A massacre in New Zealand, fighting in Israel, and a redemptive lesson from an unlikely source


Really? A massacre in New Zealand fighting in Israel and a redemptive lesson. From an unlikely source. This is Jim Dennison's the daily article podcast or Friday, March fifteenth twenty nineteen forty nine people were killed in shootings. Two mosques in Christ's church. New Zealand this morning. Twenty more were seriously wounded four people, including three men and one woman have been taken into custody. One man in his late twenties has been charged with murder. He reportedly posted a white nationalist manifesto on Twitter. This tragedy was the largest massacre in New Zealand history reminds us that Satan comes to steal kill and destroy. God is weeping with those who today and calls us to join him. In other news is rarely were plans struck some one hundred HAMAs targets in the Gaza Strip overnight responding to a rocket attack on the Israeli troppled of Tel Aviv. The fighting broke out as gyp shin mediators, wearing Gaza working to broker in expanded ceasefire between Israel, and HAMAs and were. Filled with violence and chaos. We can learn a redemptive lesson. From an unlikely source today is known as the ides of March in the Roman world. The Eid's was the mid point of their months the date. We knows marks. Fifteenth was marked by several religious ceremonies was a Roman deadline for settling debts. This day is especially known to history as the day Julius Caesar was assassinated in forty four BC. The back story is remarkable. According to the Roman biographer Plutarch a certain seer warned Caesar to be on his guard against a great peril on the day of the month of March, which the Romans call the Eid's and with day had common Caesar was on his way to the Senate house. He greeted the seer with jest and said, well, the ides of March calm and the Sears said to him. Softly, I they are come, but they are not gone later that day Caesar was stabbed to death by as many as sixty conspirators led by Brutus and Cassius most people know the story of his death. But why was Caesar murdered on this day and Wise's death relevant to our broken world. Today. The Roman Republic was founded in five oh nine BC. Governed by leaders elected by the people there Representative model influence, the founders of the American Republic over time. However, the aristocratic leaders of the Republic became less focused on the people in more concerned for their own power and agendas. Julius Caesar rosta power as an accomplished military conqueror with chaos in Rome. Caesar led his army south across the Rubicon. The northern barrier of Italy on January tenth forty-nine BC by forty five. He had become the sole dictator of Rome Brutus, Cassius in the senators who conspired to execute Caesar claim they were liberating the people from dictatorship. He was killed in a place notice poppies theater, the area fell into ruins over the centuries and his current fenced off from the public and occupied by stray cats. However, the mayor of Rome announced last week that the site will undergo renovation NB open to the public in twenty twenty one. What can we learn from the ides of March the book mortal Republic how Rome fell into tyranny as a new history of the fall of the? Roman Republic, its author Edward J watts earn his PHD in history from L and has received numerous awards for his research in writing he notes that the men who led the Republican the third century before Christ. Also understood that their personal achievements. Had meaning only when they served the larger goals of Roman policy. There was a shared understanding that the Republic was a political system subject to no one, but the community as a whole to illustrate watts sites famous statement by Cicero, we are all slaves of the laws. So that we might be free overtime, however, Roman political life devolved into a struggle among individuals seeking honor and power through the complete control of the city and the resources of the empire, eventually Romans would have a new sort of liberty freedom from fear freedom from famine and freedom from danger now all came from emperor, Augustus and Augusta's alone. When the Roman Republic became a means to the end of personal advancement for its leaders. Its decline began the same can happen to us when churches. Our started. They must focus on evangelism and ministry to their communities in order to grow after a few years many of gained so many members that some begin focusing on what the church can do for them. Parents went better programs for their children adults when programming focused on their needs the church stops focusing externally on those it is called to reach and starts focusing internally on itself, and it plateaus and often declines the same could happen to individual Christians. When we focus more on what he's is can do for us than what we can do for him. We come to church into God for what we can receive, and we stopped fulfilling the commission to which we are called the good news is that what happened to Rome doesn't have to happen to us churches can renew their commitment to serve the community. They are commissioned to reach Christians can renew argument to the one who came not to be served but to serve every day. We must decide whether we will live for Jesus or for ourselves. The tragedies that fill each day's news show is that this decision is urgent for us. And for the broken world. We are called to serve here's the. A paradox when we serve God and others. We find a greater significance than we can ever experienced by serving ourselves the disciples receive power from the spirit. So they could be witnesses for our Lord when we share the joy of Jesus we experienced the joy of Jesus when we bless others. We are blessed in terms of the eyes of Marsh. We can be an empire or we can be a Republic, but we cannot be both which do you choose today. The Denison forum has a new resource we'd like you to know about east coming soon and even two thousand years later, the events leading up to Easter are still a history making life changing week. But if someone asked you why you so important to you. How would you respond? Are you ready to explain its significance to skeptical friend journey to the resurrection is a new fifteen day devotional guide by Dr Jim Denison. In the lead up to Easter. It will help you explain the eternal significance of the holy week to your friends, family and coworkers for your physical copy. Visit Denison forum dot org slash journey to find out more. Request your copy at Denison, forum dot org slash. Journey when you give today to help more people discern the news differently. Thank you for your partnership. And thank you for listening to today's daily article podcast.

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