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This is the final on the final lap. Once again here in the offseason. Good to have you with us. Navy siegel victory lane podcast. Welcome back the program. Always good to be on with so of course. Of course you've probably noticed that. There's no toby because you know we're recording at a different time than the other podcast. The rest of the podcasts. So he's you know he's getting too big for for this show. I guess big time and he had this Brand spanking new website. He sponsoring i racing events. And all of a sudden yeah. I don't know what i've created. Here i i i don't get it. You created a monster. I created a nascar media monster. He started from nothing. He was nothing when i when he started. And how he's he's got can't forget your ruth. I guess i guess. Sometimes he's humble. But i don't know has egos is getting up there so how you been man. I mean it's the off season we continue on here on the final lap and You know it's it's great to have you on the show. Yeah i good just trying to survive without my weekly dose of nascar per usual just like everybody else but thanks to you guys. Get me through the off season. I know you guys show doesn't stop as the off season rolls on and i kinda stole that monica from you guys as well victory lane still rolling along trying to crank out episodes every week and there's still some news breaking every now and then so season is somehow still in full effect so we don't know the full lineup for truck trinity and cup. Arca schedule is announced this week too. So yeah there's always something going on in the nascar world even when it's a little bit slower good to hear your continuing on because it just helps the fans. When we're we're all continuing to do this and i think it helps our sanity because he like you mentioned. We don't have our weekly dose of of racing so this is how we cope with it and hopefully it comes across to the fans as well so Glad to see you're continuing so Last week there was a ton of news. This week it's kind of tapering off. And i think as we get toward the holidays it's going to be You know best of shows top ten lists for us anyway. Yeah i worked all card. I'll i'll carry the load on people. We got david ragan. Who's on the show. This past week gracie trotter first female to become an arca menard series winner. She's on next week. So you guys can stick to the content when it comes to reviews team. Reviews driver reviews all that good stuff. I'll take care of the interviewing for this portion of the offseason. How does that sound. That sounds good. I mean i don't have a problem with that. how how is the reception. Been in the off season usually when you request a driver or nascar a notable in the off season. You don't get anything back the pr people ignore you They don't want anything to do with nascar. They just wanna chill. So you're getting Getting some interviews then actually kind of adopted a different format. I'm not really going after national series drivers yet. I was more so focusing on arc level drivers as well as some. I guess you could say retired drivers. Because i went to go try to find. David reagan's contact. I went to his website and sent in contact form. I thought i was going to get his publicist or a pr response. Something like that like thirty minutes later. Email shows that the my inbox from david ragan himself and goes. I can do the interview. I was like okay great. This is fun. Didn't have to go through. Any people jump through hoops so that was fun. But yeah i mean it's the off season. Everybody wants a little bit of a break. Which i understand but people gotta make content. People gotta the views of those. Get those weapons so we gotta do what we do. Absolutely one of the big stories idol last week and now this week is. Aj almond dinger. he kind of hinted that he's going to be back at colleague racing now this week. It's going to be full time. I mean that's that's huge for him. Anyway it is. Yeah especially when you look at Bicker an analytics guy. I'm i'm kind of in the middle. But i do like the look at what energetics really tell you. And david smith of motorsport analytics. He says that peak age for a driver is thirty. Nine years old and aj almond dinger at the time of this recording is scheduled to turn thirty nine in about a couple of weeks so if you read into that law you can say that. Aj almoner is about to enter the prime of his career with argue. Believe one of the best cars inexpensive series on a full-time basis. He already wanna raise last year and colleague racing whole monikers trophy houghton and now they got three full-time cars. That are going to be doing that. And then some because not call his teeth. Some cup series starts on road courses. Twenty twenty one so called gracie is one of those teams have been around and xfinity for a while and they've dabbled in a little bit. But i think he's going to be seeing a lot more of them in victory lane for next year and you're going to be hearing a lot more about him as twenty twenty two rows along in their potential to a full-time cup series team so dinger's a good spot right now especially if he wants to. Maybe get a road back to the cup series. I think he's a really good spot right now with chevrolet and i've heard the the thirty nine age before and so and it kind of makes sense need experience under the belt. They need years of going to the same track over and over again. Learning some tricks and tips and just experiences key. So what does that mean for chase elliott. I mean he's already champion. We've got fourteen more years until he gets his bra. That's what it means to be crazy to think about. But i i actually think about that a lot too because i you see now. In this era of nascar the drivers are becoming way way. Younger like joe. Lagana has been in the cup series for over a decade and. I don't even think he's thirty yet. So i think the average age of the peak nascar driver is probably gonna come down a little bit. I would defer to obviously david smith on that. But you know chase the twenty five. He's already cup champion. Joey lagana is not thirty. he's already cup. Champion bracket allows. He hasn't reached age thirty nine yet. He's already a cup champion. You also look at other things. And you see martin. Junior and kevin harvick when they on their championships. It was around forty years old close to that age thirty nine season so the statistics don't lie for sure but i think that as as we get more of a sample size that the models probably going to reflect that in the driver average will probably go down also because you've seen drivers retiring at an earlier age as well so it's all statistics but it always relative to the field that you have in place where i'm with david segal victory lane podcast and Kyle larson has been a huge story for more reasons than one this this this year. I guess you'd call it. But man he all he does win. I mean his dirt track prowess this year alone has been absolutely massive. And and i mean it's it's gotta have some momentum going into next year he's ripping it up on the west coast by you carey and i mean i'm i'm no dirt guy by any means but i can appreciate a hell of a race car driver and performance over a long period of time when i see one and that's exactly what larsen been showing this summer winter spring. I mean he has been absolutely tearing it up. And i think his rider hendrick was very warranted very well deserved but i think deserve actually thrown out a little bit too much because in nascar the fact of the matter is he had to bring money to the table. If you want to you know be competitive in the cup series for the most part but larsen actually for what we think and what we've heard is not really bringing any money. i mean. hendrick is putting him in the five car but they didn't announce any sponsorship. I think presumably because they don't really have any lined up at the moment which is understandable. But it's also good and i think an encouraging signs to see even though larson's talent is you know unworldly. It's good to see driver being rewarded for their talent and getting a top tier ride instead of pay to play driver. Like we've seen in the past and that's no knock on them. It's just what the model has been. And that's the realistic way of looking at free agent seem silly season in today's day and age of nascar. But when you see what's happening in formula one this weekend as well lewis. Hamilton's out because of covid george russell who mercedes Junior driver he races for williams on a full-time basis. He's in the mercedes pipeline. So they plug him in. He's not a pay. There's plenty of pay drivers in formula one and pay teams as well but george russell a young guy who has a lot of talent mercedes who obviously the biggest battle in the best they see that and they wanna put him in the best car in the world and see how we can do. So there are some encouraging signs across motorsports. And in this specific larson instance. With as well to see that you can be rewarded for talent and not just based on your pocketbook. I totally agree. I think it should be based on your talent. We see these drivers excuse me with the sponsorship in their back pocket and they get these rides and it's lackluster and it's just not putting the best product out on the race. Track for the fans. Back to kyle larson now. Hendrick motorsports traditionally doesn't like to see their driver's doing any extra curricular activities like dirt racing. I wonder how his contract looks in terms of being able to do that. Because i mean that is the guys passion. And i think i've read some things before and nothing's set in stone yet. Obviously but i think with twenty twenty one schedule being The majority one day shows. I think there's only a handful of races that are going to have practice and qualifying are going to be run over multiple days on a weekend. That is going to be conducive enough for larsen to run not as many races as he wants to during the nascar season. But a good amount i think. The main factor that hendrick motorsports in rick hundred specifically is a little wary. About is you know. He doesn't want dirt racing to take away from him going to the team meetings. Being team debrief smithson sponsor appearance. Things like that and when nascar weekend for three days long sometimes even four days in some respects when you factor in the national series being there as well that leaves three days to race on dirt and back takes the entire weekend but now that for the most part all the race weekends are going to be a show up on sunday race and go home. That does leave larson. A lot of wiggle room to raise for. You could say six days out of the week mostly weeks so i don't think he's going to be racing on dirt as much as he did this year that would be a little bit obscene that they can get a little tired of it. Frankly but i think you're gonna see entered. Sports become a little bit more relaxed with that policy. We've seen it a little bit in the past alex during the chili bowl so as chase elliott and bowman has his thirteen i believe as well And chases around the snowball derby as well so hendrick motorsports and that's our teams in general have become a little bit more lax with that. But that has been a a point of contention in the past. I think larson town though speaks for itself and then if something that you have to give up. Is that Florida looking for i. Guess if you have to give up that thing that you're holding onto of well. We can't sign this driver if he races on dirt too much. You're going to waive that for kyle larson. Because frankly he's probably worth it. All right we gotta take a break more with david segal coming up in a few minutes here on tesol w lap. Weekly all right. We are back with more from david. Segal victory lane podcast. We were talking about larson with toby. I mean he got he had to get his own segment and there before. But we're were talking about. Kyle larson Doing all that dirt. Praise dirt track racing. Now you got the twenty twenty nascar cup series champion. Chase elliott and. He's going to be doing some stuff here in the offseason to the asking to be really end to watch I i always say every year. Like i won't pay to watch a snowball derby or the chili bowl. Like i'll just follow it on twitter. Whatever i think this year maybe the year that i have to pull the trigger because one. I miss my racing to. I really want to actually see these. Races and events happen live in real time instead of just following them on social media and three the cup series champions compete in both of them. So there's a lot of stuff on packed with all of that. I think it's chase elliott's. I ever start in the dirt midget and the chili bowl. Maybe thought a midget. I'm just showing how. I don't know anything about their anyways. Fun to watch. Because there's a lot of unbelievable drivers in the skill set that you need to win the chili bowl and maneuver those cars on dirt insane. So i'm gonna be interested to see how the cup series champion can fair with that. I'm sure that his expectations are pretty realistic. And he just wants to go. There have a good time and maybe learn a thing or two but You know when when you factor in. Kyle larson being there. Christopher bell being There's gonna be a lot of nascar presence there as always and they're probably going to be running up front and the snowball derby this weekend to in pensacola notes. A little bit. Colder than usual and florida so that name actually is a little bit truthful this year but for florida people are get really cold when it's like sixty degrees. So i digress. There's gonna be a lot of good stuff going on this off season and start speaking with the snowball derby. I just have to pull the trigger. And and by those streaming services california at seventy degrees. We hit seventy and we've got to break out the parkas and and scarves and yeah. It's just too cold. I'm gonna say better. Get your winter coat. Yeah exactly exactly all right. so Keep in mind the fragile state of my emotions at this point when it when it comes to jimmy. Johnson excited that. He's going indycar racing. But do you ever see him strapping in to any stock car of any kind just for one offs here and there. I really do but i struggle cook to grapple with the fact that if he does it next year. It's not going to be with hendrick which is crazy to me. And it's not going to be in the forty card. Yeah but if it happens it would likely be with since he's contracted with them on the indy-car side and chevrolet of course and chevrolet ganassi hendrick obviously have a partnership. So that could happen. But it's just so crazy and like seem so foreign to me to see the seven time. Champ jimmy johnson racing not for hendrick not in the forty eight. It's kinda like when michael. Jordan went to my beloved wizards or when joe montana went to the chiefs or like brady now with the buccaneers. It's just weird. But i think we will see it. I'm not sure if we're gonna see next year. But i think at some point you're not gonna keep jimmy out of the sea and if he wants to race. I mean nobody's gonna stop them from doing that. And hopefully in twenty twenty two. We can see some more diversity on the schedule when it comes to road courses. Potentially some street courses added. I really hope that happens. And i bet that one of the first people in line knocking on chip ganassi door for even maybe rick hendrick's to maybe come back for a one off. You never know. it'll probably be jimmy johnson. So lucky for you kerry. I don't think you've seen the last of jimmy in the cup series but then again it's twenty twenty so can happen. Yeah all right. I'm glad to hear you say that it makes me feel a little better. Well thank you so much. You mentioned michael jordan. He happens to be coming into nas car. And i as far as i can tell he's going to be the richest owner in nascar. I don't think anybody even comes close. Maybe penske he's worth like two billion with a b. dollars that's gotta and the guy refuses to lose anything so i have to say he's gonna wanna win in that car with with bubba. I would say so. And and you know. Michael had a quote in the press. Release basically telling danny or maybe it was saying about michael. You know michael wouldn't have got into this if you didn't think that he was going to be able to win because he has mr competitor as we talk for the last dance and from his time in the nba. All those years right. I don't think it's going to happen overnight. I think michael probably realizes that But i do think that there are those for the long haul. Toyota's backing them with everything they got. It's michael jordan. So there's gonna be a lot of interest a lot of hype fodder financial backing with that. Then ham seems to have his stuff together and know how to and knows how to run a team. He's on the record saying that. This is what he really wants to do once he hangs up the full-time driving helmet and bubble walls with a lot to prove still behind the wheel and the best competitive situation that he's been in and his cup series career. I really think the momentum is shifting in a in a good position for this team not only for next year but for the next five to ten years because they need more teams. They need a bigger pipeline to the cup series. Michael jordan there at leaves the opportunity for expansion with that team. Whether it's a second car a third car even a fourth car down the road. I know i know we're talking into the future here but that is why they started this team. They didn't start this team to just because it was the cool thing to do. And it was in a fad because double was in the headlines because they really can see success happening for the long haul here and toyota sees that as well. So that's why they're pumping in a lot of money and resources to it too. So i don't know if they're gonna find victory lane next year i think that'd be a little bit Brash but i don't think it's crazy to think at all then. Twenty twenty. Two michael jordan dam could find themselves winners. You mentioned the future. You mentioned michael jordan and i kind of floated this idea. Probably five or six shows back. I got toby's take on this. I wanted to get your take on this. Michael jordan could outright by joe gibbs racing like you and i go out and buy a cup of starbucks. I wouldn't even feel it. I mean it'd be that in consequential to him he would not affect bank account whatsoever so. Da think that's the play here because it seems like he's getting in the sport he's going to try things out if it goes well. Hey here's here's some money. Joe gibbs go retire honestly don't and i'll tell you why because i you know as competitive as michael jordan is now that he's in the sport he's gonna wanna beat everybody into the ground. I don't think that he is passionate about. He's i don't think he's passionate enough about and team ownership specifically to go down that road. And maybe i'm wrong i i'd love to. I love the prove me wrong. That'd be awesome. But i i don't think that's the case. I think it's going to be more of a situation where right now. They're clearly satellite team of jj ab down the road they can counterpart of j. Gr and a little bit different than the furniture row situation because maybe they'll have multiple cars and they'll be around for the long haul and they'll have a lot of these resources and they'll be a little bit more trendy whatever. I don't see that happening. Because m j has a lot of different business interests. He already isn't owner of the charlotte hornets. That seems to be his main love at at this present moment twenty three x. I is obviously huge right. And it's going to be bigger but i don't see him buying joe gibbs racing. I think that's a bit of a pipedream. Just because joe gibbs wants to stay involved as long as he possibly can. He's got some family that he's willing to pass this team over to. Once he decides to give up the reigns and is probably pretty happy just building his own brand in the sport of nascar for how long he wants to. And you know. I don't think you're gonna see michael at the race. Track every single weekend especially during kobe. But when he's there it's obviously going to be a big deal. Joe gibbs is. They're pretty much every single weekend. He's been in the sport for decades upon decades But i think there are some comparisons to draw from both of them being there dual sport athletes in fame. You know best of what they do top five. You can argue for joe gibbs to the coach and the nfl. But i don't know if he's gonna buy j. g. r. I think that maybe a little bit crazy to say but again anything can happen because if you ask me six months ago when michael jordan be honor nascar next year i would have told you how so you never know all right. I think you just call me crazy. That's fine i. You are spot. That's why we love it all right. Final question Fans are kind of talking about this wondering bristol and dirt. How i mean. They're going to stick it to the pavement. And is it going to stay or is it going to slide down. The i don't get at all. Yeah i hate the idea. It is what it is and even though i hate it i'm excited to see how it plays out because i love dirt racing. I love stop cars on dirt. Even though they don't really put on the best show. But the reason i love it is because different and i love different things going on in nascar with the schedule with the venues with the cars so this is a change and i understand from everything that we've seen that the tv networks at fox specifically really were the ones pushing for this and some of the drivers are on board. Some of them aren't really the only gripe that i have with it like if you wanna do a dirt race that's great. You know. go to knock so the truck series is doing or go to l. door like the truck series has even if you wanna put dirt on a on a track that sm i or ifc owns like you can maybe convince me but bristol. I mean that is kind of the best track that you have that has concrete and asphalt on it and now you're just kind of putting dirt over and just your voluntarily giving up a bristol race to put dirt on it and look. I mentioned to see how it happens. I'm frankly excited to watch it. I hope i can be there in person but the prospect of looking at it on paper. I'm really not a fan. I hope that the race is great. And then i'm proven wrong as a lot of other people but i just think that this could have been done differently than again. I'm not making the decision. I don't have the money in my pocket. So who am i to say. Yeah it's almost like passing a wreck on the highway at this at this point. I'm kind of curious to see how it's going to go but in the grand scheme i don't know i don't know all right david segal. I appreciate the time here. In the off season we had a great chat. Awesome stuff and hope to have you on again in the future. Victory lane podcasts. Go check him out as well. And thanks again davey. Maybe toby can join us. Next time he doesn't big-time us again. Now forget him. Mike us at facebook dot com slash. The final lap like us introducing touch free payments from paypal a safeway for your customers to pay simply download the pay pal app and display your own unique. Qr code for your customers to scan whether you're a market seller tomatoes poodle pamper piano tuner bore plummer signing up to accept touch free payments for. Your business is easy touch free. Qr code payments no seller fees until two thousand twenty one not applicable to pay all your transactions other fees may apply shop safe with pay pow.

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