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Hey everybody says Prestige Jay I want to tell you you know now you listen to your favorite radio show or your Kathy's Well I could do that and so now with anchor you can I love you ever you want to be but most important have fun that's why have fun this is your show so now for the real we the Limestone Florida really that I'm still in Florida is because to my bus ride back to Springfield that's not GonNa happen so I if you remember you want you can do news you do sports you could do talk you could do trivia just be yourself be who can Florida but not well actually I was supposed to be still in Florida technically I was supposed to be in Saint Louis I was forced to fly Legion at another early on Darlie our flight have a great day okay this is prestige Jay Not only on back in the country I am also and you can do it too so if you sign up for anchor the day you could be on your way to get your listeners you could find the show food at the hotel or if I wanted to food when I got back to place lay my head this is your moment make it what you want to be sign of anchor and you will not be sorry that you did this prestigious I was forced yes I will force the flyers Egypt because that was the only way that I was still have just a little bit of money the won a getaway fair available the regular fare was get this five hundred closed the menu it was the ordeal to get here after I got off the ship got today apart that's when trouble happens Mer while it was still on the ship I tried to get my original flight to South West from Fort Lauderdale too thirty dollars close to five hundred thirty dollars I kid you not close to five hundred thirty dollars for a one way so not only I would not have money to go to the hotel but actually they would've had airport shuttles I want to have to worry about that but I will not have money for food an you know how to be at a place at seven thousand nine you so compared to a couple of people I talked to talk to on a cruise and you know like one bit but nonetheless nonetheless wow nonetheless you know I had I was forced to leave home and go back to freezing survival world yes it survival world because you can see as you can see It has been so ridiculous that I know of I was going to get to this hotel and I was playing in the middle of the segment in Fort Lauderdale told me most of the day to figure out what happened how I'M GONNA get to Orlando Saint Louis Happen because they want it because I wanted to get away fares that's one I usually get off for the low low cost it was just terrible it was just took all day after I got to after I got to the airport over in it to eight to eat something on the ship so so from seven I now I didn't mind it because it got me to stay on the ship for a while so I was relaxing music and it was the only time that I got to lounge and that was the only time in the last minute the last time I actually ate something on the ship the absolute rule last time legal debt okay so okay so what happened was on a on the little deck listening to some music much better music than we had on a statement on TV for for change but coach the website was weird the way you have to Luther for the bus was absolutely weird and I think close to nine tonight ten o'clock mountaineers when I finally got off the ship because the terminal will fool I didn't mind having get the ticket to Orlando and we'll let me know it all know I thought I had the ticket because by cars cricket no reserve charter try to get torn Landau tied to do what I can to installers for the trip but then I had implemented on the website it was really weird so obviously I think I got that forty six dollars back or not and the people are somebody bus systems you know you have to deal with tourists every day when they come on your on your bus so but these drivers today it was like it was so mean cadet I'm a psychic and trump digging that I know it all was most of the time I don't I know because I'm GonNa get definitely six dollars but nonetheless it was weird oh so I had to turn around got to love did airport then turn to figure out how to act I was going to go landau they had a boss fight they're called and I had a couple of the nicest I but when I went to the hotel here in Orlando well I'm born Sanford but in Orlando ah well it's not like any other any of the basic process will wear irving take your fee and then and then the GO-TO station rocky used car over there paid for the car pay for the ticket over the Greyhound station traveling all all day while all afternoon because I will try to figure out how hectic it tornado and to the places don't pass on a greyhound play was I don't know I know the bathroom par when I had to go to the bathroom I had to go away to Stanford Clip I'm staying at the budget and that's been where I've been a pass all say like president at the fifty helped me to get to three hundred saw home to forty six dollars as the ticket car rental price for forty six dollars okay so the card was forty lost not good not good so people are the goals some people good and some people are not good so good pat my cat my cat my cat though I got to the Greyhound then some he left so okay I thought I asked about the ten how to get the Greyhound then so I was asking because this is still the first time I've been to Fort Lauderdale I don't know anything and I wish people were stopped filthy absolutely filthy dirty unbelievable as the package is gonNA battling and They could be the meanest drivers I mean I remember when I went to the park our podcast movement scene but the bathroom there in an attempt to bake warehouses at the station filthy really guilty stuff While playfully buy tickets and some snack well I did snap because I was only I mean the last time I ate I take it then at our Party ticket the guy came Woodley cat they wouldn't help me so I thought a little customer service customer service did more than the bus driver did except for when I got to the fifty beans like putting a cat and all you had to take passengers to work or school or theme parks hello my thought because I had to go travelling almost all day and you know I didn't want to it's on the kiosks and I had to figure everything out out of youth and everything and our hotel for jobs that they have or whatever and you'd be Oh my God I mean it's ridiculous so here I am Nath floor doty too I mean you're talking about a Greyhound Station in Fort Lauderdale meaning that meaning that I would've still miss my connecting bus over here at the Stanford and I made it to the wall to but you know what I'd rather pay thirty dollars if I will pay a hundred dollars to get from Orlando over to the hotel at Stanford but hey how parts are finally got Greyhound Park Take Two buses in Fort Lauderdale that was a tour to get to and we're on our way to but menu the bus was supposed to leave at five ten once again Klay Hall had dependability issues once again I'm a couple of nights I've gave me actually gave me a great compliment saying that leave look forty five I'm look like they're young eleven eleven thirty mall Nah I got to the last bus stop on the ship for crying out loud or their home so but though I bought the ticket phone that had problems day Atar until I got to the hotel and took almost all the time to charge I didn't get into almost sunny Sunday morning wee hours of study on like Alto Call I'll tell you why admit now the so I got off a bus Fort Lauderdale had to go all the way around the bus when wake me up tim what's that was like day when colors to get to Sanford where I was at the last stop on one or two then what at the downtown Orlando Bus stop because I will do the rivals good I was able to sleep man who live at the tail end of the ride table to eat anything not tomorrow on our anytime when I get home I would had nothing absolutely nothing and I'll wait on another bus of told me that the last what left at eight thirty eight thirty eight armie mainland ridiculous and I never had a phone that had so much longer I got the last frantically trying to call a cab don't people trying to help me get the cap the bus driver was so nasty got down for trying to help me to get the camp and then on that Dan me for asking people help me find a cap I mean I was Louis started there was literally after I missed that now the driver at the model to say oh I still have time for the one or three because the last users usually glad old already slept but I have to wake up because I had to go the bathroom when I couldn't go to sleep because the president was knowing and then I couldn't charter and then you know I told I told her I need the the got that wanting to see stranded and the way today to get to the hotel my thought what any cat so bottles from 'cause I was hungry but pal eight some chips greyhound had dependability issues I mean five twenty five we didn't get there Tomo- coach the ninth thirty gap because and then I was talking to you know Christian gentlemen who had served in the military but he had to leave because he hadn't to name didn't get to use the night because I I was stranded trying to get to the damn hotel to what happened was number but the number was disconnected nineteen I didn't know what happened I don't know what happened so up tied to call the tactic because I did not want to stay on and then I wanna be standing on when I actually paid for a hotel leaving and he showed me how sometimes he passed fending up I was like Oh my God that must've been scaring Oh my God thirty I get my you I was still on a play how both en route for Orlando Camp Tampa thinner I was walking and walking and walking and walking down I had to turn around and walk it was a long corner on Nocholas narcolepsy Nakas I can't pronounce that word but where you know he passed out no no no of without warning to get chick-fil-a along corner to get the Chick-fil-a I was done yet I still had to wait for now rivals good because they're unable to get sleep on the bus and get this crowded express but it wasn't crowded Toronto get android start as starting it was crazy so I got to last like that and had to take the Lord to let me to the door when she was trying to do with the Rumba will snowing like day with a feast somebody's looks like they will Some kind of animal beasts attack split the perfect award-winning movie then the day that I had to this hotel I don't know if I got midnight or whatever and I will kept saying Tab Taffy tampered I'm no less both after hearing problems north information the place that I'm living at now is the only place that allow me to lay my head while it was too late folklore my next home adventure so the only place I'll be glad to see if my church that's it that's all who helped me to get a cat but I had my walking all day off and on trying to get to transfer trying to trying to get to Greyhound I it was utterly complete disaster total disaster what helped me he was getting my phone either without a battery or information did not want to Humi I don't know what the cat I finally did get to the hotel because that was the God bless God bless Christian there was a homeless Christian nonetheless now this was truly get into the hotel from hail get into the hotel from hell getting here wasn't I mean they didn't even deserve it didn't even does the the was passing it wasn't in anchor because this is one of the many way that Bakti zone gets to grow more on more people trying to get to the bus in the twenty five win when helped me too closely tied to get back to the Klay Hound to get the forced to get the cap to the down okay wait till tomorrow but I couldn't eat I couldn't do filming again could not do any filming again I was exhausted this traveling what is my dad to hear him problem but last night get into this hotel the faster I mean you conflict get other princesses and hopefully have a close girlfriend a couple couple but and and and I'm glad I was still buy the ticket because the person wasn't there who you know man the days and there was also a and people were like what indeed cat was that I looked at anybody else but I would think wasn't a cat with that I'm trying to do in the first play La Oh my God really tired so checked in how would they be Felton anyway so the that night we'll turn to another door and I was like the story in our daddy and you know pay the Auger came in Rome Day off them stuff tied together wouldn't charge like that I was distorting it did and I was like a lot of threats they thought out I thought that was the fun of building and then the I guess it was the manager of the president and with a math anyway that's a Dj if you're listening to us from the big US should be back in Springfield I had to go to legion I had to go back to the airport that I didn't want to go back to I had to go back to them man Hello I'm not predicting the world series because my team did making it though there will be no predictions for the for the world series not you got people trashing de Helena sell between tall to come back to this suvival freely world so I'm hearing I'm hearing I want to know what happened water happen between lean national the place where I had to go before I even went to Fort Lauderdale to get to my crews impre Ryan am pre-riot in and not only when I was on the way home but in Florida k ready come you know the Turks right defective an icy but everything was done tat is going on I am not even dawn you got you got the cardinals tend to have the magic sailed into the premier the triangle and yet lies will not affect from what I understand the day disqualification in the Helen Othello while they let everyone else go between past back to Springfield what in the cat and then the blues I was in October you've got my phone all changed when I was when I was asking how the cheese too eight you know not a few he had a kazillion eight w chance you had restart match chance and they wouldn't do it did the magic claws into the Bermuda Triangle we're supposed to go

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