Justin Bell! (Racing driver, The Torque Show)


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AT i saw him on a flight to southwest he except that was surprising yeah wasn't expecting dolly parton loss to the dolly parton impersonators did he just come out of his man man bag and go back into it hit right i think so something happened to that that group that caused them to not exist anymore partic- citing was real yeah and i went up to her and i just she was in a nails coming out sitting outside a nail salon and i i just stopped is a proctology from encino sitting on the next on the next seat kind of gang war and yeah i sit next to rockstar in the normal world that doesn't work pretty much power wheel drive over they fly a bra from the flagpole at dollywood when she's like around early yeah it's a good thing they do so your underwear on a kind of votes crossing when i say you're a legend i love you you're brilliant i i didn't really mean it until i saw i'm having a week off right now this is me totally i'm doing anything i want to this week really because he's the race was imsa race was on saturday petite limo the flies is just had another yard sale he's bucking fixes up and boat and races and he wins the race by fly in his palace i roller coaster that i ever went on so scared roller coasters was was at dollywood at dollywood is that the shape of them yeah yeah and then she just let me aren't you sweet like basically if i was a few years and i was like wow you're like wait you don't have to be younger as the fools not me she's like i have this i'm totally happy with who i am and i love my brand and it was like into story you know you can't dig into someone like that who's genuine unless you're like a proper legend goal isn't i some old ask dolly parton records talking gangsters house she was awesome awesome sixty years she's been doing stuff it's on an literally he did have his whole man from and he sat there with his two buddies and they would just do on south west one every he's won more races for BMW than anyone else in history he does not know how to win are you aware that is it's sad than someone else trying to look at you you zach thought somebody on a flight to canada was a pamela anderson impersonator sears you know the other stuff that was cool about that weekend was the rec- ferrari who come in for one to raise a year and they won their closet make money money down in the movie theater in front of you or do you know how to decide twisted sister who who's that real hot female immunes reported as indepth journalism what channels is like marie turner bill oberlin yeah i mean billy i mean sixty wins his such a legend that guy he's a beast he's in he's he's kind of he's just that original winner you know he doesn't just wants to win he doesn't and all these young guys come in and he just like swap some down his the reason she wears long sleeves to there is a it is a rumor that i think has more than i did you know you know of this building when i if it's like a sale it's l. there's a movie with john candy signs does she live so full is what really get whatever happened to that guy while he was is to light full i know and look i mean it what's funny is if if you had told the corvette plan that they would be in love with sort of a mid engine cuff five years ago even like creed right yeah yeah he's got CT but he's around bill was looking good and and emanate engineer though i mean he he's super smart about you know all the suspension and i mean he's like been w rely on him so where did you drive that thunder hill and then on the street as well and it's it's pretty it's pretty good pretty good there if it it was so nautical sound that it was yeah it was pretty exciting they had one also on display with the lying around the corner and it it looks pretty good it it makes it amazing first impression the first time you drive it you go holy shit four five eight ls motoring it yeah and then and then you think about it a little more and you can pick apart a couple of things here and there but but as a as the entry point into the mid engine world achieved prominence slightly ahead of them cheap and it rides except for the mclaren seven twenty it's the best probably the best writing sports car the money i'm in for three years right and privateers gonna keep racing so i think then not exactly to sort of turn on and play machine oh engine cars that money can buy you know then if you nice elation it's spectacular compared to the world's best it's not quite there i mid engine car it's quite good if you drive it in isolation not back to back with the nine eleven and four and on the best i mean obviously the sad part is we're losing the ford GT GT program is over but everyone sat about it but they were too and they can do what they want but they they only i i know they built the fuck fuck the fear okay doesn't count anymore as the anti came out yeah does count you know the one who really hits hard whatever she did know nobel peace they can go anywhere ever walter she's and she has a she goes in they ten years ago they would have just i mean might as well told no getting a viper now they were like i just love that it looks the biz race teams can do and pratt and miller i don't if you you know you you know a lot about them but when the US government the military were having a problem with a satellite on reentry they go to pratt and miller rocky he will keep winning all the sequels until i guess did rookie die in the i don't know you should hoping they co MGM but they the one thing that we will never get to test is what pratt and miller do see eight is the second most bad ass thing bill burr linda's other than the foss boats boats created the psycho death boats that go like one hundred fifty miles an hour and he does all the props it's amazing what our minds retain the most important information full you'll just like lots and charter actually i'm on this is i and say well you know i mean your fate this and that and the other and she just goes will i mean who the fools i mean i i mean if they will fooled why she except for the seven twenty well because it's double wishbone with mag ride well you know what to like yeah i mean they certainly know how to do their electromagnetics mentioned did you see for the fiero on thirty inch tires so check your inbox but as as great predicts pretty accurately which obviously including GPS on the track and also taps into the for that damping develop john he's really he's really got a racing driver facing that he's he's rowdy burns thing doesn't all the other manufacturers and does that a standard now standard in all costs and i think i would assume they sell that as a safety feature to streetcar these the review review on vacation today did you see that someone broke the embargo and then everyone like fluctuated the reviews at the time it's a steak he got to drive he can tell you about it but he drove the ford GT they invited journalists eight jealous you went on that list matt no me up behind you you've three cause and it's a reversal to raid out that identifies the call which side based on an algorithm is likely to pass it's closing well you see one prototype coming up and you'll so committed in GT you wouldn't know whether you whether it's two or three prototypes which chance your approach to it right they'll tell you they're they're they're trying to i don't think that i think they take a little bit of wet race in the old ford GT and it was such a terrible race i have to have like an international license or something and so of course there were more euros the US ones that can do it and he drove it he was fosters obviously are they never did any anything but it was very pretty cool he goes into a long line of very pretty cold dr the causes behind so now what pratt and miller is so confident about what they do they allow that technology to be bought by everybody else so so they licensed licenses l. by date and they still win races with so and but told me kendall you know my cousin the torch show he's gonna be on the show next week is it it's what a rica did to viper back when people were saying i was racing and people go up he says shit they were like you have another race card and you know what they're the ones that pratt and miller when you look inside the covert or the ford or BMW they have a screen on the dashboard the at night it's very hot multi-clause racing to know who's flew through like daily i mean there are drivers with a tenth of his ability one hundred success to come program that guidance system it down they have government contracts that that we beyond anything to do racing and you know they they they they're so advanced so what they do they they flogged the old see seven for the way three two years over scrape swansong for this seven or two right there was sitting right there so the person out gates was rick allen of racing yeah actually alex zanardi is the rick y- he came he at data it's just if you want he was there in the heat of the moment he's just another driver it doesn't matter i mean besides the respect and you know the fact he's technically handicapped it doesn't matter right well he just won another gold at the paralympics do you see the driver inside the car you to see a co you're racing car or you do definitely evatt you sometimes you know someone i mean i don't say like a monkey but like a monkey because he's so strong legs that's an appropriate description it was it was crazy yeah she's hanging from the real quick so crazy shit's cost so driving lhamo because the problem is imagine going down the back straight at lemoyne tee we'll go to indianapolis something into the puskas better but he's sending kendall tommy kendall i mean yeah us tell me again yeah pasta so funny we sit there and we did attorney racing for BMW and we had him booked come on it was a first weekend of the torch and so he's put to come on and he overheard us on the on the who to to even turn up sometimes him who's just ready to go and for anyone involved did you see that video on youtube when he did the driver change pins that way we got championship after i think it was it was that i don't think he's still raised the viper no you still he's so in that situation you're you're racing against somebody like alix given you know his limited abilities but not really i mean do you massive crash i mean a long time ago cut his career short he has a noticeable limp because what he does considering he has to use a guest the konkan the car you just these legs a little bit of a little it would've been a good idea but the trouble is is that if you're if you're the seat fell for tommy kendall you've got to be on your game amazing actually and he can you know this or you can video but you can see the amount of angle that he can actually move his right leg softer told me how to is the only sport imagine it i used to like golf i hate it now but i used to like gulf imagine if money could buy onto really great overtaking so when they come up behind you like shit they're gonna go by it's just a psychological thing he always takes a while you know he'll back out if i block in one because you get to know everyone you race games every weekend but the uncertain factor of you know another someone that's just license so something you know over a speaker's going in tamasha we're going to have you know addicts and he width turns suddenly in his little his specially designed superhuman wheelchair headlight this this is my music gas pedal with his knees ankle no one one nine nine trans not often on strategy the top teams will put the same that top guys out against you guys got it kinda relay race you're single car single seater racing transactional and will challenge anything where it's manono oh man or woman it it's really much easier the in person to show that actually they i was hoping he wasn't going to like sending secret text to to you know get nasty saying listen that toll the vaunted your feet and then he'd come on his knuckles after you i've never seen anyone tries but when you're in a big race though do you that's that's part of the mental game of racing it's like you know they can we'll hit the bullets but you you know within reason so you do evaluate people like that and which is the trouble racing after fucking crazy i didn't realize that he had to actually do that really gave that much thought we gotta remember to ask him he won't come up it's gonna be exhausting he's the the hulu he he gets in a video who made i think it was nothing can i tell you was going in and out of the car like yeah like so you want to get to shows instead of that so that's they show so tommy obviously but there's a difference between bill oberlin all broken angie body language body language and the caused do have that kind of personality ooh verstappen fast yeah to overcome the lack of money and otherwise it's just a hard because you can't tell your kid at the beginning late daytona you've got like five drivers in a car so the car throughout the race but you don't you don't or do you actually know who's in a d come up and they they look at you and you always try and let you are like we are trying to get the young generation engaged in what we do this whole conversation but with racing and then of course it goes out of sequence and then you can tell festival you can see the you can just tell someone slows in the car one of the gentlemen drivers or something and some of them are super fos of millions of ASC verified fixes then fix the problem yourself or had to the garage armed with knowledge either way your in control plus one future he's won some championships i said you know anyone rich you know and this and i said well you better be like reichen and fast thanks how did that happen own nope we do this in racing racing i will say to the young kids who the you're in former one if you if you make the cut i just think it's that very very difficult thing in our sport where the payout at the top actually doesn't equally invest allan mcnish and now we can't even say but they got a lot of you know a lot of people into the sport but look red bull if you become a ripple athlete month's shrew small fortune racing yeah who was who came on the show zach not long ago scott pru scott pruitt so my company and and i'm i'm here and he's like the guy we looking you yeah that's okay i shoot ninety it's fine you go off kill a couple of sepals wants to be a lewis hamilton or jeff gordon or whoever and they come up and then the happened this weekend and kid comes up his dad's and he says i'm going to be really good at cutting don't have it kind of assam do some imagine that's that's where in the old days marlboro camel they want us you know make a hacking them with melva straight from the beginning the so you're there and you know they're whatever pebble beach and you're like hey yeah i'm i'm you know i it came on the show and he said he was like look closely there's probably like a hundred paid total so like in higher earlier you know you might be a good driver if we had a four then even if you are reichen intercept fast don't you to be able to to find that money yeah so he'd kick your frigging the the only thing you better hope his if he's pissed at you that he can get his wheelchair before you'll running because you do have vesey only around and instead it's going through that corner kind of thing if it's wet you you know you can tell but i mean my only my i mean it's funny going to be i wanna be a GT driver i ask good and i looked to the data i said a you you rich no no he said but you know we in in vitro pastes linked maybe yeah no the dream of being a two hundred drivers i'm texting my son he's voting school navy academy and he's like why aren't you using the phone to say because limited bit of bullshit racing that i've done i can see how addictive it is and if you're good at it and you get you get a win you beat fifty hung out of it it was teenagers and huge crush on it but it wasn't reciprocated and she i remember talking to her i said but other drivers and you get away and you go this is going to be my life now and it's like whoa heroin l. boom now now fucking racecar driver we could compare it my buddy james and his dad and i came back home and set to that i i just saw that it's like a scene you know inside the machine and how he got there if you these cards i swear the these these kids you know over exposed out there that all brilliant ever played down at the dog and pony you know and i never went to i didn't go to causing guy didn't go to any there was no causing coffee about that you know it fula women i just remember i just go to races and i had an interesting conversation with khloe mason who is nate mason the drummer pink floyd kind aw kids girlfriend's dad the club in england was called the doghouse yeah and that was the famous club which betty hill graham hill's wife started add stuff and i ask what it was like to be a kid to be derek bells kid like did you travel around or are you home with your mom no we traveled a lot viewer because there's always a team for you pretty much but you know it is still an amazing sport to be a part of and it's also you know having done the little x-men buddy of mine from high school dipped out like sophomore year to go to utah park city to go to the US i think everybody's everybody's dad was a racecar driver and she said and i said so my races going to silverstone going to the mall going to spas paid but maybe get paid in this right now to west johann some of the top drivers in dwelled in GT racing because the full programs going away was there was no there was no capri there was coverage you know i never went to it so i never knew and then i was seventeen thought racing period was as an art student i had no intention of racecar driver i was racing motocross so emmy a bit i went to the film festival at brands hatch a lot of other things in our life you know what i mean it's like it just once you once you taste that you you're into it but that's how i i've been around racing my whole life my dad awesome cool gulls nine five six porsches and amazing race tracks and i went to the i wanna do that now you saw the level of the local residents myemma yeah what the heck oh oh in dad's little quote until you were seventeen i didn't i did eight but but real race caused a seventeen years old but the ring and at the same time she said yeah well i i'd sit on the corner the stage while they're doing soundcheck at wembley yeah she never went to a pub it's marketing yeah we just started well that's why we that's why we saw lewis hamilton on instagram roman grosjean or whatever ski academy and he would go to class in the morning and then everybody would get out at noon and they would go skiing and that's that was the thing there was a school in in florida that my buddy she really taught right and then you can go play basketball in europe paid a little bit that's what america's to europeans come over here and lay listen desks oh brilliant they're being homeschool yeah so they can go karting for three as a day they talk about you know you'll running down it's like the start of a motocross race like because lewis hamilton i mean to me anyway as a much more dynamic person but he had to break out yeah he was he was run dennis defied through mclaren tokyo with racing you know you you get to this point where you have you can get so far and some of these you know and you suddenly get like going this is a doll and then the rest of the money to go out and do a test day and we went to brands hatch started started driving as you know fifty bikes going through a gate room for two at the end they were boarding school where you go and do real school for like four hours a day and then you race for me like not good you know it's like it's not to do but the is it so all these kids that they're they have no job yeah now wouldn't have basketball when i in baseball i mean there's thousands of those people you know once you make it he said how do we tell you mother and that made me work on the formal summit to get the money to jim russell school then getting up and down the street robot until the point that suddenly and then he became dennis rodman nice nice segue that'd be funny i remember when he equals getting shit and the british papers and from the team for one minute being inveigh you know between races before the allston race you know being in vegas with you know justice in venice the vegan place buckle cafe gratitude that places delicious they and they have those buffalo wings at a lake with the with the medical don't like when they try to fake the collar bieber and he's like okay the day i start winning on fucking sunday you can tell me that i should back it out yeah i know i haven't read private jet i'm actually a chicken choosing cheating v o so off my no that's shows i'm not gonna say what is take a drone on me cutting could says so advanced and their skill set so again is another young man who races in hey delicious vegetarian dish that is like not a thing that looks like meat but made a vegetable really talking vegetables they like little homogenized i don't mean it's a little that scene in spy movie when suddenly see into the lair and he's like ten thousand a plant based annoying about it i'm not naive about it i mean i love i was in and out yesterday without meat what's that cafe gratitude for tennis same transferred him over there US racing academy jeremy shaw thousand dollars to trying to i'm trying to think nothing happens in a race or someone tweet something after a race or something happens that's like an f one race and everyone goes ooh there was a glimpse of a person and and a lot of the media or the organization just go working with with a young lady right now who's going to she's come alex heinous her name she's doing porsche stuff and she really wants to be in racing yeah really great women and there should be that should be a lot more women in our sport yeah i mean it seems like his levels a lot of the playing field right ooh they stepped out of line and how rude of them and some people are like finally a human being so what do you think about that isn't it funny we most series will find you eh couple of years ago he's like so what can i do to get noticed some light i mean you'll fast but his fast fast fast i said i go home i would get it get him on our flank sold a jet he wants three yeah he does he's he turned vegan two years ago and taught me how to do like media training some bullshit but the trouble is if someone wants pointed out to me about the way i do TV and stuff that we couldn't really teach that is first of all what do you think about the racing drivers of kind of their personalities narrowed like you said they're all the same in every every now and then you know but the point being fine line though don't you if you too outspoken teams get pretty her that she is quite trust kashagan is you know i did that tony's veggie to buy it so i'm not a good vegan but i do enjoy aw you know they really wanted to like every seven years all your cells like regenerate so we need to watch a documentary about like powerlifters and stuff the guys who were in their forty s and they've been doing it for a while they get that old man strength so silly look bigger than anybody else like massively shifted is super hard on the twins uh of bang smacking the shit out of someone with your helmets off and yet they'll use the same footage in their promo video series i mean it's like totality and he's like so skinny i mean he's like skinnier than i am right in these but he's eighteen who nineteen he's redefining indycar right now and he's so fricking fuss stones sixty that i mean i i when i say the drivers don't have personnel of course on the wind to get him a he can tattoos of like strip down your arm and comeback date instagram models or something do something a little bit make his care because the holson colton herta yeah so he was sitting with tommy having in the middle of the petita remarry campfires and she had and then you go down the other part and you could smell the marijuana and then you this is my imagination a twenty five years old but you could you could smell everything going around the track the old big penske drivers in the second you know tia team brian had some big future ahead of him and then you see graham ray hole ah laguna seca which is you know whether raceway league in a second just brilliant i mean i mean the allegation is wholly elevation makes racetrack he's here he's red he's he's he's she vegan vying whole life he's saving the planet by burning ten thousand road atlanta where we were the weekend which lovely which is unbelievable and they put this when you go there next time mission and they just built a new building it looks like you're yeah full crank i mean you know what's funny is that you see these young guys come into sports cars or indycar especially indycar to begin for the twenty year olds is forty year olds i guess honan seven seven seven seven put any so i'm in my eighth set of cells placement vegan replay three years the most you can with your next set of cells i am cellular ambition that's that's pretty cool does she sends out for her right yeah i mean we have christina nilsson we have all these great women that have racing right now katherine legge yo yeah she's great an individual basis they do but the the precious to be so good and sponsors an orlando but if you can just evolve your your present in charlotte what's your favorite track to drive the tracks you've raised well you generally like the ones you win on just being shallow sentimental value i mean lamar's he's a sweetest guy anyway trying to do it and i said are you just going to stand out i mean right now is a female race car driver you've got to be fast yeah but i mean what a market if you can get it right slide it and do everything i any way you have those kind of elevation changes you want you and especially downhill breaking and stuff you want immune maybe for talking about indycar okay maybe there's a physicality of the forces or whatever but i think in a GT car prototype dishing the big mouth on a short person i mean it's like you're like hold on that doesn't match you make a little noise and five at one nothing wrong being you come back to the pits and his so your senses are so heightened i i find that in america so definitely in america yeah you are now you're like fifteen percent of the way for my eight set of cells have you been vegan for seven years so you uh-huh and isn't a i mean isn't that sort of that but that is by definition the american call heritage and i get it drag racing what was happening thing you have and it fits and it's just okay and then what about the rest of his thinking about it down in texas and they're they're very nice people down there but they got a lot of space and so their thing is the highway roll racing and so it's just how much power can you show the hood for a sixty two one sixty pit when you go to the mall and you just in the middle of the night you know driving in its you know if it's not pissing rain but you know when it's cool and i describe round limos and and i saw like mclaren and some of these cubs will sell you a streetcar the AC delete meanwhile every fucking race cars air conditioning but kota really opposite the pits and they demolished him on our old shit leaning on it i think and so now they have this and you had a cams right here and they were all on this street right in front of us and i wonder they just flew up and down you know i mean but it is it's still gratified you just do what you want it's not precious is really nice because it's it's it's it's pretty but it's i don't treat it precious at all it's very weird feeling to be in a nine eleven you want something that has that that platform that you can feel the whole time you know and some of these because there's that disconnect between their power and they in the nighttime especially when the fairground you go round and you'd get pasta and you could almost you could smell a candy you could smell the lights in the big you know i tell you if you were going to do that i think that little you on the same thing that mclaren six hundred lt those lovely really lovely i think that would be my go-to tracks eighty-five high on the pictures of it out there and running anna is in the right car just the best yeah what's your giving but being although his tool was quite skinny but now he's built like your shins jack grimsby and you know what happens any next starts going like this and you're have you ever done any offered yeah i did the the wide open baja customer racing program thing back in the day and it was super super fun in the bud they kind of well i i mean i've done no dabble tested to touch uh nuff and you know when obviously i did shut up dr reese you know we re smelling and he was always talking about it and what he does and oleg guys and then you see poll tracy's you know it was see his videos and things i mean those around saying robby gordon is king lunatic yeah i mean but it's i i think you should get why i liked that really care about roads visit you don't care off-spiner watching watch it last year at long beach the first time they win they would just three years ago it's incredibly funny i've just a little tiny bit that i've done supersede refund you know it looks grove stadium super trucks oh yeah golden sarah ax fun fun but you know lime rock can be found it depends what car you and i it was the wellspring asked to drive if you're in your car handling salaam unless you know but the horsepower arms race yes sometimes i mean that's that's why sometimes you get us to drive poject 'cause the other than the rate given what's what would be your ideal streetcar at road atlanta radio streetcar will you want some track oriented streetcar or anything really does he does you know mr bachelor he junior and you know he's found a home there and they do that and that doesn't look too good awesome things like that and you go they say how does it how is it and i'm like i think you should do breaks dampers street here boulevard right years ago this was they called this thunder alley on jefferson because you had shelby here you had eto brock here you know what the fuck of don't you call and more than ever interest you can buy super charger and both danny they sometimes someone's a little more enthusiastic true going into the jump i mean if we're always coming by you i'm sure you'll i mean ari junior he and her dad was a world cup scare and his one daytona and stuff he's a cool guy you'd have met them nineteen that silver one with orange stripe down sideways and once in a while the long beach geez that was the shit that's the best racing series the new israeli isolate you i like your your who is your rally car the little leaky kuhne and then but without a care in the world as far as elliot streets because you're trained to be in that vision in your life don't you got shuster the first job pungo oh yeah you guys what the fuck was that hazy yeah they landau cockeyed it was just like coming down off the pedestrian bridge and i'm like mighty manage yet just looking for an car into the paddock and suddenly i look up on this these were great and the people were supervised and it was rat i do recommend doing a with b f g of of they do they're they're runs down there the pre james this is the testing today i mean going to be the looks amazing i'm trying of rivals that someone's how can you knock it made sense it was a great fifteen minute racism i went down to long beach my son and adultery and i mean they love racing but tape every lap down hot and candy when i come in and you can see go down and you can smell the i i actually you know in its silo 'isolation it's probably fine life and struggle with the different everything couple of hundred pounds lighter it i mean i gotta say again what are you gonna compare it you don't compare it to compare all the cars advocated contact like you watch the onboard and there i mean it's not like agreed but they're tapping and trying to go and this gentleman drivers tana's good at a lot yeah he can fuck try he and he is so home about it he is just not like i mean at least outwardly i don't know what's going they will i finished really two thousand thirteen that's my last big ray's potato and they so they've never really seen me as as teenagers doing stuff every single magazine covers also call it drew phillips's home away from home we we were shooting you know that long right hand on the angeles crest long long you're out yeah with the big turnout the big ten out on the inside yeah we call that european car on inside but outside its sale trump four hundred yards through a hole in a concrete wall off and we went down there and like after the first thirty seconds all of is like who i want you racing she why yeah yeah of course he would do that what we're going to have these giant jumps and then no-landing soon flatland that and and so good so good for your feet uh-huh tens of millions of dollars i'm like okay well in this town up he was at the time you getting big money yeah he's doing drugs it'll be different every time the drift snowdrift stunt guy he was he was on site sack words and i have to do it at exactly sixty six point two miles an hour but the speed limiter on my truck doesn't work but like it's cool like we're good his noise i'm looking at the underside of a frigging truck yes as as he goes by and then you just you can't stop watching you sinise things man have you arrive what i the series that i mean i think it was i dunno managed mental identify badly managers ahead of its time but globally coming bhai so i said to resolve to stand here and he just because we stand what you want and now if a race car driver nomoreza driver was going to go through a shot yeah we're filming with the harris last year he'd like nine eleven touring up at thunder hill and we needed a drift shot and so he he because he's very very ah twelve times in iraq reese was the same we did we did shut up and drive and we had the SEF's and lex us yes and he was on what GM adjust and i just stand that literally where i am and he comes to feet away and i trusted him and he goes by he carries on all the way around the corner ways you know you know in my world as you you kick it out just before you need to kind of go through the corner and don't ask me early close crossing i thought that's the way to go it looks on asphalt and you on and you jump and we might that continue in america at all or is it just fully blue myself on the back i did i von get in junior we when we had this is sort of really cool baja truck where if you just like smashed the throttle in front of speed from the the quick skip yeah oh it's the best i went to audio plug up in sweden and did a mercedes one and then two years a year and a half ago i did lamborghini super fair one off in colorado because it's the right size for everything they're rowdy on it and just never felt too much of a car didn't it a racing driver is fucking like almost unattainable my son and it is who we say don't become a call john lewis for us isn't it you know when we get a loan to car and you go and you're in LA just gotta get outside LA i so i have the new the boxster spyder switch we have told me i had the tradition the other day fresh show which which was really fun we took it to do you know what compared to what we used to do with enough and i just turned to the cameras stupid that's why he does that whatever but y- inside impressed that's that's that's the hadn't done that ice racing is driving thing yet no i would love to them below zero school or no no i've done two i went mclennan had the wells fargo scout show we we went up there and ford said can you do something with him and so in his call in his car and his very good exciting cars chris chris harris and he does the same thing he enters real early and just smoke smoke smoke smoke smoke third year and then he does the thing where he pulls up and he goes who entered he entered king which only own was a job to do he thing and he came in i think that's pretty i think that'll work pretty good we can move on and you're like you smug look pretty good doc in play with tanzanian doing that's absolutely but given a big skill and a formula d carr is anything better you you just said the most fun seven thousand dollars that we expect i never look at that point i think yeah we we had anyway it was fun but we were we were upper just set up to do it so i was a lot more impressive than i you know but how much fun did you have wasn't at the mall more than anthony formula drift cars are hands down the most thing you can dr robert darren properties but he's like you know mr magoo and we're standing out there and he said we can do short let's get a shot of reason erase caro's nine hundred whatever it was wasn't as much as he said you don't you don't need that much but you know getting the balance right and just pulling the lever and everything lied and go for half a mile just go go go canada yet you just go it's like you know they'll say well is a gate with some flags about three hundred feet wide somewhere over there and you just get into i striving school how this is are all taught help prepped studied tired air cooled nine eleven on ice that looks the jam backwards now you're going to happen now you'll backwards and then as you put gas on it would transfer you know ninety percents back to the front to the front would grab in this and then you do it but if you didn't commit yeah it would just go ole full wheels slide stray off into the and we stop in this town they have an ice sculpture house in the middle of town so proud of it other than that smell piss because it's it was just wherever the beginning they he was one of the guys and they'd be not that pressing for three days got really good on it and you could go in with this system then you turn the wheel then you connect and then you'd floor it and go back to all wheel drive and off you go and you go you go i am a god he's got an air cooled school somewhere that i can i think it's called below zero well thanks to this poke cost you will now be on it because i bought it up son coming with if you let physics stewart's screwed most fun honestly if you do really the one i wanna do is richard tuttle you must know the portion of the guy so spare and good hospitality and just the most fun oh cool look at the ice track yeah that's awesome it's the kind of thing i said to the the slide not into the slide because if you you turn away from the slide it would slot getting around like this you then start to get no gas you start to give it gets you actually yeah and then they had huskies and they you're drinking all night have zero below zero porsche ooh the wealthy cod guys that you know that looking for the next fix and you'll have to do that that's the one in the one in northern sweden you are at the everyone relieved themselves locally kind of melt it melts it one at a time but if you go you going all the arctic circle i mean there's jonny lee to stay in an igloo they have eglise but but they had glue house in town shows homeless wherever you are that diff- than oil drive system on that you would corey lewis one of the races the one c bring for daytona with lapland but you know you expect to see stuff yeah he's just white road but yeah i i've always wanted to do the thing where you stay in the glass igloos with me really it's just disappointing but i do have a word of advice view which i didn't learn actually in one of those co places i learned total can't start to slide and then it would stop going backwards and you'd actually reverse that she turn away from what was the not the hurricane we did our gherardo diatta had hurricanes yata and the event or events dole yeah and and we're in this town near this town and johnny lebron i would doing things with medicare and we were driving up in a BG wagon all the way that from copenhagen up to i know who also told me about it because they they organize the a. m. g. academy went to one and they did an aspen that's fantastic that's anything you want the thought it was so funny and he took off his pants and sat down oh to the ice and so now there and so now outside of his his tent camping in the badlands and watch the sun come up and was like yeah he's he's a great guy really is he has so many stories he was in the a place in vegas when i was doing jackson and they had a ball but ice the ice spa love jacket yes shooting some really funny enough north it was like game of thrones the wool so freaking cold but then john john and i get there and the whole the research what might have trained hadn't quite done that six miles in the car and when we get there there's a fucking gift shop road you know it's not like to see santa claus by smashing the glass on my forehead and i really caught my forehead badly and i just i felt the trickle of warm blood come down to face as she was because i'm a big law and order fan who he was i met him twice on boron moore doing like we hung out for a minute and it was it absolutely really you know she is in trying to impress her we were all in in one of those ice bars and you take the shot from the ICU huck against the wall and i tried to impress her opposite does anyone ever and i mean yeah what about that apartment opposite i think there's a elton john's apartments to talk frozen so anything like as you know in you know and they're like no no no one can an ongoing yeah no that's important you don't want to do anything like that they just got a notification of the day though i screen shot and i was very excited ice tea follow me on twitter very exciting peace with the the the girls that were there and doing this and the big thing on khotan and all this and i said what's a funny thing you've ever seen in his she said well we had a bachelor no and i'm sorry christopher chris for maloney christopher maloney elliot stabler from law and order i saw him in she was so nice about it she was like i'll i'll sweetie like oh she cleaned up and i was like i fucking hate just kill me just just just kill me now you don't want to hey hey he's like so he was asking lots of questions that you might if you like celebrity and like so when i part that no no media can come in right underneath the furious nagged me for a photograph at a gallop in party for the aston zagallo member i was he nagged me for good for you like in that real goumba new york like i was like what the like that wasn't like whoa whoa all i said was high and i'm a fan like jesus fucking christ the story a million times what embarrassed myself quite heavily into that yeah yeah it's you know you know cocoa tea's wife well not not like not not as a celebrity to to very easy one is rick yuan who you would know as johnny tran from the fast yeah so they were more warm water to keeler and everything i mean talk about that honestly acts and i'm a huge fan and just said oh hey chris maloney i'm a huge fan and now is it all he had to say was thank you very much have a good day but he he went i wanna say marines or maybe like infantry like he's a he was a military guy how many lies you let real musician real real yesterday that i was nice too i was super cracked out when i landed because i hadn't fucked slipped and i fucking went head at bob sagged LAX it's just if i was single i would definitely be a member definitely as a married guy nothing that as a bit of waste of money for malibu one is supposedly the shit l. because in my guests no and here we are we're at the arctic circle and johnny pulls out his phone and it goes because as you know worse fifteen no my my worst one generally people are generally i meet them in the car world and the racing world when the up to what you would hope hanging out with ice t to do cannon ball years ago and we we we got up at the badlands in the morning and he was along and it was funny again that win snapshot bad moment bad day i don't know but i had to interview and he was like happy to see him i said bob sackett lovey manager said that expand and we just didn't even stop but it was perfect interaction i had lunch today that's the one really sound very high society now so tell me what's who who was the biggest us because i play a superhero dr and mine was when patrick dempsey went lost you and i was like i just need to need somewhere to go and so i joined and he was sitting it was him and at the same time they hey how you didn't wife the northern lights igloos maybe i could combine that with a whole to iceland and i've been to places like five trips now never seen a northern light about this show i just realized as you said fuck seventeen times in eight seconds was the fact that my daughter asked me in the car is my favorite she's twelve it that is with that party soared road no photos today christopher nolan ironically law and order SVU i'm huge not christopher come into your ta when i did that whole jay leno electric coughing i'm the green cutting when he had the the jay leno show i was training i mean i drove with so many of them from the raw you any one of your race driving friends will tell you that when when you get them your wealth it's a it's a very big equalizer you check your ego bet you just help every time i personally think the suggests peeing on it i know it was france he's fifteen though yeah the best man they're like copenhagen collector then when i went for my so house orientation whatever ten years ago they're sitting next to me that was when they first start the month opened here that way you shouldn't so she's listening lula she loves listening to me and what chances you got and and all of us i'm tried reading the book i cried and i do it's so funny anytime we watch anything i mean like anything remotely with a moment in it my kids then i heard he was overwhelmed by everything ongoing that's unfortunate jeff swertz said he was sweet jeff jeff worked on that movie he said he was a really nice guy yeah man i mean 'cause you know and i was like see must be exciting to be here with all the real drivers you know just just a movie kind of his fuck your favorite word i win you'll say what i said he is my favorite swearword she said what did you say is said minus poop for now keeper i had a friend i had a friend pass away i there was jesse that there was my carl and now we you know my my cat who i've had is something he did it in place anyway any i'm sure he's very very sweet and did you haven't yet so but they were shooting racing in the rain were precinct so is that seeping and milo the guy milo we get there were all checked in and they slapped like the expert bracelet on me so i'm like i'm driving customers in the same classes like what your dad is talk to serena williams too i mean so many they would generally really really cool because you're the expert division freaking out i'm never gonna pocono before like valentino's their their bills air i'm like what am i doing i'm freaking out JP and i'm like i don't i shouldn't be like for fourteen years is like he's he's okay but he has what is the like the beginning of like a terminal illness so it's like oh god how much did this take and i'm going what can i said to patrick i said you need to give him a fucking less straining little training this is now the you can relieve in hollywood but you can leave that bullshit behind like he could tell i was nervous that he he's he he's he's probably one of the nicest human beings i've ever met so you know matt he wants to go on an adventure drives pacific northwest knicks are my friend rob rob ferretti doing he's doing adventure drives pacific we're in the pit lane i'm in a fucking race suit your inner suit i've been introduced you mean you'll hear were you stunned driving no in the middle of the seabourn twelve hours with a camera with your oversee i'm not you know it's not it's not i don't grind trying to put a post op they got car and so i i got to do an event in pocono and it was the first time ever get to drive at pocono JP and we were we were the factory drivers a complete idiot in front of all of these guys like i was nervous and he just was like he's like you'll be fine he goes you totally okay and then just kind of walked away and it all worked out great but it was just it just put me ooh got a few questions i'm gonna try we i'm going to i'm going to filter out all of the tea too because your time's valuable the the generic card vice once but in a car would be best for the task i mean honestly something reasonably fast and comfortable comfortable with renting is because you're going to have to cross into canada you may not be able to west seattle up through canada banff all that i'm so excited so you wants to know is renting better and i'm there we this event was it was a huge event with all the major manufacturers so your dad was there driving for bentley valentina was there driving for lambeau there's another guy remember his name driver for lotus i mean all these heavy hitters on but if not yeah i i like renting from six for this sort of thing because you can rent a specific car it's not like there's no or similar celebrity mole yeah i mean that's the great thing about that place you can skew just like i'm jeremy irons wants to have dinner with somebody and it was very nice got the purple label special leather which he sent the swatches to the factory and i got it in o-3 never really drove it much i drive it a lot in twenty fifteen i decided to send it to england to newport panel to have a manual put in yeah yeah i mean is to figure that out logistics thing he may want to bring your own car you should yeah because that's part of the when no excuse me oh five when he got the vanquish s and i got it we got it for very very cheap and my dad the she's me ever since i just it just totally our crying than i'm comfortable with last year it's just why why why and it was picked up he was picked up two hours ago from connecticut is on a truck out here west heading west that i'm taking it on adventure drives yeah i don't know if i'll be invited on the press launch they haven't announced that yet but if not there will be there'll be press cars in california eventually and we'll get one yet story about your dad at some point i wanted to tell to we'll do do that now you sure i the first time i ever met your your father was i didn't event i used to work for spyker oh it might be a while i think might be well kevin wants to know what happened to the CEO embargo it got blown what happened with embargoes is i don't know about any i was pacific northwest so there's a good example of a great car to take GT car and we will be GTE driven converted vanquish they're fucking cool jobs he liked hashing the shoulder he goes he's just follow our line he goes with this isn't a race he goes everything will be fine you'll be oh totally okay and then just walk away and it like i was like because i was so nervous oh no oh the story behind my aston my ass and is a two thousand and three vanquish it was built new four ralph lauren as kevin says yes it was his car it's on coast moore's please you go to milo i e j b and we do all these stuff say minor leaguers yeah well you know we'll just spin round and my girlfriend china the turn and look at me is that crying again because he's like this is most i mean all the things i've done in my life and then if there's any human moment as trade off it's just it's just weird isn't it when you do when you actually have a job and you'll obviously wearing a you're wearing a tv raysut with mike in which they did and it's back now it's got thirteen thousand miles on it i think fourteen thousand miles not very many miles and it's their motor trend notification at five thirty AM central time this morning that's the earliest post i've heard of but i don't know either way but they you know outlets yeah it wasn't depressed launch the press launch hasn't happened yeah there there were only there's two or three development cars that are running like the car that i you've showed up on a transporter with a crew of four people that literally could not leave it out of their sight they had to take it with them everywhere they went and last year of not patrick's great go with patches fantastic shoot teeth sweetest man super right if it's broken it's broken by broken by everybody so somebody broke it i don't know it was it definitely wasn't me because i was on top of a mountain someone said it does make you more it'd be would it be can we punch it on that deck we're gonna take a few questions i am going sri equal out those types of advantages nowadays tomorrow doesn't get broken yeah i had to come home and race home and upload the video some time to prepare for when it gets launched you know i mean that good bad and ugly so like when it does get broken they're scrambling i couldn't imagine so yeah so the embargo from a manufacturer's standpoint did on the other side of that is that you know the the point is that they can one day but like i think they probably had social media getting ready to be launched a print magazine takes yeah which is good stuff but like something fast income i did i did the european an audi s seven and it was like perfect which i mean there's people that do it in like lambeau i buy like that just annoys video i put up i that was my little workaround right no driving impressions fine here's me silently driving around a racetrack had armor for the apocalypse what car justin would you have armored who would be your perfect armored vehicle it's i mean it's a big v twelve and a six speed and thirty three pedals it's fantastic mint society says is see eight corvette street test coming mad max where you find the beautiful woman you've got to take a with you i'm not play a big killer i dunno i wouldn't well i can tell my mind what says nothing to do the was in shit but like i don't want to drive fifteen hundred miles in a hurricane like that's not my idea of nine eleven i mean nothing wrong with the good nine eleven kevin wants tesla performance car of the year and motor trend car the year they're the only people who got to drive it in the month of september no one else got it and so the embargo was only really for like four intend to make a youtube video or fucking digital thing takes no time at all and so it's there's thousands and thousands of dollars on the line if you are it's four hundred thousand views yeah you know what i mean like that's like that's like fifteen hundred bucks that's not nothing you know what i mean and that's so if it's an attempt by the manufact- already idiot let's see oh blake blah blah black sleep black sleep woody says what car or truck would you send i don't you never want to be the first you don't wanna break the embargo but if someone breaks the embargo then the floodgate is open because you're not going to be the fucking last the only sucker action but now i'm figuring out how i'm fighting off you know the guys on the guy from four who moves into the tent next to me right the best toy by far it's the best toy in the world you can go literally anywhere water will not stop you you can drive into frozen legs what would the apocalypse coming you figure out that anyone that i like is that she inside the car with me yeah so i'm not gonna i it's it's not going to be like jordan that out the other side you know not often do you see something and you go that's just would wrote my will yes it would this classes like i don't i don't know how comfortable they didn't just stay when my lines that you're good enough driver and i didn't know that your dad was behind me and he overheard me like completely freaking out it i mean i understand the embarrassing because 'cause you're they're giving you an opportunity and it's gotta respect yeah but in today's world it's so wow isn't that like almost comically cheap tents amazing it is i would armor the fuck out of that thing and the fuel the fuel ranges on that twenty eight hundred i have to go to northern minnesota drive them in winter and there these these things these russian amphibious things so he kind of looks like a toy it is what do you think that thing costs is that right there it's about the size of like a how do i even find a picture like a human standing next to it or something intent i will give them a shout out they deserve shoutout go find the pollen todd's ev go fund me and help them by those terrible terrible cars i'm sure i want to stay on the east coast but but oh fucking charlotte i mean in my car culture aura barrel hippie very very elegant but really mean like you know as you know they go literally anywhere i don't want to see it in theaters my wife was like we're gonna we're gonna fucking cry we cry kim why can't watch fucking animal no so we're going to watch it yeah tough only print magazines got to drive the car only motor trend in road and track and car and driver they were actually doing like grew like lightning we'll be very cheap andrew says oh yeah okay yes he won't andrew dual overhead cam flat plain frank cer engine in the in the corvette streetcar and we agree there yeah we agree favourite east coast city for car culture says moga tour productions other similar ferraris of the period fell felt much lighter on their feet including the three hundred four and surprisingly the mon- deal i can say to turn me off the three twenty eight he said that the fucking steering and brakes terrible and then it drove like a heavy big and the wait what nicholas whole says the guy's everyday driver are doing a fun a gofundme me to buy fatan and a quattro portait for miles so while i'm surrounded by mike connolly leather dying because i ran out of fuel gone gone gone slowly but surely your gun the fuck out of this is really good and you you do it but what was what was incredible was we had the sharp sharp have you driven a sharp yet no you really lost really can you do you know what it is just in the picture i went car culture i mean you know clumps you wanna do or across do you want to show i mean if you go takes us back to texas to win i mean suburban slutty out wrote yeah yeah it's it's funny isn't it what we'd do if we'll let turned upside down i i wonder why leaks lee woody would i mean atlanta's pretty good great car culture pretty racing radio land there's a lot of different tracks okay so my vehicle is going to be pretty cool right from the outset i think on my raindrop adrain drove up either the holland and holland but can you imagine on the top to seize double barreled shotguns had come out and see that because there's a law one other than that but the number one cau- that they have complete cultures around above realize that you know it's hard to scale them like the size of a minivan yeah six hundred there you go there's a there's a human next to one hundred eight thousand three hundred nineteen it'd be re the inside well everyone else is battling it outside i just hit my shots as it comes out in the open on my refrigerator in the middle and yeah well everyone's gotta have the trucks the cut the truck customization is just next level but for east coast best car city gotta be charlotte and atlanta miami miami miami's the best yeah you wouldn't put yourself through daytona just drives down in and out dato here they reopen lollipops today's world keeps you think you're going to take a good one hyphen can do the same joke but with people i find this amazing i will be posting one of matt ah over five pounds for sure the great thing about it is people let you get right up in the face of these you can just up and it's obviously they have really stepped up that game with the prototypes they won races this year but the big big big news for the mazda competition site is john looking guess how many stars on the google reviews half two point six so just about all you need to know about it is that review i've never seen that before as a proper that so funny hey what are you what are your view morrogh focus but i i love the physicality of it have you felt that is looking at things so it's a gentleman actually feels like a forty four magnum and the great thing about the great thing about rick he's all secondary so this is the leica m ten i was telling the guys it's the digital one uses the same lenses as a bottle service of grey goose is eighty dollars wow that's it that's it wellesley salt people leave negative reviews i've never this junin who is single handedly really responsible for masters multiple programs here in the US has just announced this morning and announced that he is the he announced his retirement just a couple of weeks ago they were looking for a successor to go outside the nascar family's a big deal for vanessa and but to have a guy like john dune in the news on mazda steve do you know what's happening at mazda in yeah well i i only know from the racing side of things literally lives and breathes racing and he you know he he came on our show on the show when they won the first race and he's blubbing on the sofa next to me i mean crying like a just that i hope brio isn't mad because brio beard scape is a wonderful sponsor of this show and i love their product to buzzer but hannah my wife got me the poster model as an extension of my teenage art college days which didn't go far either but i like people i mean i've had to work to i'm pretty shit landscape on the wall well that's one of those places where they say you got to you know say you go to buy two drinks and don't touch the strip as you say those both achievable engine night and day okay wholly different experience a thing to new engine rules well i just rented a c x five in houston and it was lovely zakar you wanna know about my like i film everything i do in life is fast like talking fuss and driving fussing shooting video and all that so about five years ago i started ones getting the photography thing i mean there's no zoom on it you get up close and gets a very intimate camera low light cameras okay close he's rich and i really really enjoy enjoy see three corvette style but hate actually driving being one true if you had to work with one what would you do i made a video with a company called detroit speed i would do it hey did you ever tell you do it which is like crazy chassis reinforcements seam welding entire sub frame replay the president of MCI so which is a huge thing couldn't be a nice guy i mean literally to have someone running scott atherton was an amazing personality did a lot for the series then if you go to an eight year old italian barber it's the kind of barbara it's it's it's like a plucking panzer tank buzzer where the whole i changed my life had she photography i love japanese silk apparently i dunno like costs so much money my parking garage and this thing after the apocalypse like everything else will turn to dust except for manscaping and you can't carry it anywhere because ways mm-hmm yeah i'm skip i'm scam skipping some of the justin tell us about your like m well now you've they are they are professional i drove was like american flag was highly mirka burqa i three seven full metal cartridge go digital and it just like it's like a combine for your face and you know it'll it'll it'll be the cockroaches it's stupid but it's you know i can appreciate that kind of i mean look when you hold racer if you wanna see like a racer is my husband instagram account just drove into the ground just bad martin wants to know has the c eight move the game forward meaning mid tier more mid tier brands might build mid engine cars touches that bulls anywhere near my balls now that's scape for that it's much safer what's the new me auto you should get one from asta he's found a new engine updated i'm not gonna judge i mean why not very nice to have a few nights but you know what i hear you know what my absurd heavy thing is like that is i have an ah fifty on that list at fifty fifty would be on there too i mean oh yeah i would go mclaren one f forty three i'm by the heritage mclaren by three hundred s l because that would be it and number three over a million i mean things like able to attribute that directly to GM taking the leap and saying we're going to take our corvette make mid engine how many other manufacturers are gonna have to do that yeah i don't know hired looking three red three hundred going that he says he's daily ing wow it's fucking quito mailer if it looks tired as shit this dude i think the corvette yes going engine has really advanced it but it's advanced it to where all its competitors figure cars gabriel wants to know if you had all the money in the world scope top three seven figures mclaren f one nineteen ninety-five in this very fancy man with that cameras you know what it's it's i'm i'm really not but i love that bro you're allowed to buy nice things eight by ten in a box cheese no i loved it that's a that's a good thing yeah they i love like us anyway rica chew says you love the match because that's just where things are going and that might i was curious to see you know four years from now what the scope of things are going to be and then more customers to mid engine cars it wouldn't normally have been there or is that going to force manufacturers in like matt said he's gonna likely force more manufacturers to have to start making mid engine cars to kind of somme and chassis replacement and like LS motor close ratio four speed three fifteen at all four corners detroit speed out visit exact thing and it's like okay well a computer has decided that this is the optimum shape for you know maximum performance and ali the argument that i that i was making was that to a lot of enthusiasts that you know the corvette is supposed to be no front engine rural drive in that's how it should be and then you know more that we discussed i think zack brought it up i like something that is that when you get this is going to last night he's my kids my my daughter's loves the photography and you know i border MSNBC it's like you know the corvette to GM a halo car doesn't matter where the end is so the question i brought up is is so is the see being mid engine is echoing to introduce wight and he's like he's like i want to restore but he's telling me not to he just keeps driving it and yeah it's just it was a cool patino old three hundred s l like unrestored l. thoughts on movement watches those are fashion watches is they they don't really have a collectability or anything like that if you like how they look taking majored in photography college did you so shut in large format of that yeah that's heavy can carry it around you buy them they work they tell time but they are pretty basic entry level fashion watches if you wanted something that was more watch kredi i would look up something called the i hope i see changed is the feel of the gearbox at medium pace driving like medium back roads driving it was great when you timex GMT which is actually pretty cool patrick's favorite thing about the c eight and one thing you'd like to see change favorite thing was the ride quality one thing i'd like to see changed we're going full bore on the track but when you're doing medium pace driving it was bucking a little bit more than i liked on the downshifts and and they said there was gearbox was not in a final state of tune so please don't put too much weight behind that but i do hope they sort it out and they said they knew about it okay cool and we talked about that last podcast that was on yeah exactly that yeah i mean what what do you what what would you you'll decision on the last poll cast and what did you see as you can do when you put in the engineer has to go around but i remember when i saw that the the ferrari three sixty i'm a guy that is the most beautiful thing oh vincent wants to know hello to my lamont's hero justin bell things like pagonis it's tough don't hold me i just it just doesn't i mean they should understand they should have scaled do you know yeah have film cameras to get into it because you have to thirty time just take you to him and and actually it makes you better in your you know you go on these shoots i'm jackie i'm sorry we don't know much about the russian road racing original unical i we lead them off it it's about as heavy as that and it's the kind of thing where if you cut thirty people's hair a day for forty years who is his brother fouls i heard there interesting extraordinarily interesting data interviewed at a job there and he came back and he it looks dated now but i i remember the moment i sold the three sixty it was the first change i mean if you think every frigging car they still look regional shape so what you're saying about the direction everyone goes in if it fits in with the the more we NFL going yeah that's what he has to be right up here in i've seen him at multiple malibu cars in coffees with the very motion you need people you need people like that to to run things in volumes who knows does that that's what i'm thinking is any i mean that was like the state of the art car in the world no one had seen this race that was incredible and we go to harrison and they they had something for us and we aw since then has been basically that mid engined ferrari shape i mean that was a jelly bean jelly boom everyone is like because there's only asli everyone's computers have come to pretty similar time kind of conclusion i'm glad that thing isn't a heinous looking could've been heinous but it's not so excited because the year before that personally sponsored nigel mansell and with harrods and they gave him one hundred thousand pound gift cod that was interesting well i will before we get the last part of instance good question i'll tell you it was funny when we we we did so well looking looking where is my fucking gift card i'm looking and i go to harris teddy bear balloon here in a in a ford GT here he goes he's like man to be honest we just put in our target numbers into a computer and it and he goes bid list who incomes you know dody and not dirty the dad you know mr mohammed fight or whatever and they came in and we're just like it's gonna be so good aw that we go off to go to harris dad me andy wallison the teen dave price and everyone like a month after the race and it was a big deal ready were yeah i mean don't you remember caught up than hell okay this this is a good question but his price point it's different than ever yeah totally different sixteen hours on father's day in the harrods mclaren my dad me and andy wallace semantic clutch release bearing go and be finished third overall oh honey was melanie something she's a top i mean like french every six one of the few people that does red bull racing twitter bean even better you've driven the race car and the streetcar so all owned by the feds she's moody let's blasts through a couple of these more before we get lead justin get out of here because you've got a family waiting for him glamorous people back in the sixties catch exactly you know i actually was one of the michelin influences guests the more combat go in the more it's all going to start to look the same when i talked to john hennessy about that venom f five thing which sort of looks like a law ferrari here and gone dan hannigan me a flying lesson for my birthday and it was great i had the best time ever and then okay so the next thing is you sign up for this ridiculous rated three hundred and sixty degrees she went as she four hundred and twenty degrees a second i want you to think about that over a role in half every second she can do i mean and i mean yeah about so we just had to eat like full end second round but meanwhile we we we would we could have really won that race and she does it and she came on the show with told me and i and she was just impressive harnack strong strong and she and i said don't you do like i did my little funny video on it and i drove around in it weirdly enough i think it's so novel being a snap call the so that kind of flying vincent i know thank you know even but i- margaret and i think we everything we do is in two dimensions yeah they do it in that third d thank twenty four hours of risking lives and then we get a chatty bears the girls justin was the smart electric the worst car you've ever driven a press trip well thanks for remembering that freddie gave us fifty dollars thank you freddie to freddie's the man thank you he's coming to LA bring his do you know freddie justin local us you can fi- as a skela tricks model to the far pretty so there it is fantastic livery some great yeah he did he see what he did but that thing on he bought the the the mercy from fast airs the fuck just one it was like yeah we all did things those pets what's the end of vincent's question was about the side of any of you considered you went out on that lambeth LA to thermal like voters in as thoroughly ruined mad he came back with just like treat it is it a grail greenie colorado trad red red faded paradise he was like it gets off the plane doesn't even look at the pilot i'll be sending the going do you realize what the fuck i just say gold three hundred and fifty of you you know because we just didn't even look at the pilots anymore hannah reef none of that would have been fun yeah there are some pretty bama mets does a lot more press trips and he can't tell you there was savar ish on instagram there's pictures of it's done and it looks really really really good so let me see it really is fantastic so we go to hire sucks well if nigel mansell got like a hundred grand then we must be like ten percent and so we're standing there and full resto on it and it cost apparently looks amazing and so forty thousand dollar paint job full custom interior one off carbon forged carbon parts in the inside on the podium and the mclaren which is why to the mclaren guys you have to finish if you're in a clutch did you finish the whole race and fifth gears schedule gearbox no issues out using his real name is freddie okay he's he's keeping his mercy for him for a little bit i think after sima like broke raise teenage twenty three old racecar driver and they come up and they gave us teddy's ten i'm like an i remember on jay were involved and it was a full i mean for for not just amazing pictures and rhode island yeah totally shit pile no car yeah they bought it it was fucked and he bought it for nothin' and he and his buddies took the whole thing apart he didn't fully rested but they created a pebble beach only on the east coast okay amongst the mentions of newport and we were there for two weeks beforehand getting ready they had done laws tally team mclaren f one did you raise the f. one in the mall fuck i'm sorry jesus christ as well as here it it's off the charts helicopters always appealed helicopter seems pretty cool but the slang left but what was cool about it was you this in back in the twenties the decadence yes shit is gilded age they we can go to connecticut and grab grab the boat and then we can go out to newport really pep yeah well i can tell you is that i hope everyone goes up then i'm so proud of it we went up to we were in newport rhode island for the or drain newport conquer a motor week creation there could be people that fly planes i'm not my airline parts are a lot of respect for them when you fly in bad weather and they coming in and winds blowing around suspend that much money on a press trip have you drive a smart car know who was the trip was in san diego with okay yes but it was cool wasn't you want my suit was sponsored by a place called wayne it's called grooms grotto although you don't actually have to buy wedding suits you can get ready to buy bride it's full and we were the host broke houses the talk show we had a full tv trucks jason brat my whole crew that we i mean because they will ex there will TV made to measure the lasers scan your body and then you you pick everything and then make it and it's like actually affordable hooked up they also suit my wedding my wedding suit i'm wearing my not sponsored by suit supply suits so mean nobody's ever done this level of customization sixteen mercy on on and off driving at one hundred percent because it was amazing what date it's just let me tell you we just literally just did as tober next year yeah yeah yeah really really fun

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