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How Will Your SOPs Change After The Lockdown? #867


How will your so peas change after the crisis to welcome to day? Twenty nine of the lockdown here in Malaysia. Or as I like to call it the first day about third lockdown because here in Malaysia. We do it in two weeks ages. Apparently nobody wants to say that you looked for a month. Let's just say that you have got another two weeks so we start out. Third Consecutive two week lockdown as of today. Now when things finally leave to win we stopped to go back to work without spas or allowed to open again or whatever business sees how are you going to need to adjust and change your sap? Your standard operating procedures hygiene is one of those things that obviously has become a big focus as a result of this now when it comes to hotels spas. You would assume that there's a pretty good level of hygiene anyway. But he's a good enough. I you washing hands between receiving guests. For example. I know a lot of spas. Ps that between your buddy treatment in your face treatment of course it you wash your hands but not necessarily an sap that says between each guest. You need to wash hands. I you wearing face masks during treatments and a lot of SPAS HEAVY. So ps that during facials they do but during massages they. Don't maybe that something that you need to implement now in fact I'm actually strongly recommended. What about how you're keeping your guest apart? How they socially distancing inside the spa do you have everybody sitting side by side in the consultation area? Can you may be the consultations now in the treatment room as opposed to in that consultation area just to be able to respect the social distancing expectations whether it's a rule of not whether it's regulation on not actually doesn't matter you now have the chance to prepare for what is likely to come on the other side and whether that likely means that it's the rule or regulation all that likely just means that the guests expected now is the time to be taking a look at all of your recipes and imagining them. Imagining THEM IN I post cove in nineteen world. What exactly are people looking for? What are best practices? What should we be changing? Let me know in the comments below. What changes you're thinking of making or if you think no changes necessary you're already pretty much under control and everything will go back to normal. There's that word again already. That is it for today. I do think if you time and I will be backing. Gin Tamara to do to me.

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