a New Yorker, but you can feel the Light's bouncing off the buildings dance in like diamonds on a jewelers dark black velvet ped-. And then I heard a few passages from Jimmy in. What can only be described as a guy who's given the reader, the good old what for love that expression. Hey, don't give me all what four but Jimmy says. Harrell Ruge goes into as Manila folder on his desk and takes out a picture of Alan Burnett. A young face cover of blood staring from a morgue table in Alan burnett's hand is a piece of the veins of the city of New York dies. The victim dies the city. Try writing net tried writing on deadline. Try writing it at all these guys were doing geniuses. Imagine being a boy or impressionable young men. And then imagine me being the columnist who set between those volleys one day, you have Hamma wax with something like and Trump stood naked revealed as the spokesman for that tiny minority of Americans who lead well defendant lives. Forget poverty and its causes. Forget the degradation and squalor of millions fry them into passivity and next to that you got Jimmy the pudgy guy put a textbook against the pretty girls head, then he put the done to the textbook and shot through her head through the book and our head went splat, and she was gone. Oh, it's beautiful beautiful in its simplicity in its truth in its horror, and that HARA kept pecking away me the other night. So I got to thinking like, I said strangulation. And then the image of the hillside strangler came to mind, and I'm sure you've heard a few things about those mother fuckers everybody in LA has heard about the hillsides Frank. And I remember when we did an episode about this case on mysteries and scandals you want to really creepy. So we're on the street at the beginning when mysteries and scandals was young. We did like six or seven hours shoots to do a whole up some took two days. Steve rea-, George Reese took two days in Las Vegas. We eventually got it down to two and a half hours. But the way we did it a young producer director would would scout out locations that pertain to the movie star maybe where he lived maybe with a murderer the death happened. And then we'd always breakdown setup go to a second shoot. 'cause the architecture and the palm trees were nice. And we'd always end every show at the Hollywood walk of fame. Whether is this star or on a particular corner on the walk of fame that was our thing. Three shoots three setups. But as the show went on, I would take these directors producers aside. I'd say what are we doing? Why do I have to wait three hours to shoot the next? Look, take your camera. Turn it five feet to the right? There's another building. There's another palm tree. Let's go. Let's just keep it up. And they said, yeah, always right? We don't need to get crazy. And that's why we kept a tripod in the street, and we turned it left, and right, but anyhow a lot of times we would shoot in the Hollywood forever cemetery. Very creepy shoots. Very, you know, an and there were times when the power would go out and all sorts of crazy creepy shit would happen that you'd swear that ghost didn't want. They're looking at his all these mausoleums famous people's names. Clark gable? Malam Raleigh everybody. You can think of you looking at their names. And and roses in flower pots on top of it, very very scary. So one night redeem into the cemetery and we had to run cable from the generator like a hundred yards into the cemetery. So, you know, the microphone would pick up the sound and not pick up the sound of the street. So all the lights are on the fog of the fake smoke is rolling across the monitor. It's looking good a right next to some giant, mausoleum, whatever and suddenly the fucking lights kick out, and it's pitch dark like you. Couldn't see your hands in front of your face dark in about fifteen seconds the lights came back on thank God. But I stood in the same spot. But when they came back on I don't know how they did this without seeing anything, but my camera guy and my sound guy. Two black guys my brothers. I love these guys dawn, and George they will already on the cemetery and in their truck on the street one hundred yards away. And Georgia's I thought that should I ain't no dose. You know, he did not want any part of it. So shooting the hillside strangler episode, right and back, then I would park had a nineteen seventy six triple ten Eldorado convertible used to be owned by Ed marinara from hillstreet blues, and he gave it as a gift Connie Selleck. And I just thought on the coolest guy got, Ed. Mariners car. Connie Celica sat to my right. I loved it. So I take the car to shoots right and in between shot. Sometimes I take a fifteen minute nap between setups as the show and on I found myself, and my teleprompter operator. Tony phonetic. We'd find a bar to go to disappear for an hour or so one nine I'm napping and three guys in girl. Knock on my window and ask if they can watch our shoot fans of the show. So yeah, sure, let's go get of the car. Welcome to the and we're bullshit and everybody and for about thirty minutes, and it's very boring to watch TV shows get shot, but they're watching and they're listening. It's fun. Now. I go back to my car. They walk away to say goodbye peel around a corner. I remember it was a pep boys. That's where I was parked in the back of a pep boys. And it's like, well, guess what two days later detected wants to see me at the building. And our producers they found this girl murdered behind a dumpster act the pep boys. Where? I was parked and she had an undeveloped roll of film in her jacket pocket and when one detectors developed it they saw me and the guys on the shoot. And they asked everybody e we had a check your footage to see if you've got these guys on on camera, and as it just so happened. We didn't have their faces. We only film them from the chest down not because we were trying to that's just the way it worked out. So I don't think they even ever found these killers. I gotta be honest with you, I member I forget the girl's name, but it was a big story in Hollywood and twenty years ago, man, I told you back then Hollywood Boulevard was not the nicest place to be let me thank my tippy top my criminal crop now before I get into my hillside strangler show. Allie chichi TRAN an Mahoney. Cross Angelique Keller or DRA fortune Chris long. She elise. Chris lewis. Christopher debbie. Anderson. George can ask the two Kathryn speed and Stuart Kelly announced poor many Valentinas, Melanie how Melissa spiritual. Nicole Patterson, Patricia Markel, Ryan Wolfe. Sarah, Sicily, Galloway, Todd brand saying that an actually Todd brand Wendy MAC ac-. Gabby sketch poli scotch Apoyo, actually and Krista. Jon stead does a new one is a new fifty dollar patron. I'll get her in a second. I can't find any right now. But I will definitely put her in in Friday show might might computers. Don't go to slow. So basically when Jimmy preson wrote about serial killers in the seventies. I'm very. On the real it was it was not a phenomenon yet. Put it that way. It was a brand new thing. Frightening. Hello. And it happened LA with the hillside strangles enemy taser, it takes more than a few homicides to get the attention of people in the city of Los Angeles. Especially a city of this size murders occur on a daily basis, particularly one that involves a person living in a high risk lifestyle like a prostitute. So in three women were found strangled and dumped naked on the hillsides northeast of the city in the fall of nineteen seventy seven not a lot of people asleep. Bothered believe it or not lots of grisly murders in the city of angels. Right. Lots of mysteries and scandals that David made a great TV show about it. One day member guy AJ Benza hosted anyhow there were a couple of really sharp homicide. Detectives who became nervous that the murders was just the beginning of they felt it was the beginning of something and everything changed thanksgiving. Week went when five young women and girls were found on the hillsides in Glendale Highland Park area. And these five women one of which was twelve another was fourteen they weren't prostitutes taken off the track. These were nice girls who'd been, you know, ripped from their middle class neighborhoods and then suddenly newspapers and TV stations were talking about rape, torture, abduction murder. And by the way, this is when newsmen told the truth, nobody would ever imagined they become big fucking liars thirty five years later. So so in the news kept reporting, those awful tales, the city of Los Angeles went into a panic. And it was the media who came up with the term the hillside strangler, even the police were convinced there were more than one person involved in killing. So at this point parents began to tell their kids to be careful parents bought big dogs left them chain to their houses outside sales of really secure lock. Styruck? It'd sorta the amount of people taking self-defense classes there was a demand for gun permits specifically carry permits knife sales shot up how about that didn't work the murders kept happy and one day in LAPD homicide detective Bob Grogan was off off for the day. Just like you see in the movies like he's home. Probably doing a barbecue. And gets the call. You gotta come in pal is a murder scene in an obscure area in the hill between Glendale and eagle rock. So he gets his ass up the hill. And immediately thought that wherever this killer was he knew his way around the middle class neighborhood. That's for sure when he comes across the dead girl. He sees ligature marks on a wrist ankles and neck, and he turns her over in this blood oozing from her rectum there. Bruises on breast oddly enough, there were two puncture marks on Iran, but no signs of needle track marks that indicated a drug addict. So grow doesn't see any disturbance in the. Foliage or any sign of the body being dragged move. So he made a mental note that day that, you know, the murderer cuts the murderer Kurds somewhere else and a guy maybe two guys carried the body and dumped it in aggress made sense to him few hours later the same after noon. His partner dining Dudley Varney was called to investigate to homicides on the other side of the same hilly area and the two dead girls had been found by nine year old boy who was treasure hunting in trash IPE as pretty horrible site. It was more grotesque because the body was decayed, and it was a bunch of insects that had taken over the flesh. And it just was crawling with bugs. And again, no indication of the murders that occurred with the bodies were found. There was no evidence that the bodies have been dragged there, you know, as much as they were young girls. There was again the probability to more than one killer were involved in dumping their bodies on that hillside now missing teenage girls don't. Stay on identified too long. And they were found pretty quickly to be Dolores to pay twelve and Sonia Johnson fourteen both had been missing for about a week from the Saint Saint Ignatius school nearby. They were seeing getting off a bus getting over to a large two-tone sedan to talk to some passenger people and seed information, then got a little bit muddled. But basically the person in the past deceit talk to the girls and somebody who looked at the scene said. Yeah, there were two people in the car. Probably both men the next day. The first girl that Bob Grogan investigated was identified as Christina Wexler, a Twi it twenty role on a student at the Pasadena arts for art center for design, and as he searched her apartment at was east Garfield street and Glendale he just felt very sad. And then he got really mad because she had some things in her diary that showed her too. Be a loving serious. Young woman who should have a bright future ahead of her and he couldn't help. But think you know, that he was thinking of his own daughter, basically. And when Christine is devastated parents came from San Francisco to pick her up pick up her belongings Grogan pledged to them that he would find the killer or killers and another may twenty third the day before thanksgiving, another young woman's body was found this time near the Los Felices off ramp of the Golden State freeway, we call the five out here and the size of the maggots on the body. And in the body, let cops know that this person had been dead for about two weeks. She was a girl. She'd been a beautiful blonde. Everybody said she could have been a model. Her name was Jane king. She was twenty at the time of her death. So now, the LAPD creates a task force which can about thirty offices from the LAPD the sheriff's department and the Glendale police department and like every other tests for. Formed in a high profile case, I told you about like in the black. Dahlia case officers were pretty much overwhelmed with a bunch of bullshit tips. And worthless information even sicko jerk off who confess to murder. They don't commit. It happens all the time. So after a murder free weekend. LA stocks exhale may think okay? It's probably over the guy killed a handful of people. That's done. No, suddenly, another young woman was found dead in the hills of the mount Washington section of Glendale. But this one was a bit different. This victim Lauren Wagner had burn marks on her palm. And that led the tech this to think that maybe the killers or killer is experimenting with methods of torture, and the this death was scarier, and and it became more vivid because there was a story attached to it. Apparently a neighbor had seen wearing or get pulled over by two guys in a large car. And after a brief argument, they pulled her from her car, leaving her car door ajar, and they dumped her in their car and hold out of it. Now, the woman who lived across the street and saw this all she was petrified. You know, she told police her dog barked incessantly, the whole time the men were arguing and in wrestling with this girl, she was terrified of what she saw this woman. She didn't even tell her husband, which he saw in fact, Har Har terrorist so bad attributed asthma. So things got worse after the cops left. This woman gets a phone call and a man in a deep voice as to her. A you the lady with the dog, you bet shut your fucking mouth, you're gonna die. So now, she's out of her mind by who gets our number. How do they know? It's her is this the killer. It's gotta be the killer. So now, the abduction of Lauren Lander it's become evident the killers had absolutely no respect for authorities or neighbors and they retreat in the city like they're fucking playground. Nowhere was safe at least from the crimes confined to the Hollywood Glendale area. Police can intensify their efforts. But now is a crap shoot. Nobody knew where the stranglers which strike next to kinda reminds me of son of Sam New York was Brooklyn, Bronx queens. There were note that he was going to that he was gonna take a machine gun into a discotheque and blow everybody away. It was so crazy in those days in the said seventy seven that I remembered predicting merge. To my father. I had a vision. I actually the night that Stacy Moskowitz was killed. I had envisioned that somebody who's gonna get shot. A blonde was gonna get shot that night, which was odd. And I told my father that came true. He put a sign on my lawn and said, my son is a witch because I predicted a murder any I was captivated by. Now you can understand Jimmy brazen right in his columns about son San me being obsessed. You can get what happened to me. So here's what happens this the the streak of thanksgiving murders may detect his back and reinvestigate the early murders of prostitutes or suspected prostitutes that began way back in October and October seventy seven there was a it was a tall leggy prostitute called Yulon, the Washington who was raped and strangled and dumped near farce lawn cemetery then at Halloween morning of detective goes to a middle class neighborhood. Lock for Shanta pupil town, this chick had bruises on her net and marks on a wrist and ankles and next insects for eating or. Face looked like the body was placed liberally word be found quickly. She was small. She was thin about ninety pounds about sixteen years old. Maybe. And it was also clear that she'd been raped sodomized. Okay. And after a couple of days, she still did match any missing person report. So nobody's coming forward to ideas, girl, so Salerno hits the streets of Hollywood Boulevard, which was a mecca those days for runaways and prostitutes and drug addicts and homeless people which it was two in the late nineties and with the sketches this girl in his hand, he showed it to hundreds of people in the street street people and the name Judy Miller kept coming up as young destitute prostitute. And a guy named Marcus Camden who described himself as a bounty hunter. He said he saw Judy Miller. Leave a restaurant nine PM on the evening before she was found that so the prospects for solving this homicide were not promising Solano's only other clue this little piece of fluff that he found in the victim's island, and he couldn't identify but down the road. He will so week later on the morning of Sunday, November six the naked body of another Strang. Elation victim was found in Glendale near country club. So glass of Selena talks Glendale police, and he recognized the similarities between the two victims. Both was strangled by ligature. Their bodies have been dumped within six or so miles of one another both girls had the same five point ligature marks ankles, wrists necks, they both raped and since there was a big God rail between the road and the spot where the body lay Selena said look had to be two guys picked it up picked the body up and dumped it here. The victim's name was Lisa Casten twenty one year old waitress at the health fair restaurant near Hollywood and vine boys that famous corn. It's where I met my wife at night club, cold deep. Lot of things happened in Hollywood. And by district live off the boulevard. She also told her mother that she was thinking of turning to prostitution to earn some extra money different world back then guys. There was no cars to drive, so I guess chicks turn to trick themselves out. Hey before. Finish the story. Let me quickly tell you a once again about ten plus, okay. I'm doing this in the middle of the story. So I have your attention. You gotta get the stuff. I told you today we always rate things in a one to ten basis. Looks men women everything jobs foods, we always do it on a scale one to ten if I asked you how you think metabolism is nobody would say ten, and even if you said ten is the reason why you still have to take ten plus it's a metabolism booster. 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Call girl who've been working for the climax modeling agency, wink, wink, then things got quiet again for a while. No victims, still mid February. Then an attractive woman named Cindy, HUD, Speth strangled her body violated. Like, you can't imagine stuffed in a trunk of redux pushed off a fucking cliff on Angeles crest. Cindy, HUD, Speth lived across the street from another victim, Christina wet, even though those two women did not know each other. This is really getting crazy think about living in the neighborhood so detectors, Bob Grogan and Frank Solano. Both. Believe that there was a good chance that at least one of the killers lived in Glendale come on. Now, the LAPD and the sheriff's department will working together, which was not always the case back then but they get enough shit together. The call together all their clues. And they come up with this. The strangler was white in his late twenties or early thirties. He's probably single may be separated. Maybe divorced in any case. He's not living with a woman he was of average intelligence unemployed or maybe existing on odd jobs. Not one to stay with a job too long. He probably been in trouble with the law before he was passive cold manipulative all at once. He was the product of broken family, more or less was childhood was marked by cruelty and brutality, particularly at the hands of women. Interesting armed with that useful profile Grogan said, gee, all we gotta do. Now is find a white guy who hates his mother that was that on till a psychic awry. Arrives from Germany. I don't know if you know this part of the story, she arrives from Germany now groman didn't want talk to a fucking psychic. What cops. Do they do it as a last resort? They do it very unenthusiastically. The psychic writes in German what they should be looking for. She writes this down to talion 's brothers aged about thirty five remember that months pass and the hillside strangler seems to have retired the activities of the task force wound down to does began to work on other cases, just then two women were found in a car outside Seattle, Washington. The two women were roommates Karen Mandic and Diane wilder would not the type of chicks to take irresponsible to act irresponsibly from their jobs without telling anyone they would never leave their positions not tell their bosses or superiors. But that's what these chicks did. And when Karen it and Shaw. For work or boss became concern. He remembered that she accepted a house sitting job and very wealthy neighborhood called bayside not too far from where she worked going to security. God of hers told her about this job. So the cops check into this apparently the security guard gave them no trouble whatsoever. When they picked him up for questioning, Sarah, handsome, guy, friendly, intelligent, articulate. He was a husband of father is name was Kenneth Bianchi. Anybody who knew him couldn't fathom? This guy would be a killer. No way so police in Washington or in the middle of notch investigation, and they decide to keep Bianchi under lock and king. This was made easier when they found stolen goods in his home items stolen, from job sites that he'd be managing it at this point Seattle's PD chief remembered the hillside strangler case in LA now since Ken Bianchi had lived in LA before he'd come. Bellingham the cops had placed calls to the police in LA and Glendale and to the sheriff's office, and our man Frank selana responds, and suddenly everything made sense to him the address of Cindy Hudspith and Christina Wexler and Kimberly Martin all matched KENNY'S places of residences during the times of the murders. He lost. No time getting to Bellingham Washington to assist the police on their investigation. He left his partner. Pete Finnegan to work with Grogan and other cops on uncovering Bianchi's activities when he lived in LA so piece by piece the evidence mounts, Ken Bianchi, was at least one of the hillsides timeless. The jewelry that was found and Bianchi's home matched the description of the Drewery worn by Kimberly Martin by Yulon to Washington and hair and fibers matched as well. Now, let's talk about the as a kid. He was a complete fuck up everything bad. You can think of that who he was believe it or not his first love was police work. But there was no openings available to LAPD Glendale police officers they turned down not. So ironically, the Glendale building he lived in was also the same place where police came to question the people living there because it was close to the area where women were found dead. One day when he was home from work sick. Detectives came to push them to impress with Bianchi. That didn't consider a suspect can ask them to participate in the LAPD's ride along program, which let civilians go along and patrol cars as a kind of community education program, and you know, Ken did nothing but talk about the strangler murders while he was in the car. The round this time has girlfriend gives birth to a baby. And because they're fighting a lot. She goes and lives with her parents in Washington after a few months of pleading. She agrees to take him back, and he drives to Bellingham to be with her may of nineteen seventy. So that's why he's in Washington at this point police in LA for these photo Bianchi to the press, and they get a call from a lawyer named David would who said he rescued two girls Becky speier's and save Aharon from Bianchi and his cousin Angelo Bono to a talent Bianchi in Bono. Because these guys had forced the young women into prostitution. So while Salerno was in Bellingham Grogan and Solano's partner. Pete Finnegan went to have a little chat with Angelo Bono and detectives had a strong hunch that this Angelo character was the other hillside strangler now Angelo Bono, ugly guy emotionally and intellectually fucked up. He was Volver ignorant sadistic. But somehow, I don't know how he was a big hit with the ladies, and he called himself the Italian style he'd been married several times he had a number of kids all of whom he abused at least physically sometime sexually at the time. The -tective interviewed him Angelo's in his forties with dyed black hair really bid teeth and knows that dominated his face. And in late nineteen seventy five when cousin Kenny arrived. He found Angelo with dyed black hair gold chains around his neck big gaudy turquoise rings on his finger red silk underwear and virtual harem of girls, the age of gel be put that way. So Angela was a strong role model for the easy going Kenny. He talked Kenny how to get a whore free by flashing a badge interface after she after he got what he wanted. He said you can't let a conch at the upper hand. That's told Kenny you put them in their place when Kenny was short of money and look him up with the idea of getting some girls to work for them as prostitutes and Kenny use this Shaam to recruit the girls and Angelo's connections could be used to get the customers at I two teenage runaways say Brennan and Becky spears fell under their influence once on the control the girls were forced to prostitute themselves or be subjected to severe physical punishment. They revert -cially being held prisoner the whole time now eventually Becky happened to meet the lawyer David would who was appalled at their position. And he arranged for her to a scape from the city when Angelo understood what's happening. He threatened. The lawyer David would what had one of his clients some big motherfucker call on Angelo to gently persuade him not to threaten would anymore. If you knew it was good for him and it worked so once Becky escaped sabre went ran away as well. And with his pimping. Income gone Kenny MS payments on his Cadillac, which was eventually repossessed. They had to find more teenage girls. There were impersonating police officers they tried to duct one Burl and till they found out that she was a Catherine Laurie the daughter of the after pita Laurie eventually found the they let her go, but they found a young woman and installed her in sabres old bedroom. So they're up to old tricks again, they also brought from a prostitute named Deborah noble. A trick list with names of all the men who used to go to prostitutes. So now, Deborah, and a friend Yulon, the Washington delivered the trick list to Angelo in October Seventy-seven Yulon to happen to mention Daniel that she always worked a certain stretch of Hollywood Boulevard, and when Angelo and Kenny found out that Deborah had deceived them about the list. They took out their rage on your lawn. The since they did not a fine. There were noble. So you'll on the was there. I kill and. Must have really liked it because they killed twelve. More people women. No, it's funny, but beyond the could be called a lot of things, but dumb was not one of them while he was locked up in Bellingham hit a lot of time to come up with some good ideas. Now, the prison shrink said the only way could have strangled those women was if he had multiple personalities so the little serendipity on his side. He concocted a scam. And he used some of the things he remembered from psychology class in college, and whatever he gleaned from the movie, the three faces of eve, then he got really lucky a movie came out called civil the story of a woman with multiple personalities, and it was being shown on television, just before Kenny was being interviewed by Dr John Watkins who was an expert on multiple personalities and Nisha and now he kicked in a plan. And this was the first step in his insanity defense. So when selana and Finnegan caught a plane to Washington to interview. Him. He was all too happy to go into his whole evil persona routine. But it was all bullshit. He told the cops was Steve Walker who was talking his supposed- alter-ego. Steve Walker killed the girl's in L A with his cousin. Angela not him. Steve also made Kenny strangle the two women in Bellingham and later on at trial. The prosecution had no intention of letting Kenny get away with this bullshit insanity defense and doctor named Martin Orne. A major thought he on hypnosis was called on to determine if Kenny was faking it or not, and Dr Orne had developed these procedures that he could determine if somebody was fully or not directly hypnotize or just pretending to be and KENNY'S responses to three out of four tests proved that he was fully shit. And then the doctor had one more trap for Kenny. He told Kenny that there might be a problem with the diagnosis of multiple personalities. So that's pretty rare that it'd be just two personalities say usually there are three all. Often many more than that. So doctor Orne wanted to establish the Kenny was reacting to cues and clues thrown out by different doctors. If Kenny was faking multiple personality disorder. He would find a way to invent a third personality. So since he didn't want disappoint the doctor. Kenny had been listening closely and quickly invented a new person in his head Billy. And so there were two new additional personalities on top of that to please the doctor look the guy's head was getting fucking crowded. The prosecution also brought in Dr Saul fairstein interview. Kenny and fairstein did nothing to coddle Kenny at all. And that's when Kenny became worried that his performance was not playing to a receptive audience anymore. So after a lot of back and forth. It actually the LAPD district attorney's office office Kenny deal, if he pled guilty to the Washington murders, and to some of the hillside strangler murders, he began life with the possibility of parole, and he'd be able to serve his time in California. With the prisoners were supposedly more humane than in Washington. In return Bianchi was to agree to testify truthfully and fully against his cousin Angelo Bono for beyond the choice was between death in Washington or life in California. And he agreed to it. Now, the LA detectives got a crack at him to see if he provide credible testimony a number of investigators participated in these interviews, and they all hoped that the interviews would help convict Angelo in California at the time of person could not be convicted only on the testimony of an accomplice. But if other evidence confirmed the accomplices testimony could be used for conviction. So Kenny went onto describe how he and Angelo pretended to be cups. They had faked badges to support that charade with the victims who were prostitutes. It was very easy. He said for them to convince the victims to get in their car. The nice girls were much harder to manipulate an. An important moment of these interviews came when Solano ask Kenny what type of material is used to blindfold Judy Miller. Kenny thought it was foam that Angelo used in his auto upholstery business that little piece of fluff that Selena found the one of the dead girl's eyelids could just be the kind of corroborating evidence they needed to nail ngelo in Solano also found out that the hillside dumpsites for the victims of selected because Angela was familiar with that area since one of his girlfriends had lived around them. And the investigators also learned about their attempt to pick up Peter lorries door. So Kenny went on and on describing each murder in detail. Like, it was a cocktail conversation. There was absolutely no remorse. No concern about the victims as human beings. Nothing. He answered the mystery of the long tortuous death of Christina Wecker by saying they aesthetics heeded her with gas, the murder was so horrible that even Kenny didn't wanna talk. About it. He said she was brought out to the kitchen and put on the floor and her head was covered with the bag and the pipe from the newly-installed stove which was fully installed yet, which wasn't fully installed. Yet. Was disconnected put into the bang and turned on there may have been marks on her neck because there was a cord around her neck with a bag and tied to make more complete sealing. It took about an hour and a half of suffering before she died, eventually the reality situation, dawn on him and Kenny look to place the blame on on somebody else. So his lawyer is on with this evidence against them. He convinced Kenny that he had no choice, but to admit guilt and accept the punishment. So he was ordered to serve two life sentences in the state of Washington. And then he was immediately transferred to California where he was sentenced to additional life terms. He was looking at thirty five years in California prisons and additional time in Washington. Angelo, bona was arrested October twenty second nineteen seventy nine right after. Kenney described his involvement in the crimes along with them. Bob Grogan had the pleasure of arresting Angelo later, they found Angelo's wallet. Which clearly show the outline of a police badge. She used to get his victims to cooperate with him. But apparently the prosecutorial environment in California was going against bringing Angelo trial. The DA had dropped the five California murders against Bianchi. So that he no longer had the threat of the death penalty hanging over him. So there was less incentive for Kennedy cooperate. Also, Kenny was becoming a manageable the police in California hated this guy. And they made it clear. Kenny could not accept their disapproval. And he started to make up stories to get himself off the hook put it that way. And he dreamed up a second man who was responsible for the killings. Eventually he sought the Phil guilty for implicating. Angelo, he began to change his story about end loads involvement his credibility as a witness against Angela was virtually destroyed now very much in the. Back of Kenny self-serving performances was the prisoner code which is death to inform us if acting like a nutcase allow Angela to go free Kenny wouldn't be targeted as a snitch. Whereas if his testimony put his cousin in jail he'd ever really fucking hard time in prison. So the jury for Bono's trial came to agreement on October thirty first nineteen eighty three and he was found guilty at least on the murder of Lauren Wagner few days later. They also voted that Angelo was not guilty of the murder of Yulon, the Washington, but he was guilty of Judy. Miller's murder and under California law at that time as a multiple murderer Angelo face either the death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole, then guilty verdicts, followed on the Laura Cepeda Sonia. Johnson Kimberly Martin, Christina wetland. Lisa casted, Jane king. And finally, Cindy, HUD, spent Angelo, then took the stand. Briefly to shows contempt for the entire process. He said my morals and constitutional rights have been broken. The jury gave him life in prison and the judge was pissed off. He said Angelo Bono, and Kenneth Bianchi. Subjected their Berta victims to the administration of lethal gas electric strangulation by rope and lethal hypodermic injection yet. The two defendants are destined to spend their lives in prison housed fed and close at taxpayers expense better cared for some of the destitute law body members of our community. Angelo, bona was sent to initially Folsom prison where he stayed in his cell fearing serious asp, beatings and possibly death at the hands of other inmates and because of his crimes against women. He was denied conjugal visits. And that's the thing because believe it or not in nineteen eighty six this fucking guy took a wife while behind bars, he married Christine Kazuko, a mother of three and a supervisor at the LA office of the state employment development department. Get this Kazuko, whoa. No through a first husband who spent five months in the cell next of all know while serving while serving a term for salt with a deadly weapon in nineteen eighty three. And after that divorce you went right after Angelo Balto. What the fuck is wrong with people. Thankfully Bono was actually found dead nece sell in two thousand two at the age of sixty seven Bianchi is serving his sentence in Washington state penitentiary, Walla Walla, Washington. It was denied parole, August twenty ten and again in two thousand sixteen and I doubt who's ever going to get out and see the light of day as long as we're along that was a bit of a long show. But it was not to creep sue really went off and did terrible heinous thing. So we had kind of two shows. I'm AJ Benza and that was famous bitch. I'll talk to you guys too. Are you interested in learning how enterprise scale companies drive organic traffic to increase their online visibility than download the voices of search podcast from the heart of Silicon Valley here? Search metrics Inc. CEO Jordan Kuni delivers actionable insights into how data to navigate the ever changing landscape of Google, apple Amazon. And the voices of search podcast arm. Search engine marketers and business analysts with the latest news and insights, they need to get the ever changing landscape of search engine optimization and content. Are you ready to learn to use search data defined strategic insights about your competition and your industry as a whole then search for voices of search wherever you download your cast. That's three simple words voices of search to learn the secrets of search engine and content marketing.

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