Let's Ride: Never underestimate a team with their backs against the wall


Introducing built to last a new podcast by american express. I'm elaine well trough. And i'm excited to host debut season where we will be deep diving into the stories history and continued legacy of small businesses. That shape american culture through these important conversations will hear how the black business leaders are. Pass have inspired. Today's black owned small businesses and communities. Join us for the debut season of built to last on spotify apple youtube. Or wherever you get your favorite podcasts. Pittsburgh steeler fans welcome to another episode of. Let's ride. i'm jeff. Hartmann your host of this monday wednesday friday morning podcasts. I hope that your week is off to a tremendous start. And i hope that you had a really really awesome thanksgiving in thanksgiving holiday. If you are in the united states of america this crazy up north. Like michael beck of the live mike. On every tuesday morning he celebrates giving and i think. I think it's october i dunno. Those crazy conducts. They do whatever they want. that's fine. They got their thing. We've got our thing nonetheless. Everyone i hope had a great holiday whether you're with family or with not Without i should say. I hope it was good. I had a great thanksgiving. I really was hoping. I was going to get to see the pittsburgh steelers. Play the baltimore. Ravens on thanksgiving night With my dad. And my brother to people that i really don't get to watch steeler games with anymore but unfortunately covid nineteen at different plans as the corona virus continues to ravage the baltimore ravens lineup. And i say lineup. I used to be well. Their offense or their defensive line. It is literally their entire lineup. The latest name as of sunday afternoon evening was willie snead wide receiver. Who always seems to give the steelers fits by the way he was the late at the latest name. I think they are up to twenty two or twenty three players twenty two or twenty three players that are now on the reserve covid nineteen list. It's incredible it is incredible. I asked people in our slack channel. Which that's the staff at behind the steel curtain dot com. And i said you think this is worse than the titan situation and we all said yeah because the titans situation was bad and and they were going out and having individual practices at a private school nearby and seven ads. There's a bad look but holy cow. Has this thing just gone through the ravens lineup. From top to bottom like we. We've never seen you think about the titans like derrick. Henry didn't has positive ryan. Tannehill didn't test positive near the big name players now compiler they didn't test positive it went through in it. They had a lot of positive tests coaches and all that stuff. Hold that my. Gosh i mean you name a significant player on the baltimore. Ravens team period. Maybe outside of just talker the kicker in they've tested positive period and i gotta be honest. I am sick and tired of talking about this. I'm sick of writing articles about it. I'm sick of the speculation and let's be honest as of this being recorded. Which is sunday night. The pittsburgh steelers and the ravens are still playing at heinz field on tuesday night. Could that change. I guess i guess it could. I don't know. I think i've predicted this game. Four times now nathen three but still. I still feel like this is. This is one of the story. Lines it just. It's it's just seems like it's never gonna stop but the one thing that the nfl is gonna. I mean. I guess if we're looking at. The denver. broncos situation is kind of a lead example here. The denver broncos in case. You didn't know. Jeff driscoll backup quarterback drew lock who actually played against pittsburgh and we to in heinz field. He gets t test positive for covid. Nineteen and at the at that time. They told the the broncos. They're fine everyone else's good to go shouldn't be an issue then all of a sudden on saturday. They say that because they found out that the quarterbacks in the team room or the meetings they didn't wear face masks and because of that they were considered high risk contacts therefore none of their quarterbacks were able to allow the play none of them not one so they had to bring up a practice squad wide receiver. Who used to be a quarterback at wake forest to play in a spot start. That didn't pan out too well as you could imagine but still if they made the denver broncos play they could have easily said all right guys. We're gonna bumper game back on monday and the saints can stay in town and though they'll be fine and we're gonna bumper game back to monday by monday. We'll get chili's one quarterback we're gonna do some loose work now. They said you're playing their singer playing. The denver broncos tried to get an assistant coach. Who used to be a college quarterback they said. Can we get him in the lineup. And the nfl said. Now you gotta play figure it out. So when i hear that when i hear that story i think to myself. There's no way they can bump this game back so dave. Scofield kudos to him and jeffrey benedict all behind the curtain dot com and on our podcast platform. Jeffrey benedict of know your enemy podcasts. With michael back andy. Scofield of the stat geek. In the steelers preview in the scarborough show they did. Some works at. Dave looked it up. He went through their entire roster and all the players tested positive. And i believe that they're down to maybe forty nine players on their overall roster. So jeffrey benedict said that the collective bargaining agreement says that you have to forty four players to play a game. If it's less than forty four matvey say forty. Three the collective the players association would have to sign off on them being able to play so what i hear unless in in the nfl by the way the nfl came out and said they think this is the tail end of it pretty much done. Willie snead was delone positive. They're basically saying we think this is it so that sounds to me like the. Nfl should be saying. Hey john harbaugh you got half your team on cove. Nineteen reserve list. Good luck. we'll see at heinz field against the tenant steelers. That's the way i feel like. It should go but at the same time. It all depends. It all depends because the virus could more players could test positive if it does test positive. The nfl said that. If that's the case they feel that it is a community spread in not from the assistant coach and strengthening conditioning coach. That was very reckless with what he did. Or should i say did not do within the organization but the one thing so again. I hope that there's a game on tuesday. And i know a lot of steeler fans or just really like yeah. Let's play because the steelers had their covert situation to kevin dotson still on the covid reserve list. I don't know if the steelers are just keeping him there. I doubt that he's still showing symptoms or he just won't test negative. That can all be possible but stefan to put on the list. Isaiah bugs got put on list in. Gerald hawkins got put on the list. Danny smith the special teams coordinator. He's can't coach because he tested positive. Soda quarterbacks coach matt canada. But mike tomlin spoke to the media on sunday because they were having friday type practice as they were about forty eight hours out of game and they were out of the game any basis. We have no new positives in other words. The protocol that's been set forth by the national football league wert everything was virtual that candidate test positive. He's not physically in a room. With ben rothlisberger he's not a room with mason rudolph. Devlin hodges joshua does it matter. And that's why none of them are either considered high risk contacts or tested positive cells. The protocols work when they're followed folks. It doesn't mean that people aren't going to test positive. They're going to test positive. You just have to hope that. It's not a quarterback on your team. That's you know hoping to make the playoffs. But there's a lot of fans right now as they see vegas line go from. I think the steelers were about four point favorites. Four and a half. Maybe in some they've jumped to like. I think it's ten point favorites now. I think there are ten point favorites and a lot of fans thing. And i hope they play. Just because it's going to be an easy. W for the steelers and easy. W and i get that sentiment i really do. But the headline of this episode was chosen for a reason. Never underestimate a team with their backs against the wall now. Was this headline specifically chosen. So that the fan base might i dunno bring their expectations back down to reality a little bit possibly. Do i believe everything that i'm about to say nonetheless. I want to remind you about a game a game that both brian anthony davis and dave scofield attended not together. They didn't know they were in the same stadium together but they were both there going to magically whisk you away to december twenty seventh two thousand fifteen a game where the nine in five i believe nine five pittsburgh steelers when into play the four and ten baltimore ravens at mt bank stadium in baltimore maryland. Wanna read you jamison. Hensley hensley of espn when read you this breakdown. Okay just a few paragraphs bear with me. Here in quote ryan mallett debut with the baltimore. Ravens provider bright spot in an otherwise gloomy season looking decisive in clutch. Now it led an undermanned ravens offense by throwing for a career. High two hundred and seventy four yards and one touchdown in a twenty seventeen upset of the afc north rival. Pittsburgh steelers on sunday. It was it was thirty yards more than he's had in his previous any previous starting at allow the ravens to turn back a steelers team looking to make a playoff push now. It didn't look like a quarterback who was signed twelve days ago completing all four of his third down. Pass on the opening. Drive including eight yard touchdown to chris matthews. He also didn't look like a quarterback who was out of the league for two months connecting on passes of thirty nine and thirty four yards on baltimore's final touchdown drive in the fourth. Quarter the ravens. Four starting quarterback in their past six games now at finished twenty eight of forty. One passing and outplayed. Ben roethlisberger threw for two hundred and fifteen yards in two interceptions. I don't know about you. But i remember that game. I remember that game two days after christmas. I was back in my hometown of wheeling west virginia families over and i'm watching the game. I'm furious. i am furious. I'm talking if i could. Somehow the remember the cartoons were steam coming out of their ears. Their faces read. That's that's what i was like in. Remember going on the post game show with lance williams just saying i can't believe this happened. I can't believe this is happening. The ravens are on their fourth quarterback the fourth quarterback so the planet is now while everything under god's green and everything on god's green earth underneath the sky the stars the moon. you name. It says that the steelers should absolutely route the ravens. On tuesday night there should be some hesitation folks because not only mike tomlin was asked about this when he spoke with the media on sunday. What does it was it like game planning for a team that you have no idea what they're gonna do. He's basically what we're doing is we're game planning for philosophy. What do they like to do. What did they like to do in certain situations what today like to do in defensively and offensively on third downs etc etc. What that what that turns into have no clue what to expect. Robert griffin the third. Beat the steelers last season in week. Seventeen really didn't mean much. The steelers they were hanging onto a hope and a prayer to get into the playoffs but they had to win the game to do it and they failed to do it in. You was running the football. It was gus edwards. Why because marking room was out because they were arresting him. Lamar jackson wasn't playing because he was being arrested. The rate is already locked up a by. I think the top seed in the nfl playoffs afc side. They were fine pittsburgh on the other hand now. Granted they didn't have been rothlisberger but they still had that defense in day. God gashed so guess. Who's going to be quarterbacking. The ravens on tuesday night but robert griffin the third. Guess he's going to be running. The ball. Gus edwards injustice hill. If you don't think for a second. And i know you know there's no marshall janda ronnie staley's hurt and they've got other injuries and they've got covid nineteen guys. Look these players that they are going to get whether their death pieces whether they're being promoted from the practice squad whether they're being signed off the street they are seeing one thing and one thing only in opportunity. Mike tomlin says it all the time. A one man's injuries and opportunity for another. They are seeing an opportunity to put something on tape. Something on tape. That could possibly get them back in the league with baltimore. Maybe it's an offensive tackle that absolutely shuts down duprey. Bud dupree doesn't even come close to sniffing the quarterback. I think that's going to happen. Probably not but still. Let's say there is that situation. It's a tuesday night game. This is a primetime game. Nbc if there's another coach sitting on his couch and he's looking at as we could really use some offensive line help and all of a sudden. This left tackle bo. Who's this guy. He has an opportunity. What if it's justice hill. Who might be looking at the running back situation in baltimore saying. Am i ever going to get a chance. I ever going to get a shot. Well if he goes out and plays great great and he's such a versatile back and catch the ball. The backfield good runner change of pace guy. The steelers liked him. La coming out of oklahoma state but if he goes out and shows out he's got to find an opportunity somewhere else. I hope people understand that these players are going to be playing with a desperation and me. That's scary. that is scary table story. Last summer there was a family of groundhogs. We have this big giant gazebo. My backyard didn't build. It was there when we moved in. And these groundhogs must have moved in underneath a gazebo when the house is vacant. So clearly there in and out. They're not around our place too much because our kids are always back there. I'm always back they're grilling etc next door neighbors. We have two dogs but dogs in the backyard. Our next door neighbors their dogs are always in the back yard and they would always try to get these groundhogs and we didn't see the groundhog for awhile came back. Guess what had babies holy cow. So the groundhog. They're trying to get through the next door neighbor's to try to get food. Which is a garden down the street. The dog next door got the baby's real quick killed him. Took care of it. Okay so. I'm thinking sweet i don't have to call the exterminator. If you're a part of the pita i apologize. This is human nature is animal animal instinct. This is not me killing anything. Okay just clear. so then. The mother the mother groundhog. She's obviously still looking for food. Has no babies left and she gets cornered by these dogs next door and she's her. Her back is literally against this rockwall in the dogs. Ryan this this little this little groundhog that little gets up on a tined. Legs start showing. Its buck teeth. In these barreling. We call his claws or something and it's going after the dogs. It's going after the dogs. In all of a sudden dogs are thinking way to say what we get ourselves into and the groundhog is taken it to the dogs. My next door neighbor. Who's a hunter had to come out his bow and he had to take care of the groundhog. Why 'cause it was going to hurt. His dogs does bring it full circle. Here that's the baltimore ravens in this situation. They've heard every single thing that has been said about them in pittsburgh nationally and outside of the l. Moving this a week eighteen. They create or forcing them to forfeit or them to forfeit. They are gonna play like that groundhog with the dogs in his face doesn't mean they're going to win but they are going to play like they have nothing to lose. If i'm gonna go down. Go down swinging i'm gonna go down in a blaze of glory to quote bon. Jovi a big bon jovi fan grownup so with all this stuff. That's taken place in the last time. I talked to you on friday morning. Do i still think the steelers are gonna win. I still think that's correct scored. Well we will find out after this break of an answer. Some questions from twitter. Some fine folks on the twitter machine semi semesters. We're going to do that. And then obviously get my picks at the various stages. We want the best of both worlds. We want a hybrid a smarter. Hybrid cloud approach with ibm helps retailers. Manage supply chains with watson. I while predicting demands with ease. The world is going hybrid with ibm. Visit ibm dot com slash hybrid cloud all right pittsburgh steelers fans. Welcome back to the second segment here. Let's ride monday. Podcast earing love hopefully for a steelers versus ravens. Tuesday night football game folks. I can't stress it enough me personally. I have to record this sunday night for a monday morning. Okay now normally on a sunday when there's a game on sundays. I don't record my podcast on monday morning because it doesn't run till noon however this is going to run at five. Am monday morning. So if at ten o'clock at night and sadly news has broken in the national football league at times ten o'clock if they change this game if they cancelled it if they force the ravens forfeit. I apologize then. I apologized but have to be prepared in plus right after. I'm done with this podcast undoing. Podcast at night. With dave and brian. Anthony davis live on. Youtube will have noon tomorrow on monday. so i want you to know that if this seems outdated. It's my apologies. You have to understand why so. I went onto twitter. Today is the middle of the one o'clock games that's an i should do. A mailbag segment. I haven't done one of those in wiles. Probably been about a month. I just throw it out there. Hey yovany dealers questioned no-holds-barred fire away had a lot of good responses. Okay so i'm going to try to get too many as i can hear and we're gonna finish this show up with my updated game pick. Is it the same or different. We'll see i nat mccoy. I'm hope i pronounce that correctly. I apologize if i didn't. He said his. Benny referring to benny snell a number one running back. Now i'm gonna reference mike tomlin here. Mike tomlin said on sunday when he spoke with the media. He has no reservation about benny snell being quote unquote feature back now. I wouldn't expect a coach anything else. Do i personally think so i do. I think that. Benny snell is a running back that if he's going to be effective he has to be the guy in other words. He's not a running back. That's going to be able to just go in play a series. Maybe make splash player to and then come out aids. He's just not that type of guy he's a back in. He saw this when he was in kentucky. You had to get him going. Look back to that week. Seventeen game last season. He looks really good. Think back to earlier this season he actually sue. Showed some bounce some hob some lateral quickness. Something we never saw his rookie year. I'm actually looking forward to seeing both. Benny snell and anthony mcfarland on sun on tuesday wednesday sunday on tuesday. I think the. Benny snell approved a lot of people wrong. As comes to this now next question from alexa she says what is the smell. Mcfarland split going to be a great question. I would say it's probably seventy thirty smelled mcfarland. They're going to like. I said they're gonna wanna get snell going. I dated a sprinkle mcfarland and here there. I would love anthony mcfarland to go the way of the wealthy more if he can become a good pass protector. If he can become a guy that is reliable with reading the pass rush in really stepping up and protecting the quarterback he would be the perfect third down running back. 'cause he can catch the ball of the backfield. He's a good screen player. Good with good withdraws if he has a hole and he has breakaway speed. I still think that it's going to be primarily. Benny snell benny snell Is definitely going to be the the seventy percent of macfarlane's thirty percent of those a good question boettger says. How long do you think ben has left. He's referring to obviously ben rothlisberger. Do you think he signs a one year extension okay. so ross. perot's the rest of the season and next season twenty twenty one season under his current contract. I'm going to be completely honest with you here. I think the ben rothlisberger is going to sign an extension. This offseason. i think he's going to sign a two year extension so that would put him in pittsburgh black and gold for not just twenty twenty one but twenty twenty two and twenty twenty three. I think that he has shown enough with the steelers this year that his arm is healthy that he still is. He's he's in the best shape maybe of his life. I mean even in two thousand and four is a rookie. He wasn't in this type of shape. He is decisive. The offense looks so good with him. A quarterback in plus. I think that if you can get ben to sign another extent another extension you can decrease the cap hit and twenty twenty one which is going to be important beacon also sign a garlic juju smith schuster knowing the dens going to be back so if you signed juju to a three year deal then juju smith schuster knows that for the duration of his contract then ross burgers under contract as well and that's important that's important so i do think this is going to try. Will they get it done. A lot of it depends on rothlisberger himself if he says you know what. I'm kind of done. You know especially if the steelers were to win at all. Could you walk away. Absolutely could walk away so you just don't know but i think the steelers would be really smart to try all right next question from jc kaufman. He says more likely to explode for a one hundred yard game. Eric ebron or james washington alternatively if we're doing any question or the browns of mirage or are they serious threat to the steelers solicit two-parter. Let's get the first part. I who's more likely to explode for a hundred game ebron or washington. I guess i'm going to go. James washington because i feel like he is a more of a big play threat in regards to the one hundred yard game that you mentioned however i think the eric ebron is more of a threat period. Meaning i think. Eric ebron is gonna play more snaps. I think eric ebron is going to be more of a red zone option. He's obviously scored. I think he has five touchdowns this season. I don't think that eric ebron is gonna be the guy unless he can really break free to get to get you one hundred fifteen yards receiving in a game if it happens. It's going to be once a season. Maybe in this specific offense james washington is going to have more opportunities for a big place and maybe think about think about a deep pass down the field or down the scene that he catches in runs in the end zone. That's sixty five yard in any picks up a couple more catches after that. I team easily going over the century mark but i would say that the the more likely is washed now he also asked about the cleveland. Browns cleveland browns were able to win down in jackson. It wasn't pretty. It wasn't pretty at all the one thing that i've always thought that the browns can kind of hang their hat on defense in. I'm sorry mike glennon kind of carbon them up today If the the jacksonville jaguars could stop the run. Even a little bit. They probably wouldn't that football game. They probably win that game. But i think the cleveland browns have lots of prove that was a trap game for him down there. We'll see other. Have some tough games coming up still so there's a lot to be told about the browns but hey they're winning games. They should can't fault them for that. Absolutely not next question from just are he says. Do you think the youth of our receive. Air group will negatively impact the playoff run. It's an interesting question. Do i think that the youth of the receivers is going to be a negative when it comes to the planet. Well i think it depends on how you view experience in terms of being an asset. If you're someone that's been there done. That is the most important thing in the playoffs. Then yeah it's going to be a negative because none of them. Other than juju. Smith schuster have been there and done that so when when it comes to that question i don't view it as a negative. I i look at it from the context of the offense. How do they run the specific offense. Can they work with ben rothlisberger. That's all that's all in my opinion needs to be worried about. This isn't a situation. I don't feel where it's the situations too big for them. You know if if that were the case maybe you look add chase claypool fumble against baltimore week eight yet. Maybe it's a situation pain. I didn't realize it was this magnitude. You know you played a big as notre dame but this is different so i don't eat any of these players. The situation is too big for them. Maybe there's a drop or two. But i'm not too concerned about that good question. Thank you for that. Leo alana or elaine. I'm sorry alana. I'm gonna go guests. Says what is the percentage probability that we end up sixteen to now now. I could look up the fbi. Nine point eight percent chance It's around there is less than ten percent that the steelers run the table. But to be honest with you. The steelers are going to be favored in almost every game for the rest of the way. I mean when you think about games that they have coming up that are going to be really really tough and vegas might say that. They're not favored while you think about indianapolis but that's at heinz field. I don't think the steelers that the indianapolis colts 'cause they lost today against the tennessee. Titans I don't think that the colts would be favored. Maybe the browns and week seventeen depending on the situation of the steelers of locked up a first round bye or they've locked up everything that they could. Let's say that they're they've already locked up the north bud. They can't get a by or whatever the case may be the. Maybe the browns would be favored in cleveland in week. Seventeen but ultimately. I don't think i. i don't think that there's going to be a game where they're not favored. Take that for what it's worth. I don't think this seals go sixteen and l. But at the same time if they did i would be shocked. Absolutely all right next. Question wavering williamson have. His first splash played for pittsburgh on tuesday. I'm going to say no. I'm going to say no because as much as i as much as i want them to play avery williamson more in. Maybe they will now. They've had this little mini break in. Everyone's complaining about the steelers. Losing their many break. They got they got their mini-break. They got their many break. They had three straight days off from practice for. They had meetings and stuff like that. But that wasn't anything physical that they were fine. They got many break. Okay so people need to calm down about that. I but it seemed like it's roberts blaine events williams until they prove that they can't do the job we know. They're not going to get rid of vince williams. Anytime soon and roberts d'alene is is playing good football within his expectations. Meaning i don't expect roberts selena do devon bush stuff so avery williamson. I'd love to see him on the field more. Maybe it'll be willie. Mays for splash play. I still don't think it's also think it's here yet. Okay last question here from paul. He said who's the most valuable ofensive piece. Besides ben rothlisberger love from germany. Paul thanks for the question. All the way from across the pond over there in germany. I appreciated the most. Valuable offense apiece besides ben rothlisberger. This is kind of when you can look into war. Moore's is statistic that is popular in baseball. It's wins above replacement. And i think that if i'm if i'm gonna exclude ben rothlisberger i have to thank you. I'm thinking about all the pieces of the puzzle above their replacement so how what is the biggest differential above the replacement. Let's look at ben. I know he's. I can't say that i get it ben rothlisberger. He's won ten games already in last season. Dell and hodges and mason rudolph one eight so you think about wins above replacement well. He's already to on the war. Charter would more. I'm gonna say marquees pouncey. I'm gonna say markeith pouncey why because who's replacement. Jc has our. That's it remember. They got rid of stefen wisnewski. Stefen wisnewski was supposed to be the guy that they could turn to and say. Hey bays wiz pounds. He's hurt. We need you to jump in their beer center for a few weeks so he gets back. They got rid of him. They got rid of caught him. They got him off of injured reserve. He eat aristo to banged up for him. I don't know what the case was is. Jc has an hour. I'm sorry but having is huge. Think about if you were to lose. Say david decastro. Well once kevin dodson comes off the cova. He's proven to be a good enough. He can cover both left guard and right guard. I think the gerald hawkins to spell alejandro villanueva order. Tooks corfe on the right side attack. Was well derwin grays on the team. So they have options there. Wide receiver their deepest can be running back deep tight end. Yes a little thin but it's not going to say that's the most important player. I'm gonna marquees penalty. There's your answer. Thank you very much paul. We appreciate you all the way listening. All the way from germany pretty awesome. So let's finish this up with is my thirty. Three to twenty four steelers over ravens prediction still the prediction. And i'm going to go with nell. I'm gonna go with now. I'm gonna change it up in those that say we can't change it. Be quiet i can change it because everything about this. Stupid game has changed fifteen thousand times. So i'm gonna go with thinking about this on the flyer folks. This is live. We're alive with dick pic. Louis pittsburgh steelers to hang thirty on baltimore. Baltimore is gonna score Say seventeen thirty to seventeen steelers win. So that's a slight change in the thirty. Three to twenty four. Take a fuel office dealers and take a touchdown away from baltimore adding that i think that's about right so there you have it folks. I really hope this is the last time we have to talk about this game. I really hope that on wednesday. I'm not sitting here saying i can't believe the. Nfl created a week eighteen. And they move this game there. And we're gonna have to talk about this again. I really hope. That's what. That's not the case i really do. But in the meantime folks fingers crossed. Tuesday night. That the pittsburgh steelers play and i will be back with brian. Anthony davis and davis goldfield on that podcast post game. Podcast hopefully talking about a steelers win and moving to eleven. Oh and then having a quick turnaround before the washington. Football team comes to pittsburgh. So we'll see what happens. Gosh i hope they play. I hope they plan. I know you do to in the Makes you. What is your podcast. Make sure behind the steel curtain. Dot com is your one-stop shop for all things steelers. I'm jeff hartman. Co editor of said website. In the meantime folks is always be kind. Be safe in. God bless go steelers here. We go our area.

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