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Fan Favourites: Top 8 moments from Italian Open including Andy Murray's match point miracle shot, Nick Kyrgios throwing a chair and the closest Federer has been to beating Nadal in best-of-5 on a clay court.


Hello Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the passing shot a tennis podcast by fans. My Name's Joe Girling Kim McKenzie. And today we're going to be taking a trip down memory lane at the Italian open these. Take your seats thank you. Hello everybody happy while wherever you are on this glorious year revision we can came under your Eurovision Song contest fan you. I think you're even begin to it this year. Weren't you in in Rotterdam so? Have you been coping without the prospect of any sort of live dies than well getting Easter? Now Joel tennis being canceled Irvine being cancelled. Yeah I had tickets for the first time and it's law it was council but hopefully out next year and we had celebration on on the TV last night and had some Swedish food and some cocktails to kind of raise a bit of a glass to what what never happened. But but yeah I think I think you were watching us. Well Joe. You're right yes I was. I catch Lubbock came. I'm going to hold my hand up here. Johnny Logan he comes on the TV and have no idea who he is by turns out. He's he's pretty much the go of of the on contests Mariah a bit. Like the Federa of of your vision life. If you don't tennis you you at least know the name federal. Maybe Johnny Logan could could be a bit like that but yeah. I was quite surprised. You shouldn't you've never heard of him. He's one well three times twice as a singer songwriter. Say He is the kind of the winningest person in in your vision. I guess you could say but yeah maybe actually we can do a European podcast as well. But let's let's go to tennis because we're going to be looking at the Italian. Upn and top eight movements. The happened in rave the last few decades. And perhaps I should lead on this one job because I'm going start with a moment featuring the man himself rapper. One of surprise well yes and listeners. And said he'd rougher bear with us because we all see you're not the end of the alternative Casey's season I mean let's be honest because light Madrid. Rome is Dallas. Hi I think he's one like what nine titles zero something ludicrously say is as as hardly a surprise to kind of see him featured this list say yes came. More is was the first moment. We're WE'RE GONNA be reliving. Well I thought we have liquor two thousand five. Which was you know I play horses and really where he takes. The kind of took it by storm. He won the first time. Yeah his first of nine titles. I think back in five and so he came up against Korea. Who at the time I guess was probably the most to stop ish claycourter of over air or at least one of them very face competitor for sure but the final was another five-set Masters Final five-set thriller? It was over five hours long. Which if you think about now if they were doing that consistently Austin Final Monte Carlo Madrid. That would just be insane. I mean I actually am believe that they used to do this to be called with the but yeah it was. It was a real ding. Dong to one of the better word. Joe Six four three six six three full six and then rougher one at seven six on a law set tiebreak but think about this much. Rougher was a double breakdown and fifth say. Who's three lockdown Sakaria? Really could've gone on us up momentum going away and one but I think really is kind of weakest point throughout his whole career was was his mental strength and he kind of collapsed that combined with with. Rafa you know. Obviously he's attitude his diehard shoot. Never giving up. He was on like a sixteen match winning streak at this point and say obviously he. He had a lot of belief in his game. And but I think Korea would be very devastated after this loss at I think. Actually in his post-match she interceded say this was one of the hardest defeats of his career. I think it was interesting to is. I think Korea probably getting into this matching gains clay season. Yeah he's probably thinking. I'm beatable on clay call. There is no one else out there better than me and who comes along on the Dow eighteen year old teenage eh relatively unheard of and I think this match proved that even when Korea was playing his absolutely best tennis possible. That was someone else out there better than him and I think he was kind of disheartened by that and I think this much great show us. You said mentally he you know he wasn't as strong as some of his other competitors or I think when you're three love up Double in the fifth set us really should be closing that match out and he wasn't able to do that. I think that's one of the things we might associate with a player who you know as brilliant as he is in Korea kind of on the mental side of things. I don't think you could put him up there with the greats and I kind of look at this match. I look at the two thousand four French Open final as well where he Gaston Gaudio. In the final game was five sets but again crucially he was two sets up. He was six love. Six three up was unable to close out the the match. And you know he's probably one of these as you put in the category of greatest players never have one. Ud wonder if if he hit if he had won if he had won this final in in Rome beaten Dow that would have given him the confidence indicate and reinforce that belief that he was and he was at the time the best the best clay court player in the world. I think obviously that loss against scout and then going into this match against Rafeh just his. His mental side of things just wasn't subscription. A Rafeh had beaten him in the Monte Carlo. Final just a couple of weeks before this so again he knew he was up against and he kind of let it. Let it slip away to be honest with you and Yeah so I just thought you know. Obviously this was this was a great match and it was symbolic because again you have this is like the birth of of Raffarin. His kind of play. Call dominance in this. Totally kind of pulsing off of his. You know the best steak or two at the time we had people like Carlos Moya one Ferrara Cowdrey. Kara in a sort of all very good establish trae which just as soon as Raff kind of started working his magic. He'd I guess it kind of became almost impossible. Perhaps to argue against for being the best. Geico I'll always. I always think about the generation of Tedesse before you rats on dollar Roja Federal Brooklyn onto the scene and you d think about the the clay court players back then and you've got some really. Yeah it was a really great lineup. If you think about retrospectives he said yet moyer Ferrara. Tommy Robredo Avid Farrah. These I think these papers were actually. They were really good players back in the day and I think it was a shade. The Dow came on the scene and he wasn't able to have as many. I guess we'd like with these plays. We would take typically associated with being very physical from the back of the call. You strike is as you said it kind of I think we always kind of associate McDowell. Yeah we've Roger Federer and starting a new generation of new phase a new era of tennis. But we kind of forget about the amazing kind of players that were a of courier in that sort of forgotten. Forgotten men category particularly particularly on the cool yet. I came across a nice kind of comparison is phase of Korea's game. I can't remember exactly where but the person who dresen. They said the If you look at Korea's game it's kind of crossing. Nikolai Aberdeen. Goes kind of compact straight with Novak Djokovic movement if you could imagine like a fusion of as Platt of those deeply she kind of sense of what Korea was like for those people who some of employees to be fair myself included because he was slightly before my generation but in a way also going back to what you were just saying Joe as fat. I'm glad Rafferty didn't get embroiled in team. And if these logging matches if light these debt borders because I think that would have dragged draft down like that wanting disarmed elitist. I think he needed fetter. Raise his own ball and transit and just being a quarter and I think if federal hadn't been there and if Rafeh hadn't had say much ambition to move the clay he might have got stock in ness-like typical like Spanish or South American clay call frame. Yeah and I think that would have been such a shame. Obviously we would well. The course of tennis history would have been very different fats. Yes I'm moving onto our second moment. I'm actually going to bring you up to twenty thousand nineteen and talk about Joe Contest. Run to the final where she defeated two Grand Slam champions in the predecessor. Sloan Stevens and Venus Williams and yeah reach reach the final really kind of proving to to everyone really and of course British fans that she really had credentials on on clay cool of course ahead of the franchise from where she got to the semifinals and what was really interesting was the this was a surfaced that we did. We did not associate. We would not associate with with Jay Kant playing while on prior to that clay season. I think she had only had seven. Wins on the surface She zero from four Garros and it this part the season we were kind of like she might win a few matches but we weren't ready thinking of higher is kind of like a a title contender and I think kind of interestingly you know she. She did so some signs where she got to the final in Rabat in Morocco to Sakari in the buildup to to Ryan but really kind of when she got to the final are eyebrows raised. I agree I eat A. We've always though affairs not really being much thing on clay. So we weren't expecting that much on the clay-court especially as the star of law share. She hadn't had a particularly great season. I think she will struggling with that. Knee injury that still ongoing issue that she has to manage. If you look at places and launch of Rabat finalist Rome she just kind of took it up another another note. had that massive kind of wash on the Wednesday and kind of see says they were a lot of matches happen which we'll get on a bit more in detail aids so in the course of one day to be slaving. Stevens and Venus Williams. Which don't do very often basing to slam champions on the same day and then I didn't realize that she but until we kind of looked back into this but she played a market on Jason and the quarterfinals of which that was the very player that defeated in the Semis over Gary. Nunn you'd wish it was the other way round. Yes really frustrating tight much guys. That really we'll fell. Content should have won oversee that were set surround that they were playing on some ridiculously small core because of all the scheduling drama. You know it wasn't played as as it should be. I suppose you could say yeah so really frustrating that to have actually beaten hundred before that but yes she sheet. Burton's in the semi final against Bush cover so she was beating absolutely talk names because bursts into just Madrid bachelors was tipped a traitor to be a real hot contender for oil and gas and then she got kind of Sort of sickness. I saw the semi final and I saw her up against Spurs. I was sake she's had a good run show. You will come to an end. Yeah when she when she burdens me. I did that was the point on. I was starting to wonder as a British fan hang on ship French Open title contender and you know she. I think I've you know ranking improved to twenty six in the world's off the off to run in rhyme and it security receding the friendship and I think that really kind of of course I really helps our in terms of the jewelry and it just shows you think it was that kind of road the progression that contras made she is a real threat on I think all over surfaces. She's very good on across coach. Clay call on a hardcore and if me kind of the co it was almost kind of the piece missing piece of the Jigsaw and I think that's why you know she is such a good player is kind of around threat across the whole season and and the reason because the reason she is able to do that is because you know she's able to do surfaces and you know this this year in twenty nine hundred and she showed she could do on the clay-court. Oh yeah then. Obviously on the girls score you know quote. She should have reached slime quarters as well say very consistent across offenses on capable of of doing damage on who who. Yeah I completely agree with you and putting it into context as well like to even reach the final in. She was the first in a British woman to get that fall since like Virginia. Wade back in. Nineteen seventy one. So you really like making history as well for for British tennis and then oversee at the French. Open the first female to reach the semi sentence J. Jerry in eighty three say that very historic moments at she from law season. I did I just thinking about it. This is really really making me. Miss such like just thinking about this kind of. Oh will she wait and she basements of last year when we were following at all and bring him back with the memory? Say let's move on to talk about the the weather in very loss share which is kind of third point because we had the Wednesday that was all set to be kind of you know love lane. Federal was playing He was back in the tournament for the first time in like three as say. The tournament organizers were very very happy so happy and they eat out. Raised the ticket prices for the day. The federal was jets play which is a bit of a call and I think there we go so it's like what your version you would never get this. You would never get this if the UK but this. It was so funny. This happened to the fact that you know as you said. It was a complete washout. Auden complete washout of Wednesday they had had Roger Federer. Sign up Sotolongo like the first time in a few years. Add thick to the weather. Gold stated that much happen. Did they the Wednesday? I think it was sort of way of telling the organizes it was very immoral of you to raise the ticket prices just for federal because I think in the end the organizers to reform to everyone tickets for that day because no single bowl was hit and then they had this like jam packed schedule for the next day. Say whoever had a ticket for the first day was like just paying the same amount but getting so you watch more tennis beget just if you have a look at what happened on that day but tennis wise. Obviously we've already just disgust jake onto like beating Stevens on Venus on the same day but we also had. I thought interesting that we had ash policy losing secrecy identification straight-sets over the Ash. Broadly who then go on to Win Reuben. Garo so I thought that was quite interesting. I oversee rich went on to beat. Gaultier the Fed Cup final later that yes. Obviously she has a bit of a record against Bosa. We will say so. Well Theresa you know. The verdict girls finalist. She because Kina on Halla in three-set matches so she played six day so proposal possibly higher than when she paid coordinator in that funnel on the Friday to the ATP side of things. I love this. Rougher played two matches and lost just two yes the it remember it remember that he was definitely sir serving out the bakery that day because Yeah he was Alden of call like like in a flash wasn't he across They see matches? I mean Jeremy Shelley Ambassador really gotta absolutely handed to them six love six one six one six love. God to get you tell you that to get so close final woke compare that to the Daska Rafters got final opponent. Vasko had to upset he played dominate. Tabin Karen Hot Stove. But both victories got it. Went into it was through. Three-set victories so in Utah. I think he played about five hours day competitive Rafeh he was probably Donna. Dusted IN LESS THAN T. Perhaps but yeah. It was a great great victories over. Dusko again too much younger opponents and especially dominate team. We'll see very very competent clay-court but yeah. I thought that was a nice moment for Daska in that tournament because I was like same. Well I think he's. He's one of those players. I was kind of. I don't know re full classic But then also we did have federal as well say the fans who would come a long way to come back and see Roja in ribe. They did get to see him. He was Encore against four NECA and Zhao's are winning both matches but I think he got tied. He pulled out of his or the next day against surpass. Say when a memorable day of tennis to say the least and obviously there's a lot more batches that were played that day that provided entertainment as well that we go into if he wants to be here for hours on end. Don't you love it? I feel like the weather is like it can work at a Texas fads favor at it also could not work at a Ted this fans favor because I've had I remember. I've had as grandsons where the weather has meant. There's been an city bumper schedule and and as a tennis Fan Yona ground. Pass your APP. See Licking your lips at the prospect of seeing tennis from from dawn till dusk and Y- does cut up these moments and is very interesting to see you can how play can adapt for it and you just feel like is almost like something in the ad is more likely hits to kind of be upset because these situations where the players are going to be out inevitably going to be out of their comfort zone having to potentially pull double. Gt on on the same day. Exactly it's just one of those kind of situational things that crop up that you have to be prepared to with and that's when you want to be a player but it's very adaptable and has good mental agility to kind of deal with that and I don't say physically it's an after Cape as well for the increase Lodo. Nobody that day yeah. It's just one of those tennis found things as well as the weather. The weather goats Which is why. When Ref- everything is say much more at a thing betsy yeah? I've had many many a frustration day stuck at tennis with Nay Prospect of player can tell you that I love how robe so Italian. I put in rhymed organizers bad the players stay and be available on the Wednesday so they could try and get a match out so they wouldn't have to refund. Don't Jason I mean I know in the U. K. We have if it's like less than an hour's tennis you get like a partial refund fifty percent so were exactly their policy was if they just had clete one match like games played or something but I certainly wouldn't go but anyway and obviously girls lost year was say some affected by by weather as well. Listen to especially end but Yeah so that was lost year. That was that was Raymond. We'll be revisiting. I think last year's tournament again a bit later it did actually provide quite entertainment last year. But Joe perhaps we should gay by two thousand six in our next memory of Rame what we saw another classic yes that was between of course Rafael. Nadal and Roger Federer best of again it was the best of five-set final went to a final set tiebreak and I think the interesting thing here was the Federa actually had match points against Rafeh in a best of five-set match on clay. And you know it was probably in still is the closest federal has come to winning against Natalya. Klay call in a upset situation. That still has not happened unbelievably and this was probably kind of the closest he ever got to it. I think Nidal it was his thirteenth straight taught triumph. He had tied on record for sixty titles won a teenager. So you know it was really kind of the moment I think for people where this rivalry was kind of really kind of cemented and it was blossoming and we being treated to these. Absolutely kind of epic matches like matches of a grandson quality but being played out cross kind of toy level events and now really kind of seeing in in Rome. It was one of it was probably one of the best matches happened on the tool. I think five sets added to the drama the fact that Federer had match points as well definitely added to the drama of it. And I think it's interesting because you matchpoints being match point up and being kind of in in the big three Normally associate them with squandering. An losing but is is weak. Point isn't it of you know overall header isn't it? Yeah I think just in this match in particular you know. He had two match points. I think it was in the fifth act while he was six five. Op rough ahead. Give federal the T. Much points and then federal if Scotland both ways with an era but he was trying to play really attacking aggressive tennis. And I'm not sure obviously more errors as a result of that but it just definitely was the places that he would ever come on clay but at the same time I mean a raffle was on this ridiculous streak he was. I think at that point fifty. Three straight match wins on On clay was tying Gabay Viet villas records. So like he was I think probably getting into his head ready by that point. Yeah if you look at the statistics of kind of say the big three and the number of matches they've lost from having had matchpoints Jovovich is aimed at. She lost three matches in his whole career from being much points. Which I think is pretty remarkable. Ralph has AIDS but federal has lost twenty to say that is a massive amount compared to the federal implying longer but does that just show that yeah mentally. He is not quite as strong as the other. T. and if that's the case where does that feature in the kind of the argument if you're comparing all three of them? It's it's quite interesting. I think it's certainly something you have to consider I love this stage. The first match the federal At matchpoints and lost was against variation. Tim Henman in two thousand the apron absolutely lovely stuff. Yeah like He. He's lost to quite a few different players from being match point up. And do you think it got shows you? The he is human in some respects off the and again kind of this match against Nidal where you had to match points against a teenager. No doubt less with Lavar less experienced in fact that he was able to maybe Kinda of showed fans. Oh maybe maybe Roger. Federal isn't has got still kind of what what to do. Because you know he disdained associate him. Say a pair of his caliber really. We've kind of letting kind of key moment slip. And of course he's one he has won matches from you when when his opponents had had match point is certainly seems that you know if you kind of contextualize it to joke of it. She's he certainly kind of lacking in terms of getting over the finish line at the most pivotal moment he add. Obviously Wimbledon. Last year was the classic example of that was in dramatic vinyl but as you say they would probably be the statistics that show the reverse the federal retreat. Better on say you'd have to look across the board to make fair comparison of everything but say federal full went up in Fifth Sir in the Rain Fino. And all in the first two sets he he really should have won the second set to be on us as well. Because that one went to a tie-break but Federa- I think he was. He was always had a opportunities ready to to get that second set so it could have been a very different story. But I think that's the key things of Rafeh makes you just work incredibly hard especially To get like just anything so that by the time the much guys get more will now say yeah. This is a great match and it was. It was around the five hour. Mark say two thousand and five thousand six five were insane kind of drama and quality and I think was the next day that they eat. Stopped doing the five-set finals. I'm sure two thousand six was possibly the last year that they did that in the most series. But I'm not I'm not one hundred short certainly kind of getting to that point where I think they were like right. This very sustainable. It's only did provide us with excellent stuff to today. Revisit years down the line so joe. Let's moving ms move on to a very surprising. Even actually the I was looking back over the kind of the list of winners in Rayburn game site actually. In the in the loss of view decades Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova think the place with the most number of rain titles of recent years. And I think that was a period of possibly six or seven years where they kind of alternated and it was just empty. Players had disliked deadlock which makes saying actually Sharapova in her prime was really racking up a number of. I think the last couple of years of see she's been of see now retired but so sort of far from from that sort of forget how good she will. Once upon a twenty ten to twenty seven one name really stood out for me as having won Miss Order and and it was Maria. Jose Martinez Sanchez. Which I think a lot of people wouldn't necessarily be familiar with I think ourselves included but that year she beat Yelena Yankovitch in the final seven. Six seven five. Well definitely win the biggest title of her career. Do you remember about this Kim Joy to fight highlights of this batch of Ronald cheap and I was really really struggling and it is a player? I'm not familiar with and from what it sounds like. From reading a biography issue was more of a more of a doubles specialist than a singles player. And I think that's obviously what made it surprising that she she won the Sushi. One in men tab it sounded like the theme of her matches was death by dropshot. She was really kind of her already. Kind of game was based on almost kind of surprising. Her we've dropped shots. She was coming. She came to the net as as volume a property from doubles background. And I mean Yeah. It was just very surprising when as you said you need kind of look at the the owners board for the. Women's champions you see Serena Williams see Marisha paver somebody to whoever you know it's like say this. I got a double take. Yeah player. I'm not really that familiar with at the time. She was ranked twenty six. She's also having a bit of a renascent in singles. I think she's at one point. Been as high as nineteen in singles but obviously carved that movie double was named for Alpha Sudden used as in a volley scales coming into the net lot to deal of damage in this tournament. I think she was Yankovitch in the final but she should be Ivanovich in the semi so up against the higher ranked talk player is to to win this story too but yeah I just still well good good on had best moment of her career. I I think in double she has won the WPA finals say you want a big size in doubles as well. We'll see more successful Doubles but yeah. I thought good good on her and actually she retired early this year which we both completely missed so I guess he has a very belated shout out to O'hare she. She's a good time to retire. A space okay. That's be our next moment and another one for British fans looking at twenty sixteen specifically. It's Andy Murray's win against Novak Djokovic. His first title I think for many. Murray fans like myself twenty-six. Moore's probably and we'll be his best season and I just remember this match because it was so and this one because it was just so routine and think that was because like I know he the caliber of players paying. Maybe wasn't as as tough as it could have been but I think it was more to do with the the level of tennis the Murray was playing. And he beat Djokovic shoes number one seed in the final three and three and I think it just showed kind of Andy. Mario his roofless best. And the the point. Kinda sums up for me. It's one of the best matchpoints. Probably ever played is probably I would rank it higher than the the classic sort of against David van the Davis Cup final and it was This this the his shock jock. Which is that the net had? Ooh Court to play into and Murray somehow was able to kind of a double handed backhand down the line winner. If you haven't seen it you should look at it on youtube because it really is ever. It'd just be like a really grace and and the match and it just you. Murray was playing a level the anyone was able to. You know to play with at that point and even though he was kind of seated number two in. Jackovitch was world number one year. It wasn't long before he would become the world number one player and it really just kind of captivity captured. How good he was a during that season and yet it was just. I just remember watching on. Tv It was kind of. I was just like salivating. How the is was an. I wasn't bothered by the fact that it was kind of obeys free trade and you know it wasn't a nail biter. He hadn't gone to three sets it. It was just Murray being consistent and getting the job done in a in a really routine fashion which you know is a hard thing to when you go somewhat Dave at the other side of the coke. Yeah I think if it's your favorite player you don't really want unnecessary anguish. See when you're like following them you just want a nice comfortable victory yes I think you also Madrid's previous to this tournament could be Murray. I think in a three-set match so I think this is really nice. Revenge and oversee. Andy hit like worked on. You know what not what the Madrid final t to rectify that for this one and oversee. She say this was the season in which he won the Olympics. Again Wimbledon again ended the number one. This was his greatest. Season is amazing and just one of those moments on on that time nine over the course of the season. And I'm I was GONNA say I think we'll also kind of a kind of a tugging point for him. I think was the fact that Marasmus his cage. They had decided and denounced to part ways before before the Italian aprons. That would have raised questions on you know you can you can. Murray do on his I. I think he he. Jamie Delgado kind of was gonNA came in to fill in the mirrors my role in the in the instrument. Now I think this is just kind of kind of the perfect riposte to his critics adjourn the journalists kind of in the media asking you know what what's next. Rowdy Maureen he's not GonNa cage and he just shady as a player. He's got great kind of tactical Brian. He knows what to do and yeah it was just kind of the perfect perfect response to to people thinking what is what. What is his next step yet? I think we'll say if him and Marissa parting ways had already bats worked out or they were just going separate ways and often give you a boost free to surveys say that that Ca. That really helped for him during this this week. I think say this is around. The time of his first child was born so Positive stuff going on at home at. Yeah this guy. I've really kick started a fantastic season for Andy and it was. It was a great quality final. I she said I'm GonNa go and fish out by match point because I I I remember watching elements of this match but I remember the matchpoint. So I'M GONNA go and I'M GONNA go check out again I think. Okay let's get onto our next in. Which was the following year from Andy Murray's trove in 2017 again Novak Djokovic in the final Again he was he was defeated and he was defeated by Alexander's verve. Who CAPTURED HIS FIRST? Mice mosques decide to again in a in a routine fashion four and three against against each and this was a time where I was. It was nineteen years old. He became the youngest youngest mazdas tight list and in a he came. He showed us at that time he was the he was the next player to break through at that. Very very top level and I think the kind of the backdrop was of. This was the fact that the ATP kind of come up with this idea around the next gen and you know the inaugural nexgen finals. We're going to be at the end of the season and you'll talk. That was who is going to be the leader of the next Gen and for me I think for everyone. You know this match show you the at that time. Alex was going to be the leader of the next Gen. Yeah this win actually into tennis world. So he was certainly the youngest play in the first one that bunch to actually win a mass hysteria to actually. You know you still have it. Serve a bit now for the fact that hasn't done in in slams obviously aside for a Oh this year but actually forget that you know he did break three very very young and ap did with him all says a very young age and he's won the world finals as well say he's still run. An awful lot of the one of the craziest things is that he was the first player born in the nine hundred ninety s to win a master series. Things are born in nine hundred. Seven says a lot of payers between like nine thousand nine hundred ninety six that never went and managed to do what he did. A because of the dominance of the big three of the big four that they couldn't they couldn't break through even at Moss's levels. So you have a whole cohort players like Dimitrov for example Nishikori that that never managed to get three the unto clinch level title which is which is pretty sad but also a reflection of just the dominance of federal jock which Novak rougher and Murray say. I guess this is just representative of that really. Yes so it was kind of needed to have that level up and it feels like when all is said and done these days. Play is between nine thousand nine thousand nine hundred ninety six generation. Some people will be saying you know that that is going to be difficult generation because their achievements have been hidden by players. As he said the Federal Mari Djokovic Nadal and is very kind of showed us. The you know the kind of bookended that I think in terms of coming out and you know beating Jackovitch in that final economy shades shade. He's almost wipe the slate clean with those days by. I'm here and I I'm ready to kind of make that that Ready to kind of step up because you know the generation before me now have not and I look at the look at the next Gen finals. And Noah grew tournament was that year and Alex have qualified but didn't play for it because he he ended the season ranked in the in the top five but came on our listeners. Can you could you give you a little quiz? Can you tell me any of the players that did play in that? Very first next-gen finals in in two thousand seventeen. Oh Gosh Scott to aqueous EPS. Now was very obviously qualify. Didn't Medvedev was he would have would be not just scraped in at number eight. Oh Okay I want to say Casper route. But I think he's been more reason off of it but I think they they they're more recent day who he ensuring the Korean player because he yup Yup correct Alex Domino okay. I would've thought the minority now but he didn't make the cut sits pass so debate on there. What would you not? So CISA pass was an alternative amazingly at the time he was not tight enough to to make it automatically so no he did not eat. Did Not play. Okay Fair enough. Oh I'm struggling with this one. I tell Joe I'm going to be here all day. We had the top eight to qualify was re. Tatsitov a shop or itch. Jared Donald certain what to and then Chung and Medvedev and we had an Italian Wildcard Gianluigi. Quincy who have never heard of in my life and is probably. He's probably still on the challenges. Think you could probably say of most of those pays upon pretty wealth themselves since twenty seventeen. Perhaps the greatest of is is supposedly wasn't Turner. He was eighty-nine Ranked a kind of going into the at the end of two thousand seventeen season. But the fact that I think very kind of almost like the original leader of of the next year but I feel like certainly now I think Cisa Pass. I mean for me. I think six passes has taken that mantle. I mean some some might disagree with me or thinks this is still at the top but I think for me. Suspicious can come up and taken him. I would say method efforts. I've taken them both in taboo. Ooh of Taos top forty listeners. But yeah certainly some surprising. I mean names Jared Donaldson Name But I. He has not lived up to the next year. That's for sure. Let's let's move on to. Actually all lost moment does feature some next. Jenner's mentioned Casper read guy and he does feature in this moment though he's not the main protagonist that guy used to the infamous Australian carols and this happened last year. Still Very nice moment. But it did provide some August entertainment and debate thrown out of the tournament for hurling a chair on the court and storming out of his match against Casper Beirut in the second round so it was one owner in the third set. Think Carol's took umbrage something going on in the crowd and people moving. He had a go at the chair. Umpire doctor Dr. MMA game which carry US didn't like kicked water bottle and then picked up one of those like fold up chairs through across the call picked up his bag and whoop off all the credit. Where CREDIT'S J? He did still shake hands with his opponent and the umpire. What you make that Joe? I mean temper Tantrum on cool there. I call really think this is like I bet. I think I think this is the go today. Jr of touch ribs. Because I think actually this season. He's mellowed out a little bit. His efforts starting kind of charity. Initiatives and stuff like that but I generally think this is his Purple Patch for for like jobs on the tennis court this year. This kind of captured it. Really and the fact that he could Def- devoted a casper was really happy with it. He said he said it is. I like makes him change these days the ATP should do something? I'm not the only one who thinks he should be suspended for at least Hoffa as say it really sounded like the players had today for the carriers. Interestingly the federal came out in his defense and basically said he didn't think he should be he. He didn't think he should be suspended. For Freeing Chakra School. Say a sound like a divided opinion. You know I think obviously we know that the peak of doctors prize money and I think it was. I think there were more instant. Sitcom I think in Cincinnati thinking Queens as well but I think Fabio's think it was funny that anything and I think the Italian crowds I think they kind of lap this more than other sorts of crowds. I think if you have done this Wimbledon for example. I think it'd be more of a shock. Shocked crowd and almost kind of disgusting. I think in the context of Rome where it's quite boisterous nd vocal and I think they kind of I think they kind of feed on this sort of fade on this edgy curious gifts the positive yeah. I remember watching some folk Meinie latches there and the crowds just so into it. I think actually physic- being against folk mania that would have been obsolete carnage but I mean a y people would find amusing but I think I disagree with federal. Like Yesica. Didn't hurt chair but the intention of of pop searching something might be there and what happens if that chair had gone to hit someone. I do think I do think. They should've been oversee his prize. Money was was taken away from him. But obviously this was the first nail in the coffin. We had happened at Cincinnati later on that he did get a he did get a sort of Aban of sorts. Didn't say it didn't immediately this but this was re so so the seeds for for future events I also. This was around the time when he did that. A few and he was cooling names. Jakovich speaking out against them so obviously wasn't in a particularly happy place than perhaps I think this was when he called Rafeh Salty which has become a bit of a buzzword. I suppose straighten her out on his twitter and such like. I do think though he has. He has mellowed out a little boy camps since then I mean who knows what he's going to be like when when when he comes back onto the tour it feels like twenty twenty season. He has sought off dare. I say turned a ten Dave Renew Leaf but we we shall see we shall see. I hope to see but at the same time I would love to see. Some charing antics not enough chairs of throwing Kim on the ten school. Well maybe you should just get out some aggression job. Angel guarded in face frowned. Go Sell Ashley yes listen. Did we miss moments offer you? The italianate let us know can contact us of course on social media on facebook twitter and Instagram at passing shot pod. Or if you WANNA email the show as well you can decide passing shop at DOT com. If you are listening to us on Apple podcasts or spotify make sure you subscribe to click that subscribe button and if you are listening to us on apple and you are enjoying the shame h we leave us a rating and comment but we shall be back At some point in the future no doubt so. I'm going to leave you that came. You'RE GONNA find a words no Joe PAPP's bit of I dunno where Raleigh snus If you take new Johnny Logan is gone. Google ahead listened to his music that we guy go way down Mississippi Jolie. Laker hope you could join us. Joy a future episode further down the line. So we'll see see again shortly.

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