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What One Rapper Has to Do with Impeachment


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If you'll recall American rapper. A SAP rocky was jailed in Sweden. He didn't this summer after a street brawl. He faced assault charges inciting his own self defense president. Donald Trump got involved publicly demanding the rappers offers release even raising the issue with the Swedish Prime Minister in weirdly enough it brings us to the crucial July twenty. Sixth phone call between Sauna. Blinds closed this door testimony to the house impeachment. Investigators in today's public testimony in front of Television Cameras Song has significantly revised his testimony because now he confirms he remembers the infamous July twenty sixth phone call between he and president trump. That phone call is infamous. It is where they allegedly discussed investigation. That president trump wanted Ukraine to announce during Wednesday's public hearing House Democrats. That's council asks sunland about the discrepancy between his two testimonies Sawn Dylan explained what triggered my memory was someone's reference to Asep Rocky ocoee which I believe was the primary focus of the phone call. That was the phone call between he and president trump for what it's worth. Soland is not an avid note taker. which is something? Republicans have seized on to throw his overall testimony into question. That's one way memory works isn't it replied the House. Democrats Council but back to San Lind's recollection of the phone call. He said his conversation with President trump lasted only five minutes and he said it was primarily about a sap rocky who at the time the president it was trying to free from incarceration in Sweden which all brings us to the point. If you pay attention closely enough these impeachment hearings can deliver a few surprise. Cameos like apparently ace rocky and that is the point for November twentieth. Two Thousand Nineteen. 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