Dan Patrick Show - Hour 2 - (04-12-19)


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What's that saying trim, the shrubs and the tree stands taller get twenty percents off plus free shipping today? Visit manscaping dot com and use promo code, Dan. Again, use promo code Dan at manscaping scape dot com. That's manscaping dot com. Make it look nice here. He is joined by the danettes in broadcasting from the Mercedes studios. This is Dan Patrick our two on this Friday. It's hipster Friday here in the New York City man, cave some participated some didn't ELO yours truly dominating today. I added a jeans jacket is it a Jean jacket or a jeans jacket. I say Jean Jack jean-jack so added a Jean jacket to my outfit here. Yes. Customized denim jacket. Yes, it's a damn damn damn jacket. Yeah. If you're watching on live dot com don't adjust your your stream there. This is what we intended to do today also audience to thirty nine directtv. I Reggie Miller next hour Peter Schrager from the NFL network. One of their insiders will join us coming up. As well. I'm fascinated watching what the raiders are doing. Because I don't know if they're very good poker players. I've said all along I don't think Derek cards their quarterback by the time. They get to Vegas. I think they love Cuyler Murray. I don't think they can get Cuyler Murray. But if they don't get him. Then what are they going to do? Mike Mayock said that he got a message from Jon Gruden. Here's from Mike Mayock, the Oakland Raiders GM. John keeps telling me don't mess it up to. You know, I took a lot lot of slings to get to get you three first round picks. A I don't feel any pressure about a B. I love it and embrace it because it's going to give us an opportunity to continue to try to turn the corner here and become a good football team. And I think what it really gives us is flexibility. And that's what I love about it. I guess feeling that may work in the phones, but the final word comes from Jon Gruden here. And they keep talking about Derek Carr being a franchise quarterback. I don't know if they say he's our franchise quarterback. He is a franchise quarterback. I don't think he's Oakland franchise quarterback. But going into the draft Cuyler Murray, he's visiting the giants. I I can't imagine what that must feel like if you go and you have to play the game where got to go talk to the giants. And I talked to the raiders maybe the Washington Redskins teams that may draft. You mill has he already been told that zone is gonna take him number one overall. And we still have the Josh Rosen conundrum because. Paulie, you think the Josh Rosen does not get traded by Arizona. Why I I think they're going to get a great offer for the number one pick get a whole bunch of stuff and keep Rosen and build around him. I think they prefer that. I think they're just waiting for a better offer instead of a second round pick. And I think the NFL is really telling Arizona what they think of Josh Rosen by not giving up a first round draft pick. But again Kyla Marias hot as he is. We don't know if he's going to be any better than than Josh Rosen or or worse, you know, five ten quarterbacks usually don't play that. Well, no matter what you think about height. The odds are against him. And you get Josh Rosen and a bunch of draft picks or Cuyler Murray, and you had no draft picks. But I would rather have Cuyler Murray with a bad line bad team. And we could kind of kick start this franchise again, the I'd rather have Josh Rosen with a good line and a good team. If you get a good line, right? You know, you can have draft picks is the Cleveland Browns have proven many many times. Hey, we got three first round picks. And then they don't do well with the players that they draft with those first round picks. If you're able like if you have Ozzie Newsome as your GM chances are you're probably going to do well in the draft. But they're only a few Ozzie newsome's out there. He just stepped down with the the ravens. But I I understand what you're saying. Arizona needs help. I just like that option better because we don't know frozen. The bus just like we don't know of calories a star. Well, if I know Rosen is good and has the potential to be great. Then maybe I do that. Maybe I take that option. I'll take three first round picks from Oakland. But if I'm Oakland, I don't do that. If I have three first round picks. I used those first round picks. I don't go all in on a quarterback right now, you know, as you get to Las Vegas, then maybe you can make a big splash year. Maybe a big make a big splash and go after Russell Wilson as you get to focus just thought there already eight seven seven three DP show, Email address DP, Dan, Patrick dot com. We got some folks lined up for the Jim Nance sounded like contest Tiger Woods had a pretty good day yesterday. And he spoke to. ESPN after his round and had this to say thought I played well today, you know, I thought I hit a lot of good shots and pie Mr. missing a correct spots, which was off always key. And I had some of the simpler up and downs because of the week. That's all we have from Tiger Woods from yesterday. Is that he said that a multitude of tiny human over and over and over make good shots. Usually tiger will tell you. Hey, I hit the ball. Well, you know, I just didn't score. Like, he he always has an excuse as to why he didn't play. Well, but he has he did play well yesterday, and I saw a stat just something to keep in mind yesterday with just the four-time both Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods shot. Seventy or better in the first round of the masters and the first time since two thousand ten each of the previous three times it happened. One of the two would go on to win the green jacket. Of the day stat of the day comes that. What what out of the? Out of the. All right. A couple of phone calls here poll question, mclovin. From the first hour on hipster Friday. Okay. We didn't officially choose one. But I got an option for you. Okay. We've done aversion this before would you rather win eight tornament in a season or one major in golf. Okay. What I win eight tournaments. I'll give you eight didn't tiger have that crazy year where he won like a ton of tournaments. And then when a major after his injury, I'll give you a good number. Okay. But I could say if I won eight I would take eight instead of winning the PJ championship. What one of his major of your choice? Well, even the PGA is a major. I know what you if I won eight times on player of the year. So what knowing numbers at your name? Nobody remembers that you try one eight and he didn't wanna major hit. He was player of the year. Yankee that was tiger. Yup. All Andy, north one to US open just about nothing else, and is golf legend and has a lifetime job with ABC and ESPN based. Off to great weekends and the rest of his career pretty average Curtis. Strange one to US Open's. I believe yes. We love your to close you watch. All these other tournaments casual fans do not. Yeah. If you said I could win the masters or I could win six ornaments in a year. I take the masters if I could win the US open. I would take the US open over that. But and I love the British Open. But you know, that's it will be open championship. But I would probably take six championships are six titles during the year. Yeah. Paul in recent history, the best seasons for golfer tiger in two thousand had nine wins over the course, he's in two thousand and four VJ Singh had nine wins over the courses. So that's about the max number. Well, tiger in two thousand get everything was incredible. Like, that's that's as great as anybody will ever play in the history of the sport. But you know, it's good to see tiger up there. And you know, his whole thing is how consistent he can be conditioned something. Keep an eye on because rains in the forecast for the next three days. All right. Jim Nance sounded like contest once again, we hope Jim can call in. He's not sure of his broadcast schedule. But over the next two hours gymnast sounded like contest where Jim will call the winter. And we hand out a case of his wine the calling Johnny and Portland joins his Johnny. Let me hear the Jim Nance sounded like Mario fuel hit the music and Johnny you'll take it away. When the legendary Bobby Jones built a golf course in rural Augusta Georgia little could he have known how legendary that hallowed ground would become the heartbeat of Gulf in America comes of pine straw. And the conic Vilius snugly hugging pink Dogwood, golden bell, and flowering crab. Hello friends. I'm gymnasts. They're stormy weather on the horizon. Here at Augusta Willoughby lightening striking again for tiger or Jordan or fill a Willoughby a newcomer blowing in wearing their first green jacket into tradition. Unlike any other the masters on CBS, Johnny I liked it. That's good. That's good stuff their logo pause for you. Well, written sounded good. You have to have that voice. And there's only one time during the year that reporters and broadcasters. Have that voice? It's the master's voice, and it's just different than any other tournament during the course of the year. Yes. No. He's starting to get like third. Fourth and fifth generation broadcasters, though, who are attempting to get and you're like you just doing an impression of somebody else's master's voice. No offense. There's a handbook that you're given as you go to the masters as a broadcaster, you can go in with the voice like this. And all of a sudden you get through those gates and then you're Hello friends. You never get like a high energy promo for the mass. No, you don't ever know. It's always the masters a tradition. Unlike any other unsee, I think people talk with a lower voice more reverential at the master's than they do a funeral like the funeral UV. Like, I'm so sorry for your loss. And let's go up to fifteen and dotty. For the same thing. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Like in at funerals. You don't even really talk that much. Sometimes you just not appeal. You don't actually start a conversation. So I'm so sorry for your loss. You could say that to somebody who lost in a playoff at Augusta. So I'm so sorry for your laws, and you wouldn't know if they read a funeral rented master tiger. What happened fifty I'm so sorry for your loss. Yes. Funerals are big for the shoulder. Grab with guys you buy little shoulder grab because you can't really do the Huggies shoulder grabbing crip like on their free. That's the move at the at the funeral. And I can't walk by the open casket. I can't do it. You don't can't. Aren't you supposed to pay your you are? But I can't I just go. I skip that. And I go over, and then I say, you know, for the VAR sorry. No, no, no, no. I have a friend who's doing the following. He's turning sixty. He is going to have you go plan his funeral. So he wants to hear all the nice things you're going to stay about him while he's still alive. He's gonna get. He's going to get a casket. Okay. And I said, that's brilliant. You get a casket and he's gonna lie in the casket as you walk by. And then you kneel down, and then you'll say all the things that you don't get to hear when you die. So is this guy did have like a near death experience that he wants to kind of like take a shot at this now and see what happens. No, he just sell them, turning sixty. And wouldn't it be funny? If I planned my own funeral, and then I got to hear what people were saying about me because you rent a casket. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. So beyond morbid. Celebrate your birthday your he can do worry about what's going to happen. When you're I love it. Really? You never. You're not gonna hear all the nice things any other way that you can if if you need that kind of love from the people around other than lying in a casket, pretending you're dead doing a mock funeral. There's got to be wait could say, you know, can you write me a letter or, you know, be nice. If you said something kind to me once said of doing that. Yes. Like, how insecure can you possibly be as a human being that you need to have your with your obituary? Written before I thought head rate. I think it's great. I think it's funny fun. Yeah. They did that tribute to Don Rickles, just less than a year before he passed away. And you got to hear all the things people thought about him. Did he sit in a fake casket? Well, people fake cried around. He didn't look good. I wouldn't say he's in a fake casket. But he's he's real close. I love it. I think it's a great for your sixtieth. I think it's funny that you just you know, people have fun with it. You know, they'll offer their condolences sorry for your loss. He's married with kids the space married with a one one child, and then they're on board with going through his wife is his wife thinks it's really funny. That's amazing. Yeah. I like it. I don't know something different Eric in Denver sent a Jim Nance impersonation. He sent that in earlier today. So Mario if we can play Eric in Denver. Hello friends online. Jim. Beautiful Augusta National the masters. Second round play. Phil Mickelson charging to the lead. Hopefully, he doesn't do that awkward jump. If he wins again, right? Nick faldo. I'm Jim now. Highlights from Brown to. John Daly stumbled into Ray's creek on then Cornyn. But he's okay. I'm Jim nouns. Potential there. But I don't know. What happens? Yeah. Yeah. It's on is that gymnasts laughed as he like, it's not a little joke on his lap. It's not as voice, it's not John. Daly is not there. Like that. Apparently Nancy was one of the Beatles to Jim. When did he turn into Eleanor Rigby? How about Dylan in Arizona? He son in a taped gymnasts impression. A soft breeze meanders down magnolia lane. A gentle reminder of the inspirational wins that filled the sales of Bobby Jones as he built golf's masterpiece. Spring is in full bloom at Augusta and the vibrant colors of the failures are rivaled only by green jacket. Hello friends. I'm Jim Nance. Welcome to a tradition. Unlike any other the masters on CBS. All right. All right. It's pretty good. They're well done Dylan in Arizona. But don't you get the feeling with add voice in that music? You could be in a funeral parlour. And it, and it would just somebody playing the piano, very lightly then somebody has that that tone that reverential tone, so sorry, welcome to the Masterson CBS. I like a years you could barely hear you. Go to the monks in masters on state. It was a compassionate father. Yeah. Loving because. So sorry for your loss. Once again, let's go out to Dottie Pepper at fifteen dotty. Let me see David Michigan joins us. Hi, dave. What do you have today? Hey, guys. How you doing? Good. Good. Good. Are you ready? Yup. To music. Mario. Hello friends. Join me won't you as we walked down welcoming cobblestone bridges that lead to majestic Georgia pines and fragrant flowering as alias this. Tranquil place will soon be transformed into booming. Sounds of applause and cheers as birdies and eagles fill the air. For these historic grounds hosted event, unlike any other yes, my friends. Welcome to the masters. All righty. Thank you. Dave once again, you can't start out with Hello friends. Jim only says that is coming on the air when you see his face. That's when he gives you the Hello friends. Jim nantz here was, sir. Nick faldo. And we have the story. Let's go out to sixteen right now. Adam Scott as a sixty five perhaps in store today. That's how it has to be. But you gotta get Zale ios. And you gotta get dogwoods, and then we throw in the sound effects there. Although I think one year we had all kinds of animals thrown seem through in jungle scene. Come cows out there. All right. We'll take a break. More phone calls coming up, the Jim Nance impersonation contest this day in sports history. Also, my guy Chris Davis. He keeps trying keeps trying and then one baseball analyst offered up a suggestion on how he breaks out of his I think now over fifty slump to start the season at for you coming up next year eighteen after the hour. This is the Dan Patrick show if you could live your most prosperous life. What would it look like would you maybe open your own business or buy new home? Go back to college, maybe pay off your loans and save for retirement. I know I'm man I could be three out of those four easy. But whatever your vision is into it can help you get closer to that future with financial tools that will help you. Save time and money easy to use software like QuickBooks. Turbo tax and make invoices. Budgeting taxes and expenses as simple as possible from helping you get your maximum tax refund to autumn. 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Wrangler outdoor clothing with outdoor credibility and everyday versatility. This day in sports history. Paulie, what do you have for stay with me on this went on Harvard student in late eighteen hundreds named Fred there is credited with having invented the first catcher's mask. No. But the reasons dishing there was a captain at the Harvard baseball team you also played third base. They are knew that his pitcher one of the pitchers on teams working on perfecting the curveball ball, which was new at the time. It was not an easy pitch to master is even tougher to catch. Some people thought it was unfair pitch slowly teams like Harvard and other colleges were adding it there was worried about his catcher and other players because of this pitch James king was their new catcher. And he was not very experienced. He thought what if we could do something to help protect him from this pitch coming in not be able to catch it because there was no curve on pitches before just straight ball. And he noticed the facemasks used by the fencing team and he wanted to use a fencing facemask that the Harvard fencing team war, but it was to block it blocked the vision too much. So he went to a local tinsmith and Cambridge with idea and the to able to work together the modify the fencing facemask into. A catcher's mask. There's mass was I worn by James thing in a game in Lynn, Massachusetts on eighteen seventy seven. There was some grousing from the oppo opposing team that the mask gave the Harvard catcher an unfair advantage, but it gained approval in college sports in in the guy. Fred there. Got a patent for the catcher's mask. And that's the catcher's mask was born how much money did they are make on for dashers mounts have not found. I'm I'm curious that you have you have variations of catcher's mask. Right. What like if someone made it Wilson, whoever made it? Yeah. Mass produce we haven't found anything that says he got a portion of it. But if he didn't patent it you would think he would. But it came because of the catch the Kirpal and the new catcher not knowing how to catch it. But makes you when you think back when they didn't have face mass playing football hockey, they didn't have facemask like the goalie didn't have faces and then you had guys who didn't even wear helmets in hockey. I mean, pretty amazing to play those sports, and you know, then you have the invention you're going. Hey, how about we create something to protect your face or you know, how about a helmet here. So you don't get splattered all over the I isn't a hockey goaltender the one. That's like, yes. The year before they had a mask or the goaltender the idea of. Was like why would you do that? How soft is that? Well, I think that they talked about vision that you have something in and guys when they break their nose, and they they're playing in the NBA the it. It feels awkward there, and you're all about comfort familiarity, and I think a lot of these goaltenders at the time were like I don't like the feel of it on my face. But I figure I'd rather have that feel on my face. Then a puck on my face. Crazy. Yeah. Fritzy? Now, it has mask appeal. Everybody wants Thanh mclovin update the poll results, if you can would you rather win six nine majors or the PGA championship? Fifty five percent six Don majors and start out. I don't know if I like that poll question. All right. What else do you have? Let's go back to who's coming out of the east. Okay. You a little more. To answer to teams. Okay. I don't know if if Malcolm brogden is healthy, then I will take Milwaukee. If he's not healthy. I'll take Toronto. How's that? I like it. I go to green with you. Because I feel like Toronto every year we say, this is why that different. Well, yeah, he's a better player than demar Rosen. And you know, they they had gotten as far as they could go with that group. And that's why they they traded the Rosen, and then they're rolling the dice on Leonard stand with that team. Yeah club and the Sixers I, you know, the fans are really optimistic I could speak for them. I just don't see how this all comes together. But talent wise, you said it, they're the most talented team. They are. But that doesn't mean anything because Boston's really talented but in their dangerous, but I think they're dangerous to themselves as well. I mean, the the Sixers problem Horford is beating them almost three years in the playoffs, by the way, one of my favorite stories that I keep following is Chris Davis with the Orioles. He he remains hitless. But the other Chris Davis that damn Chris Davis from the Oakland A's hit two more home runs yesterday against the Orioles. Meanwhile, the other Chris Davis is now. I think over fifty. Here's Chris Davis of the Orioles talking about the fans and their support of him. Everyone in the stands cheering for you. Free chat bot. It's awesome. I mean, I appreciate it. So much. Through the last few nights, just the the encouraging yells and shouts throughout the game. And another bombing. I know the people that do aren't the majority. Can I really appreciate the fan showing up in in back me? All right. He just needs a flare eh needs something and some analysts have said he's now over fifty three that maybe he should put down a bunt. I'd rather go over one hundred. No, yes. No. Yes. That's for time a power if you once you hit fifty home runs a year career the word bunch to be out of here. Okay. No. No. No. No. No, no. I got it. I just have to. I'd have to break this. We have to get on base. Yes. It it'd be like if you're over ten from three point range, and then you're eleventh shot you Bank it in. You don't go. Oh god. I I don't want that Bank three pointer in there. I totally if you bought a bunch of dribbler down the third base line and leg went out with your lumpy legs. That's much more embarrassing striking out. No. I know what would be worse if you lay down the button you get thrown at. I e that's the once you go super desperation bunt, and that still isn't working you just need to retire. Oh, he's so for fifty three you gotta do something. Yeah. You know, mclovin. We should put that up as the polls should Chris Davis. Punt I'm curious what people say by a he should get a hit. Retire. He is stealing money from baseball retire. He should get one hit and call it. He's what's I I don't feel sorry for him. The guy is a millionaire fifty times over. So I mean, he's made enough money. What's he doing here? Well, the only reason why he's still up playing is because he makes all this money. You know, they're, you know, but at some point the Orioles have to say, let's swallow a little bit of this money in send him down to AA AAA because where did it go? Like what happened where you all? You. You forget how to do. What is allowed you to become a very high paid wealthy baseball player like something happened where you just what happened and it and it wasn't an injury. Like is there a moment where guys forgotten how to throw to second base or first base from the catcher's position back to the mound? But this is like he he lost something forgot something. And I'm that's what shocking. About this. But you have to put him out of his misery. You have to send him down to the minor leagues Yarmuk loan. I think I just looked at his Matt he's do about sixty four million. He's retired. Yeah. It's not good. No, no. He's not. He's not walk away from it. I was just worried about him going down. It's the worst player in history or something like that, you know, real infamy bad infamy, the kind. You don't well. He's already in that. But but he's also had two great seasons where he hit, you know, close to fifty home runs in two years. Yeah. For two. Would you send him down before? He got that. I hit it gets to. Oh, I sixty over seven you got on like, let him at this point of you. Let it go on this long to over fifty. He can't fend without him. Finally, getting ahead. I would I would let him play through the weekend. And that if he doesn't have a hit then I would send him down. Yep. Arthur rules about guys with long term contracts long-term service in it L be that if you send them down to the minors. It's like it's like releasing them. I think there's a lot of rules about that. If you can't demoted guy just for like a. A on assignment. Well, if he agrees like, I think that's where you have to have a coming to Jesus moment where the say, look, you're not physically injured, but maybe mentally you are an and we need to get you kind of hit the reset button. So you go down there. And maybe you get a hit. Now, if he doesn't get a hit and he's down in AA. And you've got an even bigger problem abo- Bowie bay SOX are their team. He could run down there. Yeah. Yes. So she. Yeah. He's got a good sent down start seeing the ball again. And remember what it feels like to make contact? You know, that isn't caught you know, that's the thing. Like, you can't you can only have a solid ground or nice fly out to left. So many times we need to check and see if he can be sent down to the minors. If if he doesn't wanna go does does he does the players association back him up Andy in New York joins us. Hi, Andy what you have for me. Handy suggestion as to how Chris Davis you get out of the slump. I know you mentioned a bunt, and that seems kinda cheap. I'll look just like not taking any batting practice or anything before the game. Like that. I I can guarantee you that he's probably, you know, over thinking it and batting practice, and he's probably hitting pretty well in batting practice. What if he's just didn't take any BP because that's obviously isn't working for him. Just your first that bad of the game is going to be your first wing of the day. And see what happens. It can't hurt. All right. Well, thank you. You know, these guys are all creatures have it. And you know, if that means you're going to snap him out of his habit, and maybe something drastic changes. But something happens from batting practice to the real game with him. And I've watched him a couple of times now where he looks like he's defeated before he even gets to the plate and even getting into the batter's box. He just wants it over with. Yeah polling. You cannot send according to the Washington Post. They cannot send him to the. Honors without his consent. Okay. But that's where you have to say to in Chris we want you to be healthy we want you to be somebody who's going to contribute to this team. And we promise that will bring you back up. You know, we want you to go down for a couple of weeks. And then we're going to bring you back up giving a designated time that he goes down and he's allowed to come back up. But it's really really sad and painful watching him go to the play it is it's hard to watch for when he finally does get a hit thinking, positively like fritzy goes on stage. Like, I I know how Oriole fans feel Chris Davis goes to the play. Like, I Davis is the fritzy of baseball players. Yes. And it's like if Chris Davis everybody was giving him advice. Like, hey, man. You just have to do this one thing to fix your swayed. That's right. I got it. Yeah. Like, maybe write some original material. No. I could do better. Yes. Chris Davis right now, I could do better by then. So he gets hit in the near future. And it's at home. Can you give him a standing ovation? It will he take that as being a wise guy in snarky how do the fans show their love for him. And he Finally I would give him a standing ovation. I I would. And that's not over the top. He wouldn't take it as like, all right wise, guys. I know I went over seventy three and I'm just standing ovation because I got a base. Let's say if I was there, and he had a Basit I would stand up and applaud he should get it. But was he's walking up to the plate. You should give them like a standing ovation. Every time every time he's walking up to the plate. Absolutely. She get rather than awkward silence of like lean. Rallied around every body. I said you gotta do for them. Yeah. Yeah. Ploy? Well, you know in the Washington Post article actually says he got there. He had his own batting practice at the ballpark yesterday. He had six different coaches around him in electric camera recorded swings. And after every handful of swings. He would go back and look at a laptop with one of the teams young analysts who probably check his motion or his. Swing rate. It's paralysis finalises here. I mean, he's so deep into his head because baseball players don't think they just you react. It's it's so quick. It's an instinctive you can't go up there and going, okay? Wh what am I golf? You can go and be on the on the T and think what you're supposed to be doing baseball. You don't get that. You know? It's so split-second reactionary. You can't go. Wait. Wait. What am I supposed to be? We say, hi, wait. Wait, wait. What was that? Hey, you can't. It's so quick. Do you do a promotion fat? If anyone who -tendance when he finally does get hit his idea. How would Chris Davis tea with that? Somehow the someone's admits half off a hot dog, or you know, a free beer when finally if you're at the game where he finally gets that hit everybody gets something some kind of little marketing thing, wait, why do they deserve something because they kept coming to the games or even just a lucky fan that on that date if they're going over eighty eighth you happen to be at the game where Chris Davis finally got a hit. Then. No, no. Then you're probably making fun of it. Then you're going. Hey. No, it's got to be all it at this point. I'm sure he's heard sense. Sense of humor about this. I don't and he should go down to the buoy bay SOX and find a sense of humor. Yeah. Paulie? Fritzy retired? When his comedy crew went to shambles and hammer he didn't go to Minnesota. Well, we work through it. We want to have the goal way tour with fritzy and it's only one tour date. So we have to figure that out for. Yeah. Well, we were just in a week in New York City but within about four hundred yards biggest comedy clubs, America. I know I know to do one more Todd you have to have the go away tour. Are you willing to do that? I'll have to figure something that's like, you know, Chris Davis going to the minor leagues is it. Yes. Or no that you'll do a go away tour at some point. I'm sure I'll get back, and I'm not gonna lock it a date right now. But I'm sure that wasn't my last time doing. Yeah. Mclovin. Who are the nicest fans in sports like a city like Saint Louis. Yeah. Or Canada or somewhere where they'll be nice to Todd could we find a spot can we go nicest city in America. So can we go to Saint Louis? Well, I don't know the nicest fans people like laugh at everything. Is there a group? We were just there in Minneapolis. Yeah. They were all it was. All people from Wisconsin who are like the nicest people in the world, Minnesota, nice, Wisconsin. Minnesota's our prime through. Yeah. Yeah. We play nice Portland loves for its Oregon. We should go to Portland. I would I loved Portland favorite cities fritzy's. Farewell tour in Portland who's in the Oregon torn going away. Oh, yeah. That's your opening. Or maybe that's what we put on the the billboard. You know, the poster Oregon fritzy's comedy career is Oregon for gun, Oregon and forgotten. Yeah. Mclaughlin, we can jump up to Seattle washed up ping ting. We don't need piling on. By the way, if you'd like to comment on our hipster outfits today feel we're fair game. Today, we have a picture up on the website. Yeah. Mclovin. Got shades on his cammo. And you see this every day. You see Brooklyn hipster every day. I don't really see this particular outfit. But I've thinking I can go to catella with this this weekend. What do you think who's down, and you can go with your floral print and your denim jacket? Who is that Coachella this year? Oh, it's all pop now out of I think your girl, Billy eyelash Hoshi is bad guy. Bad guy. Yeah. Mclovin. Do you have is Bieber? They're just for fun. I saw a lot of Bieber ca Chelsea make music anymore. I don't know. I don't know. I thought I just thought he was taking a break. Oh, it was. Yeah. Getting his spirituality fixed or something. Or I think he was taking a break and get healthier. I think he's got to get healthy. But I don't know if you know like Katy Perry does she make music anymore. I don't think so riana does she make music anymore? Yes. She does. Yeah. Re on. Yes. She's killing it is she. I don't know they were just talking about. She just posted on social media about how people keep asking for a new album. It's like sleeping alone. It's different. When I grew up. You know, you had to keep churning out. Like the Beatles would put out a couple of albums a year. And now, you're like, I am social media. I'm an influence or I don't have time for something. Silly like music. The the goal is to get paid that to work like to be a judge on the show in lieu of actually touring or recording. They don't make any money off music anymore. No, you make money off of all of the other things that you're doing so reenters probably making more money off of her deal with Puma then she is on her next album. So why not just do clothes and other things like that? Guess what he's in a movie that did you hear about the secret Donald Glover movie? I'm sure she was in that ocean's eight. Yes. So her Donald Glover did a movie together. They're about the unleash on Amazon. I think she's going to become an actress more than a cigarette. She's amazing to as what I'd actress. She's really good. Really this movie supposed to be legit. I didn't like. Ocean's eight. Watched it. But I I didn't did that have the woman from the office was the one of the like jewel experts. You know, our girl, you know. Yeah. Median she had her own sitcom y losers. Mindy Ceylan mini Kaeling? Right. And Sandra Bullock, I've seen it like six times. Like, no. But only like ocean's eleven twelve and thirteen I wasn't into that. Either. Not good. We'll take a break here. And we'll come back. We got more phone calls more gym dance impersonations that will have for you as well. Top of the hour. We'll talk to Peter Schrager, one of our faves from the NFL network and Reggie Miller. Will join us coming up as well. Back after this on the Dan Patrick show. Okay. This is just a thirty second commercial. And I'm gonna throw a lot of numbers that you, please. Please stay with me. And just fifteen minutes, you could save fifteen percent or more on car insurance. The company that has been offering great rates and great service for seventy five years. It's gyco. I'm using it for a long time itself. And anytime you need help you could speak to one of their trains specialist. Twenty four seven no recordings the company. Gyco. Go to Geico dot com today. Sorry for all the numbers, but I've been a fan and a customer guy go for a long time and in five four three two one. I'm out. Stay tuned for sixty seconds of AP news headlines, right after this podcast. Dr rebound lucid about they score. Wow. That is quite a call there. Let me see let me get all the details here for you. Alex Ovechkin and the capital's kick off the defense of their Stanley Cup with a win over the hurricanes game to tomorrow in DC, that's courtesy of the capital's radio network. Discover alert you if they find your social security number on any one of thousands of risky websites free for card members. Just sign up online. Discover dot com slash free alerts. Limitations apply. Forrest Gregg known as the iron man hall of Famer linemen with the Green Bay Packers formative L coach dies at the age of eighty five. He coached the Bengals I think he was coach to the Bengals when the Bengals played the chargers in the coldest game in NFL history. Forrest Gregg was the head coach. And then they went to the Super Bowl. Yeah. Paulie? He also coached a little bit. Cfl the Toronto Argonauts head coach of the Cleveland Browns for couple of years in the seventies. Bengals eighty two eighty three. Green Bay Packers eighty four to eighty seven coach a little bit college SMU eighty. Nine ninety. He was not too many off its alignment if famous even as a kid, I remember his name who is very famous. He seemed well you had Jerry Kramer who was famous because he wrote the what instant replay with dick Schaap and Jerry Kramer, finally got into the hall of fame. But I remember the Cleveland Browns. And I remember the Green Bay Packers offensive lineman. But I grew up as a Browns fan before I moved to Cincinnati. So I just remember gene Hickerson like Jim Wooten. I think was another one on on there. But with the Green Bay Packers because they were all about those pulling guards and Vince Lombardi, and you know, they're running game. I just remember, you know, with those great players Forrest, Gregg, though, it might like Forrest Craig looked like he'd be Forrest Gregg, and he's a big guy tough guy. No nonsense guy. Yeah. Mclovin. Yeah. I I remember though, he did not go out. Well, as a coach he got a lot of trouble. But that's that's why if you're a former great player being coached, not always seemed fun to me. He got killed. Yeah. You did. I got a couple of prerecorded Jim Nance impressions? We're not sure of gyms going to be able to join us because of his schedule. But here is Derek in Portland with his Jim Nance impersonation. Does they love magnolia KOMO son that company on? Alaska Sally as. Soko bed. Jordan Spieth LT. Copco? Ian, don't they look on that? Buckler? Today hogan. They don't. Oughta. Smith's that has? Wow. Hello friends. That's Derek Portland killed it did Butler. That is the leader in the clubhouse right now. Eric, yes. Poll chick at the Verde, which means Greenjackets Checketts Verde. Can we put it that one? Again. There's a lot of gyms in there. All right. Go ahead. Mario this is Derek in Portland for from four. Does they love magnolia Komodo son that campaign on? I lots that suddenly as kency Plum. Jordan Spieth LT. A cup. Ian, don't they Logan that my Cup on your Butler? Club on Butler. On him. Man, those Smith Reuss. I'm he goes. What I don't know what he says after LT, Greg. Oh, it was kept co said Kakuma, I think it was Brooks KEPCO Jeffco. Okay. So a murder she wrote and Spanish city. Oh that would've been great. If he. Yeah. Tonight, only on CBS. That's great. That was really well done. Well done Derek. We'll have more coming up in the final hour, Reggie Ella. Wishes. Miller. Judy knew the third will join us on the program as well. Peter Straker is in the man cave as we speak, Mr. NFL network right there. He's the star of the NFL network. He's they're insider and got a few things talked to him about. Derek carr. A franchise quarterback is the raiders franchise quarterback this whole quarterback carousel right now. Lot of smokescreens there. We'll talk to Pete about what he thinks is going to happen here in could Russell Wilson junior. The third be traded. Where's he going to end up? He gave an April fifteen deadline. What does that mean? That'll be coming up here. Final hour. Dan, Patrick show. Baseball season is arrived. With the start of baseball season podcast one sports net has all your bases covered with the Dan Patrick show. You can't even spell strike the rich Eisen show. But it doesn't matter. If can get it moving if nobody's getting on base and baseball and chill. Mike trout will be paid close to half a billion dollars that is more money than you would ever know what to do it. Don't miss, Dan. Patrick rich Eisen or baseball in chill. All summer long on podcast one sports Ned. I'm Rita Foley with an AP news minute. What do you think should Julian Assange be extradited to the US from London? Assange founded WikiLeaks, which published secret military documents and stolen Democratic Party emails during the two thousand sixteen election, though, at the moment, he's only charged with plotting the hack into military, computer networks, Senator Mark Warner of Virginia says they help you pack into took packed information from the Washington released in a way to our campaigns twenty sixteen right. I don't think that's that's not right to legal. I hope Mr Assange positive fellow democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut. You should be extradited to face Justice here. There are serious charges involving his role. Russian meddling in election. Republican Senator John Kennedy Louisiana agrees. And I'm I'm pushed assume Russia Senator John Kennedy. I'm Rita Foley.

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