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Thank you for listening to this. Podcast one production. No available on spotify apple podcasts. Podcast one dot com in anywhere else. You podcasts rich Eisen show here come the rich. Eisen show at work. I play all day every day. You guys are live from the Rich Eisen show studio in Los Angeles earlier on this show. 'em QB's senior writer Albert career still to come San Francisco. Forty niners general manager. John Lynch Sunday night football analyst Chris Collins Worth Plus actor and comedian. Billy Gardell and now rich is welcome to this hour of the rich. Eisen Show live from Los Angeles California. We say hello to our friends on NBC. Ssn where you can catch us every single day from one to three eastern time coming up on this show in about twenty minutes time as a man who's got not one but two first round selections in the NFL draft which we are not one but two days away from actually going down John Lynch the general manager of the NFC champion San Francisco. Forty niners is first up Chris Collins worth who a lot of my friends at NBC. Know very well the voice of Sunday night. Football along with my buddy Al Michaels. He'll be joining us at the top of our final hour. And then billy Gardell Ika handsome photograph of Billy Gardell. He is one of our favorite guests. He is a die. Hard a diehard steelers fan again He was supposed to be on our show in studio in December and had to tap out which was very rare for him because he lost his voice screaming at the Browns steelers game that he was at last December. He'll be joining us to tell us what he thinks. The answers are should do on Thursday night in the draft. Although be sitting back and watching I guess a very rare night for them watching the dolphins use one of their first rounders. But we'll see what he thinks. The steelers need to do in this draft. That's coming up on the next couple of hours. Chris Brockman good to see you over there. Sir Buddy what's happening. We're good and my My Audio Executive Extraordinary Mike Del. Tufo to see you as well so one of things. We'll talk to John Lynch about interestingly enough Before I have a great big announcement involving the NFL draft thumb. That I'm going to be hosting on Thursday night On many digital and social media platforms near you so join things will ask a of John Lynch because he was in the mock draft conference call slash rehearsal Microsoft Room. Rehearsal that Microsoft team room rehearsal that he and the rest of the general managers and coaches of the NFL. Ron that went down at the end of this hour yesterday that it didn't take very long for it to leak fast. That things go very smoothly. There's Adam Schefter I mean you could see the time. It was right around twenty minutes from now yesterday that he heard from somebody in this mock draft that there was a technical glitch with Cincinnati's first pick brutal brutal so we'll ask John Lynch just how brutal it was. Everybody's doing their reporting on this right. Everybody's doing the reporting on this. We didn't clear this though with NBC. Sports News desk so in in advance. I I offer an apology. Richeisenshow exclusive. We got it. We have the sound of what was so brutal and confused everybody when in the mock draft the bengals made made this announcement for their first pick right. Please welcome the wickedly talented one and only does that is brutal. I mean totally brutal. I mean you're thinking here in Joe Borrow and somebody pronounces it Adele disease. Can you believe that happened? That sound bite his seven years old and our first hour. Okay in our first hour hour was Was On and argue to dot com slash richeisenshow stream from sports illustrated. He says the glitch was and this kind of makes sense that the NFL running this thing would throw everybody in the deep end of the pool. Right off the bat he said. The glitches were stemming from the fact that the mock draft had the cowboys sitting there at seventeenth overall pull off a draft trade with the Bengals to start the mock draft. So if you WANNA talk about having a very difficult draft trade to pull off seventeen up to one. I don't even I don't even know how many chess pieces need to move in. Just the normal way in which you would conduct a trade for a draft. Now everybody's in their own homes so I don't know if they had Jerry Jones basically call up and say you know annuities phone or or or make this trade and apparently it created an issue just a little bit right. That might have been part of it right there so that makes sense it. It's kind of like us if anybody's ever had a stress test or you know an MRI. It's kind of like injecting the Blue Dye and to find out where all the issues are and all the blockages. So you can repair it. It made it that tweet from Schefter from whoever did that made. It seem like the bengals had an issue. Just saying the words Joe Burrow into a phone or on on Zoom Room or whatever the hell they're on right that's what my thought would be like. How could they not even pull off saying Joe Boroughs first overall when whoever's playing Roger Goodell says I've just put in a load of laundry the bengals around the clock from my own basement and that's what made it sound like so that's kind of difficult and we'll figure out how it works out? John elway earlier today in a in a A an interview said Things kind of went well after it was all said and done and we'll see when John Lynch joins us here on the show and now we have taken we have taken We have taken prior to coming on the air on NBC. We have taken kind of a bet as to which phone yes. We'll lynch call in from because he has two goats set up right now trump to. Let's go the chargers has had a very nice But there's his setup Del Tufo you went. I in our draft center center phone Brockman. You went left phone. I'm going phone right. Okay and dom buoy who is the one who is keeping this whole operation together. Our EP back in his office he went cellphone. He's going off the board. I think we've got all the phones coverage. I'm speakerphone anywhere on an old. So that's our choice with With John Lynch later on and tourist dropping like a stone from everybody Albert breer said again. He has spoken to anybody who thinks and he says he knows people who know what's going on an office building doesn't think anybody. He hasn't spoken to anyone who thinks the dolphins will take to fifth overall. Which means it's the greatest smokescreen ever like. It's the Kaiser Soza of smokescreens and or the associated smokescreens four. Or He's GonNa drop and then it could drop in lap of Tom to Lesko and maybe to let's go thinks he's gotta protect whatever quarterback he has from. Toronto or second rounder or next year any passes on to and then to a drops nothing Albert set and again you can go to our youtube stream. Youtube dot com slash rich. Eisen show to see it live at noon every day and also to check on the video once it's done he says the Jaguars at nine. The conversation around the League right now is that the Jaguars are the front runners to tank for Trevor Lawrence. Next year that they made clear the trade for net trade Jahic and Goksoy on draft night. As you know he and Tony Khanna son of owner shod con went back and forth on twitter and laid bare the raw emotions between team and franchise tag pass. Rusher always a good idea to do that on twitter by the way by the way right before the draft so there you have it. He's thinking that they can be the ones that are going to clear the decks. Trevor Lawrence over the next forty eight hours and certainly on draft night trade out of nine if somebody wants to trade up to get a pass protector for say Tom Brady or say name a team. That needs protector. Drew Lock or say for Matt Ryan these guys trade up and then that team also trades in. Gakugei gets in Goch way in the draft trade for a one next year and you started massing for Trevor Lawrence and if that happens then the Jaguars should just go straight out and get a big fat head of Trevor Lawrence and put it in their swimming pool just to let everybody get just put the image that they have. They have a tank in their stadium. And they're putting Trevor Lawrence in it right now next level if they actually do this back and forth. We didn't talk about it yet. We didn't talk about it yesterday. I mean in Galway colds. Tony Kahn Mo tells him to stop hiding. I mean I've been pretty active on social media in isolation but you wouldn't know that since you on followed me again I mean it's just not it's it. Isn't it pretty quick? Basically said just trade me. I don't know what will happen. I don't know. Oh My Gosh. It just keeps going. Oh my these two guys. Well doesn't look like in God's plan for the Jaguars or this can get Trent Williams ugly and so many people think that he could get traded on draft night to the browns. So they don't have to choose offensive Lineman at ten or they could trade out or they can get Isaiah Simmons instead. Washington second overall on the clock. They're ready to take chase young. Somebody wants to pop up and get to which it looks like. Nobody does because he might drop forty eight hours from the draft. It's just getting really wild out there. And once the starts Chris Collins worth WHO's joining us at the top of our final hour. He's going to be on this channel that you can hear us on Sirius. Xm Channel to eleven in the pro football focus crew. We're going to be covering the draft that way at seven eastern time on Thursday night and then at seven thirty eastern time a half an hour before the ESPN SLASH NFL network coverage begins on linear television. As they say in the business I will be sitting with Dion Sanders in as zoom draft room for the draft. A thon live coverage it's GonNa be a charity. Centric draft centric chat room. Our first guest for the first half hour will be Kevin Hart. He slated to spend a half an hour with us and I've been told he wants to be part of Wednesday's rehearsal again. We're rehearsing you know that's what's going to happen. I don't know if we're GONNA have the cowboys. Try and pull off a draft trade with the bengals so we can make it that much more difficult for us but any rate dion me Kevin Hart to start it off. Then you ready to hear. Who's joining me after that? I've been giving green because you have been teasing this for over an hour. I haven't given the green light to mentioned this stuff all right so once. Kevin Hart joins us and we have a Chitchat. Then Robert Kraft. The owner of the new agents will join US then Archaic K. As he is known must depart he is going to get ready for the draft. Michael Strahan will join us. And apparently he's GonNa stick around so it'll be dion. Stray Kevin Hart then. I'm assuming from his home and not from a park in Tampa Florida. Wow your new. Tampa Bay buccaneer. Tb Twelve Tom. Brady is scheduled to Zuma. Hey now after which we're not done. I'm assuming they'll just stick around from from the Pacific Northwest Number three in your programme number one your heart certainly from the twelve's Russell Wilson will zoom in and that's your first half hour of draft on live. Wow which you can catch on. Nfl TWITTER NFL facebook twitch YouTube. Read it Y'all who sports apparently picking up the Stream. That's the first half hour how we're getting out of the gate. And then all first hour of the draft at eight eastern time when we come on the Eric apparently we clean out the zoom. So everybody else can go about their business. Dion and I will welcome in From your Super Bowl champion Travis. Kelsey will spend the first hour with us so watch maybe borrowed chase young and all the draft stuff. Go Down with Kelsey. Wow that's how Roland and then celebrities Galore in hall of Famers Galore influences. Galore go Thursday and Friday and Saturday. I'm excited about it. It's the way that the draft coverage is GonNa go from. Nfl draft at Thon live again on every social media platform the NFL is associated with. We will be live and again. It's also a virtual fundraiser. There are six charities that the NFL has identified that are on the frontlines fighting cove. Nineteen or providing relief to those that are being ravaged by this scourge. So we're going to blended altogether monitor the draft talk about life and provide you with whatever respite you might need from the real world as we attempt to do here every day on the rich. Eisen show eight four four zero four riches the number to dial. What's our poll question that we have over there? Christopher that we have unpacked that people can go vote on at richeisenshow. What you have over there. This has been up at richeisenshow for an hour. Now check it out based on the last dance. Got Me thinking cool. What other teams players would you like to see a multi part documentary about okay? The nineties cowboys. We know what happened in those personally. Can't we can't do all twenty years of the Patriots Dynasty but let's look at the last five basically from or on the Cincinnati until Tom leaving so that includes Jimmy Garoppolo driving clues all the Garoppolo stuff three and five years a lot of drama there just the shack? Kobe Lakers early two thousand? We know what went on there and the early two thousands tiger woods. Great question we could. We could and there's a lot there's a lot of players you know we we could. We could include the last few years of the warriors that Draymond Green Lettuce in on totally talking about the last dance saying that durant should've let everybody know that this was his last dance instead of letting everybody answer those questions all year long and even helped even going after Michael Jordan for not supporting pippin in his contractual dilemma. I didn't see that how many did not have that in my last dance. Bingo card didn't have that lots to talk about at eight. Four four two zero four rich number. Dial when we come back. John Lynch the general manager of the San Francisco Forty niners call in from phone John Collins from phone that Adele Disea- moment. I mean that was my house because he and this is John Travolta botching introducing Adina Menzel singing. Let it go. Which was the Oscar nominated song from frozen and that was just like for everybody out there. If you had say a five or six year old in your house. That's straight butter as Stewart. Would say so. They knew that on the broadcast. They kept her in their back pocket. The producers singing live let it go and the Oscars broadcast. They kept in their back pocket to the very end. 'cause they knew kids wanted to they were they knew families wanted us to but I mean East Coast. You're talking like ten thirty at night. You're talking like eleven o'clock at night in Pacific. Zan was my oldest now eleven. He was fighting to stay awake because he wanted to see her. And I wish I had video of him trying to comprehend who the hell adult izzy was. Please welcome the wickedly talented one and only you know does the while base. What's going on over there? You're awfully quiet Chris. I don't know when you do that. That normally means something's up you just want high register which means you're not great. I'm great I'm great. I'm sure you're just monitoring. What do you monitor all the things that are happening? What are you? What are you monitor screens? You need more screen anymore. Screens for more screens cattleman. John John Lynch said I really needle Lynch set up. A lot of people are curious to what Albert said last hour about him. Not Talking to anyone. Who has the dolphins taking to it? Five okay you know who must be going through some issues right now. Jj Jefferson our social media grandmaster. Who's sitting in for Adam are call screener? Who has a tool like hip problem? He didn't break apparently but he's he's at home so we need. We need we need. Tj Call Lynch. Now you know what I mean like answering phones actually want we call college out there. He can do me a favor. We can play some music. Would you please year? We'll be back in a second with John Lynch on the rich. Eisen show for back live on NBC Sirius Xm Channel to eleven and also our youtube stream YouTube dot com slash. Rich Eisen Show Chris Collins. Worth and billy gardell coming up in the final hour of our program Also later on this hour do have Straight from the man himself less needs home draft setup of the Los Angeles Rams. Because you know we can't get an no. We can't get enough of all the setups that people have taken photographs videos of right of their home. Draft Rooms I can't get enough of them. Gettleman started this well. The giants started. All Andy. Reid was who landed on. Plymouth. Rock GOTTA GO Andy. Reid sat up right so we saw John Lynch setup and I mean that setup impressive and again we had before we took a wager friendly wager. You say he's calling in right now from phone to in the middle. I said center phone and you said Left Phone Kris own left leaving phone right for me. John Lynch you could make one of the three of us very happy. Which phone are you calling in from right now? None of the above I I had to had to make a run to the grocery store. I'm in a parking lot about to get masked up and go in there and brave brave the okay all right so just a few minutes of your time on your cell phone here in parking lot of whatever Grocery store your I mean what a set John John. How many it looks like seven. It's seven screen three phone setup. That's what it looks like to me. Yeah there's a lot a lot of screen. There's a lot there and I think you know I. I don't know as a player. I think you learn You know you you prepare for every situation that might be thrown at you and so all I did. I mean shoot. We are in Silicon Valley so we extremely talented people in our it. Our Video Department and Basically what Colin I Did is we WANNA replicate what we do on draft? We know that's impossible so where we need to be simple we we. We'd rather do that than be Cluttered and Co complex and and so we kind of described that. And that's essentially how we're going to do it. We're going to have you know we're we're we involve a lot of people in our draft process. We like here from all our coaches are scouts. And they'll they'll kind of live in one thing. We're calling the huddle that's going to be one virtual thing going on there's GonNa be another room. Which is our draft room. Are John mcvay drafter in which we call it as if we're in our facility and they'll be that group of people and then Kyle and I Whenever the draft is getting crazy. And you've got people what are you. What are we going to do? What are we GONNA do? We always leave and go to my office which is adjacent to the draft room and so we've got jails office so that's kind of how we're living. That's what screens are for Other screens for notes for our internal system and so A lot of people I think white. What do you need all that for? That's that's why you need it Any you've got other teams needs and such so a lot of information being in and our our crew did a great job setting it up and I just hope it all works come. Thursday in terms of in terms of working Lots of conversation about the run through the rehearsal draft that went down on on Monday and the issues that that were had there. Can You Give me any details on on how that went from your perspective. What happened? Well I think it was? I think it was a lot of a lot of smoke level. Much Ado about nothing. I think there You know the best way I can say it over the weekend. We kinda did an internal mock and It was the Proverbial I won't say it on air but you know what show but You Know Jon Gruden. When I played for him he used to have a great San. Sometimes you gotta do the things you don't want to do so that you can do the things you want to do. And so you have to kind of go through that to see as much as you plant out in your mind until you actually go. Through the scenario there's issues unforeseen issues and so that's kind of what happened on the very first pick. I think you know everybody was hearing them. Cincinnati who had some technical difficulties? Jerry came on and I think the whole League artem and so there was that but then right after that it got very smooth and You know I think that's why we did it. They'll do more of them today with kind of the it people. But I think everyone understands that you you do kind of have to go through the process to understand okay. Here's here's an issue and I I think I really do think it will be as smooth as it can be Come Thursday okay in the Jerry referring to. I'm assuming you mean Jones. Because we heard from Albert breer in the first hour program from sports illustrated that there was mock cowboys. Bengals trade to throw everybody in the deep end of this rehearsal pool and so jerry was the one who is on the phone for everybody. I don't WanNa be sharing in house information but yeah you know. That's pretty cool. There's only there's few people in this league you just call by the first name. It's like Jerry. Everybody knows who you're talking about so I screwed that one up yet and always whether it's at league meetings wherever it is. I always get such a kick when he speaks up. Because it's always entertaining. Why so you look John. I mean I knew your Stanford Guy. You and be the guy that problem with the mute button. I knew that you because that's what we're here in to that. There was the general managers on the phone and that people didn't know in a mute. And what have you? But Not that. That is kind of part of the drafters. There's talks you have that you certainly don't want to have Other people Here in I think the you know the best thing they did. I think mask and six foot distancing and all that but you know all right all right T I I've got our head video guy's GonNa be about seven feet away from me during this whole process and If I if I get in a pinch He can handle it. There's a lot of failsafes if You know with our system if if my house were to crash number one. I've got a generator number two. Then it goes data Peterson. Adam Peters has been along with me all the Khaldun want any part of turning in kids. So he's out of the loop but You Know Adam Peters goes and then Ethan War College Scouting Director. So there's all those failsafes there's also you can pick up the phone and call it in and so I think they've kind of insulated. This thing with a ton of different ways they you know if if if everything goes awry that we can all function and and I I really I do have confidence that that It's going to go not without a hitch but I think it will go smoothly. So in terms of that though You know just last thing for you John on this subject Nothing insurmountable than from what you got from the the mock draft or the rehearsal draft for Thursday. It's it's stuff that can be fixed. I I do believe that I really do. And I think I think it's GonNa be entertaining. I really do. I know I made the you know on our media. Call yesterday Everyone is just craving for something live. the other night it wasn't even live but it was something new the last stance during this time. I don't watch much. Tv because anytime you watch TV you should be watching film or or making calls and talking with people but that last dance. I had to watch it. Michael Jordan's just been the guy for me and like so many people and I think there's a very similar feeling. I can't tell you how many people have reached out and said we are so looking forward to this and I think there'll be a fun element to see people You know in their own environment. I'm out hanging out where my In the guest house where my parents come and where they stay when they come where my father-in-law and just wanted more space. So I'm out there and I do think it's GonNa be fun and we'll make the best of it. This is serious business. This is you know this is how you build your teams but I think we also are mindful of the all the people out there that are really hurting and hopefully we can take their mind off. It gives them something else to focus on and give them something to laugh about and and And you know boo us if they want from home and all those things that with the draft. I'm into that John Lynch on into that And in terms of the draft nothing gets more exciting when Teams Move Up. Move Down. You have not one but two first round selections reports everywhere that you you would be willing to trade not one or both to to move Down around what? What is your what thought process that you can share with us. Forty eight hours before the draft about thirteen thirty first overall John. That's accurate you know. Last year we made. We had a couple of things and one of those you know. Our second round pick was We we sent that to the chiefs for D. Ford Our third and fourth round picks we got a fifth back from Denver but they You know those those. Those picks were Were Emmanuel Sanders. Now So we have a big gap between those two first round picks and And and where we're going in the fifth round and would we trade? That helped us get to the Super Bowl and have a real good chance to win it but there is a big gap there so I think you don't pass up a special difference making player and if that they're at thirteen stand pat but if not and we feel like there's a bunch of those guys still left then yeah. We're willing to get out of there to accrue some more picks but You know I think the same can be said at thirty one. So it's kind of fluid. I love you know the old Comic John. Used to say all the people at Fox. You know what happens when a game breaks out every you can do all the pre production you want. But then a game breaks out of draft breaks out and we'RE GONNA we'll be ready for all scenarios and and looking forward to it. Well I you know when you talk about game changing players I mentioned this to you. before in your previous appearance here on this show and then when we when we've chatted off off line that. Deebo Samuel is the guy that everybody is looking for now and in fact Daniel Jeremiah. At the combine came up with the phrase finding depot that everybody wants to find. Debo so you would know Just how deep this wide receiver pool is in this draft. How how deep is it compared to what you've seen before it incredibly deep it really is certainly in the? This'll be my fourth draft in this capacity It's as good as classes. I see now you. You probably don't have. But how often do you have a Randy Moss? Something like that but you do have Eric Decosta. I said well you find starter in the fifth round I. I really believe that to be true. You know you start watching a lot of positions. It runs dry really quick. I think we were twenty four players in and you're still really enjoying the quality and the other thing I said this at the combine. It's Kinda like stick your flavor to you. Want a big guys. There's those guys you WanNa Short Quick Guy they have that you wanNA burner. So there's a little bit of everything depending on what you need or what you tend to tend to like a franchise. It is very strong class at that wide receiver and that there is a ton of depth. There well I got a couple of questions for you. John Lynch that You know you can touch you can but I I know. These are touchy potential subject. Certainly two days before a draft to have you gotten any calls about thirty first overall from teams. You think looking for a fifth year of Control for quarterback. Have you gotten those calls? John Not specifically that you know we we You you you You know a lot of these guys who your friends and you talk to them throughout the process. I would say that yesterday is when you start kind of actually making calls. Hey you know just kind of wanted to let you know our situation so nothing has got specific in that specific scenario. No that hasn't happened But you know like. I said Oftentimes these things happen on the day of the draft. Unless you're talking about the first or second pick they they'll happen earlier. I'd just that that some of that stuff starts to happen here. Yeah I know because again. That's a that that's one of those sweet spot of real estate for two reasons. One if you're in a thirty to thirty second overall means you want to super bowl or you went to one and also You know we you know that was Right around the spot. Where Lamar Jackson was the last pick in the draft in the first round? And you know Teddy Bridgewater. It's well and you clearly have a quarterback your own which leads me to my other question here. My colleague Dion Sanders was so open at the combine about how Tom Brady. Winding up in San Francisco for Garoppolo would be a perfect spot and the niners never said a word. You stayed packed. Didn't do anything in did did you? And the rest of the forty niners think about making a public statement at any point on this very subject. John you know it's interesting because there were a couple of factors in that kyle and I had just made a statement at the combine State and how much we believed in Jimmy. Then these rumors come out and you know the truth of the matter when you're talking about and you gotta be careful up here because a lot of people up here. I think. The greatest player that ever lived is Joe Montana. So I'm careful. Always say when you're talking about one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time with Tom Brady Of course you're going to have some internal discussion and then you hear rumors that. Hey he you know he. He'd like to come home. That kind of thing So of course Carl and I have discussions You know but the cool thing rich that that we shared with Jimmy Is that you know we forced ourselves. We're always into get better And so you look at everything especially a situation like that but within a day or two Colin I looked at each other and said you know what we really like what we have in Jimmy. We love everything that he brings and we really believe. It's a long-term answer and so That's that's you know I would tell you where more convicted than ever about. Who are quarterback. Is Jimmy Garoppolo Really excited about Despite the you know the challenges of of of getting better without a traditional off-season that that he can do that The guys done nothing but when since he's been here a lot of people try to pick his game apart for whatever reason all I know. The Guy Wins. Football Games and He's a tremendous teammate. Very talented young man and I I think is best football. Still ahead of them. So where's committed to Jimmy has ever and We've had those discussions with him. That's what was important. We didn't believe you know if you start chasing every rumor out there And making a statement on it. Then you're doing that all the time and yet this was a bigger one important thing was. We had talked to Jimmy and and told them exactly what I told you. Yeah and you know. We had Emmanuel Sanders on when he was After he'd signed with the saints and I asked him about the the final. Pass the Super Bowl that you know was was intended for him and he had every opportunity to essentially He's veterans so you know veterans. Know how to say something without saying it. He could not have been more full-throated in who Jimmy is leader and who he is as future. You Know Stud quarterback and that he's already proven it I mean he couldn't have been more of about Garoppolo and he's not even on your team anymore. John Anybody who's been around and that's just a you know you get a lot of comments and and I often think of the best teammates I've ever played with not the best players but the best teammates. And you know Derrick Brooks is one that comes to mind Champ Bailey. They tend to be the better player to fit the bill. They're running but That's something that players when I'm talking to him all the time. I don't know if I've ever had better teammate. And you just talked about manual. Not throwing him. I mean the one thing. Kyle always tell you John as a quarterback You have such opportunity all the time ten times a game that throw someone out. He was supposed to be at eleven yards. He wasn't Jimmy never once since he's been here he's done that every time he puts it on himself. And that's what gives us a lot of confidence and and You know challenged him as we think there's places in and that's coming from Kyle places in his game where he can improve and the great thing is Jimmy embraces those and and we're going to try to get that that best out of them and and we think he's already been tremendous so You know I I would leave it with that whereas convicted as ever about About him being our quarterback leading this this organization into the future John. I appreciate the time where you sit in a in a parking lot getting set to go get your groceries. for your family I really appreciate it. I let you go one last thing about that. Shot of your office. I could not help but notice what appears to be an original Leroy Neiman of the catch on your wall is that an original Leroy Neiman of the catch on your wall. Yeah that's that's a great call We have a In a in an executive assistant to to Prague Murat and she came up one day and she said my parents were friends with Leroy Neiman. you know there's about? I don't I don't WanNA I. I forget what the number is. There's very few of them right. Leroy Neiman did it and she gave me one and The full disclosure. That hasn't been hanging in my guest house but when it came to draft but I my daughter came in today you need something the niners so I put. I put up the catch. Dwight was one of my favorite people. That obviously Such historic play in this organization. So I thought it was fitting to have it there and it's been cool to look over at that. That's kind of player. We're looking for my dad and And and Dwight Clark and Leroy Neiman. I mean like if the League right now that is I mean that all the technology in your in your in your spot right now. That could be the most valuable of them all on that. Well John that's thinking about me about me having an eye for art how about that no? That's pretty good. You know John. Thanks for the time man. Best to you and your family and You're you're one of my favorites really appreciate the call. We'll right back at you. Stay safe with your family and I mean that everybody out there. Thanks a lot rednecks again and good luck with the draft. Thanks for doing it. That's John Lynch John Lynch right here on the rich Eisen show. You is a deep draft you got to ones and a bunch of fives and sixes. You need to. I bet dug into trey one of them. I think that the thirty first is like if Jordan sitting there and somebody wants him. Go get him. Go get them that they are a for sale. Sign on thirty first overall. When you overall dude you don't I mean if you have rugs sitting out there maybe rugs judy or CD lamb that when you said that there could be a what these words star a study. I know you said that. They're starting in the fifth. But you can get one of those receivers for Jimmy G. With deebo take you up with I thirty one and then you don't pick again until one fifty six won't happen. Those things are getting traded. Their second and third round thirty first overall is going to go. That's a spot for somebody wants to trade in and the thing that makes it so valuable you get a fifth year of contractual control as opposed to two picks later. That's what makes the thirty first and thirty second overall pick soul valuable and if slides thirteen spot. Yeah you WANNA trade. I was about five. So you're saying thirty. I Dunno thirteen thirteen for two. Who wants them? That's the spot. Well here's a here's a little madden the cover athlete for Madden. And it's been announced and the reveal of less needs draft war room at home words. It ever thought I'd say a tease but everything's content. These days we come back. Oh I got Thomas Dmitrov. He just texted John. Look who is put on the screen man visited Matt. All this great and I'm trying to find how much we Roy Neiman Peyton Lot. Yeah I'm trying to find out I'm sending this to you. Oh my word I gotcha. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah I got I think Sylvester Stallone has the one from rocky I think Thomas Dementia off knows how he knows his audience. Thomas Dmitrov noses audience that simple. He knows who he's talking to. He's been doing this a long time with us. He even sent a copy to go along with the photographs. Don here comes. Oh Baby Oh man hang on a minute. I think I get up to handle. They can handle this regatta price. Okay I got one to one hundred seventy three thousand. That's sounds like in a ballpark hundred. Seventy three thousand dollars. That would be. Yeah that would. That's got to be the first right is for that is for his Las Vegas nine hundred sixty one. Some prices for other originals. Can You put? Did you put it in the catch? Just put him to catch Leroy Neiman. I did it's not it's not as you think. Mohammed Ali one hundred fifty five thousand for an original key Manto one thirty one hank. Aaron seventy-two Tyson for Spinks fifty-one Senate. Don It. That sounds like Thomas is full of it though he just he's pretty just put one up. There's like a jar of EMINEM's like he eats that that doesn't put no anything. That's not good for him and his piece. I am not eating. He sent he sent three but I gave it to because I think two of their mother. Same hold on. This might be better dawn of the other one. I'll send I'll send you all three and we be impressed rich. Yeah what do you think this is? Why don't we is guys like one of the most finely appointed individuals in the NFL? You know we give us a little. I sent it to the group. I can't get enough of these. No neither CAN I. I think everyone should have to do it. Seriously it makes cattlemen's Lucy twitter handle like lean to draft rooms atra after we're back in a second eight four four two zero four rich number to dial. Let's take some phone calls. Certainly the first one. It's like I'm I'm back home. My hometown of Staten Island New York veto in Staten Island is calling in what's up. How are you? Mr IS IN HAWAII. You do we go. Go ahead you go. Susan Wagner High Vino. I went my first three years new. You trick in Brooklyn Okay by Fox dens sold at not so we live with my grandmother. Okay and then we moved. I moved to Richmond Richmond my last year. That's where my dad. My Dad. May he rest in peace assistant principal and college adviser and French teacher for over twenty years with now? It's Mr Rice and Vida okay. I'm getting I'm here. What's on your mind. Vito what's it what do you got? Well I'm I'm curious. It's Weiner love football all the teams Do you think that Who's going to trade down more likely to joints for the check? Oh man it's going to be the giants even they'll get them never does. Apparently you never has it. Just sit there at eleven and get get the best player available and don't mess around dome around. I mean it eleven. They could get a game changing wide receiver. Or maybe if they if veto if they don't get a game changing wide receiver at eleven and trade out because all the linemen that they wanted her gone that would just. I couldn't even imagine like they gotta get someone to protect Sam Darnold or get somebody game changing for Donald to throw to that he can be hooked up with hip to hip for decade. Knock on wood. That's what they need to do. And the giants and thanks for the call veto appreciated by the way. Vito's pizza here in Los Angeles. California is as good as it gets how Vito has got some Staten Island routes in them. Not the veto. We just call the giants. Giants gotTa get someone to protect any judge. That's maybe Isaiah Simmons sitting there at four. I think they've got to get someone to protect Daniel Jones and if they could move down one spot and let Miami come and take somebody then all the better and get alo- a little bit. That's what I think about the New York sports teams of although excuse me sorry. Buffalo Bills Fans the New Jersey sports teams. Pardon me the only team that resides in New York state in the National Football League resides in western New York by the way buffy. I'd betrayed my at the very outset of working for. Nfl Network betrayed my New York City. I didn't betray our. I showed my New York City routes by calling it upstate. New York own. No no no no. I heard from bills fans real fast. Upstate is Albany. Upstate is like it's practically Vermont. Forget about it you know what I mean. Upstairs Finger Lampkin Albany Let's check it on. The poll question at Rich Eisen show. Is Our twitter handle? Let's check on that Before we Touch on a couple of news. Items over there Kris K. Following up on the last dance Who would you like to see a multiple part documentary series about ninety cowboys? The last five years of the Patriots Shack Koby Lakers to thousands tiger woods. You guys want to weigh in here. I'm going to say the Patriots will be number one because nobody can think that there'd ever be access on that okay. I will then go tiger number two. Because they think that there's going to be something salacious then I will go shack. Koby in the fourth autumn. Which one is anyhow boys Dallas cowboys nineties cowboys? How Ninety s okay. You guys are both wrong. Tiger Woods leads the way that would be early. Five Percent Shaq. Kobe Lakers twenty seven percents. Ninety cowboys twenty percent pats at the bottom eighteen percent and you're beginning to see the the last dance ripple you know the the first two episodes in that pond dropped the stone and now you're seeing the ripple effects of the conversation that sparks two items draymond green was on a show like zoom show or something like that and said that the conversation about the last dance that in in Durant's final year. He should have told everybody in the room. I'm not coming back. Do you think he should of told everyone who's business. I don't think he should have told a single soul his business. I know that they're all playing together and they're all trying to win together. But why should he tell anybody in that room his business that I have no intention of coming back? How would that have helped anything? Remember Dream Automated Worse. Remember dream on got suspended game because he went at durant. Yeah I mean that was a big issue here. I think it was here in Los Angeles Clippers in late. November of twenty two thousand eighteen big issue right and so- durant should say at that moment. Yeah you're right. I'm not coming back so I know that we have issues. Let me just remove the issue. I'm leaving and I trust everybody in this room to not say a word to anybody. Fatchett really that happened but that pales in comparison dream on saying that Jordan should have backed pippen's play on the contract front. That Jordan answering questions about pippen's contract was constantly go ask him Jordan by the way had his own contract issues getting paid by Jerry Reinsdorf. Who seems to be so far skatin- on everything because Jerry Krause is the one doing the work for REINSDORF and Tim. Floyd who was krause's handpicked successor to Phil. Jackson told a radio station in a local radio interview yesterday that Reinsdorf spoke to him the year before the last dance. Blessed answers that ninety seven ninety eight season after the ninety five. Ninety six season is when Jerry. Krause was already starting to talk to Tim Floyd about. Let's do this now like let's do this now. Let's break team up now. Because I think pippen has gone his last legs and we could split this thing up for spare parts to actually rebuild now with you. Because he didn't want to work with Phil Jackson Anymore. And Tim. Floyd says that Reinsdorf flew out to Seattle and they walked around downtown. Seattle together like they were in what you've got mail and and the whole Meg Ryan Tom. Hanks thing is. It's more fun. Either pardon sleepless right boy at botched that. Seattle's you and I thought you've got mail. That's one of your favorite movie. So there's strong around Seattle together according to Tim Floyd and Floyd Talent Reinsdorf. Why are you doing this? I'd let this team as he said. Diane Natural Death. Meaning let it play all the way out until everybody's done like why are you trying to stop it now? Which by the way in two thousand twenty? I'm still thinking the same thing in Tim. Flowing had the forethought and he reinsdorf according to Floyd said. Would you please tell this to Jerry? Krause for me. He's your employees bright. Jerry reinsdorf hired Jerry Krause correct. Crowds did not run the bulls correct. No I couldn't Reinsdorf tell Jerry Cross figure it out with Phil Jerry and figure it out with Michael Jerry and Scott and figure it out. What Scotty Jerry? And figure out how to pay all of them. Because I I know I'm telling you we're not renegotiating which probably put krause tough bind to house reinsdorf. Not The one. That's getting all this on him. He's he's all he's the one who got failed to come back for you so so so twenty one is telling. Michael Michael should have thrown it out there. How do we know that Michael didn't do this with REINSDORF BIND INSERT? He's not GonNa Jerry. Krause talked to him right. He's not giving him the time of day. Could you imagine Tim's doing an immediate like what's what's Jordan Jordan wants to get paid himself? He did the last two years wrecked finally finally Giorno him. Four million in ninety five ninety six so he should've gone in the media and said I'm coming back unless pippen gets paid. That's dream aunts. Point Magic Tim Floyd taking over the ninety six ninety seven team. That won seventy two game. A whole thing is just why why I guess the Beatles split up rhyming you know what I'm saying. Everything comes to an dude I again. Who's Yoko Ono you again? I guess dream honest putting himself from this era into that into that area. Is that hey we should be standing up for the? Did he stand up for CLAES CONTRACT STEPS CONTRACT? Maybe now that he's gotten paid. And how about this? You WanNa take this error and put it in the other Arab. Could you imagine if there was a member of Jerry Krause's staff who comes up with the data to show Michael that it would help him to sit out a few games because his management team was saying his load needed to be managed? Take that for data. Could you imagine what the response by Jordan to somebody? Hey Jerry Krause sent me just. That would be the end of the conversation. Jerry Krause San Media Tout show. Look if you sit out these six games you could be more effective in June because of all the wear and tear. You've had over the last several years of winnings all these championships. You playing less will help us win more. Could you imagine what Jordan's response to that would have been zero point zero bingo every so I ask everybody in the NBA? Right now. How come you're not responding to that data by saying I'm playing every game? Are you talking about load management? Mike had a broken ankle secretly went to north. Carolina took pickup games without the Bulls knowing. Exactly come on and speaking of You know Congratulations and look both ways congrats to the madden cover athlete. Lamar Jackson announce he's GonNa be on the cover of Madden Twenty one. You know what that's great news and everything in Lamar's having a great Great run. What's the name of the show? Mike del Tufo. Can you remind everybody with the name of the show is the rich? Eisen show and WHO's going to be inside Madden Twenty one. This is the rich Eisen show. What are you I can't disclose that didn't get the green light yet. I haven't I don't know I've come on. I mean you can't say a word about self promotion because you think I didn't notice what you've hung on the front of your desk right now. I rich by the way that your twitter and instagram handle. By the way I'm beautiful fought. It's perfectly cut like you have. I haven't caught my marks go. I mean I had a few minutes this morning. Solve a sudden we're on NBC and you guys are like hey follow me. Follow me if not me. 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