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Absa Bank Kenya ordered to stop foreign exchange dealing


You're listening to the news at this hour on Africa Business Radio. Meanwhile Kenya Central Bank has ordered Absa bank Kenya to stop foreign exchange dealing between April nine and April fifteen for failing to observe anti money laundering. Rules on some traits central banks that it took action over foreign exchange trades carried out by ABSA BANK IN MARCH. The regulator said upset also failed to satisfactorily make know-your-customer checks in response. Absa Kenya said it's Barents Group upset and all its subsidiaries had strict anti money laundering policies and combatant the fights of terrorism. It also said No. Your customer policies applied in all their businesses the central banks that would also be required by April. Fifteen south put in place the order and that was the news. At this time on Africa Business Radio you can continue to listen life lying at. Www Dot Africa business radio DOT COM. Oh via a mobile APP.

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