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2019 Colorado Classic Stage 1


The big question is can khloe <unk>. <hes> keep that jersey and she's got close to a minute on on the field and i asked her team manager i said can she hang non and nicholas said her power is very good right now. She lost some weight and is going to be hard to shake her. Ooh she has almost a minute hand. She might be able to stay in yellow. Focus is laser tight right now and she can suffer more than anyone. We haven't even seen what she's capable of yet. Hole that damn i got chills reading all right. Everybody welcome back to the movie podcast brought to you by patrol tequila. I'm lance armstrong. My co host j. b. Hager roughly a thousand miles away in austin texas. I'm up here at eight. Thousand feet in aspen colorado in are going to break down stage. One of the colorado classic which is is an event. That's been around for a couple years right j. b. This is but this is new and cool and i love the twist. There's there's no dudes. It's the all women's colorado classic seventy five thousand dollar prize purse <hes> amazing outstanding field. We're gonna get it in and breakdown stage ones action. It was really <hes> quite exciting. I must say <hes> fifty four miles or eighty seven kilometers steamboat to steamboat <hes> <hes> before we get into the action. Let's just do a little bit of business. Today's show is brought to you by amp human as it was most of a lot of the shows during <hes> last. July's tour de france rants amp full disclosure is a company that <hes> us over at next ventures have invested in. I don't know if that's a disclaimer or endorsement or disclosure an endorsement <hes> it is amazing when i first saw this product and i i heard about this cream the sodium bicarbonate cream. My first question was does it work. I'm gonna get to that in a second. Was i tell you about how it works right so as you know you go out and train you ride hard you race hard lactate levels elevate. That's ultimately ultimately what slows you down and stops you. Sodium bicarbonate is an electrolyte that buffers that so i'm thinking to myself okay wait. We can actually topically a buffer lactic acid like the evil endurance athletes <hes> yes. The answer is you can bunch of writers. Last summer's tour used it <hes> both teams in the super bowl all last super bowl used it both teams in the stanley cup used it absolutely works for our listeners twenty percents off go to amp human dot com for twenty percent off. That's amp human <hes> dot com and i just a so funny. I just got a text back from nickel kramer astros at any of the girls on on twenty twenty use the cream. She said almost all of them literally just now too funny today. Show also brought to you by the feed it so imagine if you are pro cyclist and you're riding in in colorado classic or the tour france orion classics or whatever it is and you want your swan your to hand you your bag the bag the everything that you want certain bars certain drink certain gel or chew and you wanna mix it up right. That's never you've never commercially been able to do that is just somebody's sitting at home. Well now you can. The feed comes along hundreds of brands that they haven't stocked three of my favorites human power dot and honey stinger by the way honey stinger is is based in steamboat springs. Today's race was start and finish <hes> but you can go in and basically not basically actually curate your own feedback so you just pick your drink your your jail. You're in it doesn't have to be the same thing you make it whatever you want. We've made our own feedback over here at the move. If you wanna the by our feedback it actually comes box spoiler alert. Go to the feed dot com slash the move twenty five percent off the feed dot com slash the move. If you don't like what what's in our feedback well go ahead and make your own feedback. I'm telling you i it's it is a revolutionary idea in it's about damn time that somebody j. I don't know why we didn't do this it. Just you know them it anyway but i you know what i love about it there. There you know the world is changing so fast with nutrition and the guys at the feeder curing the newest latest greatest in the classics that work right and there's just no way you to stay up on all that and you've got someone doing all that work for you and making recommendations yeah no well. Thanks them for <hes> for supporting the show supporting the women's women's only colorado classic. We're excited to talk about this the next four days and <hes> we've got roughly a women a hundred women from all over the world <hes> right out of the gate you know the i think a couple of things before we get into khloe diverts exceptional performance she is before i just i just get it out of the way she is clearly and obviously the patrol on but throw nita la la path renita. What is what is the female version of petron. I don't <music> now la tra anyways. She is not thrown out of the day clearly but before we get into that i think it's just a couple of things stand out to me it it it technically <hes> here's a race. That's you know today's senate believe start at sixty four hundred feet <hes> so the entire for the entire afford erases at altitude tomorrow actually gets up to about ninety five hundred you know that's for anybody a woman or a man that the the elevation is is always a factor that but the thing is i began getting into the race and looking at the athletes and watching the coverage and it was mentioned on the coverage on watched it here on altitude in colorado. Most of these women are not professional writers. They are professionals but they also have fulltime jobs. I mean how bad asked you have to be to have a fulltime job on nominee. Go to colorado for four days in race with the best of the best. I mean <hes> <hes> that that's i mean hats off credit. It's it's it is remarkable when you think about about men having a luxuries not the right word. It's it's all hard work but literally being able to dedicate your entire day around training and the women just don't have that luxury well. If i you know we read the story over here at news about the this lady. She's the oldest lady in the race and there's no no way no spring chickens. How old are you anyways. Fifty-one this fifty two you yeah edwige town forty eight and it's like going in and competing with the best of the best at fifty two years old. She jay read her quota. That was an amazing quote. She had lives yeah and she was asked about. You know the changes she's seen as a professional national cyclists and she got right out in front of it and said i'm not really a professional cyclists race with professional girls and i'm on a u._c._i. Team team but i have no salary and i also work as an engineer and computer systems like she's sending a message that interview. I love that like norway min- the professional means you make your living from it. It doesn't work that way for the women unfortunately and maybe this is a a major stepping stone in seeing that change yeah she goes to the computer the computer science firm that she'd engineers four in france and they're like okay you get two weeks a year vacation and collar counterparts like okay. I'm gonna go to corsica and and she's like. I'm gonna take a week and go to colorado on race race best woman in the world right. That's my vacation yeah. <hes> let's talk about the stage it was it was <hes> it was exciting exciting in a in a couple of facets as as we're starting to see more and more j. b. this addition <hes> of gravel into road stages and i just we talked about during the i love it. It's all the rage cycling. It's it is is the hot trendy segment in the industry <hes> and so. I think it's <hes> i think it's a good idea. I'm a supporter of it and <hes> unfortunately only for the four days. You're colorado classic. There was one period where they just couldn't get the live feed to work and they knew it going in full disclosure. They knew that this was going to be the section that they couldn't be broadcast and it was it was the gravel section through there but we learned enough through <hes> the colorado classic twitter feed and then just reading some them and the other news reports about <hes> about what what happened <hes> over the grabble with klay dagger going away on the climb getting the q. o._m. Taking a couple of girls with her and and then just bombing the downhill shutting the other girls in soloing to the finish for a forty five second solo victory <hes> it's lapa petroni anita move of the day <hes> you know my question and we're just you and me i mean full disclosure. We're just we're really trying to get beamed up on on women's cycling and you know i just i know so many people my neighbor pam alexander who's a big supporter in amazing cyclist herself nicholas kraemer over shower twenty twenty. Mari holden her director but just a a a bunch of cool stories your i. I'm long this stock. I i don't i. I think i remember when before the williams sisters tennis it was the women's tournaments it was just different and now they're equal and women's soccer is now equal. I mean what i think i. I think we can get there with this. You know this is a big. I was thinking about it quite a bit to about a step in getting there and you know the we have already sort of addressed. The problem is money. They can't make a living doing this and by dedicating an entire race to covering the women give given the whole stream is about them <hes> that allows the sponsors to be visible whereas in the past what you might see see thirty minutes of coverage of the women in you know in four or five hours of the men <hes> just you know the airtime they the equal airtime so the sponsors i can see it and it's going to be a slow evolution if the sponsors come then <hes> then the money comes and then more women can dedicate up the themselves to the sport and everything progresses right and that's that's been there in not an argument but has been a point that the women cycling communities made it is a they oftentimes feel like a plus one. We got a men's race and all a plus one like that's like you get a backstage. Pass some show and you're some celebrity and you gotta plus one and it's like you're you know the kid you grew up with right. It's not done just doesn't quite few right <hes> so they they they don't want to be plus ones right and so <hes> yeah and i don't blame them and i think the key is me here. We have <hes> a groundbreaking event. You've got seventy five thousand dollar prize purse. You've got an on event like any event in the world. Just has to sustain itself. It has to do it in one year is amazing doing it for ten is a thousand times more maisy easy answer. We you know hats off to kim garten his crew lucie de as all of them for for giving it a go and let's fingers cross that this catches on last thing i'll say an an and big shout out to vanity fair <hes> not the magazine but the sort of the conglomerate that owns a bunch of big great brands the north face fans smart wool mart will of course based in in steamboat springs <hes> a lot of really cool brands for stepping in and and supporting this race financially and <hes> yeah exciting exciting. It's gonna be exciting. Three days in. I guess the question for me is <hes> can khloe dagger good. She looked today because when the coverage finally when when they got out of that dead zone and they came back on there were fourteen girls behind her not sitting up turning through as she was put in time on them right i and i i had to go look and double check as i heard <hes> the coverage they said well. She's also in the young rider jersey and i went what wait whoa is. This is a name. I've heard for some time. We're like can't possibly be a she's twenty two years old well. She's yes she. She is but she's also a total bad ass and hasn't had her struggles are hasn't been without her struggles at a pretty serious are actually very serious concussion a couple all years ago that took. I relived that smell. You don't wanna watch that one too many times before special before going out on a bike <hes> <hes> but she's inches probably while we're at it. She's probably in the keel jersey in the this is just to give you an example. I mean we're we're saying and probably because this just goes to show you. I mean we're if this was the tour we would have had all of these results from first to last place within fifteen minutes. That's you know if you went on the internet even now. The state has been done for a couple of hours. It's still top ten. You know no classification so it's just it's just an evolution right in in their in their in the process of building one thing i read that was cool and i i've never heard of this. I don't know why people didn't think of this before but on some of these circuit races where they're going to have problems or bonuses on some of the laps they're going to let the race fan at home crowd source prize money or increase crease in prize money or increase in premiums through this text. They're calling a text to donate so that'll elevate the prize money <hes> for that premium or whatever the premiums of coarsened coarsened intermediate sprint slash prize slash cash prize <hes> and so they'll they'll increase the prize money but also donate to local charities. I mean that's that's just the kind of stuff it's like. That's like the feed. So why don't we what when we think of that you know and and also giving this a lot more thought that the timing is really good too because you know a a stream people are so comfortable now with watching stream connecting their t._v. To stream. I mean we're in this new era of <hes> being able to cover sports did they couldn't get on television right and so that opens up a whole new audience to watch to watch women's cycling and races that did doc we didn't get on t._v. For for the men as well <hes> it's just it's just really really good timing to <hes> take technology like i heard him. I saw actually i didn't hear him. I saw it on their twitter feed. They were talking about the cellular. Bonding technology now is like a his because that's stuff that we we researched to find out how to do coverage to our members from aspen in the mountains with with challenges right <hes> and so they're using that same kind of technology that we use to cover a race. It's it's just mind blowing. How many changes are happening happening right now. It takes the <hes>. The airplane at altitude and weather out of the equation takes the call that the relay the motor ota relays. I it just makes it work in a different way. In <hes> that's helping cover at these high altitudes well and but that doesn't even i mean that just shows as they were as i was watching the altitude channel here on on my cable system. You could see as they were going in and out. There was the logo for live you which is of course what you just said what we use to broadcast live for the members during the tour for for other stuff that we do i mean you can i've had this conversation with todd saito or an epic rides who who puts on some of the best multiday events <hes> and just festivals in in the industry of how he can broadcast the pro races and i said live live you the tri caster. I mean the bonding whatever the bundling on whatever you call you call it. I just ponding that too. Yes that <hes> <hes> i mean you could you could televise your your local kids. <hes> a bike ride around the block. I mean you can do anything yeah. It's phenomenal. Hey one of the things that <hes> i thought was phenomenal was so arguably. The biggest favourite here is katie hall who it appears rides for it doesn't appear to her to her main trade team is not here so she came to the race with the national team so she's riding the stars and stripes which is in in and of itself is not really a big deal however her entire the entire rest of the team's her supporting crew is made up of all collegiate riders so so all girls that that go that are in college that compete collegiately and i just think for them to be on this stage with writer katie hauled. Ah must be what what a what a trip man. That's the would just be so cool. You know you bring up <hes> a- another interesting point we were talking about these women having to work fulltime jobs to support themselves selves in men's racing going to college. Judge is chew prime years so the men don't rarely opt to do it right. There were just prime prime years to be some kind of junior in your program and development program <hes> in for women. That's a different thing. We're not only talking about having to work to support themselves with being in school and competing at this this level yeah no. I mean the most most guys have to heck. I was i was in that <hes> in that position but you know at at that age at eighteen nineteen years old you gotta make the decision to to head on over to europe or to join the national team and <hes> certainly <hes> maybe not being europe the travel enough that that going versity is just not is not an option right and so it it cool for them. I mean i'm sure they're just so excited added to be on this <hes> the stage with with a bunch of great female racers <hes>. Let's talk about tomorrow. We'll talk about tomorrow's <hes> tomorrow. I'm just open it it up looking at stage two <hes> avon over an avon. I heard on the coverage about an hour and a half drive from steamboats. They'll drive over <hes> hang out there tomorrow night. <hes> before we talk about tomorrow's action it should also be known that it's august twenty third okay and that should also be known as otherwise known as johan bruyneel birthday <hes>. I didn't know that our man turn it. God what dizzy ternan. I don't even know how old is he. He's not that old. He's older than us but tamara happy birthday on i don't. I don't know if you're listening but if you are happy birthday brother we love and we're looking forward. Just sneak peek. We're looking forward to y'all coverage d._j. Bs j b squared. I will sit in about half. The time for the tour of spain is also going to start this weekend but the really cool thing is that johann johanna who's absolutely fluent in spanish for our our spanish speaking listeners <hes> here you go. We are also going to do a show in spanish so it's going to be johann bruyneel an r._o. Teammate one of the loveliest guys around <hes> the columbian victor hugo aka l. You know what it is now. I doubt as a shark don't danton danton danton danton and four fifty four. She is old enough. Hey speaking of sharks they'll tip. It owns most honest. Look at tomorrow's are you. I don't know if you can pull hold up. Tomorrow's profile so funny actually looks like a shark right if you look at stage two of the women's colorado classic presented by the f. corporation fifty mayeso's <music> all in avon. It looks like a shark. That's so appropriate that we were talking about <hes> anyhow. The question is in a starting at again. Altitudes is an issue where we started seventy five hundred up to almost ninety five hundred the big question is can khloe <unk>. Keep that jersey. She's got close to a minute on on the field and i asked her team manager. I said can she hang on and nicholas said her power is very good right now. She lost some weight in is going to be hard to shake her. Ooh she has almost a minute and hand. She might be able to stay in yellow. Her focus is laser tight right now and she can suffer more than anyone one. We haven't even seen what she's capable of yet whole damn. I got chills reading that so that's the the question right. You're not going to see because i'll i'll things seem to say that katie hall is the one to mark and the one to to to to beat that you know that that she can hang well. You have a climb. It's a little deceiving. If you look at an honest profile on any profile on any of the sites you can get to it looks looks extremely long extremely hard extremely high <hes> it's in in fact it is not that bad. I mean it's it's it's still <hes> goes uphill pretty consistently but so the question is can she maintain that power output for twenty minutes right and so <hes> that's what they do the race so we can all go find out and see what happens but i if i'm a betting man <hes> i think she does. I think she does and a in the other thing too. Is that is is that she technically is very good. You know she comes from a track background so even if a girl like her say give up. Let them get thirty seconds. It's over the top. You just have to think that that her fear factor going down and her technical skills going down which is that much better than <hes> some of the other gal's and so that's the question you know but <hes> right now i mean clearly the message is clear from nikola that that's the goal for team. Show where twenty twenty you know win win. The race was going on today. You brought up another very very good point. We've already talked about some of the differences between the opportunities for the men and women one is career. Career haven't work to support themselves to do this or being in college. Which is another thing we talked about. You brought up another really good one today and that's the altitude factor where the men would have the convenience or the accessibility to spend time at altitude before or a race and if you have a great time job i i can't imagine coming into these high altitude places in and and having the wherewithal without any sort of adjustment yeah well look. I think yes obviously having a fulltime job or being a college. <hes> is it prohibits you from getting there too early but i mean i think the reality is that that to go to colorado in august for a week to prepare. I mean you can just start doing the line items on your spreadsheet on on your trip budget. I mean it's it's the flights to call. I can tell you what it costs to fly to aspen. You know it's it's not cheap and then to stay in hotel not cheap to eat. Nothing's cheap in colorado in august spoiler alert and so the the the budgets just aren't there which is again to the point that that these gals and their teams and team managers and their fans are making right <hes> and so so. It's really those things right if you're at work if you're at school or you just don't have the budget you kinda just have to show up the day before our our two days before four which is yeah. How'd you like to be up at nine thousand five hundred feet tomorrow and you've been in colorado for three days. No thanks yeah i mean is as someone who goes back and forth and in in dual cities like that austin no altitude <hes> hilly and punchy but no altitude food and then we got we got five hundred feet five hundred now and then you go into aspen like maybe you can shed some light on for someone who doesn't get to go into into the mountains and ride. I mean if you spent months in austin and then you go back to eight thousand feet in aspen. What is a real. You'll adjustment time before you go okay. I'm feeling normal. Listen <hes> most physiologists exercise physiologists would tell you just as a basic rule of f-bomb of course some folks are better than others <hes> but a basic rule of thumb to give yourself not to be at peak performance but just to be at a place where you you can begin to start to train at an elevated level. They like to say that. It's one day per thousand feet so if you were going to go to denver at five thousand those feet you'd say to yourself. I need five days of chill time. Slow time and then i can get into it. If you come to aspen eight thousand five hundred eight days and tomorrow stage. We're gonna get up over ninety. Five hundred you know to be even an average state. You need nine and a half days and so that's that's a lot of time that's a lot of commitment and and a lot of money and and you just can't not i don't care what kind of freak you are. You cannot do it on a day or two now. It makes me wonder if you know after today's today. Some of these writers are just feeling sick and dizzy and trying to hydrate and wondering what the heck's going on with their system right now. I don't know if you were just riffing right there but that's another great point. I mean it's also well documented and well known that hydration at elevation is a major major factor. This is we become <hes> way more dehydrated at altitude than we do at sea level and so that's you just hit on it. I mean that those are all just little things like you've got. That's not anything that's a budget issue or time issue but it's certainly a a a mental issue. You got to remind yourself okay. I'm i'm at eight thousand feet and hydration and dehydration is a real factor and of course that being one of the number one determining factors for performance boy way you gotta stay on top of that because that's the man with a ham you get hydrated over the course of a couple of days for these gals. The woman with the hammer will become yeah yeah well. <hes> you know this was an exciting first day. Chloe dyer was impressive holding off but how how many people i mean every team represented holding that off. That's going to be a fun story to watch. <hes> katie hall is the the marked person who <hes> <hes> seems to be the favourite with their climbing ability. That's going to be fun to watch <hes>. I didn't know until you shared with me that katy surrounded by collegiate riders. I'd i'd i'd love story. I'm cheering for the fifty. Two year old almost sold people out there. We got at least get a stage win for the fifty two two year old russian. Wouldn't that be something man. I well. I started to say something but i didn't. I won't 'cause i can't that's all good. Hey jay thanks root for <hes> chicken in here today and that thanks to everybody for listening and lastly <hes> congrats to to ken and lucy and everybody over there at the colorado classic for for having a successful day. One and fingers crossed that this is something that <hes> we we can all keep rolling yeah. I think the one of the best things people can do if you're <hes> tuning into the show one. We appreciate it <hes>. It's it's something different for us says well but if you're if you like this and you want to be supportive of women's bike racing i think one of the best things you could do is share this on your show. Social social share the life feed your remind people you know how people's people's attention are pulled in so many different directions and just you know before the race is starting starting sending out the socials and reminding people to tune in and give this support especially on the heels of <hes>. I can't help but think about this this past summer with with women's soccer and this momentum to treat women equally pay them gently <hes> the the timing is is fantastic and and you know it if you're not trying to share the love and support of it more than you're kind of part of the problem too in its moments it's to do a little known fact j. B. is the father of raleigh hager. Who's one of the best female wake when they call. Ordway wakes her for in the world worldly. She's won the world championships before i mean shit she'll mess around and so this man isn't just paying lip service like he truly cares and hers about women's board do and in her sport she was very fortunate. <hes> they pay equal to the man they do everything equally across the board and have have since it began <hes> relatively new sport but they made that decision early on of course we're paying <hes> women the same amount of money yeah yeah a hundred percent and then i guess last thing <hes> if you're in avon tomorrow go on out like just stand get out there on the roads i get your cowbell guichard jud umbrella because the sun will be out or golden on saturday denver on sunday. Come out and support these great athletes at <hes> they would love it. They love it so we'll check in with y'all tomorrow talking about stage two and it's going to be an exciting one. Thanks for tuning in.

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