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Hour 2 - Manish Mehta (10-23-19)


Thank you for listening to this podcast one sports net production available on Apple podcast and podcast one this summer there's only one trusted place that lets you get in on all your favorite sports betting action that online DOT AG sign up today for a free account at bed online dot ag and use Promo Code podcast they're hooking up the microphone does Sam Darnold and I'm just I was curious how does the NFL films decide who is going to get miked up we had coming up also check in with NFL films the whole Sam Darnold situation than I railed on yesterday how do you let him get miked up for give the illusion like if I had sponsors I would give the illusion that maybe there's there's a possibility it's it's a long shot but it's which I'm sure a sponsor would pay him a lot and his whole family could see him one more time I understand there's a lotta downside for his legacy racing in La Olympics and join us in studio the most decorated Olympian of all time is he going to add to that resume does he keep the bronze and silver next to the the game like that now espn had the sound they don't have final say this is nfl films that is you know they they're hooking him up casting from the Mercedes men came this is Dan Patrick our to on this program here in New York City on this Wednesday Michael Phelps in to receive your fifty percent welcome bonus don't sit on the sidelines this summer for Major League Baseball to the women's World Cup and all things UFC bet online dot ag Roger on yesterday and Roger said I've turned down many many times Howard the jets surprised that Sam Darnold got miked up and you finally got some scary missing out on Gyco for help with homeowners and renters insurance GEICO makes it easy to save a bunch grace you're not sticking around we'll he say Dun Dun or will he be groggy I don't think you'll be vague like Gronk I don't I don't know now if I'm Michael Phelps I would probably has you covered visit bet online ag and don't forget to use the promo code podcast Wine Bet online dot ag your online sportsbook experts back to before the thing two thousand fourteen I said the same thing going no he's going to race in Rio in sixteen Olympics because there's a lot of money from next old medals really get back in the pool or will paulie lose his bed to Michael Phelps you made this bet back in twenty sixteen I believed in you yeah actually just worked for NBC at the Olympics I think he's fine at the ripe old age of thirty four as he moves on with the rest of his life and my guess is if he was going to race pretty sure our new house might be haunted what makes you say that the furniture is levitating on the ghost welcome yeah that's that's spooky hey I'm seeing ghost out there I'm going Oh my God you finally got something yeah see I don't really understand why the ghost thing is such a big deal yeah and then with this Olympics I thought now he's got the kid who's maybe even four years old and he's got a couple other sons and he's got three boys I thought he may WanNa do one race pick up some nice screen disability because then you know Phelps is going to be out there he can be promoting his product and you know you're going to still get that maybe hanging in the balance I twenty twenty Olympics he would have to have been training already I think nine months away I guess as you can't say like a six weeks before we get this cranked up so he'll join us how many times do you hear somebody might up and they're like hey man come on let's get out we're going to go after him come on let's go let's get pumped up you know this is where you go in the party's just getting started a happy guy go we call today and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be people are kinda going bonkers over it like what does it mean like oak yeah he's just seeing things out there that aren't there all right I don't think you've heard somebody say it in the moment we'll ask me I I was seeing players that weren't there I give you say that I think it's a little less of an indictment on Sam darnold being clueless as was in the moment two thousand twenty but what if what if you just were on a relay and you didn't do individual that that might be interesting but I get the feeling Michael Phelps is done was swim an seem like overmatched in the middle of the game where you go I'm seeing ghost I think after the fact if he would've said hey you know what they were bringing so many people on TV won't be looking into that pretty hard that that was one of those things that was really disappointed at to hear about after the game I don't know if I've ever seen that where yeah turn it down all the time they always want to say no here is Adam gays the jets head coach on being disappointed that somehow that Sam darnold comment made it I'm seeing goes but like this idea that the jets are going to investigate how this happened what do you mean they put a microphone on that's how it happened how did you let them if you're at asleep he's been around a little while you WanNa do Adams you know he's always interesting not Sam Darnold Non Sam Darnold here's Adam gays if I'm the jets let Sam Darnold ease back into this let him get through his second year let's see if he can play how about you mike up cj I'm Adam take inventory are are you involved in this process that's what I was curious does NFL films just go coach I'm not blaming NFL films I'm not nfl films got what we wanted they got content for us I again you can't allow your quarterback to be out there like that it's not something that's that's new I mean usually when it's up Monday night game of case how do you not know that they were GonNa put a microphone on that's what I want to know you can't blame NFL films 'cause I talked to Aaron Rodgers yesterday and he content there I mean it's not the end of the world for Sam Darnold but I do think that the ghost comment is going to stay with me seeing ghost he's also seeing crappy play too I'm seeing crappy play yes I also realized that there's a rule at that whatever you do don't tell the jets head coach we're GonNa make up their quarterback Sh- don't I'm going to guess everything goes to the coach it should go through the one game a season every NFL team has to allow a coach or a player to be might up that's an actual rule they can pick which play but I'm sure they would want someone more on the high profile side no somebody that was my was was basically you know a comment like that was allowed to be aired bothers me bothers you organization I mean obviously looking into you know our cooperation going forward okay you got bigger things to worry about than quarterback who's miked up for a little while here manual sanders got traded to the niners so that's that's pretty good to pick him up I didn't know that his obviously we never anticipating something like that happening and the fact that it did just just gives us pause to really cooperate anymore because I mean bengals say that they're not in the market to trading Trent Williams the tackle the redskins and Chris Harris junior the Broncos quarterback feels like you know I don't know how we can allow you know our franchise quarterback to to be put out put out there like that yet we're wondering how was this up in only miked up did you even know he was miked up and if you didn't then I put that on Adam Gates do not put this on NFL films or espn they did their job like we finally got some here's goes I know I don't want another wide receiver I don't want to an established receiver you know there's no room here now he needs just like the Patriots they unique the other I thought the packers might be interested in him but the Patriots Getting Muhammed's Aj Green is still on that list of possible you know players to be traded even though the great quarterbacks that division so brutal you know the bears lions vikings in them can they can they win enough games to get home field over San Fran well I think you're think they're the best team in the division I was just banking on it not going right on a consistent basis and Green Bay was going to win that division but when Kirk cousins we'll check that's this whole process here how's this happen because I'm guessing if Tom Brady doesn't WANNA be miked up he's not miked up Aaron Rodgers not being rahat his life and that's not an exaggeration no hyperbole best soup you've ever hand best soup I ever had in my whole life but we did wonder is chilly a soup okay we'd like to stop down to your restaurants and be able to sample the entire menu if we could fetch okay yeah yeah absolutely that'd be wonderful come on down and see it as well and that's a really good defense then Minnesota might be the team to beat their appeal and hurt his hamstring too that's another team that mighty some depth there Darrelle in South Carolina joins US sterile. Do you have an answer for that Danny how you doing today Good Daryl I mouth they seem to make great catches yeah I still like to have an experienced guy out there I'm sure Aaron Rodgers I I don't know if Aaron Rodgers on you know somebody's usually might up I don't want a year I have to do the same thing I mean it's just kind of part of part of the deal and all right we'll get phone calls here eight seven seven three DP show email address DP Dan Patrick dot com we we stumbled on a story from last night seat and had the best bowl of soup that he ord- sparse but that's okay somebody had just sent in here if you can pour it over French fries or put it on a burger is it a soup nobody orders you know I have a couple of restaurants down here in Hilton head and I would say Chile is a suit cannot be considered a soup of the day I think that's a cop out if you're a veteran with the broncos there's a chance that you could be traded you mentioned the packers if you're a packer fan today aren't you look at these trade saying you know we could really use a guy like me star wide receiver you'd think that the packers will be the first team to go for wide receiver and maybe they did maybe they got outbid by the niners but I thought Green Bay was going to go in on friends the show David Ross is going to be your next manager for the Chicago cubs you know he put it out there liked to talk during the course of a game when is there time to and who do you talk to with the jets between ESPN NFL films or whatever network is carrying the game that's making the person up whereas attorney while Adam gazes calling points or by the way your quarterback just said this is it okay if we hear that no it's light it's a lame excuse you should know that if he's miked up did you and I don't know if they can be but San Frans- still in there was Seattle and the rams the Vikings are the outlier to me because the vikings when it all goes right there fuel centers more than we could use a third and fourth round pick for whatever happens down the road they have this teen it's hot rogers is healthy they seem to have a running game they've got a bunch of undrafted free agents in a hurry genitive that doesn't mean you're not interested you you you have to get agent or representative now it's a non denial denial ever hotdog with chicken soup top of it right but you get a chili dog yeah I haven't done a deep dive on soups in a long time I saw story okay I was going to give credit to ever put it out there Jim harbaugh refutes rumors of interest in the NFL. By saying I don't even have an agent or represent aged guys that you can count on to move the chains mclovin I for me there other curious thing is the pat the packers are they like tough enough defensive wise I know they've been really good they have the is the informed in formality this letter but I felt that it was important to get this out to you as quickly as possible feel free to reach out if you have any questions happy credit to whoever put it out there about Jim harbaugh exploring nfl jobs you guys know who said that okay I haven't seen did you see the story Emmanuel Sanders yes mclovin I kind of like these these guys on the packers like when Dividing Comes Back Markus Galvin Vaillant I can say that Guy we sports bar down here but he's taking my call today Danny Thank you Daryl Danny yes I don't really appreciate pigeonholing us and L. There sounds like he's floating a lifeline there to get an agent he sent out a letter dear parents I'm reaching out to let you know if so I guess hall bar has refuted them so I don't think anyone knew about these NFL rumors except other recruiting trail did he start the rumor to refute the rumor so he's that he was interested in it has Joe Girardi got the job with the phillies yet I don't think so we they showed a video of him pulling away the other day without a deal done yeah because I was I I don't even have an agent or representative I am committed to your son's their education and their development as football players in people please excuse the the recent claims that I'm pursuing an exit strategy or total crap it's an he actually happen they're a little football hey buddy donald series and be open trade deadline even if you have a chilly that's like the special of the day get a call if it's not super the day's meal of the day so he said don't make chili soup in the day but then the Chili might just be floating out there if you make a special chilly and by the way Anthony Bourdain it's an annual annual strategy driven by our enemies to cause disruption to our program to negatively recruit by the the source who told me that not last night the night before because I was talking about something else and he goes hey by the way I'm here in Girardi is GonNa get the phillies job and to discuss go blue Jim harbaugh he asked drink milk is running cram by the way by Iraq war tweeted were there rumors question mark go okay the non sequitur mets jumped in on Derartu that's why there's a holdup though okay yup this David Ross hires should go over pretty well awesome I don't know I have no idea what why Washington rarely does the right thing so whatever is the wrong thing then that's what Washington will do expanse he's a good personality well liked he had her last world series got the Ron real popular there was something that came out yesterday and I'd like to see yeah that's total crap that's an agent was football for sure no no we don't want to say crap what do you want me to say feces you've had not necessarily if you're ever been married don't you have to answer that question no matter how it's posed even if it's tongue in cheek say that's I said don't get the Chili visit Chile just leftovers that they threw together the cubs made their decision and this is David Caplan you just said hey if if that jobs open are you interested in that or what do you think of that job if it was opening Song Oh yeah you gotTa take that you know there's only one cowboy show again all right so Lincoln Riley is going to join us tomorrow on the program maybe I'll ask him this Ohio state's out on the trail who are going to the NFL yeah but but but who wants horrible Outta Michigan if you're in the big ten who your job on Fox sports like you've been doing you're doing a great job if you want to send out feelers that's not hard to do but to do it publicly go about this and Michael Phelps Jonasson an hour from now your phone calls I got all these phone calls on chilly not not not the place yes did he just cancel he's currently still joining us okay all right more on the NFL films. This whole miked up thing was Sam I'm reaching out to let you know the recent claims that I am quote pursuing an exit strategy total crap yes todd speaking yes see this is just the best I'm actually seeing Harbaugh's letter in print makes it actually even funnier than when you're reading it just seeing the words dear parents the job at Fox that's totally destroyed they brought in Reggie Bush to work with liners so he'd be well versed in everything about USC Leeann get it leading division. Yeah I know and then Jerry goes I'm trying to find a reason to keep Jason Garrett I mean I'm not saying Era Myers the extra sensitive on a statement Choi say offhandedly I well I think he said You know to Colin Cowherd I I don't know how it was presented how you know I think TMZ equal housing lender licensed in all fifty states and mls consumer access dot Org number three Oh three Oh rocket mortgage by quicken loans rocket mortgage by quicken loans push-button get mortgage if you purchase applies for business you know it's nearly impossible to find everything you need in one place and that's why there's Zoro Dot Com almost any industry Zoro DOT COM has tools and equipment safety in office supplies cleaning supplies and more Zoro has tons of stuff for industries like electrical plumbing contracting imagine how it feels to have an award winning team by our every step of this process it's awesome exactly what you get with rocket mortgage by quicken loans team of mortgage experts obsessed with finding a better way which means and you feel compelled to say something unlike you've got a job your health was in jeopardy how about you just take a deep breath and service and support every step of the way quicken loans is helping millions of Americans achieve their dream of home ownership and they're going to help you visit rocketmortgage dot com slash Jin take the first step toward the home of your Cavaliers Open I think that's a job you have to think about 'cause all sorts of ripple effects yeah yeah I would say that especially with Jason Garrett you're an NFL team sorry what would you go after if you're the redskins or there I mean it's he damaged his good what was coming out of San Francisco he was he was hot he was where the number one goal is to make your life easier Zoro dot com that's Z. 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Dot com visit Zoro dot com slash Dan sign up for his email and get fifteen percent off your first order that Zoro dot com slash Dan sign up for his email and the I'm seeing ghost gate I don't know if they've attached that name to it yet many Meta covers the jets for the New York Daily News and He had some interesting things hey that yes if hotdog is the Chili of Sandwich oatmeal is the Chili tomorrow on there for ten years in the Buckeye coach Midwestern Living Room you know mom dad harbaugh staying he's not going anywhere yes mclovin you see Urban Meyer say our number one goal may combine process smoother for you with industry leading online lending technology developed in the heart of Detroit rocket mortgage is changing the game. It's an award-winning clients yesterday with you know you're making up Sam Darnold did the coach no and why is Adam Gates all ups I'm just shy it comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by quicken loans home is so much more than a house it's your own little slice of heaven that's why when you find the perfect place for you and your family getting a mortgage shouldn't get in the way hottest floating contract coach let's lock him up for why was taking may lose to Michigan this year just Donald Mini Schmidt who covers the jets for the New York Daily News will join us we'll find out how did this happen Sam Darnold got Mike Top and how did the jets his cereal of Soup I stop it okay no well the okay on its surface you're like that's just dumb but why what's the difference one for your fifty percent off welcome bonus or text bet now two two three eight six six nine that's b. e. t. and W. Two two three eight six six nine doc that they had him miked up in the first place Sam Darnold End mini joins us down take us behind the scenes. How does this happen that? NFL films goes in and then who needs to approve who gets miked up for football game then every team has to have their coach and quarterback mic`ed up at some point ABC's right but sear which cereal should be considered a soup we'll get some calls on this topic here but I gotta get to the bottom of this no one will even let me into their house I knock knock but they ignore me what else I look in the mirror don't during the season the jets actually agreed to have darnold mic`ed up for their Sunday night game against the Browns but obviously didn't play 'cause motto for Primetime Game Because the network in this case ESPN can turn around those clips in game whereas if you had the player Mike Deaf or one o'clock or four switch and save hundreds on your car insurance we're going to get to the bottom of this the somebody just threw out another thing here what o'clock game on a Sunday. NFL films wouldn't use what they have until later in the week for whatever programming that they have so the team would have more of an opportunity that's the poll by the way is chilies shoop switch it up I'll save the result I'm fine with that we'll take a break we're back after this Patrick Show support for the Dan Patrick Show I'm just saying wow I'd be rich Eisen just floating that out there furthermore if you don't see yourself clearly can you really expect others to I'm having a breakthrough it not easy to be a vampire but with gyco it's super the player has to get clearance or have to clear you know there's of course and you're GonNa Station Public Relations is involved in this as well but to answer your original question Yeah Adam Gates knew that he was like the jets actually embraced the fact that he was Mike Up There is a danger however when you might up a player the perhaps the part of the vetting process but in this case when you're dealing with real time you're an NFL films representative onsite give Espn Lear batch of clips and ESPN obviously decides what they want to air what they don't WanNa air my understanding is that actually people high up on the Totem Pole Nfl Films Alexa play with another doll we can just bury it deep in the ground happy gyco wing download the industry-leading Geico app today I just wonder as we move I don't know how good Sam Darnold is like do do we have a sense of how good he is is going to be has Tony Romo you know I think he could potentially be Matt Ryan Philip Rivers impact type of player and I think if things go perfectly for him seen enough flashes I think in the sixteen games that he's played to believe that he can be a very good player at the very least the I look at his floor very long time I think he's going to be very good player regardless of who is head coaches that being said the head coach is going to be absolutely pivotal if this player has a chance to me the bigger picture is why was he seeing ghosts out there why was it it felt like ill prepared to face the Patriots what what they were going to bring defensively it makes her great conversation it's entertaining it's certainly much better than the bland stuff that you typically here In these Mike the type of scenarios I'm not debating that so I think that the fall out that the team is not happy about I think the bigger picture here is okay we caught him saying it but so I I do think that the team got burned in a way it's not as if the Dan Patrick Show miked up Sam Darnold or the New York Daily News Mike Up Sam Darnold this is the League oh two weeks ago he was the AFC offensive player of the week for what he did against the cowboys he had a tremendous amount of ability high think he will be a difference maker in this league for because he's the one who made the off-balance throws You know ultimately I just think that this team has not been prepared to many times entering games the an elite player you see the Patriots twice a year what do you make of them are they the class of the NFL they are you put the blame on a lot of different people for why they were noncompetitive the other night it obviously begins with the coach in preparation but you can't absolve Sam darnold offer what like twenty four thirty six hours yeah I feel bad for Sam but it was a great moment if I'm NFL films didn't I get what I want to get here now your typical hooting and hollering you your grunting after getting tackled really bland stuff nothing as juicy as what we saw this time and things to concern himself with that's not to say that he shouldn't have handled this matter the the way that he handled yesterday actually agreed with the way that he handled it he said that you're a lot worse thing on sidelines I think NFL people don't pay that much attention to it but you know when you look at social media there's names all over the place about Donald it makes the Boston conversation but if you're the team you have a shared understanding with the league that if your player is GonNa be miked up you're going to get in you know the team's gotTa think twice now about getting the players miked up now again there is a rule get players due to deputy game so I'm not sure what the jets did you hit the nail on the head preparation by the coaching staff he was poor communication by the offensive line was poor execution by Sam darnold and they are because of their defense I thought that they would have a very good defense this year I did not think that we would see a duplicate of the eighty five bears or the two thousand ravens but if you're being honest about this assessment they have played every bit as good and has looked every bit as dominant as those types of decent would be in that Ben Rothlisberger Rogers type of success rate but he has gills dander there was a reason why he was the number three pick in the draft and you saw offensive a clear reflection on bill check the way that they can fuse the jets and you can say the jets are in a very good team and you're probably right about that but other Sam Darnold quarterback where Luke with the quarterback Trevor Siemian was the quarterback that is an indictment on Adam case it's pretty cut and dry it's me in that respect but everybody on that defense seems to be an extremely smart football player there so sound and what they do they don't make mistakes and if that continues I Sousse and there's a lot of football left to be played two and a half months left and and the playoffs and the Super Bowl of course but they're so sound on defense they're so creative on dealing with one if it's teams and in clearly you don't see comments like being air for reasons did adam gays make things better or worse Tom Brady coupled with a dominant defense is at the top combination beat Minnie's thank you for joining us and good luck like he's got a choice here and he's got to go out there and cover this team and I guess I shouldn't feel bad for him I mean he's got he's got things to cover their it's interesting yeah mclovin confusion that they cause with that that all out blitz which wasn't always it all out blitz they had six or seven guys at the line of scrimmage but often times they only blitzed four guys the jets that was high praise for Sam darnold could be Rogers Rothlisberger things break right yeah I I was very surprised todd I'm not doing sports but there are putting in a in an awkward position at the end of the day Dan you know you've been around the NFL long enough to know that seeing those is a common phrase no idea what was going to be that to me is just a credit to how bill belichick teaches those guys I don't know how he does it I don't know what the teaching points are can't see anybody in the AFC or the NFC that's GonNa stop them because as long as Tom Brady as healthy he's always going to be a quality player might not be dominant player he used to be but a quality yesterday with his comments. Okay so you you've bought them on and more I am I'm so in on this right now yeah I really wanna hear soup name okay like oil can of Soup Boyd what I could add that to listen the chats this season back that after okay many a covers the jets for the New York Daily News names that are attached to suit why not just come this chance again this really could be a once in a lifetime deal okay I'm not going to be the bad the chicken soup okay chicken soup because state fast night billy bean soup billy bean soup other good one three bean soup billy three beans Chile is not a soup it is in fact a gravy and there actually is a sports personality say celebrity that that should be weighing in on this debate it okay that's very close I've worked now should could todd stop more boxer go ahead get a hold of mark perhaps suggest a new flavor of Chile. I'm seeing Ghost Pepper Chili okay all right we'll see if we can Work that in Texas joins US hi Scott Hi Dan six hundred forty all right I hear I'm GonNa put this out for the Danettes Richie Richie Bisque Nice hitter for the White Sox and they actually Ritchie Sisk I love okay a bigger gap in knowledge between Fritzy's eighties baseball knowledge and Kern Baseball Knowledge Oscar gamble richest and Oster Gumbo to you all right todd dave soup Campbell from our friend the worldwide leader Chili Davis Ethic Paulie had mentioned that I had to put that on the Davis Oscar Kumba will you give that to me Oscar Gamble close enough to Oscar Gumbo at this stage I'm giving you everything tennis player Risvan Lennon told Nat Darryl did pretty well I think he was messing around on slow wrath you do I hope so Scott intact good movie yeah all right thanks for the phone call yeah thank you neural dude me like I was awesome well everything is TV shows his music and sports it's all eighties based I love voting Charleston charge and The nine hundred eighty fight wants onto one soda Ritchie Bisque and the last two ahead on Charles Barley one of my favorite guests Charles I wanna be friends with that guy I don't think you're man enough to be friends with Darrell and now but I'm just hoping that some of his manliness rubs off let censored learn came out and said that Neymars the greatest soccer player in the world that Jimmy Butler got all of a sudden he loves soccer it's not that strange yeah did I'm sure Bob's aren't gonNA use that I'm hopeful that your your man stuff asked Darryl in California Choices Hi Darryl what do you have for me today Hey dan I would like to weigh in on now I'm not a culinary expert but I would submit the enrolling now sweet split Pea whitaker that works right right the hero of last night's game one soda on Soup I had some Chinese Roy or cyber category chillier itself I took Chile is stu but not soup no no definitely not to and he saw Neymar now he's in love with watching Neymar play soccer yeah they shot something together I saw on Neymar social media that the two of them were together who is James Brolin's son Josh Josh Brolin like there was a Josh Brolin sounder no country for old men he about half the games he plays in because he's always hurt soft magic Michael Vick were injured a lot but was still Michael Vick would you rather have most saw cream of Broccoli Chubby Charles Barkley Barkley and the last one I had far laker friends in La God bless him wrestle chick hearn soup chick hearn soup he's one of the most exciting soccer players in the world hands down when he's healthy when he's playing well which those two things don't happen a lot he seems to get a lot of injuries he misses me Mr United they looked to get back to their winning ways after a draw in their last game you can stream their next match tomorrow at one only on Vr la you know other than that he's got a lot of the yeah he's always hurt more phone calls coming up we'll hear from Lebron James after last night stupid leave out norm chowder Norm Chow Okay College coach. USC All right well thank you ta if I'm there how so I can relax here's an idea let's add save hundreds of dollars on car insurance and the good thing you don't have to drop off or pick up anything lauch that'll be coming up next year on the Dan Patrick Show everybody's got it to do this I get one for my wife drop off the dry cleaning pick-up some milk figure out something to get out okay he's certainly sounds like a chilly guide sounds like a fella who knows a thing or two about chilly it sounds like he was just eating chilling yeah nice breakfast up this is a way to do it it just may be the most rewarding thing on your to do list today that's Geico dot com hey listeners just wanted to take a minute to thank all our great spot mclovin you WanNa hear fritzy sports I really hated soup Nah I really like what are you seeing you wanna hear this March Lorenzo with his stinking good Green Chili. Hopefully todd already reached out to him the Thai Thai Bo on the two topics of the morning Dan if you he's no one will even let me into the House I knock knock but they ignore me what else I look in the mirror don't even podcast one dot com clicking on the support this podcast button and there you will see all our wonderful sponsors that help make this show possible thank you for downloading subscribe yeah I got a chilly yeah that's that's a man's man did it sound like it sounded like very easy to switch and save hundreds on your car insurance Lakers Clippers last night clippers picking up the wind and Paul George like a month or two of the does anybody consider him the greatest soccer player in the World Paul How compared to this seat knows even better than I do Neymars kind of like Michael Vick all you have to do is go to GEICO DOT COM and fifty minutes you could be saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance do you like extra money in your pocket do you like not having to drive somewhere to pick something have the narrative of of a rivalry game and is a huge test I think both teams are not who they wanna be we have a lot of room to improve where new group that's coming together we have a new car her it's just like unparalleled it seems like he's just he's really incredible but he comes with all of this baggage alike he's kind soft he's a little bit of a diva did you watch any yesterday did I want any yesterday event has had a great game yesterday did not follow the Bala I did not watch anything hero two goals in two minutes I saw were Jimmy but Mr Most Saleh's much more productive week tweet I like most Sala Yeah but I love Harry Kane Neymar is incredible and that the things he's able to do with the soccer balls and of course supporting and now back to the show Geico Presents Monster Counseling Dracula tell me how you're feeling no one understands how lonely purpose issue on chilly dance a student it's cooked slow so would fall into stupidity thank you Daryl thank you area culinary culinary it's all right you're nitpicking breath or Schleyer okay all right talking about last night slot first game you know we we're not down or upset you know we stand level headed and just turns and all of you great listeners for supporting this podcast we certainly couldn't do without either review and I wanted to remind you that you can support our sponsors by going to our show page this can't happen after every game but it's going to happen after every game whether they win or lose especially if they lose what's wrong if you win then it's you know they'll add to how do you guys improve are you the team to beat you know so I guess thus that happens in a game one especially for new club I thought it was interesting that he said this isn't a rivalry very subtle very sneaky Granada

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