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The from ota week dot net. It's the motor week podcast. Your host wilson. Hello and welcome to mota week. My name is wilson. Thank you so much for listening to the only mode. Gp show on the internet. That's talking to a moto to team owner this week. I told you there was something big gun all right so i plan to do the awards. Show this episode. But then a couple of things happened. The news about marc marquez. Leaving the hospital popped up a grassy me announce that they'll officially be an independent team in twenty twenty two leading to a lotta questions and speculation. But most importantly after weeks of us discussing joe roberts and his decision to stick with motoo. Next year i just happened to have a conversation with the owner and team principal of the american motor racing team. Who also happens to be. Joe roberts manager and asked if he would come on the show and talk about both and he was gracious enough to say yes so we'll pushy wards show back one week not just to talk about the latest motor. Gp news and of course your opinions on a but to talk to american racing moto two team boss e tom bull not only the talk about the motoo two team in about joe robertson is decision but also the talk about some really cool stuff. That american racing is doing behind the scenes that we don't get to see on a daily basis that will help ensure that there are us riders on the grid. Not just a motive to but eventually motor g. p. for years to come so big episode a lot to go over. Let's get down to it before. We hit the rundown though. I do want to invite you over to the website at mojo dot net. You can find all of the latest episodes there. You can follow along on twitter at a week and on instagram at moto week. Usa and most importantly leave those comments a lot of great comments this week on facebook at facebook dot com slash week dot net and then over on the right at sub- at our slash most. And if you want to support the show no obligation but that would be awesome. You can do that on patriot. Patriotic dot com slash moto week. Thank you to robert. He is the latest member over there. Patriot if you want to join them just head over to the site you can also find out how some of everything that comes in ends up going to a charity that i work with all the details. Are there all right. So let's get down to business the rundown just about everything. We're going to talk about on the show. This episode. We're going to start with martin marquez. Finally being released from the hospital ten days he was in the hospital for ten days before he finally got out. He still undergoing treatment though. What does that mean for his prospects to start the twenty twenty one season. They'll move undergrad. Who announced that. They will officially be an independent team. Starting in twenty twenty two. But are they going to be an independent team for apprecia- or they're going to be working with someone else will try and figure out what's going to happen. There look marini. Unveils his twenty motogp. Gp bike and it looks very very familiar and then hey lorenzo somehow winds up very strange tax evasion story. We're not gonna dig into that too deeply but we will discuss it a little bit then after that. We're going to take a couple of minutes and talk to tom book bowl who's not only the owner but the team principal for american racing's moto two team. He's joe roberts manager. And yes i will be asking him about joe's decision to stay in moto two for twenty twenty one as opposed to taking the appropriate gig. We'll also talk about the team's prospects for twenty twenty one with cameron bobi coming in and marcos ramirez returning. We got a couple of other cool. Things that we're gonna discuss is well after that. Then we'll move onto your comments. Not only about joe roberts man marc marquez for that matter But a couple of interesting questions whether dorner pace championship at the end of the season The satellite situation for twenty twenty two and beyond. We've got some pictures and video. We're going to go over and then we will talk a little bit about the motor week. Awards i'll tell you what the new plan is since we moved it from this week. Show all right. So let's dive in with the moto. Gp news and of course the big story once again. This week marc marquez. Last week it was the surgery and the doubt as to whether he was going to be able to start the twenty twenty one season we talked about a couple of options if he has to sit out for an extended period of time who might replace him one at that. Same point h. r. c. Had mentioned that there was an infection discovered in mark's arm which is what was preventing it from healing and that he had to stay in the hospital for a few days to get antibiotics truman. Well that's day turned out to be a relatively lengthy one repsol. Honda announced monday. That mark had been released from the hospital. He underwent ten days both recovery for his third arm surgery as well as an intravenous course of antibiotics to stave off the infection that led to that third surgery in the first place or would it be the third place. No i think it's the first but you know when honda said that he was gonna do the antibiotic treatment. I didn't realize that they were expecting him to be in the hospital for ten full days. I think they may not have been leading on to just how serious the situation was. Because under normal circumstances he would've been able to go home and maybe a day or two. After having the type of surgery he had and in general doctors tried to get patients out of the hospital as quickly as possible in one of the main reasons for that is because they don't want to increase the risk of infection so the fact that he had to stay there that long i think it was a really big deal and post-surgery infections are no joking matter and you know hospital. Stay that long. Definitely backs up that idea. That's an unusually long time. And he's still on top of all of that. He's still going to continue his antibiotic treatment post hospital now. The positive thing here is that they did send him home. And let's hope that everything progresses mark very quickly does the fact that he stayed in hospital that long really affect his chances for a speedy return. I don't know i mean. It seems like the recovery process one way or the other is not going to be short but we can all hope that he'll be able to be back on the bike again sooner rather than later so until we hear something official from hr see or from repsol honda about the situation. I still think we have to assume that it is going to be a while. Now like i mentioned last week they do have the luxury of time right now in their hands. They've got the rest of december all of january and the first part of february before they're back is really against the wall and they've got to make a decision on a time frame and whether they're going to bring another rider in or not so. There is a lot of time to assess whether mark is going to be able to come back early in the season at the beginning of the season or maybe later on in the season. But i'm just not holding my breath right now that he's going to be at that first test of the year and then ready for qatar at the beginning of the twenty twenty one season or whenever the twenty twenty one season ends up beginning so off to keep an eye on mark. But let's move on now to grisanti. Who confirmed that they will become an independent team. Starting in two thousand twenty two now more brought this up on facebook and dj overarm read it and morton wondered what means for seaney. So let's talk about it. All of this is kind of coming up right now because it is in the process of renegotiating their contracts with all of the teams and manufacturers in fact just today before i sat down to record it was announced that. Ktm has re up their contract with warner which means that ktm's are guaranteed to be on the grid all the way to twenty twenty six and that's fantastic news because obviously you can always count on the big three honda yamaha and do khadi and now suzuki that they've won a championship. But it's great to see the. Ktm has done enough work in the past year and a half that they've had the success that's encouraged them to sign on the dotted line for an extended period of time after this now would assume that appropriate is next up in that department as well but let's talk about the any part of the announcement and this is really not a completely unexpected thing because there have been rumors for the past year or so. That really was looking at taking their factory effort entirely in house. It was simply a matter of when they were going to do it. And for those who are completely familiar with the situation. I'll explain Winter brilliant decided to jump in the motor. Gp in two thousand fifteen. They didn't do it like ktm. And suzuki which were all in house. Factory efforts the bike the team. Everything was run by the manufacturer instead. What they did. Is they partnered with an existing team with chris keeney who had previously been honda satellite team and they contract a democracy need to run the front facing part of the organization so apparently handles all of the development and they build the bikes and they hired the top management while gril seaney takes care of day to day operations with the riders in the team at the track and relationship certainly made it easier on brilliant in terms of fast their way onto the grid but obviously it also in a way has held a probably a back a bit and i'm not sure whether that was due to more red tape dealing with two organizations or the fact that it probably just wasn't as focused on the program because all of the responsibility all of the weight wasn't on their shoulders. They were sharing it with somebody else. And because of that. Maybe you don't take it as seriously but for whatever reason whichever one it was. They certainly didn't move as quickly as sukey. Ktm in terms of development or success in those other manufacturers did handle everything in house so in the end i think it's absolutely the best decision by apprecia- amd parent company piaggio for that matter to take on the entire task internally because it's going to force them to step up to the challenge and take more responsibility for the success or the failure of the program and while it will cost them more money and it could mean that they take a slight step back overall it lawsuit potentially pay bigger dividends and that means better racing for all of us to watch if they're more competitive in the end if they follow that path that ktm and sukey have taken before them and we end up with a full slate of manufacturers capable of getting on the podium and capable of winning races it just makes championship better so it's a good decision for appropriate. But let's go back to chrissy me where this all started. What does this mean for. Christine them saying that they are going to be an independent team. Starting in two thousand twenty two. That's a really good question. They signed a new contract with dorner. Remember dorner was renegotiating contracts. It guarantees them a slot on the grid for five more years as well so all the way through twenty twenty six and they said this was their exact quote. When they released this information they said quote we will continue as an independent team. Doing so with as much will and commitment. There's a lot of work to do. And many things to define and communicate obviously. Were already working on this huge project and we will reveal the details little by little stay tuned and of quote now while that confirms that they will still absolutely be an active participant in each round. What they've failed to specifically mention in that quote is whether exactly they will be racing for appropriate or if they be racing for someone else they just said stay tuned the details come out little by little now. The general consensus is that yes. They will indeed continue on as an appropriate satellite team but by not confirming that the doors at least a little bit open that they could go the different direction and go with zucchini instead assuming that everybody else kind of stays put you know. During his idea of one satellite team per manufacturer in the premier class that would suggest that their options Christine essentially boil down to sticking with or moving over to suzuki. And the reason that most people think that they are going to remain with apprecia- is because of the position that christine is in right now and their level of performance. And the position. That suzuki is right now. I mean they're in a much stronger position. Suzuki is to command attention from multiple teams. And there's going to be more than one organization that's interested in being their satellite team. Gril sienese potentially one of those but you've also got vr forty-six that we know is coming to the grid fulltime in two thousand twenty two bikes and they are going to be looking for someone and if they can wedge their way in yamaha then that means petronas would be the other option and when you're trying to decide if you're suzuki between petronas who's won races the are forty six and the marketing. Power of valentino rossi. Org rossini who's been lagging behind with wpro leah. Then the chances are that christine is going to have really not much of an option but to continue on with their current manufacturer unless obviously they develop a really good relationship with someone else. But that's not a terribly bad thing. Because if appropriate follows that same route as ktm and suzuki gets very serious about their development then ultimately is going to benefit christine and they'll end up with better bikes and less pressure. You know the opportunity to develop young riders instead of having that constant pressure to get this factory up to the level of all of the big teams but this entire situation could have played a role as one of the reasons that none of the motoo riders at approach the approach over the past. Couple of weeks. We're willing to commit to the factory ride in twenty twenty one because think of it this way if somebody had signed on for twenty twenty one maybe they even signed a two year contract thinking that they were going to be on a factory bike will they would be technically for next season but it will be super easy at that point for appropriate to relegate them to satellite duty. Twenty twenty two because their contract would still be valid. They would still be racing for graciani. But it's possible there that it probably could simply expand out to a factory team without that rider and then they would automatically find themselves on one of the lowest rungs of the motor. Gp ladder and maybe. It's possible that factored. Into the decision of guys like becky. Or fabio jamie tonio or joe roberts. Although we'll find out a little bit more about joe in a couple of minutes here. I'm of course right now. The moniker of lowest strong in the premier class does not belong to aprilia arguable But rather to eventually do qadi although that could change this year with the arrival of raining multitude champ and they abassiya mimi along with luca marini veiled his sky. Vr forty six colors for the motor. Gp grid this week. Soggy posted this one. Overarm read it. You'll delivery pretty much. Looks exactly like the organization's current motorbikes and confirms that both scion with you are going to sponsor the team in the premier class. There were rumors at one point last year. That sky wasn't really willing to kick in the money required to run at the highest level. But they're at least willing to do so for one bike for one season. We'll see what happens. When vr forty-six takes over the entire team and is responsible for picking up the tab for both bikes in two thousand twenty two that sponsorship could change but at least for now it will still be sky. Vr forty-six bike loss to be interesting to see how well the amini and luca marini can do if they can overcome. You know the situation. They're in with basically and underfunded team and not the best equipment but this is obviously also a big moment for valentine rossi not only is he semi-officially making his debut emoto gp as an owner. But he's finally getting the race against his half brother even though he should of course have a huge advantage equipment over his little brother but they are going to get the race together and that was really one valentino's major late career goals will put it that way. And i think that the fact that valentino is going to be able to race against luca marini makes it even more likely that the doctor is to retire to just simply run his team. Full time in two thousand twenty two now. Obviously that could change if he goes out there in the peronist bike and looks like franken morbidelli. Did this season so we'll have to wait and see. I think it's still kind of fifty fifty. But i think that it is a major step towards rossi considering what the next phase of his motor. Gp life is going to look like now that he is finally going to get to compete alongside of luca and then the last story on talk about here. The last motor gp new story before we get Utah abutbul from american. Moti racing is lorenzo story and this is a new direction for lorenzo style drama a solidly off track instance of lorenzo draw by the where as name has been linked apparently to some sort of financial person being investigated by spanish authorities for essentially helping rich people avoid taxes for lack of a better description now. Lorenzo denies knowing the person under investigation at all and he says all of his taxes have been above board who is technically a swiss citizen and he pays taxes in switzerland. The controversy arises because he still owns property in his home country of spain. Who of course went to make sure that they're getting their fair share. If lorenzo is indeed spending the majority of his time on spanish soil valentino. Rossi was involved in a similar type of dispute. This was long ago when he declared himself. A resident of london and italy wasn't too keen on that idea based on the fact that the doctor was still spending the majority of his time at his home into volume and by the way doesn't help. If you're somebody like valentine rossi to not just be ultra famous so everybody recognizes your round them like say in italy but also to live in a tiny town. That is super famous simply. Because you're from there. It makes it really really easy for people to know when you're around and how much you're around your property and if you're there more than you are in the place where you declare yourself a citizen. I'm not gonna comment on the lorenzo thing. I don't know you know whether he's involved or not. He says he's not i. I believe him. I mean honestly when it comes down to it. All rich people do something to avoid at least some of their taxes. Heck elon musk. The tesla guy just announced that he moved to texas like last week or something like that even though we know he pretty much spends all his time in california. Why did he do that. Well because texas has no personal income tax instance. He's rich enough to be able to afford a house in both places. Well then he can use that loophole to his advantage by buying a place in texas. And saying that's my fulltime residents right so a lot of times. Those ways of avoiding taxes are perfectly legal. Others though are a bit suspect now. Which category does lawrence fall into. I don't know but his financial people and his lawyers. If there are any good they made sure that whatever he was doing was being done in the correct way or a defensible way. Some i'm gonna leave it up to him and his people to spell it all out and i'll defer to them especially since lorenzo himself said he would actually sue any media outlet that suggested otherwise or suggests that he was implicated in this which all seems a bit extreme and not really in the spirit of free press. But whatever you do you. Or i'm not gonna complain about it. I'm all right so that's the motor. Gp news in a moment we're going to get to the comments but first we're gonna find out definitively from the person who knows best why joe roberts made the choice he did sticking emoto as opposed to going the motor g. p. We'll talk about the american racing moto two team and some really great development programs happening right here in the us to find that next rider that can step up to the challenge and be motogp star. We'll talk to american racing team boss on boot bull right after this and on this segment of the show. We're going to do something a little bit different. Because over the last couple of programs we've been talking a lot about american writers and about the american racing moto two team a with joe roberts facing his big decision disease. Stay motoo to gpa. And then of course the arrival of camera. Bobi a guy who we've talked about ever since he won his fifth moto america title. But we don't have to speculate anymore. Because we have the authority on the american racing moto two team and on joe roberts for that matter i tand bull the owner of the american motor racing team and team principal. Welcome to the show. Thanks for coming on with us. Thank you thinking me. How are you doing okay. And we're really excited to be talking to you about about joe about cameron bobi about marcos ramirez before we talked about the writers. I wanna talk about how you got involved emoto to because from what i understand. You didn't really mean to start a moto two team or the be the owner of a to bike team. You wanted to be involved in the sport and of all the series of all the divisions in the world championship to get into motor was by far the most competitive behind the scenes trying to get and keep a grid slot. How on earth did you end up in the situation in the first place I'm a big fan of this book for many many years. In the last. I think from two thousand fifteen was luck is gonna a sponsor with l. Honda i was there spending more time with the federal and then sometime in seventeen seventy and a summer that the bill young american do can sign up to the to the next year i approaching and his daughter to see you can help them in some way sponsor or support team and then walking manager. And that's it. We start on two thousand eighteen when he wrote for empty lot at the penalties manager and while we sign up for the two thousand eighteen and twenty four the differently trying to contract. We find out that the team has not you know financial difficulty and it was beginning to come and help them and then tried to you. Make sure that you'll going to have the right following your justice and the to the end of the eighteen and found out my job that i bought the owner with a nobody and the previous owner garnell lisa beer so i knew walkaway away and just jumping goal is to make sure that demons running joe heavy ride. So this is sometime. He's staring but you know it things up in more than you know we finally. That's okay. I got a d. money. Took care of me and my brother. We finished the season with our sources with no sponsorship. All and. that's not the way i'd become commander. Well it seems to be going okay because you already have one rider. Go directly into motor. Gp in euchre lackawanna. Another one that will talk about here. In a moment. With joe roberts who got an offer to go to motor gp and of course you know showed in the first season that the bike had speed. The team had potential. But then really. Joe pick things up this season. It was a breakthrough year for him. And what do you think was the main difference for joe between two thousand and nineteen two thousand twenty. Two riders is very common new rider. To would take some the better part of a year to really get used to the bike. Was it that process. That really got joe to where we saw him. This season or was it bringing in john hopkins to work with him was at luccio was at the switch to kayla from ktm or was it a combination of all those things. Plus you had a little bit more experience running the team at that point. I think it's a combination you know in terms of e care. You know. I was riding with these team. You know. sixteen people walking into the technical than you know between the gone guys. You need your head that we can find it. It's not just a team that was start from zero. We took over the previous successful years so they managed to do really good with care and even though we had difficulty on ninety indicate he managed to lose. And you know you got an offer to move through audio and then you know from this point. Jump with the gp window to nikki game. Obviously after nineteen that we saw that you know we have issue with gave game and then they decided to walk away from the championship. Besides they just you know if we say jump into and we spend so much money you know just do to be you know we. We need to win races and we need to do this step so you know switch to alex which is the most competitive the best package you can find the a degree right now obviously can game and joined the racing those stuff joel and mongols. That's was a big big big ed value to the team and what we can get. We changed the crew chief that most of the relationship the connection coochie the rider very crucial. The connection between them was very rude. It's not necessarily the good. You'd need to be superman or something spatial. You know the relationship between the most super good. I don't wanna kennedy for myself but you know we. We managed to sell this season in a job training a lot. During the winter. We seen in los angeles we can do. I can tell you. I didn't manage that. We do in a position and finish brought to finish the ten. Was you know perfectly result but it was a big surprise you know then we try to momentum obviously becoming break military thoughts i think for us and for joe. Everybody was when began. Best for this. But overall it's all the changes that we did between nineteen to twenty hard work from jo and the winter and loads of technical thing that we doing in the shop in france. Help the rider to get the best packages we because basically everybody riding the same bike then package colleagues. German theme need to find small changes of small stuff that you can do. The rider commission for everything. I think that must have been heartbreaking to sit on the poll not be able to make the podium but then joe comes back immediately after that and does land on the podium. What kind of feeling was that for you as a team owner going through this entire process that you never really expected to go through and next thing you know you're celebrating your first podium with joe the writer that you've really got into this because of it was great feeling. I wasn't personally on the boardman. I was back here because they didn't let me go. Get on the flight. These specific because i i was the only one that back and forth to the us. The stayed in europe hopkins. The new kate and pushing the was in there. But the general just you know after the really difficult year in two thousand nineteen to counter the first racing because we all this weird situation. The governor was in. We knew that all the lights on houses is the premium category. That they're gonna run this weekend and then be position and then even finish. Fourth was huge emotion for me because you can look at it like zero a year ago and then hope we manage to do the magic and he top and especially i think for the american fan you know we we can talk about a layer but you know to to create team american bring american rider and then managing one year to do some big big step from way wasn't nineteen wasn't big big emotion. Do joe got a lot of attention this year because of his performances that led the and that opportunity led to really a huge decision. It's one we've been talking about on the show for weeks now and we'll be talking about. I'm sure after this. How difficult was that decision. Do i go with one of the best bikes in the motor to paddock. Or do i make the jump to motor. Gp it's got to be an impossible decision you know. I've said before on the program. That if i were in joe shoes i have no clue which way i would go. How did he come to terms with that. How did they make that decision to go. The proposal last minute like one day rain we have you know managing joke and we have between us kind of rule that during the weekend. We don't talk about deals contract money anything but this is something that we have to discuss. The offer came. And you know we have to talk to joe and proposes. Doing it wasn't easy because for him for the weekend race. He was really strong when we sure that he can. He can do really good. It can result. Thank you know looking so. Brian eno because he just signed with the different team. A good thing that was on the move we were have to be some changes so it was good and then the game he really wants to win racist and the month of do and this is i think the main the main reason that he decided to stay he don't want to jump. I could do with the fact that we up neal was super good without the was mayor in very good generally looking on right there he stuff in a different way. He wants to win. He wants to move the mother you'd be somewhere in the middle was like you know all the way until sunday after the reds to get the decision and then finally the chemistry and i wanna stay. I want to try and make the best thing to to try to fight for the championship and the disappoint. But you know what the end of the day the right decision. What he wants a decision. Because it's very strict stein with good decision to three days and doing the race weekend but you know waco sunday you got his decision and that was the good thing for joe is that he's gonna be in a place where he's got a fantastic opportunity to not only get on the podium. He was already doing that but to finally get to the top step of the podium in moto two now of course that created an opportunity for you no matter what decision. Joe made one of our listeners. Steve just said a couple of days ago in our comments over red at that. Hey let's not forget in this whole thing about the potential impact. That camera bay could make this season. Fortunately you were able to sign him to the team. What are you and hopper really expecting from cameron in this return to world racing. I mean when he was on one. Twenty five's it was completely different time. It was completely different bike and a style of writing with his experience now on bigger bikes and his championship winning experience on those bigger bikes moto america. I would think that would translate quite well to motoo. And i know that you guys have already gotten him on the bike. I believe it was in says. How did how did things go there. And what are you expecting from him this season. It's really difficult to compare what they did. In two thousand nine. I god he was really young sixteen by himself in europe no language. They've tried to understand trump of consultation with the in. How do it wasn't like a pleasant experience for him for sure. I always gotten in. You know he's much more mature. We understand we waited team supporting. Whatever he needs in european is going to be easier over there obviously five time jumpy on you know how to win. He's a winner in very strong. Which is the most important is strong and competitive. He can up quickly. You know after you exit the came back on the with the coochy cooed. You gave him some few. You need to correct and do some stuff you went to. The senate did in like no stove you understand. You can add up quickly. Obviously the netherlands to hire the championship. You know but hopkins. And i believe that you can be going to take him rates and just do adopt you know to the weekend and the schedule and everything but you can be competitive now again. You know in terms of the results and depends on the trial. He's style you know. Condition weather condition and everything. But i think he can do very very be and is lucia going to work with him or is he going with joe over to lucho in to actually two different completely. Okay yeah the governor's joe even before jobs started joe at the door for it to go through different team to bring these guys to walk with him. And we brought the oxygen the war champion near but any legit run into walk with us. He gonna walk with cameron. We need to switch. Joe went over there and we took. It's like a slob. Okay that works out all right but the we over thirty game and you know the guy he did really good job with any. We can just smart guy many years. What he's doing relationship golden two days spent together between him and cameron was really good thinking going to be interesting year. Yeah and we would be remiss if we didn't mention marcos ramirez as well incredibly talented brighter with layup hard-racing. Sing and moto three. He's back for a second season and just like so many moto three riders making the transition. The moto two you can see in the results that it took him the better part of the year to really kind of get comfortable on the bike and things really started the move for him in the second half of the season that must have you feeling confident about both of your riders for twenty twenty one michael the difficulty in the beginning the different between multiple to huge in terms of engine. Break breaking lines body position. It came to raise it up and again you not think the is the break between the then google good for us but we saw in the end of the season the last few races strong. It can be competitive some stuff to work with and we believe next day going to be super good. He three that they can do. Really good occupied a good combination between marcos and camera on it's going to be very big interesting year for our listeners on the show from all around the world but everybody who listens here in the. Us is super interested in the success of this team because it represents us and it really goes beyond just having somebody to like joe on the bike or having somebody like camera bobi on the bike even though that's a major part of it but the philosophy behind this team putting american writers back on the podium opening doors to motor gp. It's something that's been missing here for a long time but it does go beyond just the moto two team and a lot of people really don't know about that so talk about some of the efforts that you're making to help other young riders. Get to the point where they can eventually become. One of the racing stars of tomorrow unfolded the championship. For many years. I think from eighty s and you know. Us american than was like the dog and dominated the last ten years about slow down. And i was always. What's the reason. I think when i came we joe to the championship and i was much more involved. I understood that is a big big problem to every american coming back to the world championship. Computers one of them. You have to go to more to almost no ride those today. That can jump automatically from superbike on america directly to you be impossible to so much to become the the enter. Category the most of the writers that one to one hundred and the biggest problem that is in your right in as a rookie. That coming from you want to join team in the championship. You need to come with a little money. Either your family or sponsor or something but these expensive extensive which. I didn't know so much about it. Before any on writing to gone with minimum two years about half a million euro and you know to move to europe and in the difficulties. I don't know if it's too many riders talented that can do it and the second innings the deliver. It doesn't matter. How much would you do in. Us when you come into these war championship very hard and very digital. So you know. When he started they must be okay. We need to make an american team uneven. Los angeles and i wanted to be american team and this finish and the reason is i want to create the plus blow that can bring american roger from us to write for me. You know one year to two years and then do this and tried to push them into but again. And then i still everything was going on in nineteen so okay. We need to do something different. Anyways can just be in the world championship and waiting for riders to anyways and we work. Did we talk games. And then something that the having my mind for a long time. I you know joking economist. Anyways tompkins in dino doing in italy to become the the most talented rider from the age of twelve all the way to eighteen have been kind of competition or got to go with big them up. You know trained in coach. Dan provide them everything they need. It's a free book on that. We pay for everything but the reason is to them the win they the they can come to the multitude but they can be competitive to real young american rather to write for the team and don't be competitive and be on the twenty and down problem for him. You never can be going up. Jobs was some racist stuff. It was super frustrated for him and then for the team in on the end of the day. Not the business but you need to create sponsorship package and everything. He's probably interesting. We need to create level and we want. I want to be competitive win win. I don't wanna be just to be there so the ball in. Us we walk into those riders to try and support them and help them as much as we can and to read them through the right level. One of the stuff that we do especially with the dolt one six and up. We have to to buy anyways those riding on the bike as much as they want. How many truck. They just to be familiar with the engine. Then the tunics dire the breaking the windows jumping on the bottom of what. Johnston understand what they ride. I don't know maybe too long. So maybe something that people say the crazy i think this is the only way to create electric. Said like the new start comments from us and sixteen. You going to be something that we still have. We still you know building the biggest problem the the size of us because we have been one writer that she's in pennsylvania. When one in miami with tuna sanju ms riding frosties and miami as well so we had some challenges that we managed to find solution to try their specific location to support game but the goal is to have somebody like sean. Kelly walk within these year to be competitive and then bring it into the team's lusty grow into one race and it was really nice. Any prejudice team. It was it was quick enough to be competitive on the bike and i think he can be competitive when he comes to write for us. The second riding. I think on the list. We have in brooklyn that everybody knowing. Us so he's writing. We are the bull gum and again goal within these support them and give him as much as we can the next two years over here. And he's definitely gonna ride for us. They will jump and chip. So you know they know ready. They have something planned for the next few years. Just think we'll card anyways. We support them. We held them as much as we can. You know they really. They can jump on the can be tried to be competitive. That's genuinely exciting. And like i said. I knew you were working with younger. Riders but i didn't know the extent of the program and even in the heart of moscow. Gp country in italy riders. Still like you said they still require the assistance of somebody like valentino rossi in his academy to be able to get that extra boost. They need to make it to to in the make it the modal. Gp and so without that here in the united states it's gotta be impossibly gone we've seen we've seen riders before. Try to move up to moto to and try to move up to moto three and it just hasn't worked out but you've already proven with the success that joe is had and the excitement surrounding cameron that it is possible. You just have to go about it the right way. So it's genuinely exciting. What you guys are doing. I do have one last question for you though because next year. Of course joe will be on that atoll trance. Spike and cameron is coming in. Is there going to be a rivalry between those two guys and if so which one are you rooting for. I'm sure there's gonna be revenue between dan. And i know inside because you know from doing all day Planning to give a lot of attention to you. Know the rivalry and the team again and cameron. Because he's coming a jump on you know the we getting lots of attention anyway the next day going to be even more everybody except to okay to america and again fighting jumping cheap bullfighting on the dog. And for the next. We're gonna ruin i. It's an the day when i'm on. The trump team is my home. And i wanted to win. I'm doing good cardinal coach. Oh yeah you know at the end of the day you know. The team is the main project because we didn't know meaning. Whatever we're doing for hopkinton i you know the main do mature that the is either log gozo cameron whose rights doing the best. They can get a wins. Everything american podium would certainly be a good thing no matter which trotter is on top. Because i can't even. I can't remember i couldn't. I'd have to look it up when the last time. A double american poetry devon was gonna come to story k. Race many years ago just to see the flag on the first position with the american anthem. Dennis okay. I did my plan. This was we waiting for years. And i'll be happy again. It's going to be joe. It's going to be cameron buckley's you know. We managed to do because the end of the day you know. I stopped me going over there. He's into whatever you do is about the project from the beginning. I think it's going to be good for everybody anyways. Finally we have some writers in reading to watch the races and books with somebody ple owner and team principal for american motoo racing. Thank you so much for coming on the program end. Let's stay in touch and when the season starts. Hopefully you can give us a couple of updates about riders on the podium. Sure thank you. Yeah there we go. That was awesome. Thank you so much for coming on the show. And being willing to talk about the joe roberts situation that could have been a controversial topic but he handled it in stride and obviously has joe's best interest at heart anyway because of his relationship both as manager and as somebody who wants to see american riders do well on the world stage all right so essentially guys had some comments about the whole joe robert situation. Let's then dive in to what you had to say this week on. Both facebook am read it. And we'll start joe and his impossible choice. Between one of the best motoo rides in the paddock or moving up to the big leagues emoji. P. we'll start with james on. He said that he thinks that joe made the right choice going with the best bike that he can get in this case the motorbike and with james thinking not only will you know getting podiums. Getting on the podium. Help him personally get better opportunities down the road but more importantly he pointed out that getting on the podium consistently and winning races. That's going to only improve. The opinion and standing of american riders as american racing brings more riders to the premier class. And that's a very good point. I mean especially when you consider that one of the reasons that joe specifically said that he didn't want that really gig was because of the country he was coming from. You know because of his passport is he. Put it and to even mention. That is suggesting that. Us riders are viewed as being representative more than competitive and getting podiums and winning races can go a very long way towards breaking down that barrier and making it easier for the next rider that comes along behind him and one of those next riders. Somebody that steve wanted to talk. About and steve by the way also agreed that joe made the right choice electing to go with a top moto two team but just like we talked about a second ago with eaton. Steve said hey camera bay. I mean this is going to be huge. Potentially with him replacing. Joe roberts on that team because there is so much potential there and i think we touched on that quite a bit during the interview camera mobile. Did for those of you. Who weren't around back then camera. Va did run an entire season in one twenty five and he came up. The rebel rookies but like tom. Thomas saying i mean. He really didn't have the guidance he needed to be successful so he comes back to the united states and he runs on much heavier much more powerful bikes which should have him much. Better prepared to jump in the motoo. Take off in a positive direction. And of course the team was helping him out by having bikes like that available that he could get himself familiar with and get a headstart on coming the moto motoo so i agree with steve. I think we should pay a lot of attention. The camera bobi. Obviously our expectations can't be through the roof because it takes every rider a little while to adjust to motor racing in the motorbike. But i think there is a fantastic amount of potential there and like james said if while cam is used to the bike joe is getting on podiums of maybe even winning races. That's only going to make things easier for cameron. Once he really starts to adapt to the bike and take off because teams and manufacturers will take him more seriously because they'll have that proof. They'll have that example in. Joe roberts if joe can continue to improve. He has been over the last year all right. So let's move away from that topic and move to marquez. Where'd you talked about the facts of the matter earlier in the show. Now let's talk about your opinion. Because both steve and john said it would be a shame. If mark's career ends up being seriously curtailed by this arm injury and i agree and the bad news we talked about earlier. Is that amount of time. That mark was in the hospital obviously his third surgery and the reason for it was no small thing but the good news is that even if the recovery process takes longer remember. We've seen writers like mick overcome serious injuries to get back to the top and if anyone is capable. It's definitely marc marquez. Who was at the top of his game when this happened so there is at least some reason here to be optimistic now. John thinks it wouldn't be out of line if he sat out. All of twenty twenty one. The only thing that i'm worried about there if he does have to sit out this entire season upcoming season after sitting out essentially all of twenty twenty. It's just from a fitness standpoint. Both physically and mentally. There's a lot that he's gonna have to make up for their even with his talent. That's going to be difficult. It's gonna be a lot of work but honda has so much. So much. Invested in marc marquez. At this point that especially given the history from earlier in the season. If i were them i would err on the side of being overly cautious. Now i said that after the first arrest race they should err on the side of being totally cautious. And i think now we know why i was so adamant back then but now. They're in a in a position where they had no choice. I mean they have to be overly cautious. Hopefully that does not mean sitting out all twenty twenty one for those reasons. I mentioned before because of the physical and the mental fitness. But if he has to it's better than rushing back a second time and then potentially having a career ending injury or complication pinks. Six six six responded to mark's comments about having the other surgery where he talked about the doctors and the recommendations and he said hey marks comments to me confirm what we all knew all along that it wasn't opening some sliding glass door. That was what really caused the plate mark to fail. It was all of the stress associated with riding physical stress. I mean not mental or emotional Of riding the bike that next weekend and you know it was interesting. That honda didn't qualify that when the second injury was announced because mark was in the physical act of opening door at the time they kind of just left that out there is hey man not our fault. It was a freak accident at home when we all knew the real source of the injury was the stress of getting back on a motor. Gp bike a few days after he'd had his arm pinned back together with titanium so it was really interesting at that point. That honda really kind of left to interpretation and left us all just to kind of assume that it was something weird that happened at home as opposed to the clearly obvious culprit. You know the eight hundred pound gorilla in the room at that point Let's move on to some other stuff. Now mr t. A very interesting question. He asked does dorna payout for the top spots in the championship. Both to riders into teams in. That is a really good question. A difficult one to answer to because dorna is very tight lipped about that and actually about all of the finances surrounding the teams and their deals with the teams which is actually great. Time to ask that question. Mr t. since dorna is renegotiating their deals with all the teams right now but it strange that they wouldn't come out and say whether they do or do not give bonuses for individual writer championships because it's so common in every other form of motorsport for to be done. I would absolutely assume that there is some sort of bonus money for the championship winners in each series. Although from what. I understand it's not a whole lot and that's because dorner already subsidizes all of the teams at the beginning of the year. And depending on who you believe the amount of money that they hand out is somewhere between one and two million euros per team with surprisingly the higher amount the two million going to the satellite teams the lower amount going to the factories with the idea. There being the factories already have money coming in and the satellite teams need something to help them be more competitive so with a large amount of money being given to the teams initially. The neck could probably explain why they either don't pay the writers a whole lot when they win the championship or they don't make a big deal about it. They don't announce how much they're paying to the writers. I will say this though. The riders don't really need to get a huge amount of money from dorna for doing something like winning a championship because they get a nice amount of money from the team and especially the sponsors and contingency money when they win races when they finish on the podium when even finish top five but especially when they win the championship. And i'm pretty sure. That's where the riders in the series. That win the big trophies are really making up financially. I think that's what their main goal is to get that contingency money the sponsorship money t money as opposed to getting the door money but very good question. I wish i had a specific answer for it but it don't but a bit just somebody out. There has some more information than what i have. And if you do posted on reddit or facebook and we'll talk about it on the show right now. It's move on the dj. He's already handicapping satellite teams for twenty twenty two. If you remember. He did this couple of months back when it came to do. Kati and their decision for their second cd was handicapping. All the writers. Well he's come out with a list already four satellite teams and he said hey with this news and it probably is gonna take their factory effort in house. That kind of jumbled things up a little bit we know the veer forty six is almost certainly going to have a full-time odor. Gp effort in twenty twenty two. They have strong ties to yamaha. So let's try and figure out who's gonna land where and dj. I totally agree with your segments. On cr pray. Mac and tech three their relationships right now with their manufacturers seem so strong that i would assume that you're spot on that they're all at or very near a one hundred percent chance of staying with their current organizations but yamaha's yuki and apprecia- that's where things get interesting now. Dj has petronas at an eighty five percent. Chance right now. Staying with yamaha. Veer forty six at about fifty fifty chance of either yamaha or suzuki and racine like we were talking about earlier. Kind of running out of options than being default for probably. Or whoever's left if a probably pulls out a wildcard and convinces one of those other two in turn. Vr forty-six to come over to their camp. And i don't really see that happening. One thing that deejay said that i found very interesting in his opinion he thinks that yamaha. The factory is going to work very hard to keep this. I'm not so sure about that. Not because petronas isn't the ideal partner. I mean it's amazing. How well organized. Those guys have been straight out of the box resume. Rizzoli has done a fantastic job and they will be incredibly valuable partner for whatever manufacture they're aligned with in twenty but bella generosity and the vr forty-six brand not only have a strong connection yamaha but also tons of marketing and merchandising power. And i think that's going to be a major factor for anyone vying for their services. They don't just want the bikes on the grade. They want the riders that come through the academy and they want all of the popularity and merchandising power. That comes along with that. And i think that yamaha will be very interested in that. I think they'll ultimately have the inside track because of their relationship with rossi. Although i agree if i were in yamaha shoes it would be a very tough decision to purposely. Turn down petropolis. If that's what happens because of the success that petronas has had already and like you said how well that organization is run and how well things have been going out of a partnership. That really wasn't even supposed to be just kind of happened and next thing you know. They're winning races all over the place and that could end up especially if it continues in two thousand twenty one that could end up being more important yamaha than the marketing potential that comes along with. Vr forty-six but if yamaha does go with vr forty six. Then i think that zouqi would be crazy not to try to get petronas which like dj said leaves seaney content to latch onto whoever's left most likely but based on what we've seen with twenty twenty two and motor gp and the prospect of twenty twenty. One could be just as crazy. Who knows what's ultimately going to happen in the end. I'm obviously in the first like say five or six months of twenty twenty one. We should have a pretty good idea of how all of the chips are gonna fall. But it could be very very interesting getting up to that point and while i do agree that l. cr is like a lock for honda and pray mac for coty. Ktm with tech three. There is like that point zero zero one percent chance that something crazy could happen there. Actually there's always a twenty five percent chance something crazy could happen with to kati but there is that slight chance just like we saw with the weird silly season stuff this year. That's something completely unexpected could happen. Do i want things to get crazy. Well really wouldn't hurt anybody. I mean all of those teams and bikes are going to have a slot on the grid. So why not make it fun. Give us something to talk about. do tend to agree with to dukes. Though in his opinion that suzuki is in a very very good position here because not only do. They have a vr forty-six avenue because petronas is locked up so tightly with yamaha but they're also then potentially in a position to choose their favourite between petronas and rossini f vr forty-six and yamaha do pair up in the end so they have more options than anyone. And of course having a rider chip to toss around in your conversations make sure position even stronger and that could be a factor here as well. We talk about that point. Zero zero zero one percent for someone like l. Cr or tech. Three or mac the one type of thing that could sway one of those organizations zouqi saying hey. We got bikes. That can win races. Everybody thinks are bike is the best you can have one. All you have to do is come over here and while that may not have so much influence over someone like tech three where hair vape trial is really bought into the philosophy of the tm system thing about somebody like l. cr. He'll lucci nello who's been around forever. He's worked very closely with honda. But what has it gotten him. Not nearly as much as what was able to get in one season out of yamaha. And so if somebody like suzuki comes along and dangles an offer that makes it look like l. Cr could be the next petronas. That could be enough. You never know. Especially it's zacchaeus promising. Maybe some riders that l. Cr would really like to be able to work with that would maximize their chances of going out there and getting on a podium and winning races so i don't know i mean i think the dj you're handicapping is pretty good so far. The only thing is maybe forty six. A little over fifty fifty with yamaha but to said suzuki could be the wildcard factor. Here that kinda blows everything up and makes it crazy heading into the silly season. Not just when it comes to rider contracts although all that stuff is pretty much been sorted for twenty twenty two but in this case when it comes to satellite organizations all right. So let's wrap up the show by going over some pics and video and we've got to start with a crazy crazy very unexpected photo. That chip posted just yesterday arm reddit. And unlike the vast majority of his other photos this one was not a happy one to see chip. Had a big get off. It was last weekend but the weekend before that he was riding in julian california which is up in the mountains of definitely written it before not for a while though But just fantastic road north of town there and they have this restaurant. That sounds awesome pies. They're apple pies are like out of this world good but it wasn't very good for chip. He high fifty one collected a list of injuries of clavicle ribs. A collapsed lung. That sounds really really not fun. Man i feel terrible terrible for you and i am confident that i speak for all of us when i say there were all looking very forward to you being able to get better. Get back on the bike. Quickly get back to the track quickly. And hopefully you're in a place where you can hear the show a know that we're all thinking about you right now man Chip doesn't even know the status of his fifty one yet and i'm hoping that it came out in not too bad shape because it would absolutely suck if you lost your second fifty one. That would be terrible but the important part is you making through the wreck. Because they're always more bikes out there. You can always find another bike but some of your parts are a little bit more difficult to replace. So the important part is zero right and then chip wasn't the only one chianti wheels remember. Last week he posted that video of his helmet. How it gotten pretty banged up while he responded about his wreck and posted a video to go along with it. He was not at the track. He was on a dirt road with his ninety which are such super cool bikes. Every to those are cool and he just pulled a little too much from break on the dirt road He had a video. Like i said posted a video worried me a little bit man because it clearly knocked the wind out of you and i'm thinking poor guys on the ground and i wanna do something to help and i can't because you know it's just a video But it was good to hear that you were able to get up and get the bike up and that you were both okay and that you're gonna be okay just a little bit banged up and i've got two stories for you john. That'll hopefully take a little bit of the sting out of the situation Number one you joked about a flock of wild turkeys trumping out in front of you on the track. I've had something like that happen before. Now on the track I was on another great mountain road. California carmel valley road laguna seca weekend. It was either after a friday or saturday session afternoon. Some was out. it was nice and warm. We decided to take carmel. Valley road great mountain road between monterey and carmel of clint eastwood fame and come around a corner and there was a damn flock. Turkeys that ran across the road and wild turkeys are not small their way bigger than the turkeys that you get you know at the supermarket more for thanksgiving and to come to a complete stop to let these turkeys go by thought. Funny that you said that while turkey's ran out in front of you and the other story also a laguna seca one. And hopefully this make you feel a little bit better about the situation that caused you to go down because at laguna seca. I was leaving one of the big dirt lots during race weekend. I think it was actually on sunday. Can't remember though and someone had shown up with a car to pick up one of the workers at the equipment check tent so there was this one car in the motorcycle parking lot and they were a typical car driver. They really weren't paying a lot of attention to what they were doing. And they started to pull out. Just as i got momentum on the sand to start to come up the path to get to the actual road. Will i panicked. Because i didn't know if they were going to stop if they were going to keep going and i was like i got to slow down a little bit here. I did. The exact same thing just grabbed too much front brake. The frontier instantly locked and i was down just like that now. It wasn't a forty miles an hour. It was a parking lot speeds but it was in front of a bunch of other riders. And i felt like such an idiot having to pick up my bike so at least nobody saw you think about it that way. You're okay in the end. The bikes okay in the end and nobody saw you go down. At least you didn't do it in front of a crowd of other. People still can't believe i did that. It was such an easy mistake to make though it really is an easy mistake to make ended up having to get a new set of handlebars the triumph. When did that to Woody eighty-seven racer moving onto some happier topics said it. Hey you guys are all wimps for not wanting to ride in the cold. That's the part of the year that he lives for because things don't even start to get interesting until it gets icy He was not only preparing his bikes with studded tires but also posted some pics out on the ice. That is totally nuts man. I would be so terrified that it would fall through the ice. But i guess there really. Isn't that much of a possibility when things get insanely cold. But i would just the whole time. I will be out there on the lake. I just be nervous that you know the spikes on the tires will start to cut into the ice just enough that one time around boom just straight through. There's probably some sort of name for that kind of fear. I should probably see professional about that. Fear from being perfectly honest and then our last pick in video really is in. The picture was a comment about a picture from last week. That then asked a question about. Ach moto moderator. I'm read it. Say hi to him. If you get a chance Posted a pic of his four hundred chuck walla where he won a couple of races in his division last weekend. And i asked really more from attract bike perspective but a dedicated track bike perspective in with the option of them being able to go racing whether it makes more sense to say by a used by combat sort maybe an inch four hundred or an are three or something and then modify for the track or by somebody else's race bike that they've already gone through and done everything with and yeah that means it's been hard and put away wet but at least the correct stuff has been done. And then if you put the bike down on the pavement. Well it doesn't feel as bad because it wasn't like this brand new bike or anything that you bought and peter booth. Bt's predictably that in decision between building a track bike and buying a bike. It's no contest. You should always buy somebody else's bike. And i kind of figured that was going to be the correct answer. He also suggested maybe a vintage racing bike. And i think would be a lot of fun to especially with my idea that it would more be a purpose built track bike track day bike as opposed to going out there and racing against other people bike although we think of that a newer small displacement bike would be just as much of a blast. When you're talking about track days out to see chuck walla has vintage division because that would open up options for people potentially selling bikes that they don't want anymore even if it's just a turnaround and do track days only not actually race with you. I seem to always get bug the time of year and mostly. It's because where i live is great weather in the winter and because of that everybody comes here for winter vacation or their winter vacation home because everybody wants it to be seventy five on christmas and it very well could be seventy five degrees and sunny for christmas. But because of that all these snowbirds show up in vacation town and the risk needle just goes through the roof riding on the street. And so i started to try to convince myself. Hey let's sell one or two of these bikes in favor of something. That's track only so. I can avoid the street altogether. Go have a lot of fun. Even though i'm not competitively racing get the speed bug out and not have to worry about. You know grandma and her buick running me off the road. Because she just wasn't paying attention so i'll know if this is going to be the ear bud. This is just the time the season for me to start kind of cruising craigslist to see if there's anything interesting that kind of pops up but i think there are better places than craigslist. Finds something like that all right so that'll do it for this episode of the program however we still have the award show now. If you haven't seen it yet there is a thread posted for suggestions on reddit. and then. There's also one on patriotic as well a patron only thread. And i've gotten a lot of suggestions both in those threads and then messages as well and so here's what we're gonna do. We were originally going to do the awards this week but knowing that there was the news and the interview with utah coming up i decided next week would be best. This is the plan. I'll put up a visual polls on reddit facebook and patron in the next day or two with those collective suggestions that you guys all through at me then. We'll have voting throughout the weekend. I'll tally up the votes at the end of the weekend. And then we'll finish the last full week of twenty twenty with the coveted and esteemed annual motor week awards. So if you want to participate just make sure you're either signed up for facebook or it that will you'll be able to do it and if you're on patron remember you get the vote there as well so if you're not on patriot and you can join if you want to and if you are unpatriotic after you get done voting red head over there and vote for your specific patriotic categories including some pretty prestigious once. So that's the plan can't wait to get it done because i'm super excited about this award. Show and dj us so you know there are a couple of more interviews that i'm working on lining up as well so stay tuned for that over the next couple of weeks. We will definitely have stuff to talk about in the off season. Oh and by the way. I heard back from adrian about the track sculptures on his awesome fantasy trophies. This year. he is willing to make one to give away. So now i just have to decide what track to have a make and where we're going to give it away and so that's on the docket to do before next season starts as well so If you having suggestions on what track would be best. I was pretty much. Going to let adrian decide because he's already got the patterns for some certain tracks. I think the maybe one of those would be best and any of them are going to be cool but if you want to a post on facebook or read it feel free to. There's well thank a million times to adrian. I feel like i'm kind of forcing you to do this. And i definitely don't want that to be the case. So i absolutely appreciate you being willing to do a little bit more work us as somebody can have something really cool to hang on the wall all right. So that's it for this episode of the program. Next up the motor week awards. The official polls will go up this week. You'll have some time to vote than the results will be revealed and remember. We'll have the red facebook categories. Then there'll be a couple of patriot only categories then. I'm going to pick a few myself as well. Plus if there are any major breaking motor. gp news stories. We'll talk about those and your comments on them as well. Although the majority of the program is really going to be dedicated to the award show for this year. So you wanna find out everything about the motor week. Awards that there is to find out a couple of places to do it on facebook at facebook dot com slash motor week dot net overarm. Read it at our slash mode weekend if you're a patriot member on patriot on patriot dot com slash mode week. And i'll put up an article on the website to that has links to the various places so that might make things easier of course. The website is mode week dot net. You can find all the latest episodes there as well. You can always subscribe to the show on any of the major platforms apple podcasts. Google podcasts spotify radio speaker stitcher any of them and of course you can always follow on twitter at motor week and on instagram at mode week. Usa and if you do want to support the show and get access to those extra categories to vote go to patriots dot com slash. Motor week all right so until we talk again just a couple of days from now keep an eye out for those polls and vote. It'd be awesome if you wanna thank you so much for listening ride safe and i'll talk to you soon.

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